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>miss me yet?

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Wait so the girl was hitler the entire time?

I... I don't understand


>>116361692She's the paranoia agent


It's all coming to a head, next episode

Fat guy got hit by a car didn't he?

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Best girl and such

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Thoughts on Tsukiko?

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>>116361691Add em to the wall.

Oh no, not the old lady!

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She's just in a coma, right? Right?

>Mob Soilent 100

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Don't fug with the slug.

>>116361672Tome is a slut, AN IDIOT SLUT.

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So the girl killed her dog with a bat and made up the story that she was attacked to shift blame off of herself?

Maniwa a.k.a. The Great Radar Man is my favorite battle shounen protagonist

It's ending already?

>>116361717I wanna peel her peach

>>116361677Nice momos

>>116361717MUST PROTECC

>>116361697Daemonic Incursion is NOW

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>>116361727fucking love this guys stuff.

>season finale>not series finaleCould those madmen actually be working on another season? I know Kon is dead

>season finaleUh TOM I think you mean series finale.

>season finaleWhat did they mean by this?

>on the season finale of Paranoia Agent

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>>116361717Why should I have any thoughts on her if she doesn't have any thoughts herself?

>>116361672ALL THE WAY

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>>116361717Cute, but don't stick your dick in crazy.>>116361722Neck yourself

>>116361722Stay mad, newfaggot

>Dude cow farts lmao

>Season finale of Paranoia AgentFucking Demarco Unless it's a hint and he spits on Satashi Kon's grave by making a S2

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>>116361717would abuse

>>116361722Well, now that you've attached a Wojak and the word "soi" to something, it is 100% terrible and despised by all

Mob is the coolest

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>>116361697IT'S ALL MEMES, JACK!

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>>116361731The girl let go of the leash when she had a menstrual cramp, and the dog got isekai'd. She laid the blame on a boy with a bat.

>>116361731She's responsible for its death but not that directly.

>>116361757Eat our veggie burger pls.


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Yes Chief, keep living in delusion

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>>116361717Cute, would take advantage of her crippling 'tism


>>116361759Would watch

When confronted by an intangible supernatural force the best defence is to enthusiastically masturbate in its general vicinity.

>>116361731No she just let him wonder into traffic absent mindedly. Rather then take responsibility she blamed Lil Slugger.

>season finale

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>>116361717I've had a crush on her for 15 years.

>>116361731Not quite, she got a puppy, but it ran into the road and got killed, so she lied to her father, who knew she was bullshitting, but realized he had been too hard on her prior and let the lie go on

>>116361731Dog was run over. She blamed herself and in her shame, made up little slugger.

>>116361731no, she raped her dog repeatedly until it committed suicide

>season finale>SEASONOh...Oh God no. Demarco is going to announce Paranoia Agent season 2 next week, isn't he?

>>116361677I just want more bunny

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>they dont know about Paranoia Agent S2Im actually an animator on the project. Dont tell nobody though.

>>116361717She's crazy and incited mass hysteria and panic in this small Japanese city all cause she tripped over. That girl needs to be locked up in the looney bin or executed to atone for all the deaths she caused.

>>116361717She did nothing wrong. Just don't think.

>>116361722stop being a faggot

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>>116361722>Not Mob BasedchoYou had one job.

>>116361759Well after what he did to FLCL it's clear he considers nothing sacred.

>>116361748get the Mind Game guy to do it, he seems pretty insane

Shitting on Kon’s grave for an S2 sounds perfectly in character for AS. They probably just misspoke though

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breasts > ass

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>>116361692No, Uzaki was>>116361697take a rest...

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WHOA WAIT WHAT THE FUCK>those little clips of everyone throughout the serieswere those past or present? I ask because of the Prostitute.I only care because>prostitute hated herself so much she created an alter ego>alter ego becomes dominant and is living a happy life with her pimp>prostitute suddenly came back

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>>116361677I hope her plan succeeds in some way.

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Time for Mob Psycho 100 Rerun...

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Time for Mob

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>>116361697I'm blaming Daiz

>>116361727She's a smart slut!

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>>116361749>>116361750>yfw the secret announcement is a new Paranoia Agent series

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>>116361717It's not her fault

>>116361717She needs to face the truth

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>>116361748>>116361749>>116361750>>116361751>One of DeMarco's new projects is a new season of Paranoia Agent.Bros...

How the fuck would you even make a S2 for Paranoia Agent?

>>116361809Pretty sure he's busy with the "Japan is sinking from an earthquake disaster series."


>>116361794She's a bit ruined for me ever since I found out her canon height.>here's your waifu, bro

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>>116361818Why do people keep saying this?

>>116361717Cute, wish she had some lewds

>>116361833Thanks, I hate it.

>Toonami gets an ancient rerun back>slots it’s way up front>runs promos for it>shills it as ALL NEWI could see this having all been a long con for another season. But just like FLCL, it’s an anime with no room for another season

>>116361717Would grab and squish cheeks

>>116361751>>116361750>>116361749>>116361748Oh my God no please. Not a Demarco directed s2.

>>116361788Specifically, she let the dog go because she was having her first period pains and it got ran over.

>>116361844she just likes freezing frogs

God I love how fucking cute the boss' voice is before we see him unmasked.

Look, now I ain't exactly sayin' that Lil Slugger is a twisted, demonic manifestation of some dimwit woman's childhood delusions given sentience who's been skulkin' around murderin' whippersnappers for weeks, but I ain't seein' any of you fellers positin' any theories! Maybe if ya didn't defund the entire dept. we'd have that devil whipped by now! Maybe we still can, if you fund yourself a cable and/or satellite subscription...

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Just like with FLCL, who the fuck asked for another season of Paranoia Agent?

>>116361843kek, why are Japs so bad at this?

Is there any porn of that girl in the gas mask? She sounds cute.

>>116361718sure, why not? F for the plastic waifus

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>>116361818The prostitute was the original personality, the demure school teacher was the escapist lie.

>>116361839the implication in the series is that one person alone can cause a catastrophic cultural paranoia, and the series ends with the implication that it can all happen all over again, so easy really. question at that point is would it even be a story worth telling


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>>116361839You wouldn't.

>>116361839Same way you make FLCL have two sequel seasons. Just do the same shit in a different coat of paint and ruin everything.>>116361849It's funny how they ditched saying all new a little while in, I think it was halfway.

>>116361839just copy 2020

>>116361813>Assman flase flagging with flat chest

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>>116361832Her palace would be all sorts of fucked.

>>116361839Same way they handled FLCL. By making it about 95% callbacks to the original and editing out the things people liked from the original

>>116361869>girl>girlAnon. user. Stop.

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>>116361849>But just like FLCL, it’s an anime with no room for another seasonAll the more reason for Demarco to give it another season. He's hyping up next week's reveals and Paranoia -ends next week. Would be the perfect reveal to piss on Satoshi Kon's grave

>>116361832Righteous actions born of truth shall never be destroyed

>>116361843>5'2That's hot

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>>116361869>SheOh boy.

>>116361818imagine the husband's surprise when he marries this nice woman and then one day she just suddenly dresses up like a slut and fucks his brains out

>>116361833At that point we would be justified in killing him

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>>116361882All sizes are great, also she isn't a flatty.

>>116361717She needs a hug. A good, long hug.

>>116361872So none of the marriage shit was real?

Clairvoyance girl a cute

>>116361839The ending implies the events may happen again

>>116361839Do a parallel with a new Tsukiko and a new demon(s) that go after cornered people. Then throw in a twist or two to make the actual origin and motivation of the demon different. Then add an extra subplot halfway through.

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>>116361839Literally "lowkey" base the mass hysteria and memes on the current state of the world. Don't pretend it isn't that easy.

>>116361833How badly would they fuck it up compared to FLCL 2 & 3?

>>116361843I'd still fuck it, though I'm more into the teacher. Or the moms. Both work for me.

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>>116361839Shonen Batto is resurrected by an old fashioned message board in a desperate attempt to halt corporate memes, which are replacing people's souls. Writes itself.

>>116361868Japs are short.

>>116361843Don’t take Japanese height and weight info too seriously. Astolfo and Vegeta are the same height and weight

>>116361832The Phantom Thieves are not real P5Tard.Face the truth.

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>>116361884I wonder what her Persona would end up being

>>116361841Eizouken s2 you mean

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>>116361843Womanlets are the best though

>>116361910Real life proves this is true. It also proves another season isn't necessary as it's just documentary at this point.

>>116361866Lots of people would be up for more FLCL, if the original creators were on board to make it.

>>116361843>not liking short girls

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>>116361933DO NOT lewd the Eizoukens

Did I just hear Rick

>>116361841get the guy who's made all the movies Your Name and Weathering with You. He's not afraid to take a nice story and then fuck shit up resulting in a hellish future all humanity must suffer through due to the selfishness of a single child

God Dimple's so cool

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So is Dimple a bro or no?

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>>116361849AS =/= Toonami.I wanted to say ASA but I dont know what the second A stands for.

>>116361922A demon dimension here Lil' Slugger came from is revealed. Also, time travel.

>>116361843A tiny bunny is fine too.

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>>116361928I get that, but is it really that hard to make a fictional character that's taller than themselves?

>>116361843What the fuck was Hori thinking?

>>11636192511/10 Absolute kino

>>116361960Um... Anime?

>>116361965He was think aggressive short bunny girl sex.

>>116361945short girls leads to short babies or a too high to chance it probability.

>>116361959>>116361957A bro who you gotta check or he might stab you in the back, but still a bro.

>>116361843>implying I give a fuck when she looks like this

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>>116361902>she isn't a flatty.yeah, no

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Not all men are created equal. Etc Etc.


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We're getting the new Daria (based on jody) for Toonami and everyone will be wishing it was the new Beavis and Butthead and Clone High instead.>>116361960Action even though it wasn't always action.

>>116361832play a real smt game virgin


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>>116361979>he isn't tall enough to make up for her height

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>>116361964They're still "based" in Japan. Granted even when they make foreigner characters they sometimes fuck the heights and weights up. Especially when they're supposed to be over 6' and they're literally a brickhouse bodywise.

>>116361978How can I take a woman seriously unless she towers over me?

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>Wasting the budget on another Rick and Morty short and Paranoia Agent 2.>Not getting an adaption of Trigun Maximum animated.Can we please organize a kidnapping on DeMarco so we can interrogate him and force him make good decisions?

>>116361942I shudder to think how a "modern" sequel would be, with Maromi just being an internet meme or something.

>>116361954Shinkai is too high profile to do some shitty reboot for dumb gaijin.

>>116361717I felt sorry for her in the first and second episodes. Now I realize she is a neutral sociopath and one of the greatest anime villains of all time.

>>116361990Imagine hating small breasts.

>>116361990>that tummy

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>>116362001hows that recent movie that came out like a few years ago?

Teru turned that dude into a Hiroshima victim

>>116362003>its the guys faultnah

>>116362007To be fair I think they did this "season finale" thing on something else before, it's probably just loose phrasing without caring about anything they're doing.


bro just turn off your fire

imagine Moro in the tournament of power

>>116362026Only if that fire was radioactive.

John Lennin is already dead is the punchline to that Pikachu/robit chicken skit. as insider

>>116362031You can't just "turn off" fire


>>116362007>wanting them to fuck up the Trigun manga in adaptationNo way, I learned my lesson with Hellsing Ultimate.

Espers are for lovin

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LOL! Fuck John Lennon, am I right?

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did that fat otaku get isekai'd when he ran out the room?

>>116362008A strange screaming frog comes to life and seeks out people looking for tendies, and beating them to death.

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>>116362042You can with lighters. Checkmate, scientologists

>>116362011fuck a series, just make a cool sequel movie where all his previous movie characters cameo to get slugged

>>116362007This jig would be up as soon as "he" started making good decisions.

>>116362031Maybe he's like Sheev with his lightning

Did Klaus call that arcade cabinet Tetris despite the fact it looks absolutely nothing like Tetris?

>>116362046Hard lovin.

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>>116362041that squidward sketch last week was the most deplorable thing I've seen so far.

>>116362050I've come across that doujin before

>>116362026Or KyoAni.It's already been a year.

>>116362028Pop Team Epic it was

>>116362045Ultimate was passable. Considering some other adepts.

>>116361979Maybe, but short girls are easier to spank, so it's worth the risk

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>>116362055Shounen Froggo?


>>116362067I had it running in the background and completely forgot about it until now, that was a new episode? Man that was retarded.

I will never not be salty about Season

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>>116362066W-What is she doing to her sister?

>>116361915this needs to be a 4chan banner

>>116362062You mean like an old man and his piss?

>>116362026more like an episode of fire force

>>116362079>Put that ass awayhardy kek

>>116361843>Cute short energetic fit girl>RuinedIn what way?>>116362067What was the Squidward Sketch? Was it really worse than the Homestar sketch?


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>>116361996what's that?

Code Geass on toonami when?

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>>116361876My nigga

here's where mob psycho 100 returns from commercial break

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>>116362046best girl


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>>116362089Send it to feedback

Kill yourself tranny janny

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>>116362084yeah i remember the week before it was only one new episode and suddenly last week there were two new ones? >>116362084

Tsu is _____

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>Hey everyone, um I'm lookin' for my brotherMob is the cutest character on all of toonami

folks, I wanna give Mob a hug so bad. hes too precious

>>116362071>We would've gotten a Dragon Maid s2 PV by now

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>>116362015good man>>116362014Imagine not wanting your kids to have whole milk instead of skim

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Why does eating feel so damn good bros, I'm cooming from cake.

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>>116362082Truly a twist for the ages

>>116362079I like senpai.

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Fat lips are great

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>>116362097some guy scams squidward into doing tentacle porn with a girl and mind you this squidward doesn't even look remotely like him nor sounds like him.

so whats the difference between psychic and ESP?

>>116362071>>116362128friendly reminder that it really was a Dimebag Darrell situation over that Yaoi show all along

>>116362132Don't listen to him, frendon't think at allfeels good manfeels good manfeels good man

Shou no, it's Shou

Attached: Shou bus.png (1280x720, 1.55M)

>>116362075It was adapting better material than the first series had to work with, but they still fucked up the direction, music, shot composition and most of the action. Ultimate had a better plot but Hellsing (2001) was better made.

>>116362090Pretty much, yeah

>Mob made that little girl cry.


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>cunny claw memberAny art of her?

>I thought we could all be friendsHe actually ends up becoming best friends with Mobbro

>>116361843I never realized Bakugou sagged his pants like that.

>>116362086Well first, it's not her sister that's stripping her.

Attached: __fubuki_psychos_and_tatsumaki_one_punch_man_drawn_by_the_golden_smurf__5b8414904bbf8b05f62f4cf861bfcf02.jpg (1927x1500, 645.36K)

>old lady

Attached: 1591506554215.jpg (1000x666, 336.97K)

>>116362102No Guns

Tsucchiya is fucking underrated. What a fucking CUTIE.

Attached: Tsuchiya and Mukai.png (830x996, 382.82K)

>Mob's first fight against a Scar was so one-sided it didn't even need to be depicted on-screen.

How do anime characters take so many blows to the face without losing teeth?


Attached: Terribly great situation.jpg (868x1334, 191.68K)

Toriyama character looking ass


Attached: Something's got to give REE.jpg (851x233, 51.48K)

>>116362163Maybe don't post her every thread, several times a thread?I haven't been popped for avataring since I stopped.

>>116362121Post a pic

>>116362131 Nice going Caligula

>>116362097To each his own, but I like my women bigger than me.

Attached: 1582081266368.jpg (639x778, 154.77K)

>>116362149what the fuck happened to his dub voice in season 2?

>>116362130Tsukiko can't get pregnant anyway.


Attached: 97BCD9DB-9EB4-48DA-9FB1-E237C1D1AF52.png (478x259, 114.45K)

Based Mob.

>she gets the moe eyes when she realizes he's a good person

>>116362179They usually do lose teeth, they just somehow grow them back

>>116362161>other girl makes Mob cryThere's no winners in this.

>>116362149I love cloudy atmospheres.

>>116362147>mfw fucking Holla Forums writes a better sequel to paranoia agent than defaggit ever could

Attached: EB866074-2B35-48B6-A67A-FB9BAD6CF9CB.jpg (981x551, 86.31K)

based mob

>>116362179They drink their milk

>accidentally stepped on cats paw earlier>she took off for about 2 hoursand then>open up a bag of jerky>its like it never even happenedsuddenly>she threw upwelp





>>116362190Nice bullshit

>>116362142Technically ESP is a specific area of being psychic.>>116362179The same way Arnold beat the T-X in Terminator 3.

Attached: Best Canon (2).png (775x457, 548.69K)

>I don't wanna have to fight a lady during this rescueFuck man. Mob is fucking precious

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Attached: __fubuki_genos_saitama_and_tatsumaki_one_punch_man_drawn_by_kiyosumi_hurricane__ccbbe7775cf9d805654290ec41bcdec3.png (726x1009, 336.66K)

>just wants a fair and honorable fightTsuchiya is cute and I hope she shows up more in S2.

>>116362218Retards can't get pregnant user.

Attached: H-H-H-He's fast asleep!.jpg (259x194, 6.65K)

>>116362189I've only seen the sub version of season 2, what happened with it?

Attached: fire to see you.png (658x368, 531.1K)

Strong lady was hot. Just saying.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ....that character looks racist and it offends me a white woman

>>116362216>>116362217The what?

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>>116362240She's not retarded though

>>116362240Then how were you born?

>>116362167It's probably just in that art, I don't think he usually does in the anime.

>Tsuchiya will never give you permission to go all out.

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>>116362173HG really is a treasure.

>>116362226More like a fucking simp

If I had psychic powers I would honestly just fly around but BECAUSE SCIENCE made it seem like more trouble than it's worth. Just the cold temps alone.

>>116362259That's hardly simping to not want to hit girls

>>116361843Damn, I was so much more into her when I thought she hella taller than me.

Uh...Dickchin, you should probably stop.

>>116362226he gets ran over by a truck and rejected, little good being precious does him

>>116362209Post pic of kot


>>116362209Cats play the long game.

tags: Mindbreak

>>116362266You can't wear a jacket?

>>116362259>Muscle girl puss>mediocreYou shut your goddamn whore mouth

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Attached: Do not Scare TreeKitty.png (614x338, 97.74K)

Mob is gonna be a great dad

Attached: 3712.png (700x960, 113.45K)

This show stinks but I can't stop watching.

>>116362271Right? She doesn't even look that short the way she's drawn in the anime/manga.

Attached: 1593319942784.png (1055x1550, 1.06M)

>>116362185He's literally doing it just for the best girl post like everyone else does each thread, he's trying to start shit again.

>>116362303Izu a good kot.


Attached: Kat glides.jpg (1920x2714, 1.67M)

>>116362242I'm pretty sure its the same voice, but they don't even try to sound like a boy.

Attached: true power.png (661x501, 89.81K)

>>116362303wrong kot

>>116362147Does anyone else kinda want to rape Apu? Hahajk.


oh man next week's gonna be great

Man I remember when I was watching this on /a/ and someone dropped a fake spoiler >REIGEN IS THE BOSS OF CLAWand I totally believed this reveal


Attached: 1432934440679.png (241x228, 95.5K)

Thoughts on Dimple?

Attached: 1589126017913.png (340x340, 139.5K)

Do we ever see vanessa again in clover.

>>116362310You stink.


>third filler episode in a row for black cloverGoodnight bros, see you during the "con".

Attached: Screenshot_20200524-003212_YouTube.jpg (1420x1079, 473.1K)

The most powerful toonami character has arrived

Attached: 1543724962135.jpg (702x702, 123.12K)

>>116362301the amount of clothes you need wouldn't make it comfortable or worth doing. The you'll have to move slow or risk impact damage even with the smallest debris. Then the air space laws...

>>116362318Post more

Attached: 1938.jpg (1200x1052, 289.14K)

Time for Black Clover.

Attached: The real Asta.jpg (1920x1080, 278.41K)

Oh yeah that drop, I remember being blown away the first time I saw it

Finally the god damn block is starting.CLOVERCHADS [email protected]

Attached: B08D62E0-ECC9-46D9-BC67-C504B1500EAE.jpg (293x446, 94.78K)


Attached: 1297995054001.jpg (558x529, 160.9K)

>>116362327chad aura

Magic time is here and right now I'm inside a dungeon full of monsters. But I'm not leading a raid, au contraire, I'm managing the entire place. But stop talking about me, let's talk about your magicks. Show me what you got.

Attached: Reservoir Wizard.png (185x233, 50.62K)

This was the best plot twist ever.

>>116362327I thought they were just going off of the fact that all the Claw lackeys are bowing to him.

>>116362342Wait, it's still more recap?

>>116362331Well he is THE BOSS


>>116362333fuking party time

Attached: fucking rad.jpg (584x576, 62.54K)

>>116362354Which of Deadly Queen's bombs is this?

>>116362355>Turns out auras are just projection

>>116362342Tonight is the return to canon though, I think

Attached: black-clover-noelle-secre-nero-anime-1216336-1280x0.jpeg.jpg (1280x670, 88.44K)

>>116362302Iruma on Toonami never.

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Mairimashita! Iruma-kun - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.05_[2019.11.09_10.28.59].jpg (1280x720, 182.73K)

>>116362327BIG DICK ENERGY.

>>116362353More like ending. At least until JoJo comes back

>>116362348Haha, that's fucking great.I wish they'd have just made a real anime instead of those shorts.

>>116362342Oh no, user...we get


>>116362371No recap is over, is a filler episode though.It was fun.


Attached: Kat ass grab.png (1024x1200, 979.35K)


Attached: 1558844852036.png (150x185, 24.58K)

It's finally time for Chad Clover the best and also only show with a new episode.

Attached: 1589493420227.png (1024x523, 132.07K)


Attached: Illya headtilt.jpg (2094x1166, 180.59K)

How can Silva royalty girls even compete?

Attached: 1577006441127.png (987x1804, 707.14K)


Attached: 67erxz65w4qw.png (868x580, 581.08K)


Attached: normal.png (340x341, 101.56K)

>>116362372No, I am THE BOSS

Attached: 473F2086-FFE3-47B1-9F08-C303EE665057.jpg (1920x1080, 186.19K)

>>116362378Why do all the girls have bags under their eyes?

>>116362333I mean it just makes sense in a weird way. Mob is the strongest natural esper,why wouldn't the leader of a secret organization be training him.

Attached: 934.jpg (900x381, 35.62K)

>>116362327Pure fucking confidence and charisma

>>116362327Big Dick energy is correct

Attached: Biggest Cirno.jpg (743x1016, 362.5K)

>NEW EPISODEHow does Black Clover do it?

Attached: 1581801794997.png (1243x1394, 1.07M)

So how would Demarco ruin Paranoia Agent s2?

Time for Black Clover!

Attached: Black Clover Super Saiyan.jpg (1280x720, 112.67K)

>>116362378kek, I want this pic done in the style of my pic.

Attached: 1409107119692s (2).jpg (250x86, 4.95K)

>>116362394I fully expect the short version to be all whoas again.>>116362378Nope it's filler, base building one.



Is this the final episode?

Attached: 1591509678448.gif (542x640, 3.63M)

>>116362384But I need it

Attached: screenshot031.png (1600x900, 3.36M)

>>116362361I summon thee

Attached: 1561751522328.png (494x406, 144.88K)

Reigen tries to reason with little slugger. What is the outcome?

Attached: ninja shit.jpg (813x692, 172.78K)

Yo, intro!

Attached: Tayuya3.jpg (259x194, 10.69K)

When are all the current shows set to end?

Attached: jojo.jpg (970x659, 51.36K)

>>116362327Are their powers even developed enough to actually sense people?

Finally, the first premier of the night.


Attached: 560293734793812.jpg (774x849, 46.65K)

>>116362408They all need sleep

>>116362417>Mob is the strongest natural esperI'm pretty sure Boss is stronger. Mob never managed to actually beat him when they fought, Boss's powers raged out of control and destroyed him.

After 2+ years, we finally stop seeing the Wizard King flashback. I'm hype.

>reee! stop appreciating Japanese culture! Only they can make games to appreciate their culture!

>>116362361FUSION MAGIC!

Attached: PolymerizationBAN1-JP-SR.jpg (519x753, 126.78K)

>>116362333THIS AURA...

Attached: O MY DEFLATED BONER.png (900x500, 360.61K)


Attached: IMG_20200719_012712.jpg (1024x834, 198.52K)

You're in your home right now.

I miss Demon Jackson

Attached: 10117.jpg (1448x2048, 242.58K)

>>116362403Imagine smelling her eons unwashed feet

>>116362437Reigen wins through bullshit.

Attached: 1590914079101.png (500x499, 86.69K)

Disclaimer: recorded-from-home editionTake a tiny sip when:-Asta yells for no reason (2 drinks if he yells about friendship)-Asta doesn't understand a basic thing-Asta says he'll be the wizard king-Asta has gooey shoujo eyes (2 drinks if anyone else has them, unless they're always like that)-"Oh it's magic, you can just cut through it, Asta!"-Someone's surprised about the sword and/or doesn't understand Asta's power-Someone who didn't care about Asta at first suddenly likes him or thinks he's "interesting"-Someone highlights Asta's bad qualities-Yuno reacts blankly to something-Noelle acts tsun-Luck calls something "fun"-Gauche says Marie-Nero (the bird) nests in Asta's hair-Finral (the spatial magic guy) flirts with a girl-The wizard king fangirls about magic-Yami (the Black Bulls' leader) has a moodswing-Sekke goes "haHA"-Someone talks shit about the Black Bulls-Something new and black shows up-Royalty calls a peasant a peasant, or calls themselves royalty-Peasants call themselves peasants, or society's hierarchy is otherwise mentioned.-Elves talk shit about filthy ningen-"Hayai!"-There is an attempt at fanservice-There's a flashback-There's obvious "hidden" foreshadowing-There's contrived shipteasing-There's unnecessarily long side character exposition-Someone tries to make a badass one-liner-Someone talks shit about Noelle for not being able to control her magic-Someone's a dick for no reason (drink again if it only happened as a setup for Asta to beat the shit out of them)Take a full shot when:-They're in a cave*There's a declaration of rivalry*The battle is won or someone gets a powerup from the power of friendship*Nero (the bird) is used for plot convenience*A shot or plot idea is nearly identical to that of another anime

Attached: 1576675184316.png (1280x720, 1.92M)

Real talk, push ups feel great.>This OP

Attached: mya-nee twerk.webm (1076x599, 682.08K)

Wait, what do they mean about coming home? I thought they -were- in their home, it's just that slow-talker turned it into a mecha.

>it feels like we haven't been home in foreverAren't they currently riding inside their giant magical robot home?

GENTLEMEN.How do we catch the game?

How i get smelly bird gf?

Attached: 1582236557777.jpg (759x1200, 245.35K)

wait, so are we done with elf posting?

Attached: elves are quick to recognize lewdness.png (807x825, 808.76K)

>>116362421ANON, BLUE BOARD

Attached: 1587222448182.png (564x564, 278.48K)

>>116362408because theyre not popular

Attached: 1457797334372.png (278x360, 152.29K)

>>116362449Only cause he stored energy for 20 years.


Let's dye this world?

>>116362462Truly he was the smoothest of criminals

>>116362447take a rest

>>116362468>>116362470They mean the geographical location where home was.

>>116362437Becomes an ally of ReigenParanoia Agent Season 2 is about light hearted pranks on the entire town that Reigen cahrges to get rid of

>>116362427>Nope it's filler, base building one.Stick a fork in this night, it's done. BC filler is good filler though

>>116362437Little slugger apologizes and goes on to only slug criminals, allowing reigen, the greatest psychic crime fighter of all time, to turn them in


Attached: 1594951692711.png (560x470, 128.14K)

>Where were YOU guys living?Kekk

>its a black bulls episode

Attached: 1588224895104.jpg (518x439, 40.33K)

>>116362427>>116362498It's a good fun episode, sorta like one piece's G8

Gordon is so wise

are bird girls eyes even deader? asking for my dick

>>116362490What's so special about that specific patch of woods in the middle of nowhere?


Attached: 522093c31e41c4f8bd9c2fbffc5b6f75.png (1200x1742, 1.61M)

>it's a soulful black bulls slice of life ep

Attached: 1508628900969.png (240x233, 38.43K)

>Back to whisperingSomething about "where friendships are forged"?

>he's back to mumbling againgoddamn it gotta turn closed captioning on

>>116362437Lil Slugger becomes his stand.

>Marilyn Manson back to whisperingIt's like coming home.

Attached: Black Clover Marilyn Manson Came.png (825x450, 471.11K)

I'm glad Manson is mumbling again

>>116362459Cute kitty. I apurrove.

>>116362490But there's nothing there

Well Mason was a fun character while he lasted

>>116362520Home is where...

>Gordon is back to whispering.

Attached: 1594358163341.png (1400x2000, 615.08K)

I miss Food Wars.

Attached: Megumi.png (423x610, 217.65K)

>>116362425Ask a fellow drawfag, bro.

>gordon back to being inaudibleFUCK

>Gordon back to his normal volumeThank god.

>you just realized that both Asta and Noelle are recording from the same house

>>116362327large enough bluff rolls can btfo aura sensing

Anime humour is cringe.

Attached: 1595023369795.jpg (850x1065, 153.54K)

>>116362527is gordon some separate race or something? why is the entire family alike?

>*feeds you 10 full meals a day*wat do

Attached: 1568447420713.jpg (933x1200, 110.76K)

>>116362462He was a BAD man.


Attached: TTS Vulkan.jpg (1280x720, 84.06K)

Luck just wants to hear Magna masturbating

smelly dumb birb

>>116362537It was fun. and gave me my first official daughteru.

Gordon has the best facial expressions

Attached: 1588408792253.jpg (410x598, 94.74K)

>no bird girl to peck you in your sleep Why even live?

>>116362540>>116362541The duality of man.

>Luck can tell when Magna is masturbating.

Attached: 1591263100586.gif (922x1280, 1.05M)

Fat butts

Attached: 5855.png (743x1463, 152.1K)

>It's a Black Bull Bros episode

>>116362437He gives Little Slugger an aneurysm by informing Slugger that he has no power over him, since he's found a profession that allows him to escape from the stresses of every day life while still serving a practical purpose.

>Noelle imagining Asta fucking the bird

>>116362537I miss Megumi.

based yami making the black bulls play animal crossing

>bird girl slept in astas roomthats it, noelle is finished

I like black clover

>>116362517I want to ____ that bird!

>I'll be able to know if you're jerking off!

A straw hat? I wanna be the Wizard king, not the Pirate King

>>116362421Where the translation at?>I'll be King of the Wizards, I'm gonna be king!

Attached: seriously.gif (500x288, 86.32K)

>>116362568She never had a chance, between birb and mimosa...

He knows when you're masturbating.

Attached: 1580514156998.png (1133x981, 943.76K)

>>116362547Fill her with cream ten times a day.

>>116362561actually glad its back to this, fun episodes.

Is Gray-Manson-Gauche the "weakling trio" of the Black Bulls?

Attached: 1587088877698.jpg (424x600, 50.13K)


I swear some of these VAs sound like they're about to laugh.

>strawhatAsta would make great pirate

>>116362462I miss Nezuko

Attached: 1562518531100.png (591x513, 143.94K)

>Asta takes his wives for a walk in the woods.>Zora just fucks off.

Everyone just says their one character trait.

Gordon is a great wingman trying to get Gauche to spend time with Grey

Do you think she forgot how to read during all that time she was a bird?

Attached: birb with paper.png (740x608, 610.51K)

>>116362586Yes, but only by default.


Attached: but a single boop.jpg (618x525, 15.89K)

>important "duty"Why is he always shitting so hard?

How do I get gf that pecks me when I snore?

Attached: 1571019242784.jpg (916x1132, 115.21K)

>one week until they announce how they're going to fix Toonami from it's current broken status

Attached: 1594583763247.png (1080x1528, 1.16M)

Asta's wife

Attached: 1575788809903.jpg (751x1200, 522.53K)

>>116362565She's a slut now.

Attached: 1595018377243.jpg (1920x1080, 779.34K)

>>116362615Made for breeding.


Attached: Nezuko sleepy.png (2150x3036, 3.09M)

>>116362573give her

>>116362589Probably are, voicing the black bulls is probably fun as fuck.

>>116362598I'm pretty sure she can still read as a bird.Now bowel and bladder control is another matter.

Attached: 1453679269122.jpg (900x683, 482.1K)

>>116362580>TranslationNever ever, Granbelm has already been forgotten

Attached: granbelm102.jpg (1280x720, 105.36K)

>>116362598>Girls speaking ebonic makes me rock hard but not when black girls do it.Am I racist?

>>116362614>>116362620I miss nezuko posting.


Attached: Zennezu.jpg (747x1000, 169.89K)

>>116362592>nezuko so popular she got made into a premade sexdoll fairly quicklyi hope demon slayer does not shit itself

Attached: IMG_20191209_230212.jpg (1200x1600, 1.31M)

>>116362626Don't be gross.

didn't the bird used to chill on Asta's head while he was bathingShe's seen his dick already

>>116362614>one week until they announce how they're going to continually screw over Toonami from it's current broken status

Admit it, you love his show

Attached: 1583842261304.png (873x1001, 1.19M)

Did Asta ever jerk it while bird-Nero was in the room?

Attached: birb2.png (424x608, 199.89K)


Attached: this is the bomb.png (350x426, 175.12K)

>>116362642Its better than DBZ, but that's a low bar.

>>116362592I miss best girl

Attached: 76798738_p0.jpg (1158x1637, 780.5K)


Attached: 1576269720505.jpg (602x666, 235.29K)

>>116362642Well yeah.

>>116362586Guache is actually one of the stronger bulls and Gordon's spells are actually super destructive to the point he doesn't exactly like using it. Of all of them Grey is the most..."weak" of the crew. And it's not really her ability that's weak as much as it is simply not a physically strong one. Really all the Black bulls are strong in their own way. I guess the weakest would be Grey, Finral, and maybe Zora without preptime?

>>116362611>Half of Yami's screentime is dedicated to him taking a dump, about to be taking a dump, returning from taking a dump or talking about taking a dump>The Clover Kingdom is a Westaboo setting>Yami shipwrecked from some faraway totally-not-Japan Eastern island nation>Milk and other dairy products are a staple of European diets>More than 90% of Japanese are lactose intolerant>Most lactose intolerant people can consume dairy products without any real problems, but tend to get the turboshits from it>Given that he's the only Easterner in the Clover Kingdom as far as we know of, he has no reason to believe that there's anything weird about consuming dairy products>The only reason he constantly has the shits is because he refuses to stop drinking milk and eating cheese

Attached: 1509676928393.jpg (1103x724, 88.51K)

>>116362450>it's been over 2 yearsjesus

>>116362626She could, but did she? She's probably not even strong enough to lift a book as a bird.

>>116362637What? You spend centuries just pooping on whatever whenever and you'd forget how not to, too.

Attached: tumblr_pcn4wfRGgk1u1y5c5o2_1280.png (1200x806, 540.73K)

>>116362642It's okay.

>>116362654Honestly, it seems like you just wanted to -imagine-.


>Noelle is into petplay

man noelle's tsundere thirst


You argue at him all the time Noelle

>>116362663Magna is the weakesthe's only capable of anything because Luck pairs with him

>>116362647If he did jerk it she probably would fly away and give him some alone time.

Reminder Asta and Noelle are married in real life.

Man using Froppy's voice when she turns into a bird just ruins everything.

Asta and birb girl are pretty cute together.


Attached: Nezukagi.jpg (652x1000, 92.7K)

>>116362634I miss Chadnitsu

I love the banter between those two.

Damnit Noelle it's been like 2 years you can't still be this Tsundere

>Nero already has bants with ChadstaF Noelle's chances

Attached: 1532399459573.jpg (480x480, 19.76K)

So Shaman King was good

I don't remember these two being this gay with each other before

>>116362586Everyone on the group is pretty strong and they're mostly brave. Probably Nero, Gray, and Finral are the weakest/most easily scared.

>>116362611Because he eats like a BOSS.>>116362664Based Yami. Suffering for his favorite foods.

>Mira slept with a 14 year old boy this whole year.I can see where the dubs choice in casting came from.


Grey is cute

>>116362706Huh... Robin's getting popped now?

>>116362690From what I can tell Magna's a pretty heavy hitter. He's just a bit too wild to actually be effective. But I dunno if I'd call him the weakest.

Gray has nice hips

When the FUCK is Vanessa going to take Finral's virginity?

>you will never be Greys wall behind which she can hide her shame

Where does it all go?

Finral's such a fag.

Attached: 1583878360057.png (1280x720, 630.55K)

>>116362739One of those fags from the stream is asshurt and considers it spam.

>Alone with 2 girls>Not fucking themIs he the gayest person on the squad?

who the fuck is nero?Its been a while


Welp, they're dead.

>>116362739It's about time

>>116362592I hope I can see her in a second season with /tg/ one day.

>portal and drunk witch with foodgnome scenecant foodgnome just make more alcohol? Im sure she would love some mead with her meals.

>thinks the beast is Charmy fucking kek

Welp, Charmy's dead.

>>116362744Finral's virginity belongs to the aids cancer patient or whatever she had

Add them to the wall.

>>116362756Nero is the bird that would float around and peck Asta.

>Vanessa got the knotOH NO

>>116362754>>116362761Well, guess its a good thing I've held off on posting my kitten.

>>116362628>GranbelmI don't know what that means.I just want to understand the dialogue in that image.Is that too much to ask for?>>116362769Not until we find the body.

Attached: 5E24B0F5-9D82-4818-B46F-A8AD1150BA1B.jpg (640x400, 40.11K)


>>116362756An infamous Roman dictator.

>>116362744NeverVanessa is for Magna

>you're not gonna leave me behind you hear me>gets rejected for special training for being too weak

>>116362758>Charmy, please pass the egg salad

>>116362779why is she human?

>she's too fucking smashed to know it's one of the beasts

Attached: Luffy grin.jpg (604x453, 37.92K)


Attached: 1571549624811.jpg (2000x2000, 244.67K)

>>116362739S-surely just a coincidence, I'm sure...

Attached: 1497967313676.png (419x419, 212.48K)

Alright who's the most useless black bull?


Attached: tumblr_ee076f4cbce4f29154a80e5af677976e_948ca97a_1280.png (1280x1257, 1.34M)

>>116362804Sir Not Appearing in this Episode.

Why does he shit so much?

>>116362740He's actually the weakest. He has the smallest mana pool (aside from asta of course) and he's not smart like Zora. That said, he's cuhrazeee and reckless so that can work in his favor

>Gives an impassioned speech about catching up to Luck>Lol didn't hear you This fucking show


Attached: [HorribleSubs] Granbelm - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.11_[2019.08.02_18.52.45].jpg (1280x720, 86.15K)

>>116362628Asanagi hasn't forgotten them(I fucking wish he would and move on to other franchises, but whatever)

I love episodes like these. Pure fucking Looney Tunes.

>Go back into hidingGross Yami

Attached: 1560762651568.png (1000x1000, 995.87K)

THAT NIGGA DEAD>>116362784Probably doesn't even care about you.


>>116361843>design buff bunny atheletic tones bronza amazon goddess>make her a fucking shrimpWell. Just fucking kill me then I guess.MHA is the fucking worst trash.

>I'm glad you're home, but you're probably not waiting in line to use the john huh?

>I'm in here with a tough opponent and if I don't concentrate he might go back into hiding.

Attached: 1578804831353.jpg (1280x720, 117.66K)

God, Yami riding his broom like that is always the coolest fucking thing.

>Yami's a goddamn magic beast dad


>Hunting magical beasts without even harvesting them for materialsTruly nobles are the worst.

>literally pokemon

>Poo retracting back insideName a worse feelinBased Yami

Attached: 46.jpg (1200x867, 152.12K)

>>116362799Basically, the first Wizard King got revived and as a result, Nero is human. Adult Swim has the whole arc on their site.

>if i dont concentrate my opponent will go back up-do shits really do this? worst I ever had was taking two imodiums on a long flight and that was just 10 minutes of focusing

>>116362791He got rejected for the special squad too. Why does the author hate him?

>>116362843>Not wanting a spunky buffstack waifuYou deserve death then.

>>116362642it's goodbadbadgood?

>>116361857>kill your first dog because you became a womanFucking hot.

>>116362799She was a human servant to the first wizard king 500 years goShe used forbidden black magic (which is another much more complicated story) and got cursed into the form of a bird

Uh, no

>>116362875Maybe it is just building up to him making a huge comeback

>>116362055make it a kappa who rips peoples souls out their arse and i'm sold.


>>116362408You be a millenia old birn hoe and not have bagssilva bitch is too busy jilling it to asta to sleep.

>>116361722>mob>onionsYou sound like a raging faggot

>>116362799bruh. we just had fucking five episodes recapping the past fucking arc. fucking come on.