>Stan Lee: Hulk is a monster version of a man who was doused with a bunch of gamma radiation>Ewing: Lol Hulk is an...

>Stan Lee: Hulk is a monster version of a man who was doused with a bunch of gamma radiation>Ewing: Lol Hulk is an immortal satanic death god who will end all life in the universeWhat went wrong?

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>>116356441Nothing, Hulk is still a monster version of a man who was doused with a bunch of gamma radiation.

Nothing, this is dumb and lazy

>>116356441Hulk wank kept escalating until 'punches hard' beat everything

>>116356441Ewing is like King in that a year from now everyone will know him as a hack and the anons slurping his dick right now will swear they never did so.

>>116356441Ewing's book is consistently better than the original, idc if you don't wanna be my friend anymore.

>>116356441>>116356548>Got reminded of Starlins thanos Why does every capeshit character have a powercreeped version?

>>116356441Anon that's not what Ewing wrote you fucking moron. Hulk is still Hulk. What Stan Lee wrote is still true. You can't seem to grasp the difference between The Hulk and TOBA, you speedreader

>>116356637If I had to guess?If went from WRITERS to fan-WRITERS to FAN-writers,,, Actually you might skip that middle one, I'm not sure.

>>116356638>Hulk is immortal>Devil Hulk wants to end all life in the universe>Gamma is connected to Hell>Devil Hulk eats Metatron at the end of everythingName one thing I said that was wrong

>>116356490>>116356638Pretty much.

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Isn’t Hulk supposed to be the physical manifestation of all the abuse and trauma dealt to him by his father?

I'd much rather read Ewing's hulk that Stan lee's hulk lol

>>116356441>Stan Lee: Hulk is a monster version of a man based on prevalent fears of the current time>Ewing: Hulk is a monster version of a man based on prevalent fears of the current time

>>116356761>>Hulk is immortalPretty much given the number of times he's died. We finally just acknowledged it.>Devil Hulk wants to end all life in the universeIncorrect. The One Below All does, not Devil or any of the other Hulks for that matter.>Gamma is connected to HellGamma has always been magic bullshit that never made any sense in canon. Being confirmed magic is not an issue.>Devil Hulk eats Metatron at the end of everythingAGAIN, that's not Devil Hulk, and that's a possible future IF TOBA crosses over and takes Banner's bodyThank you for proving you're an idiot who either speedreads or doesn't read it at all.

>>116356797That's Savage Hulk, the one everyone knows. It's why he's childlike in his anger, and he was created out of Bruce's anger that he couldn't save his mother from his father's abuse.

>>116356966Actually, the gamma stuff being magic actually is an issue. Why not make Pym Particles knockoff Lovecraft shit? Or the Power Cosmic, or the Starbrand, or solar radiation for Superman.

>>116357029How is it an issue? You do realize Gamma Radiation is a real thing and it nonsensically makes monsters in Marvel fiction, right? That's why its literal evil magic now, because all its ever done is make monstrosities. So yeah it doesn't really work for those other cases.

>>116357029>Or the Power Cosmic,The Power Cosmic is Gamma's opposite.

>>116357082Way to miss the point of science fiction. You should check out Ruins. Seems like your style.

>>116357089So a healthy dose of Power Cosmic could, theoretically, cure Banner?

>>116357122Nice argument. "Thing I don't like" doesn't make it wrong, Einstein. Futhermore>Hulk>Science FictionMoron. Hulk was a horror comic back in the day.

>>116357190Horror doesn’t necessarily need to automatically be based off the supernatural. Just because gamma radiation in a comic doesn’t play out one to one with real life doesn’t mean we should make them the work of Evil God, there’s a lot of other stuff Marvel and the real world share that isn’t realistic. Should Iron Man get the magic treatment because his tech is impossible by our standards?

>>116356490>>116356490>Hulk is still a monster version of a man who was doused with a bunch of gamma radiationThat's a ridiculously dishonest way to describe his origin, the gamma radiation is such a minor part of his post Ewing retcon origin you could easily take this part away without much relevancy, the current character is a demon decreated by Satan to destroy the world.That's like a retcon where Superman powers are due GOD giving him power and the sun is nothing more way to connect his powers to all kryptonians.

>>116357231>Horror doesn’t necessarily need to automatically be based off the supernaturalRight, its a blend of both science AND supernatural. user all you've done is prove that A: you didn't even read the book given that you incorrectly bitched about shit, and B: now illustrating "Well if I don't like it, no one else is allowed to". >>116357239>the current character is a demonHe's not a demon. Oh wait, are you that retard from the other Hulk thread who got BTFO?

>>116357281Horror isn’t a combination of supernatural and science by definition, it’s a genre, idiot.

>>116356441>What went wrong? You. You went wrong. You are what is wrong with everything. You're a disappointment to your parents, who regret ever giving birth to you. The universe is a poorer place for you existing in it. You are an abomination and should wipe yourself off the face of the planet with haste to make everything right.

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>>116357082It is an issue, because instead of chaining writers to specific stuff, it allows them to do everything

>>116357306I said science and supernatural. I didn’t talk genres

>>116357281He's not a demon.He's created by Satan, his powers come from the deepest hell, if he's not a demon you will have to explain what is a demon.>Oh wait, are you that retard from the other Hulk thread who got BTFO?No, are you that retard desperately defending everything about this comic and constantly being BTFO while randomly bitching over comicsgate?

>>116356548I blame Pak for facilitating this shit.

>>116356441Puny bait.

>>116357353That’s what horror is, a genre, you implied that saying the Hulk was science fiction was incorrect by stating it began as a horror comic when neither of those excludes the other, and retconning the science fiction elements with a supernatural being is a poor writing decision

>>116356441Ewing is terrible at making up new concepts.


>>116357409>implying LOGOS was bad

>>116356824The Cold War made people afraid of nuclear energy, what is making people afraid of deities now?

>>116357500>LogosOk, I admit that was pretty neat, far better than the Living Tribunal

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>>116357510Being left behind after rapture.I didn't get into heaven, but at least I still have shitposting.

>>116357572Adam Tribunal was a mistake, fuck Starlin.

>>116357231>Should Iron Man get the magic treatment because his tech is impossible by our standards?You know that currently Howard Stark is a satan worshipper that made a deal with the devil to make his adopted son Tony Stark as smart as him, right?

>>116356441>>116357281Marvel was retconning every single sci fi accident origin to be related to a cosmic being even before Ewing so that's probably not Ewing idea.>X-men>Sentry>F4>Spider-ManAnd now the Hulks

>>116357137No. You're just a wacky, zany 90s sitcom where an Angel and a demon have to share a humans body.Or make fucking Anti-Hulk.

>>116356441Are you that retard who was saying Hulk was a demon in, what was it, a batman who laughs thread? Lol.

>>116357089I don't remember this ever being stated.

Is this a Hulk Thread?Can we post tributes to getting fucked by Red Harpy?

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Whats the new retcon origin story?

>>116358131I think it was something some guy made in one of these threads based off what Sterns said in the comic about how Cosmic and Gamma complement each other.

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>>116357379He’s not created by Satan though

>>116358209Gamma Radiation comes from the DEBIL. And if you get hit by the Gamma Rad, the DEBIL gets inside you.Also, the devils called THE ONE BELOW ALL. In opposition to THE ONE ABOVE ALL.He also might have made cosmic rads >>116358339

>>116358339Oh that's totally going to happen at Marvel

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>>116358432This is the most stupid thing Ive ever read. Tho I liked the few numbers of this run that I read.

>>116358432>Gamma Radiation comes from the DEBIL. And if you get hit by the Gamma Rad, the DEBIL gets inside you.That's hot

>>116358469Given how this faggot writer is reusing ancient comics as "inspiration", there is a high chance this page will be used.

>>116358339>>116358432>>116358469>>116358537You absolute moron. Hickman was the one who created that aspect.

>>116356761>>Hulk is immortalHe's always been pretty much immortal>>Devil Hulk wants to end all life in the universeHe wants to end human civilization on Earth. TOBA is the one that ones to destroy everything>>Gamma is connected to HellThat's just an explanation for the bullshit that gamma is able to do, it's half science, half magic>>Devil Hulk eats Metatron at the end of everythingThat was TOBA, not hulk or Banner>Name one thing I said that was wrong3/4 of the things you said were wrong

>>116358560Ok? No one said otherwise.

>>116358560Hickman? The hickman who's trying to justify an imperialist mutant ethnostate?I can believe that.

>>116357379>He's created by SatanHe wasn't, he was created by the gamma bomb.

>>116356441Marvel has to keep the lights on somehow.

>>116356582Not really, this is being pushed by a handful of idiots (I think it's actually just one dude) who keeps misinterpreting Immortal Hulk on purpose just to make these threads. >>116357918Yeah, I was one of those who proceed him wrong and he literally went "uhh you moron, Hulk is satanic now!", then stopped replying when I dared him to post a panel proving it. I bet he watched a video somewhere and came back here thinking he's an expert.>>116357379Ah yes, look at him, it is him.

>>116356441I've read the first five issues of Immortal Hulk. There's nothing stand-out about it at all. Does it actually get good or is it all bullshit?

>Hurr the Hulk can't be tied to mystical stuffYou know he was a founding member of the Defenders, right?

>>116360538The fucker can smell lies and see ghost and these assholes are just crying not muh Hulk. Hell I'm sure most of them weren't even aware of the multiple Hulks

>>116360361Savage Harpy comes back. The Roxxon arc is weak.The Blacksite arc exists only to set up a secret Hulk base for Hulk and Friends.If you liked the weird disconnected parts of Hellboy, you'll like most parts of Immortan Hulk.

>>116358904I'm not OP and I don't remember ever claiming that Hulk is "satanic" , I'm not even sure wtf this "satanic" is supposed to mean since afaik people use this world to describe a religion. It looks like you're desperately trying to push a bogeyman.

>>116360654The greatest strength of Hellboy is the art. Immortal Hulk doesn't have art of that level.People keep saying this is a modern Moore Swamp Thing, but it's not even close.

>>116356441Hulk is just getting Superman level wanking which is undeserved if you compare their importance to their respective companies.

>>116357614No one considers Starlin cannon. His stories are self-contained and doesn't interact with the main universe.

>>116360728>I'm not OP and I don't remember ever claiming that Hulk is "satanic"So you forgot your own post? You literally claimed he was "created from Satan", something demonstrably untrue. You keep making these half-baked assertions and expecting people to let it slide.>>116360834Also there really isn't any wank in it, not particularly, beyond the #25 issue which, if you actually understood it, it was the lowest demise of the Hulk and a sad ending for him, not a testament of how strong Hulk is because that wasn't even him. This isn't anything like World War Hulk.

>>116360990I said that he was a demon yes, however I never said "Hulk is Satanic" this sounds like Hulk story is "satanic" or something, and yes he was changed by the powers of the one bellow all an entity from hell that is even described as Satan by someone who knows what the creature is. You're autistically trying to mix every single person who ever compared him to demonic being or didn't like the comic as one single person.

>>116360990>there really isn't any wank in itDude he stomped Thor with several other heroes backing him up.

>>116361332So had every other hero and villian when the situation calls for it. Your point being?

>>116356441>Ewing: Lol Hulk is an immortal satanic death god who will end all life in the universeSo do you just look at the pictures and not read the words?

>>116356441Hulk is a power wanking fantasy. Its expected that power wanking writers will attempt to tell power wanking stories by power wanking Hulk.

>>116358187Is there any reason for this bitch to be a cannibalistic monster? Was Betty Ross ever shown to be a psycho? I read until she was dead and didn't bother to read the Red Hulk stories

>>116356441>What went wrong?Power creep. This is why stories should end

>>116361332He also got killed and pickled in jars at the end of the issue, so I'm not sure what your point is. >>116361176You're still not getting it: Hulk wasn't changed by anything satanic, he was gamma in nature, and the thing is that his immortality (untied to his nature) is tied to the lowest hell and it explains why he resurrects as often as he does. But no, that doesn't make him inherently evil or anything, not even his "Devil Hulk" personality (created way before all of this and imprisoned in his mind), because that personality was created by Banner when he was a kid. That stuff was canon before Ewing even decided to write the series, all he did was bring it back. There's so much bad faith reading and misinterpretations only made for shitposting, which wouldn't be an issue if there weren't others actually believing that shit.

Fans of the characters became the writers, so instead of making interesting stories, they just treated it like playing with toys and doing what they always wanted.Also see:X-Men, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Avengers... etc

>>116361567Except the Immortal Hulk is interesting unlike these.

>>116361653Hank Pymtron is pretty interesting

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>>116361700Yeah but he's dead now, and frankly nothing was being done with him until then. Last time he was interesting was... Yep, right there in your pic.

>>116361653>>116361700oops, non-ant versionwait, is that ironic?

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>>116361490You know Harpy isn't new, right?

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>>116361524First Off: I never said that he was evil due to being some kind of Demon, Hellboy is not evil, Blue Devil is not evil, or Raven is not evil nor Ghost Rider. Seriously do you think that we're in the middle of some christian forum where people will start hating Hulk because he can be considered a Demon? Second he source of his power is TOBA, TOBA is from by his own words the lowest hell and described as Satan what makes me wonder if you're bothered by people claiming that TOBA is Satan and are trying to push that he's not "Satan" as well. There is nothing wrong with calling him a demon, demons at Marvel are not even a specific race of beings with one single origin, they are simply a bunch of supernatural creatures related to hell.

>>116361700Too bad Slott basically retconed every development with his "Pym was dead all along"

>>116361808>Second he source of his power is TOBANo! See, you start off well, then you go and say shit like this. No, his power does NOT come from TOBA, he's gamma powered, gamma had three different forms (particle, wave, and "emanation" of the divine), and TOBA manifests through that third form. You have to first understand what an emanation is before you make assertions like these because they're factually untrue; if the sun is visible through us via photons it doesn't mean the photons ARE the sun, they're merely a form of energy that reaches us from it. An Emanation is like a tentacle that puts everyone at the same distance to God regardless of where they are, it's how He reaches the physical realm, but it's not him. >There is nothing wrong with calling him a demonThe is plenty of wrong because he's not a demon and he wasn't created by TOBA, and the fact that you said earlier that he wasn't satanic and that he wasn't created by TOBA and now you're saying the opposite makes me think you're denying you're the same guy from before making these baseless and misinformed claims again. Read the actual fucking comic.

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>>116356797What Hulk is the manifestation of the abuse and trauma he received at the YMCA's shower?

>>116361490She got really fucking mad over being Banner's fridge-bitch and how he took away her power. So when she got resurrected by literal Satan of Satans, she came back with some pathos and a rip-off of early HULK comics.She should just hatefuck Banner and leave instead of doing it the other way around.

>>116357029Pym Particles come from another dimension though

>>116361470>Hulk is a power wanking fantasy. It is a rip-off of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Change this and that detail, but it is still a rip-off.It's no coincidence the Hulk and Hyde are 4 letter words that start with H.

>>116360885>doesn't interact with the main universeI mean he did some shit with the guardians of the galaxy in the MGNs,

>>116361567How on earth did you manage to leave out Doom? I feel like he's the most glaring example of this.

>>116363110>It is a rip-off of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.It's actually a Solomon Grundy rip off.

>>116356761>Devil Hulk wants to end all life in the universe>Devil Hulk eats Metatron at the end of everythingThe former is flat out wrong and the latter was a what if that has been TIME TRAVELLING XIR EMAIL'd out of existence.

>>116363235>EMAIL'd out of existence.Didn't Leader receive the email, and he WANTS it to happen?

>>116363217The fransformation part is from Dr Jekyll tho.

>>116363206Because Doom is fucking based.

>>116363266But it can always be halted, the future isn't set in stone. The problem is if Shadow Base finds out about the plan before it's too late.

>>116363417Can't Super-Mega-Uber-Time Infinity Forever and Forever-Satan simply use another Hulk to become the World-Breaker?

>>116363582That's not how it works. He's not an active player in this, he only corrupts others to do what he sees fit; like a bad writer who exists only to ruin other people's stories, he can only act upon conscious actions and festers the bad intentions that are already there. It's an Abstract, not someone with an agenda.

>>116363217>Solomon Grundy was always a monosyllabic tard I see someone enjoyed the Injustice storytimes.

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>>116361490>Was Betty Ross ever shown to be a psycho?I barely read Hulk and even I know the answer to this is "yeah".