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New ep is here

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Oh Boy tranny park


thanks for the heads up OP>>116322046it's up on kimcartoon already

>>116322075>new upload on kimcartoon is actually last week's episodeI've been baited

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>bmwfDoes it ever end?

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Hopefully there's another song that can match the better ones this new episode.>>116322075>it's up on kimcartoon alreadyI already fell for it.

>>116322112He's the whitest black guy there is, just with a great black man singing voice. So you don't need to feel insecure about it.

why does everyone have ep 8 up as ep 9

>songs about fucking home alone 2did they run out of ideas?youtube.com/watch?v=JlRY9W_2s9k

Decent episode. Seeing more of Helen and Bitsy's dynamic is always good.

where is the porn

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>>116322141>He's the whitest black guy there is, just with a great black man singing voiceSo... Why didn't they just make him a white guy? If you're not going to make the black character black, what's the point.

>>116324591Do black people act a certain way? He's just a nerdy dad

>>116324636>Do black people act a certain way?Do white people act a certain way?

>>116324686We are all just humans man

>>116322823The people in charge of streaming sites can be careless as hell sometimes. You'll have episodes mislabeled, in the wrong order, and sometimes even have the series title fucked up. For the longest time, theWatchCartoonOnline.TV had OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes accidentally listed as "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: Commercial," and nobody bothered fixing it.

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>>116324591>If you're not going to make the black character blackThe black character is black.

>>116324839Why are you even responding to that user?

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>>116321932Did it become not shit yet?

>>116324909Was it ever shit? If anything, it was just dull because its main cast feels pretty lifeless most of the time.

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This show really fell from grace since episode 1. Songs have been shit for many episodes now.

>>116321932Why does it look different ?

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>>116321932Feels so weird to see the art style and not hear H Jon Benjamin go "uhhh" every 10 seconds

I Did Not Account for This is really good, probably in my top 5 songs so far, but everything else was really shit. Probably some of the worst songs yet aside from that one.

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>>116325456Also Paige looks really good with her hair down

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>>116324578Where is the fandom is what you should be asking

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>>116325209They started out trying to deviate from the usual Bob's Burgers style only to resort to copying it directly in the end. I've grown used to the final designs, but I'm still disappointed.

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>>116321932I can’t believe what the final designs look so similar and yet feel like they have no soul.What is it about the difference between the two art styles?I am not an artist or educated on the subject so I just don’t understand it. I just know what I feel when I look at the two things.

>>116325474Those earrings were adorable

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Glad we ended up getting a fun song.youtube.com/watch?v=rz877NgkjPg


>>116325172>Don't Think About the Failures >The Park is Mine >Garbage Ballet >Manager to Manager >Method to This Madness >First Class Hands >Too Close >Show Up >Nuts Nuts Nuts >Big Deal >Can We Do Today Again? >I'm in a Perfect Relationship >TOSGANO >Imperfectly Perfect >I Did Not Account for This >Live It Up Tonight Sounds to me like you just WANT to hate this show.

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>>116327982FUCK off pedo

>>116328014Eh, my favorite moments now are when they aren't singing.

>>116328014>not adding where there’s a will

>>116328315I know most of the, what, eight(?) anons who frequent these Central Park threads don't like that one, so I left it out. I actually like it for the most part, same with "Make 'Em Pay."

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>>116322112>being this obessed with two people being togatherYikearoni and cheese

... I came.

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>>116327501I like how bouncy Cole gets animated during the musical bits.

>>116329262>tfw this scene with Molly never

>>116329464Shut up.

>>116329332Yeah, they really let the animators cut loose with "Nuts Nuts Nuts." I feel it captured Tituss Burgess's impassioned singing very well.

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>>116329262The visible bra is already great, but the wet hair and unbuttoned shirt collar are what really drive me crazy

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>Day 1017 of not getting any new official update about that fucking Bob's Burgers movie I’m losing hope with each passing day, bros...

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>>116329808It was moved to April.


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>>116329867Well I know that, but is this really all they can say, even now? Back before COVID blew up and we were a mere four months away, Disney STILL wouldn't give us a synopsis, a teaser, or even a confirmed movie title. Now that we have an even longer wait, you just know they'll continue keeping every single detail under wraps. It's ridiculous.

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>>116328620It’s not about them being together, it’s the future they create


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>>116328587Would you?

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>>116329808>The Bob's Burgers Movie would've released in theaters this very day

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>>116325172>>116328014the guy is kinda right, the song quality is really inconsistenti mean, one ep had first class hands, too close and show up all fucking tippy top tierthis ep was really barren in comparison with the exception of I Did Not Account for Thisthen there's some objectively bad songs like if there's a will or make em pay

>>116331308>the guy is kinda right, the song quality is really inconsistent He's not. He claimed that all songs after Episode 1 are "shit." Even your post proves him wrong; while the song quality isn't always consistent, there is always at least 1-2 great songs in each episode. Sometimes three.

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>>116328014I love TOSGANO

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>>116331718yeah, that's why i said kinda right>there is always at least 1-2 great songs in each episodeehthe only eps with 3 great songs were the premiere and the wedding one, i'd say on average we get 1 great song per ep, with a couple eps having 0 truly good ones

>>116332028Which Central Park episodes had zero truly good songs?

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>>116332093memory is a bit hazy but the one where "if there's a will there's a way" is in left me pretty disappointed

>>116321932>mixed race couple CRINGE!

>>116332174>if there's a will there's a way Why does everyone hate that song so much? Also, the episode you're referring to is the same one with "Spoiler Alert" and "Method to This Madness."

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>>116332093I want to fuck Pearl so fucking baaad bro good GOD

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>>116332264>Why does everyone hate that song so much?it's an old white lady voiced by a man that tries to rap, it's also too repetitivealso, while i like bitsy and helen a lot, compared to the rest of the cast their singing sucks balls

>>116332391I think Daveed Diggs was cast mainly to rap and Stanley Tucci was cast because he does a funny old lady voice, not so they could sing. And while I agree that "If There's a Will" is repetitive—I hate the 'monkey bank' part—the verses that bridge between the chorus are nice. It's one of the show's weaker songs, but it's not exactly "bad." Same for "Big Deal."

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>Paige will never hold your hotdog

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>>116330899This may not be news, but it's the next best thing: youtube.com/watch?v=Z9ZIuoQDtL0

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>>116328014Get better standards. Also wish they'd stop passing off those shitty rap while talking segments as songs

>>116332770>not avaliable in your cuntcould you reupload it on mega or something?

>>116332832>could you reupload it on mega or something?That's a lot of work dude


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>>116330764That film grain is a nice touch

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>>116332876I wonder if the restaurant could survive the quarantine. They'd prob need DoorDash or PostMates or something.Now that I think of it Jimmy Pesto's might have a rougher time since it relies more on drinks and entertainment and their food supposedly sucks.

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>>116333137Depends. If they were really as struggling as they are often portrayed as, they would have been out of business many Seasons ago. But they don''t have the worst situation. They have relatively low expenses, don't seem to be too reliant on foot traffic, like you said are more food-oriented than atmosphere-oriented, Burger joints aren't particularly trendy these days, but they can generate reliable customers depending on what kind of competition.I'd say it depends on their rent situation.


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>>116333137Honestly they should do some episodes like this. I could see a place like Bob’s gaining popularity due to delivery since the physical restaurant and annoying kids are why most people don’t like it. Although burgers don’t necessarily travel well but still a decent premise.

>>116333455Yeah, like some sort of season-long "saga". It'd be something different from the kids being the worst things ever. Considering how "safe" the show is now I could see them not doing it simply to not offend anyone who has lost family members to it. This was just a digital exclusive short sending out regards.

>>116333578I'd like it only because we would finally get more episodes of Bob and the kids interacting again. More than half of the episodes now have an A-plot centered on the kids and their friends, while the B-plot is 2 minutes of Bob & Linda stuck at the restaurant with Teddy.

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>>116333736Aww, Louise is so tiny and cute

>>116333736Honestly it could be really fun, give the show its old edge back.

>>116333855What edge did it lose?

>>116327324Yes. Yes, they were.

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>>116328620>Yikearoni and cheese

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>>116334736Heh, Phineas looks so funny from the front

>>116321932I love when the majority of the cast does a song together.Own it is a good example and I hope the final song is like that.

>>116335310yeah me too

where did the mega uploader of this show go? :(

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>>116336373Been wondering the same thing myself. There was one week where the MEGAnon was late to sharing a new episode because they were busy/forgot, but it's been TWO WEEKS now. I'm afraid they either lost their means of producing downloads to share or they just don't care about this show anymore, which is a shame because Central Park barely has a fandom to begin with. Such is fate.

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>>116336784Not upload dude. But the episode where they showed they weren’t gonna have consequences in the show was a hype killer.

>>116321932man, the art style looks half-decent here, but then godawful in the actual show >>116324578Don't get me wrong, Bob's Burgers is a great show, but it has possibly the most unappealing art style of all time. It's Big Mouth tier.

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Need beach episode.

>>116336950 >It's Big Mouth tier Whoa, whoa, WHOA. The Bob's Burgers art style may be crude, but it is NOT hideous like the abomination you mentioned. Once you get used to the Muppet-inspired designs, you may even come to love the way Loren's two latest shows look. I had my doubts back when Bob's first premiered, but now I love the shows visuals possibly even more than I do its writing, and I'm excited to see what they did with the look of that movie.

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>>116337329they look like slugs

>>116337543They look like Muppets.

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>>116321932This vs the final version of these characters is a perfect soul/soulless. Wow, so sad

>>116337875Coporare meddling Louren admitted it

>>116338504>Louren admitted it When? Where?

>>116336784Aw Birdie looks so sad there...

>>116331308>if there's a willhow is that a bad song lol

>>116332391>it's an old white lady voiced by a man that tries to rapthat's whats funny about it

>>116331308>>116338723The duality of user

I want to lick the mom from head to toe

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>>116338834Still waiting on a beach episode...

Are we ever going to get some sense of urgency with the Bitsy Park thing. I mean this episode Kinda Was but then again not really. Owen is too much a straight man to have ever messed up therfore no threats I can only see this season ending with Bitsy somehow winning in spite of everything and then next season they having to muster together to save the park, or something.

>>116338862Jesus, is that all you can say?

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>>116338926it was planned as two seasons

>>116339184ONLY two seasons?

>>116338926I'm not sure how Bitsy and the Tillermans' conflict will unfold these last four episodes, but I get the feeling Bitsy will be redeemed in some way by the end of the series. She seems to want to buy the park just to get attention and finally be taken seriously after years of being brushed aside or neglected by her family. Maybe Bitsy will eventually find some way of proving her worth in a less drastic way than her crazy real estate plan.

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>>116338834We could use some Paige facesitting art

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>>116339531We could use some Paige art, period.

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>>116339680>Some Paige period art. ftfy


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This scene with Paige and Molly please.

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>>116340718or this one

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>>116339390Lmao did this dude get even shorter over time?

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>>116339680>he gets to slam that whenever he wants How does that make you feel user?

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>>116331308>objectively bad songs>if there's a will

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>>116324578You're welcome

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FUCK... I don't know why I'm so attracted to Helen, I really shouldn't be

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>>116339531>facesitting1st person or on Owen?imgur.com/a/3ZAZU4r


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>>116342754 >>116342823 >>116342875 Now this thread just got all kinds of interesting...

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>>116342502It makes me happy to see that nerds can win in the end. Owen Tillerman's an upstanding gent who works hard at his job and doesn't shy away from expressing his love for the little things like turtleheads or pizza-baking. Dude deserves every bit of Paige's fine ass.

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>>116342823/co/ wants to keep claiming Loren's shows are "ugly," yet he stays having some of the top cartoon MILFs this side of the Atlantic

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The shows been getting better recently. I wonder why they saved some of their catchier songs for later instead front-loading them. I guess there's not much of a need to if episodes were all ordered up front.

>>116343604I imagine it gets a little hard to produce four original songs per episode that fit into each narrative. PnF only had to do just one each time.

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>>116343640>PnF ?

>>116343698Why, Phineas and Ferb of course!

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>>116342823I'd come to Bob's for the burgers, and stay for Linda. Teddy's got the right idea.

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>>116341319Reminder that there is some good to come out of the Brandenham Family

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I've never seen this but it looks like the artists were so desperate to tell people that they made bob's burgers they couldn't help themselves from making it identicalIt kind of reminds me of the desperate rick and morty spin off

>>116338739yeah, it's funny but as far as sounding good?nahjust look atyoutube.com/watch?v=eGdufjmcSowthat's funny because of gay man voicing woman but it sounds fantastic on top of it

>>116343640>>116344227>PnF only had to do just one each time.and they mostly suckedit has some very good songs here and there but it's mostly garbage

>>116345454>6 years ago Good Lord, where did the time go?

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>>116345970>>116345970>I worked on one show therefore I have to make other shows like that for lifeBut why.

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>>116345793>and they mostly sucked >it's mostly garbage say sike

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That art style and shading looks really 80s. It sucks that they dropped it.

>>116346124What shading?

>>116346181On the OP. The colors are much more muted than BB. It looks good.

>>116346233You could argue that's just because they're on a screen, but sure, I think I get what you mean

>>116343591Its in the personality. You just know they're dtf

>>116346257>You could argue that's just because they're on a screenYeah you're probably right. Still though it looks good. New cartoons are too fucking bright it gives me a headache.

>>116342875>1st person or on Owen? Either or honestly

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>>116345970I don't get it, is it completely impossible for people working on a show to create a different artstyle?

>>116346340I'll keep it mind when I commission

>>116346582Anon, you're an angel~

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>>116345970>Honeybee Now where have I seen this before... ?

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>>116346526 Loren Bouchard happened to be a producer on the project. The show was created by actual artists and looked pretty distinct in concept art sadly.


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>>116343442Paige is a nerd, too. That's why I love her so much.

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>>116346067Long Live the Royals has a distinct enough look to it despite the show itself not being good.

>>116346616Haha I love Adventure Time, Finn is so funny

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>>116345162Don't judge a show by its coverGive it a chance

>>116343442>>116342502Downside of having kids is that you gotta be careful or you'll get caughtimgur.com/a/E6ke4GA

>>116351277Aside from Paige's tits looking a little too perky, that is some Gooood Shit

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>>116343442>an upstanding gent

Attached: cat lady weekly.png (490x350, 134.45K)

>>116344227I love how wonky Dan typically draws Ferb

Attached: Dan's Doodles.jpg (687x1024, 180.94K)

>>116351277Is that a fucking Fibonacci Spiral?

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>>116352546Paige is shockingly flexible

>>116350054which ep is that?

>>116324303The ending felt kinda weird to anybody else?It felt more sad and bittersweet than romantic. Was that how I was supposed to feel?

>>116341319Years of poor posture will do that to you

>>116352678But not quite as flexible as Elwood

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Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

Attached: Live It Up Tonight.png (1920x1080, 2.49M)

>>116355207Yeah I know Paige should have been naked.

>>116355228True, true.

Attached: Rachel Sigal.jpg (1536x2048, 324K)

Kek, I didn't even notice they were watching Home Alone at first.

Attached: Home Alone 2.png (1920x1080, 2.19M)



>>116355704What is the point of having a remote if you're just gonna leave it next to the TV?

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>>116354591Elwood is the best character on the show! He is better than both the park manager and the news reporter combined!

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>new episode every week >dead thread Fuck this entire board.

Attached: headache.png (625x864, 452.78K)

>>116355926>news reporter Paige is a journalist.

Attached: 1590995762724.webm (1920x1080, 465.64K)

>>116356527I bet you if Molly came out as a lesbo you'd have fuckers coming in droves.

Attached: 1484495233659.jpg (406x364, 26.64K)

>>116322112for you? nothe world will become more and more filled with these so called """"injustices""""for YOU, life will become hell. Life already is hell, but it'll get worse, especially for youKill yourself to save everyone the time

>>116356596Has she written more articles?She should be tailing the Mayor right now.

>>116355228How naked?

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>>116356950I wish we could get an idea of how Bob's Burgers's art style was updated and adapted for the movie

Attached: 1522683414963.jpg (2048x1155, 280.19K)

>>116357034 I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that movie's cancelled, bro.

Attached: ppg professor shrug.jpg (561x478, 21.94K)

>>116356691I hate that you're probably right. Holla Forums cares more about faux-outrage than actual cartoon discussion.

Attached: pruny pepe.jpg (400x386, 23.35K)

>>116337543Bob's Burgers style is just weird and maybe lazy. Big Mouth style is actively grotesque. Like they painstakingly designed every last feature of the characters to maximize revulsion in the audience.

>>116357288tv.avclub.com/bob-s-burgers-showrunner-loren-bouchard-on-the-end-of-t-1798240586 >The A.V. Club: Are the Muppets a design influence on the characters of Bob’s Burgers? >Loren Bouchard: Absolutely. That underbite, that big floppy chin—in general, that sense that you could put your hand up inside their heads and move their mouths. Muppets: big influence on a lot of aspects of this, big influence on the music. That sort of lightheartedness with which they would do musical numbers on The Muppet Show and in the movies and just the sort of looseness—the way they approached music and comedy really appeals and feels important somehow. Whereas Bob's Burgers had an unconventional yet genuine approach to its style, Big Mouth just goes out of its way to be as hideous as possible. There's a strict difference between the two.

Attached: Bob's Burgers puppets by Matt Wilkie and Rachel Hastings.jpg (800x958, 272.18K)

>>116357288They're just stylisticYou don't have to like them but calling a fucking tv show lazy is just ridiculousThose animators put their goddamn hours in

>>116355636That's cute as fuck


>>116355207They have a cool bathroom

>>116355774Remotes are for flipping through channels, not movies

>>116356691>>116357256Kinda but not reallyLoren shows just don't get a lotta traction. No amount of LGBT+ ain't gonna change that. There's like a thread every month about hoe underappreciated BB is.4chan is a circlejerk outrage machine. I'm surprised Central Park threads aren't bombarded by "Kristen Bell white guilt" anons

>>116357654But what if you wanna pause in the middle of the movie? Or rewind? Or change the volume?

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>>116357034 Hehe the way Louise is cut off makes it look like she's bald

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>>116358011oh jeez

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>>116357619Paige and Owen just have a more equal, unpredictable relationship Bob and Linda. Its like Linda is another big kid for Bob to take care of. Still entertaining but they did a good job making the family dynamic unique


>>116358231Agreed. I love Linda, but this is a nice change of pace. It's cool that both Paige and Owen can goof off yet still know when it's time to get serious, especially when it comes to their separate jobs.

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>>116357760Don't pause or rewind. That's annoying. Figure out the volume when the movie starts

>>116358587You're not even human...

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>>116356950Where even is Springfield?

Attached: PanoramaHD.jpg (3358x932, 908.43K)

>>116358804Somewhere in the U.S.

>>116358804It's wherever you want it to be

Attached: sex juice.jpg (530x600, 67.87K)

Knock knock.

Attached: pull over.png (1920x1080, 1.33M)

>>116342875S-SAUCE?? I'm unfamiliar with those initials

Attached: Mr Krabs sweating.gif (300x225, 286.82K)

>>116352546Haha I love Ratatouille

Attached: Just another night in The City of Love.webm (1720x720, 1.06M)

>>116358804Lol, I dunno

>>116346067I will be forever grateful to Owen Dennis and his team for actually trying SOMETHING different, both in character design and staging.

Attached: The Chrome Car.png (1920x1080, 1.85M)

A cute Paige to soothe your soul

Attached: Edendale Castle.png (640x640, 178.73K)

>>116363448Really hope we see her in a bikini before the season is over.

>>116330040This god-awful art style, at least we have reached absolute bottom of the barrel.

>>116363594>Bob's Burgers >bottom of the barrel see: >>116357533

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