I don't understand Batman's no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of the Joker

I don't understand Batman's no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of the Joker.

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>>116349594He’s insane, i i dont mean the joker

the no kill code makes the comics easier to write

Because if you rape a killer,the number of rapist stay the same

>>116349680Gordon pls

Why not break the joker's back?Wheelchair joker would be twice as powerful

>>116349594I'm sorry, but if I'm living in that world, I'm not blaming Batman one bit with people like this running around. Someone's gotta be stricter about it. I also wouldn't be so retarded to blame Batman when Gotham or the President of the goddamn country should put that clown down themselves.

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>>116349594>I don't understand Spiderman's no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of the Carnage.

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>>116349594You do realize that the real reason he doesn't kill his enemies is so they can keep re-using them for future comics / episodes / etc?

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>>116349594>Normal people"Cops, those guys with oversight, should not kill easily".>Nerds"Super-heroes, those guys without any oversight, should kill more often".

>I don't understand Superman's no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of the Lex Luthor.

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>>116349594Because it's not logical, it's just an excuse to reuse villains. Once Batman has turned them in, it's on the system to kill them. The law would have put down these criminals the second or third time it happens.Just accept it as a necessary evil of serialized cape shit and move on. No need for pointless ethical debates

Batmanchild wants to play forever and he can't do that if he kills his playmates.

>I don't understand Fantastic 4 no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of Doctor Doom

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can we please not have this thread anymore? it should be an instant ban. also if you want to read about a vigilante killing criminals then read the punisher.

>>116350101>>I don't understand Fantastic 4 no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of Doctor DoomB-B-B-But MUH DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!1!

>>116350036>implying Spider-Man can kill Carnage >implying Spider-Man who already have a bad rep wants to get murder charges in his backBatman is a billionaire that can get a team of lawyers to get him free, Spider-Man is a fucked up average Joe that struggles to pay rent.

>>116349594When it comes right down to it, it's a matter of realising he doesn't have the right. He's already a vigilante. If you ignore how silly comics are and that prison never sticks, because if you aren't willing to do that then the argument is easily defeated anyway due to deaths never *ever* sticking, there are legal systems in place and Batman fights to uphold social order and not tear it down.

>I don't understand X-men no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of Magneto

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>>116350101>I don't understand flashes no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of zoom.

>>116350101>>116350116>a team that get its funds via patents, investors and fame>kill a foreign chief of stateBad for business

>>116350101I mean, not from lack of trying really. Most would assume you would die from being flung into fucking space on a meteor

>>116349594Batman killed people in BvS and you people gave him shit for it. Cursed if you do, cursed if you don't.

>>116350123Nice try but Spider-Man straight up rescued Carnage from Venom because "killing is wrong"

i dont understand aquaman no kill rule. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of black manta.

>>116350142If Ellon Musk killed whoever is the president of Latvia, he would only get richer.

>>116350154>Holla Forums is one person

>>116350049Cops shouldn't kill any random criminals but I wouldn't exactly be unhappy if someone did to Junko Furuta killers the very same things they did to her.Joker is a comic equivalent of those guys, if not worse.

>>116350134>Charles mind raped Magneto once, reducing him to a vegetable >Scott blew up Apocalypse once >also that time when Magneto died in the Asteroid M or something The X-Men dont follow a hard no kill code.

>>116350167There are Marvel heroes that have killed more than Joker. If they are allowed to live, so is Jokah.

>I don't understand Flash no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of Zoom

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superheroes do heroic shit, killing people isnt heroic. if anything, batman should put joker in a mental hospital so he can be treated.

>>116350036>>116350123Spiderman has literally stopped a guy whose family was murdered by carnage from killing him. What a fucking dick

I don't understand Deredevil no kill code. The world would unquestionably be better off without the likes of Kingpin

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>>116350162Oh... right, that time when Firestar nearly fried Carnage and Venom was almost getting an orgasm all the while cheering her? Or it was another time? Anyway, your right. Peter is a retard, i concede.

>>116350138in his defense these yellow fucks just come back. they don't care.

Now they don't have to write new characters, they can just have Joker do everything. Sometimes they make new ones, point is that they don't have to.

>>116350205Didn't he tried? Also didnt he basically ruined the guy to the point that he was harmless? The beef between Kingpin and Daredevil wasn't supposed to be personal to the point of both trying to fuck the personal life of the other in a fucked up way beyond mere murder?

Punisher is a big killer, no? Like, the god of edgelords and all, right?How come all Marvel villains are still alive and well and kicking, if the Punisher "does what needs to be done"?

>>116350154I've personally never had an issue with Batman killing in the movies. It's an established part of his main comic interpretation and history that he doesn't and shouldn't, but I don't hold other continuities to that. Burtonverse Batman is probably my favourite live-action/movie Batman and he couldn't give a fuck, most of his kills are self defence.

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>>116350200Really? Seriously, that's fucked up. Peter is a moron. Who wrote that shit?

i dont understand op sucking cocks rule. the board would be unquestionably better off without the likes of faggots like OP

>>116350180This is retarded, he actually did kill Eobard in canon.Also Eobard is effectively immortal anyway due to salesforce shenanigans.

>>116349594Ok so why doesn't anyone ELSE fucking kill him? Why does it HAVE to be Batman?

>>116350264Frank is just a guy with a gun. Can he off people like Ultron, Titania, Abomination, Sandman, Molecule man, Magneto?

>>116350264>How come all Marvel villains are still alive and well and kicking, if the Punisher "does what needs to be done"?What's he realistically going to do to Apocalypse or even Sabretooth? Especially before the X-Men are there? Punisher fucks around NY mainly, most of NY's heroes get to the villains first.

>>116350196Killing people is plenty heroic, if the person needs killing. Superheroes don't kill because they'd have no villains left.

>>116350301>Frank is just a guy with a gun.Wouldn't Batman be the same if he started killing?If a "Batman that kills" would be as inefficient at it as Punisher, then I don't really see the point.

>>116350299I agree, anybody can kill the Joker... Batman must rape the Joker, only him and nobody else!

>>116350301There is countless Marvel villains that are defenseless against a sniper riffle.

>>116350205Yeah, sure, kill a major crime lord who keeps smaller gangs in check. What could ever possibly go wrong?You could've said Bullseye or Purple Man and you wouldn't have sounded like a retard.

>>116350320>Wouldn't Batman be the same if he started killing?Basically. He'd be a guy with a gun and a multibillion dollar company.

>>116350320Frank is a hobo that lives in a van and always on the run, Batman is a rich boy with bazillions in account.

>>116350340I've never seen Punisher struggling for money.And is this what the world needs? Billionaires who decide who lives and who dies?

>>116350301>Frank is just a guy with a gunBullshit, he defeated entire factions with hundreds of members at straight up combat, he's an one man army with feats far beyound the best real life soldier in history.

>>116350360>I've never seen Punisher struggling for money.Ok. So what?

>>116350327I read once that is the reason that the Shocker tries to keep a low profile, so he can avoid guys like the Punisher coming after him.

>>116350374So it doesn't like much of an excuse for his inefficient ways.

>>116350264He literally isn't allowed to. People would be pissed of he started killing off Daredevil and spideys rogues gallery. They want to keep using those characters.

>superheroes start killing people >turns into full bore fascism you really want a group of superpowered beings taking over the world and killing you for anything they say is wrong?

>>116350392Saying something about person A is not an argument or excuse for/against person B. Read better, faggot.

>>116350403>He literally isn't allowed to.So Punisher isn't allowed to off fucking Bullseye, but Batman should kill the Joker?

>>116350301With the resources of bigger orgs, sure. But before pull the trigger ask this question: who gets the last hit?The first victim of the villain? Sure but they are still human and they just paint a target on their backsThe cops? All cops are bastards and enabling bastard behavior is something not even the Punisher approves of.The vigilante heroes? Sure, let's make the next gen of heroes think murder is fine and be less role models and more like masked sociopaths.Now if the villain dies in a spur of a moment mistake no one would care. But murder is murder and you need to have a certain mindset to carrying it out.


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>>116349594OK, then go out and start killing criminals. Funny how the people who keep saying Batman should be allowed to kill people without judicial process are too pussy to do it themselves.


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>>116350421No you absolute fucking retard, I'm saying cape heroes in general don't kill their villains because the company wants to keep using them forever. Even punisher, that's why he fights so many generic mob bosses. There isn't a logical reason punisher couldn't kill bullseye or Fisk.

it became clear how autistic his ideals about this are in under the red hood, nearly killed jason to save jokeror he might just have a hard on for joker

The kill code makes sense because having someone like Batman or Superman go off the deep end is a LOT more damaging than letting the Joker run wild.The villains in Gotham mostly exist to drag down heroes with them to the depths of depravity. That's why Batman is their natural counter because he's already insane.

>>116350471Why would that be different with Batman?If Marvel isn't willing to dispose of Bullseye, why would DC be willing to dispose of Joker?

>>116349594The people who try to apply real-world morality to fiction or vice-versa are fucking retards.The whole premise is inherently contrived. The only reason Joker continues to be a "problem" is that he always escapes from prison, that simply would not happen IRL.

>>116350147Not really, those times were mostly accidents or doom still had those gadgets with him.F4 had several chances to execute Victor when he was unconscious and disarmed.

>>116350500It's not, I never argued it was. They shouldn't, they are popular characters.

>>116350523No, the problem is that they turned the Joker a whimsical mass murderer instead of a crime lord that dressed up as clown and used clown/circus themed gadgets. Add to that that they, via bat wank, turned Batman into some genius peak human walking computer mentat person.

>>116350480>nearly killed jason to save jokerIt was mostly because he felt reponsible for Jason turning into a murderer, he once claimed that Jason ending up killing people was his biggest failure.

>>116350598They really have ruined him with the edge. He's supposed to be funny, not some buffalo bill serial killer

>>116350598Batman was always impressive, one of his earliest stories was about him discovering atlantis and then saving it.

>>116350621His first story is about him being a horror-like villain murdering dozens.

>>116350040That's a meta justification for an in-universe issue. It's always excuses with you.

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>>116350656>horror likeUhh not at all. He uses elaborate traps, disguises, and schemes to kill people while stealing their shit. The goal was to make them look like idiots while he makes off with the bank.

Why is it when I see movie or animation versions of Joker, be it Hamill or Nicholson or Ledger or Phoenix commit horrible crimes, I don't want them to be caught or defeated, but comic version just makes me wish he would just die?

>>116350127This. At the end of the day, it makes Batman less of a hypocritical character (even if slightly, since he still operates outside of the law). So I really don't care whether it was due to the Comics Code Authority or writers wanting to keep popular characters around; it works for Batman as a character.

>>116349999God, i hate Johns' JL.


>>116349999The quads never lie

>>116349594Because he’s worried that if he ever kills even one person even someone as horrible as the joker that he would go off the deep end and become just as bad as the joker.There are a whole bunch of issues with that sentiment given soldiers and police officers do that sort of thing all the time and don’t become serial killers . . . But It’s comic books seriously what can you fucking do!?

>>116349999Pretty much this. Considering how our country is and Gotham being a metropolitan shit hole, you can't tell me that some cop put 10 rounds in the Joker and go>HE WAS COMING RIGHT AT ME!

>>116350036Carnage is pretty much unkillable, he always comes back

>>116351024*some cop didn't put

>>116350500The only reason DC hasn’t killed joker off is because he’s so absurdly popular. The faults the audiences for always coming back to see what sort of morbid messed up shit joker will do next. rather than reading comics to see evil punished. I mean Jesus Christ even Sherlock Holmes would had Moriarity as a recurring villain for its entire run of the original books, at the very least knew enough when to kill him off.

>>116350068Eh, Lex provides a lot of jobs. He also fights Darkseid, Crime Syndicate, etc

>>116351075>I mean Jesus Christ even Sherlock Holmes would had Moriarity as a recurring villain for its entire run of the original books, at the very least knew enough when to kill him off.Moriarty died in his first appearance. And we actually don't see him.Much like Irene Adler, he was a one-off character made bigger by adaptations of Sherlock Holmes.

>>116351075Moriarty's only appearance is in the story he dies in.

>>116349594I don’t see how the state that gotham is supposed to be in hasn’t legalized the death penalty, you’d think Bruce, with all of his money and influence, could make more of a difference if he used said power to change the laws into his favor

Another reason they don’t kill the joker it’s because when ever the Joker has been killed it’s always shifted the status quo in an overwhelmingly negative way. Kingdom Come: The world rallies behind the man who killed the joker. Superheroes in general adopt a more pragmatic and ruthless policy of lethal force with super villains and criminals which leads to the destruction of Kansas down the road.Injustice:Superman kills the joker after he ruins his life and murders Lois and their unborn child. Eventually becoming a totalitarian monster worse than the joker.Dark Knights Metal: Batman kills the joker and in doing so gets infected with a ultra toxic version of the joker venom that turns him into something even worse than the joker. Which eventually leads to the horrible disgusting things that happened in the current Arc with the Batman who laughs.Joker is evil and joker deserves to die but by keeping him around you keep something even worse from coming to fill the power vacuum.

>>116350178Go away Tommy>>116350196You mean, Arkham?

>>116350687Killing criminals would jeopardize his ability to keep operating Authorities might look the other way to some extent to a vigilante they know isn’t killing anybody, but if he did he’d essentially be a serial killer, federal agents would get involved and he doesn’t want the hassle

>>116350264He killed the Mandarin at the start of his last series

>>116349999>quads>/threadcongrats user, threads over everyone! we can all go home now

>>116351196It just sounds like shit writing.

>>116350500Daredevill killed Bullseye once ath the start of Shadowland and The Hand brought him back thanks to ninja magic

>>116351139He also teamed up with muh evil over-goddess so yeah but actually no

>>116350205He once killed a guy in a helicopter who was sent by Fisk to fuck with him in Born Again, and almost murdered Nuke too, but the Avengers showed up to stop him and send Nuke to SHIELD

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>>116351014It's basically the same thing as would happen if Batman *did* kill the Joker. He would be back within a few months. Faster if a new writer came on board and he had been in a movie recently. The entire debate makes no sense on any level but reducing it to reality, which is what we typically read comics/fiction to escape from.

>Joker >mass murderer and terrorist >kept being sent to a municipal asylum >only a couple of stories has him sent to a real prison or away from GothamNever liked that. Batman villain commit state and federal crimes over and over and they are always sent to a municipal asylum that they escape. Batman is too provincial, the type of crime that his villains commit are beyond local crime to all the action remain focused in Gotham. Joker is a mass murderer, Ivy is an eco terrorist that feed people to his plants, Scarecrow is a nutjob that gas people all over, Profesor Pyg is a demented guy who mains and deforms people all over and so forth and forth.

>>116351024>>116351043Impossible. Joker is white.

>>116349594Oh its THIS thread again. Let's go over it again;Batman refuses to kill The Joker because A: That's what Joker wants, and B: Batman is adamant on proving the system can work. He's not judge jury and executioner. Furthermore, why is it always his fault? Why is it Batman's job to kill Joker? Every citizen, fed up cop, and nurse had their chance to kill Joker, and yet we keep blaming Bruce.

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>>116350134The X-Men had their own private murdering team in X-Force. Also Wolverine murders the shit of people anyway. Cable is fine with killing. So are Domino, Deadpool and a ton of others. X-Men are a bad strawman for this.

>>116351196Thats just shitty writing. The power vacuum argument is retarded

>>116351361DC should have like two ongoing cinematic comic book world where a character can die and stay dead. Think the ultimate comics universe being published alongside the normal comics universe. The ultimate comics you could do things like kill the character off for good.

>>116351516If there's really something worse out there it'll replace the Joker whether he's alive or not. If it can't it's not actually worse.

>>116351460Actually i don't blame Bruce but exactly the retardation of Earth 2 United States people that have a such retarded legislation and politics that they kept sending terrorists and mass murderers to the very same municipal asylum over and over.

>>116349666The devil is correct

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>>116351615Is there a version of Catwoman that doesn't suck as a person?

>>116351615I love how these shitty animated movie felt the need to shit on Batman and Nightwing to shill out Damian or in this case Catwoman.

>>116351645>>116351665She's right, tho.

>>116349594Other heroes psyche's can handle whacking certain villains. But batman is so insane that if he does start this, he'll turn into a super serial killer. He is just as insane as his rogue gallery.

>>116350036Spider-man doesn't really have a hard no kill code like Batman does. "Nobody dies!!!!" is a Slott creation and a pretty contrived one at that. Also I'm pretty sure he didn't mourn Carnage's death when it happened.>>116350101The F4 are scientists and explorers first and superheroes second. They're not running into serial killers on an hourly basis like Batman does.

>>116351710>scientists and explorers first and superheroes secondNo. Literally one of them is a scientist. A lot of their villains are cosmic but that's it. What is up with this narrative that they are star fleet?

>>116350101>Implying that Richard don't have blood on his handsOh sweet, innocent child of mine.

>>116351694This. I believe he has touched on it a few times. Once he goes down that path he simply won't stop killing.

>>116351764They're not Star Fleet but they're not patrolling nyc, they're going around on science adventures

Because he recognizes that no man and no institution should have the power to make that decision, and certainly not unilaterally. Fuck all of you bootlickers.

>>116350154Only reason anybody should've taken issue with that is because it diminishes the impact and significance of Batman making Superman an exception to his rule. It would be the clearest sign of all that he's gone off the deep end (and later a sign of the extent of Lex's manipulations), and it would've made his redemption not ring somewhat hollow.

>>116350299I think putting the onus on Batman is retarded, but I've never liked this argument. Joker may not be Batman's equal, but he's still exceptionally dangerous. Nobody ever considers the possibility that nobody else in Gotham has taken him down because they *can't*. In most scenarios, the only one who can is Batman, notwithstanding the arguments for why he doesn't and shouldn't.

>>116349594This is just a stealth gordon thread isnt it?

>>116352129Batman does beat him though, he leaves him basically helpless to the police. Any one of them can take out their gun and unload it into him.

>>116351196Also Magog regrets the decision. Realizing the sheer damage done from thisWhat would you think cops shooting joker without a trial mean for Gotham?


>>116350068Because simply put, Lex is an asset. Mostly because, unlike Zod, Led understands that Superman will eventually NEED his genius. His unique ability and outlook on life. It puts him in a very strong bargaining position and Superman killing him creates a whole lot of problems for Superman. And Lex has always taken advantage of that fact. He can do whatever he likes to Superman and knows eventually he would get away with it, and at worse when hes caught and when he can be put to justice he can just get away with it because he can manipulate the justice system.The enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of deal. Temporary alliances for bigger threats.

>>116350435>that smile wtf bruce

The solution to the Kill Joker bullshit is just to dial back how vile he is so that killing him IS less justified of the two positions. Either stop upping the ante on the shit he does or accept that someone needs to kill him.

the solution is to unironically rape and cripple him Also why isnt lobotomy an option?

>>116352158And that cop would subsequently be arrested, tried for murder, and likely imprisoned. People die under suspicious circumstances in police custody all the time, but there is almost certainly zero precedent for the open murder of a suspect. It wouldn't make sense, especially in Batman's world, where a fundamental part of his work is aggressively rooting out corruption and incompetence in the GCPD alongside Gordon.

>>116352289ThisThe only reason we even have this argument is because idiot writers who don't understand what makes Joker a good character have turned him into a ridiculous edgemeister over the years

>>116352289Basically return him to the "mobster clown" persona. Who was the writer who started that "lol mayhem chaos mass murderer Joker"?

>>116350101At this point in most timelines they're either on "don't do anything stupid and I won't fight you" grounds, or FF are aware that he's running a fucking country and that it's better not to screw over all of them considering how good of a ruer Doom is

>>116352218The reason I think Batman doesn't kill is not simple retraint control, it's also because of unforseen consequences. With the Joker alive he is a known quantity. That's something Batman can plan around. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, his desires and his likely strategies. The Joker has to work very hard to blindside Bruce. He knows this and that's what slows Joker down. With Joker alive, as monsterous as he is, it cuts down on copycats and sucesssors which would creep out of the woodwork if he dies or is out of action for an extended period of time. They do show up from time to time, but they usually don't last long. The Joker will drop them hard as soon as they are no longer interesting or useful to him exsiting. You kill the Joker, there's nothing to stop that. It's a breeding ground of uncertainty. And we see the same with Batman too. When everyone thought he was dead for good the pretenders rushed out to claim the throne and be the new king. It's chaos. Its why he sends them back to Arkham. Because then, when they break out he usually knows who to expect and who to bring back in. It's very organised work.

>>116352455I thought TAS struck a nice middle ground with him. He's still extremely dangerous but what he does to Tim in Return of the Joker is presented as him crossing a line even though it's really tame compared to the stuff he'd done in the comics even by that point.

>>116351196The only thing Injustice did right was The Butlering

>>116352600The last like 3 joker storylines have had Joker basically bringing all of Gotham to it's knees, there isn't really any way a copy cat or whatever will surpass him without being an actual superpowered villain

>>116350101If you think about... Doom doesn't engage in mass murder/destruction or threat the whole world that often. Most of time it's a personal vendetta against Richards or trying to stole cosmic power of whatever alien is nearby. The only time Doom really did something of a global scale was when he used the Purple Man as a battery or something, someone correct me if i'm wrong. Doom main goals is fucking with Reed, ruling Latveria and rescuing his mother soul, which he did it. So it's basically fucking with Reed and rulling Latveria. No much of a world threat. The Joker killed much more people than Doom if you think about.

>>116352671>The Joker killed much more people than Doom if you think about.Why Doomfags know so little of the character they worship?

Does Marvel have a villain that compares to Joker in terms of editorial protection and being sold up as a thread outside their weight class?

>>116352799green goblin probably

>>116352799Dr. Doom.

>>116352670>GothamThat's a key point there. Joker focuses a large part of his effort on Gotham alone. Joker is obsessed with Gotham because its an integral part of Batman himself and he is obsessed with Batman. Not to say he doesn't operate outside of that from time to time, but Gotham is as much as his home as Batmans. Copycats might try to one up that. That Gotham level chaos could spread across America, the world even. Imagine a world of Jokers, infected with the toxin. With no clear path on who was responsible or how to deal with it or how to stop it from happening over and over again. Look at the damage The Batman Who Laughs causes. Even a fraction of his calibur of danger spread across multiple copycats around the world would be disasterous. Batman may have to then do something strange like make a Batman Corp to train people to be able to deal with these Jokers because it's overwhelming for the Bat family alone. I mean even Joker himself has proven more than a match for Superheroes with actual powers because in their hubris they always understimate what a simple human is capable of when unhinged and ruleless.

>>116352907>Copycats might try to one up that. That Gotham level chaos could spread across America, the world even.In a world where Batman is the only hero around, maybe.

I don't get any no kill code either.I get they want to play by the law with jail, but they're already operating outside the law anyway.Batman may not be a killer, but if arrested he would be charged with a shit ton of crimes and go to jail forever if he wasn't rich.Not to mention it's not super heroic when you throw a murderer in jail whose going to break out and murder again.That's using innocent lives to prove a personal point, extremely narcissistic

>>116350036The thing is that Carnage is unironically far stronger than Peter will ever be, alongside having pretty much zero exploitable weaknesses most of the time and almost Wolverine tier durability at times.

>>116352907>joker toxin>it was just a killing gas that caused you to laugh to death and fucked your face with a rictus grim>now it's a Smith virus that turns you into a Joker Stupid retcon.

>>116353016Just remember Bruce is the kind of hero that would survey his surroundings and search for hostages and traps. A lot of superheros are idiots who barge right in because they are expecting a straight on fight with a villain. Not doing any research on the context of what they are facing. They aren't expecting guerilla tactics and mind games playing with innocents lives. Who's to stop a Joker from traumatising a hero by having them actually see someone die from something they accidentally caused themselves when this Joker rigged up the room so when you went in it would trigger the hostage getting shot with insanely acidic confetti or something. They can defeat or kill that Joker but in the eyes of the world, as a hero, they've already lost. Reputation is as important as ability.

Has Batman tried investing in better infrastructure for Gotham to house the villains he captures so they won't break out again? Arkham and Blackgate clearly aren't working.

>Yes, I do want billionaires to decide who lives and who dies by themselves without any sort of oversight, how could you tell?

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>>116351710>Spider-man doesn't really have a hard no kill code like Batman does.He literally did, Slott didn't invent anything, Spider-Man saved villans who were about to die several times including Cletus himself.

>>116353199>They aren't expecting guerilla tactics and mind games playing with innocents lives.This is just shit writing because Joker is 1) hardly the only criminal who uses booby traps and hostages and 2) is an extremely high profile person in-universe so it's not like his kind of tactics are unknown.

>>116350330You're a massive retard if you think that Kingpin being the leader of those gangs is better to anyone, the smaller gangs can be taken down by the cops and Punisher, Kingpin is a borderline supergenius that murder innocents every week and no one can even slow him down.

>>116353245Superheroes in general don't kill because killing is generally wrong, but Spider-man didn't have a HARD no kill no matter what rule like Batman does until Slott's run. There's a difference between opposing murder because you have morals and opposing murder because you have an autistic code and must protect joker no matter what.

>>116349594Because superheroes are a concept to entertain little children, they're not meant to be taken serious or logical.

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>>116353249Because the Joker would also make the punchline be that they caused it AFTER they dealt with the crime and saved the hostage. He would rig up the room they're taking the hostage to so that they're safe. Batman would be the type of paranoid to check everything afterwards as well.

I can understand why Batman doesn't because he sees it as too easy to slip into killing lesser criminals. He's mentally ill, so this kind of mental lock sort of makes sense.What I don't understand is why Gotham doesn't fucking execute him, or why any disgruntled cop just doesn't put a bullet into his head the second he's brought into Arkham again. Or why other villains don't just gang up and kill the motherfucker because he's an evil degenerate even to them.

>>116353345>but Spider-man didn't have a HARD no kill no matter what rule like Batman does until Slott's runSpider-Man absolutely had an extreme case of no kill even before Slott, he didn't just spared villains but he saved and even went as far as attacking the ones who tried to execute a bad guy.

>>116353212From what i heard, since i don't really read Batman comics, he does lots of charity and investment in Gotham via Wayne Industries. But that brings us to that old discussion "Why Bruce doesn't run to mayor/governor and try to fix that shit at the root causes instead of dressing as a bat and beating criminals in the middle of night"

>>116353398>or why any disgruntled cop just doesn't put a bullet into his head the second he's brought into Arkham again.They tried to, a cop shoot him a dozen times once but he survived somehow.People seem to forget how The Joker was not created to be a regular clown who is evil, he was created to be Batman equal, before his cameo Batman easily stomped everyone he faced then Joker came and managed to outsmart him every single time.

>>116353398RL: the Joker is a cash cow and iconic character In Universe: LOL RANDOM CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME MAYHEM CHAOS CRIMINALS FEAR THE JOKER WHEN WANT TO SCARE EACH OTHER THEY TELL JOKER TALESThe problem is that the writers fucked with Joker character turning a mob boss into a mass murderer. That fucked up the setting turning Batman and Gotham into a bunch of retards that allows an unhinged killer going out to kill over and over.

The real reason is so they can reappear in future comics and episodes. As the shows and comics kind of go on indefinitely, you'll really be in trouble after a few seasons.Another in universe reason is Batman is just as loony as all his villains, and feels that if he starts killing, he won't know where to stop.Lastly, a good reason why super heroes don't kill people is that their supposed to be the ideal everyone strives towards. Sure, "If you kill him, you'll be just like them" is dumb in situations of self defense, but not in terms of society as a whole. The problem with super hero comics is that the villains tend to break out and do what they always did, which makes it ring hollow, when realistically they would stay in jail.

>>116353398>Or why other villains don't just gang up and kill the motherfucker because he's an evil degenerate even to themI've seen this argument brought up so many fucking times on Holla Forums and it's always so fucking stupid. Do you honestly think the Arkham Criminals are a ragtag, happy family that love each other despite their quirks? That any of them give a fuck about human suffering in the slightest outside of themselves?Riddler tried to summon Satan to end all of existence, Clayface has eaten dozens of young teenagers and believes himself to be an amalgamation of their tormented souls, Scarecrow kidnaps and tortures children for the fact they are easily frightened. These are some of the most vile, unforgivable people in all of comics. Why the fuck would they risk dying of Joker toxin because they feel sad about Joker blowing up a school for laughs?

>>116353398>I can understand why Batman doesn't because he sees it as too easy to slip into killing lesser criminals. He's mentally ill, so this kind of mental lock sort of makes sense.What kind of fucked mentality is that in which if you don't want to kill people, you gotta be mentally ill?No wonder the american police is in this sorry state. Look at the mentality of the average american. Those are the kind of people with a badge and a gun.

>>116352799>Kingpin>Purple Man>BullseyeThose are the most extreme cases of blatant plot armor.

>>116353592Nope. It's Dr. Doom.Everytime Doom loses, it was actually a robot.Everytime Doom fights he wins, even if he is fighting against an army of omnipotent beings.And he accomplished such power just by being a normal human that "trained really hard".

>>116353511You didn't really said anything, several villains tried to kill him.

>>116353212Yes, literally all the time.

>>116353618Doomwank is a real thing yet most Doomfans deny it

>>116353618Dr Doom is literally a wizard, yes he's a Mary Sue character but the fact he's a wizard is a valid excuse to bring him back. Wizards are the ultimate deus ex machina they can do anything.

>>116353641Brainwash. Marvel convinced Marvel fans that everything involving Dr. Doom in it is well-written, so Marvel fans would rather die then admit that Dr. Doom is the most poorly written character in comic books.

>>116353618>>116353663Forgot the pic

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>>116353592>Kingpin The only guy who would go after him would be either the DD or the Punisher. And the Kingpin is supposed to have a real tough defense system and the whole "mafiosi actually control the crime from skyrocketing due gang wars by their hegemony". Fisk is just a mafioso, more likely him being murdered by a rival than a vigilante, if one tries to follow RL.

>>116353475Yep. Guy was a genius who created all kinds of gadgets, traps, and was threatening in a fight. He killed people using clever shit, and basically enjoyed outsmarting the police and batman. Not just HAHAGAHA I CUT OFF MY FACE CAUSE IM CUHRAZY

>>116352352Wouldn't he be considered a hero for killing a wanted criminal? Gordon would look like a dick for getting him in jail and subsequently murdered for killing Joker

The real issue is that Batman is treated as noble and pure and admirable because of his no-kill code. If he was written to be shown as insane, as some of you suggested, I'd have less of an issue.

>>116354153It's still murder and Gordon's whole thing is that he tows the line between allowing necessary vigilante justice and being a good by-the-book cop.

>>116349594Because there's a clear line between vigilante and murderer and it's murder. The cops could in no way allow him to operate if he were killing people. He's been deputized multiple times but he's also theoretically bringing in people with provable offenses and outstanding stuff. If he were to start passing judgement rather than just acting as law enforcement he'd need to be killed. Public good factors in to sentiment and what's allowed.I swear only foreigners can think like you, OP. >>116349676It doesn't make it easier or more difficult, just completely different.

>>116355223There should be a story where Gordon tries to arrest the killer of the Joker, but everyone starts to dislike Gordon and start protecting Joker's killer. Then a number of people who hate Gordon try to get him more unpopular with everyone by framing him, Batman is caught up trying to protect Gordon and at the same time searching for Joker's killer

>>116355223Most of the time Batman had the opportunity to kill the Joker it wouldn't even have been murder, just pure self-defense.

>>116355288I'd read that

>>116355308Legally speaking the self-defense angle is probably a bit blurred when you're a known vigilante putting yourself in the line of danger

>>116353592Kingpin, unlike the joker is actually essential, without him, it would be just another Gotham city.

>>116353398Gotham PD is not very competent.

>>116351694Even the Punisher, despite all the tragedies of his life and the endless crusade he has taken upon himself to rid New York of scum permanently, Has more of a grip on his mind than fucking batman.The punisher can make legitimate connection with people despite his profession, even friendships certain people. But when it comes to batman, if it ain't about fighting crime he ain't got the time, period.

>>116349594He values life above all else. He has no problem helping the police catch villians they can't, but it isn't right of him to assume the role of executioner.

>>116354153Even if the other cops privately praised him for it, he'd still wind up in handcuffs, because even though it almost never actually works this way in practice, the law is ideally bigger than any one man and does not allow for exceptions. Given that the world of comic books is ultimately much simpler and idealistic than real life, yes, that guy's going his ass to prison no matter what people say about it

>>116350142>Smartest Guy On Earth and the chick that goes invisible and can just make forcefields wherever she wants>cant figure out a way to suicide the leader of West RomaniaSure.

>>116359492>Why didn't Sue just put an invisible force field on Doom's heart and make it look like a heart attack

>>116350134>X-Men don't murder

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>>116349594I don't understand batman always turning villains in to the police, wouldn't it be easier in the long run to just cripple them or set up his own dungeon to store the really bad guys

How many times do we need this thread?Go to any one of the previous ones and read up on the subject already.

>>116350138Flash DID kill Zoom though

>>116349594But OP... you DO know what happens if Batman kills the Joker right?

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>>116351196It didn’t in The Nail.

>>116352163>What would you think cops shooting joker without a trial mean for Gotham?A decrease in the weekly million death slaughter fests?

>>116349594>I don't understand Batman's no kill code.In the words of Burgess Meredith "Every one of them has a mother."