>I’m too old for youBitch, you’re literally two tears apart

>I’m too old for youBitch, you’re literally two tears apart

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Does Oregon have Romeo and Juliet laws?

>>116359673wait really?

>>116359673The details don't matter. She isn't interested at that point, so any excuses is the excuse she will use. If she was interested, nothing would prevent it. Logic and language only exist for her as a way to justify the decisions that were made for hormonal reasons.

>>116359673So this is more because dipper is a manlet. I knew it.

>>116359690According to the wiki, yes. She's 15 to Dipper's 13, which is nothing.

>>116359690did you not know? people here were comparing it to aang and katara

>>116359717dipper is 12

>>116359717He only turns 13 in the last episode. Presumably she is on the verge of 16 so more like a 3 year gap.

>>116359673It's 3 years and at that age, that makes a SHIT LOAD of difference. By the time they're, idk, 23 and 26, they're practically the same age.

>>116359673I thought she was 17?

>>116359784>>116359740Dipper is 13

>>11635971415 year old girls aren't interested in little 12 year old boys. They're too busy getting groomed by 18 year-olds at that point.

>>116359690Hirsch said so on twitter.

>>116359673And Robbie is 16, don't think about it.

>>116359673Shush, children his age should only be worried about Pokemon and Pop-Tarts.

>>116359843I think Wendy only likes older guys. Think about it.>Young Wendy only liked Dipper because he was older>Wendy dates Robbie because he was olderWhat a whore

>>116359784Dipper was 12 and 11 moths, for all intents an purposes he was 13

>>116359730Aang is a lot older than katara

>>116359740We don't know when Wendy's birthday is, but Dipper was 12 and 11 months when that happened. Despite this, those kinds of age differences fluctuate wildly when you're a kid on whether or not it matters. A 17 year old would probably date a 15 year old, but would a 13 year old date an 11 year old?

>>116359870She's sucking Stan's cock on the side isn't she.

>>116359935Why else do you think Stan pays her to stand around and do nothing all day?

>>116359686criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/oregon-statutory-rape-laws.htmThis is from 2018, so the laws may have changed, but:> In Oregon, there is a Romeo and Juliet exemption that protects from prosecution consensual sex between two minors who are younger than 18 and fewer than three years apart in age. (Ore. Rev. Stat. § 163.345 (2018).)>However, sexual contact with a child under the age of 12 is always a serious crime, no matter the age of the defendant. A conviction for engaging in sexual activity with someone younger than 12 years old can result in up to 20 years in prison.So I guess Wendip is safe after all, though that would depend on if the age of twelve counts as "under the age of 12". Then again, by the end of the series Dipper and Mabel are 13, so it doesn't matter as much.Personally I champion the Harem Ending for Dipper. To quote John Cage: "say we have one probleM And one hundRed solutions. instead of Choosing just onE of them, we use them aLl."

>>116359673Really? I thought she was twenty and the hat kid was 12.

>>116360098Did Alex hate Dipper? Why was he written as a massive autistic simp who gets beat up a lot and doesn’t get the girl at the end?

>>116359717Honestly, when I first saw pics of these two before watching the show, I thought Dipper was 11 or 12, and Wendy was well in her teens, like 17 or 18.

wtf haha my gf is 8 years younger than me

>>116360145He based Mabel on his sister, so the implication that he hates Dapper leaves a lot of implications

>tfw no Wendy episode>tfw no Wendy comic>tfw no Wendy shortsJUST

>>116359673Wendy was trying to be nice and let Dipper down easy by using that as an excuse instead of just saying "Dude, I'm just not into you".

>>116360207Why did he design his sister to be so hot?

>>116360215I agree; we were denied the glory of Wendy wearing daisy dukes.

>>116360270Because he's an incestuous degenerate. Simple answer is the most logical one.

>>116360274Yikes, that problematic in the current year

>>116360322Pretty based imo

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>>116359673She just knows that Pacifica's a better match for him.

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>>116360134>>116360178Until the episode where they specifically acknowledge her age, I also assumed she was way older, like in her 20s. The ridiculous height difference between them is probably responsible for that in part.

>>116360577I believe they specified in the 7/11 episode that she was at least part of the teenage demographic, so while she does look in the lower range (17 or 18) she certainly wasn't in her 20s.Though if she WERE then that would just make the /ss/ hella hotter. Or the /ll/ even. Or whatever it's called when an older woman bones underage fraternal twins.


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>>116361041>What are you doing? You can’t post drawings of the human body!

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>>116360666I'm pretty sure that was the episode I was thinking of. It certainly surprised me with the fact that Dipper and Mabel were only 12 because I thought they were older too (ages might have been mentioned in the pilot but if they were I forgot)It's weird watching Owl House after GF since Luz is only a ~year younger than Wendy but they couldn't seem more different age wise.

>>116360493Mabelfica's a better ship

>>116361155Nah, I think that episode might have been the first to name Dipper and Mabel's ages as well.>>116361215Again, this is why I go for the Harem Ending. Now Dipper and Mabel can share Pacifica!

>>116359673>he's only 2 years younger than her>he's also only half her heightWhy do cartoons do this?

>>116361265Manlets exist, user

>>116361329N-No they don’t...

>>116359673Between 12 and 15 is a big difference.

>>116361577No it isn’t

>>116359673Later it doesn't matter at all, but at a young age, 2 or 3 years makes a huge difference. Wendy's at least a high school sophmore, she'd be dating a middle schooler. That does seem weird.

>>11636170315 is high school freshman but your point still stands.

>>11635971713 and 15 is HUGE for if the woman is older.That's practically a 4 year difference. She's done with puberty, he hasn't even started.

Mr. Steal your girl.

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>>116361703>>116361747God I hate Americans

>>116361760Everything you said is wrong

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This thread has gone on for this long without anyone mentioning the Cradle-Robber equation?....really? You're slipping Holla Forums, I don't know what the hell's been wrong with you lately.(age/2)+7, don't go under that.

>>116361747Well the high school vs. middle school bit is enough, without knowing exactly which year she's in since that can shift (freshmen can be 14). Wendy's friends ould probably find it weird, fair or not. No it doesn't matter a bit when they're adults, just like the age difference between high school seniors or college freshmen and HS freshmen/sophomores eventually won't matter, but at that age, it usually does and silly things are often a dealbreaker.

>>116361827It's not an Amerifat moral puritanism thing, it's more a gender thing, like the other user said. A high school senior guy dating a freshman girl is a thing I've seen happen, but a senior girl dating a freshman guy is an absurdity. Even dating a girl one grade above you is pretty rare.


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>>116361827It's not about whether it's fair/right or not. Would a high school girl dating a middle school preteen be seen as weird or even creepy to other American high school students? Absolutely, fair or not. Wendy is seen to care way more about what other people think about her than she lets on.Of course, if she really liked Dipper like that, maybe it'd be different. Hard to say. I think she also just doesn't like Dipper in that way, just as a friend. If her "type" is Robbie, Dipper isn't that.

>>116361827Why does every thread devolve into people hating Americans?

>>116361973What a whore


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Everyone here just seems to forget that this was a thing

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>>116360098As long as that harem includes Mabel I'm fine with that

>>116361812Is there any more of this? I do wish Danny went after more than ghost

>>116362140Damn ferb played longterm and got the girl of his dreams in the end. And in a disney show of all things.

>>116362177Duh. It wouldn't be a harem without her!

>>116361973Can't even say Robbie is her type given how he's just the latest in a long list of men she's dated.

>>116362229Because the whole thing was a joke about how the voices of Ferb and Vanessa were the kid and his crush in Love Actually.

>>116359673what cartoon is this

>>116362356Strong Nuclear Force Rises

>>116362227There is, it’s not all focused on Danny/Wendy, more about Dipper being both jealous of Danny and suspicious of him.It’s called Coldfront.

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>>116361850Everything I said is right. Women hit and finish puberty a lot faster then men do.

>>116359673Two years and two whole feet.

>>116359673>>I’m too old for youMy first kiss was with a woman 12 years older than me...fuck this shit

>>116361215Maybe if you're a tumblr tranny.

>>116360434Nice twitter meme dicklet.

>>116362140Ferb was a Chad.

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>>116361265Puberty hasn't set in yet, so Dip's fucking short. Christ, don't you mongs remember health class?

>>116362660You seem upset

>>116362693You do gain height during puberty, but you only gain maybe 6-8 inches at most. Your height doesn't fucking double.

>>116361827then go back to websites in your own shithole that can do what 4chan doesOH RIGHT THERE AREN'T ANY

>>116361812Dipper's banging his sister.

>having sex before the age of 20>not being a good christian and waiting until at least 25The state of the world today.

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>>116363056I was 4ft midget in middle I grew to 6.8ft by end of high school and stopped growingt. Nordic genes

Oh boy, a Dipper and Wendy thread, my urge to get molested and abused is coming back. I wish I could get a cool, Wendy-like, older sister type gal to rape and molest me regularly. Sometimes violently. And she would abuse me so I couldn't do anything to stop her and I couldn't tell anyone. She tells me she loves me and then hits me till I bleed and cry when I can't say anything back and she tells me I'm loving this.

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>>116363492The fuck is wrong with you

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>>116363596I got molested like 3 times as a kid, have crippling depression, self loathing to the extreme and a family that doesn't believe in therapy.

>>116362140The Chad Ferb vs the Virgin Dipper.

>>116361135we found the pedophile

>>116363634I'm sorry you got dicked user, maybe in another life you won't get the big pee pee.

>>116363634When you eventually move out of your parents go see a therapist.