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Post em, rate em, hate em, rec em, allowed.From top left clockwise:>Batman: Black and White (1996)>Bleach>Hellboy>Nichijou>Usagi Yojimbo>Maus: A Survivor's Tale>Bartkira>Lost at Sea>Watchmen

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>>116343733>Batman: Black and White (1996)having a single pinup page is kinda cheating

4x4 because I'm extra

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And my to read/currently reading pile. Earth X is... not great. The Invisibles is whacked though.

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I really need to read more comics

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>>116343733You need to read more. Your taste is extremely basic and underdeveloped. >BleachYou also need to be over 18.

>>116345303You really like some mainstream overrated pieces>Black Hole>Hulk>Flintstones>Watchmen>Hawkeye>Scott Pilgrim>SandmanAll of those will be replaced naturally as you read more. At least I'll give you credit for drawing attention to Jimmy Olsen, which went unnoticed.

>>116343733I see your tastes haven't changed

>>116345399>Scottie Youngdropped.Also, including two pieces from the same author shows amazing short-sightedness and a lack of knowledge.

Some comics I bought are coming in the mail so this could possibly change, sorry for not having the most deep and philosophical comics lol.

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>>116347255We have an expert here! Tell us, how much does it pay to be a professional dickhead?

>>116347788Why don't you read more comics?


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>>116348759I would use my laptop more if the screen wasn’t fucked up.

>>116343733Turtles, Cerebus and savage sword.Swamp thing, hellblazer and sandman.Toppi, wolf & cub and turok(would have done akira but I sold the few I had a few years ago for rent)

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>>116348759Kaiju max?Also casual imo.

>>116348805Just rename your photos on your phone so people can’t tell if you’re worried about being called out by trolls.

>>116348314I bet I read more than you, but I'm not being an asshole about it.

>>116345399>>116347255Replace Multiversity with John Ostrander's Suicide Squad and replace I Hate Fairyland with Marshall Law in that case. I'll make a new chart next time we have one of these threads.

>>116347788>>116348314>>116347255>>116349316Just make out already, fuck.

>>116347230I get that my tastes are pretty mainstream, top of the "best graphic novel" lists - sure. But Watchmen and Sandman have had such an impact on me, I doubt they'll ever move on. There's a reason they're so highly rated (n.b. - highly rated is not synonymous with "overrated").Scott Pilgrim is on there for nostalgic reasons, more than anything.

>>116349625Sandman IS overrated. It's practically trash. Don't worry, it'll phase out of your lists naturally as you read more.

>>116349625You can’t go wrong with entertainment as easily with mainstream publishers as you can with the obscure and lesser known publishers.Also mainstream publishers have insane art, almost every issue, some of the stuff gets web com-icy but read interviews with those writers and artists you like and they will drop title and artist names for the lesser known titles so you don’t have to rummage through them yourself.90% of Indy and limited print published stuff is shit, so don’t let these hipster “I’m so underground” trolls influence what you enjoy.

>>116349642This is bullshit, as you read more you’ll see how influential Neil was with sandman and love it more.

>>116349720>other comics being influenced by it makes it less shit

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>>116349734It’s not shit, it’s just dated.Don’t have modern standards of what new and innovative when you read old material and it won’t taste so bad.You’re probably one of those people who says “why does everyone talk so much about the Kirby/Lee fantastic four? It’s shit”My only assumption about someone having such a narrow perspective is that you read sequential at face value solely for mindless entertainment: You don’t study sequential or literary form in your leisure, you only read.

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>>116349863Don't spend so much time writing assumptions about people; it makes you look bad. I included Kirby's (it wasn't Lee's) FF in my chart.Sandman is a lackluster work.

>>116349889It only makes you look bad if you’re wrong.Since you’re someone who writes Lee out of FF I’ll restate my assumption of your character: you bandwagon edgy opinions and then choose what you read-

>>116349994>I, who go along with the consensus of sandman because it's the first comic I read, am the independent thinker here, and you the bandwagoner

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>>116349889This is my chart.>>116348848Did you read swampthing and hellblazer before or after sandman?

>>116350021First comic I read was spawn #21 and the MIB movie adaptation. Didn’t you just tell me not to make assumptions?I read sandman for the first time when jh Williams drew overture in like 2012. I then went back and read swampthing, hellblazer and then sandman.

I'll post my three 3x3s. I'll comment on things in a bit.

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>>116351027Label these please, love and rockets is #6?

>>116351027Some color.>>116351106Correct.>Tardi's WWI comics, Alec, Frank>Perramus, From Hell, Love and Rockets>Alack Sinner, Bacchus, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright

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>>116351544How is the squadron supreme series and which starman series is that?

>>116351544I always wondered how good the squadron supreme series was,which starman series is that?

>>116351144Top and bottom left, bottom right?

>>116351700>Top leftThe Man Without Talent/Munou no Hito>Bottom leftNausicaa of the Valley of the Wind>Bottom rightAbara

>>116351606>>116351624That's from covers from Robinson's Starman.Squadron Supreme is one of the first takes on dark&gritty capes and I think it's the best Justice League comic ever. Enough to say Gruenwald asked for his ashes to be mixed with the ink used to print the first editions of TPBs when he dies.

>>116345316We've got some of the same things to read.>Earth X is... not great.I was expecting this.>The Invisibles is whacked though.I liked The Invisibles well enough. I need to revisit it, though.>>116345399>>116345656Fellow Tintinbros.>>116347230Watchmen is rated appropriately. I more or less agree with the rest, and throw Transmetropolitan in there as well.>>116347390Hey, man. You like what you like. That being said, don't you find it a bit redundant to have two Waid Flash comics on there?>>116348759I like Jason.>>116348848Nice.>>116349439Just put what you like best on the grid. Don't listen to that dude.

These are the ones that stuck with me the most over the years.

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>>116349709>90% of Indy and limited print published stuff is shit, so don’t let these hipster “I’m so underground” trolls influence what you enjoy.I've been reading comics for about ten years and I still think I've got loads to uncover. I don't feel any urgency either - at any one moment I've got loads of great stuff to read, at the moment I'm doing a "study" of Alan Moore. I'm not interested in letting anyone influence what I enjoy but I'm always open to recommendations!>>116349642Fuck, the more comics I read the better Sandman looks. The fact DC published this 'in universe' must have been the company's peak. That being said I preferred the early "pulp horror" feel to the later literary fantasy approach.>>116353027Earth X is fine, I suppose. I'm so glad I didn't buy the omnibus though. What I've read so far is basically a conversation between Watchers narrating things, so there's a bit of a dissconnect with events.

>>116354231>The fact DC published this 'in universe' must have been the company's peak.LOL

>>116354247Fuck you man, what was the peak then?

>>116354468Moore. Kirby. Morrison. O'Neil. Grant. Miller. Grell. Robinson.

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>>116354520>Moore. Kirby. Morrison. O'Neil. Grant. Miller. Grell. Robinson.They all walked so Gaiman could run

>>116354739Jesus Christ. I hate nu/co/'s low barrier of entry.

De Cape et de Crocs / Le Génie des Alpages / Partie de ChasseLove and Rockets / Sandman / Rice BoyNausicaa / Ghost in the Shell / Hikaru no GoI've been entering my comics in a management website, finding the right editions is a pain in the ass. It's usually not a problem for eurocomics since the content doesn't change (though it's nice to know that you have an original edition), but I spent 1h to understand the different ways Usagi Yojimbo was published. Plus apparently the big Dark Horse TPB are out of print and I only have the 1 and 2.>>116345656>bottom rightI don't think you need to specify honestly

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>>116355169>I don't think you need to specify honestlyWhy do you think this?

>>116355178Because everyone who know Asterix know that Uderzo was a shitty writer

>>116355316I don't know, there's probably some people who would include the entire comic, including the issues which Uderzo wrote.

>>116354753To be fair, if old/co/ produced the likes of you then anything is an improvement. What's your 3x3?

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>>116355560This is enjoyably idiosyncratic. What's between FH and LOEG? Why Marvel Adventures Avengers?What's the appeal of JLI?(I'm not interrogating, just curious)

>>116355791 James Robinson's run on Starman. Sometimes it's nice to read some less serious stuff. With JLI I really enjoy them being somewhat dumb underdogs. Plus Booster and Beetle are great.

>>116349863Those Essentials are great


>>116354753>>116354520>>116354247>>116350021>>116349889>>116349734>>116349642This guy sucks.Bro if you don’t like something keep it to yourself, don’t shut on other peoples style and preference because it isn’t yours.Talk about what’s good, less about what’s bad and why: you might get laid more often.

>>116351544I didn't like The Incal as much as The Metabarons or other Moebius comics. I didn't love Squadron Supreme or Starman. I've never read Busiek Avengers and haven't arrived to that part of Astro City. Dark Age seems pretty divisive among the fans. Love the rest.>>116353089I've only read Sumire and didn't care for it.>>116354520>>116354739I'd put Moore and Miller over Gaiman, easily.>>116354600Lots of Vertigo/proto-Vertigo.Is that Kid Eternity? I haven't read it.What Moebius comic does that Moebius image represent? I've seen used on The Incal and The Long Tomorrow.>>116355169I'm still working on that French.>>116355560I've only read half of these.

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>>116348759What's the 2nd middle row and 3rd left one

>>116360525DV8 and This One Summer

>>116349720What great works did Sandman influence?

>>116362022Here I’ll use google for you instead of pretending I’m some expert like

>Men In Black, Dr. McNinja, The Goon>S.C.U.D., The Disposable Assassin, Usagi Yojimbo, Akiko>Blacksad, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, BoneI like three things in my comics:Extremely Detailed Scenery PornHumorand DEEP HURTING

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>>116347189>>116347230Nigger, this is Holla Forums, not /lit/. It's just comic books, not the western canon. Don't be a pretentious faggot about popular culture.

>>116362773So the answer is none. Why didn't you just say that?