Why so.many hate towards this show? I mean, it's mediocre and flawed, i know, but why do people hate it for that...

Why so.many hate towards this show? I mean, it's mediocre and flawed, i know, but why do people hate it for that? It's because the lesbian romance or just trolls?

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Honestly there are a lot of worse shows out there but people seem to focus only on this one.

Mainly because a couple contrarians are trying to come here, spam shit and pretend it's greater then Avatar because they are shilling for a film that's never going to be madeBeing cocky about things does not get your show liked

>>116331544Also because the girls look ugly, which wouldn't be a problem, if people didn't treat that fact as progressive when it's just terrible designs.

>>116331518I don’t care for lesbians or non binary made up shit. We need more wholesome and christian gay dude toons

>>116331518Mostly right-wing SJWs being triggered by the character designs of a show being the reboot of an old tv show that 95% of them never even watched. Mainly because it aired in the 1980's, so any childhood fans of She-Ra would be in their forties by now.>>116331597Some of them, like Spinerella, Glimmer s1-3 & She-Ra s1-4 are terrible, but a lot of these designs are better than in the original show, in my opinion.

>>116331518faggots on here don't like lesbians in their mainstream media. That's it. That's why.

>>116331518Because you guys are annoying

>>116331518When people starting noticing the threads are all being spammed by a handful of people it started raising shill / raid red flags

>>116331518>Why so.many hate towards this show?It rapes a preexsisting property by making it SJWfied, the showrunner is a man hating cunt, everyone is a dyke in this, the designs are shit and intentionally desexualized

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>>116331518maybe because there's ten threads a day about it.

>>116331518Because I’m watching better shows B I T C H

>>116331518It's a mix of the two combined with a handful of extreme autists who've been flinging their shit at the walls over the character designs since they were revealed years ago.

>>116331684>youre not a fan of the original because i says so and it fits my narrativeKill yourself, also all of the designs espeically that of the villains look worse in the reboot

>>116331684Outside of the Horde villains borrowed from He-Man toys most of the 80's designs were kind of dull, even if you ignore that so many of the characters had the same face and body, there wan't too much going on design wise.New show at least makes them all look different, and helps convey character through their designs even if they're not all winners.

>>116331518Retarded secondaries obsessed over idpol.It's a good show. Not quite at ATLA level but worth watching.>>116331544Insane bullshit levels of revisionism.

>>116331982>Insane bullshit levels of revisionism.You missed the thread yesterday didn't you?

>>116331757take your head out of your ass.people other than you existpeople different from you existmaybe stop sucking your own dick and make something of yourself and get involved in the rest of the world. read a book, learn some history and culture, and maybe then you will realize that the planet doesn't revolve around cis white het men. you only think it does because the british empire was so far up its own ass that it became a global bully that sucks the life out of everything

>>116332085>learn some history and culture, and maybe then you will realize that the planet doesn't revolve around cis white het men.Go back to tumblr fatty

>>116331920Exactly. The people who care (or pretend to care) so much about this show don't realize that She-Ra was created by a toy company to get money from little girls like He-Man got money from little boys. Maybe there was *some* passion & creativity put into She-Ra, but at the end of the day, the show was a product to push more product.

>>116332125>durr hurr because it sold toys means im allowed to rape the property because i myself find no value in itKillYourself


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>>116331995Not that user, but I was there.No-one was claiming She-Ra was the better show, just that it did a couple of things better.There were a couple folks calling ATLA overrated and a low effort troll claiming it to be the worst show ever made. But there was a clear consensus.It was a decent thread before it devolved into shit flinging over Azula.

>>116332085Nice bait lol

>>116332148Tell me your story, user. How old are you? Did you watch She-Ra, &, if so, was it important to your childhood?

>>116331518Because they didnt even make their own original thing they took something wholesome and cheesy and slathered it in their lesbian fanfiction.Sure the original may not have had many fans but it stemmed from the shills trying to push the thought that it had no fans and the people upset about it were bad even though they were the ones that killed a perfectly serviceable magical girl show with their RainbowAIDs.

You fags are never getting your movie

>>116332192I grew up with the MOTU reboot in the 2000s and the evil horde was badass their, hordak didnt look like a twink with goofy hair either. I actually like the characters and the mythos and i hate to see how theyve been butchered by noelle and her dyke posse

>>116332226Ahhh. Then fuck off faggot. You liked the 2002 reboot so you have no room to complain about it

>>116331518I was excited to hear a reboot of some old girl show and was thinking it could be another small horse quality show, so I watched the original on Netflix a good couple months before the news about the show designs released and fell in love with its campy charm.Then DreamWorks went and disappointed me.

I'm tired of female-led shows with either boring or entirely un-intimidating villains.And even in those extremely rare instances when you get a villain worth a damn, they get killed so anticlimactically it's not even slightly amusing (right, Star?)

>>116332238Eat my dick, the 2002 reboot was kino compared to this shit. I also like the classic shows too ass munch

>>116331518The majority of people don't care about this social justice crap being pushed. If this was a movie, it would bomb hard.

>>116332238>Y-you liked a good reboot so you cant dislike a bad reboot!!Yikes, your behavior is pretty toxic right now, we will have to deduct your good-boy points now.

>>116332286I never said you can’t dislike the new reboot.

>>116332284But would it have boomed Jem and the Holograms 2015 hard?

>>116332226The fact that you can't even get through your explanation without shit flinging speaks volumes.

>>116331518When they first released any images of the show, the anti-SJWs were beside themselves with rage over the direction of the character design (IE no tits) and would lament about how this was the fall of western animation in real time, compounded by the fact that the showrunner is a dyke which obviously means Le Gay Agenda. This was also around the time that we got footage of ThunderCats Roar which didn't help things.Then when media websites started hyping this show up while simultaneously dunking on these haters, well that just triggered them even more. Now the show was insulting the 'fans' of the old She-ra as well as not paying 'proper respect' to the original. This was all before the very first episode. TL;DR People bitching about marketing and rainbows.

>>116332280>Thing A is bad because I don't like it, Thing B is good because I doDo you have any actual reasoning you'd like to articulate, or will it just be more autism?

>>116332454Simple, thing B actually cared about the origins and mythos of the world it was interpreting to deliver a decent story.Thing A did not. It chose to change the designs to cater to an older audience that was uninterested in the original whilst dunking on fans of the old by claiming they didnt exist. It also delivered an underwhelmingly mediocre story and ended with a toxic relationship when the original did not.

>>116332454Dyke ra has bad character designs, bad action, forced politics, bad characterizations, etc2002 reboot wad well written, amazingly animated, with good action and episodic plots with some over arching plots like the snake men

I watched it.Glimmer and Catra are aggressively obnoxious characters and it seems like you are expected to sympathize with them to get much out of the show. If you don't, they just make the show more chore like and annoying as it goes. I don't know if I HATED the show, but I could see how less patient people would.

>>116332238Kill yourself cunt

>>116332573I agree on those 2 characters.

>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO MASTURBATE TO EVERYTHING REEEEEEEEEEThat's why, personally the show didn't interest me so I just didn't watch it, it's only on my radar now because of the masturbation addict screeching and because I guess it had a lesbian ending causing even more screeching

>>116332573I can see that, it took me a while to warm to Glimmer, and the first half of season 1 is a slog to get through. Was onboard with Catra from the beginning though.

>>116332634This user is probably joking but it's unironcially the same reason I didn't give it a chance.The character designs are just so damn ugly, so ugly that even ignoring any potential porn they just don't look good. The whole "you can't complain about feminine characters not looking feminine" shit is also another reason, I saw the exact type of people who wanted to watch the show and knew immediately I wasn't going to like any of it.

>>116332634Nobody likes ugly characters, not even little girls. Take a look at shows followed by actual little girls rather than the twitter crowd. Everybody is pretty on Ladybug, everybody is a cutesy plush doll on the horse show, everybody is pretty or cute on Sofia the First, etc. See a pattern?

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>>116332634>meanwhile in JapanWhy burgers have so much problems with sex? Both sides of the political spectrum are fucking puritans.

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Everyone saying the characters are ugly, is Adora ugly too?

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>>116332930They say she is the ugliest. But Adora is a cute blondie, over you get over her poof.

>>116332930She'd look better as a boy. Get rid of the ponytail, give "him" a better outfit and a different haircut and maybe it could be a decent-looking male lead

>>116332930It´s a cute boy.

>>116331518I don’t hate it. But I’m afraid to love again after how Thundercats 2011 went.

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>>116332979She actually looks like a boy. Get ride of the hair and she could pass as Ben 10 sister

>>116332930She looks like the showrunner. She's Noelle's self insert

>>116333116Holy shit she actually looks like a dude

>>116331518There's a lot of hateIt's a handful of faggots seething that it actually ended up decently popular after they predicted it would crash and burn. Pure culture war nonsense. 2016 broke this board, you can no longer just dislike something it has to be a battle for the future of civilization.

>three She-Ra threads

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>>1163322262002 was subaverage. An unimaginative paint by numbers approach trying to string shit along as long as possible while while dreams of toy sales marched in the executive's heads. You may as well praise the flash Gordon reboot in the 90s.

>>116333271Let's not forget it was cancelled because of how bad the toy sales were. Shame because they were actually going to shift focus towards Adora in season 3 and that would've actually been cool.

>>116332523>>116332531See that wasn't so hard, I honestly think the 2002 show is fine, it was decently written and had good action, but it tended too much towards melodrama and all the characters felt over-designed. She-Ra by comparison has much weaker action for the most part but is very well written; with most of it's large cast getting some form of development, and those who got more involved arcs being well realised and organic, whilst exploring the central themes in ways that compare and contrast with one another. I'm also going to have to go with the streamlined, personality driven designs in She-Ra that take the 'realistic' elements from the original whilst stylising them, and making them look like teenagers rather than strippers.>dunking on fans forced politics, bad characterisationsI've honestly no idea what on earth you're on about here.>ended with a toxic relationshipI'm not sure you were paying much attention to the story, given the amount of time dedicated to exploring Catra's (and to a lesser extent Adora's) toxicity, and forcing her to come to terms with it and ultimately work to overcome it, whilst the redemption wasn't perfect, calling the end-state of the relationship toxic is kind of disingenuous.

>>116333238And all three are shitting on the show

>>116333116A pretty “boy”.

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Some folks are assmad that it got one of the best and most satisfying endings of any Holla Forums show while the reboots they wanted to be good ended like a wet fart instead.

>>116332910Americans, and soon westerners in general, are the most repressed people on Earth. This is why sexuality in cartoons gets Holla Forums all riled up while you can post all the cheesecake you want in /a/ and no one gives a shit.It's funny how many of them draw Sailor Moon fanart while not realizing that Sailor Moon is almost everything that they don't stand for.

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>>116333334Accepting that toys are dead is the best thing to ever happen to cartoons.

>>116333357Because it's the same two or thee folks who keep making a hate thread, run out of steam once their arguments fall apart and abandon the threads.Then they go and make another, rinse and repeat.

>>116333386It's kinda weird she has bossom sometimes and others her chest is flat AFAlso, she isn't a kid. According to the showrunner she is at least 21 at S5

>>116333393Satisfying to who? Only shippers and lesbians got satisfied because their incestuous ship became canon.Angella is still gone and her killer living happily ever after. Anyone with half a brain knows the ending qas rushed

>>116331518Because the Tumblrina's go:>It's got strong Lesbians, that makes it perfect!And this makes everyone else push back with>It's Shit!It's actually pretty decent. Kept me entertained when i binge watched the first 3 seasons a few weeks ago.

>>116332634half of your she-ra threads are fapfait, you're a masturbation addict to 15 year old boys and I hope the FBI puts you away soon.

>>116333458>Because the Tumblrina's go:>It's got strong Lesbians, that makes it perfect!>And this makes everyone else push back with>It's Shit!These are both bad reasons to like/hate the show, though.

I hate anything that normalizes tranny bullshit.

>>116333429I'd always assumed the ages were mostly to sidestep any potential criticism for the romance and inevitable barrage of NSFW fan art.They're all written as younger, They feel no older than 18 in the final season.

>>116331518reich wingers having a conniption fit because the censors show runners have had too tip toe around for decades is loosing its effectiveness.

>>116333485>These are both bad reasons to like/hate the show, though.

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>>116333429She has them 90% of the time, the show has not good animation but it’s pretty consistent on character models after s1. In s1 she looked overall a lot smaller and younger.

>>116333485Exactly, neither are giving the show an opportunity to rise or fall on it's own merits.For the most part I think the show was pretty good, was particularly impressed with the writing.

>>116333543Not really. Even the fans reconized the designs barely changed. Adora looks the same for the whole show

>>116333586Apparently, earlier scripts were so bad they had to bring a men to fix some of it. Still, the guy got no rezognizement as a writer because they wanted to push how female the writing team was

>>116333593Yes? That’s what I said. She basically stays on model for the whole show. They just buff her up a little bit, Catra too.

>>116333593They mostly just get minor tweaks to make them look older. Only Glimmer and Catra ever got actual redesigns to fit with their character developments.

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>>116332671Honestly, me too. I hated Glimmer until the show poked fun at her.

>>116333626Do you have an actual source, as I don't recall them ever making a big deal out of the female writers, and there was at least one episode written by a man.Not to mention the potential WGA issues that come from not crediting a writer properly.

>youngest character>didn't age at all

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>>116333827it was clearly bait user

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>>116333827Did you even read any of the articles before this garbage show aired? Stevenson said it on an interview. Cant remeber when but look on Twitter. It's a recent one by Los angeles times i think

>>116333837Holy fuck totally forgot about her. According to Noelle the show happened during 3 years, and somehow Frosta stayed the same. Wtf

>>116333899Really? I thought it was like six months.

>>116332910The left used to not be puritan and conservative but in the last decade became that way

>>116334216America never had a left.

>>116332125>we took this children cartoon for ourselves

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Catra probably has bad breath.

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>>116331518It alright. I would matingpress Glimmer anyday!I mostly hate the fanbase. They are slowly becoming SU level of awful on social media.

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>>116334991That's untrue. Back in the 1910s till about ww2

>>116331518Most people don't care about the show or see it for the ugly, flawed, but ultimately mediocre piece of media it is. However, there is a small, very vocal, section of the people who like the show that is comprised of holier-than-thou knowitall attitude that people fucking despise. They, of course, draws an small section of the people who either don't care for or don't like the show, again, of are extremely vocal, to start shit flinging competitions with the small vocal section that really likes it.

>>116334991In the 90s they werent so puritan, not anymore...>>116335116>It alright. I would matingpress Glimmer anyday!^this, i hate the show with a passion but i want to fuck the shit out of glimmer. Shame shes a coal burner

People are resentful when the horses they backed lose to the horse they assumed would lose.

>>116331518"Mediocre and flawed" puts this show head and shoulders above 99% of the crap being offered these days. The little children of 4chan have been marinating in crap for so long, something even slightly better is viewed with absolute distaste.

Dam... even the Glimmer toy figure is thicc

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>>116332169Nope, I was there and many were saying this show was better

>>116331518Because its SWJ crap and rape of a previous work. That's quite simple

>>116331518Mostly, I don't like a majority of the character designs and I hate that several characters I enjoyed in the original were just flat out omitted from the show.But the real reason I hate on it so hard is that the "creative" team behind it constantly respond to criticism by lashing out at critics and the original series with insults.

>>116335075probably from licking herself clean

>>116331820/The thread

>>116331518It was better when it was about Catra's strong family bonds to Adora and her obsession with it, instead of Catra literally lusting for Adora while being conflicted with her romantic feelings for her.


>>116333418I love all their seething.

>>116333673It's neat seeing the old and new ones side by side.

>>116331518I don't have to like everything you like. Also I don't hate it because is a waste of time and effort that could be used to watch something better.

>>116331518>Why so.many hate towards this show?Before it even came out some people decided it was the latest front on the culture war, and they wanted to fight it with everything they've got. They've stuck around for five goddamn season because saying "I still hate it" and continuing their silly little crusade gives them perverse pleasure. I don't get it, but that's just the way things are these days.Meanwhile the show went over well with its fanbase and has gone trending on social media a good few times, which - and I know some illogical people like to claim otherwise - does seem to indicate a pretty healthy amount of satisfied viewers.

When the majority of your discussion is fucking shipping, your show is fucking shit

>>116333626>Apparently ____________I love this board.It's so bad.

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>>116331518short answer is it's raiding the coattails of an iconic show while hardly being anything about the OG show

>>116339985Pretty much yeah but retarded shitposters will say contrary shit for the sake of it.

>>116331518Because is lgbt propaganda made by a men hating dyke and for brainwashing kids and also because the fandom is annoying and toxic just like the lgbt community.

>>116335291what "horse"?

>>116332085Ok landwhale

>>116332125It isnt like this show was made for profit reasons and to support a political agenda, wow!

>>116332238>no argumentBOOM! Done.

>>116331518Ask bitchers about specific gripes, and it becomes obvious that the overwhelming majority of them haven't actually watched any the show. It's just the cool thing to hate these days.

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>>116332634*proceeds to save and post thousands of pics of catra and adora making up*

>>116340238>y-you havent watched the showCope

>>116332930She looks like Ben 10.


>>116333351She literally ruined lives and tried to kill Adora and her friends. She was like a sister and in few episodes everything was okay and they started to date. The bitch couldn't stop ruining everyone on her way over that obsession. Of course it is toxic, just like real life lesbo relationships.

>>116333837Tokken asian for diversity

>>116339463>>116333418>>116340238>>116331518>>116332125the show failed and lost a shit ton of moneyyou only angered the one person you never want to in the world and now your show is gone and will be scrubbed from history by Mattel

>>116340388This is a totally sane person that has no issues at all.

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>>116340388Didn't you post similarly weird shit in another She-Ra thread yesterday?

>>116340447He did and in another She-Ra thread right now.

>>116340447>>116340417>>116340476all one fagg

>>116340574Get some help.

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>>116331518Assuming this isn't trolling...It's because they have nothing better to do and the show mde itself a target Since the '''''conservatives'''''' don't want to talk about pollution, global warming, police overreach and how everyone but the global elite are getting screwed, they've got nothing to turn to but MUH CULTURE WARSBut seriously, the animation for this show was surprisingly decent escept for one detail. The main character in her powered up mode looks literally like Aang in drag. The people who created this are artists. There's no way that wasn't intentional, and if sales of She-ra products are flagging, it has to be because of this (in part; the semi flat cel shading isn't particularly eye catching, and neither are some of the designs). They shot themselves in the foot by making the main character look the wrong sex without making her explicitly a gender changing hero. Bio girls are going to look at her and think 'ugh, I don't want to look like that' and so they're not going to buy her stuff, which makes it a terribly stupid move, and stupid moves get attention on the internet. We can have an artistic discussion about why She-ra looks like a male (i think it's the jawline and the wide chest) but '''''some people''''' keep trying to gaslight / troll that she looks fine. Please. We have eyes. Apparently men can tell if a woman is ovulating just by how she walks. You're damn right we can tell the difference between a male and a female.PS: I genuinely mastrubate to traps and sissy boys. This is not coming from a place of hatred. If the designers wanted to draw She-ra as a muscular female, they could have just done that instead of making her look like Aang.

>>116341570Design-wise the impression I had with pre season 5 Shera was a design that little girls could more easily imitate. Halloween costumes that could be sold. oversized boots and tiaras, trinket sword etc. not saying it looks good, just an impression

>>116331518Show runner is a dyke piece of shit who needs to have her face smashed with a sledgehammer.

>>116342604Stay mad.

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>>116342672Nice boogie-man.

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>>116331518Apperantly, i missed one autist called hordakfag who seems to really hate the show for hordak related reasons.But also autists call it an sjw cause it has 3 confirmed gay relationships and a shapeshifter played by a trans person whilst they ignore the 4 straight confirmed relationships and the fact that the narrative only focuses wholesale on one of the gay relationships with them not getting together till the last episode.Honestly youd think Holla Forums would get over the gay shit on account of it being one of the gayest boards on the gayest site but the christfags and /col/ like to shit up the place with the falseflagging twitter larpers stirring the pot.



>>116342785pretty good summary.

>>116340388>The show lost moneyThe only way to measure success for a Netflix show is its social media presence, and She-Ra did well on that front.

>>116343553Yeah I blame the autism, and I like She-Ra.

>>116331518It fucking reeks of Tumblr garbage. It fucking stinks.

>>116332286But Noelle's reboot is good. Aren't you doing just what you are railing against in this post?

>>116331518Culture war is a hell of a drug.

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>>116343921Yeah it sure fucking is.

>>116332523That's not true though

>>116333456Sorry you didn't think so, but it was satisfying for more than that reason, narratively and thematically.Also, Angella sacrificed herself. Plus she will be back in the movie anyway.

>>116333837is this the one that is toph?

>>116344008So far from that.

>>116331757>centuries of traditional values in europe>wars>women in the u.s. only get the vote after fucking bombing shit>21st century comes along and some cartoons come out, suddenly anarchy

>>116332523>Dreamworks She-Ra dunked on fans of the old versionNo, it didn't. Noelle frequently had good stuff to say about the original.>He-Man 2002 had a decent storyNot really. The staff indicated that (unlike even the shitty Thundercats reboot guys) they didn't have much mapped in terms of how they wanted the show to end. They had more plans, but no end goal, they just were going to keep on doing shit until they got the plug pulled on them. Well it got pulled early. Beyond that it was honestly pretty generic, doing sorta-updates on the original characters but not a whole lot more than straightforward "those are the good guys, those are the bad guys, and here they are fighting" storytelling. There's far worse, don't get me wrong! But it was nothing special aside from some solid art. Down there with "acceptable but forgettable" stuff like Transformers Prime or The New Adventures of Speed Racer.

>>116332284twilight zone narrator voice: but little did user know that large explosions are a point of drama and action in she-ra

>>116340357Micah and Casta were. So Glimmer is half also.

>>116340388Anon off his medication again I see.

>>116331757>the showrunner is a man-haterStevenson's first work was Nimona, in which the man was no-room-for-argument the hero of the story, while the girl was a near-feral walking nuke that needed "save her from herself" saving.

>>116335211so what do you call all the shit flinging against she-ra? absolutely none of it is objective. there's maybe one thing wrong with the show that was hamfisted, and it was probably meant to be a joke. literally no one here can say anything negative about shera without trying to talk shit about sjws because they have no argument. it's an objectively good show.>>116340162>lgbt propaganda by a men hating dyke brainwashing kids>i hate the fandomwhat's propaganda is pretending lesbians don't exist. what's propaganda is saying noelle stevenson hates men. where do you even get that?brainwashing kids? you can't brainwash someone in to a sexual preference, dipshit. if i'd watched she-ra when i was a little boy, i'd still crave vagina. don't be fucking stupid.>i hate the fandomno kidding. you don't have an objective criticism

>>116344098At this point someone needs to tranq his ass and bring him in. It has been too long since he took his meds.

>>116332102you guys wanna explains those roman and greek vases with gay dudes fucking each other? how's that for "traditional western values"?

>>116332218Why the fuck do people even want a movie? What could a movie possibly be about. There isn't even any hints for left field things to make a movie about like the Sneeple from Steven Universe.

>>116332125yes of course. the people who like a show would NEEEEVER read the history of it.>>116340388>mattelyeah mattel made no effort to sell the toys. they just threw a few in target and called it a day, then didn't produce any more. mattel didn't even try.for real, go to the mattel website right now. search for anything related to she-ra. there will be nothing from the reboot, little to nothing concerning the original series from the 80s.you guys don't know shit

>>116344110I'm beginning to think he never really saw a doctor...

>>116341570>sales of she-ra products are flaggingmattel didn't make an effort to sell much of anything

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>>116344134The things that have the most interest are (1) Saving Angellaand(2) Saving Christmas (in the mold of the original She-Ra holiday special)

>>116344134she-ra and the gang save winter solstice with skeletor. DUH.

>>116344150I hope they do try and save Angella and then fail.

>>116344134Steven Universe the movie was basically "here's another traumatic thing left over from The Old Days, but this time everyone's a little older."Do that again. Fuck, Adora just reawakened magic. I've read that story. When you flip the switch and go "all the magic stuff is back!" somewhere in a cave or somewhere a door is shoved open and an Evil Magic User steps out going "fucking finally."

>>116344138That definitely could be the case.

The only thing I hate about it is its fans. The show is good. Most of the fans (twitter people) are just shit. Even worse than the people here

>>116344172>reawakened magicperfect for a scenario where shadow weaver faked her death

>>116344206yeah i only got a twitter account so i could participate in the she-ra twitter bombs. one of the she-ra fans used the phrase "stinky hets" and i thought it was funny. because i'm not insecure.

>Do people hate it cuz the lesbians But the Yuri is the based part user?

>>116331518it's trolls. they can't stand that the people who are being bullied have a cartoon they can unite around.>mediocre and flawedit's biggest flaw is that it ended. it's biggest flaw is that it's philosophical ramifications are too great for your small mind. but if you read some books you might get there.

>>116342604you know leftists are armed, right? i suppose i'm going to have to get used to telling people this.

Attached: catragun.jpg (1064x939, 143.94K)

>>116344239I'm taking the bait, fuck you I love She-Ra so very much but damn does it have some serious issues.


>>116344260so fucking say it then. it's probably a bucket of weak sauce

>>116344254They are retarded too so they will just keep forgetting too.


>>116344262bruh ever heard the phrase "under no pretext"? take a wild guess as to who said it.

>>116344266They had a shit budget for the animation.

>>116344274Not an American

>>116344279so what you're saying is that they did more with less? go on.>>116344291so you should know who said it. or are you less educated than u.s. citizens?

>>116331799Please share.>>116331862>all of the designs espeically that of the villains look worse No. They are not constricted by toy molds anymore.>>116333429It's shading (or the lack of it)

>>116344299Dude you make us sound so full of shit and snobby. Stop making us look bad.

>>116333837you're forgetting that asians age exeptionally well.i saw an asian woman in her late 80s or early 90s once when i checked i.d.s at a bar years ago. she looked like a hot 40 something cougar. she was exceptional.

>>116333837They wanted to appeal to the rightwing pedos

>>116344321LOLOLOL we look bad all on our own without my help. he called us burgers because he thinks we're stupid.

Too many lesbians, not enough gays. Bleh

>>116344357I know, right?

Attached: heterosexual men.png (1280x710, 543.02K)

>>116344384>literally 1 fucking frame with them in the entire season>we had to rely on Hagfish to make them and Lonnie canonThis is bullshit

Attached: 31311280.jpg (1280x895, 177.42K)

>>116344270you're absolutely right.

i don't care what the mainstream Media says, double trouble is Absolutely bonerific

Attached: 1592730680903.png (2048x1135, 1.03M)

>>116340339Everyone tried to kill everyone. It was a war. No harm no foul.

>>116344041the new team seemed to love sticking in references from every interaction of motu they were aloud to. I believe they were able to get Mara from new adventures because it was considered a black sheep of the he man franchise by the rights holders.


>>116344865Makes sense, I'm constantly surprised by how popular the series is. Was also pretty surprised with how well it told it's story. For me it's a pleasant surprise though.

>>116344897It’s not popular, it’s going through a spam war especially on twitter with bots because they are trying to shill to get a movie made so they can fap to the lesbian ship. Most artificial fan base any cartoon has ever had

>>116344946why are you so paranoid user

Attached: 1594592567656.png (688x468, 311.76K)

>>116344897>For me it's a pleasant surprise though.Same.

>>116344970He never takes his meds.

>>116344118gosh, what happened to them again? oh right they were destroyed by their own decadence and getting invaded by turbo chad barbarians

>>116344970Why are the fanboys paranoid that every criticism of this show is by 2 people who haven't watched it

>>116345250I never said anything of the sort?

Attached: 1594347885539.png (500x371, 452.4K)

>>116331518Yo anyone down for a very interesting 5 hours convo about T O Y S A L E S?

>>116345621Fuck yeah, let's pull some stats out of our ass while we're at it too

Attached: 1588564558673.gif (300x254, 589.91K)

>>116345621I just want a DT toy, is that too much to ask?

>>116345208They became Christfags, split up the kingdom because of Christfaggotry, and then got btfo by pagan barbarians.

>>116344309>No. They are not constricted by toy molds anymore.Yes, they do look shit, the toys looked better

>only two threads left

Attached: Mermista smile.jpg (715x715, 85.04K)

>>116331518I watched the seasons and it never got better. The intro episodes with Catgirl were fine. I liked the relationship mechanic and how Catgirl knew she was evil. Everything else was shit.

>>116331518You know goddamn why.

Attached: pre rape she ra.jpg (342x442, 58.91K)

>>116348382Looks like shit.

>>116331518>mediocre and flawedthe thing is, you can apply these two words to any show that isn't Avatar: the Last Airbender. And even then, there's always going to be people itching to debate this on AtLA's finale. People "hate" this show because it's a "reboot" of an older series. The reason why the hate comes off as disingenuous is because the precious cartoon that these trolls supposedly hold sacred is... She-ra. I kinda get He-man, Thundercats, and Teen Titans vitriol, because at least those shows had somewhat recent serializations that older audiences can reasonably hold dear. But She-ra? Come on, you fags most certainly have greener grass to latch onto for nostalgia wankery.

Attached: 3244192 - Adora Masters_of_the_Universe Polyle She-Ra_and_the_Princesses_of_Power.png (2328x2959, 1.88M)

>>116350110Your tastes are shit

>>116350246Well said, now post more Adora

Attached: Ecd3HoiUEAELHxp.jpg (1535x2048, 152.23K)

>>116331518>It's because the lesbian romance or just trolls?A little of column A, a little of column B.CULTURE WAR!

Attached: culture war.png (1320x1255, 1.7M)

>>116331518It's a lesbian romance without any sex appeal. Who the fuck is the target audience? It doesn't appeal to children, straight males, gay male, straight women and most lesbians. So the target audience is less than 1% of the population. It'd be weird not to hate it.

Is there any good art of Scorpia's parents?

Attached: Scorpia moms.jpg (560x681, 86.86K)

>>116350246>the thing is, you can apply these two words to any show that isn't Avatar: the Last AirbenderNot if you don't want to be a retard. Even if Avatar was the single best show, and it's really not, fantastic to be sure, in the top 5 of its time, but it's not in a league of its own. The same time period Avatar came out also gave us Samurai Jack, Clone Wars, Justice League, Transformers Armada, and TMNT 2003. You can't call them mediocre but consider Avatar beyond reproach.

>>116351329>It's a lesbian romance without any sex appeal. It's a kids show keep it in your pants and also wrong.>Who the fuck is the target audience? It doesn't appeal to children, straight males, gay male, straight women and most lesbians. So the target audience is less than 1% of the population. It'd be weird not to hate it.Why would it be weird not to hate a show that doen'st have a speicifc target audiene. I know you're thinking that this show was made just to piss YOU and your other white cis male friends off. But maybe, just MAYBE it doesn't have a specific target audience because the showrunners wanted to make something everyone can enjoy eh?

Attached: 1593663344264.jpg (1763x1388, 514.88K)

>>116351480>You can't call these shows mediocreThe ones that got an ending had poor endings, the others just kept adding more and more on with no real ending in sight until eventually they stopped getting renewed. TMNT 2003 was especially egregious in its "they should've just ended it properly"ness.

>>116332238That's retarded the 2002 reboot was great. I'm a different user here, I haven't started the new She-Ra yet and I'm thinking it might be pretty good, but you have to have the shittest taste to think that you can't complain if you like a great show. >>116333271The fact that you can't even get through two words of your explanation without shit flinging speaks volumes.

>>116351569>The ones that got an ending had poor endings,I assume you didn't realize I was talking about the Tartakovsky Clone Wars (the second Clone Wars was from later 00s) and you're not counting the final season of Jack, but even then you're not on point. Transformers Armada and Justice League both had acceptable endings. Plus even if we did go with what you're saying, that still puts them on the same level as Avatar because the comment I replied to says people argue that the Avatar ending is flawed too.

>>116351569Also TMNT did get a good finale if you consider Turtles Forever to be the ending.

>>116350347just for you

Attached: 1545351850610.jpg (540x540, 73.92K)

>>116351652If "subaverage" is shit-flinging to you, you have very thin skin.

>>116351498See >>116332873>white cis male friendsYou know the only people who like MOTU unironically are spics, right? They hate He-Ra because they actually liked the old show and also because spics happen to hate fags. Always mentioning the "white" thing sound racist and not in the lel reverse racism way but as a condescending noble savage way. People are complex

>>116331667I’d actually be impressed if there was a gay Christian show out there that didn’t hate its gay characters

>>116351652As someone that only recently got around to seeing 2002, I've got to say it was pretty weak. They put effort into trying to make their hodgepodge lore look mythic/epic, and they didn't do the worst job of updating campy characters to be more serious, but there just wasn't much heart underneath the surface.Eye: Visually it was quite good. Nice designs.Ear: Some good VAs, music was fine.Head: The story telling was very spotty, and really didn't seem to be heading anywhere in particular. That's pretty common for its time, but something we should be able to look back on as a problem - if you want to do an "epic show" but you're just putting one ep after another with nothing you're building toward, that's not great.Heart: Meh. I don't hate the characters, but there's none of them I was really rooting for or eager to see again either. Fairly generic heroes and villains.

>>116332873i'd actually like to see a little girl that follow She-Ra, but i've seen nothing but only lesbians following that show, crying about their ships and all that crap.The whole crew cried that this show was for little girls yet most of them seem to ignore it.

>>116352100I've never seen little girls talk online about anything they like. At least not with them identifying themselves as little girls.At least not with them identifying themselves as real little girls in a way I found plausible daddy.

>>116352100>>116352132There's a few cute vids on twitter, here's the most popular one the creator likedtwitter.com/LauraRocha021/status/1280162970836885507

Attached: EdOGJhFXoAI9D-C.png (1200x675, 1.13M)

>>116352132I mean in real life you dumbass. By example, I still see Miraculous merc everywhere these days, and kids wearing shoes, backpacks, and all that. I work at a mall and Miraculous is pretty popular around here, and most kids seem to love that shit. Netflix She-Ra on the other hand is barely promoted or even known.

>>116352205Twitter is full of woke parents forcing their kids to like some woke shit. If the kid doesn't find the show by themselves and gets to enjoy it like we all did at some point of our childhood with our favorite shows, doesn't count.

>>116352205>Recording her nephew's totally spontaneous reactionI hate this kind of shit in general. It's not child abuse like the Holla Forumstards claim to but I find it icky for some reason. Small children really want their parents and relatives's approval so it's like taking advantage of their innocence for views or certain agenda

Attached: 1428516877898.jpg (500x500, 17.66K)

>>116332573>less patient peopleI think this is the crux of this, and many other, issues on Holla Forums, but I'd like to make one slight modification: by using "patience," we suggest the show is doing something out of the ordinary regarding audience engagement, and while an on-screen lesbian romance is rare, I don't think the show is asking that much of the audience. Instead, I think it's more useful to think of less receptive people. So much of the arguments for and against Dyke-Ra come down to whether or not an audience member can take an IP at face value and judge it from that position, without bringing any baggage they may have to bear on the IP, and Holla Forums largely can't do this; and because it can't, we're not likely to see any interesting discourse between the fans and detractors.

>>116352274For fucks sake what do you incels want>I'd actually like to see a girl follow She-Ra>I've never seen little girls talk online>*shows evidence*>HURR DURR WOKE PARENTS FORCING KIDS FOR CLOUT HURR DURRneck yourselves.

Attached: EdJoh2zWkAIfSEg.jpg (1198x1200, 106.11K)

>>116333142Catra is the self-insert, not that either look like Stevenson except in the most banal "both are women" sort of way.

>>116352312I've seen little girls watching the horse show or Ladybug just by walking on the streets. Never see anything related to He-Ra outside the internet. Not even a shitty pirated merchandise

>>116352286>It's not child abuse like the Holla Forumstards claim to >but I find it icky for some reason.You find it "icky" because it IS, child abuse. Abuse doesnt always happen over the course of one finger diddle at summer camp. Abuse can be long and slow, and it doesn't even have to be physical in any way. Emotional abuse, child grooming, conditioning, these things are happening every day right in front of us, and there's nothing we can do about it. Your gut reaction to it is your body telling you that something wrong is happening. Stop dismissing it as "Holla Forumstard" shit.

>>116352350Alright user, if you want to peep on underaged girls in their homes that's your business.

>>116352243Well there's no She-Ra merch for them to wear. And as someone that's worked at festivals for years, I didn't see any Miraculous merch. Saw boys wearing TMNT stuff (2012, still), with girls favoring princesses (including Sophia the first). Can't say I noticed Miraculous.

>>116352312Ironic, a Tumblrite calling someone else an incel. Bet you are a fat virgin lesbian with no friends.

>>116333209>you can no longer just dislike somethingConversely, you can no longer like anything without being a shill for some political movement, which sucks because most new Holla Forums properties are disappointing (be they comics or cartoons), so it's a bit depressing that anything decent needs to become the impetus for yet another shit fling.

>>116352387Damn right it is. FREEDOM.

>>116352389Kinda weird desu. Miraculous is pretty damn popular internationally. I don't live in USA but it's still pretty damn known here.

>>116333415Shame it happened so fucking late. Kids haven't bought toys in over a decade.

>>116352394good argument you indecisive spongecake.

>>116352413based pedophile

Attached: tenor (3).gif (220x220, 109.46K)

>>116333879Then post it.

>>116352424I admit I'd be lying if I said I was carefully inspecting every little girl that came up to buy food (no it's not my job, yes I help the awesome family that's always shorthanded at these things). But I'm pretty skeptical about the "She-Ra has no younger fans because there's not a major clothing line of She-Ra stuff." It definitely didn't hit that age range as well as some other shows, but this is like saying that back in the 90s there were no young Gargoyles fans because what all the boys were wearing was Power Rangers.

>>116352312>For fucks sake what do you incels wantTo argue with you until the heat death of the universe.

>>116352572Good start!

>>116331995Imagine accidentally proving his point this hard.

>>116331684he man aired till the mid 90's daily user.

>>116352672I glanced up the comment tree of this one and frankly can't be bothered trying to keep track of which person going "no you" "but what about yesterday" etc. is trying to prove.Goddamn.

>>116352710Not my problem you're too stupid to breathe.

You know what this thread needs?Swift Wind!

Attached: 1594293261737.jpg (1920x1080, 105.03K)

Its ugly. I don't care about politics it's just boring looking. Also she ra should've been a femboy.

>>116352801>Implying that "Needs More SwiftWind" isn't the default state

>>116352817You know what that is the most valid criticism this thread has.Yes, there's a lot of colours but it does all look a bit flat and the animation, especially in fighting scenes, aren't to die for.Thank you user and there's an unfinished Shadman comic for you


Attached: Psspsspss[1].jpg (1535x2048, 172.54K)

>>116351810Nah, I just call it like it is. A baseless insult is a baseless insult.

I honestly think a good part of the continued seething is that the fandom is still fairly satisfied and still making new art, asking for more content, etc. If you spent a couple years waiting to declare yourself The Victor of a stupid culture war, it has to be enraging to see that when the show ended it produced a positive response. Particularly if the shows YOU were banking on ended up being the ones that took a nosedive instead. And there's an awful lot of Holla Forums shows that fucking cratered...

>>116352983>baseless insultWhat made the show subaverage was ultimately that because He-Man was a property that Mattel was extremely protective of, there was extremely little room for real creativity or new ideas. That doubtless left the writers with much less room than they would have had with an entirely new property or a resurrected property that wasn't seen as high priority by the owners.

>>116353030personally i dont care whats popular with the tween female demographic and i say that as woman so you need to find a different strawman

>Watching a show that's for little girls only>Taking a show, for little girls only, hyper serious>Instead of watching something targeted towards your age group you decide to watch a show made for little girls onlyIs it autism? Do you people also care about the lore in Dora the explorer and what her sexuality is?

Attached: lenny.jpg (403x389, 18.11K)

>>116352387Like a year and half ago, I was on a restaurant and the TV was playing one of the Equestria Girls movies. There was a family sitting in front of me and one little girl was really into the movie, she even danced during one of the musical numbers

>>116354025She-Ra was made for 20s something guys with a twitter account. Noelle and her team don't even try to appeal to little girls, only to 20s something guys with a twitter account.

>>116353955>I'm a woman on the internettits or gtfo.

>>116354168considering this is a she-ra thread im almost positive you're also a female and are trying too hard to be funny/fit in


Attached: Screenshot_142.jpg (644x644, 66.56K)

>>116353030The classic smugness of the Left. You would think they're gods among us based on how deeply they whiff their own farts.


Attached: where do you think we are.png (1920x1080, 1.01M)

>>116354293Actually it sounds like typical internet smugness. The political affiliation is irrelevant

Remember the "body positive" Barbie? Little girls didn't want to buy that shit, even the fat girls wanted a regular Barbie.

Attached: usagi tsukino.jpg (400x300, 27.78K)

>>116354312Nothing about modern She-Ra is disconnected from politics. Stevenson made it that way intentionally. If you dislike She-Ra, then you're an alt-right incel bigot. There's no neutrality, no subtlety, no nuance. DreamWorks invited this into pop culture and now you nor I can escape it.

>>116354217>>116354306Are all Holla Forums shows made for little girls only? Sorry I didn't know.

>>116354394You can dislike it, but the arguments in this thread tend to be... well there's this guy for example >>116335240And the "they have no tits" argument, which is just silly because Entrapta's glorious rack is right there.

>>116354394That depends though. It's "political" but in the most shallow way possible. Vague mentions of freedumb, upper-class visions on tolerance and diversity, "strong female characters", etc. Nothing that could offend the target audience of upper-class whites that can afford a Netflix subscription. Besides, I was talking about the internet in general, not just modern She-Ra. Take a look at Holla Forums. It's concentrated smugness. There are some consequences by people choosing to stay in their echochambers and never leaving

Attached: Corporate Feminism.jpg (1564x714, 752.64K)

>>116354293What can I say? People suddenly breaking out "/toy/ is actually the best way to measure success" "you can't judge real popularity from things trending on social media" and "just because there's still fanart doesn't mean people are happy" as arguments make me feel like maybe the guys that decided it would be a failure before it was even out really want to declare a victory.

>Bet you are a fat virgin lesbian with no friends.

Attached: 1575522634356.jpg (912x1012, 112.12K)

>no one posting best girl

Attached: Scorpia 2.jpg (1080x1080, 147.81K)

>>116353030this makes sense, shame that.

>no actual discussion about the show>just waifufagging, porn spam, and bickering with hatersyes this show will stand the test of time

>>116354626Anon touched a nerve, didn't he

>>116355490>waifufaggingIsn't that what this entire board is about?

Attached: 56r4lhws5ex31.jpg (960x947, 75.09K)

>>116355490That is just Holla Forums user.

>>116354184Both of you are obvious false flags.

>>116354394>Nothing about modern She-Ra is disconnected from politics.Nothing about anything is disconnected from politics. Even if a cartoon could be apolitical in its creation (and it couldn't), we would make it political in its consumption.

>>116355591Everything in these threads are falseflags now.

>>116355565What kind of virgin would thirst for any of the characters of this show? The designs are ugly and most of the characters aren't that interesting or just plain toxic.and annoyingAngella was the only how milf there and she's dead

>>116355590>>116355565that's Holla Forums for shows that don't stand the test of time, like every new show thats come out for the last 10 years including shera

>>116355608Oh shit, here comes one of the "art is political" dumbasses

>>116355657Not them but it's people who are the problem.

>>116355634Oh come on, the waifu game was stellar.

Attached: She-Ra and the Waifus of Power.jpg (1230x1230, 463.79K)

>go to Holla Forums>more culture wars

Attached: this sucks man.png (500x563, 230.73K)

>>116355700NoWaifus are supposed to be hotThose characters aren't hotAnd Frosta is a kid you pedo

>>116331518I just hate on it because self-important trans loud-mouths keep screaming about how important the show is and its easy to trigger those weak cunts.Honestly, I feel the show is mediocre. Good in parts but awful in others.

>>116355700adora looks like Ben 10 with a wigWould smash Catra thoSpinerella is a whale

>>116355701This. I miss what this board was 10 years ago.>I've been on Holla Forums for over a decadeKill me, user.

Attached: 1594382941538.jpg (300x300, 103.23K)

>>116355700Pick your top three>Entrapta>Mermista>Castaspella

>>116355764This.Also, fixed.

Attached: DsE4illX4AAQ8OS.jpg:large.jpg (1102x1447, 204.28K)

>>116355863That looks SO much betterShe actually looks like a human being

>>116333532Rent free

>>116355742>pedoYou don't know his age. He could be underage. Although that's more typical of the people bitching about the show.

>>116355792Hello fellow oldfag.I miss the carefree days of bitching about Sage Freehaven. Better than bitching about those damn SJWS and their few lesbians.

>>116356508She says in the show that she's 12, pedo.

>>116336755>barbie eyes/faceLMAO sjws btfo

>>116357277Re-read what you just replied to.

>>116331518It's shit

>>116357433Your mom is shit.

>>116357395Ah yes, I suck cocks.

O hai guiz

Attached: ed (she)e(ra)n.png (1481x1687, 2.03M)

>>116355863Post this on twitter or facebook. There will be a storm bigger than she could ever conjure.

>>116354605Well, it is, since the property is still (S/Pop in part, at least, MotU is 100%) owned by a toy company. A franchise that is licensed doesn't truly have that yardstick to be measured by.

I want to fuck this lizard.

Attached: dft3uybm9b851.png (418x470, 200.67K)

>>116359901great minds think alike

Attached: 1593080412397.jpg (500x501, 35.71K)

>>116359777It'll be a cold day in hell before you convince Holla Forums that the measure of a show's success is determined by /toy/.

I tried watching this show in front of my family but I couldn’t bear to do it. How do I deal with the embarrassment?

>>116361890Kill your family. P̵̰̹̗̮͎̑͒͐̕ͅr̸̡̧̢͓̳̠̼̭͈͉͉̐̄̌̈̀o̷̬̹̯͇͕͒̎̈́̃́͊̿̈͘b̴̞̩̫̙͍̳̹͗̊͒͒́͛̏̈́̏̄͆͘ͅl̶̙̞̳̬̀̔͜͝͠e̶̢̘͕͚̥̬̘̜̠͚̻̘͋̿͝ṃ̸̨̢̪̝̗̯̘̟̥̖̻̈͌̑̐͆̎̔ ̴̧̤̟̬̳̪͍̪̦̦̩̉̇͋͗̆̾͐͌̍͑͝ṡ̵̳̰̠̠̌̏̒͂̍̇͘͘͝͝ỏ̴̼̘̼̥̺͖̘̣̽͗̎̈̇̈́̽ͅļ̷̧̨̠̰͚̝͉͚̼͊̉̎̀̾̈̽̈ͅv̶͎̟͈͗̑e̵̮͍̺̗͖̮͌̉̋̐̆͑͋̈͑͊̕d̶̰̔͊̽͊̋̽.̸̢͚̣̩̩͇͉̣̺͓̻̘̳͊̈́́́͑́͗͘


Attached: soundoffreedomfreehealthcare.jpg (426x556, 56.48K)

>>116361890Don't user. Or if you do, just accept that your family will see you as a freezy pop homo from then on. Good show though.

Attached: 1589934536584.png (204x190, 67.98K)

>>116362039Low blow!And I can't afford ANY blows, a hospital visit costs too much.