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Toonami Drinking Slayer Hours

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Best girl

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>that fucking nu count von countwrong sounding muppets indeed

Best girl

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>>116360376>covered up like a prude


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New night, and new...episode of Black Clover and nothing elseLet's do this.

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I'm already tired, goddammit.

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Remember Tornado is just flying around wearing almost nothing at all.

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Toonami is dead.

This Red Leader. All boards, give me a large, extra-thicc REPORT IN!

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>>116360381Waka waka who wants to hear a funny ass joke?

>>116360376I want to fuck her mom.

Best girl

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It's been a year since it premiered on Toonami and I miss this show. Will it ever come back?

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>>116360405/tg/ standing by!

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>>116360359Toonami will never air King of the Naruverse

I'm glad I never watched Paranoia Agent before this run so at least I can look forward to that.

>>116360381At least Matt Vogel understudied under Jerry Nelson for years. He had no qualifications for taking over Kermit.

100% best girl.

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Is this the Gohan Blanco arc

>>116360421It never will.

>>116360401Apologize now to Asta for saving the block while you all used to mock him and his show.

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>>116360402Energy drinks and midget porn are keeping me going

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breasts > ass

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Would you a saiyan tomboy?

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>>116360405/trash/ reporting in to remind everyone that One Piece is the greatest selling comic book of all time, WORLDWIDE!

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Time for Dragon Ball Super rerun...

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Reminder that Ghosts of Tsushima review is coming tonight.Place your bets on the final score!

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>Super leading the block what year is it?


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>>116360421Not so long as Crunchyroll holds it hostage

>>116360405You're the faker! Prepare to DIE!Also I got some new images.>>116360431That's a lie.

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Bzzt! Bzzzzzzzt! Kzzzzzrt! Hey hey! Ho ho! These crappy reruns have got to go! Yep, it's me, super duper secret Agent 00 Charmy Papittoson back at it again 'cause why the heck not I don't see anyone stoppin' me, practicing my chants 'n rants for when I totally crash--er, I mean protest!--the Toonami panel at the [adult swim] con next week! I swear I won't cause any private property damage, I promise! Agent's honor! I just have to say it's a (((peaceful))) protest and I've basically got a get out of jail free card, right? What are they going to do? Rally up a bunch of unidentified jackbooted thugs and throw me into an unmarked car? You wish!What are you eating?What are you drinking?Did you pick up Ghost of Suckysushi and/or Paper Mario?

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>>116360403Imagine having the confidence to go around doing superhero duties in a skintight revealing dress without any underwear on. The absolute madlass.

>>116360405eat shit

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>>1163604629/10 is my hard lock of the night

>>116360405/toy/ standing by


>turn on Toonami >hear Dragonshit>leave

>>116360452>midget pornla brava?

>>116360405/co/ /s/ /d/ /aco/ Holla Forums /hc/ /asp/ /wooo/ Reporting in Red Aku Leader.

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>the biggest ratings pull starts off with 'OH THIS IS DRAAAGON BALL SUUUPER"Literal fucking braindead children.

>>116360456Thoes are lesbians

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>>116360452>midget pornUhh I have 30 minutes to burn. Tell me more

>>116360469if only

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>>1163604628 1/2

>Buu walking proudly with the Universe 7 fighters in the OPMan what a fucking tease.

>>116360476>Paper MarioThey're never going to bring back the way the games used to be, so why bother

>>116360456There's no such thing as a Saiyen tomboy. They're all like that.

>>116360452Getting release actually makes me even more tired now.

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>Where you collecting them again?Why wouldn't he be?

>>116360405/f/co/ standing by!

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So just how many years is that?

>>116360405/v/ standing by, but I refuse to designate myself as thicc.

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>>116360495But it's not a marathon tonight.

>casually lets future trunks' timeline fucking dieZeno is the true villain of DB Super

>>116360496I hope you locked the door

>>116360405/m/ /tg/ and /vg/ reporting.

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>>116360405/vg/, /ck/, and /wg/ hanging on a thread

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>time doesn't exist in the Null RealmSee, there's your in-universe explanation for how the tournament can simultaneously be 57 minutes and 10 hours.

>Even the universes' gods are appalledWhat does that even mean?Why is there an "even" involved?

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>>116360405/v/ present>>116360476Just munching on potato chipsThe most recent game I've been thinking of getting was Bloodstained Curse 2 and even then I'm trying to finish other games before I do.

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>>116360462An easy 9.

>>116360476I had a cattleman's cut beef stick and a glass of Orange pineapple banana juice.

>>116360539>releasing >everSurely you jest user

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Which grand zeno is which?

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>>1163604627/10, just like Gamespot.

>>116360476>Playing Paper mario after Nintendo made it no fun allowed; the series since sticker star



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>>116360454No argument from me.

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>>116360462I’m assuming this will be a paid one, so 10/10

>>116360551I thought that was obvious

>>116360405/v/ standing by.Reminder that thicc is muscle, not fat.

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>>116360579I used to edge the entire block. That's just as exhausting.

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Toonami is dead, Demarco is intentionally trying to replace Toonani with a rap music block showing nothing but shitty black entertainment and those awful music videos.

>>116360581Does it really matter?

>>116360462>TOM: It is not dragonball tho>SARA: No one said it was>TOM: Meh, 7/10 because Yajirobe used a sword too

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To be fair to Goku, while he is the inciting incident of this, he did not expect it to be a death match. He just thought they were gonna set up a fun tournament. He didn't think Zeno would make his own hunger games.

>>116360405/a/ here!

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>>116360520They raped Cabba while wrestling him.

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Hey hey hey Toonami General! Say, did you know Paper Mario Origami King features a pretty killer rendition of Swan Lake?, but it's true!We'll be back during Naruto as usual to play you folks the regular playlist, but we just wanted to share this since it's eaten up most of our day so far. Nintendo continues to kill it on the soundtrack front. The game's just cute and fun as hell so far anyway, easy 9/10 if you're into this kind of thing, only loses a point to the battles getting a little tiring after so many in a row. Apparently my opinion isn't shared but good thing that's all it is, I guess.

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>YOU NEED TO PUT TOGETHER A TEAM GOKUYou son of a bitch Goku, I'm in!

>>116360622GOKU, YOU SONUVABITCH!I'm in!

What's with the sudden posting of mario games.

>>116360476i may grab Kurosawa simulator at somepoint.

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>>116360405/tg/, standing by! You look different today, Wedge.

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>WAIT MY "OTHER" SON!fuckin hell goku

>Oh right I have another sonGoku is just the worst

>>116360637New paper mario released. It's not TTYD so it's shit and everybody hates it

Jobberhan would lose in a minute.

>oh right, my nerd son

>>116360631What's the matter? Bulma got you pushing too many pencils?

Why did Toriyama completely cuck Gohan? Fan demand and spite?

This is why Vegeta is a better father.

All this shit is trash>Dragon Ball Super>My Hero Academia>Naruto(Original)>Jojo>Full Metal Alchemist>Yu Yu Hakusho>Fairy Tail>Dragon Ball Z>Berserk>InuyashaI just saved Toonami, nu-anime is trash stop trying to modernize the block nobody cares about demon slayer or whatever the fuck else is on these days

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>>116360462$100 on 10/10 boss. i can feel it in my bones,tonight's the night!!!

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>>116360625Well he is the easiest pray

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Try not to force a new thread right on Samurai Jack. I know how some of you like to do that when an extension happens and now we're in dire straits and people want the same amount of threads we used to have, so you'd push the limit a bit, but if we're right before Jack and the thread has just hit bump limit with images to spare, don't.

>Videl: You should come inside

Oh I'll come inside alright Videl. ;)

Videl is a totally different character in Super

>>116360626Good to see you, Mr. DJ. It looks better than the last two games but I'm still pissed beyond belief at the philosophies behind these games and shitting all over the conventions that were so beloved.

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>>116360647>>116360649Gohan jobbing to himself just by powering up left a bad memory in Goku's head.

oh yeah that's right, Satan and Goku are in-laws.

Hercule isn't bald yet?

Mr Satan should have been part of the tournament

why is elmo here

>>116360637Speaking of which, I hope those direct rumors are true. I really want SMG remastered

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Rest in peace Son Goku.

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I really like Goten and Trunks. Honestly I'd love a show just about them.

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>>116360694GT isn't canon. You should know this by now

>>116360680Go be a narc elsewhere.


>>116360688She got pregnant.>>116360694That has not happened yet, Dr. Jones

>>116360694I don't think he was bald in the end of the Z tournament?

>>116360663>shits on Demon Slayer>adds Fairy TailThis is bait.

i had to explain the ending to detective pikachu to my entire family because they didn't understand the dad thing and if pikachu went back to being normal or remained a speakachu

>>116360405/k/ here

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>>116360680What's it matter?

>>116360700>implying he won't get better

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>>116360359Again. No new Jojo, no reason to watch. You suck now of days, Toonami.

>>116360688Of course. She's an adult and a mother.

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>>116360725MattPat called it.

>>116360688Videl was barely a character in Z. If you didn't realize, her personality changed like 3 times in one arc. Actually only about the 10 or so episodes she was relevant.

>>116360717>>116360732No I specifically don't want that kind of bullshit plaguing the end of the night because someone had to squeeze in one more thread.

>>116360694Thats 10 years down the current timeline

>>116360725It would have been better if Pikachu kept that voice as his new partner for the sequel

>five dollar footlong but not really

>>116360444>used to

>>116360546how many of those you think they'll sell if the xbox live going free rumors are true?

>>116360697Honestly I'd rather Yamcha or Buu than them just shilling Freeza again. I mean Freeza is fine but he's one of those characters I feel like should just stay dead (though I will say his role in the Broly makes me happy he's alive because he was fucking great in that)

>>116360702Plenty of slash fiction out there of those two.

>>116360744Boo fucking hoo

>>116360751BRING IT BACK HASHTAG EMOJI>entirely different song and not even a five dollar footlong

>>116360689>Tfw I liked Color Splash and Super Paper Mario alsoI guess I'm just easy to please. Please don't elaborate on why my opinion's wrong, though, I sincerely did enjoy them and don't want to think too hard about it. What's done is done.

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>>116360725My only question with the ending is how the fuck a sequel will work if there technically isn't a Detective Pikachu anymore.

Really gonna make the maxi-pad liquid red, huh?


>>116360725I had to explain the entire concept of "Pokemon" to my parents when they watched it,

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>>116360742I like spunky twintails the best

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>>116360702Dragonball Babies with Goten, Trunks, Pan, & Bra.I guess GT but without de-aged Goku.

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>>116360762You'll be right with everyone else bitching when a thread is ruined because someone made a thread late and it gets autosaged or some other bullshit. Not sure why this is so hard to understand.

Are they literally doing this for /tg/ shitposting reasons? Who the fuck else cares whats on Toonami?

>>116360774The question is, would you replay Color Splash ever again? As long as you remember the entire plot?


>Another Rick and Morty originalWhy those aren't toonami related

So wait, there's no Toonami next week, just that con thing?

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Has Hercule died yet?


>>116360405/co/m/rade here. Watching the world slowly destroy itself, as usual.>>116360456That's a foolish question. Who wouldn't?>>116360476Half a chicken teriyaki sub and mozzarella sticks, Cool Ranch Doritos and Pepsi for later.>Did you pick up Ghost of Suckysushi and/or Paper Mario?No, and I don't plan to.

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>Satan meets Godheh

>>116360774the humor was good and I gonna miss those real life object special moves

>>116360810No. He's actually the only human to never die in DB or DBZ

>>116360798Since the adult swim con is all digital anyway they've switched tones to have their whole audience/viewers be included. I guess it is kinda weird only Toonami is getting airings of it unlike the rest which seems to be online.


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Mr.Satan and Majiin Buu's relationship is one of the best aspect of Dragonball. They're just sorta best buddies forever now.

>furries and ganondorf

>>116360810Do you not remember the end of Z?

>>116360795Why does it matter either way?

oh god it's sonicfox

>>116360795I don't see why you care so much. If it gets deleted or autosaged so be it. Message received. Didn't happen last week.


Remember to keep Toonami trending during the "con"

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Fuck me, I forgot about Buu.>>116360774I won't shit on you for liking them but I will readily argue to death about them from both a game design and the developer's general direction going forward from 3DS.

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>>116360822Doesn't he basically get killed in the manga though?

>>116360842U7 is also a furry universe. They just aren't the strongest.

>>116360810He died when Frieza blew up Earth, it was temporary but still a death. Now, every character has died at least once in the main timeline except for the Gods, Broly & friends, and Bra.

I wanna fuck Weise's sister.

>elephant beerus>clown beerus>robot beerus

>>116360792>Xbox is already the system of choice for normalfags.this gen's sales dispariites and "muh dark cinematic experience" exclusives like God of War: naughty dog edition and The Last 2 of Us Last of Us Fans beg to differ

I'd really prefer if you'd be quiet.

>>116360850Can't believe Robin died in the newest chapter. How did you react?

>>116360846Hell no. Fuck social media.


>>116360804>>116360820Don't be foolish

Even Hercule isn't that dumb


>>116360859You want to fuck Whis with his hair pulled back and tied up, that is what his sister is.

>i told you!That animation was fucking awful. The snap to his new expression and snap back. I thought anime was the best animation for TV right now.

Why would Grand Padre put Goku on the spot like this?

Im so glad Moro put a hole in Goku he is extremely annoying in super


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>>116360803>>116360801>faggit spent millions of budget bucks on this shitI'm mad. MAD.

>You got it dudesFull House?

thank you gobu yes thank you gobu

>>116360887Toei is a bottom tier studio.

>>116360359Holy shit, Goku looks and sounds legitimately evil here, is this intentional?

>>116360799I don't generally replay games at all, and I try to 100% them in the first go, so no, I wouldn't expect to. But I would probably go back to explore a couple levels again because I liked the areas. The train was fun, the beach was cool, the sneaking zone of the military base was neat. But really, you go back to areas enough that replaying it doesn't feel necessary, and the plot's easy to remember anyway. I also really liked the music. I don't remember much from Super except a mysterious masked man and that creepy spider chick.

Friendly reminder the entire universe tournament is Goku's fault

>>116360871>Oda>Killing off any strawhat

>>116360790Honestly I feel like that'd be more. Dragonball's reached a point where increasing the stakes is just sorta...hallow. I mean Vegeta boasted he could blow up the earth back in the SAIYAN saga. How much stronger can a villain get and have me take them seriously. If everyone is planet buster tier then "he's stronger than this guy" just feels arbitrary. Having the story focus on the younger characters would be a good chance to have smaller threats while still having fun stories to tell. I don't need the power levels to keep scaling higher and higher. I just want interesting fights, adventures and stories.

Attached: Marrons kamehameha.png (1510x836, 586.79K)

Why is Charmy Zeno?

Attached: 1584134716156.jpg (743x1080, 87.71K)

Toonami has hit rock bottom recently since their best shows have left. It's been like 3-5 weeks since visiting one of these threads cause it's been so boring. I really hope something good comes out of their new picks.

>>116360880>world is weening people off cable>thinking they wont cancel next weeks Toonami for the stream

I'd rather see MF over Flying Lotus

Attached: 1502341059747.png (1920x1080, 1.53M)

>>116360888He was hoping someone in existence could beat some sense into that retard.

>>116360914Small and OP

They really play up Zeno like he'll destroy everything but he never really gets to that point

>>116360914She ate a really big football and got stuck in her chibi form.

>wolf bros will never give you the knot why live

>>116360935Because this is literally baby dragonball. It's overly safe.

>>116360804>there's no Toonami next weekWait what? WHAT!?

Attached: 1579840859366.png (325x223, 62.35K)

>>116360935But he could,and that's what makes every one on edge

I'm still upset we never got Buu for the ToP

>>116360858I have trouble counting that one. Unlike wishing him back with the dragonballs Whis actually sent them back in time so the event never happened. Unlike dying and being wished back. As far as satan is concerned he's never died.


I almost feel bad for this red dog, he's just some rando fighter vs the equivalent of a magical destructive demon.

>>116360920>I really hope something good comes out of their new pickssame, not even feeling picky about what type of new shows at this point

>>116360922>Next week's Toonami is a couple hours of the con and as a special surprise reruns of preflight

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>>116360855Oh I've LONG since stopped paying attention to the manga. Moro's an even less engaging villain than Jiro.

>>116360955too strong, enjoy tien jobbing instead

>>116360873Your support keeps this man in Legos

Attached: 3716.jpg (2048x2048, 629.64K)

>>116360913People need to realize that stakes can be relative. The reason we've moved up to multiverse destruction is that Toriyama won't drop Goku as a main character, and Goku's at god-killing level now. Almost nothing is an actual threat to him anymore.If they could just pick a new character or cast to focus on, they could have "dangerous" enemies and scenarios without needing them to be planet-busters just to pose a threat to the main character.

You know, anyone else find it pretty disrespectful how anime and most mediums in general portray God as either some childlike figure or an evil asshole who only wants to destroy everyone if they dont entertain him? Pretty strawmanny to me


Last>The most badass housewife on Toonami since I started watching again (circa December 2016) appears>Peter Pan can now fully manifest imself>Housewife goes 1 on 1 with Pan, and tells him to fuck off>Her husband is Martin Brody, who now is working at construction sites>He meets a little old man he arrested once and they contemplate how times have changed, and there aren't enough burlap sacks in the world>After work they go to a bar>Peter Pan gets stomped and told that he's just another penguin>Crazy young guy shows up and sees that the house is torn upThis week, judjing by the previews, our new conspiracy nut will get into a fight with Peter Pan, and probably go even crazier.

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Buubros... I-It's fucking over....

>>116360804There's a Toonami next week augmented with interviews and show announcements.

>>116360804>>116360947The convention segments will be during commercial breaks. The schedule will otherwise be normal.

>>116360955Buu would literally solo the ToP

Not even 250 posts by the end of the first show. Man what's happened to us.

>>116360946Not like it was ever that serious.

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*menacing bell music in the distance*

>demons in an angel mask

Attached: 1350415495826.gif (300x229, 1021.89K)

>>116360955Would've actually made Super good.

>>116360699>>116360792SMG still looks good though, I can even imagine what an HD version could possibly add to it?

>>116360935Zeno could but Grande Padre keeps him in the dark, and probably prevents anyone from treating him like more than a child so he doesn't go out and destroy whole universes for no reason.

What the hell went wrong? This was a legitimately good lineup

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>>116360972>soi mouthEVERY time


Attached: file_ag2.gif (525x750, 842.89K)

>>116360978Remember your promise for this week bro.

>>116360984>Buu just turning Jiren into candy win in first minutes

Attached: target laughed at.png (458x549, 233.88K)

>>116360972>stupid hair >Legos>AN OPEN MOUTH SMILE I can't.

>>116360972why dont people smile with their mouth closed anymore? at least grit teeth

>>116360985DeMarco.We've been over this.

>>116360985When most of the block is reruns, people tune out. I stopped playing Ghosts of Tsushima to watch the block. Pretty good game so far; just need more practice with the controls.

>>116360935I mean he destroyed Trunks' entire universe. With barely a second though so we have reason to believe he's not incapable of it. We just happen to have the advantage of time travel that let them go back to a time before that. But Trunks' original timeline was literally just an empty void so we HAVE actually seen the aftermath of him destroying everything.

>>116360985>lead with a rerun>wtf why no discussion Use your head

>>116360855No, just put in a coma.

>>116361005burnt through too many shows.

>tfw 12 oz mouse makes the calartsfags seeth

Attached: i do it all.jpg (1280x720, 48.71K)

>>116360975Zeno isn't meant to portray any Abraham based or any similar religion. Toriyama is a gag mangaka who thinks it's funny of the true god of DB is a child.

Bro look at that 3d animation

>>116361036They could have replaced them and chose not to

>>116361027Camera could be better. Walls are the bane of my existence on it.

nice 3d

>>116360975Stop browsing Twitter.

Attached: 1592457003494.png (193x152, 12.19K)

>>116361042oh shit does the new season start tommorow?

>>116360955>Basically indestructable>Super strong and super fast>Can regenerate>Can heal his teammates>Can use magic to turn people into candy and just toss them off the edgeLet's be honest here, if Buu was in the TOP they'd be forced to make him lose by being stupid or have him job to Jiren because he'd be the MVP

>>116361012Yes, I know.Now, it's time for the penultimate episode of Paradox Argentum.

Attached: Tayuya9.jpg (353x500, 57.17K)

Time for Paranoia Agent!

Attached: Costanza Paranoia Agent.png (500x375, 269.44K)

Time for Paranoia

Attached: YR4A-D.gif (320x180, 967.38K)

Oh look, Toonami's starting.

Attached: 1569061200463.png (1920x1080, 1.53M)

>Dragonsoi into Paranoia Soilent

Attached: 400BC9F4-E7C9-4D56-ABBE-F73D81847008.png (805x851, 88.81K)


Attached: 81361483_p0.jpg (619x947, 271.31K)

>>116360986Bulma's mom does seriously hate her and thinks she's a lying whore. She was likely abusive too but there's no proof of that.

Attached: 1583824922781.png (222x450, 215.03K)

>OP by Susumu Hirasawa

Attached: 1494809826262.gif (500x380, 481.85K)


I heard Fire Force is airing season 2, do you think Toonami will be able to get it?


Attached: 1538303058248.gif (258x215, 78.09K)



Attached: kjughjsd56h.png (886x561, 402.13K)

>>116360976>weeb's choice.Sadly in spite of Sony's folley of censoring weeb games we can't really expect Xbox to make a point being less censorious of content that offends western audience's sensibilities, even with Phil trying to make inroads with Japan. Though kudos to him for at least getting the Yakuza games ported

>>116361092I think they were planning on it but now who knows.

Attached: 1396417068252.jpg (500x578, 49K)

>>116361010Source, please

>>116360975Who fucking cares?t. catholic

Attached: 1544054275278.png (379x440, 143.09K)

>>116361092i hope not

>>116361092Funimation put the dub on break so hoepfully not

What a minute, this isn't Dragonball Super!?

>>116361088Chronoa and Towa become canon when?

Don't think itDon't say itThe Bye Bye Man!

I'm so tired, Toonami, maybe I should just take a rest... Just a little rest... Just take a rest...

Attached: you are dead.jpg (776x1029, 47.14K)

Attached: Lelouch laugh.jpg (1200x800, 159.46K)

Attached: 1587269630500.png (765x803, 713.16K)

A monkey!

Attached: seriously.gif (500x288, 86.32K)

>>116361042based mouse

Attached: tumblr_pg3v81om7U1uaz4yw_1280.png (1280x1451, 285.38K)

>>116361086Bulma was probably smarter than her mom at age 5.


>>116361111Asshole what have you fuck done?


lmao what the fuck is this show

>knight in shining armor fails to save the princess>turns evil and becomes a literal demonThis game is getting weird


Attached: 1518982546564.gif (540x601, 586.09K)

Little slugger is BIG slugger now

Attached: 1580090075659.gif (320x240, 2.65M)

>I must not run away!

Attached: FF52E6FC-6255-4B3C-9793-BFFB7431FBAC.png (2208x1242, 1.67M)

5'9 vs 6'0

>So the theater's reopened, but everyone has to sit six feet apart!>That's pretty fitting! The block's already six feet under!DOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

Attached: 1379442.gif (320x240, 1.45M)

Attached: Chuckling Dokkan.png (589x751, 781.48K)

>>116361106Based and Popepilled.

Attached: Bully_for_you.jpg (2849x3474, 783.52K)

I'm sorry, but this show feels like it's just dragging out.

>>116361083Get fucked with a rake, newfaggot

Samurai Flamenco when?

Attached: Samurai Flamenco.jpg (1280x720, 96.14K)

>that power up SFXSame as the rasengan

>im so fucked up

>>116361076Where did she get a sweater with breast socks? If she modified it herself, why didn't she also make the neck hole small enough to fit her anime character neck?

>sword was an umbrellaChrist he has it bad

He's a fucking demon

>>116361130Looks like a Puma to me


>>116361147they ran out of ideas halfway through so they just killed time with halfbaked ideas they couldn't convert into full series

>>116361114Towa is canon, since she was first introduced in Dragon Ball Online, which was set in Age 1000, roughly 300 years after DBZ

>>116361114Never. Look forward to more Dragonball: Electric Gokuloo 3


Attached: 1578807975951.jpg (1280x720, 470.59K)


Attached: haha no way.png (466x527, 143.5K)


Attached: smug laughs.webm (1920x1080, 1.49M)

>dance with moneywhat

>no, I musn't think!The perfect sentence to describe most action-based anime

What the fuck

F old coot

>>116361147Yep. ever since they caught the "real" slugger the show is vastly different.

I miss Fire Force

Attached: HorribleSubs_Enen_no_Shouboutai_S2_01_1080p.mkv_snapshot_09.44_2020.07.08_13.49.51.jpg (1920x1080, 319.7K)

>>116360975I don't mind, but I do mind other religions acting like it's not okay to portray them in a similaar manner. Zeno isn't really a portrayal of YHVH anyway.

ow my ears

>>116361192I heard dance with a bunny

>His real life clothes are way cooler.

>>116361147This is the second to last episode.

>>116361124Plenty of smart people come from abusive homes and all of their parents hate them. Nobody likes having a kid that is smarter than or even equal to them in intelligence or maturity.

Wait, when did show turn into Blood+?

F for the Mysterious Old Man

Attached: ToonamiRemembers2020.jpg (1350x6500, 2.91M)

>>116361192I thought he said bunny

>>116360973I said it back before Super was announced. Why was it a necessity for Super to even be another action focused show. I mean canonically the time period super takes place in was meant to be an era of peace. I'm fine with Goku and the gang just going on adventures. Maybe exploring the multiverse, meeting stronger people, maybe having goku fight people but not neccesarily these life or death struggles we're used to. I don't need more sagas structured like DBZ. I'd honestly be fine with slice of life. It's why I enjoyed Battle of Gods. It was just seeing all the characters we love having a good time and while there is a fight "with the fate of the world hanging in the balance" it's treated much more like an exhibition than a serious arc. And THAT'S what I want out of dragonball. But naw we gotta have shit like Zamasu and Jiren and FUCKING Moro.

Attached: DBFCM_517.jpg (665x1024, 468.84K)

>sexual phenomenon What

>>116360403If you read the manga you’d know this isn’t true

>>116361192Dance with the bunny

>>116361192he said a bunny

>>116361210>>116361224He did say bunny, that user is deaf.

>>116361204I miss the gorilla.

Consume Maromi.

The Moromi Gang!?!

MUROMI GANG [email protected]

>>116360975They always make God a malevolent, almighty force like he's supposed to

So is this a Hello Kitty stand-in?

>wanted to call out how dumb it is to steal this doll>remember the Elmo shit from like 25 years ago


Attached: 1584899579457.jpg (200x215, 26.72K)


Maromi is like Pepe

>>116361192I thought he said "a bunny"Oh, and now we're where we left of last week.>the same thingYes, they're both penguins!Don't trust Opus!

Attached: tayuya12.jpg (640x480, 34.33K)


Attached: 1593806803246.webm (1280x720, 2.75M)

This reminds me of the elmo doll riots back in the 90's.

I wonder if you can buy a maromi fuck doll

>>116361250GANG GANG

>>116361243>>116361244>>116361250>>116361252>>116361253Take a rest

Muromi is a hate symbol

>>116361221Damn, this year's a bloodbath. Make sure to put Toonami on here next

Lil Slugger is The Moon and the Dog Dolls are The Markers.

Any news on JoJo?

>>116361237I have 3 fans going. eat a carrot faggot.>window>behind me>behind entertainment stand

lol Tsukiko looking all whored up

>Miromi is the mastermind

Attached: EclVLcMUwAAT-So.png (390x460, 108.02K)


>>116361244The Muromi gang never takes rests in the streets

Attached: Muromi pillows.jpg (1921x1080, 236.49K)


Attached: You know what time it is.jpg (1280x720, 126.41K)

>>116361204I miss Cold


Attached: 1594402265136.webm (960x540, 72.33K)

>>116361253What horrible truth is Pepe helping people ignore?

Anyone else just want to fuck the shit out of Tsukiko?


>>116360702He took Videl.

Attached: goten.jpg (1280x720, 1.17M)

I hate when my figs run away

Oh my god it really is Dragon quest

Uh okay

Cute mini bunny girl

qt bunni girl

>characters that are literally you

Tsukiko looks cute>Random Bunny girlHoo boy this is now MEMEME!

Okay... so is THIS guy the Paranoia Agent?

I'm gonna be sad to see qt Ms. Sagi leave Toonami

>the living figures sceneoh my

>living waifu dolls He's already dead,isn't he?

A sexy bunny girl telling you to follow her. Nope, nothing suspicious about that at all.

Attached: 1590539788199.png (818x365, 266.08K)

Somebody get the jar

Attached: 1508813808029.png (593x403, 159.55K)

oh no

So much to hot glue...

>>116361204Arthur had a really good fight last new episode

Attached: Arthur.jpg (1920x1080, 276.99K)

We /toy/ now?

It's bunnygirl time.

Attached: 18463896_p0.jpg (900x1200, 637.28K)

>>116361276Where does one get a gay carrot?

>When the dolls start talking

Attached: Worry Kornheiser.jpg (192x245, 17.16K)

So is this entire show a dig at people who enjoy escapist entertainment or am I putting to much thought into it?

God if my anime figs could talk that wouldn’t be good

>Before he hot glues us again

>they have hardened nipplesHawt


>>116361315XAVIER NO

>those nipple pokies

Attached: cupojoe.jpg (480x446, 48.6K)

Oh my God!Those cat women from Zombie Island are at it again!

Are we going to have a drawfag of this little girl.

>your figure will never come to lifeHa, you fucking losers!

>>116361293I bet she'd let you do anything in bed

>>116361297I'd be pissed with how expensive some of them can get.

Attached: Wedgie.jpg (600x800, 121.35K)

loli Osaka in pigtails getting slugged and becoming autistic so sad

The computer one's name is Halo?

Attached: Captain King Master Chief 2.png (800x750, 403.1K)

Oh no Maniwa, don't imagine the figures talking, trust me it's never good

>>116361327I haven't been watching the rerun but based on what I remember from watching it on TV 15 years ago.This show's message is just "bitches be crazy"

So are these figurines actually helpful, or are they another trap?

Attached: Tayuya3.jpg (259x194, 10.69K)

Are those Ed's Internet bebop goggles?

>Toy Story in Japan

>bat express OH FUCK NO

was that nurse girl Haruhi Suzumiya

>>116361327It's about people being bored and making up problems in modern society.

>>116361229>Why was it a necessity for Super to even be another action focused showGT tried to be a more laidback adventure show and just barely survived getting cancelled when they switched to nonstop unga bunga. Dragon Ball needs to be about the action now, nothing else is sustainable.

Is that epinephrine?

I can honestly say I didn't see the show going in this direction.

What the hell is happening?


Attached: CC bunny girl figure.jpg (2048x1137, 450.08K)

Rick and Morty is totally Toonami related

Didn't even get to hotglue any of themwhat a shame


Attached: 3849.jpg (1202x1774, 705.87K)

>>116361327Yes, a theme of the anime is that escapism is bad.

Another night of Toonami another night of all 3 devices suddenly not working.Also how great we, an anime block, are getting a rick and morty original animation.

>>116361351I just want to fuck her hard while she spaces out and has her hallucinations.She's practically asking for it by being so crazy.

Why the fuck is every character on this show fucking mental?

Attached: 1587127356432.png (628x407, 253.67K)

>>116361364Legit helpful, they're guiding him to the solution

>>116361241>>116361243>>116361244>>116361267MAOUEIROMI GANG

>>116361364Knowing Japan, one of them very well could be a trap.

Attached: 1570937630374.png (1541x2142, 1.67M)


Attached: I+tried+_104dce4db53c57d1d0d1d282fdd83fd5.png (569x315, 185.32K)

>>116361380MEMES, JACK!

>>116361352Are they still worth it?

Attached: 1557122994896.jpg (940x940, 68.42K)

>filling your void for julieDid sara just mispronounce July?

>>116361343>They made a soulless sequel to that movie just to capitalize on the IP

>>116361324Nothing wrong with that

Attached: ddd41172.jpg (775x937, 469.34K)

>>116361327Not entertainment but criticizing escapism in general, from what remember

Remember, Maromi is always watching you

Attached: 436356320400239.jpg (661x610, 16.24K)

>>116361347I don't want any of my figurines to come to life. They've...seen some things.

>>116361380Some lesser tulpa are getting involved in this cataclysmic meme storm by helping the current hero of light.

Attached: extra-balls.1434065812575.boobs.png (728x728, 226.44K)

what are girls like Osaka and Tsukiko called?

>>116360913Make Goku the final boss.

So did the multiple personality lady decide to become a prostitute, and that's why that one guy was looking at a half-empty closet? He's so generic that I'm not sure he's the one she married.


Attached: FFTA Marche.png (356x287, 10.73K)

>>116361396literally memes

Attached: pop-team-epic the fun never ends.png (3000x2000, 982.99K)

Any pics of those hard doll nipples?

pee on my cock

>>116361392it's hard for them to pin down when the most rick and morty fans are watching since they air the show every day of the week and won't have new episodes for another 5 years, so they annoy us with it. you'd think since they premiere new shit on sundays, they'd throw it there, but rick and morty fans are apparently super casuals and don't even watch the weekday spamming

>>116361383So you gonna hotglue that or am I holding my dick for nothing?

>>116361389Hot Damn

Attached: Lustrous sweat.png (601x353, 365.57K)

Hot glue

Attached: 1589498520659.jpg (1200x800, 184.1K)

>>116361402For a second I though the fold on his forehead was some kind of writing.


Attached: WONDERLAND.gif (500x375, 647.86K)

>>116361411Nah, she said "virtually".

>>116361370yeah that sounded like wendee lee

>>116361396it's not that every character is mental, just that the show only focuses on the crazy people. there are plenty of normal folks in the backgrounds watching the insane people

>>116361327>>116361391Ironic given our current world

Attached: 1565371143980.jpg (1280x720, 121.15K)

>>116361439>>116361441>>116361445I hope your family sees these posts.

>>116361373GT's adventures didn't work because they sucked though. Not because they lacked action. They didn't even really use their cast well. Like it'd have been a good chance to breathe new life into the franchise with a new cast but we just have Kid Goku (again), Trunks (who is now inseperable from his future trunks personality) and Pan, the only character who actually feels unique. And then they go to planets that aren't...particualrly fun or interesting. Doesn't help that the show in general is just really muddy looking and not particularly vibrant and eyecatching.

>>116361418Don't you fucking lie to me you goddamn son of a dog!

>>116360359Just googled the ending of this showGAAAAY

Bros Sao is kino now.

Attached: 1595091859269.webm (1280x720, 2.85M)

>>116361409Not if they run off. Since they don't even make any more Yukari figs, fuckers scalp the shit out of them for several hundred dollars at times.


Was it rape?

>They want another Character even though Maromi is selling like meth





The only way Toonami could be a 100% saved is if they got the airing rights to 4.0

Attached: 1950.jpg (1191x1319, 1.32M)

>>116361347If my figures come to life we got problems

Attached: Vultarax Maniple.png (1180x780, 1.41M)


I need an adult!

Attached: princess.jpg (320x240, 53.85K)


>Where do you get off acting like you're somebody specialI am 100% sure she is special.

Time for Osaka to be raped.

Attached: 1529211476937.gif (159x166, 1.13M)

This guy just went from 2 to 11

Hey, know how you made pikachu? We need you to make pikachu again. You can do that right? Easy


Attached: 1587271555254.jpg (1280x720, 558.16K)

>>116361421The boke.

>>116361467You keep saying that

It kinda does revolve around her.

Attached: 1594276936368.jpg (720x720, 40.99K)

>>116361326I had a few dreams like that. I set up my phone to see if i kick/walk in my sleep one time. after checking the video I seen my dolls come out of the closet. They stretched and made some intelligible sounds for communication. Ryuko and Satsuki started using my PC/old phone, Sol and wood elf went downstairs for some food meanwhile mini cuddled up with my cat on the empty space of the bed. shit was normal until my alarm went off and scared all the dolls and they knocked the recording phone over and then I woke up. I didnt even watch the video on my phone and just deleted it because of the dream.

Attached: guardians of the tp.jpg (960x720, 112.19K)

This guy did nothing wrong and yet will be portrayed as a bad guy.

>The Gay guy turns out to be a piece of shitWell damn

Was that Aramaki reading the news?

>gay guy was just pretending to be gay to rape her

>Forget about it

>when you forget you are pretending to be a flaming homo for a moment


Holy shit




ow my fucking ears


F for Hatamura

Attached: ToonamiRemembers2020.jpg (1350x6500, 2.94M)



Someone needs a sluggin'

Based Lil' Slugger says "NO" to rape

>>116361503Could have done his little rant w/o getting handsy.

Attached: bunny-hug.1208204422004.jpg (537x800, 62.43K)

>>116361478I can't believe Big Slugger was the driving force behind cancel culture

Ohhhhhhh shit.

>please understand

Attached: 20200715_191047.jpg (1920x700, 102.78K)

>>116361396Because they're human.>>116361327Less purely escapist entertainment and more just the mounting pressure of life and a destructive desire to escape it all. Momomi is just a gentle aspect, Lil Slugger is a violent aspect but they both feed into eachother despite their opposing nature.>he got so mad he forgot he was gay

Sluggers been eating his vitamins

Attached: huge.gif (574x775, 88.44K)

>lil White Knight

Attached: The friendliest one you know.png (841x973, 679.98K)

>>116361471>>116361473>>116361476>>116361477Pretty sure that dude's gay

>>116361467Yay, all they had to do was put the self-insert faggot into a coma to "get" their kino. Oh wait, he's still there and can shit it the fuck up with his self-insert bullshit. No, SAO will never be "kino" in any way, shape or form. And GGO sucked too, but for different reasons.


Attached: 1593224899643.jpg (1369x1080, 115.92K)

>>116361398Okay, that's nice.>>116361402Not what I meant.OH SHIT!>giant monkeyOH FUCK!

Attached: Screenshot (132).png (1920x1080, 1.17M)

>>116361503He didn't rape the cute girl that slightly irritated him. That was the wrong thing to do.

The mighty sword PuppySlayer

>>116361474corps man. aint nothing good enough

Attached: molly_millions_by_ewalabak-d6i9b3h.jpg (1095x730, 122.41K)

>>116361522>Gay Rapist on the WallIs this what we've become?

>Even his fucking death portrait is smarmy as fuckFuck that gay nigga

>die>everyone surrounds your corpse with shitty overrated mainstream plush dolls


what? he's kill?

Attached: WTF.jfif.jpg (365x765, 67.67K)

>>116361474I mean Hello kitty used to sell like crack and there's still more characters other than her. Like it's still a franchise full of characters, regardless of the fact that hello kitty herself is the main focus.


lol as formal as the funeral is, they pick that for his picture


>dude just in shock about the fucking crazy hobo

>>116361563When were we ever different?

>>116361563Poor nigga was backed into a corner

Attached: 1594529203514.png (1081x608, 464.48K)

>>11636156399% of /tg/ is gay rapists.

Bitch don't delete it

hey tsukiko wanna hear a funny ass joke

>>116361556I call it Dog Gone

Attached: Carlos escapes to New Orleans.jpg (259x194, 6.88K)

Uh, Maromi chill the fuck out.


Is... Is Lil Slugger... protecting her?

Attached: 1534554860679.png (339x399, 104.73K)

>>116361571Actually it got run over

>>116361591Fucking ass Dog shit thing, She worked so long on that drawing you just delete it?

>>116361589>>116361563am gay rapist can confirm.

Huh, so can we judge if Sagi's dad is wealthy or not? He seems pretty traditional.

>dont think theres that word again what does it mean

>don't think

>>116361563there's a guy on there who's stand relies on rape to operate

Is that door made of rubber or something?

>Maromi cut the phone line RUN STUPID

Attached: MAXIMUM .jpg (706x482, 128.24K)

>>116361613which word

Tsukiko isn't sexy but man, I want to fuck her crazy ass.Is that wrong?

>Don't think

Attached: Paranoia.gif (500x273, 356.5K)


Attached: 1325946590935657.jpg (456x434, 8.62K)


Attached: Asanbosam West Africa Vampire.jpg (611x438, 56.21K)

That smug smile

Lil' Slugger HATES IT

>Tsukiko don't thinkShouldn't be too difficult for her.

>>116361556>>116361596the puppersnuffer

Attached: Laughing space autists.jpg (720x720, 90.88K)



Attached: Akame-ga-kill-ep-6-Seryuu.jpg.jpg (1124x635, 78.87K)

>>116361579Well yeah, more characters means you not only get people who bought the first character, but you might have snagged someone who never even bought the first character because it appeals to them. That's how loads of those franchises work, granted Transformers became that way since they were re-purposing old transforming robot toys in the first place. Shit man even if it's Netflix The Toys that Made Us is pretty damn insightful to that kind of shit.

>>116361613Thinking about how fucked your situation is makes it easier for Lil' Slugger to attack you

i thought he died

>Little slugger fears the very weapon he uses Poetic

Attached: Betterleftunsaid.png (1088x1045, 433.63K)

Can somebody tell me what the fuck is Lil' Slugger supposed to be? His he a real entity now or something?

>>116361625>>116361613>>116361633DON'T BLINK! JUST GO GO GO GOGOGOGO!

Attached: 1578200454934.png (1536x1117, 2.46M)

>>116361638I miss hating that show

That live figure doll scene awakened something up in me. id love to have a little cock fairy using her entire body to make me cum. either her wrapping herself around bouncing around my cock. or her standing on my balls rubbing away with both her hands on the top of the gland while she furious licks the frenulum or me standing and her just riding cowgirl looking up at me with a smug face as she grinds my gland with her feet dangling

Attached: __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou_drawn_by_shangguan_feiying__d05f33a0c161a25b6e34141985da6598.jpg (372x462, 123.33K)

Halloween night, 1963In Haddonfield, Illinois there would be

Attached: Tayuya Curse 1.gif (480x360, 3.64M)

Are they gonna frick?

where did he go

>>116361648He's very heavily implied to be a demon that fucks with people dealing with trouble in their lives.

>>116361613It is a two fold thing it is part to avoid Little Slugger but at the same time it is avoiding the true source of the problem

>>116361648he's a warp incursion at this point

Attached: Creation of a Daemon World.jpg (900x808, 213.36K)


I missed the discussion with her dad, what happened when she was a kid? Where'd that bat come from?

>>116361672NEW THREAD>>116361672

>>116361666La La Land, Satan

>>116361674He let her get away with something.

Attached: cat-shot.1218636998598.jpg (800x531, 90.75K)

>Your nameI actually prefer "Weathering with you"

>>116361648A meme/trauma made manifest

That old nigga got TALL

>>116361674"""Something""" happened with her dog, she lied, he saw through the lie, but went out with a bat to 'beat the guy that did it' for her.

Aww yeah next ep has THAT scene

So Lil Slugger is a vague and obscure trauma in the past of a woman who suddenly became insanely popular out of nowhere and used the resulting societal influence and exposure to manifest into reality in the form of mass panic and inexplicable death?

Attached: 1338.png (302x361, 60.05K)

>>116361735What about the article that said she herself was attacked by another child on the playground?Did that happen as well and is just unrelated?

>>116361649Why is there only one nipple?

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>>116361774Yes also possibly a demon of escapism and the act of looking for an easy way out, but mostly just that one girl's trauma

>>116361874Obviously the closer boob is shifted to the side, hence the bright circle.

>>116361976Even so, there should be something poking out

>>116361649This fucking image.

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That running animation is so bad

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