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>>116342622go back to /trash/ faggot

Does anyone else feel...attracted to their Agate?

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>>116342622I miss my old Pearl

>>116343298What happened, gemanon? Did she leave you?

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i am going to hie my ass directly to homeworld and get a gem harem while spreading the mormon gospel and there is nothing any of you sons of bitches can do about it

>>116343359Ever since fucking Steven made me give her up

>>116344672Y'know, your Pearl had the choice to stay with you if she wanted. Lots of freed Pearls do that.if she decided to leave, you must have been really mean to her

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>>116345220this, you were a bad owner gemanon and Pearl left because of your faggotry

What is sex wand why do humans obsess over so much?

Newfag here, hope there aren't any of those dirty w*jaks

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>>116345715>sex wandYou mean that thing that goes BZZZZZZZZ and makes human girls make weird noises if you hold it between their legs?

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>>116342732You know the Amy's just started using her as a sex toilet after her authority was broken. She started desperately clinging to it because the closest she could get to her beloved hierarchy was when one of them was topping her.

>>116342622So I've been considering falling for the /size/ difference meme, seeing how non-standard fusions have been legalized for a while now. I wasn't sure about going through with it until a friend of mine introduced me to Earth's internet, where I discovered that the fleshies have apparently been fantasizing about giant women for numerous years. Boob-smushing, kissing, "bodyjobs", and other weird kinky stuff have been thought about for decades before it was even considered possible by them.Are there any fusion workers living in the Empire City area? Also, am I supposed to bring a helmet or something? I don't want to poof on my first time with this simply because someone sat on my face a little too hard.

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>>116345715It's the human reproduction process. Due to the pleasure that it provides, they have exploited it by hindering the "reproduction" part so that they can further their pleasure.

>>116347640Fascinating. How does one perform the sex ritual?

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>>116348438It's not entirely pleasant.Males have a "penis", a flesh rod between their legs that can spurt out special cells. Females have a "pussy" (not the purring pettable kind) between their legs that serve as a hole for the male's penis be to inserted in. Humans derive great pleasure from the sensation of squeezing/insertion of these organs.The cells are prevented from entering the female due to a human invention called a "condom" that blocks the hole of the penis. If not applied or utilized improperly, the female becomes "pregnant", which is a state where a small human slowly becomes constructed inside of a female's gut. Said female's gut becomes grotesquely overblown, but surprisingly enough, this is considered normal and healthy among human culture. Don't get me started on "childbirth" either.Simply put, human women are living kindergartens. A Ruby friend of mine told me sex isn't actually real, and I really hope she's telling me the truth. A small Amyclod told me all this and it has been bothering me ever since.

>>116349405>believing a rubyWhy would you ever take anything those retarded gemlets say seriously? Also sex feels great, even than fusing.

Daily reminder quartz best gems. All others are useless gemlets.

>>116347095I'm a human.You can just come without light generated clothes thanks.

>>116351532Jasperer than you shitquartz

>>116352924>.t amyclodLmao, even earthlings associat your type with stupidity and laziness. Meanwhile earthlings lust after superior Jadpers and citrines.


>>116350336I AM a Ruby, you dipshit.

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>>116354559>INFERIOR GEMS ARE MADE FOR THE SUPERIOR BHCBased Hessonite worshipper

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>>116354805Haha gemlet.

What is the fucking point of 'sleeping'? Do earthlings really just lay down and do nothing for hours on end? Seem kinda dumb.

>>116356391>Do earthlings really just lay down and do nothing for hours on end?

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>>116356391What else do humans have to do? Cry about their short lifespan? Imbibe soporific substances until they forget that they can't do fusion? Beg the diamonds to take over their miserable planet? If I was a human I'd spend as much time unconscious as possible

wort wort wort

>>116356522>have unlimited lifespan>make galaxy spanning empire>dismantle it because some mutt told the diamonds to

>>116356601>get fucked to death by earthling dickThe absolute state of space rocks.

Lapis Lazuli here, how do I gain this "empathy" I keep hearing about?A man said to me I was unable to feel "empathy" after I forced fusioned his genitals to mine.Is "empathy" something only human can have or can I have it too?

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>>116356601>>116356659It was confirmed by the crew the Universe had very little sentient life... So what the fuck was the big deal anyways? Steven may have just stagnated and caused the gem race to slowly die out.

>>116342622The reflection is the wrong way, or the word is backwards on the phone.

>>116356871They can find alternative solutions towards making Gem life

Guys? I kiiiiinda got a problem I don't understand all that well, was hoping you all could do me a favor and help me. There's been some older, hairer human following me around. He keeps trying to talk to me but he's kinda... weird about it. He keeps offering me candy or toys, I told him I have no need or desire for either of those and he just offered me money. I asked what he wanted and he said he wanted me to come to his van. It was a really crummy model too, covered in rust and dents. When we got inside he had some sort of mattress in the back and told me to lie down. He pulled up my skirt and rubbed... something on me. I honestly had no idea what it was, too small to really feel it and it was hidden under his stomach after he finished. He started moaning and yelling and sprayed this disgusting greasy substance on me. Before I could tell him off, he gave me some tissues and payed me roughly a hundred dollars, saying to 'not tell on uncle owen to the Adults',I have no bloody idea what he was on about. All I know was I doubt I'll visit him again, just an unpleasant fellow all around.What should I do?

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>>116357084Doesn’t getting fucked by humans canonically kill gems.

>>116357129He didn't insert it into me, i doubt he even could. He just... rubbed it between my thighs, I don't even have any sort of genitalia formed like most gems so I didn't know what he wanted.

>>116356391>can't live without stuffing weird shit into their mouths>can't live without slurping up liquids>can't live without splattering the processed garbage out of their systems>can't live without their air, most of which isn't even the oxygen they need as they pointlessly inhale a shit ton of nitrogen all the goddamn time>can't live without shutting their bodies down for 8 hours for the body to restore one mental's functionality as they lay vulnerable to anyone with a knife in their hand>STILL can't live because their bodies are so shit that they just shrivel up and diei fucking HATE humans. there was like ONE (1) i liked and that one just went and died because he decided that grey was a better color for his hair. i still miss that shithead.

>>116357350Still superior to you gay fucking rocks. Why don't you go cry to your gay rock mommies. Stupid gay rock.

>>116357350Try finding that Steven Guy, I heard he can make them turn pink by spitting on them.>>116357389Get the fuck off this thread, flesh bag. You're just jealous that you're a mortal being who regularly experiences existential dread.


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>>116357436>being jealous of gay rocks who cry fifty times a day and need mommy to hold their hand and tell them what to doSuck my flesh rod, space whore.

>>116357624No thanks. You humans are too greasy to make even basic slaves. You're lucky to find a female of your own species to pleasure. Quite inadequate

>>116357661>humans>slavesSuch cope. Your race now answers to the whims of a pubescent human/gem mutt. Even your oh so great and powerful diamonds can't handle the power of earthling cock. Gems: eternally and hopelessly cucked.

>>116357734FUCK OFF YOU FLESH BAG! You kind haven't even been to your own fucking moon yet! You humans are nothing more than apes who can't even grow hair properly! Actually bother to get your monkey ass to space and then I'll actually see you as a being worth the time and effort.

Welp this thread is dead, at least we got good fags to dread.

>>116356871steven still had human survival instincts. its either them or us.

gemkind vs the covenant, who wins?

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>>116356871Wasn't that only said by a guy years after he stopped working on the show?

>>116358392Gems more troops and resources to work with

>>116357437>no lol

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I just found out about this thing called "Aphex Twin" and apparently it keeps "scaring the hoes" from what one of the humans told me. How does it scare off gardening tools? Not only that, but where's the other Twin?

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>>116358392Era 1 or Era 3?Pre-halo or Post-halo?

>>116359934Please do not reply to Plutonium, he's autistic.


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>>116357775we've been like twice

>>116359629>more resourcesi mean, the covenant have way more planets under their control. the murals showed they barely had a handful in comparison. better tech too.

>>116360019The other twin is called Richard D. James. I don't think they have a good relationship though. I never see them together.

>>116342622You was always good to me so I found a couple of injectors laying around don't go to earth tomorrow.

>>116357437>>116359934Cobalt cobalt cob cobalt Balt Balt cobalt cobalt cobalt Balt cob cob co cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt Balt Balt Balt Balt co co cobalt cobalt cobalt Balt cobalt cob cob cobalt co cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt Balt Balt Balt cobalt cobalt co cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt co co co cob Balt cobalt Balt cobalt Balt co co cob cob cob cobalt cobalt Balt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cob Balt Balt cobalt cobalt cobalt co cobalt cobalt co cob cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt cobalt Balt co cob co cobalt cobalt cobalt cob co cob cobalt cobalt

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>>116361458is this, dare i say, based?