Help me get into Disney!

My name is Michael. I've love art since I grew up with mostly Disney and Don Bluth. It upsets me that nobody wants to do Cel animation anymore. I hate digital art, and its awful. All because of Kim possible along with junk like Spiderverse, why did that won an oscar? Its not a Disney movie! I've been drawing everything with paints with my facebook groups, and nobody seems to take me seriously! Is everyone against Disney nowadays? I can't even share my groups on here since you guys think its spam! Its not spam! Its my goal to get into Disney! I want to get into Disney! Help me by getting into that studio and to get my dream of a Inside Out show to be a reality! Not Monsters inc. Nobody asked for that!

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My groups are on facebook, hire me Disney!

>>116360117Assuming you're serious, lemme give you some advice.1. Join the college program if you can. Disney is a very fluid company where you can easily move from one department to another. Working the parks for a few years can get you into the animation department eventually. 2. Learn to draw and animate from life. I know that can seem counterintuitive, but it'll help increase your spatial awareness and your innate sense of weoght and movement.3. Accept you're going to have to draw digitally. No one uses cels any more. It's a dead technique. You can still achieve heights of animated acting through drawing digitally.

>>116360117This is Chris chan levels of autism

don't worry Micheal, my uncle works at Disney and I'd say we're pretty close relatives. I'll hook you up All I need is the following:Your home address (to mail you a questionnaire)Your credit card information(Number, security number, exp date, you know, stuff like that)Social security number (some HR bullshit but we need it)Driver's license (if possible, it'll make paperwork easier)And a 1 page essay why uncle should even consider you for the job. I don't think I'm missing anything but I'll let you know if I find anything. Once we have these, I'll ring him up right away and you'll be 1 step closer to working at Disney!

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>>116360117You're a fucking faggot who needs to get off this goddamn site. Go back to your deviant art group and draw shitty Mickey Mouse clones all day because you're too cringy to make it at any studio.

>>116360117Go to /ic/'s video course thread and watch and study the Vilppu manual and the anatomy course.

Watch your mouth! Its my dream to work for Disney!

>>116360512Son, I don't want to be mean but you should probably leave this site. If anybody on this board works for Disney (which i absolutely guarantee they do), then they probably wouldn't want to dox themselves here.

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>>116360275>>116360239You shut your damn mouth, excuse my crass language but you shut your damn mouth, bucko! Oh, "you have autism and a boner for Mickey." "Michael, stop drawing so much porn of Mickey." Like I haven't heard those a trillion times.

it's not anyone else's fault you can't afford a drawing tablet

Show us examples of your work, Mike

>>116360608This is the best advice here,

>>116360613Michael, please. This is legitimately unprofessional. I'm sure you're very talented, but if I were looking for artists to hire and I saw posts like these, I'd likely look elsewhere.


>>116360675No, fuck off. The only thing I've ever said regarding Disney porn was I wouldn't mind if Daisy Duck gave me a blowjob, that's the only thing I've ever said and you all wanna hold that against me like I'm some sort of monster?

>>116360613You're projecting a lot here

One of my drawings.

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>>116360807do you have any animated work

>>116360608Listen to Mr Krabs

>>116360794Excuse me? I've never heard of you, this is all new information you've just revealed to me. Anyways, this absolutely would not fly in any workplace I know of.


>>116360117Hey micheal, i like your character, have some fanart

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>>116360613OP did you just take some random dude's DeviantART account and used it to shitpost or are we witnessing a Class-6 autism event in action?

>>116360117Unironically ok boomer

>>116360833I can't show you since this site can't let me link them to facebook.

>>116360936Nah he's a real dude with real autism. Seems like a nice enough chap (and quite passionate), but his social skills make him prone to bullying.Here's his bio:'o>>116360794>>116360860This is a pretty interesting example of "the theory of mind". Many autistic people have trouble understanding what knowledge other people have. Look up the Sally-Anne test.

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>>116360807>not the original file name but the dA uploadWe’ve been duped

I know you might not want to hear this, but cel animation is incredibly labor-intensive and the fact is, digital ink and paint & tweening are just more cost-effective methods. If you can convince a producer/financier that you can produce a feature done on cels for as much as it costs to even digitally animate it, let alone tweening, then go for it. But it'd be very hard because almost every overseas studio has converted to a mostly-digital workflow because it's just easier to manage and produce.

>>116360117>going to 4chan to openly dox yourself>thinking 4chan will ever help you get a jobGet out of here while you still can, go to college and study animation. You've opening a ticking time bomb to getting bullied just run and don't look back.

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>>116360807McGee and Me goes to Chuck E Cheese.

>>116360807Dude. You traced from Eric Goldberg's art. You call yourself an artist? Disney wont hire artists who trace from other people's art. You wanna be like Pencilord/Lincarox? Be my guest. Don't be crying to me when Disney shows you the door outside. Tracer

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>>116361032>>116361141Bros it's been five years, this guy is never going to listen to actual advice. Just look at the zoo exhibit and move on.

>>116361186This guy's been doing it for five years? Yeesh. You're on your own, Mike.

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>>116360959You don't have a YouTube? How's anyone supposed to see your shit?

>>116361382My mom removed my youtube channel. Because someone called me a pedophile for drawing Loud house art. They never heard of a honking butt before?

>>116361485Mom should probably remove 4chan privledges as well, like jeez dude

>>116361485You draw Loud House porn, don't you?

>>116361485What do you mean your mom removed your channel? You want to join the biggest animation company in the world and your mom is still making executive decisions for you?

>>116361485>My mom removed my youtube channelDude how old are you!? There is no way a grown adult would have their own YT channel get deleted by a parent for some stupid shit like that.

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>>116361600No, but if I did what's wrong with wanting to honk butts with Lucy Loud

>>116361816This guy seems to be on CWC level but at least he has parents that care I guess

>>116361816Going by his own wiki page linked by >>116361017, he's nearly 26 years old.

>>116361852What am I reading right now

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>>116361017The only time this dude will ever get to "work" with Disney is an off hand educational Disney channel segment showing off his autism. Lol

You were a joke on deviantart, and you’re a walking joke to anyone who is actually autistic, fuck off you Disney dick sucker.

>>116360117>he's not on a lolcow site yetWow

Anyone else notice that everyone who rees about muh hand drawn draws like a kindergartner

>>116361852>honking butts What the fuck is that >>116362120Oh but he will be.

if this is real and not a shitpost, does this sort of thing happen often on Holla Forums? lol

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>>116362182It's like artists that complain about how they could make a better show than anything on Adult Swim but they just draw foot fetish art on Twitter

>>116362182And probably autistic because autistics hate change

>>116362223Not really, but there's autists of all kinds here.

>>116361852>No, but if I did what's wrong with wanting to honk butts with Lucy LoudI think I'm starting to see why your parents nuked your YT channel.>>116361891Well that's something, although I think they may have done their job just a little too much as far as I can see with OP's behaviour.>>116361912...this dude is 26, yet his parents shelter him to the point of getting a part of his social media wiped away over a YouTube comment. How the hell is this guy gonna sell his soul to the corporate rat if he can't even make his own life desisions without his own parents lording over him!?

>>116362223It's not often we get blessed with genuine autism. Most of Holla Forums is schizoposting and coom.

>>116362220It's like playing Duck Duck Goose but instead of tapping on the head you tap on the butt, cause they're the goose.

>>116362413But why?

>>116362413Can we get pictures?

>>116361017>Michael has a fiance and you don'tHow

>>116362413>>116362525Can we get a live-action re-enactment of what this would look like with you personally?

>>116362431Because it makes my peepee hard.

>>116362413You seem like the kind of guy who would like the secret of Christopher Robin. It's a pretty wholesome manga. You should read it sometime.


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>>116361017>the theory of mind>the Sally-Anne testThis study was unreliable, though. It had only 20 participants, so such a small group number makes it hard to take seriously.

>>116362703Up my ass.


>>116362829Up my ass.

Ok, I give up on this piece of shit board. Maybe Holla Forums knows how I can get a job at Disney

>>116362890What else is up your ass. Aside from the Rats sausage?

>>116362946/tv/ is even worse Michael

>>116362946>>116360221 literally gave you advice

>>116362946Yes, go to Holla Forums to get a job in cartoons when the comics and cartoons board has already given you advice. Great job, Michael.

>>116360239You'd love to think it was, but nah. This is pretty standard autism.

>>116363058Why would I go through all that trouble of school when I'm self taught. Here's another picture, I'd say it's pretty darn good.

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>>116363205>Why would I go through all that trouble of school when I'm self taughtBecause you’ll have other people, professionals, reviewing your work and help you improve.> Here's another picture, I'd say it's pretty darn good.Not good enough to get into the industry. This is coming from an illustrator who graduated from art school, by the way


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I thought OP's last name was a made up one, but it's real. And I found out he made a Fan Wiki page for himself.Fun'o

>>116360117Watch Season 11, Episode 5 of The Simpsons.

>>116363254Oh shit nvm. The wiki got linked ITT already.

Not sure if Disney is looking for anyone who over 18 and runs FANDOM Wikia pages like this still.

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>>116363341>no Internet Trolls>no pornography>comes to a website that's nothing but trolls and pornOP just admit you're a troll already

>>116363341I'm surprised he doesn't hate The Simpsons for being "Anti-Disney" therefore anti bancy

>>116363341i'm more intrigued as to how billy dilley is "anti bancy"

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>>116363341>Hates 3D>Loves Inside OutWait a minuteI bet he wants to fuck one of them


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>>116363591I think he just hates the Disney 3D because it "replaced" traditional hand drawn animation from Disney