Who had it worse?

Who had it worse?

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>>116348615Also it's brook

>>116348615Atrocities shouldn't be compared.It makes looks like an oppressions olympic where the abuse is the real winner and the participants the victims.

Spinel. Because she's the only one I've seen and also I love her.

He had to see he friend die one by one until he was alone


>>116348775tell me more about these devil fruits.What created them?

>>116348615Who’s the skeleton?

>>116348862Bitch do I look like Joy Boy, no idea.

>>116348877Brook from One Piece.

Spinel, easily.Brook’s story is just tragic but it doesn’t compare to Spinel’s

>>116348862Devil fruits are magic fruits that give the users powers based on whatever attribute they are, so if you eat the fire fruit you become a fire man, if you eat the giraffe fruit you gain the powers of a giraffe and if you eat the 10 ft tall golden Buddha fruit you gain the abilities of a 10 ft tall golden Buddha. There are only one of each fruit but it is possible to create knock off devil fruit called a smiled if your a super genius. It has a high mortality rate, worse powers, makes you uncontrollable smile and make you look like a f^cking loser.

>>116348978Anon Spinel just stood in on spot for long time, Brook's crew all died infront of him as he watched as everything he ever loved dies and then was trapped.

>>116348862it's currently unknown where devil fruit came from, they've existed as far back as can be recorded in the OP world.there are hundreds of different species that are all one of a kind, each one giving the user some kind of superhuman ability, yet cursing them to sink like a stone in seawater (the world is 95% water in One Piece so this is a big issue)there's only one type of each fruit in the world, so when someone eats it, they're the only one with that specific powerwhen they die, a random fruit somewhere in the world will turn into a new Devil Fruit, characterized by swirling patterns on their rindthe one exception to the rule being Brook's devil fruit, which is essentially an extra life, as long as his body remains intact he's immortalan old pirate superstition says they were created by the Devil himself, temping them with unimaginable power, yet cursing them to be dragged to the bottom of the depths so he may feast on their souls

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>>116349113Brook's crew didn't betray him though and they died doing what they loved. Spinel learned that her only friend basically betrayed her for shitty reasons and had her stand alone for all that time.

>>116349171So the pain of Rose is a lot less because she now knows she was a bitch, Brook has to live with the fact that his crew were good men and he watched them all die and that the one other who's alive is weighting for them to return which will never truly happen.


>>116349285but they died happy and he was able to say goodbye (he will also likely reunite with the whale by the end of the series). Spinel can't even tell Pink off and all that time was wasted and all the "good times" basically meant nothing to Pink.Really it comes down to which you particularly view as worse even though both are utterly shit for different reasons. Brook's just felt like it at some sort of conclusive bit to it at least with renewed hope that he can keep his promise to Laboon compared to Spinel who just went fucking crazy at the revelation and had nothing as far as she cared.


>>116348615I feel like the answer is Spinel, if only because of just how much longer she stayed there. Brook's story is sad and all, but he only stayed lost for like, 50 years, and he's well on his way to meeting Laboon again.

>>11634861550 years vs 6000.Brook could have a proper depature of his friends while Spinel was just fooled by PD.Brook had Laboon waiting for him.Spinel had nobody.I don´t think they could even compate.

>>116348775Gather up all of the crew, it's time to ship out Binks' brew.Sea wind blows, to where, who knows? The waves will be our guide.O'er across the ocean's tide. Rays of sunshine far and wide.Birds they sing, of cheerful things, in circles passing by.

>>116349085>>116349124does it exist a fruit that make you able to breathe underwater?That would be a nice trick for avoiding death.

>>116349962No. Although species that can breath in water like fishmen (which is exactly what it sounds like) can still survive in water after eating one.

>>116349962No, there are creative ways around it, if your light enouph you can run on water, ice based users can just ride across the see, you might be able to use special wood to make you float.

>>116349997Yeah, but they can't swim and get weakened by water the same way. Both Vander Decken and Jack the Drought had to resort to ships, and Jack got stuck in the bottom of the sea for days/weeks because he couldn't swim and had to be rescued.

i mean it's hard to me to imagine being part of the shitshow it's both series...

>>116349962Nope! The water debuff is absolute. It's said there's actually a tiny devil you're letting into your body when you get a devil fruit, and the ocean hates that devil, so that's why.Some devil fruits do just grant you ways around it, however. For example, a guy with the Ice Ice fruit can simply freeze the ocean and walk over it, a guy with the gravity fruit could pull a moses, Brook, being a light as hell skeleton, can force his body to skip over the water by going fast enough, and I'm pretty sure a guy with the Magma fruit could evaporate small bodies of water so he doesn't have to deal with it at all.

>>116349962for clarifying:If you eat a devil fruit you don't loose the ability to breathe underwater, you loose the ability to MOVE in water.You breathe underwater?Good, you will be stuck forever and die starving.

>>116348615I feel like they would be good friends.

>>116348615For those who don't knowBrook>Ate a devil fruit with no apparent effect; devil fruits grant one super power, but whatever is inside it is "hated by the sea" and makes you completely unable to swim. >Brook ate the Soul Soul Fruit, which allows someone to persist after death by returning the soul to the body>Which means Brook had to die for his fruit to ever work and also he can't swim>Brook becomes a pirate and a musician>His crew befriends a whale named Laboon>Laboon follows their ship every once in a while and listens to them play>It gets to a point where they promise to visit the whale regularly>One day, Brook's crew gets lost at sea in a huge fog and all starve to death>Brook's devil fruit activates, but he can't find his body through the fog>When he finally finds it, he realizes his whole body has decomposed into just bones and an afro>Brook is now a skeleton being held together by devil fruit magic>Meanwhile, Brook promised he'd play for Laboon, so Laboon is getting restless and sad because all his friends are dead>Brook knows this, but his ship is so fucked all he can do is drift around at sea>And he drifts for 50 years with nothing but skeletons until the straw hat pirates show upSpinel>You already knowJudge

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>>116350220I'm pretty sure they don't starve to death, they're all bleeding and shit when they die. They get shot by poisonous arrows or whatever.

>>116350220Brook life seems a win

>>116350220You mean the Revive-Revive Fruit. The Soul-Soul Fruit is something else.Also they were all killed by poison arrows.

>>116350329A terrible way to die

>>116350220That picture is cursed.

>>116350220that image is great.

>>116349124good description.

>>116349962Kuuigosu could save you from drowning.

>>116348615Brook was actually trapped, Spinel was just stupid.


>>116348615wait people unironically think spinel story was tragic?FUCKING REALLY?

>>116348615Would they fugg?

>>116350220>starving to dead based speed d reader it was poison

>>116348615Honestly I feel like gems just don't perceive time the same way humans do, and if at any point in time Pink had come back and apologize, Spinel. would have rolled with it, meanwhile humans aren't made to go through what Brook,'s gone through

>>116352406I don't think Brook has a cock.

>>116349085>>116349124>there's only one type of each fruit in the worldKaido and Momonosuke has dragon fruit. Idiots. Zoans can be duplicated like printers

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>>116352441It's been a while since I read One Piece from the beginning man lay off

>>116352540Artificial Devil Fruit don't count.

>>116352494even without a cock, brook would still try and bone spinel



>>116352366>Spinel isn't given an order to stay in one spot, but does so willingly for dramatic effect.>It is also 'convenient' to the story that gems have a lifespan, that's basically, the equivalent to being an immortal.>Diamonds have also explained that a thousand years is basically the blink of an eye to them, making time meaningless.>But let's also make Spinel wait for "X" amount of years.>X meaning it could have been 10 to 100,000 years. It doesn't matter, but whatever fits for dramatic effect.

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>>116352903that and different species give Zoan the advantage while other variants are lesser version of themselves (snow vs Ice vs Cold)

>>116350220>You already knowI don't. Help

>>116354145watch the movie

>>116354099Spinel wasn't bothered by the time. She was bothered the fact she was abandoned and forgotten.


>>116350173depending on how strong you are it's really hard for you to starve to death. sanji went like 60 days without food when he was 8 or 9, Zoro was gonna go an entire month when he was imprisoned, Green Bull says he hasn't eaten in three years

>>116354145her "best friend" left her waiting for 6,000 years under the guise of a game. meanwhile said friend went to another planet made new friends started a whole new life and died, never intending to come back and get her.

>>116349962No, but funnily enough there IS a fruit that gives you the power to swim. Just not in water.

>>116350109>It's said there's actually a tiny devil you're letting into your body when you get a devil fruitWell the devil fruit power does in fact exist physically within your body, so it's not entirely wrong.

>>116352540>He thinks Kaido ate a dragon fruit.

>>116354099>Spinel isn't given an order to stay in one spotShe explicitly was.

>>116352366Only non-sociopaths.

>>116355403Then what did he eat?

>>116354406Nah, thanks>>116355346Could she just leave if she wanted? People call SU characters space rocks, can they hybernate? Idk, sounds to me like she was just dumb, Brook watched each of his friends die, turned into a living skeleton which must be at least inconvenient, was actually trapped and got his shadow stolen

>>116355663Some kind of Ogre fruit.

>>116348615I would say Brook because he was actually aware of his isolation and dead comrades. Spinel fooled herself into thinking it was just a game. It didn't hit her until Steven's message. Not to mention gems are a long living race so time goes faster for them than humans.

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>>116355922>Could she just leave if she wanted?Sort of, she wasn't literally held their by her "programming", but she was created for the sole purpose of making Pink happy, it's the only thing that gave her fulfillment in life, so when she told her to wait, she did, not because she was physically forced to, but because she thought it was what Pink wanted, and she wanted to make her happy. She didn't hibernate or anything, she was specifically left alone with her thoughts every night, conscious and wondering if she was playing the game right, only to thousands of years later be informed, accidentally, that Pink was gone, had never planned on returning in the first place, and had gone off to make new friends without her.

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>>116350220Some clarification>It's the Revive Revive fruit>They leave Laboon at the entrance of a sea called the Grand Line cause it's too dangerous for a baby whale>Promise to travel the whole sea in a couple of years around the world to meet him again so when he's older he can join them>Part of the crew and the captain catch a disease and have to separate in search of a cure, their fate unknown. Brook becomes the captain.>Later the rest of the crew is attacked by other pirates who used poisoned weapons, the doctor is dead, and their rudder is destroyed, shipwrecking them in an area with a dense fog>They accept their fate but have one regret of leaving Laboon behind>Since Brook will be able to revive they decide to record his favorite song so that Laboon can hear it one more time as a goodbyeEverything else is correct

>>116354099>specifically made to play games with this one person>thinks a "game" wouldn't be an order to her

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>>116348714kinda agree but were talking about cartoons here and you sound like a total faggot

>>116350061>and Jack got stuck in the bottom of the sea for days/weeks because he couldn't swim and had to be rescued.Why not just walk to a beach? I mean sure it would take a while but it's better than sitting there.

>reasons Brook couldn't go to his friend Laboon- He was murdered, along with his entire crew. - He had to find his body again in a sea shrouded by a permanent fog. - His shadow was stolen, making sunlight lethal to him. He nearly dies again trying to recover it, twice. - Even if he wanted to risk leaving the foggy sea anyway, his ship is rudderless and trapped drifting in the currents.- He can't swim either. >reasons Spinel couldn't go to her friend, Pink Diamond- Pink Diamond ordered her to stand still, for the purposes of a frivolous game. Spinel and PD were never friends, it was always the relationship of master and mindless servant. The "friendship" of a loser who thinks that doing whatever the popular kids say means that they're friends. She didn't know the real Pink Diamond, who was a selfish petulant brat, and she didn't know the real Rose Quartz, who loved the Earth and gave her life to create another. You can't have friendship without trust, but trust is not the same thing as blind obedience. What if something bad happened to PD that interrupted their game? What if she needed Spinel's help? Spinel could have been a Crystal Gem, instead she was a cock on a rock. Laboon was also told by friends to sit tight and wait for them, and he was braining himself against a mountain trying to reach them. The fucking whale had a better conception of genuine friendship, which expects forgiveness, but doesn't require it if the price is not ensuring that your friend is OK. Both Brook and Laboon had it harder, and Brook would hate her for having no respect for life when she tries to pointlessly kill an entire planet of innocent people all because she's a sad idiot.

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>>116354099>Diamonds have also explained that a thousand years is basically the blink of an eye to them, making time meaningless.Thats also some bullshit if you think about lapis, she was real pissed about being in a mirror for a hundred years or something

>>116356893Could not be said better than this.

>>116350046If Luffy inflated himself would he sink or float like a beach ball?

>>116355663Nothing, he's an actual dragon and he's able to change forms because that's just something dragons can do.

>>116348615Natural immortality vs gained immortalityThe newer immortal suffers more

>>116355922not really. she was created with the purpose of playing with Pink and being her best friend. so when Pink tricked her into a game where she stays still for 6000 years she was happy to do so until the moment she found out it was all a lie and Pink was never coming back. Also gems don't really sleep,

>>116356875Because he's a devil fruit user, they can't move underwater.

>>116357134Sink, the reason they can't swim is supernatural, it's basically like if the water itself is drowning you.

>>116357134Sink like a hammer. It's why vegapunk doesn't give ships devil fruit powers.

>>116350046Those are all just way to keep you out of the water in the first place.

>>116357134Sink though a third party could make use of his rubber powers to save him (stretch his head out of the water so he can breath)

>>116348615Spinel spent more years waiting but Brook watched all his friends die and rot while he remained as a reanimated corpse.

>>116350109Also if a fruit user dies the nearest fruit in their vicinity morphs into the devil fruit with his or her powers.

>>116348615Spinel by far. Brook died with his crew and got revived just to find the rest of their corpses, but he was integrated with the rest of the Strawhats only after 50 something years. Spinel, on the other hand, only had pink who abandoned her for 300 times the length of Brook's bout of loneliness with no one waiting for her.

>>116350220They didn't starve, the crew catched a weird contagious decease and everyone die of it.

>>116357667Ironically Brook suffered for longer, while Spinel's torment came in a single mind-shattering moment of realization of betrayal.

>>116352540Momonosuke ate a counterfeit fruit, Kaido Im pretty sure he is a dragon that turn human and not the other way around.

>>116357745That was before Brook became captain, all the sick crewmates split off and left the grand line. The rest died later in the Florian Triangle after they got attacked by a crew that used poison arrows.

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>>116357751Well in the exposition song she mentions being unsure if she was playing the game right, so there is the possibility she spend centuries being anxious about the whole ordeal.Like when you are waiting for someone and you have waited so long you are wondering if they are going to show up or not not imagine that for years. But Brook is sadder, he is left drifting for decades with the corpses of his friends aboard unable to return to his Whale pet. In a way is the opposite of Spinel, she is waiting for someone who will never come and Brook is trap unable to return to the one he left behind.

>>116357776Smile zoans can't transform, they just get one permanent hybrid form.

>>116357949It's not a smile, It was made by vega not the poison cloud fucker.

>>116348615Neither of them felt suffering like this little tin soldier.

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>>116357949Caesar made the Smile fruits but those are just cheap imitation of Dr Vega Punk's artificial fruits which the one that Momonosuke ate was the prototype.He also made the animal weapons you see here and there in the story like the elephant sword or the dog bazooka.

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>>116358035Man that one power was scary and bullshit

>>116358035Oh fuck I forgot about him, yeah he gets the crown. >Island gets overtaken by a pirate>Your king gets framed>You get turn into a tin toy, side effect nobody remembers you not your wife, nor your daughter as if you never existed>Wife gets killed she can't even remember you>Raise daughter that don't remember you exist>She goes to get killed at the coliseum>Have to deal with a bunch of gullible elves.

>>116358078That always makes me laugh.

>>116358147That was fucked up>Turns you into a toy>Loose control of your body but your mind is fully aware>Nobody remembers you existed>Forced to larp as a happy toy and watch you loved ones go on with their lives without you by day.>Being work to the bone at night.>If Usopp hadn't luck out in that fight everyone would have lost.

>watching wan piss>watching steven universe

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>>116356875Water causes super fatugi to those who eat the devil fruit, only way to counter that is haki and even still it's a bitch.

>another thread with obsessive losers trying to prove their fotm isn't a fad.

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>>116358569I'm actually a One Piece degenerate.

>>116358149It starts earlier than that.>grows up living like an animal on the streets>grows to trust only one single friend in the dog eat dog world of the slums>Watches as the only person he cares for like a brother get teamed up on and killed by a mob of thugs>Gets hunted down by the guards after he kills two of his friend's killers>Faces off against a squad of gunmen with only a club because at the age of 15 he's already lost all he can lose.

>>116357949it's already been confirmed Momonosuke's is artificial, dipshit

>>116358569It's been 10 months. You guys are gonna be so mad when she wins Ms. Holla Forums two years in a row.

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>>116357927>she spentd centuries anxiousBecause Sugar had all the leeway to make her wait 'that long'.>Whale pet>petnigga

>>116354099didn't Pink literally say "Stand very still"?

>>116358497>liking popular stuffs bad

>>116358667Can we get her to participate again?faggots keep saying that it was a *win so technically she didn't win, would be cool if we could make her win AGAIN.

>>116359101I wasn't there so I still don't even know what the * means.

>>116359277>Spinel beats everyone>Finals: Spinel vs raven i think can't remember>people start falseflagging cus they don't want spinel to win>Spinel win>schizo claims it was the redditors and tumblr giving Spinel extra votes>say she's a *winner to say that it wasn't a legitimate victory and keep coping to this day

>>116359504Lol, what babies.

>>116358667I don't think winners or Top8 can participate again for a year or something like that

>>116359504and don't forget about the literal autistic lizard spamming threads for weeks because his waifu lost kek


>>116356893I don't think Brook had a harder at the end of the day's Brook has the straw hats and a chance to go back to laboon. spinel has really nothing except the exact same situation she started off in which is being a pet to the diamonds. She didn't gain new Unbreakable friendships in Steven, the Crystal Gems or any Homeworld gems living on Earth. And if the diamonds ever get bored of her then she will truly be alone.

>>116357737Also the diamonds are like, probably the worst people she could've been left withI think both characters are equal in terms of suffering but Brook ended up with the better outcome whereas Spinel is left with people who are autistically stunted when it comes to emotions and are likely just giving her an unhealthy coping mechanism to be happy

>>116358667Spinel can't run again since she won and those who made it up to a certain rank (top 8?) are out for a year I think

>>116354099>>116356914Isolation affects everyone, even the immortal, something that has been shown in various forms of literature (actually it could be argued it's worse with immortal beings)

>>116361479>>116359627Seems arbitrary.

>>116356893>Brook would hate her for having no respect for life when she tries to pointlessly kill an entire planet of innocent people all because she's a sad idiot.You're simplifying things. Remember, to most of gemkind, they considered humans (and general intelligent life besides their own) as worthless and on the same level as an insect. Not an equal that they would ever treat with empathy and respect. So to Spinel, she considered Earth a nowhere planet with a bunch of nobodies. Just like with the Diamonds or the other gem antagonists, she doesn't give a shit because she can't see why she should, especially since she's never interacted with that planet and species before like Pink did. All Spinel knows or cares to understand is that Pink screwed her over for, in her view, worthless things and the only way she could lash out with her feelings against the injustice is by destroying Pink's legacy.

>>116362094At the same time we must also acknowledge Spinel lack any experience with human, she doesn't see them as living beings because the first human she ever saw was Steven. In a hypothetical universe where the Straw Hats were to have met Spinel before her outburst she'd probably befriend the crew.

can the Yami Yami power kill brook?

>>116362411Sure, most powers could, he has longevity not straight up immortality.

>>116361067"Had" is the past-tense, or in other words who had the lower low. Spinel just has the worse outcome because of SU's poor writing and love for character regression. She could have freed herself from day 1 to follow PD or make new friends, but she is mentally enslaved and lives for approval from Diamonds.