It's not fair

It's not fair

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>>116355217I bust really fat nuts when i jerk off to jackie porn

>>116355217We never go to see Demon girl/Possessed Jackie.

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>>116355253It really pisses me off that Daron shared a bunch of non shipping Jackie related material, including this and her costume from the Halloween episode, all of which were scrapped.

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>>116355253And then Marco banging her any way.

You can still fap to her.

>>116355253That’s a cute Jackie

>>116355217Keep seething

>>116355991Why do you hate her


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Jackie pretty much has enormous breasts and I like itAny requests to draw of her?

>>116357778Her smothering Star with her breast. (You can make is murderous if you want)

>>116357778Her breasts are pretty normal but good luck drawing them big

>>116357778mermaid Jackie with seashell nip covers

>>116357778Star groping Jackie's breasts complaining that it's not fair that she doesn't have them that size.

>>116357995This, except Star isn’t just upset, she’s seething.

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>>116357778Lesbians with janna

>>116355217jackiefag is fuckin OBNOXIOUS!STOP!NOBODY CARES!

>>116358752>thinking there is just oneJackie is the hottest girl in animation history, there's hoards of us

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>>116358728Get fucked Cotugno

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>>116359108Believe flat girls are better than big cows, is like believe small dicks are better than big dicks.

Star can be cute when she is not a genocide.

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>>116357778Her wearing a crop top and short shorts.

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>>116355516What a waste

I just finished the series.Holy cow they rushed straight into the "I HATE MAGIC NOW, LET'S DESTROY IT" far faster than I had imagined.And while Star should get some shit for that, why don't I see more people railing on Moon for being a complete retard and fucking everything up in the first place?

>>116357778Jackie using her jugs to beat Star to a bloody pulp

>>116360141classic touch the franchise and run move

>>116360141I guess because that always felt hollow. Like nothing before even hinted at her being a part of whatever Mina was up to or even all that motivated to overthrow Eclipsa.

>>116360141>why don't I see more people railing on Moon for being a complete retard and fucking everything up in the first place?Because Moon was in the process of losing it and everything (bad writing), Star on the other hand is the protagonist and friend to magic, so for her to suddenly deem magic the root of all their troubles is insane.>>116360158Also this.

>>116359720I don't know who this is but I wish she was my hot sister or mom.

>>116360141I think people were more upset at the ass pull of Moon doing a 180 character-wise. And there were plenty more that pissed people off just as much: Eclipsa being sooo misunderstood, Globgor totally not being a vicious, man-eating monster (even though he did actually eat people), Jackie's endgame, and "racism" is the true villain. With all of this, I think people were so drained at that point they just wanted it to end.

>>116358752Get cucked, StarFag

>>116355217why are starvsniggers pure cancer? Goddamn

>>116355253or mermaid Jackie

Never change /svtfoeg/

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>>116360436>what if we actually had her literally bumping tacos with her gf

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>>116360406Our board, fag

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>>116360406When we need your opinion we'll fucking ask you

>>116359147Fick no

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>>116360482>>116360521>>116360468>ITS NOT FAIR!>MY JULAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY>MINE MINE MIIIIIIIIIINE>Thrashes around on the floor kicking and screaming n shitJackiefags belong in a mental institution, they're mentally ill.

>>116360436Difference is Jackie was actually cool

>>116360482no your board is /trash/Get lost.

>>116360585we probably do, i dream about Jackie being my girlfriend every night and I can't find real women attractive

>>116360585Jackiethreads are autistic, but its know by this point so why come here if it upsets you?

>>116360618how are jackiethreads any more autistic than any other waifu threads?

>>116360603>Get lost.Like to see you try.

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>>116355217Whatever happened to the mermaid theory? I dropped the show after season 2. It seemed highly plausible, did nothing ever come of it?

>>11636059390% of her lines:>"Marco!">"Hey Marco">"Sup Marco">"Chill out Marco" I think if fans of her aren't autistic they're incredibly illiterate at the least, they fell for the waifu equivalent of a sexdoll with a pull-string on the back and threw a tantrum when mommy Cotugno fucked her instead like she's a real gf. It's seriously pathetic.

>>116360629Adorafags, Bubblegumfags, even Luzfags all love their waifu and daughterfu, draw fanart of her, write fics and celebrate their stories and enjoy them as characters.All Jackiethreads exist as are incel bitchfests for losers to cry about not getting to fuck a fictional character because she's gay.

>>116360585I'm team Janna you homo, we just don't need your sneed or feed

>>116360629You must've be a newfag to think this is the most autistic Holla Forums can get.

that swedish cuck on /int/ will eternally seeth

>>116360674Janna's cool tho. I don't see Jannafag threads BAWWING nonstop atleast.

>>116360672>celebrate their stories and enjoy them as characters.lmao

>>116360695For a waifu name a more autistic group of waifufags?You cannot.

>>116360731This post stinks of newfag.

>>116360634The real kicker is Disney XD played with it as well in one of their Star VS bumpers. Spider with a Top Hat talked about "rumors" regarding certain characters and he brought up Jackie and her ties to ocean-related things.


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>>116360672I have no idea what happens in she-ra threads and don't care to find out, but I think people universally agree that Bubblegum is a despot and should've stayed the same age as Finn after Mortal Folly.As for Luz, I wish she was still as weird in the Boiling Isles as she was in the human world for those first 5 minutes. Eyelids and taxidermy and everything.

>>116360672>and celebrate their stories

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>>116360636Fuck off Jackie is pure

>>116360672I'd make stories for her but I'm not a writer

>>116361650I'd make lewds but I'm not an artist