Glitch Techs

Anyone still remembers this show? Holy fuck new episodes fucking when??

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>>116348241Still no idea. They haven't given any release date on the second half of season one but Eric keeps teasing "soon"

>>116348241>>116348430Didn't they say next year.

The show has been forever relegated solely for porn material more then appreciation for the actual show

>>116348430>>116348462I don't think it's that far away from now. My guess is this fall. Otherwise why would you still hold back on releasing new episodes? Makes no sense.Also Eric posted this picture of Pidge-looking mofo. Is it even man or woman?

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>>116348539It's most likely a girl

>>116348504Honestly it's better than being absolutely forgotten.

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>>116348241Why does miko thirst for wetback cock?

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I just want them to kiss man.

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Why are tits illegal in modern western animation but ass is always fair game no matter what

>>116348241>5, are you ready to drill this juicy fuckhole apart?>JUDGEMENT NUT style?

>>116349222>>116349237Fucking adorable as hell. God I know they won't be together canonically, but man, I want them to marry each other.

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>>116349288Keep'em separate, it means more people will draw art of them together.

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>>116349314I guess it's one of the benefits. I can deal with it.

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>>116348462No, the next ten are supposed to come out this year, they just haven't said when. >>116348539>>116348571That'd be Ridley, so yes a girl. >>116348504Only around these parts really. Other social media platforms have more actual discussion, memery, etc.

>>116349394>no Miko gf or Five bfSometimes I wonder why I even go on with my live only to be reminded that I still have to see a countless amount of media that will give me the same feeling.

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Miko is cute and fun!

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>>116349252don't question it. please don't draw attention to it

>>116350044got it

Let’s just hope that future episodes comment on how fat Miko’s butt is.

>>116350129Short answer: it's fat.Long answer: it's very fat.

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Puberty starts in the ass.

>>116350177I mean, a future episode could revolve around it.

>>116348241>Anyone still remembers this show?>episodic show with no loreNope

>>116350241More like mostly episodic with hints of lore to come.

>>116349252Because a flat chest and a fat ass is a combo made in heaven.

>>116349252It doesn’t bother me. I’ve never been attracted to tits but I love ass.

I wish we could have more Five fanart. He's so damn cute.

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>>116351182Kinda simple, but here you go. One of the recent ones.

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It's morally wrong to draw Miko with boobs.

>>116351504I don't like to discriminate. If the art is fine then it's okay in my book. But her small tits big ass combo is the best of course.

>>116351504But she has boobs. They're just like, a B cup.

>>116351373I’d love to see that fart.


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>>116352353>>116352378Where's page 4.

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>>116351182>>116351310This show is perfect if you are bi because both MCs are adorable and fuckable.

>>116353033You will not be forgotten.

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>>116353033Madman, you could've just posted a link to his newgrounds

>>116353291you guys can figure it out on your own.The jannies can smell the blood in the water.

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>>116349288>>116349237They could be, if that's the case they may be the only heterosexual couple in 2020. Also, more Miko & Fives as Misato & Kaij

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>>116348241Which one are you, Hilda, Reggie, or Miko?

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>>116353836uhhh we serve food here sir......wrong board?

>>116352950True. Miko is the queen, but Five is also fucking hot. Thankfully in this show there is a good male partner for Five (Bergy). Almost forgot about Zahra, she is nice too. And all of them are cute as hell.

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>>116348504>relegatedIt never was anything else

>>116353953Miko and her sisters are daughters from a previous marriage, right? Considering their last names and the dad look like the kind of guy that would go around saying "my wife's daughters" I still believe Miko's biological dad is the company president

>>116353973I'm pretty sure I'm in the right one. So which fag are you?

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>>116354296There's no going back now you crazy son of a bitch

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Anyone has the "hi i'm big butt miko" image?

>>116349252Because a flat chest is considered sexualization, but a big ass can pass itself off as body positivity. Now shut the fuck up before they notice and take the asses too.

>>116354456prepare to

>>116353471>the only heterosexual couple in 2020There are at least three heterosexual couples on She-Ra alone, the last season of which came out in 2020. I get that there are gay people now, and it's easy to be distracted by that, but lets keep some perspective here alright?

Imagine fondling these buns.

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>>116354643I mean as MC


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I've been commissioning Zahra porn for 3 months

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>>116354920So where is it?

>>116355094I can't post it here because half of it isn't done yet (Despite paying for it in May) and this isn't aco

>>116348241big mistake to not release the second half during pandemic.everyone stuck at home.

>>116349222>>116349237>>116349343>>116349394CUTE!>>116351504please shut up. just stay close to on model and its fine

It was a good thread while it lasted.

>>116355639>>116355659>>116355686tits are way too big

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>>116348241huh this show got released guess i havent been here in a while

may you ride shiny and chrome lewdposter user

>>116348241Only coomers gave a shit

>>116348241I just don't want it to die, fuck Nickelodeon for wasting this golden fucking egg like they did.

>>116354288Miko's skintone looks like a middle point between her mom and dad.It might be that her dad followed a Japanese tradition where the groom will take the bride's name under certain circumstances, like there being no sons to carry on the family name.

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>>116354288>>116356198As Dan has explained it to me, Miko's mom chose to keep her family name due to some Japanese thing about her not having brothers to carry the family line (or something to that effect). Hugh is her father, as well as Lexi and the baby's. Nica is his daughter from a previous marriage. Which kinda puts the whole deal where their mother forces them to bond as sisters in a new light. The other boy in the family (Geoff) is maybe adopted or like a cousin or something, they never really decided.

>>116356198>Tfw in my country miko is a slang for vagina

>>116356304DId he marry some other Asian woman? She seems to have the same stylized slanted eyes as Miko.

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>>116348241it was surprisingly soulful. most shows with a gimmick, be it videogames or what not tend to suck but I loved every episode of this low budget show. came in for the lewd shit and stayed for the comfy

>>116356545>low budgetAnon the problem is it was too high budget, that's why it died.

>>116356577ha, could have fooled me with the yanky animation. shit, now we risk the quality of the show suffering if the lower the budget. hope the Netflix money helps find more episodes

>>116356455No idea on that one. Though I think Dan mentioned that he has Russian/Slavic ancestry (Hence the name Nica)

>>116356600>yanky animationDude what? The animation is like it's strongest suit.

>>116356627Some Slavs do have the slanted eyes that are more commonly associated with Asians. That's a really esoteric character design choice if that's what it's getting at.

>>116354064There was actually a time where people were hyped for the show itself based on the overall plot and animation

>>116356198>>116356304That tradition only makes sense in Japan, considering they have family clans from the Heian period and nips value their cultural uniforminity and seek to integrate the barbarians since the expansion from the Yamato valley (also most wm/jf marriages end in divorce and thanks to Japanese laws, the mother gets the full custody while the father is kick out from the holy land). This is just beyond cucked

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>>116356667don't mind me, I'm more of a hand drawn kinda guy. don't think I've really liked a cg show.

>>116356905Some people like to follow tradition though. Also this is 2020 America, where it's normal for a woman to not want to take her husband's name. >>116356745There still are people hyped about it for those reasons.

>>116357242>2020 America>normal for a woman to not want to take her husband's name

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>>116356198>>116356304>>116356905What most likely happened is they wanted the show to have a "diverse" cast, and so they gave Miko a Japanese name so you would know she was Japanese and not a white girl. Giving her a white dad was probably a decision they made later on without thinking of the implications, like Miko being 16 but not in high school.

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>>116357749Chocobotaur, neat.


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>>116357711>Miko being 16I am appalled at these attempts to take away our phat-ass thirteen-year-old



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>>116357711Well they did want to have a diverse cast, but I'm pretty sure the dad was planed as white from the beginning. Dan wanted to show a mixed family.

>>116359216>Well they did want to have a diverse castpozzed

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>>116355518They will. In the USA at least, we still have a solid 2 years of pandemic ahead of us

>>116359216They could have a Japanese father and a white mother, just for variety sake

>>116360409dats raycisNo, really, the woke mob would say that.

>>116352353>Boom Infernal

>>116360588Nobody complained when The Loud House did it.

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I find the whole show to be boring and cringy as fuck. The titular glitches are nothing like real game glitches, and they basically resort to video game characters escaping into real world, a'la ghostbusters. And I really don't like the whole gaming lingo they are using. I wouldn't be surprised if Netlix drops this after S2, unless they make drastic improvements.

>>116361341What's wrong with the gamer lingo?

>>116351373Gaming, gamer girl underwear

>>116361226Considering actual children watch TLH, it seems the staff add diversity because they want to rather than a publicity stunt or twitter bait. I'm not into the show but at least I can respect that

>>116361543Not him, but contemporary gaming/internet culture ages like milk, and is pretty fucking cringe more often than not. Glitch Techs isn't as egregious as other shows about vidya, but it could still do well without it for a more timeless experience.

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>>116351355Where's the rest of this porn comic?


>>116355639>>116355659>>116355686Why you skippin pages, bruv