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>>116347022Is that true?

>>116347022what isn't nowadays what makes tik tok so special ?

if you think tiktok is bad wait till you hear about the NSA and the patriot act

>>116347102Ah, yes. The iron patriot.

>>116347022if only you knew how bad things really are

>>116347078Possible connections to the Chinese government.

>>116347102>BUT BUT BUT WHAT ABOUT -

>>116347022This but so is every major social media site, especially twitter and facebook. They've been shilled specifically because of that.

>>116347283imagine being the poor chinese agent that has to sift through all the zoomers

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Can't believe Bald and Pig are still making that shitty comic.


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>>116347283>PossibleAnon if you don't think they have a finger in that pie you're beyond naive.

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>>116347022I can't believe this song is that well known.

>>116347399Eh. I'm not reading it anymore but it's still alright-ish, in a Friends sort of way. Never great, never a catastrofuck.

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They used to make edgier comics years ago, but since their kids came of age and are actually able to read their shit, they've mellowed out to the most boring bullshit ever.Ironic, since they used to be South Park levels of edgy.

>>116347563Absolutely, the comic is more insubstantial now even though never really diving into mediocrity. It's decent shallow entertainment with a somewhat on-the-pulse vidya theme.

>>116347283Possible enough for the US Gov to consider banning it. Combined with Twitter's recent security leaks, things are about to get very interesting

>>116347102>opens fire upon store employees asking you to wear a mask

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>Reading this comic is like drawing seven fucking mana in a row. >Anybody?

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>>116347078President Man got trolled by zoomers. Now he's afraid for his re-election chances.

>>116347957>afraid for his re-election chances

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>>116347102>NSATrump ended that program a few years ago.>>116347886>wear a maskB-b-b-but masks are the new symbol of oppression!

>>116347022Haha TikTok Chinese gubberment surveillance so I don't use it. Anyway I'm gonna go play League Of Legends.

>>116347283>connections to the Chinese government.To reiterate what user said, what makes tik tok so special ?

>>116347868>Social media gets banned because of inherent security risksplease please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FUCKING PLEASE

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>>116347535The art genuinely looks worse now.

>>116348007>Trump ended that program a few years

>>116347901My next draw will be really good!

>>116347399Pretty sure they don't even write or draw it anymore.

>>116348002Lmao imagine actually thinking this when Biden is competitive in fucking Texas

>>116347022What are some timeless good and funny comics?i tried reading The one about the bird and the bear, but that shit was clearly a product of the time, shit's dated as fuck

>>116348197Dunno if they've actually managed any in the last decade or a half? Shit's good, as OP put it, for light chuckles.

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>>116348197"Sword" is timeless.

>>116348069Mid/late 2000s artstyle was the best. Also holy shit this comic is 22 years old

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>>116348002Donnie just fucked all the corporations by impeding their ability to bring Chinese over on visas and pay them $10,000/year. We're about to see the biggest media smear campaign in history. 100% chance those tax returns are gonna leak.

>>116347102One is done by a government to possibly protect its citizens and sovereignty. The other is done by a foreign power, almost certainly to subvert. Which is better?

>>116348197Sea Lion because it manages to infuriate like nothing else

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>>116348197Found Cake.

Why didn't this rape joke almost end their careers like dickwolves did?

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>>116347901Reading this comic is like folding every hand the instant you get it

>>116348002>only correct 25/27 times>predicted al gore winningget the fuck out of here with that nazi bullshit

>>116347022something about combining an old flash in the pan meme with zoomer bullshit and shit artstyle fills me with a strong desire to hurt the person who made this.

>>116348579>to possibly protectlol

>>116348104I dunno why people keep saying this when it literally takes them like an hour a strip at most. They do (well, did) the shit live in front a packed theater like every other month and most of that time is dicking around with the audience while Mike draws

>>116348197The Achewood stoned softball arc is the greatest series of comics in Internet

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>>116347868>Possible enough for the US Gov to consider banning it.That's just Orange Man doing his standard hostage based business negotiations.


>>116347901I got back into buying MTG cards again recently.Lord help me.

>>116348551>We're about to see the biggest media smear campaign in historyThat started, and is currently ongoing, since Trump announced his candidacy.

>>116347283>possibleMultiple nations have banned it,

>>116347563"Edgey" meaning slightly more thoughtout rape jokes and overdone observational humor on video games.

>rhyming ‘gator’ with ‘gator’

>>116347125Rumor says that you can still smell Norman Osborn's hair gel in the suit.



>>116348002>He's guaranteed to win! Look at these poll numbersNow doesn't that sound familiar...

>>116348579That's not only false, they're both fucking wrong you god damn boot licker.

>>116351533Don't be catty, user. He's just a poor retard.

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>>116347022This is fine. Not really any reason for it to be a comic though. It's more of a "funny tweet".

>>116347563>>116348535>these dudes were in college when it started>characters are based on them when they were around 20~ years old>now they are past middle ageSo what's the next step here? Is it like aging rockstars where they're inherently in a profession that makes more sense as a sidegig/hobby for under-35s but they have nothing else to fall back on so they're gonna keep going until they're either considered "classic comic artists" or they just fade away?Will we reach a point where bald and piglike are drawn by their sons, continuing the family business from a new perspective?

Gabe and Tycho make me fear for my own career as a writer, because it's my ultimate goal to also get married and have kids. Am I going to mellow out and turn lame and toothless when I'm a dad, just like they have?

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>>116351862>get married and have kidsI cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

>>116348197This one never fails for me. Evey now and then some vidya failure pops up that reminds you of it as well, so it's sort of timeless.

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>>116351862>yfw a video game frog gets x20 more game than you do

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>>116348672Everybody knows those games exist. Inserting fur rape slavery into WoW, kinda borders on creepy fanfic territory. Plus the word itself is memetic. Do I really have to explain this?

>>116351862Bear in mind they're also on a huge fucking dose of antidepressants.

>>116348148like hillary?comics and cartoons

>>116351920>TFW your wife actually collected BS cards....

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>>116347102Well, it's no open secret that the Patriot Act exists. That good ol' Uncle Sam is spying on you pretty much nonstop. That your phone is just sorta ambiently collecting shit tons of data. But, for me, why would I want the Chinese to have anything on me too? I trust them even less than I do my own government.

>>116352317I don't believe you have a wife. Enjoy your BS cards, alone.

>>116349424Subway Wars is still my favorite arc of that. Fuck Pat!

You have to be stupid if you didn't honestly think a app made in China isn't used to spy on foreigners. You literally must be a moron.

>>116352814All apps spy on people

>>116347022i giggled and am now closing the thread while you all rip your dicks off about shit you will have zero affect on>>116351716also true

>>116352840China is the worst nation to have spy on you.

>from kings of the internet to washed up has-beens truly a tragic tale

>>116353107lol they will still probably pull in over a million bucks this year even with the rona

>>116347022This is correct. Also holy shit pa still exists?

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>>116348069The drawings (especially the faces) are over-detailed to the point of being hideous. John K. syndrome.

>>116353107They pivoted away from webcomics and became the hosts of some of the largest video game conventions in the world. It's a fuckload better than the VG Cats guy who had the internet eating out of the palm of his hand and then squandered the whole thing.

>>116352317post em

>>116348044God I fucking hope. Silver age of the internet, here we come.

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>>116349424>Not The Great Outdoor Fight>3 Days, 3 Acres, 3,000 Men

>>116351920>Select the pistol, and then, select your horse.You can tell Tycho sperged out HARD over the comma placement in this sentence. And it absolutely works, I can't read it without cracking up.

>>116348002>March, 2020Good thing no major events have happened between now and then that'd massively change the outcome.

>>116354690You mean people shitting their pants about the flu?

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>>116347868>Twitter's recent security leaksInform me.

>>116347533It's just a quirky retard rhyme meme. Mainly used by literal autists.

>>116347868Like politicians would ban cheap and easy ad space.


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>>116354882Blue Checkmarks got hacked.

>>116347317>saying something else is bad is automatically whataboutism

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>>116347399They found the right agent and started making massive bank on it so of course they would make it ad infinitum. What you should be surprised about is that Weeb Archie is still doing his shitty comic even though the two mains barely show up anymore.

>>116347022Holy shit is that what they really look like now?

>>116347078>what makes tik tok so special ?Dancing naked girls in the palm of your hand, the appeal is that instead of porn sluts it's the girl next door

>>116347535Christ, I didn’t think the art could get any worse.>>116348313

>>116354882Specifically, a bunch of ultra-high profile people (Bill Gates, Obama, Elon Musk, etc.) got hacked by a Bitcoin duping scammer. Somewhere around $150,000 in bitcoin got scammed in under 2 hours before Twitter got their shit together. It's not clear if it's actually the accounts themselves that got hacked, or some Twitter admin's account.


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>>116351742>until they're considered "classic comic artists"Uh they kind of already are. They'll be remembered long after PA ends.>tfw it was possible to go from drawing a vidya webcomic to running one of the biggest gaming conventions in the industry

>>116353373Man, that's a sad tale. Now he draws porn of his characters to pay the bills. My life is pretty shit but at least I'm not Scotty

>>116357114This. It's basically the Garfield of webcomics these days. Although maybe that's not quite accurate since there was a time when PA wasn't phoned in, which we know has never been the case for Garfield

>>116357343Garfield for people who wish they were 80s kids living in the late 90s.

>>116347078It gives the illusion of talent to vapid idiots.

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>>116347022I have Windows 10 on my PC. My iphone has a thumbprint lock on it. I'm already infested with spyware, I'm on the grid, the extradimensional lizards probably have my robot replacement on standby.

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>>116347353They don't need to it harvests phone data.They're not even looking at the videos.

>>116357142>instead of porn sluts it's the girl next doorWho may very well be underage. Almost certainly so. Have you seen what the youth are up to?

>>116348007>Trump ended that program a few years ago.Imagine unironically writing something this misinformed and retarded.Let me guess, Trump doesn't have connections with Epstein because he "banned him from his properties" right?

>>116348007>Trump ended that program a few years ago.And Edward Snowden is a lying traitor, right? What a load of shit.

>>116358698Tiktok is a pedo haven.

>>116348597I notice this behavior in autistic people.They just can't figure out when the time for argument is over.I have a subordinate at work who is like this, I'm literally to busy to argue about some instructions I gave her and she'd try to follow me around asking for a five-point presentation on why she has to get the assignment instead of the other people and why can't we just "discuss" things and it's like shut the fuck up and do your fucking job you are literally being paid money to do this you entitled fucking dickhead shut the fuck up. Christ.

>>116351953That's not correct.20 x 0 is still 0.

>>116347022I actively use Discord to communicate with friends, an app which is run by cub faggots and I just recently updated Windows 10 on my laptop, something which everyone knows is used to spy on it's users every dayMe not using Tik Tok is the least of my concern and people who use it are both hero's and idiots for turning it into Vine 2.0 so we don't suffer another Musically and for not knowing Tik Tok is just musically which was bought out by the chinese

>>116354855>Just the fluYes. Because the flu has never been a major social issue.

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This was the last one to get anything more than a giggle out of me... so I consider this a good year for them.

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>>116351862Yes, yes you will.It happens to creators in practically every field.The upside is that you will not care that you are a toothless hack, you will be happy.That is the trade-off.Apathy for your craft will consume you and everyone who isn't will anger you as they remind you of the fact that you are pussy-whipped bitch who use to care about things.

>>116348030>2020>League of Legendsshiggy

>>116348035underage girls shaking their babyfat asses and budding tits.

>>116348035Social networking apps developed by Chinese corporations tend to have deliberate backdoors placed in because of state funding. WeChat is a pretty famous example, especially with their automatic content filters (which can be repurposed to flag individuals instead of blocking them). It's a blurry distinction since the NSA obviously places backdoors into everything as well, but that's not a great excuse to be totally nihilistic about foreign surveillance just because our domestic policies have issues too.

>>116354618because its what a videogame WOULD say in a tutorial.

>>116347535Real talk, I've never gotten a single joke in any PA comic. It's just the characters talking about boring shit like they're at a water cooler.What was the appeal?

I wish I had both Poker Nights on my PC, but I got one on PS3 for some reason.

>>116351862I wrote a comic strip an artist friend drew for our college newspaper. Even had a Pac-Man shirt in a few strips. Pretty sure my writing was already mellow and lame.

>>116347901Checking, it's the cool thing to do.