Stella and The Metal Men Thread

It's time for Stella SaturdayAny drawfags here

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>>116345543Literally me.

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>>116345543I'm thinking about this bad guy as, say, the 1st heavy hitter that leads the story to outside of Earth. Not necessarily that they'll have to venture out into space but it makes things known to Stella and co that there are external threats still interested in Earth. I'm omitting thinking about Steven and Gems' place in the story because of my sheer aggressive disinterest in that show.I don't know how to implement him though. Being a slow-burn kinda guy, I'd prefer if there was enough time to show the beginning of Stella and her uncles as they go on a few adventures so that we get a good sense of them. Maybe have Allan Mine interrupt them occasionally on a few adventures while helping them in others because I sort of like the idea of him being on Stella's side. (Need to get the villains list again..)But from what I read of this bald dude, I think he makes a good first heavy hitter. Being a priest who becomes obsessed with advancing humans, serving the Metal Men in secret. Let's say bald priest here discovered a cache of Metal Men tech as a simple priest in a small town somewhat far from Stella's town. He's investigating because some of the townsfolk reported to him about some weird rumbling or explosion that happened just out of their town. That's when he gets his gold nanotech.At first, as he's trying to recover from the event, he's not immediately turned evil. Later on, as he experienced the improvements from gold nanotech embedded in him, delusions of grandeur start to get to him, changing him from a humble old priest to someone seeking to change humanity. I don't know how to connect him to Gold yet. Maybe because of the tech stuff, Gold was able to reconnect him to a network of sorts and that's how he's able to reach to the priest.

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Anyone got descriptions about the villains? I know that noble or rare metals look more like humans so I'm assuming Gold, Plutonium and Titanium looks very much human-like (what about Carbon Black then?). Just add some flavors to em, like how Gold Leaf is somewhat like Michaelangelo's sculpture. Maybe a visual gag where Stella's mom recalls stuff about him when talking to Stella, he'd appear completely nude with a clover leaf covering his magnanimous Aurum.I've done Allan Mine but tweaks and suggestions are fine.

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>Bronze is among top 10 global GMs>Chrome's way better at thinking multiple steps ahead and the games they play against each other usually go in his favour, but he decides to apply these skills by playing fighting games at the bar/local tournaments, because chess are just boring for him

Great news. This is our 20th thread. Here's a pastebin for the previous

>>116346090How joyous.Let's see if we can crawl our way to the 1 year anniversary without dying.

>>116345967I think there was a description someone made a few threads ago but i don't have the link

>>116345831>>116345967These are great. Have you done a pic of Doctor Koyle yet?

For those who missed it, a new race has been introduced in the last thread, the diverse merchant race, the Slimes!

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>>116346634IS he the German guy, should our two German antagonist be related somehow or just let it be a fun little coincidence

>>116346655I like da slimes. They are cool and squishy

Hey guys, so I’m the guy who originally cane up with the first concept for the character of Carol. I really like how she’s grown, but there is one part of the thought process of her creation that I think you all should know about Originally when making her, I couldn’t decide if her name should be Carol or Lily, so I flipped a coin. Do what you wish with that information. Maybe make it a last name, middle name, relative, or nothing at all I just wanted to share a small fun fact

>>116347077I think this kind of thing makes it fitting for Carol to have it as her middle name, since it's literally her second name.But, what should be her last one?She doesn't have one, as far as I remember.

>>116347157I’m not sure, but it should definitely mean or reference something, as all names in fiction hold meaning for example Stella means star and firefly as well as possibly referencing Stella McCartney. Stella is also related to the name Estelle which could reference Saint Estelle, a martyr and the patron saint of Félibrige all names have meaning

>>116347632I've actually suggested for Stella's middle name to be "Svetlana" or it's diminutive "Sveta" becuase it's still in line with her character theme ("svet" means "light" in russian and other cyrillic languages) and it's also a callback to her being of slavic descent.

>>116347819Sounds cool! It would also make her initials spell out SSS which could be a fun little reference due to her military background


Al Mine’s middle name should start with a T. Then his initials will spell out ATM

>>116345967>'s some descriptions for the Human Villains.

>>116346655just remember to keep them as a background race. the focus should be stella and the metal men including alice of course. at best make our characters use slime items at random times on normal stories.

>>116348982Oops. Here it is.>Doctor Von Koyle:An evil German scientist who’s basically a Dr Robotnik like figure. He wants to help humanity, but his methods are seen as less than moral. He wants to use Stella in his master plan>Mafia kid (Michael)The son of a mafia boss that swore revenge on Iron for the imprisonment of his father. He constantly goes through Wile E Coyote esque schemes to try to get back at Iron>ConradThe grandson of a veteran with a birth defect that left him with only one arm. He has a grudge against Stella for having what he doesn’t, including his family’s respect>Al MineAn extremely round, muscular, and “sexy” treasure hunter who steals metal artifacts. His sole motivation is greed and he’s basically the Stella equivalent to Wario. He’s not that bad once you get to know him>the Priest(needs a name)A priest who was infected with gold metal nanomachines that turned him into a chilling cyborg with golden angelic wings. He wants to elevate humanity so that they may serve the metals, by turning all humans into what he is>AbsurdityAlternate future version of Stella who lost herself in the Shadow Realm but survived due to her golden heart. Came out the other side as a lunatic spirit. She acts like a child, trolls Stella constantly, and dresses a bit like a magicianShe has very minor reality warping powers due to her semi-shadow status

>>116345967Since Carbon Black is supposed to be based off of Armstrong and Yujiro, I've imagined him having a body full of metal "pipes" that emulate musculature and veins.

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>>116349032>He has a grudge against Stella for having what he doesn’t, including his family’s respectGuy who came up with the idea here, i wouldn't call it a grudge, more like confused envy

>>116349032>the Priest(needs a name)didn't we agreed to keep the priest nameless just call him the Prophet of the Golden Heavens (Prophet for short)

>>116349742Okay. Sounds good to me.

>"IT WERE THE FUCKING GEMS!">"Plutonium, please try to behave yourself.">"IT'S OBVIOUS! SUCH MALFUNCTION MUST'VE BEEN THE ACT OF INDUSTRIAL TERRORISM! WE SHOULD PREPARE THE FLEET!">"Ha-ha, yes! It's been a while since I've shattered a good Gem!">"An absolutely radiant idea! Incursion upon the Gem colony might provide a nessesary jolt to the Cores of plebieans.">"SO, IT'S UNANIMOUS! WHITE?!">"...Well, if there's any conclusive evidence that the accident was of Gem involvement, then I suppose this could be considered an act of aggression.">"...Evidence...?">"By the fires... I am appointing a White Guard representative to conduct investigation. If enough evidence is to be accumulated, we'll go "your way" about it? How does that sound?">*sounds of actual, nuclear seething* "...Fine.">"Evidence? Aww, you're no fun, Whitey.">"I agree! I've never needed to be wronged by Gems to crush them, I just did it!">*Sigh* Let's just get carry on with our meeting. Let's see... Ah, here we go! Our next topic: military spendings..."

>>116349742The list was made before he had a name

>>116349032>Doctor Von Koyle>He wants to help humanity, but his methods are seen as less than moral. He wants to use Stella in his master planhow will he do this? will he use metals to make humans stronger or as a way to cure their ailments? it feels as if his methods will be similar to the prophet

And now, the new addition to "I've remembered some song and started to associate it with a character from this AU for some reason"

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>>116348916Maybe Theodore?

>>116350387To be fair they do fill separate niches.The Doctor is basically a Eggman styled mad scientist with all that entails.The Priest is shaping up to be our first major villain who's basically planning to sell out humanity.

>>116345543Anyone here from the G1?

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>>116351747Not that I'm aware of. No



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Does anyone else have headcanon voices/voice actors in mind for the characters? These are mine.>Gold: Tim Curry>Plutonium Green: Mark Hamill>Gold Leaf: SungWon Cho>Iron: David Tennant>Chrome: John DiMaggio>Bronze: Christopher Sabat>Stella: Melissa Fahn>Al Mine: Charles Martinet (duh)>The Priest: Keith Silverstein>Doctor Koyle: Dee Bradley Baker

>>116353491What about Michael, Alice, Carol, Cobalt, Doughnut, and Pyrite

>>116353581I don’t have set voices for those characters yet. I was thinking Tara Strong for Carol but that’s a little too obvious is it? Plus she’d sound like Bubbles which would be too young sounding for her.

>Stella's menstruations blood is gold and she sells it

>A bunch of crooks try to take Alice hostage to blackmail Stella. Alice utterly humiliates them and goes back home by the end of the episode

>>116354245.N. .O. .T. .A. .G. .A. .I. .N.

>>116354431Just ignore him

>>116354447 that was the plan, but it’s kinda funny to do the not again with periods in between. It kinda looks like giant letters with tiny people standing between them

>>116353581Is Doughnut that femboy

>>116354245Ok, definitive answer time:Stella's blood is indeed molten metal to some degree, but she does not menstruate.Here.You can stop now.

>>116354447don't break the tradition

>>116355483So she can't have babies

>>116355900She can, there's just no need for menstruation biologically speaking since she can regenerate.Don't know if her regeneration's strong enough to theoretically fix a busted cherry, just like in all these memes about X-23.

>>116354423>she just keeps them occupied with bantz until Iron shows up and lights their asses up with rubber slugs

So, I’m finally getting around to watching Mob Psycho 100, and after watching some more episodes, I thought of a fun question for this thread How would Stella fare against a powerful psychic? One that could do all the typical powers, as in shields, telekinesis, psychic blasts, etcHow would Stella fare in that battle?

So should Stella have a boyfriend

>>116356562Only if he’s a chad who genuinely cares about her and isn’t just a lazy self insert

>>116356669So, maybe an already established character

>>116356690Who do we even have that fits that role?

>>116356562>>116356669This show doesn’t have any Chads. Except for Chad Steven maybe but he’s got mental issues


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>>116356837>has multiple "weapons" she gets as the time goes on>is a cyborg, just like Raiden>is a cheerleader, just like Juliet from Lollypop Chainsaw>can replace broken mechanical arms and and get a power-up from being really fucking angry like Asura>her father is pretty much Sparda with every instance of "demon" replaced by "alien">has a goddamn sibling rivalThreadly reminder that Stella is just a character action game reference powerhouse.

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>>116356724idk, we'd have to look through the catalog of characters>>116356782Doesn't have to be a chad

>>116357191>is a cheerleaderShe isn't

>>116357283She is

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>>116357324>>116357499That's not concrete

>>116357564Please provide your reasoning as to why this shouldn't be a thing.

>>116357564But it does spice up the fight scenes with gymnastics

>>116357600>>116357608I'm not saying it shouldn't be a thing, i'm just saying that one or two Anons pushing the idea isn't enough

>>116358181We aren’t pushing the idea, and the idea has existed for a while. There are even some short greentexts in previous threads Also, I remember one user saying that Stella enjoyed cheerleading because it was genuinely challenging due to all the different routines, and she couldn’t just brute force her way to victory

>>116358181Oh, I've seen ideas that were "pushed by one or two Anons" in these threads before and, trust me, it's not one of them.Plus, it actually builds upon an established character.

>>116358233>>116358287Well OK then


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>>116357260There’s just not a lot of characters in that age group

>>116359040Well who do we have

>>116359125Steven, Peedee, Jeff, who got a broken arm from Connie. Daniel, the black kid from Bismuth Casual

>>116359159We aren't talking about SU characters

>>116356562No.She's barely started opening up enough to have friends.Being romantically involved, escpessially at this age is a really intimate thing, so it would skip over a huge chunk of character development.

>are metals and gems the only weird things on Earth? Or are there a few other things? Like yetis, ghosts, espers, magic, Santa, or Australian wombat goblins?

>>116361712>are metals and gems the only weird things on Earth?Very likely, but that doesn't stop Stella, Chrome and their twice-a-month innawood hunts for cryptids.

>>116362538>that one time they found an actual wendigo /k/ and /x/ like to call them skinwalkers, but that’s not what they are, most innawood spooky stories call it a skinwalker and then describe a wendigo. I know cuz I’m a mythology nerd