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>>116343132I got this yesterday. really fucking good. So far I have read "Assasin Child", "Drippin'" and "They Live in Me". All of them are great. Tawaraya's art is amazing

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As mentioned before, are the Hilda books worth checking out? I absolutely adore the show and I want to buy more content involving the little gal.

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>>116343268Haven't read them yet but everybody seems to like them. I'm going to buy the first one this week

>>116343132I'm envious of your Conan books. Great shelf

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>>116343503My new shelf for older stuff translated translated into danish like Conan and Sláine

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>>116343503Thanks, Marvel is doing an amazing job with Conan.You shelf looks great as well. Where would you recommend me to start with Hellboy?>>116343517Fuck that print looks amazing

A madman actually just opened up a comic shop in my town (apparently he had the building and a lot of stock pre-lockdown) but then lockdown happened and he couldn't open.He doesn't sell much floppies right now which is fine I don't buy floppies but I thought I'd help him out.Plus I was able to finish my prophet collection after sort of forgetting about it after volume 2.£35 quid for all 3 which isn't too bad for brick and mortar.

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>>116343577Just a shame they are so expensive now. I looked for #1 without any luck.Start with Seed of Destruction and then finish the main hellboy story from there. They released a nifty new omnibus for people new to the series. If you like it then begin to read B.P.R.D. That's how i started.

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>>116343517>SlaineYou're alright in my book lad.

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>>116343517That’s a nice looking goat skull.

>>116343637>I looked for #1 without any luckI'm not sure but I think they are repinting both #1s later this year>They released a nifty new omnibus for people new to the seriesI'll check it out. Should I get the omnis or the library editions? Any significant difference between these two editions?

>>116343670Thanks, my fiance got it for me a few years ago. It's made out of plastic, but you can mount it easily on the wall. I can properly get the link if you want?>>116343686>I'm not sure but I think they are repinting both #1s later this yearGreat. Thanks for the heads up. I don't have any social media, so I find it hard to keep up with what's coming out when and where.>>116343686I'm not sure, I think they might be in a more chronological order. It's hard to say which to get. I love the library editions to death, but they can be a hassle to read.

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Anyone else getting the Frazetta artbook that drops next week? I'd completely forgotten about it until I started a replay of Dragon's Crown today.Looks great!youtube.com/watch?v=6P0kLr9rkJU

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>>116343729>I can properly get the link if you want?Sure, I always liked me some plastic animal skulls.

>>116343747www.amazon DOT co DOT uk/Skull-Plaque-Realistic-Effect-Finish/dp/B00UTIW9WK

Fuck it I can't sleep, so I'll post my collection, I don’t have a shelf or anything, and since I'm a poorfag I don’t have a lot of rare stuff or actually anything really special.Also, some recommendations for either buying cheap comics on a third world country or sleeping. My brain is a mush.

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>>116343793Thanks mate.

Only thing I've picked up recently. Though I do want to put together a larger order soon since it has been over a year from my last.

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>>116344549Fucking sideways pic. Sorry about that.

>>116344549Nice, I really enjoyed this one

>>116343132bought some volumes of monstress and the fire princess she-ra comic

>>116344588Awesome. I'm about a third of the way through it and I'm really enjoying it so far. I'll admit that one of the reasons I was interested in it is because the cover gave me a sort of Lost Planet vibe and I love those games. It isn't really like that, but I'm glad I picked it up.

Uncanny X-Force by Remender Omni is back up on IST finally if anyone hasn't checked yet, got an email from IST this morning.

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My shelf and the recent purchases. Also got Berserk Deluxe vol 5 few days ago.

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>>116344744Thanks for the heads up, I got my copy. How did you get a email from them saying it was released?

Got this on ebay for € 8, including delivery ^__^

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Is a $40 artgerm cover for WW a bad deal?

>>116344770That's really nice user.

Latest. Grabbed these at HPB yesterday. Interested to dive into both Tintin and Little Orphan Annie. I don't have much knowledge in classic Euro comics nor classic newspaper comics.>>116343146>>116343155>>116343167>>116343177Hell yeah. Hollow Press is a great publisher (barring some translation issues), and Tawaraya is one of my favorite artists. I have a huge print of his hanging in my living room.

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>>116345586Some other recent stuff. I highly recommend The Puetro Rican War. Really cool comic made entirely in woodcut.

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>>116345586>TintinBased, you better get "Red Rackham's Treasure". "The Secret of the Unicorn" is a two parter>barring some translation issuesOh yeah, most stuff from the Japanese dudes has a lot of Engrish. And they fucked up pretty bad with "The Princess of the Never-Ending Castle", I hope they fix the translation whenever they do a reprint>>116345608>The Puetro Rican WarI have been thinking about buying it since you posted about it a few threads ago. Could you take a couple of pics of it?

>>116343146Ordered the first Peter David X-Factor tpb and the second Love & Rockets book today. Not sure what else I want.

>>116345894Uh, meant for>>116343132

>>116345662I just grabbed whatever Tintin books they had at the store. I'll have to track down the other part of that story.Here are some pics of The Puerto Rican War.

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>>116346017Shit this looks amazing, I just placed my order. What carrier delivered your order? Just to calculate how long will take for it to get mine since Im not in the US. I can't find any info on shipping on his page

>Place Cheapgraphicnovels order on June 30th>Still not here

>>116343132>Elfquest 1 and 5>every First Kingdom book *except* the first>Don Rosa but no BarksHow the fuck do you collect, man?Nice Vampirella set, though.

I'm really picking up steam through the Mignolaverse, focusing on just Hellboy and BPRD so far. I finished Plague of Frogs and 1946-48, and noticed that The Drowning has a TPB solicited with stock dwindling (Dark & Terrible 2 is out of stock) so I'm grabbing Abe Sapien HCs before they're goneski.Don't tell my wife, bros, I already spent like $200 this month.>>116346357Did they end up "special ordering" the books you ordered? That's what happened with my Conans.

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I would like to thank the president and the US government for giving me a stimulus check I didn't need in order to buy al this. It just took a while to pick out what I wanted and for it to come out.

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>>116346454>Elfquest 1 and 5Got the first one and a week later the 5th one went on sale for like 6 bucks. I'm going to buy the rest at some point so I might as well go ahead and buy when they're cheap.>every First Kingdom book *except* the firstThis one fucking sucks, I got all 6 of them but after I placed my order they cancelled #1 saying it was "temporarily" out of stock. Now I can't find it anywhere>Don Rosa but no BarksI need to start with Barks but there is so much shit to buy I keep forgetting about it

>those 2000ad titlesGlad there's a couple of fans here.Honestly couldn't get into nemesis or flesh though.I got nemesis in nice hardback versions which collects more than the 3 'phone books' but I stopped reading after like book 4/5 where he goes down some time tunnel with the ABC warriors.Flesh just wasn't that great.Skizz and halo Jones are good though and Shakara is top quality.I struggle with a lot of the older 2000ad titles though, I never finished meltdown man, rogue trooper, ace trucking or robo-hunter.I like slaine and strontium dog (specifically strontium after grant teamed with Wagner but before and after the final solution, that just wants a good story arc.)>Question for 2000ad fans in the thread: favourite non dredd series?Pic somewhat related my current delivery from 2000ad ultimate collection and my current reading.

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>>116346500Wait is the second Immortal Hulk hardcover is already out?

>>116346500Dropping an emergency federal economic stimulus check on eight volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's is hilarious.

>>116346686>Flesh just wasn't that great.I just love dinos>Shakara is top qualityI didn't really care for it... The art is great but the story didn't click with me at all>Question for 2000ad fans in the thread: favourite non dredd series?I have only read whats on the OP but I would say either the first Nemesis books or Mazeworld

>>116347468>Just love dynosfair play lad.>MazeworldGood choice. Alan Grant is one of my GOAT writers. I wish he got more recognition. His run on batman was great. (He did it all despite being credited to him and John Wagner, Wagner left after 4-5 issues. But Grant didn't tell DC case they canned him)

>tfw no gf

>>116343503Very classy, how is the 3rd Blacksad? I’m digging into Hellboy and am loving how all the BPRD and everything looks.

>>116343623Fantastic series. Space Conan is the way I always sell it.

>>116343910I think there is a book called Seconds by the guy who did Scott Pilgrim you may like

>>116345894Decided to add the Alec omnibus. When in doubt, go with Campbell, right?

>>116346471>Did they end up "special ordering" the books you ordered?Nope just regular books.

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>>116346907Volume 2 was a week or two ago. >>116347118That's half the reason I did it.

>>116348011That's what attracted me to it originally. If I recall I think Graham said he wanted to our Conan Conan.

>>116343517>very classy>a fucking jerry can

could some of the recent bad shipping be from usps failing?

>>116349470This is on CGN's homepage.I've also sold a few things from WI on eBay this month. Of two things going to CT, one made it on time in three days, while the other is just now out for delivery and I shipped it on the 7th. Another to Iowa took almost a week. The two late packages barely moved from my zip code in four days, and then saw some activity. All three were sent first class package.USPS is definitely having a time right now.

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>>1163497652/2I know, I know, I got into comics with New 52 so it’s the bulk of my collection.

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Are there any creators doing mail in signings? Also, who are you most excited about potentially ordering from this comic con?

>>116349765I would never fuck with a Batman debate if you were around user. Curious, with all that Bat lore, 1. Who is objectively the best Batman2. What is your “save from a fire” favorite of of your bat books.

>>116349873Some have signed copies of their work on their webstores

>>116348558You should get the Eddie Campbell box set if you don't have Bacchus already

>>116350278Thank you user, I know Batman is considered normie stuff but I love it.My favorite Batman is probably Neal Adams Batman although most of 70s Batman is great. I’m not a huge fan of grimdark and angry Batman, and I think that era of Batman balances his personality well.I’ve thought of a fire happening in my place so many times, have to be honest, I’d probably either go for my Snyder volumes (those are the first Batman comics I ever read so they have sentimental value) or the three Knightfall Omnibus’ because they’re so fucking cheesy and ridiculous and I love the absurdity of it.What about your fav Batman run/version of Bats?

>>116349873I'm looking forward to watching the Classic Comics Reprints panel with Dean Mullaney talking about newspaper strips

>>116343132Recent pick ups Working on getting all of the classic adult swim shows. Hit up a few 2nd and Charles and got these for a fair price.

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>>116344770>tfw bought Absolute Fourth World 3 weeks ago and I still haven't got itFuck UPS and fuck the coof

Recent cops, the art in Panorama is great but the writing leaves something to be desired imo

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>>116351069Based. I'm doing the same. I've meant to complete the Adult Swim collection for years, but I really started with Aqua Teen after they removed the black Shake episode from streaming services.

>>116351153UPS gave mine to USPS and it's currently dicking around about two hours away. Shit sucks.

>>116346152Pretty sure it just came by USPS for me.

What hard to find issues/volumes are you missing for your collection /shelf/?I'm looking for Sledgehammer 44 and a bunch of high number The 'Nam issues.

>>116349765>>116349786>Rebirth trade spines

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>>116353782Yes, I’m aware they’re ugly looking display wise but I’m not waiting for Omnibus’ for everything.

Another day of waiting on my Absolute. Found some cool floppies at a used bookstore and picked up a couple trades I haven't read yet.>>116353776Trying to fill in gaps in my Dazzler collection, found two more today, so the gaps are getting smaller.

>>116353776The Question volumes 3 and 6.About five issues of Promethia, although aside from #32 they're all pretty cheap.Agent of Asgard complete collection is starting to go up and because of my current budget I'll probably never get it unless I manage to win it for cheap on ebay.

>$0.52Is it a sign?

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>>116349786>>116349765Wow. and I thought I was a Batfag. Bro you buy basically everything Bat related that comes out. That's insane


>>116355368It’s destroyed me financially and I have anxiety over things going out of print before I can buy them but thank you, user.

>>116346555>Got the first one and a week later the 5th one went on sale for like 6 bucks. I'm going to buy the rest at some point so I might as well go ahead and buy when they're cheap.Okay, that's legit.>This one fucking sucks, I got all 6 of them but after I placed my order they cancelled #1 saying it was "temporarily" out of stock. Now I can't find it anywhereAlso legit, RIP user's collection. Hate when they do this.>I need to start with Barks but there is so much shit to buy I keep forgetting about itStart with the Scrooge "Only A Poor Old Man" collection since you have the Don Rosa stuff, about half of the stuff Rosa based his terrible maudlin fanfic on is in that collection.Nice trips.

>>116355307Does this trade contain 1-6 or 1-12? It seems like the hardbacks are the way to go?

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>>116345075I made a big fuss about how fast it sold out on it's initial release. So they put me on a list of people to email when it went back up for sale.

>>116345513What cover for what series and issue?

>>116355556Ollies FINALLY got some new trades in. Sadly I was broke so I couldn't get any of them.They had Secret Wars: Deadpool (basically a "what if Deadpool was part of Secret Wars 1), Secret Wars A-Force, the Infinity HC (the main mini and the Avengers tie-ins) and the first Miracleman HC.

>>116355423>Start with the Scrooge "Only A Poor Old Man" collectionNot him but it's currently out of print I believe

>>116355556The "books" are six issues or so, while the deluxe is 12.And it is oversized

>>116355586Is the Infinity HC like most crossover books where the mini is in the front and all of the tie-ins dumped into the rear of the book, completely outside of thier context as far as taking place in between issues of the mini?

>>116355601Does 'oversized' mean physically taller? how does it compare to your average trade vs an Absolute?

>>116355050Speaking of which, I really need to find my copy of Essential Dazzler 1 already. I have V2 mainly for the Rogue issues and Dazzler the Movie. But never got around to getting the first volume. A shame no one hasn't thought about giving Dazzler her own book again, as you'd think she'd be a no-brainer for a solo book compared to say churning out INO versions of Excalibur, X-Force, X-Factor, etc.

>>116355638The Promethea Deluxe vols are about the size of the Invincible HCs, or Chew. They are smaller than Absolutes. Even a half-minutes looking on Amazon could tell you all this.

>>116355662Dazzler is right up there with Hawkman as a character who had their own book and no one really cared.

>>116355694Sorry mate, I enjoy online interactions. And those kind of descriptions are more useful than numbers, even with a tape measure.


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>>116355809How does the Neon Genesis manga compare to the series? I'm trying to get through the series at the moment...

So apparently the Kabuki omnibus getting a fourth volume to complete the series is up in the air and even Mack doesn't know whether it'll even come to fruition or not. Fuck.

>>116355766This post LOL

>>116355884Not him but I fucking hated the anime and I enjoyed the manga. That said I've always been much more of a manga guy than an anime guy. That said I really fucking can't stand the Eva anime

>>116355884It is a streamlined version of the anime and the manga had a super fucking late scheduling (started around the time the first episode came out, but didn't finish until the late 00s) (hence why people don't know it exists). It streamlines the plot considerably, incorporates some cut elements from the cartoon (the guy Gendo remote control forces Shinji to yank out of the EVA unit dies from him doing so) and Kawaroo (crappy spelling) killing cats. The ending is basically the one from the movie but with some changes: Gendo WINS as Rei doesn't explicitly go out of her way to kill him during Instrumentality he reunites with his wife's spirit/merges with her. Also, when Shinji rejects Instrumentality he restarts the world as if it was normal and no Angels/Second Impact and gets a chance at normal life.

Kirkman will be re-releasting Walking Dead in color but only thru floppies at LCS. Between that and floating everyone for Negan Lives he's really putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to supporting comic shops. On the other hand he released Fire Power as a graphic novel.

>>116343132Elf quest, East of west and all three toppi hardbacks: I approve.

>>116356289image really needs help right now

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>>116356377Sadly for whatever reason the next indie boom is happening at (no pun intended), Boom studios. The mass launch of all those profiles titles reminds me a lot of that Image explosion in the early half of the decade. They just aren't producing a lot of hits anymore. Monstress and Gideon Falls don't represent anywhere near what Saga and The Walking Dead did

>>116356377They are just normalizing, the Walking Dead TV show and Saga gave them a big bubble and now those are gone so it's back to business as usual publishing good comics that no one reads/won't get finished and scouting talent for Marvel and DC to poach

>>116356377Nooooooooooooooo, why don't the kids care about Spawn?!?!?!?


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>>116356534This one was shocking desu. Marvel products give me a greater sense of satisfaction than any other company and yet here they are treading water.

>>116356289He did say the point of the Fire Power prelude was to get people hooked on the series right away, so it seems to have been done for shops in his mind too. I'm not sure if that would have worked better with the release schedule he had planned for FCBD.

>>116356534It is not hard to figure out. If your company allows basic things like Ditko Spider-Man go out of print something is very wrong. What are Marvel's perennial sellers? They have none.

>>116355662I liked her in X-Treme X-Men, but yeah it was really more Exiles than anything else.

wasn't Dazzler in Defenders a lot?

>>116356377Maybe it's just me but it also feels like Image has become a little too defined by and reliant on a handful of creators who have stuck a little too closely to their lane. My interest in comics has waned over the past few years for mostly outside reasons, but it feels like whenever I look at the latest title from one of their big guns like Brubaker and Remender I get the impression that it's just more of the same. That's fine if you like their stuff which I certainly have in the past, but especially for media that's as expensive as comics I'm just not incentivized to buy something that I feel like I already have a variant of on my shelf.

>>116356377>w-we'll be bigger than DC in five years!

>>116349765Sell me on Gerry Conway Batman.Also, if you could snap a quick pic of a page so I could see the coloring, I'd be indebted. I don't want to see digital scans, but how it actually looks on the page.

>>116357494Those Batman hardcovers look basically like digital scans. Bright, thick glossy white pages, brightly (and faithfully) reproduced colors. Exactly what you'd expect from any comic from the silver/bronze age on glossy white paper (except for the Neal Adams stuff lol).

>>116355884It's extremely slimmed down. No filler episodes, no extraneous plot arcs that don't matter. Some Angels are either omitted or reduced to extremely brief episodes. Much more focus on the characters interacting. Ending is different from any in the anime/movies.

>>116356635>It is not hard to figure out. If your company allows basic things like Ditko Spider-Man go out of print something is very wrong.Golden and Silver Age stuff aren't staples, they're specialty/narrow market titles. While it is a classic, Ditko Spider-Man is way too crude in the storytelling and art to appeal to the wider market registered by Bookscan. If you looked at just sales through comics stores it would be a different matter, but this includes Amazon, barnes and noble and such. The big market, not the pond.

>>116357651This. Bookscan is for newbie friendly stuff like Watchmen and Batman Year One. Ditko Spider-Man (and old comics in general) are just going to scare people away. It appeals to people like us but we represent a niche within a niche. Evergreen Spider-Man books will be things like Kraven's Last Hunt, Marvel Knights by Millar, Blue, and Life Story.

>>116357689JMS Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man too. Probably more Slott stuff, that got a lot of attention from the "broad" sites.Also the fact that the first Kamala Khan trade was the most popular Marvel title registered by Bookscan for 2019 speaks volumes about what kind of stuff the wider audience would want.

>>116357801Yeah things like Squirrel Girl, Moon Girl, and Ms Marvel do really poorly in LCS but really well in bookscan. They hit that kiddy/YA market, which is where all the money is right now. >JMS Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man too. Probably more Slott stuff, that got a lot of attention from the "broad" sites.I think a better modern example would be something like Ultimate Spider-Man. That's a perfect jumping on point for new readers and something that should always be in print. Sadly it's a very hard title to collect and that's a glaring oversight on Marvel's part.

>>116343744I already have like 4 Frazetta artbooks, don't know if this one is worth getting. Also, the special edition version with Death Dealer on the cover should have been the normal cover. I mean it does seem like a really nice artbook and Frazetta is one of my favorite artists so I guess we'll see.

>>116357855I think Ultimate was bigger 5 years ago than it is today. The Miles stuff might attract readers due to Spider-Verse, but I think it's slipped out of the "wider" consciousness a bit, especially since as you say it isn't collected well now.And those titles are all also stuff parents might buy for their kids, which is a big Bookscan factor. I think that's still Scholastic's entire model, stuff you buy for kids for their birthdays and such. I mean Captain Underpants alone probably sells a mint every year for them.

>>116345075>>116355566My order. Getting into more Campbell due to this tread, Bacchus is really enjoyable. >>116350426Should I get the Omnibox set cause there's no HCs ot for it?

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>>116357950Doesn't Marvel have a Miles YA coming out/just came out? They can read the tea leaves

>>116346471I promise not to tell your wife. More Mignola is almost always a good thing in life. My most recent get was also Mignola related. I got the tpb for Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. The Beast of Vargu and Others. And before that it was the 1956 tpb. The shipping was slower than usual though.

Does anyone feel like reprintings of classic comics like Sandman and Swampthing should be on the same type of paper or atleast close to it as it's original printings? One of the reasons I love the Watchmen reprints is because they never use the gloss paper most comics use these days.

>>116358050Yes but casual buyers don't actually care or think too hard about what canon something is in. They'll just search for a "Miles Morales number 1" trade and buy that, regardless of what it is.

>>116355556There are 6 issues in my copy where the cover looks identical. I have still to read it though.

>>116343132last LCS trip was coomer style. that Faithless cover has hardcore anal on the cover and they didn't package it properly so it was in a bag but shows it fully. That fairies book has some great pinup art though.

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>>116358217as for a more normal order, I finally ordered Trashed, on my wishlist for over two years.

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>>116358217Boom recalled that issue because of the mistake. It's selling for about $20 right now.

Dark Horse's next deluxe manga

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>>116358285LOL! How do you fuck that up so bad?

>>116357651>>116357689I read Spider-Man Essentials as a middle school millennial into manga and they were good enough for me. Watchmen is not much different at a glance from silver age Spider-Man due to Gibbons' classic style art and the rigid layouts, if that can be an evergreen book Ditko's Spider-Man can. If they properly marketed it with a consistent name that conveys the idea "Start Here With Spider-Man" it would be consistently successful.

>>116358332>Watchmen is not much different at a glance from silver age Spider-Man due to Gibbons' classic style art and the rigid layoutsDo you really think this?

gonna dip into these soon when i finish the last 2 volumes of geoff johns wally run which is pretty good

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>>116358293Why don't they Deluxe something actually good for once?

>>116355556go for the deluxe, don't get stuck like me trying to get the Absolutes

>>116358374Yes? The 3x3 panel grid was specifically influenced by silver age comics. And to the untrained eye all superhero comics before Jim Lee and computer coloring just look like "old comics".

>>116356014damn, that sucks cause the 4th volume is the Scarab story, who is a fantastic character, I like her more than Kabuki

Attached: kabuki Scarab.jpg (832x1240, 130.53K)

>>116358448Bro Silver Age comics have like 8 colors and are plastered with narration describing what you're looking at. No one is going to confuse Spider-Man with Watchmen.

>>116356431cause Boom is doing huge advertising, plus they are offering full returnability on their hit titles

>>116358482That's why I said "at a glance." If somebody is flipping through Ditko Spider-Man on the shelf there is nothing there that is going to scare them off if they wouldn't be scared off flipping through Watchmen.

>>116358506Yes and at a glance they are world's apart in terms of their visual experience. Ditko Spider-Man is old fashioned in every sense of the word while Watchmen is modern and sleek. > If somebody is flipping through Ditko Spider-Man on the shelf there is nothing there that is going to scare them off if they wouldn't be scared off flipping through Watchmen.I think this is ridiculous. I think you're really out of touch with casual readers or non-readers if you don't think silver age comics are going to be offputting. Shit, they're offputting to a lot of us diehard fans but we only sign on because they're "important." Basically Ditko Spider-Man is only evergreen to us, the shelf whales, but we not representative of the larger market at all. 1 page of Dog Man will make more money than all of Ditko Spider-Man. No one wants to read that old stuff.

>>116356014>>116358471Is there a new version that I'm not aware of? I've been collecting the library editions and I'm up to volume 3 so far.

>>116358711ya, they put them out again as Omnibus's, but if you are already doing Libraries I'd stick with that, they are nice (except for the first one that is skewed)

Just ordered the first volume of Fire Power.

>>116358850The paperback. Not the hardback.

>>116358894Nevermind. The hardback I saw was just the german version.

>>116358401BP: Man Without Fear isn't Hudlin, is it?

Newest books this month. The TMNT/Usagi was a birthday gift and Eisner was 12 bucks with tax and shipping, so I finally decided to add it to my collection. I got a Joe Kubert book in the mail as well.

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>>116359021no its the run where he fills in for daredevil after. shadowland

I'm on vacation rn so i can't post my shelf but found these in a store where i'm at.Back home i recently got Sandman mystery theater vol.1-2, swamp thing (by veitch) 8-9 and ostrander suicide squad vol.6. Pretty happy, STILL waiting for my fucking JLI omnibus

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>>116358756>except for the first one that is skewedI wasn't aware of that. fug

>>116359084Nice, Veith swamp doesn’t get enough love. Ostrander is always a good timeEnjoy your vacation

>>116359346The best way to get it is to get all the Library editions and then get the Circle of Blood HC. Yes it is double dipping but it is a huge fav of mine and I don't regret it. It gives me the best reading experience

>>116358407I want them to make Deluxe versions of Gantz instead of the shitty 3 in one paperback omnis that are gonna split in half after one read through.

Think I've gotta rearrange my books. Has anybody picked up the remastered editions of Heavy Liquid and 100%?

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>>116350426I do though.

There's an alleged "Marvel Insider" for the collected editions department over here>>116358691If you want to go larp with them

>>116361661>Miracle Man OmniYeah lost all semblance of credibility with just that. I'll believe that shit when I see it plus everything else they say is upcoming sounds like complete dogshit that nobody but fucking boomers with a hardon for John Byrne will enjoy.

>>116361695In my country all of Alan Moore's MM issues are collected into a single book actually.

>>116361345>Dave Sim collected lettersOkay, is this a good read? I've been thinking of getting my hands on more Dave Sim stuff but there isn't a lot I don't already have. Unless I start getting the single issues for glamourpuss, and that sounds like a hassle.

>>116361746North America has always had problems with new printings of Miracle Man, it's more likely to not happen.

Finishing Johns Hawkman before Hawkworld and while I have to a way to do for BPRD, I am glad to have found a HC copy

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>>116353493Nice, it won't take long then.>>116355423>Start with the Scrooge "Only A Poor Old Man" collectionI'll check it out user, thanks!

>>116361345Oh god, I have Madman Gargantuan but not Atomic!Major Starman envy wew dem moon knights

>>116362054Johns Hawkman is pretty much Johns in a microcosm.>lots of old lore and retcons to make different things fit>big action movie setpieces (Black Reign)>plot points that get introduced then forgotten

>>116361661Hawt tip. No seriously I’m excited for some Omni next year

>>116362054Love everything in the top row, wouldn't touch top row at all.Not sure how I feel.

>>116362126wouldn't touch bottom row*Goddammit

>>116362107Agree it is early for him, I still enjoy it and have a soft spot for him if I’m honest. Sinestro Corps got be back into comics

>>116362091>Nice, it won't take long then.Shit I misread that, I thought you said UPS... USPS is going to take a while

>>116362143Lol I got you user, I read it and felt for you. I am getting back into main events and I haven started th so yet, but it doesn’t look priming I guess? Weird but I like lobo and bet I can sell that WW cover. Not much hope for Snake Eyes but I met Rey Park before GI Joe came out and he signed some Darth Maul stuff for me. If I ever see him again I can get this signed too, I appreciate everything he does. Dude was scary as Shit to me in the movie but so nice in real life.

>>116343132Any anons collect digital? Would you recommend it?

>>116362198Doesn’t look promising. Cannot into phone typing

>>116358401Love some Johns Flash personally. I know he gets some hate around here but enjoy the shit out of that flash run and GL

>>116361892I haven't finished it because Dave's writing gets exhausting, but his point of view is enjoyable even if you don't agree with it. Wish he'd collect the original letters from the run.>>116362054>BPRDHow much that set you back?>>116362100Got a shelf pic?

>>116362200Not worth it except for Humble Bundles. Those are DRM free in multiple formats and very easy to download. And frequently the bundles you will get are like $20 for hundreds of issues.

>>116362300I actually found that BPRD at my local shop. I was so happy but also wondered how long I’ve been walking past it.I have to get a more recent shelf pic and will probably be able to get one tomorrow. This my other most recent purchase that went down fairly quick a few threads ago. TMNT has been great

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>>116362577>was so happy but also wondered how long I’ve been walking past it.Uh oh. Is it the misprinting?

>>116362200Maybe it's not the question you're asking, but I pirate my comics and then buy hardcovers to atone

>>116363211I do this with stuff I'm not sure I'll like, I usually read one or two issues online and if I like what I see then I'll buy the trades or HCs

>>116362971Well shit fuck. You’re right it could be, I’ll have to check for missing pages

Back again. /shelf/ threads rule

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>>116363552Just page 153, last page of The Long Death

>too many new books>not sure how I should rearrange to make it workGood thing I have a lot of vacation banked and taking some of it. I think I have to rearrange my entire place

Contemplating getting the Sandman Omnis over the Absolute editions, never read the series but the Omnis have the same kind of spine design the absolutes do but also have that cool black lining on the pages like they do with bibles with the gold linings.

>>116363705honestly thinking about downsizing, getting rid of a couple books that will be integrated into Omnis later down the line like the Thanos by Donny Cates OHC. As well as books I didn't really enjoy after reading through completely like Simonson's Thor.