What were they thinking with those redesigns?

What were they thinking with those redesigns?

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loli anal

>>116343008That it would be cute and funny


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>>116343008It looks cute

>>1163430083 makes sense but Dee Dee was really bad


>>116343130She looks fine.


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>>116343008The artist wanted to beat their dick. What's the problem?

>>116343391The lack of r34 is the problem.

>>116343008"let's make these designs good, cute and hot"and they succeeded

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>116343434Original Dee Dee was hot already tho.

>>116343130are you a fag? she's sexy

>>116343008"The first sign of puberty in girls is usually that their breasts begin to develop."

>>116343410Be the change you want to see in the world, user.

>>116343434>I just now realuzed Frankie wore the PPG shirt all along

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>>116343008>not posting Buttercup in her Belladona phase

>>116343521Have anime Buttercup instead.

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>>116343446just because you find it sexy doesn't make it good

>>116343636what's wrong with it?

>>116343348She cute.


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>>116343008Of all the redesigns in Fusion Fall you choose two of the better looking ones instead of say something like Ed, Edd n Eddy? (They REALLY fucked up Eddy)

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>>116343008Numbah 3 looks cute

>>116345150Yeah, she does.

Somethingg about blossom throws me off, think its the shoulders

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>>116345378>chokerOkay, you got me there. I'm switching from Blossom to Buttercup.

>>116345397welcome brother

I really miss FusionFall

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I really wanted there to be more interaction between these two

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>>116345378its her bent elbow, its fucked. fixed ingame for her portrait

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>>116343008They look good.

>>116345378Blossom has the best shoes


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>>116345654Her hair also seems off, she's a mushroom head with an abnormally long ponytail


>>116343008Whoever did the Fusion Fall designs was really good at their job. Maybe TOO good. I don't think I'm supposed to find Numbuh 3 this sexy.

>>1163430083 is fine, but they made DeeDee the bad kind of retard.

>>116343434I didn't know Frankie could get hotter.


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>>116343008Numbuh 3 looks fine. Deedee looks off with actual normal proportions.

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>>116346341I think it’s the tutu. Don’t know how, but it gives off actual pedo vibes unlike 3.

>>116343008They should of just used the characters canon designs. The weird ass detailed anime style doesn’t work for cartoon characters

>>116346394It works for my raging erection

>>116346084She was gonna be in Legacy along with that blond girl but then it got cancelled

>>116346394They look fine and all of the contradicting art styles in a game that's supposed to be taken seriously would not work

>>116346513Legacy got cancelled? That's too bad, it look promising.

>>116346641It got a DMCA months ago, even Retro is down now


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>>116343348>no eyes I cant unsee the hentai protagonist

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>>116343518there was a reason why mojo jojo was a cameo in the pilot

>>116343008this probably>>116343014

>>116345578Is it going to return?

>>116345003Kankers are okay

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>>116349502They managed to make Lee attractive. Nice!

>>116349647She still looks like a bridge troll


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>>116349797I'd pay that tollIf you catch my drift

>>116349831She's the kind of person who would cut off your balls and hang then on her wall

>>116346969>Numbuh 58...who?

>>116349882You need to stop watching Wrong Turn movies

>>116343008>>116343348Codename: Kids Next Porn

>>116349647>They managed to make Lee attractiveShe was already attractive you tasteless faggot.

>>116345625grown up Dexter is peak Chad

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>>116350053Only if you have lower standards to pick any ghetto hoe.

>>116343008If these characters are supposed to be aged up then why Does Dee Dee still dress like a child? Is it because she is a moron?

>>116350283>Only if you have lower standardsYou should give it a try. I understand if you want a 20/10 waifu but nothing wrong with going home with a 6 or a 7 at the end of the night. Sometimes they can even be funner than a stuck up bitch.

>>116350397>6 or 7.Dude, Lee is a fucking 4 at best and I'm being too generous.

>>116349939Minor character from the show that got turned into a major character in a popular fanfic.

>>116350485She's neither a landwhale nor on the landwhale spectrum. That puts her at 5 or above.

>>116350644So you fuck everything as long it doesn't have fat on the belly? Well because Lee has a fat belly. She looks like a heavy drinker and smoker 40yo single woman with lots of bad habits.

>>116349647Lee doesn’t look bad but I think May is the one that really won with the redesign.>>116350608What’s the fic?

>>116350702I like Lee. Not in a waifu way more of choosing 1 out of 3 sister. We all know they're trailer trash. I just prefer the redhead

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>>116350940I love red heads too but I still find her fucking repulsive. May is the best one.

>>116350702>So you fuck everything as long it doesn't have fat on the belly?What? No, I'm just saying that anyone that isn't a fatty is at least a 5. That's the very top of the low half of the spectrum. You would fuck a 5? Goddamn.

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>>116350786anon and 86Its by Anondive. You can find it on his pastebin.

>>116350983I'm not desperate.

>>116345962>I don't think I'm supposed to find Numbuh 3 this sexy.I'm sure you are.

>>116346394But the Powerpuff girls got an anime show and lasted for 52 episodes.

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>>116345654blossom is my PPG crush and this grumpy blossom is so sexy

>>116350608>>116350983absolute shit taste

>>116346394Ah fuck off, it was fun seeing all these extremely different characters hodgepodged together into one universe with a somewhat consistent shared design. And all the kids are now teens.


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>>116345654She looks good IMO.


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>>116350164Too bad he canonically doesn't get a girl


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>>116345625>>116345634>>116345646>>116345723Based>>116350164Only half based

>>116352876He deserved prison. Sick fuck

>>116343348She's missing a keyblade

>>116352876He deserved a medal, Based fuck.

>>116352876He deserves a sandwich while in a really hot bath that guy

How come CN doesn't like good things happening?

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>>116353336>How come CN doesn't like good things happening?. We are talking about TTG Network here, user. Even Toonami and Adult Swim are crap now.

>>116353336What is he referring to

>>116351453In what?

>>116353336... oh so the "redesigns" were real?

>>116354857In charge of a Fusion Fall movie only for CN to kill it.

>>116343025That's a good roster. Between Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, Suzy and Dee Dee you got plenty of cute and funny to choose from.

>>116343025that game was the shit on my DS

>>116353190Still would.

>>116343570They avoided the fanservice because of Mckraken right? I've seen pantyshots in anime for toddlers

>>116352876He doesn’t particularly deserve anything, I have no opinion on him

>>116354986>Fusion Fall movieWait really? How did that come to be? Is there a full story somewhere?


>>116354956Along with many othersyoutube.com/watch?v=6MB7zM7_Kfw&t=1s

>>116355485Nope.In fact they show Blossom's underwear in the anime.

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I wish Nickelodeon had crossovers as big and epic as FusionFall

>>116355897And the fact that you have this image saved is disturbing.


>>116346541It worked in those CN City bumps


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>>116351070Is that guy actually black or is that a myth?

>>116346356>cartoony body with over realistic feetDisgusting

>>116356010If you are genuinely disturbed by a picture that tame 4chan(nel) is not the place for you.

>>116356340Why yes. I find pedophiles disgusting. How could you tell?

>>116356010First day here?

>>116356192Who?Anondive? no. I'm pretty sure he isnt black.

>>116356108Those are completely different from FusionFall

>>116356125Based writer.

>>116355897god how the fuck did they get away with this? what episode was this anyways?

>>116357016Because Japan and Episode 36.

>>116355824Nope. That movie literally died in its birthing stage. Though I did manage to find the prequel comic one-shot he wrote.mangakakalot.com/chapter/fusionfall/chapter_1

>>116357694I meant story as in the story behind the metting, not the story of the movie, sorry if that wasn't clear

>>116356192Naw. Dive is white.



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>Why yes. I find pedophiles disgusting. How could you tell?

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>>116346370And that's a good thing.

>>116343348I want to pull that zipper all the way down.

>>116356392Well welcome to 4chan if you're new. How bout you visit Holla Forums and see more of them.

>>116356392>gets mad at silly pantyshot>not at everyone else talking about wanting to fuck childrennah you are just an attention whore

>>116355960>he doesn’t remember the beach house shtick of Summer of 05Unbased.

>>116359370I remember, and you're kidding yourself if you think that was FusionFall level or even CN City level

>>116350349They’re not that aged up.


>>116358161you have no proof.

>>1163597883-4 years can make a lot of difference with kids.Hell they could go from minors to adults depending on the person.

>>116343008The Savino seasons gave Dee Dee a lot more of screentime than before (even if those seasons are shit), So why would he removed Dee Dee's friends?

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>>116360903Cause he's a bitch nigga.


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>>116360903I've always find the fact that she had a crush on dexter kinda cute. Too bad the writers didn't explore the idea more.

>>116343008Deedee is creepy anime shit (which I wouldn't put it past them to do on purpose) but there is literally nothing wrong with that numbuh 3