Indivisible Adaptation announced>Indivisible, the Action RPG developed by Lab Zero and published by 505 Games is the next video game project to be adapted to television.>Meg LeFauve & Jonathan Fernandez Adapting Video Game For Television

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honestly what the fuck? I thought the game did not perform that well.

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>>116330858Reminder that Dhar did nothing wrong

>>116330858Too bad the story fucking sucked.Oh well, who am I kidding, the entire game did.

>her VASaw her in always sunny and thought she was a legit ESL foreigner color me surprised

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>>116330884I mean, it was a rather niche game to begin with (RPG with real time combo inputs).Most of the people intereted in it probably already backed it.

>>116330914STory was perfectly servicable for the type of gmae.Chaining combos was super fun too, not sure what your problem is.Only real problem is that the difficulty kinda becomes a joke in the second half, though they did release a patch that somewhat mitigated that.

>>116330884The gameplay was boring and way to long

still waiting for mary to be playable

>>116330858I’ve seen this promoted on steam before. All I know is that the girl is kinda hot. Know nothing of gameplay

>A Pixar writer and a literal who whose biggest credit is Star TrekIt could go either way.

>>116330914It wasn't particularly "bad" from what I recall. Mostly the protag was shit as she was basically just a shittier Korra and the main decent character got repeatedly shit on

>>116330884Lab Zero is constantly in financial trouble, not helping by MikeZ dropping his spaghetti all over twitter.The license probably got them some much needed spending money.

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>>116330884The game came out!?I thought it just dropped off the radar.

>this dogshit got a show before skullgirls

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>>116330858So is this actually gonna be a cartoon or is it live action

>>116331185Didn't the girl who called out Mike over something as stupid as that which she started recently get called out for doing shifty shit herself?

>>116331251I'm beyond mad.

>>116331266Like I said; it wasn't so much him being a legit creep as much as him having zero social skills.The one that got shared around was some erotic cosplayer turned streamer and, though I dislike siding with the incel brigade, it honestly came across more like her publishing a cringy chatlog for attention than her being legit creeped out.What's propably more serious is him reportedly making unappropriate comments to staff. Again, it's probably him being a cringelord rather than anything malicious, but it's still shitty for the employess and should be adressed.

>>116331251SKullgirls is style over substance.You could make a good 10 minute short about it, but not a series.

>>116330858Not TERRIBLY surprising, but I thought we'd hear about a Shantae show before this


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>>116331464Shantae isn't that popular.Wayforward has dedicated fans, but they don't sell gangbusters.

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>>116331266>>116331353The cosplayer turned out to be a shotacon or at least made some shota related tweets so she got cancelled in turn, IIRC. It was a pretty funny saga since it was an obvious nonstarter for anyone who wasn't internet poisoned since Mike really only acted like an awkward nerd and that's it.

As long as it inspires more porn I guess..

>>116331676Shame on you.

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Well the game was garbage and the writing was awful so I don't have high hopes.Literally all it had is it's character designs.

>>116331353Sounds like the usual vague complaints that happen when normalfags end up having to work with autists.

>>116330858I hope that the story gets some rewriting.Only one character have an arc and they get killed about 2/3 through the story

>>116331710Hey, it's the only reason I know about this game

>>116331882Dhar should've been the MC

>>116332022I think Dhar acting as Ajna's foil(?) was a fine idea. The problem was the execution.

>>116330858I never even finished this game. The animation and soundtrack were great, but the gameplay was so bland and repetitive.I do hope they keep the voice cast though.

>>116331464>>116331564The creators of Shantae recently said they're working on an animated series.

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>>116332471Oh, neat.

What the fuck how!? It's not even complete yet!

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>>116330884True, also the dlc stuff will arrive in years lateri gave this game a 7/10, maybe a 7.5

>>116332772Cute Red.

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>Combo system that doesn't reward creativity>Pick dudes you like and mash buttons, best strategy>Difficulty was so broken, one endgame boss literally didn't have his attacks coded>Story was dogshit. The themes of friendship and growth shelved for some random God crap>Kills off most liked party member for some Final Fantasy ripoff shit >Most interesting party members saved for last 80% of the game>Inconsistent main voice actor>Release challenge DLC vs new characters>New Game+ more like Enemy HP Sponge+I really love skullgirls but this game felt like a joke. Play it once and enjoy it but never play it again

>>116330858Indivisible is fucking garbage, a terrible rpg.

>>116333307>i gave this game a 7/10, maybe a 7.5Pretty spot on.I loved every second of it, but that was because it was exactly what I wanted it to be.I honestly wouldn't recommend it to people who arent into the artstyle, fighting games AND cheesy anime writing.I'd say 8/10 if I could edit out 99% of the backer OCs

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>>116333408>I'd say 8/10 if I could edit out 99% of the backer OCswhy does lab zero keep having backer oc areas, its always the most jarring part of the game

>>116331377The story mode on Skullgirls mobile is way more interesting than the crap indivisible pulled. Just do a series of back stories with a finite ending and be done with it. You cannot possibly fuck this up

>>116333488Because it brings in money.

>>116333488By far. Takes a steaming shit on the world and the aesthetic. Reminds me of pillars of eternity where there were special snowflake godlike OCs standing around at every corner when they were supposed to be so rare in the lore that everyone in a city knows when one is present.

>>116330858the art director of this game is hot as fuck

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>>116330884>I thought the game did not perform that well.And that's how NBC got the rights for cheap.

>>116331057>STory was perfectly servicable for the type of gmae.God no it fucking wasn't. Parody RPGs from the 1990s have better writing. Characterization is all over the place, the themes are inconsistent, plotlines are dropped at random, characters get introduced with HELLO THERE LET ME TELL YOU MY BACKSTORY, half the cast barely gets fucking anything, the cast members who around the longest and are most important have no dynamics or chemistry, and every other line is a quip.The writing is fucking horrifically bad.

>>116333307>>116333408>I honestly wouldn't recommend it to people who arent into the artstyle, fighting games AND cheesy anime writing.I like all three of these things and I wouldn't give it over a 4. The game's a glitchy, unpolished mess and really poorly designed on top of that. Showering a bad game with appealing .pngs, a couple good songs and jokes isn't enough to carry it.

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>>116334534Remember Kushi? I sure is glad that she's a character since she brings such ??? to the party.And the same goes for so many characters

>>116331251"before" implies it will ever happen.

>>116334654You mean the half of Zebei's character that jumped out of his body and manifested as a cute girl? Yeah. I do like Zebei having a second line in a different voice coming from a tiny eskimo girl.

>>116334727At least Zebei had a little bit of character for the first 1/3 of the game

>>116335167yeah but what about the other 2/3s

>>116335970That's when Zebei gets replaced with a robot.

>>116332022Agreed. They did him dirty

Wouldnt be surprised if labzero ends up animating a lot of it.Pretty sure at this point that studio is like half animators.

I hope that if this does well it starts a trend of game studios adapting their IPs to cartoons aimed at older people.

>>116331377Dude, ALL I want out of Skullgirls is more of its story. Every bit of supplemental material released for it makes me mad as hell there's never going to be a canon story line because certain characters just aren't playable.

>>116330858The company that is producing the indivisible show is also doing a fuckton of other vidya adaptions. The My Friend Pedro, Little Nightmares, and We Happy Few adaption might also be

>>116331377>You could make a good 10 minute short about it, but not a seriesSay what you will about the story's quality but the majority of the story isn't even in the game or dlc and the fact that countless characters have a shit ton of lore that will never be explored implies that there is enough there for an entire other game, let alone a tv series.

What I didn't like about the game is that the game introduced characters out of the ether and gave them the most rushed reasons to join your party only to barely develop them

>>116337763Roughly half the cast are just gameplay functions who barely exist in-world.Remember after the halfway point when the party is scattered and you need to find them, but half your friends just hung around Ajna while she healed but had zero dialog about it? They exist solely to serve.

>>116337876It's like they had all these cool designs for characters but no personality or backstory to accompany them yet they wanted them in the game

>>116337876The game would have been much better (and cheaper) if they just gave you six or seven party members with 8+ selectable moves. Effectively the same in gameplay, more player agency, fewer problems.

>>116337982one of the big selling points of the crowdfunding campaign was the large playable cast, it was advertised right thee, with fairly frequent updates until they actually started development

>>116332772I don't even remember half those characters.

>>116332772Shovel KnightShantaeSkullgirlHyperLightDrifterdunnoRed from TransistorDino from that 4player time bending gameGuacamelee guySPEES MAREEHN

>>116338274Dunno is Clarien from Rivals of Aether

>>116332772Is that Claire from rivals of aether?

>>116330858Isn't this game notable shit?

I don't know what the hell this game is about and I will never play it but I will watch the show for this cute boy

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>>116338360It's not bad, just mediocre and came too late for the hype it built

how do you make a show about a game whose whole appeal is cameo characters from other franchises

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>>116338473the cameo characters arent in the game numbnuts

>>116338413he dies lol

>>116331377>You could make a good 10 minute short about it, but not a could make a 200+ episodes series easily

>>116338274Last one is from BattleChasers: Night War. Fun game, I recommend it.

>>116338742And it would be shit, like every other cartoon based on a fighting game.

Mary should have been playableI love this little British bitch with all me heart, and really what to fuck her.

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>>116332772I'm surprised they didn't get Miriam too.

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>>116330858So, I guess this is going to be compared to the TWEWY anime since they would be the closest video game related shows to one another.

>>116330914the music was great

>>116333408Yeah, I liked it to. I also enjoyed seeing a game with Southeast Asian and Indian imagery which isn't super common in games. At least, not at this level.My biggest issue was probably the weird pacing. Lots of stuff obviously cut or incomplete. But was a worthwhile play. Fun mix of platforming at certain parts.

>>116340446Finally someone got the reference

>>116330858What’s up with Mike Z besides the whole sexual harassment thing? I hear he had a falling out with Alex Ahad so Alex isn’t at the company anymore

>>116331377>all those loose ends >style over substanceFuck you fag, I want to see how Peacock, Filia and Nadia ended up, just off the top of my head.


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>bitches who don't know who Calibretto isyou dorks never cease to amaze

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Oof. I like the setting and style of Indivisible but the story was hot garbage and Ajna is like an even worse version of Korra.

>>116331057Depends on what kind of game you think it is. Indivisible's pedigree is from fighting games, and so is the vast majority of its appeal.Its story or lack thereof is just another reflection of that. Which is why you have a huge roster of characters that boil down to shallow stereotypes and a gameplay gimmick,and the only real story they get equates to what you might see in an arcade run of street fighter.

>>116338228Because they're bonus DLC characters

>>116341675they got to make money user

>>116330858Okay, I like this game, but....Korra already exist

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>>116333389Bad backtracking, you forgot bad backtracking.

I like how they toted a ton more playable characters were going to be in the game and like half of them were cut but promised to be added later but the game did so bad they never were added.

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>>116330858They would need to cut the main cast down to like 5 or 6 people


>>116343085They're still working on them, and there's enough people with no standards that it might all work out.

>>116330858Cute feet

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>>116332772Just the first 3 would have sufficed, honestly. It's too late now, beat the games ages ago and wouldn't go back to it just to use these characters.

>>116339677Ditto. Kampan is alright though.

>>116330884But it had a brown female main character. It’s like you can’t not make it because, current year.

>>116330884Probably Holla Forums would be a more fitting place to properly discuss about this, but long story short Indivisible is the undeniable proof that most of Skullgirls' following and "success" is more thanks to Alex Ahad's vision on the game than Mike Zaimont's.So Indivisible was mostly Mike Z's baby unlike SG and the final result shows you how shortcoming it is.

I thought the game was fine honestly, not the greatest fucking thing I've ever played and Anja being that god-damn dumb and not listening to people halfway through the game was irritating, the backtracking could be insufferable and the difficulty suddenly vanishes near the end, but ultimately? It was alright, the platforming and controls were good, I liked the RPG combat (at least before the difficulty drop) and I didn't find the story too offensive. A lot of party members were pointless, but they used enough of them that I didn't really care and the ones that did get shine I liked. Never got the vitriol spat at this game, I must say.

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>>116337053Are there any video games that have actually gotten a cartoon?

>>116346447Earthworm Jim

>>116345574Too bad everyone in the Skullgirls Community fucking seethes at the mere mention of Alex Ahad for his "Sexualization of Minors" thing

Eh, the game was fun enough to play once. I regret backing at the $60 level, though.I don't see a cartoon going particularly well. If people watch the cartoon, and the story was rewritten well enough to capture attention, those people are going to be disappointed in the game.

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>>116346447Not sure but i think Wakfu/Dofus were games first

>>116346729Surely you are talking about the Reddit/Twitter types.

>>116330858The story was absolutely atrocious and ajna was really unlikable. The story felt like it had been tacked on top of the game at the last minute. Which makes the shallow gameplay even more of a chore to play through. Dont understand how this took them like 5 years.

>>116330858The sad thing is the framework for a good game is there, the combat mechanics are solid and damn fun and the character designs and variations are great (for the most part, there's a few cases where some characters are pretty much just objectively better versions of others).The problem comes from how absolutely terribly the enemy design was, at the start enemies have way too much fucking health and by the end they don't have nearly enough, so when you start the game your wombo combo requires four reps to kill trash mobs and by the time you're redo'ing all the levels the whole enemy team can't get a single hit in, which they were barely able to do before since enemies attacked so damn slowly that your whole party could usually attack twice before they managed to get a single hit in. This was just an issue with mobs but bosses too, eventually you'd never even get to see if the boss actually had any attacks because you'd rush them down to their "platformer mode" in a single turn. Oh, and don't even get me started on magic healed enemies rendering several party members literally useless.It was just a massive fucking mess, Leilani is best girl though and I want her to sit on my face

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>>116347980>random mook hits for 22500 damage because shit balancing>still never game over because kill them all before they can act

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>>116330858I was going to make a thread about this but I couldn't find any evidence on whether or not it'd be a cartoon.

>>116345574The whole south east asian aspect of it was alexs idea. He seemed pretty passionate about the project but they gimped him down to just being a concept artist and eventually fired him.

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>>116348155It would make zero sense for it not to be.

>>116348188Damn shame, Morrowind made me absolutely love making settings based on less explored cultures, but in indivisible all those elements were so watered down you might as well just replaced the rice bowl enemies with standards RPG "slimes" and nothing would change.

>>116346447street fighter and Darkstalkers got cartoons

>>116346447sonic the hedgehog has several cartoons

>>116341653>Its story or lack thereof is just another reflection of that. Which is why you have a huge roster of characters that boil down to shallow stereotypes and a gameplay gimmick,and the only real story they geThe answer is gonna be way lamer than the mistery/speculation were.You know, like everytime FG characters get their backstories expanded in other mediums.

>>116348266Could go either way, nothing to say that a live-action series can't happen

>>116331377The paradox is that the story as it's presented in Skullgirls is basically non-canon because the game never got a dedicated story mode. You get backgrounds and character motivations but each arcade modes ending point and essentially the 3rd act of all the routes are non-canon since every one has someone defeating Marie and claiming the skullheart to some end outside some of the later plotlines. There's something to be said for the mobile game fleshing out the setting which helps bring the stuff only mentioned on forums, irc, or irl conversations into canon. But all I'd want is a proper storymode for the fighting game to fit the pieces of character and lore together in the way they were intended. Unfortunately for that there were 3 characters needed to pull together a canon storymode: Black Dahlia who is a veteran assassin with ties to a lot of characters, Umbrella who is the daughter of the previous skullgirl and implied to be the next vessel the skullheart actually desires, and Marie herself the current skullgirl. With the way Lab Zero has handled itself for all the shit that happened and the stuff they brought onto themselves it's been the desire of a lot of fans of the story of the game for Alex to make a comic or something. With his departure from L0 last year that's pretty much a wrap. And any anticipation I had regarding the new character coming to the mobile game got squashed when Mike and rampant allegations regarding EVO basically killed the redemption arc for Skullgirls.

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>>116347980Nah, user. The game only has glimmers in what it copied from lesser games. So much would need to be retooled that it wouldn't even be the same game at all anymore.

>>116348857>NeededThat's just a meme they push people to keep supporting them. There was nothing stopping them from incorporating a story into the base game. Characters don't need to be playable to be part of the plot.

>>116337053>Little Nightmares is getting a TV showFor what fucking purpose?????


>>116349565>Characters don't need to be playable to be part of the plot.You're correct in that the story mode could be implemented just fine, but then you're just consigning people to watching a 3 hour movie like with Xrd instead of both breaking up the monotony of a story with fights including these characters and you know; actually having more playable characters for the roster. Yeah, fighting the AI is a crapshoot but I don't just want to read about a character I want to play in versus eventually. I do not think it was just a meme that Lab Zero wanted these characters playable. It also burns that the current final boss of the game isn't playable despite being an opponent you can fight regardless of how shitty that fight is.

>>116349776But unless the show is animated having it as a TV show would ruin the entire aesthetic of the game! Even then I doubt any animation studio could capture how feeling the game is like. The sense of scale alone seems next to impossible to really use.Oh God I don't even want to imagine how they will try to shove politics into this.


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>>116330858>with current year writing we might actually get Ajna/Razmi scenesI’m happy enough.

>>116349810Or.Get this.They could just have the two characters they didn't give movesets be cutscenes/still images, just like every other cutscene in the entire fucking game. Crazy idea, I know, a fighting game where some characters AREN'T just excuses for a fight, but maybe you could put ACTUAL GAMEPLAY between cutscenes or something!It's a fucking stupid meme and they easily could have done it. If they actually cared they wouldn't have given people a choice on who to include after Squiggly. Stop falling for the "oh, if only we had a BIT more time and money!" meme.

>>116332471Nice.Is it going to be on a streaming service or network TV?

>>116351236>They could just have the two characters they didn't give movesets be cutscenes/still imagesIt's like this is already a thing that happened in the arcade modes so there is more to the lack of a proper story mode than just cutscenes and stills. And it's still the case that one of the missing characters was planned for the launch roster and Squigly herself was another that could have not made it in had the funding not come through. >It's a fucking stupid memeHow about you make an argument for why it's a meme instead of just repeating yourself? I know Lab Zero has firmly squashed any goodwill sensible people should throw at them given the years of mismanagement. But it's still very true that they had lots of financial and licensing problems and the IGG was the swan song of development. How much time and money would be needed for a hypothetical story mode even without making characters playable? >If they actually cared they wouldn't have given people a choice on who to include after SquigglyI absolutely agree. But if you aren't aware, Lab Zero is really bad at making good decisions sometimes and the character vote for the IGG campaign was a contentious decision given the uncertainty of the future at the time and it started a lot of needless infighting between players, spectators, and whatever overlap those two camps had with the actual backers of the IGG campaign. But then you look at Indivisible and realize that Lab Zero has serious issues with scope and planning even outside the budget problems so a lot of my own sympathy dries up since Indivisible wasn't that good and too ambitious for what they could provide even with literal millions.

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>>116352404>How about you make an argument for why it's a meme instead of just repeating yourself?I'm not sure what the fuck you could possibly want me to say. It isn't rocket science. There is an entire video game here. There are two characters that are story relevant that you can't fight. This should not be enough to stop them from implementing a story with gameplay in it. One of them is a FUCKING ASSASSIN, she wouldn't even fight directly anyway! What is the part you don't get here? What do you think was stopping Lab Zero from just making the damn story mode? If they were already capable of creating their arcade mode stories, to the point of even giving Fukua, a literal meme character a low budget one for FREE, they could SURELY just draw the pictures, write the text, and queue up some fights, right?What could have possibly been holding them back aside from wanting to squeeze more money out of players?

>>116352795>I'm not sure what the fuck you could possibly want me to sayI could say the same back. It's not hard to understand why making characters playable would be desirable for devs as well as players. Especially when the story is also engaging. >One of them is a FUCKING ASSASSIN, she wouldn't even fight directly anyway!There is already an assassin in the base roster so your argument is retarded. Should Valentine not be playable either? >What do you think was stopping Lab Zero from just making the damn story mode? Nobody knows retard. But having been around during the time when the game would receive regular art/programming/UI streams the crew was more focused on just getting the characters playable and story was something that was sometimes talked about but never a main focus of development despite Alex's vision and setting. > a literal meme character a low budget one for FREEAn asset flip character that still took multiple revisions and unpaid work hours to make complete. Do you think even still images are "FREE" or are you just pretending to be retarded. Story mode wouldn't be FREE either, someone has to work on that and hopefully get paid for it. And that's before you consider that voice acting was also added later on which is more time, money, and labor. >aside from wanting to squeeze more money out of players?For a dev team that gave out every DLC character for free and to this day still hands out steam keys, I really don't think Skullgirls was made with the intention of jewing the players even if it's obvious people want to be paid for their work. I've seen fighting games that do this, SG for all it's rough patches is not like that despite the reputation L0 has earned over the past few years.

>>116353362>Should Valentine not be playable either?Valentine doesn't use a fucking gun. Why are you being disingenuous now?What really gets me is that you intentionally cut around> a literal meme character a low budget one for FREEso you could ignore that I was saying they made her a STORY MODE for free, not that the character cost them no money to make, not that it was without cost to the company.Why do that? Why would you intentionally misrepresent my argument like that? Because you have to know that wasn't my point. You specifically cut out the part about me talking about the story mode.There is absolutely fucking nothing that was actively stopping them from making that goddamn story mode. At best they just didn't feel like making it without a playable Dahlia and Umbrella. At worst they thought they could keep getting paid to work on Skullgirls indefinitely if they kept putting the carrot on a string and dangling it in front of people. There is no argument for why they couldn't have just done it. It would have been LESS effort to make the one, real story mode instead of multiple arcade modes.

>Now watch Ajna be a horrible person with the gameplay breaks!

>>116353595If it gets handed to better writers then she might at least get called out for being horrible.

>>116332471source? last time i checked all they said was that they're interested in making one.

>>116353539>Valentine doesn't use a fucking gunShe's still an assassin so does it matter if she's throwing scalpels instead of shooting someone in the face? Not to mention Concept art shows Dahlia using melee weapons and the story states she trained all the circus members how to fight. Valentine is literally an assassin, take your semantics somewhere else. >Why do that?Cry me a river. In the same post you call me disingenuous you frame low effort art in a joke plot that is uninterrupted fights from start to finish in stark contrast to literally every character as "no cost to the company". No shit it was no cost user, It's the same image they put in the trailer and then another that's the same image but we add a new character twice. What is your argument if you honestly are holding Fukua's storyline up as some standard? >There is absolutely fucking nothing that was actively stopping them from making that goddamn story mode. Prove it. Simple as that. If you know more than me than just post your evidence and stop relying on bad arguments. >At worst they thought they could keep getting paid to work on Skullgirls indefinitelyAnon, the staff was more than vocal about how they didn't even think Skullgirls 2 would be a thing and history has proven them right. At no point in your ramblings have you reflected reality, they had been saying that since before the IGG campaign because if you were paying attention, work was halted during Squigly's development. >There is no argument for why they couldn't have just done it.Budget, time, urgency, licensing problems, bad calls on the IGG, the failing development of the game, etc. Pay attention dumbass. >It would have been LESS effort to make the oneI really doubt that but at best you get a game with barely any playable characters in favor of making a visual novel. And if that's all you wanted I'm glad we got Big Meme, Robo Fortune, Squigly, and the rest because they are fun to play even if they came at a tradeoff.

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>>116353815Ajna was called out, many times. Not so bluntly as "you are a horrible person," but each part of the second act ended with somebody telling Ajna that she'd only managed to make things worse.

>>116340514TWEWY also is a good game that had a great gameplay and story.

>Post evidence they could have told a story!>When the game has a bunch of character art for every single playable character and full storylines for each of them.>"I really doubt that [you could make a single story mode instead of several small stories], but at best you get a game with barely any playable characters in favor of making a visual novel [because somehow telling a story removes gameplay]."I think user stumbled on a salty ass Lab Zero dev.

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>>116355502thats also >implying that you cant make a vn fighting game workcoughcoughblazbluecough

>>116355577Yeah, it's a stupid fucking argument. "Oh no, I can't fight two characters in the story!" So? You got plenty of other characters to fight and play as, that's a lot of content right there. There's fucking gameboy games that are hardly anything but goddamn text. There's no excuse outside of them not wanting to do it any other way than the hardest way. Lab Zero COULDA done a full story, but they chose not to and whined forever about how they'll never be able to do it until Umbrella and Dahlia are added to the game.Which is their way of saying they would like to keep getting paid to make the game, because they wanna finish it and refuse to do so until they're paid to put Umbrella and Dahlia in. Bitches acting like that's an unreasonable statement are full on stockholm syndrome.

>>116346488comic first, like sam and max

>>116355776The comic came out over a year after the first game and it was a licensed property to Marvel

>>116355651>Bitches acting like that's an unreasonable statement are full on stockholm syndrome.It's the mark of someone with an axe to grind when they ignore that the same developers that got paid for four characters and delivered six wanted to add more characters to their team fighter. Because when they launched with 8 they got torn to pieces. It's also ignoring that story modes have historically been lower priority for fighting games. ArcSys being the rare studio to actually put in more effort than most but they are also good on adding the characters from their stories into the roster even if it took them over half a decade to get around to Jubei. But it's easier to assume malice and greed when it flies in the face of this specific game's history when it was still receiving free updates for years after the team had moved on to their other failed project. I don't get it, someone honestly thinks that MS paint levels of art on a joke character who is mostly recycled animations herself means that the developers could have done whatever kind of full on story mode they imagine and that players should just settle for less characters in a game built around MvC2. That's the real delusion.

>>116355651Well, the mobile version is getting a new character and they said they could port it to the PC version, but that it's not a given. I'm betting on it being Marie since they probably have the most amount of assets for her making, her easier and most logical addition to the roster.That being said, i'm still upset we live in a timeline where Skullgirls has one of the biggest curses i've seen in video game history, and that Black Dahlia, Brain Drain and Panzerfaust will never be playable. This sucks man.

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>>116356182>means that the developers could have done whatever kind of full on story mode they imagineLiterally said the opposite>>116355651>There's no excuse outside of them not wanting to do it any other way than the hardest way.They coulda done it anyway, but they wanted to do it in an elaborate fashion. They weren't willing to compromise on presentation and/or write around not being able to play out fights with two characters in order to realize their story. They couldn't do it to the fullest extent so they decided to not do it at all.>and that players should just settle for less characters in a game built around MvC2.Literally nobody said this. You made this up for yourself. You're goddamn crazy.

>>116356277Panzerfaust woulda been shit anyway, I prefer Big Band.

>>116356182Imagine a world where ArcSys didn't bother to write BlazBlue's story because "Sorry, guys, we just weren't able to put Jubei in the game as a playable character.

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>>116356872>not wanting to make a team full of massive units with Band, Panzerfaust and ScythanaIf Big Band is anything to go by, they know how to make the "big body" archetype fun and actually pretty viable.

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fucking how and why? the game sold badly and Lab Zero is fucking dead now that their main producer got fucking nuked for being an autist

I mean the game may not have been amazing (I still thought it was kinda fun), but I'm sure not gonna complain that we're getting "Juicy Brown Thighs: The Show"

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>>116332378>The problem was the execution.Dhar should have just been a grunt in Ravannavar's army who wasn't directly responsible for the death of Ajna's father. The story would work so much better and would explain Ravannavar not acknowledging him aboard the fortress.

>>116331479Nickelodeon is already in talks with SEGA to make a Puyo Puyo showBut buddy, this is a complete stretch if I saw one

>>116356897>...It would be a better worldCT would still be Kusoge but at least the misadventures of Ragna would be less tedious. >>116356846>Literally nobody said this.You're right we just get retards who say stuff like>>116355651>You got plenty of other characters to fight and play asAbout a game that started off with 8 characters at launch and at the time we started to learn what story mode would need a 9th that wasn't even finished. But that's just enough who needs more right? >>116356963I'd have liked Scythana and Molly for the big body archetype.

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I just wish more Skullgirls stuff instead. Anything.

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>>116330858I have never been so fucking disappointed by a devs teams fall from grace

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>>116359302Don't they no joke not own Skullgirls because of licensing issues on their end?

>>116359805I dont understand why would you need to put so many playable characters in an action game, it works fine in RPGs but not here

>>116359805>All these literal who, donut steel designsWhy was I hyped over this game again? Was it even worth it? I forgot it even got released.

>>116360120>I dont understand why would you need to put so many playable characters in an action gameIsn't the playable roster for Valkyrie Profile like 20+ characters as well? Never beat it but I know it had quite the roster of characters you could acquire as well and Indivisible was really desperate to capture that same magic but failed in a lot of respects.

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>>116360120cause they wanted to make a fighting rpg no matter the cost

>>116336569Well, they did cut their teeth on making video games featuring traditionally animated sprites, so...

>>116360191I swear, I feel like I've seen these designs else where. Also, the fuck is an Aztec dude doing in south east Asia?

>>116338347 no, its the Drifter, from Hyper Light Drifter If anyone deserves to be in this it would be forsburn

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>>116360230The designs aren't bad just a lot of them are very overdesigned or dont fit the hindu-based theme game

>>116360120Because the people making it thought of it as a fighting game deep down, which is why their ideas for DLC were just "more character packs" and not more story.

>>116360872>Hyper light drifterSpecial thanks to anita sarkeesian and zoe quinn! :)

>>116361163a damn shame, oh well thats what happens when you kick out the guy who came up with all the concepts for the game

God damn Thorani does things to me that makes Jesus cry, I want to call her mommy.

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