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Toonami Drinking [Open]New Slayer Hours

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Best girl

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They just had to squeeze in a "fuck nobles" out of obligation

Butts > Boobs

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chad clover

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>>116362865>t.Triggered noble

>>116362872I like both.

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>Still in One PieceDREAMIN!

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Best girl on Toonami when?

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If she's first in your heart, she's best girl.Hope everything's gone well for folks this week.Any word on what's replacing Mob?

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the fuck happened to magnas eye?

Do you have pets?

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Stop playing hard to get.

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All's well that ends well!

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>Better make some dolls of you as well.Gordon is such a good boy.

>I better make some dolls of the 3 of you as well

>Yami: >if i dont concentrate my opponent will go back up-do shits really do this? worst I ever had was taking two imodiums on a long flight and that was just 10 minutes of focusing

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>>116362863All this does is remind me of Air Gear's toilet humor and how much I fucking hated it.

>>116362806>>116362866so nero is wizard king soul?


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>>116362884I fucking love Oga

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Oh hey, Ichigo!>>116362884Not soon enough.


>hard rock ca-stlehow did they get away with it

>aaaaactuallllly shuuuut the fuck up biiiiiiiiitch

Ah, that must be the poop hole

Why did I get a warning for posting Nezuko?

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>>116362884Toonami funding an Elf-san wa Yaserarenai anime when?

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Zora was jerking off wasn't he?


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>the doll is just alexa hahaha

I don't think that doll is actually talking.

How long until he jerks off on the sister doll?

and this... is the Orgy Room

Would you share a drink with her?

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>I'm not okay with this.

Black clover is fun and deserves it's spot on toonami for actually being new

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>>116362950Before dawn the next day.

>booze fountain

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>Marilyn Manson designed the bedroom

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>>116362901Oh yeah. Especially if you're forced to hold it in for too long. It's not fun.

>Marie-themed smart assistant

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>sharing a roomHE'S IN THERE

Is this single room thing forever? I can see Luck sleep punching bunkmates

>>116362937Like I said last thread, there's some turbofaggot reporting people for no reason.

>Gordon's idea is just to have everyone sleep in the same room Based Best Boy

>>116362950Who says he isn't rubbing himself below the table?

>>116362903Same guy

>No wine fountainMassive downgrade.

>it all goes back to normal anywayskek

Aww that's sweet

>gorden wants a barracks just so he can be with his friendscomfy af

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>>116362952Who's idea was that

Best girlAlso why are BC's filler episodes so charming?

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It's time for BallJos Mastventures!

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>No blowjob station2/10

>>116362994The cast has a fun, dysfunctional chemistry.

What the fuck bros the black bulls are so wholesome

>>116362906No, Nero was originally an aide to the first Wizard King that got turned into a bird after they sealed a demon away. That demon was the one behind the attack on the Clover Kingdom that used to show up in the opening.

>>116362958Yes its the only great show on that isnt a rerun right now.

And now everything new is old again.

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>filler episode is fun as fuckBASED CLOVER

>>116363001After the surprise penis-inspection room, they ran out of space


>>116363001Vanessa is right there. Just insert booze.

hope grey still got her shame hole

>>116362884It's a crime that she hasn't gotten an anime yet.

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>>116363020id put it in her shame hole


What the fuck I thought we were back to Jojo

>>116362941>all Oga wants in life is children

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>>116363020Does it wink?

>>116362937Was probably too lewd for the newfaggot lurking and reporting shit.

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Asta has magic ability right?I missed the first episode that introduced him, but everyone else in the show has magic ability, so obviously he would too, right. I wonder why they never talk about it.Sure wish the show would give me an answer without me having to watch the first episode....

>no penis flattening churn>no anal expansion rack>no testicle torsianification station I dunno. It just doesn't feel like "home".

No JoJo, time to go.

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>>116363031I like it, but I'm still kinda disappointed.

>>116362986Yeah, I figured it looked like a girl drawn by Oh!Great.

>great episode >American Dad user skipped it because it wasn't adapted from the mangaWhat a faggot

>>116363039No, he doesn't.

Lets post those waifus user.

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>>116363039He's a genetic defect with no magic whatsoever.

>>116362901If it's a big one, the intestines can potentially withdraw it just like they push it out.You also run the risk of accidentally severing it in the middle if you don't maintain good control, which can make the second half harder to get out.

No JoJo? Jerk off time then?

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I used to be anti black clover and pro ballmastrz but now I'm becoming the opposite.

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Reminder that abbachio is still dead.

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I'm going to sleep. Someone can repost this for Jack if they want.

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>>116363065It is that time of night.Got back just in time for Mob. Hung out with friends, watched Airplane and Spaceballs. Was good night.

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Tigtone on Toonami when?

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>>116363034If only she knew how many anons were willing to fulfill her wish.

What would Holla Forums do if they started playing Steven universe on toonami

>>116363080I am completely proboth.

>>116363083The things I would do to myself with that tail for her pleasure.

>>116363039If you've ever played Saga Frontier 2, he's basically Gustave XIII, minus royalty.


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>>116363039The fact that its not even an issue since he got the demon wings, or that the anti-magic should be one of the most precious things for a punitive force, its one of the weirdest things

>>116363055His style is very distinct, heard he's doing good work on the Bakemonogatori manga

>>116363085oh yah he died on a rock like 8 or 9 weeks ago right

>>116363093would be fun as fuck


Time for Ballmastrz 9009!

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>tfw gaz stayed

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>>116363097Leave and never return.

>>116363080I am completely meh on both

>>116363103>he's doing good work on the Bakemonogatori manga>doing>present tenseThat thing's still ongoing?


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So I just realized I order a new head denter but I won't home to get it.

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>>116363093Perhaps soon.New season soon too, according to what I saw a few weeks ago.

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>>116362912>tfw will never know this feel

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Does Henry's recombination magic only work on that specific building? Maybe he'd need to manazone other buildings to fuck them up as well, but it seems extremely limiting and specific if his magic only works on that particular structure.

The only thing I hate about Ballmasterz season 2 is the STD episode and unfortunately it's on tonight.


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>>116362955I don't drink, but I wouldn't mind watching her.

>>116363087I'll fulfill your wishes, user

>Three hours of non-stop cackling

>>116363065Loud and clear

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>s-ss-s-stop appreciating another country's culture without their permission!

>Cackled ominously for three hours

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breasts > assMy shit internet situation won't keep me from spreading not just the truth, but lovely breasts.

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>>116363113Its one of the few shows I kinda look forward to, since it my first time watching it


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the ball recap dude fucking cringe and that's the only problem I have with the show.

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>bizarro beastality baby


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>>116363132>>116363139Bet you faggots can't even cackle for a half-hour!


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God, D.D. is so fuckable

Do all those zeroes and ones actually translate in binary?

To answer Gaz's question, I'm pretty sure that's a wolf.

>>116362955I'm saving myself for a sexy nice girl, I'd love to have my first beer with her. Any girl who runs around exposing her bra is a good first time.

>>116363101Damndest thing, I just started watching Eva for the first time today

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Is art truly subjective?

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>>116363125I want to be held at least once in my life.

I want summertime santa to make the sun go away for a couple months.

>Just a jar labeled Ace's blood

You know. I'm glad I gave Ballmasterz a shot because I'm really enjoying it. Wish others felt the same.


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>>116363121It's on-going, yes>>116363122

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>parent robots

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His parents are Dimple?

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>Working on the cure for fartsFINALLY. A doctor making some REAL progress.


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>>116363134What is this referring to.

>Butt doctor researching a cure for fartsEmperor preserve me

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Is that Andy Daley?

>>116363220There's been some hilarious outrage from twittards about the Ghost of Tsushima game because it wasn't made by actual Japanese people


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Wait, is Ace just normally this accident prone?

>>116363177Enjoy the ride. Ignore what other people say and watch every single episode and then the movie End of Evangelion.Report bad when you're done.

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>>116363191That's a pretty cute picture, another one to the pile Thanks

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>>116363180There are objective standards of beauty,

I like the music

>>116363134What is this referring to.

... is KLK coming back?

Ace is the perfect parody of battle shounen protags

>>116363246Yes, but a little more so now.


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>That gaz in the towelFUCK.


I feel bad for this poor kid.

>mother fuckers did I hear that right?

Master Shake is the only thing carrying this show

Was that an F-bomb I hear?


>uncensored F-bombAre they allowed to do that?


>uncensored fuck

>>116363218Think of the Brazilian fart fetish community though.


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>>116363246The joke is that ace's life sucks. He's just constantly getting shit on by life.

>>116363277I thought I was going crazy.

>>116363182They are. >>116363250No problem.>>116363268Yet, weak in all the right ways sometimes...

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>>116363247Will do. Thanks for the heads up on End of Eva, I'll be sure to torrent that later


>Umbilicus actually worked again

>>116363122Okay.>>116363202Not quite.>>116363277>>116363281>>116363284>>116363288>>116363290>>116363292Either that, or the censors are okay with it because it was kinda distorted.

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>Gaz is just having a good time

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>>116363288After 11 most words are allowed


God it's insane how good the animation is for season 2. Like FUCK ME.

So why does adult swim greenlight a thousand 1 to 2 season wonders and then cancel them? They've had so many shows in the past decade that aired and disappeared. Are they just trying to build a huge library that they don't care about?


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>>116363307To be fair he initially missed he just got lucky.


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Alright. The next episode is probably the worst of the series. Just a warning.

>>116363316Pretty much. Part of that was Lazzo burying the real old stuff and cancelling popular things because "its time to move on," while green lighting Tim & Eric for a thousand seasons of garbage.Now that he's gone... well it doesn't look like shits gonna change anyway.

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>>116363306It's especially funny because Japanese critics have enjoyed the game, so people are calling them fascists for liking a game that "appropriates" their culture

It was faker, not fucker

>>116363039No clue, hopefully theres some sort of recap of some kind that gets played at the start of an episode or something.

>>116363288>>116363290>>116363292>>116363284>>116363281>>116363277I have subtitles on and it was "Mother Fakers"

>>116363320I like Doc.Nef, I just wish he hadn't become Ratchet's Bowser...There was no good reason for him to usurp the remake's end-boss slot.

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>>116363268But the spirit is willing

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fair warning, next episode is the weakest of the season

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>>116363346jesus christ.

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>>116363362>>116363334y tho

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>>116363359Camie or the unnamed loli?

>>116363359Which one is your wife in this picture?

>>116363320Please let the new R&C be a good game. Please.>>116363346>fascistsMaybe I'm just not understanding their usage of the word, but I would have thought they would have gone for something equally as dumb like internalized racism.

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>>116363350But does it matter if a everyone hears it as "fucker"?

>>116363350What a clever way to get past censors


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>>116363233Not to any remotely significant degree. 3 people getting mad on a platform with literally millions of users isn't really meaningful in any way.

>>116363383If nothing else, we'll at least get an enormous amount of porn out of the new R&C game.There were like 200+ images within just a few days of the announcement trailer.

>>116363383Logical consistency is literally impossible for twittards. They thinking you can't be racist to white people, and they've fits over tire streaks on a pride-flag themed crosswalk.

>>116363384I'd like to believe she's a cuddler

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>>116363334It's really not that bad. It's wackier than usual, but it's funny.

>>116363383The word has only meant "not Communist" since the fall of Mousollini's Italy.The german name for the Berlin wall was the "Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart."Same with "Reactionary."

What the fuck

>>116363369gag premise falls flat and heavily dated references

Attached: 1553569250051.png (1757x1280, 3M)

>>116363354Fuck the reboot and movie, the PS2 games were the best. Insomniac has lost their touch ever since they made ToD, the only decent game was A Crack in Time.

>>116363401It's far more than 3 people

It's an STD tumor that talks

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Was that the windows popup sound

Who thought this was funny?


QUAID, START THE REACTOR>>116363405I hopped aboard to see that train during that week. It was pleasant, but didn't stay long. Maybe I'll become more attached to the new girl once the game releases.>>116363407>>116363410It's even dumber than I thought.

wasnt this a futurama episode?

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Anyway, I'm headed out. Tonight's webm is from a show that we should get, but probably never will. Goodnight!

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>>116363410I mean it's not like anyone knows what communist or socialist actually mean either so let's not pretend literally everyone isn't throwing around words they don't understand.

>>116363399It shouldn't be too much to ask for to have my face in a womans chest once.

>>116363383simple enough, a "fascist" is someone they want bad things to happen to with as little effort as possible

>>116363431LOOK AT IT!

Attached: Spongebob - look at it 0-7 screenshot.png (640x360, 285.75K)

>gaz had like 30 stdsthis is the boner killeryeah no nevermind the talking belly buttonit was the 30+ stds

>the head has more animation than any of the other cast members

>Herpes Gonorrhea, Chlamidia, hepatitis a-z, Rash X23 and The blab.Would you still fuck her?

>>116363438I hope they don't pull a tlou2 and kill off Ratchet, he deserves to retire in peace.

>>116363438It gets even dumber, metacritic is delaying user reviews, so only the "professional reviewers" can give scores right away

>>116363455IS UGLY ISN'T IT?!

>>116363443'Susan Boil' was far unfunnier

>>116363456Granted, it's the future. They're probably highly treatable.

>>116363430Season 2 is hit or miss

Attached: 1561872437457.png (954x1013, 681.17K)

>>116363445It looks cool, what is it

>>116363445>We'll never see this together on Toonami

Attached: 1594519673110.webm (1280x720, 1.94M)

>>116363443Yeah from the shitty post cancelation season.

Attached: made you look.jpg (398x782, 65.73K)

Look at this fucking Speed Racer animation it's great

Were those Dark Souls 2 giants?

>>116363476I could see that, I can barely remember the episode

Attached: __junketsu_kiryuuin_satsuki_matoi_ryuuko_and_senketsu_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_raijuu_bakanara__sample-e7c14f8a68b87252c5a5bd398ae1eaf4.jpg (850x601, 186.56K)

>That pseudo-old-time animation for the flashback

>>116363460give it a little time, they actually did step up in some areas particularly action. DD has great episode that should airt next week iirc

Guess we're only allowed one motherfucker per 3-hour block.

>>116363423it is most definitely not a remotely significant amount of people

I never noticed the posters of the blue woman with underboob, whenever this episode is on I'm usually not looking

>>116363482Stone Cold STUNNING.

Attached: 1544630032155.png (368x319, 126.35K)

I kind of don't like this episode.Somehow all of the dialogue feels like it's from a sitcom. I expected to hear a laugh track after Gaz said that line about the pills.

Attached: 1491100793440.jpg (562x530, 62.17K)

What the fuck is this golden guy's problem?

Attached: Unsanitary+swinging+damaged+crab_85116c_7832086.jpg (459x385, 31.07K)

>>116363507Damn I missed it.

>>116363488>Bought the Speed Racer BDs a couple years >advertised they had the original Macha GoGo on them>Turns out I have to buy the more expensive and ugly collectors edition to get itFucking Funi

Attached: 1578857960973.webm (1280x720, 89.98K)

>>116363506Keep telling yourself that

>>116363430like I said, this is the stinker of the season. Rest ranges from at worst solid up to great>>116363518It'll only get worse by November

Attached: Poutygawa.png (824x885, 239.24K)

>>116363421I've gotta agree... Tools was sadly lacking in the weaponry department, and CiT didn't really improve on that.I'm not hopeful for the new game myself, but I'll look at reviews when it drops. No way am I buying a console for it, and not just because I don't have income at the moment.

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>>116363268No, glass is weak.Or was that glasses?There's no lava in Halo.>>116363386Wars have been started that way.

Attached: CrystalPepsi.jpg (475x733, 64.14K)

>>116363445>>116363482Would perfect if it wasn't for those fucking noses

>Tom Cruise Geez.

That's actually a pretty smart idea though.

>>116363522Crazyzar? he a legit good guy

>Tom cruz momentoh wow I actually laughed.

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>>116363447Communism is, in theory, the ownership of the means of production by the laborers. In practice, it always ends with the state owning everything, because no one would ever give up that power once they have it.And regardless, it takes more than labor to run a factory, there're massive things logistics side, so you end up with a structure much like a Capitalist hierarchy anyway.But, that's because Marx was a man who never worked a day in his life, and mooched off a rich friend. So, clearly he knew how to run a society.Socialism is merely an attempt to end up at the state owning everything through increasing regulation and taxation instead of a violent revolution.

Why doesn't she just wrap her midsection in duct tape to muffle it?

Attached: 1390083784011.jpg (400x399, 92.68K)

>>116363522cosmic powers aint worth if you cant fuck with mortals

>Gaz killed someone live

>>116363430It's really not that bad.

>>116363430the only part that isn't funny is the blab, i thought the rest was pretty good

Is there a third season planned for this?

>>116363558It's ok it was just a robot. They're not people.

>>116363430It's far from terrible, just dumb

>end the night with an old school fight>endI wonder if Jack will even get the bumpers tonight or if that was just a fuck up

Gaz ruins the show

The night is extended, I'm not sticking around for TWO reruns. Good luck to those going for gold, and keep fighting the good fight.Have fun, everyone, and see you all next week.

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I'm actually somewhat amazed people still remember that Tom Cruise moment. References to it felt dated the same year.>>116363530I can promise you nothing is getting better this year.>>116363535ToD was average and competent, but I thought CiT was good fun. Even if it didn't have the balls to the wall weapon variety of 2 and 3, it was such a polished and fun experience I couldn't help but love it. Nothing has surpassed those hoverboots in terms of good-feel and utility. Plus I'm a huge sucker for Clank's time clone puzzles.

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Thoughts on Dee?

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>>116363558Filthy clankers aren't people.

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That was the first episode of Ballmastrz so far that I actively disliked.

>>116363570Quick search turns up nothing solid.

>>116363554Because the leptons are a gaggle of morons.

>>116363421>>116363535I thought the RaC Future games were fine, can't speak about the remake/reboot game though. But if it was anything like the movie, which was dogshit, I might be better off

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>>116363570Sounds like it. Though can only hope it doesn't fall into the same issues as Superjail, season 3 of that was where it started to go downhill.

>>116363584Shitpudding is technically a NEW episode.

>>116363570Ending was left open, but it will take a major fan push to make one happen

>end the nightIt's not the end anymore.


Why do people hate this episode? I dont get it? It was just like the other episodes?

>>116363584c ya

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>>116363507Oh nevermind guess she wasnt nearly nude now im sad

>>116363527It's pretty easy to willfully misinterpret the extreme position of one or two dozen people on social media as a widespread movement if you've got a vested interest in doing so. A miniscule handfule of anecdotes still aren't indicative of a wider trend.

>>116363586Well it was the highlight, that and him grabbing Oprah and the hilarious force lightning edits of that bit

>>116363588could use more screen time.

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>>116363580If it doesn't then that's the perfect excuse to peace out>>116363588I always enjoy hearing her manic voice

>3 threads>when we used to own Holla Forums on Saturday cocky....

>>116363588Pretty good exterminator

>>116363588Hope the show stays on long enough for her Vampire Hunter DD episode

>>116363588me want fuck


>>116363580It was probably just extremely last minute to promote the game

>>116363632Have you seen the current lineup?

ur a fatty fatso :3

Yo Toonami General! You ready to get weird? Cuz we're gonna get No, It's Devo! is the name of the album, and with Peek-A-Boo here, it's not hard to see why. From a laughing satan to the band getting beaten up by a pirate, this is some peak Devo here. It's weirdly catchy, but it's mostly just entertaining, and I wanted to share it since I decided to actually watch it from my recc list. Oh, but don't worry, it'll get weirder before it gets better.

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>>116363584Sleep snug Bug

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>>116363600Reboot game plays very well, it's just the story that's terrible, but not really a surprise when it was likely mandated to stay close to the film's plot with only some deviations

>>116363632What part of most of the night being reruns don't you understand?

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>>116363632Really starting to miss that feeling of toonami being my entire saturday night instead of just part of it.

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>>116363570I want to say yes because [as] is going hard with their own shows recently>>116363588nice but the fact she loves leto limits her fanserviceness. ever wonder why Shinji/ash/asta/midoria never picked a waifu?

>>116363580Nigga how do you accidentally make new bumpers for a show?

>>116363632Fagmarco fucked us. The Janigger didn't help but I can't lay this on him.

>>116363586>>116363600CiT was a definite improvement.I just never quite liked what they did with the weapons in the Future series.And while I enjoyed it enough at the time, the switch from Ratchet being just a mechanic who begrudgingly rises to heroics and Clank a warbot made to foil the Blarg's evil plans into both being the chosen ones, last of their races... Stopped sitting right with me.And of course, they slaughtered the chemistry the two built in the original in the remake...

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>>116363655>Peek-A-Boo>not I Desire or Deep Sleepanon, let these people hear the deep cuts.

>>116363619It's quite a few people, bub, same crowd as the shills for Last of Us 2 that kept screeching crap about the criticisms towards the game being from "bigots"

The sound 4 super Jutsu from last week took their souls to hell or something didn't it.

>>116363580Only one way to find out.>>116363588I like.>>116363612Probably one of those things where it depends on your view of the show as a whole.Kinda like how some people don't like certain Bond movies more than other people who see them as being the same.Or something like that.Maybe?>Goku's trapped in another dimension

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Hooray for more Nardo.>>116363584See you next time, man.>>116363600The reboot is "fine", in that as a stand-alone movie tie-in game it's perfectly capable and a decent experience on its own. The problem is that it completely shits on everything that makes the OG game shine and most of the weapon selection is still the shit they've been shilling since ToD started.>>116363621I haven't seen those edits in a while. That's just good internet.

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Why the fuck is Choji a ginger now?

did she have to make them hold hands though? thats kinda gay.

>I’ll take care of these two>by living out my fujo fantasies Nice work Ino

>>116363694His hair color didn't change.Maybe you're just thrown off a bit by the lighting.


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>>116363535I haven't bothered playing the other games after Crack in Time, the series should've just ended honestly. At least Naughty Dog isn't trying to make Jak & Daxter games anymore, knowing them they'd make a reboot with Jak and Daxter being a gay couple.

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>Rotate the chakra.... Are they cars now?

>>116363667>>116363600>>116363421What was wrong with the movie? I remember watch it and enjoying it.It's a 7/10 but didn't find it terribleIs it just nostalgia?

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>>116363691The PS5 game looks promising, and they did a great job with the Spider-man game

Holy shit, rememebr Shino? he was broken as fuck in part 1, this is what hes been reduced too?

>>116363714Well they definitely get around quickly.

first episode of naruto since forever is it still filler

Why does Ino know medical ninjutsu? Is it just because she's a woman?

>>116363467they are doing this to everything after TLOU2 though.

>>116363682I'll take that under advisement for another time.>>116363655Next up I've got an animation from Cyriak doing The Existential Threat by you're into Cyriak's weird-ass animation, you'll get a kick out of this. Frankly I'm just pleasantly amazed to see him still getting work even now, so many years later. And in the same vein of work as always, no less. He must be supplementing his income somehow with a real job, but either way, I digress. I'm just impressed that there's still demand for this crazy nonsense. Also the song's cheerfully fucked, and I find that amusing. Anyway, moving on.

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>>116363714Pass the chakra bro

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