>Build super advanced watch with holographic interface>Still use a physical pop up button to activateWhat retard...

>Build super advanced watch with holographic interface>Still use a physical pop up button to activateWhat retard thought this was good design?

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>>116338410ur mum

It can be activated through voice or thought. Guess Azmuth just included the physical pop up to satisfy Ben’s autistic need to slam down on it.

Ben did. The watch adapts itself to the wearer and adjusts its UI accordingly.

>>116338410Same guy who only made the screen big enough for two fingers, or uses a wheel based selection when you could have literal billions of Alien to select from.

That’s it filling with the dna and pushing it down injects it into you

>>116338410Ben likes it that way, it looks cool.

>>116338410The Omnitrix can be voiced activated and respond to your thoughts if you program it to, the first Omnitrix was destroyed when Ben used a voice command to make it self destruct after he gave it to Vilgax.Like >>116338454 said, Ben really just likes slamming it.

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>>116338682Why do Green lantern fans have such pity hate for ben 10?

>>116338410Would you rather have the launch nukes button be a shitty touch screen or,a big red button you physically push?

>>116338797He wants to fuck him.

>>116338410>>116338754>>116338438Doesn't the mastercontrol remove the need to use the dial?You can just transform with pure will and thoughts

>>116338410Aside from the other reasons, its much more toyetic. Same reason sentai belts have crazy shit all over them that you can play with, its fun.

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>>116338410On the topic of ben10 what alien do you think would be interesting as an ultimate form?For me its ultimate nanomech >1 million years of survival and adaptability >Immune to anything (Mana radiation heat energy time/cosmic rays)>Literally reality warping tier >Can shrink smaller than plank length

>>116338410The prototype is by far the best design for an alien device,It doesn't even resemble a watch unlike the toyist clusterfuck of the omnitricies in the sequels>>116338448Its really unknown if ben DNA is getting altered or that he takes and control avatars that materialize from the omnitrix database to the real world,I'm leaning toward the latter because it's canonically proven that the transformations are separate beings from the use i.e shells

>>116338410Moving physical parts have way more oomph. Plus maybe it needs to physically inject him or something.

>>116339667Yes and according to Azmuth even 30 years in the future Ben keep using the push button, just because he loves the slaming sensation

>>116340292Well technically when mentioning ben10k you aren't referring to benprime just alternate futures>>116339869Ultimate ghostfreak

>>116339747This. Moving parts trigger a dopamine response in my brain

>>116339667You're not even supposed to use the push button in Omniverse. Ben does it anyway and it keeps fucking up his selection.

>>116340712You are. Ben’s issue is that he fucking slams it and it messes stuff up.

>>116339869 a Saiyan

>>116340745Saiyans are canonically weaker as a war race because S-Cells only grow in number in time of peace. Hence why the u6 saiyans could go Super Saiyan so easily while the u7 saiyans couldn’t (and why Goten, Trunks, and Pan could go SS so easily due to large amounts of S-Cells).

>>116339747>gif>bandicam>~15fpsPlease user, I don't even like W, but it's 2020 and you should at least try to use a proper clip instead of that old piece of shit.ask the Kamen Rider general on /m/ if you want to have someone else clip it for you. I'm sure someone would do it, if only to stop shit like that from remaining in circulation

>>116340712>>116340725This doesn't make sense since the latest version was for ben did azmuth just calibrate it with a galvan user in mind?And previous models didn't do this as often.

>>116340806>>116340745Kryptonians would be better

>>116340712>>116340725>>116340833The criticism that azmuth gave is just a lazy canonical answer,The out of universe explanation is that the omnitrix is just a plot device that functions however a writer wants it to be just think about it if ben doesn't mistransform then that wouldn't make fights harder or more dynamic it would just be him steamrolling his enemies almost immediately.

>>116338410So Ben could bring down the WRAITH OF GOD on his 10 year old little boy wrist

>>116340809Bro I just grabbed a random one

>>116341422We've already seen that

>>116338410See, I always thought that the watch knows what you want and actually need, hence why Ben hardly ever sorts through his aliens vis the dial in any of the series. Normally h just turns it on and slams it down immediately.

>>116341554Them why did it turn him into Whampire in the desert during daytime?

>>116341554>>116341559Good theory but that's probably not true in most cases,When ben life is in complete and utter danger however i think the omnitrix activites a mini failsafe that minimizes mistransformations hell the watch even took control of Bens hand and went to kevin so he can fix it.

>>116341554nah, in-show they flat out say that slamming the omnitrix down full-force increases its chance of giving the wrong alien. So whenever it fucks up it's usually because Ben's a total spazThe animators actually went out of their way to show this in OV - almost every time he gets the wrong alien, he did a huge overhead swing onto the omnitrix. Conversely, when the chips are down and it gets serious, Ben will often tap it with less force so he gets the alien he wants You can see this in the Vengers episode - he says that he's not going to pick what alien he gets, but then dials the omnitrix to Brainstorm and taps the dial much more lightly than he usually would. youtube.com/watch?v=ZtwfG-u5am0Dude bluffed the fuck out of that fight

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>>116338437This, plus slamming it down is fun

>>116338682Yes Hal you won! Good boy! Whose a good?!

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>>116338797It's just that one Halfag I made fun of a few ben 10 fans for like 2 days then after a week it got borign and old

some respect to the Highbreed for their health protocols

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>>116342332I still wanted to see waybig and anodite gwen fight the highbreed fleet

>>116338410>What retard thought this was good design?A toy maker.

>>116341978>slamming the omnitrix down full-force increases its chance of giving the wrong alienThat only applies to the official omnitrix though none of the other models have an explanation to why they mistransform and they do it less often,That being said i always felt that the answer they gave us in "for a few brains more" was fucking disappointing honestly could've said something more interesting like the device AI interfering or something but nope after all these years ov gave us a middle finger >almost every time he gets the wrong alien, he did a huge overhead swing onto the omnitrix.Actually a good chunk of it is ben not looking into the hologram (e.g in the episode where gwen and kevin reappear ben says he wants to turn into xlr8 even though he clearly puts rath as the selected alien) that could be excused though since the display function of the latest omnitrix is fucking tiny as hell.

>>116341029>>116340833>>116340725>>116340712Kino explanation

>>116341978>>slamming the omnitrix down full-force increases its chance of giving the wrong alienAre you shitting me?

>>116342332Is the highbreed planet in the Milky way? If so, does that since the Omnitrix would contain their DNA and Azmuth probably collected DNA before the whole Highbreed invasion, would Ben have the last pure strand of Highbreed DNA, which due to having the omnitrix give it the pinnacle of the race, giving him the opportunity to turn into a true, pure highbreed racial ubermensch?

>>116339869I've always wondered what Ultimate Alien X would be like. How does one improve upon a god?

>>116345105Alien X can't have an ultimate form, the Ultimatrix goes through an evolutionary process involving natural selection, Celestialsapiens are not biological beings, Fuck the idea of Ultimate Alien X and fuck anyone who likes the idea

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>>116345163Counterpoint. Celestialsapien babies exist

>>116345169Counterpoint. Kill yourself

>>116343413Yeah that's another reasonable explanation, whi in their god damn mind though an i iconography of an aliens face was a kore effective way if communicating an alien out of millions is better than a 3d hologram or a full body silhouette. This is not fucking tra transformers

>>116339869>1 million years of survival and adaptabilityi wonder if there are bad examples of ultimates being very well adapted, but sucking at ex: snakes evolving without legs

>>116345088The Omnitrix would make him the pinnacle of the pure Highbreed species, but he would be considered deformed, weak and inferior when compared to the Highbreed before the whole inbreeding thing or after being saved by Ben, the entire point of the Highbreed arc was that Social Darwinism/Eugenics would never work because genetic diversity is important for a species, it's possible that the Highbreeds Ben fights are the lucky ones who were healthy enough to be drafted while the rest are deformed and shit(pic related), hence why the good guys(plumber helpers) are all hybrids and all the bad guys are all identical to each other

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>>116341978Nah he said he's not gonna pick a heavy hitter, and he didn't

>>116345229I think it’s been well established that Azmuth makes poor choices.For the smartest guy in the galaxy, he doesn’t seem to be all that bright.

>>116345434I had to many grammatical mistakes so I'm a dunmy too, but thank you

>>116345476Yeah, but you don’t boast about being the smartest guy in 3 galaxies. Or is it 5? 7?12? 17 maybe? It keeps going up, like the fisherman talking about the one that got away.

>>116338410>”Oh bitch bitch bitch, how about you show me the super advanced piece of technology that rewrites DNA and I’ll argue the functionality of your tech, well go ahead I’m waiting!”

>>116345561>t. azmuthWhy don't you cry some more that your girlfriend left you?

>>116338410Its satisfying as fuck.

Okay look at your keyboard. Pick a letter. Now lift your hand above your head and slam it down on that letter as quickly as possible. Did you get the right one? yeah thats what i thought.

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>>116338410And yet smartphones still have physical buttons despite having a touch screen interface

>>116345929That might make sense if it was a shitty keyboard, and if I hadn't lifted the key I wanted off the keyboard before I did it in the first place.

>>116339869Ultimate Kryptonian>1,000,000 years star absorption>Dimension FTL++ Destroyer >The transformaton shatters and recreates the galaxy it appears in.

>>116340806>Goten>Peaceful timeExplain why Kid Goku couldn't go SS within the first 6-7 peaceful years of his life before he met Bulma?

>>116338797It's just shitposting

>>116346045Dinosaur eating and shit

>>116345163They aren't beinga because Green Lantern killed his entire race. Sneed to feed bitch.

Is it fused to the skin or is it really a watch you can't take off? I feel like I'd go crazy feeling it on me 24/7, being unable to wash or scratch that part of my arm.


>>116346161It varies from series to series. OS it was absolutely fused, complete with the imagery of his skin combining with the watch. Later series seemed to just be locked on.

>>116338410A super genius alien who knows that Ben likes to slap down on the omnitrix which causes it to go to random aliens but never modifies it so this problem doesn't happen.

>>116346045Saiyans (well maybe just half-saiyans idk) have a form of lamarckian evolution. The more powerful their father is when they're conveived, the more powerful the sons start off as.Gohan had to train his ass off for years to reach SSJ, because Goku was only King Piccolo level at the time. Meanwhile Goten basically does it as an instinct because Goku was strong enough to take on Cell at the time.

>>116347245>but never modifies it so this problem doesn't happen.A pretty consistent theme of the show is Ben being a hothead. Azmuth chides him about this all the freaking time. He probably left the slap randomization in as a teaching tool, to get Ben to stop being so impulsive and careless

>>116346161They're all fused on but ben gets the code to take it off whenever he wants in AF. So if he ever really wants to scratch his wrist he can

>>116340222No you fuckbrain, only ghostfreak was a separate being.

>>116348282>he doesn't know about the Ultimates

>>116345280>but he would be considered deformed, weak and inferior when compared to the Highbreed before the whole inbreeding thing or after being saved by BenNow this makes me curious.Since Azmuth is so old, meaning he's been collecting DNA a lot, and since it hasn't been mentioned when the highbreed started attacking other races, would it be possible he has some highbreed DNA from BEFORE the inbreeding. Since it took Reiny to convince the council to give up the war, Azmuth wouldn't give it to them and reward them only to backstab him on a deal.

>>116348349Yeah, but that was because Albedo put an evolutionary function when making the Ultimatrix using a unfinished dial and tools he had in a CAVE.If I had to guess, Ben's body is physically modified since he was able to make offspring and his cold is present even after transforming.

>>116338437I assume it adapts to the species using it. Ben is a canon smoothbrain.

>>116338448>>116340222Season 1 tried to imply that the watch was pushing energy or DNA into his arm directly, it had the transformation spread outwards from the watch.Later seasons just kinda make it so it’s happening all at once. AF went full magic girl.

>>116338410>supposedly the most powerful weapon on the universe but it looks like a 3 year old baby's toy>created by a dumbass rat-looking midget who always gets betrayed by his assistants and never sees it coming>changes the user's dna but only for ten minutes and it malfunctions regularly so its pretty unreliable>is generally inferior and not as useful as a Green Lantern Ring>when it self destructs it throws a tantrum so big it destroys the entire universe just so no one can see how lame it is>is used by some dumb autistic ten year old kid instead of someone who is actually competent like say, the Green Lantern cops>said ten year old is somehow more competent than a galactic squid conqueror jobber whos after said weaponKek imagine being this pozzed. Omnitrix is just a virgin version of the superior GL Corps Ring. We Lantern chads always come on top after all.

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>>116348693It's not a weapon

>>116338410its better that charging from a fucking old lantern.and being weak to yellow, you are fucking weak to beer and pis

>>116348832And the Omnitrix is weak to magnets. Meaning Ben would always lose to Doctor Polaris, a C-tier Green Lantern Villain

>>116348855Ben has an alien form that is literally justa giant magnet what is this post even saying?

>>116348873Omnitrix gets fucked up by electromagnetic interference, everyone knows this

>>116348469He’s old, but he isn’t that old. It takes a while for inbreeding to start fucking up an entire species, and even longer still for it to become so bad that the species decides to go genocidal. Azmuth wouldn’t have start collecting DNA until after Earths Middle Ages (when he gave Ascalon to George), because he was still an arrogant asshole who didn’t think about the future. Not that that’s changed, mind you, but he didn’t start working on the Omnitrix until after the Incurseans blew up their planet.

>>116346045because he was living a life full of adventure, thats not peaceful

>>116348693>green lantern corps>>competenthow many times have they let the universe be reset by now?

>>116345163Alien X has DNA which implies they can evolve to become even stronger. However, they can already warp reality. You can't get stronger than that.

>>116345163>>116350063I assume an evolved Alien X would have the personalities that don't argue with each other over everything, like the Galactic Gladiator who can do pretty much anything because the personalities agree with each other.

>>116345105What's a god to a nonbeliever?

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>>116345105You become an even greater god.

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>>116340712>>116340725Gently pushing down activates chosen alien. Slamming down activates random alien. That's the canon explaination.

>>116342027seriously, it's like anons never played with pogs before

>>116348693How's that season 2 going, chucklenuts?

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>>116338410easier to sell toys

>>116351939I thought the canon explanation is the Omnitrix is sentient and putting out what it thinks is the best choice. Or is that just Ben being stupid?

>>116353958IIRC, that was the case for the old Omnitrix.

>>116353876good taste

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>>116353958Ben isn't stupid, hes actually pretty smart (he has a photographic memory as shown/mentioned a few times through out the series, and Gwen said he could get good grades if he tried). He's just a cocky kid who has near unlimited power, irrc he only became serious as Ben 10,000 after Vilgax destroyed a city with millions of people that he could have prevented if he had ben serious. Ben is the reason it fails, as shown when No Watch Ben always got the alien he wanted, don't hit the watch.

>>116338441I mean, for a Galvan that screen is probably as big as an iphone.

>>116354568weird couplewanna tell us why you ship them

>>116354692Ben’s his self insert

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>>116354752What the hell is this?


>>116355335japanese ben/charmcaster fluff from the look of it

post best girl

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>>116355562you did it user, you summed up Holla Forums in 4 simple words

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>>116338410I take it you've never actually used a holographic interface. It's fucking dogshit and physical controls win any day of the week. Go play any VR game and then tell me that holographic interfaces are anything but abominable.

>>116342027Until you break your arm

>>116358734you're not gonna break your arm by slamming it on a watchif anything youll break your hand

Are there proper previews of the movie yet?

>>116358721I think the rub is that our current holographic interfaces are dogshit, yes, but that’s supposed to be an advanced alien interface, built by the smartest dude in a species where even their idiots are technological savants.

>>116338410You know how touchscreen is 10x worse than physical controls? Well holographic controls are 10x worse than touchscreen.


OP is an iPhone user.

>>116338437Ben's been shown not being able to transform if he doesn't physically hit the button even in the later seasons of ov.

this thread has to be made by an american zoomer, possibly female or at the very least "gender non conforming"

>>116359032How does that change the fact that Ben can't transform if he doesn't press the button on the omnitrix even in Omniverse?

>>116358979I knew you two were fuckin'!

>>116358925Literally doesn't matter, the core issue with non physical controls is complete lack of feedback, on touchscreen you can't tell if you touch the buttons, only if you touch the screen, and on a hologram you don't even get that. Holographic interfaces are kind of a staple in VR (and even the "physical" ones are effectively holographic because there's a picture of the interface but there's nothing actually physical) and none of them are good. It gets particularly nasty when your have to look around while accessing a holographic panel, because your hands just drifts off position and messes up the whole thing. The only way you can address this is to implement force feedback, sorta kinda possible in VR with an exoskeleton, in reality it just won't happen even if you get around the whole conundrum of light rays not bending mid air to form a hologram out of a projector.

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>>116340806Ben would basically have to resort to a Goku Black-strategy, where he’d have to Zenkai himself into being Top Tier.

>>116340853A Kryptonian Ben would basically be Ultra-Ben in physical form

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>>116359201Depends on if the sample is more like Broly or Goku/vegeta. Broly gets stronger as he fights, normal saiyans need to Zenkai + train to get stronger.

>>116359190... this is on a magic watch that literally rebuilds your body from the ground up using alien DNA, but keeping your memories and sense of self intact. You’re telling me the guy who managed to figure that out /hasn’t/ figured out a way to make a halfway decent interface?

>>116359105Holy fuck you're retarded >>116359358>What's the UAF display Albeit the ov hologram is just there because of its "coolness",Honestly wouldn't matter if the mastercontrol is activated and ben is just 1 year from getting it.

>>116359358Yeah? Being technically apt is not the same as having good sense of UX. Just ask GIMP developers.

>>116359476>Holy fuck you're retardedThat's not a valid or logical response to the question.

>>116359295I'm pretty sure that Ben just filters themselves to a "peak specimen" like when he gathered dna from that chicken alien he got turned into a CHAD chicken while the sample was just a wimpy lowlife.

>>116359534>question What do you have against the core still being present?How is it bad anyway and what's your alternative?

>>116359604I don't have a problem, I merely pointed out that even in omniverse Ben has to physically push the button to transform, that's all. It's like Ben's/the Omnitrixs' gimmick.

>>116338410>OP being this autistic over a cartoon

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>>116338410The Ultimatrix had the best UI

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>>116361069>the only usable UI was made by a third party developer who hated everything the original dev stood for