So how would you do >image

The story just doesn't seem workable if reversed, or at least not without basically gutting and replacing the intended narrative.

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>>116319389It would be like fucking a furby

>>116319417Not sex, the story, "beauty and the beast".

>>116319389Rainbowheads would call it problematic for some reason or another.Probably because a girl changeing for a simp is bad, she should stay ugly and gross because that's empowering.Also the best form being cute/attractive is wrong. It doesnt matter if anthro is your fetish the beast form should be something you would find unlovable, like a sjw landwhale or that momo sculpture, or your mom

>>116319389True, you have to remember the the tale of Beauty and the Beast is not supposed to be a story about some chick finding out she got a furry fetish.It's about a girl loving a man despite his monstrous appearance.This isnt about loving the monster that stays a monster its loving a monster for the person they are underneath and them loosing that monstrosity is the cathartic release that starts the actual relationship.>>116319600 is right in that a modern take or a gender swap version should not have muh sexy wolfgirl. We all know that fact that the beast is female alone would mean someone would want to fuck her anyway, so a better version of this story would be the beast being a typical stacy princess with a sour personality gets cursed into looking like a fugly tumblr subhuman. Then beux would see the beauty of her underneath and the change she's willing to go through for their love (like beast in the disney version at least) is what causes beaux's love to break her spell.

>>116319389The Blind prince and the liar princess does it well.The princesses's monster form isn't fuckable and her being considered physically ugly to a human is the main plot point; additionally the prince might as well be a girl for how he's depicted, he's a quivering shy moe who's a friend to all living beings and its the girl giving him flowers as a gift; The ending has it be that the inner beauty is what's important so it keeps the original

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>>116319865Monster form for comparison.

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>>116319389Make her less cute, more big.

Sofia the First had an episode called "Beauty is the Beast" where a bitch of a princess treats a furry goblin like trash and then she gets turned into one to teach her a lesson about being nice to him. It's implied they fucked after she turned back into a human, so ultimately it has the standard outcome.

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>>116319977Make her into Mama the Hutt.

>>116320099I mean, for all intents and purposes that's just a dude with big teeth.

>>116319389Beast has to be tall and fearsome or you're sabotaging the concept from the get-go: >>116319311

>>116319600>Also the best form being cute/attractive is wrong. It doesnt matter if anthro is your fetish the beast form should be something you would find unlovableSee pic related. Also:>talking shit about momoFuck you.

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>>116319389It would be hot if she still acted like an animal even after she turned back into a human.

>>116319865>The princesses's monster form isn't fuckabledo i even need to say anything here

>>116320490Yes, I know that people will fuck anything, but this isn't going to look fuckable to 95% of the people looking at it (if not 99%), Small furry subset aside. Its not anthro and has nothing indicating its a girl except that you're told "its a girl"

Let's be real, everyone would just dismiss it as Beaux becoming desperate and horny enough to fuck Beast rather than coming to love her as a person.

And really, what would The Gaston be? Gaston going out and personally murdering the beast works because he's an exaggeration of traditional male attributes, that's he's a hyper depiction of male characteristics. But it would be the opposite for the female Gaston to do so.

>>116319417Yes, and?

>>116319389Because guys wouldn't be afraid of a sexy beast woman. Guys would want to fug her the second they meet her.

>>116320727It's not a perfect 1:1 but she could be a manipulative Queen B of the town thanks to her looks, every man is tied around her finger, every woman outdone by her in looks, charm, and skill, she could rally the men and tag along to see her work done. In the end when the men fail and flee she tries to do the job herself.

>>116320809I think a more likely death would be her getting thrown under the bus in some manner by one of the men she was trying to manipulate due to being basically helpless without her ability to manipulate others (in contrast to the female beast). Such as her manipulating a rough or unsavory group of men to do the dirty work and getting necked by one of them out of anger at things going wrong or mugged and murdered by one of them when none of the rest of the crowd is around.


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>>116320427>white women

>>116319389>gastonia is an amazonian chaddess with the same popularity as gaston>beast is still imposing even if she is short because she's got claws and still physically stronger>bello is the typical bookworm and social outcastDone.

>>116321154>amazonian chaddessBut then the issue with femgaston is that she's a highly unattractive (By traditional standards) girl who's running male belle off by being some guy with a Vag who acts masculine, rather than her other qualities.

>>116319389ew, gross

Wouldn't work on an instinctual level. Most guys don't wanna fuck a monster. Most girls can't self insert as a monster. Only reason Monsterboy x pretty-girl works because it activates girl's AGP.

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>>116319389Doesn't work the other way around. Men love women that need protecting. Women love men that are savage and need to be tamed.

I mean, I'd be down to see pushover guy get bullied by tough furry girl and then they end up fuckin.

>>116321285yeah, if they did it you'd probably have some shrinking violet moe girl who's all self conscious about her looks and then turns out to be super hot once the curse is lifted and its about her becoming self confident rather than actually becoming a better person.

>>116319389Yup. For good

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>>116321698He's right,

>>116319389It takes a genuine coward to reverse the genders and then feel compelled to shrink the Beast so she's smaller than the man. She should still be 7-8 feet tall. Not much of a "beast" at 5'6".

>>116321154>>116321073that is just goin to the cringefest that is the Dyke-ish phopshop pictures asppies post sometimes? that doesnt work

>>116319389Imagine the musk from all that sweaty fur.

>>116319389Are you stupid? >Our Hero, Beaumont (Beau to his friends) loves reading. Beau can't stop won't stop his literary life>Gastette is some big-breasted slut, uses feminine charms to get people to do what she wants, but she's the informal leader of the town because she's clever>Again, enormous TnA, I cannot stress this enough. >No one's curved like Gastette, makes heads swerve like Gastette, no one inspires such a great urge like Gastette>Wants Beau's D because he's classy and actually clean, and she hopes to become aristocracy or something >Maybe Beau is heir claim to some Baronage, held by his childless uncle. Beau doesn't care though>Beau's mom, Maurine, gets lost, captured by The Beast>Beau goes, finds her, remembers reading about chivalry or John 15:13, takes her place>Beast, at this point, is a big growly mess of tangled hair and well-worn clothes>Castle shenanigans >Beau gets lost and Beast straight ices some wolves>Beast has huge library, never reads any books>Beau slowly introduces the Beast to the information in books, first by relaying stories and information every night at dinner>One night finds Beast in a mess of tangles and ribbons, book on popular women's fashion in front of her>oh snap, the Beast is a woman>Whatever, Beau can roll with this>starts teaching her how to be a Lady because he figures she hasn't actually hurt him, and it'll pass the time>Hella sweet and comfy montage, Beast learning to dance, Beast trying on clothes, Beast trying to sing>Still struggles to actually write and compose. At some points, gives up in a huff and believes that her form dictates what she’s capable of“As if a monstrous Beast can make something beautiful!”>The Beast was transformed when she turned away a fairy from the castle or whatever, rose plot still in effect. She was a prime bitch when she was human, treating her staff and anyone beneath her very poorly

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>>116319389>>116322048cont>Meanwhile, Gastette is fuming about facing the possibility she might have to be a commoner forever>Hears Maurine talking about how her son is being held prisoner>Gastette gets an idea. >Starts spreading rumors and getting the townsmen on her side to defeat the wicked beast (who everyone still thinks is a male monster) and rescue the local village boy>Gastette gets Maurine committed for hysteria, but Maurine escapes and tries to rescue Beau>Collapses>Beau leaves the Beast and rescues her, but they get intercepted by villagers and hauled back when Beau tries to convince them that the monster is really a woman. Obviously he’s delirious like his mother>>116321779>pic relatedis for you. I didn't make it, but I like it

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>>116322082>>116322048>>116319389>Beast, without Beau, resigns herself to die in front of the rose. Starts writing a song to express her feelings towards him>Townsfolk, lead by Gastette, start to storm the castle>Beast, using her newfound abilities of fashion, music, and art, dresses herself with a hood on a high balcony and sings the dope melody she wrote so they don’t hurt the castle inhabitants she was so callous to when she was human>Silhouetted against the moon, and her shape contoured by the clothes, the villagers think she’s just a regular woman>Beau wasn’t getting kidnapped, he was just getting some>Townsmen head back, making a note to congratulate him, and apologize for thinking he was a prancing lala homo man>Gastette mad. It’s bad enough Beau was stupid enough to get kidnapped and throw a wrench in her plans, but to choose some hussy over her? Crossing the line>Gastette enters the castle with a stiletto (the most feminine of weaponry)>Meanwhile, Beau and Maurice have taken a back road to the castle. Beau enters in through another door (wink wink)>Gastette is about to stab the Beast in the back>Beast knows she’s there, but accepts her fate, leaving her lyrics next to the rose for Beau to find if he ever returns>Hears Beau yelling for her in the castle>Snapping out of it, she turns and grabs Gastette’s arm right as it was about to kill her>Even a female Beast is still a fucking beast>Sends Gastette flying through a glass window>Beau bursts in immediately after, sees Beast and the paper written in scrawled, ugly letters>Beast can’t bear to turn around>Beau reads the poem aloud>Jokes that the handwriting is awful and barely legible “But even the most beastly appearance can hide a thing of beauty”>Beast turns around>Big kiss >Happy ending Literally the only hard question is does the Beast turn back into human after the kiss?

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>>116322133>pic related: if The Beast doesn't turn back afterwards

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>>116322082Eh, that one doesn't work because beast's expression (the eyes) gives some weird smug look.

>>116319389The concept makes roasties seethe so no studio would ever greenlight anything like it.

>>116319389Shrek 2 already did a similar thing and better too>they have the choice to be good looking>choose to stay ugly instead10/10 movie

>>116321270>most guys don't wanna fuck a monsterSpeak for yourself.

>>116323311You do understand the meaning of "most", right? Because you aren't most.

Men will fuck literally anything with a wet hole. It just doesn’t work the same way themetically. The original story was basically “Hey, maybe your arranged husband won’t be so bad?”.

>>116322082>that size difference

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Feminists love ugly bitches so it’d be big with Tumblr

>>116323412Demonstrably false. They hate it because they feel threatened by it.

>>116323311Desperate incels who probably abuse their pets aren’t “most guys”

>>116323438Point stands. Feminists hate attractive women. It’s sexual communism. The ancient greeks wrote about this.

>>116323438>>116323461Here's one now:>>116323440

>>116323479That’s me, stupid.

Beauty and the beast is a weird story because it’s basically a “hey, if you get married to an asshole he may be a good guy deep down.” It’s the type of story you tell little girls so you can marry them at 13 to some guy in his 30s. Same thing with the princess and the frog. It’s doesn’t really work in reverse. Worst case you have some girl with a rocking personality who got cursed, and that’s just a damsel in distress. There’s no lesson there about accepting someone for who they are on the inside, it’s about resolving some conflict.

>>116323629Yeah it’s pretty much a shit story all around validating forced marriage>H-He’s really sweet once you get to know him

A guy getting kidnapped by a female furry and forced to be her mate is literally a basedjak redditor fantasy

>>116323629just make the beast a black girl when she turns back so it's a story about overcoming racism or something. Could work if the entire premise isnt thrown out at for being too not woke

>>116323359Yeah and white women get fucked by dogs whats your point?

>>116321270>Most guys don't want to fuck a monster.

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>>116319389Okay, but does she got the fortune cookie?

>>116322082>that sizeMuch better.

>>116321270On an instinctual level a guy will go for anything with tits and a vag. Everything else is superficial

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>>116323032Not going to lie, I’d breed with ogre Fiona.

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Are there any movies where the monstergirl is actually inhuman looking? For male monsters you have BatB but also stuff like The Shape of Water, but I'm drawing a blank for the opposite.Anons would find anything sexy but studio execs seem to have colder feet on that subject.


>>116324793Technically but I was thinking romance movies.

>>116319865Isn't this just Saya no Uta's plot?

>>116321270>Most guys don't wanna fuck a monster.costanza.jpg

>>116319889I would

>>116324803It would be a strech to call pic related "not fuckable" but the idea of a woman with a hidden monsterform is pretty ancient.

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>>116319865>gachashitWhy, it's all the same sappy, written by a 13 year old tier shit.

>>116324870>gacha huh?

>>116319389Bruh i wish we ever had a Monstergirl love story with a human. I dont remember even Anime doing anything similar. I think the closest to its representation is Greg Universe fucking an alien space gem

>>116320581In order for that to work, she would need to be actually unattractive. Making a hot furry obviously woudn't work. But if she was ugly like a Witch this could work.

>>116320727Female Gaston would be trying to seduce the guy and send goons to kill female Beast. How dumb and uncreative can you be?

>>116324777Closest I can think of is Species but the whole point is that she's sexy as a human, and distressingly sexy as an alien.Hell I can't even think of a Beauty and the Beast inverse.

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>>116324870>gachaI don’t think you understand what that word means.

Would you an ancient tentacle god?

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>>116325227I think that you already know the answer to that.

>>116319389Magic!A village was mean to a dark wizard/witch, so the village got magically banned to a magic place. And every baby that is born starts to grow into a monster till they are 14 and the transformation is completted.Now the village wait for a hero to fall in love the princess to break the curse.

>>116321942The song is the opposite of beefy Gastonne, though.

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>there's a monstergirl living in the forest>there's an arrogant dickhead prince living in town>peasants report monstergirl's presence to the prince, he leaps at the chance to do some heroic shit>immediately gets in over his head>saved by monstergirl>plot is just prince becoming less of a dickhead>monstergirl isn't cursed, she's just a monstergirl and stays that way

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>>116319600>she should stay ugly and gross because that's empowering.Jesus Christ that's too on point.

>>116319389Shallow Hal is basically the inverse story of Beauty and the Beast. Asshole effectively gets cursed so he can only see inner beauty of people, falls for a beautiful woman who is actually very obese, learns the truth and realises that it is in the inside that counts.The movie may be a poorly received these days and Paltrow has gone on record for saying she regrets being in it, but the scene where Hal realises the little girl in the hospital is a burn victim but continues to treat her no differently to how he did before is actually a legitimately sweet moment.

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>>116321270>Most guys don't wanna fuck a monster

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>>116326636The only good part about that movie was the fat guy with the tail

Would you?

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>>116325227Depends:does she love me?

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>>116321270>Most girls can't self insert as a monsterDid you keep your head on your desk during all of high school? We get "you aren't good enough" and "how you look is most of your worth" hammered into us every day. Teenage me would've eaten up with a spoon a story about "even imperfect girls deserve love" and cartoons would do it better because every "ugly" girl in a movie had a pretty actress making me feel even more like I'm a beast.

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>>116319389Google the Hungarian folktale, the pussycat princess.

>>116319389No, because having a woman behave like the Beast does would be problematic.

>>116321270>AGPI didn’t know women had an automated graphics port

>>116320979Or raped, or forced married to one of the top socialites that she'd been manipulating throughout the story.

>>116324282Yes, and the ticket inside reads ‘you lucky fucker’

>>116319389Well for one thing I could turn her into a hot succubus Gaston stays male but he beomes much more serious and threatening. Infect he is a monster/vampire hunter who almost manages to kill "the beast" before the handsome prince rescues her.

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>>116319389Dude immediately fucks beast girl, most of the movie is about their blossoming relationship. Theyre happy together but he constantly dodges her offers of marriage though. Gastette arrives with an army of simps to kill the beast. Boybeauty and gastette kind of had a casual relationship but he would never fully commit. Beastgirl and boybeauty confronted by the mob, beastgirl clearly protective of boybeauty and jealous gastette demands to know if anything happened between them. Boy beautys like "eww no gross haha, thanks saving me gastette" and leaves beastgirls side. She dies of a broken heart and the curse not being broken in time. Her corpse reverts back to an attractive human form but only gastette and boybeauty are around to see it. Boybeauty regrets his actions, mourns his loss and Gastette grows even more jealous, relinquishes all feelings for him and tells everyone in town hes a beast fucker. Hes shunned and is no longer allowed near the village, and lives the rest of his life as a feral hermit beast-like man haunting the empty castle.The End

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>>116321270>Most guys don't want to fuck a monsterI can assure you right now that if I check /aco/, there is a 90 percent chance of a thread posting porn of, and discussing the inevitable "paradise" of, fucking aliens and monsters.You ever see a Turian? Cricket looking people from mass effect? The one thing people like about Andromeda was that you could finally bonk a female one. People bought the game for that.

>>116323359>Men will fuck literally anything with a wet hole.Who hurt you, user? They'll fuck aliens and monsters, but they're always sceptical of putting their dick in crazy.

>>116323629I'm kind of surprised that there hasn't been a Male princess maker game with beauty and the beast. To get the happy ending you have to make choices that help beast become a better person.I think it would help modernize the story you're talking about. We now know that people have to choose to become better. It doesnt happen by magic and Belle cant force you to change. Frankly a lot of folktales could help with this change. As films they teach a certain level of entitlement. Like the happy ending just happens. But with a game you can show that people have to choose and act to be better and get what they want.

>>116325947>So... you’re not cursed?>I was, but just to stay in the castle grounds. I was born a beastwoman>So you’re... NOT going to turn into a human?>>Oh, thank god!>W-what?!>I was on the fence about breaking this curse of it meant I would lose my waifur, but I did it anyway to make you happy! This is the best of both worlds!>You mean you like me like this?>You’re 8 feet tall, covered in soft fur, and have three sets of tits, the smallest of which are Ds. How can human women even compete?>Oh, Beau!>Also, you’re a sweet, wonderful woman with a big heart... no, seriously, that thing must be the size of a melon, it’s like sleeping with a Floor Tom crossed with a metronome.Lawd have mercy, I’d love every square in of a giant beastgirl

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>>116319389Your average Frankenstein scenario but the human is in love with the monsterInstead of Gaston its the town because they saw the beast kill GastonMaybe steal a little from Shrek while we're at it


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>>116321270Men have wanted to fuck monsters as long as humans could tell stories. Look up:Chinese: story of the white snake, or the white snake witch.Japanese: Otohime and Urashima TaroHungarian: the pussycat princess

>>116327087>Hungarian: the pussycat princessThe what now? Can we have some details?

>>116325031Make her fat and lazy and unkempt and smelly. And by doing things with dude belle, she loses weight and learns to groom herself. Like she looks like a big fat lazy house cat. SJW twitter girls will hate it though because dudebelle didnt like her until she improved her appearance,

>>116327052>artist still trying to make her attractive and cutecompletely misses the point


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>>116319822You guys really know how to butcher a story. She looks “cute” because she cleaned up, put on a dress, and because were on 4chan and are degenerates.Movie would work great as a genderswap, and anyone whos ever lived with a woman...ESPECIALLY a teenager, can easily see a woman acting like the beast did in the movie.

Taming the Shrew would be the closest example. However, it doesn't really work since taming a vilolent man is a female hero arc, not the other way around.

>>116327143I mean in most adaptation, the beast isn't that ugly either.

>>116326714EXTRA LARGE fortune cookie

>>116326714Make her bigger and we have a deal.

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>>116319389Belle is an self centred introvert who regards herself as above the provincial nature of those she lives around. She gets cursed into the Beast form and told the spell will be broken by marrying Prince Adam. Belle has to learn to interact with the people of her village and accept their friendship and aid in order to become appealing, and in the process learns the value these people have.

>>116326714Why are you asking this question?

>> is a fox princess

>>116327567Warning, there are tons of Hungarian folktales on YouTube and they are all comfy.

>>116327533Just to be sure

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>>116327499Plot twist: only her and the prince see the hideous form she's taken, that's why the townsfolk are still willing to help her

Never liked beauty and the beast to begin with, theres nothing realistic about it. Stacy and Chad memes won't love you just because you're a good person and being a good person won't necessarily make you look attractive physically neither. And just because someone is unattractive it doesnt mean they are super sweet and humble deep down inside either, if you've seen the posts on r9k you know what I'm talking about.

>>116327032>You’re 8 feet tall, covered in soft fur, and have three sets of tits, the smallest of which are Ds

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It doesn't work on a fundamental level. The furthest afield you could go is human with few adjustments. Nobody likes full blown furry design on a female. Not men, not women.

>>116326843I wish women would stop believing the (((the ad industry))) represents real men.

Wouldn't even work in cartoons or irl like >>116328086 says. It violates a fundamental part of human nature. 95% of Holla Forums wouldn't think of dating the fattest, ugliest, hairiest woman they know even if she was a 10/10 in personality. The other 5% would take her because they aren't able to do better. All of those who say they'd date the eldritch monster here makes me kek.

>>116328258Seriously. I like all kinds of things ads say are ugly. I like girls with big ears, big noses, freckles, low hanging breasts, short, tall, curly hair, shaved head, shaved side. If you want me to be dirty, I even like pube and pit stubble, or fuzz fore arms. Women should have figured out magazines were full of shit when kim Kardashian exploded. We went from women thinking men liked stick girls with big tits to girls with big asses over night. News flash, there have always been men that liked big asses. Also, I'm not a loser or a fatty. I'm about 175, size 33 waste gene, two college degrees, 90k a year, white, lift, look a little like star lord. It's not loser men going after loser women. Men, good men, find all sorts of "flaws' hot.

>>116328303She really just cant be fat. If she has the right hip to waist ratio, men will fuck her. Felicia from darkstalkers is a pretty good example of where the line is. She has hands and feet as big as dinner plates. Half of her body is covered in thick fur. But she's got the face, hips, tits and waist right. Trannies are a pretty good example too. There are a lot of men that would fuck bailey jay before they fuck honey booboo. And it's all because of the hip to waist ratio.

>>116328370Same here, I fucking love muffin tops. I also hate redesigns of Asaj Ventress that add hair.

>>116328086>Nobody likes full blown furry design on a female.I hope you're ready to have this belief very quickly removed.

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>>116321270>Most guys don't wanna fuck a monsterMate... Are you fucking serious? If it's scary, but with big hips and a stonking great pair of breasts, men will court anything. Not like it can be uglier than white women, anyways.

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Most of the plot revolves around a traditional male-female dynamic, that's why JUST flipping genders feels like a weird pervy doujin about a couple of trannies.The way the beast is a monster is monstrously masculine- hair, size, build.To make it actually work a female beast should be monstrously feminine, some lithe pale hairless thing like the Splice creature.The beast offers up an exaggeration of what men provide- lodging, material resources, and protection. Female beast should offer up exaggerated compassion, companionship, and affection.Women join a man's house- where Belle was a prisoner in Beast's the beast would be and invader in Beau's.

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>>116328258Teenage boys are picky as all get out.I'm ugly as sin but slowly started getting attention for the first time in my life after turning 18 and eventually got hitched at 25.

>>116328563They're only pretending to be picky because they think you've already rejected them. The outspoken picky guys are insecure to the maximum degree. Anything born with a penis between 12 and 22 years old will fuck literally anything given the chance including dangerous inanimate objects or machines. Pic somewhat related.

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>>116328086What rock on mars have you been hiding under for the past 30 years?

>>116328604Well that's not fair, he isn't done yet.You'd think for the effort he'd try to match the thread color though.

>>116328604>I-I could've fucked chad it's just he's too insecure to fuck me!sure fuckin thing m8

>>116328563Teenage boys are picky until you make the first move. The second the get the merest hit that you’re dtf they’ll drown you in cock

>>116328563Can confirm what >>116328563 has said. When I was younger I stuck my dick in a jar of jam, a melon, a glass with two sponges inside with a rubber glove in the middle, a hole in a piece of plywood, and other objects best left unmentioned.

>>116328484Make it a slime suit of armor that covers the prince. Holding and coddling him. Pulling nutrients from the air and sun and feeding him. Lifting him up and making him stronger. Eventually becoming stronger and mighty due to her support. At the end he must choose between the strength and might she provides as his armor or freeing her from his curse. If it's a folktale, obviously he frees her and marries her having fallen for her as she was there with him every step of his ascension to knighthood.

>>116328682Exploratory masturbation doesn't exactly line up with fucking people indiscriminately- ask any hairbrush handle or sharpie magnum.Of course I knew a girl who fit an entire bop-it in herself at 13 and she was pretty indiscriminate.

>>116328676unless they're so far gone that masturbation is the only sex with they're comfortable with

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 73.16K)

>>116328769That’s why you have to get in there early

>>116328706That's good.Maybe at first he doesn't even realize it's a sentient thing.

>>116328706nigga thats just the venom symbiote

>>116328661It was the first time I ever tried to sew something and I deliberately used black thread to get something more in line with what is in the /ldg/ on /trash/. If I wasn't going to try and fuck it, I would have gotten more help from my mother. She is really good at sewing. 90% of the reason I gave up was because I started another relationship and didn't need it.

>>116328825Yeah. But it's a curse. And after it covers the male body it forms a hard knight looking armor shell around him.

Ponyo is Miyazaki's fanfic of Hakujaden. Bai Niang was his first waifu

>>116328826'So user, what were you doing before we met""Heh Haha he, uh, normal stu stuff

>>116328670>I could've fucked chad it's just he's too insecure to fuck me!Every girl, no matter how ugly, can get a 10/10 chad for a night. Keeping him is a different matter.

>>116328904She was cursed to be a slime armor because as a princess she was a brat that supported no one, barking orders and being horrible. Her husband paid a witch to curse her into the slime armor then locked her away in the trophy room, giving him full power of the kingdom. He pledged the kingdom into ruin and the armor is found 100s of years later by an equally selfish dipshit, too stuck up his own ass to believe the warning ruins around the armor saying it is cursed. Shit writes itself really.

Tezuka-sensei already heard yor

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>>116328826If you end up picking it back up, I'd suggest machine stitching or even serging if your mom has a serger you can borrow, with those stitches it would probably pop open mid-fuck.It'd also be quick enough compared to hand stitching that you could take the time to build a body out of something more waterproof/stainproof, and then a cover piece out of your softer skin colored stuff.

>>116328983I had a sock that was wide enough to put an off brand onahole into, that way I could keep it clean.

>>116328484>The actual inverse of Beauty & the Beast is Jenifer/Harpya>They always end with the men dying and the beast moving onto a new victim.

Attached: creepy-63-3.jpg (740x1077, 278.65K)

>>116327567Sweet. Does it end in tragedy or did they live happily ever after?

>>116327370Was pondering the other day how species diverge but this answers the question pretty well

>>116329101If it was an anime, they would spend 5 seasons of them both being bratty tesunders, with 5 episode long fights, and he gains a new a super move via some form of personal and relationship growth between the two of them.Final episode the curse is removed, and they get married in the now restored kingdom with all the friends they met along the way at the church.Could be pretty funny. People would think he was arguing with himself, thus nuts.

So basically "Manic Pixey Dream Girl" but she's a furry?

>>116329249No it's the opposite actually.If anyone is the "manic pixie dream girl" in Beauty & the Beast it's Belle, the pretty young woman who's not like the other girls in town who gets the curmudgeonly beast out of his emotional death spiral and teaches him to love. If Beauty is a guy, then it's HIM emotionally saving Beast.

>>116321270>Most girls can't self insert as a monster.That's all I did as a teenager. Probably had something to do with at the time unresolved anger issues.Sure most girls want to be more "sexy" monsters that are barely monsters like vampires, but there are a LOT of wattpad stories about teenage girls becoming weird stuff like aliens, dragons, spider people, liches, squid people, scary mermaids that eat people, etcI read one about a girl who became a she-cthuthu thing, and I swear-- it must have been written by a brilliant troll. It started out typical and stupid for the girl self inserts as monster wattpad genre, but it became legit horrifying, like "I have no mouth and I must scream" teir. Writing got better and better as it went on too. It gave me nightmares and I hated it.

>>116329249nah, Manic Pixie Dream Girl is an addon to the male main character. The female Beast would be more like Tomoko, someone with massive social anxiety issues and an inferiority complex that has to be "tamed" by the male Beauty

Attached: latest[1].png (286x341, 166.1K)

>>116329317>there are a LOT of wattpad stories about teenage girls becoming weird stuff like aliens, dragons, spider people, liches, squid people, scary mermaids that eat people, etc>wattpadman, I'd love to read that shit but the writing level for wattpad is like 5th grade...

>>116322082Here I go again.

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>>116329317Nerdy girls love monsters. They self insert easily because their bodies feel weird because of puberty. All this anger about the Male gaze is really them hating that puberty robbed them of their childhood for tits.The adult female form feels like a monster to a 15 year old girl.

>>116329331It quit being fun to read when I was about 16.Sifting through the shit on that site has only gotten worse as time passed. I thought I was imagining the decline in quality due to increase in maturity, but I looked back and the stuff that was being published when I was 12 was genuinely MUCH better quality than the stuff being published now.It's not as mindblowingly awesome as I remembered it back then, just ok. Modern wattpad is garbage. The site went on it's steepest decline when every third middle school girl in the english speaking world decided to write one direction fanfic. Then they all wrote LGBTQ drivel. Then there became so much metric crap tons of garbage to sort through it wasn't worth it.

Sure, but the changes might not be that bad>beastgirl is considered the last few of her kind, the humans between man and beast>her castle remains the last refuges of old pagan relics, everything from sentient objects or spectral creatures>her ancestors were once tasked with keeping the secrets of old, long lost sects: she was sadly but a child when her parents perished on a mission far away, leaving her to be raised by the various sentients and creatures of the castle>time passes, an inquisitorial group is sent on a vague mission to hunt down this last demi-human abominationand so on

>this threadWe all think we'll be ok with a beast but when it actually happens I know most of you will

>>116327087Egypt: Basically all of it is written like some autists weird sexual fantasy.

>>116329090What's this? I recognize Bernie Wrightson's art and it looks spooky

>>116330290>Egypt: Basically all of it is written like some autists weird sexual fantasyMost myths are sexual fantasies or bong trips.

>>116330290>>116330348I disagree. A lot of myths aren't THAT weird unless you're specifically looking at them as "lol rape and sex hehe funny". Sex and revenge are obvious topics in a lot of folklore for obvious reasons though.

>>116330239I would crumble, my dick is a trooper, he always rises to the occasion.

>>116324762Is this from that awful werewolf movie with Khal Drogo?

>>116330290>>116330348>Sekhmet was closely associated with Kingship>For example, one relief depicts the Pharaoh Niuserre being suckled by Sekhmet.>But, one Pharaoh in particular seems to have had an obsession with Sekhmet. Amenhotep III (father of Akhenaten, Dynasty Eighteen) built hundreds of statues of

Attached: Ankha_NLa.png (360x450, 152.71K)

>>116330524I'm trying to remember the name of the tomb where thousands of cat mummys were discovered

>>116327859Beuty and the beast is supposedly a commentary about guild business marriages.

>>116320427>that kid´s face.The only sensible answer to his whore mom

>>116330559In the original long version the whole scenario is basically a proxy war between two fairies and Beauty has Fae blood, which is the reason she even has a chance of seeing through the spell.

>>116320427>Mom: I wouldn’t mind taking the knot.>Kid: I have no mother.

>>116324803Except that the princess in the story isn't malevolent and learns to be a better person at the end due to the prince, and the prince in kind accepts her monster form for who she is instead of how he saw her before.

>>116330335The story is called Jenifer, it's from Creepy>>116330461Jason Mamoa made a werewolf movie?

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>>116322133>"but even the most beastly appearance can hide a thing of beauty"Fuck, I cannot be falling for such a cheesy line, god damnit.

>>116319865>The princesses's monster form isn't fuckableyou know where you are

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>>116320427Shit taste mom.

>>116319389>how would you doSHE DOES NOT TURN BACKKK

>>116319389The only reason the story doesn't work is because men can be sold on the novelty of someone who looks different so long as they meet some requirements, like symmetry

Attached: dragon princess friends full.jpg (700x3089, 637.1K)

>>116334010>What do you even see in Ashley?>She got a nice shape you know?>She's a literal 2-Dimentional square?!>Yeah, and damn is she symetrical.

>>116330524here's something funny, the consort to both Sekhmet and Bastet is the god Ptah who is the god of craftsmen and architects and is depicted has a green human man

>>116334684Tile user, is that you?

>>116334010I think it's because the west is deeply afraid of monster girls because Christianity. The direct predecessor of monster girls are daemons feeding on men's energy and they're related to Lilith, demons and female vampires. In general westerners are very scared of sex, specially female sexuality. Reminder that fairy tales are christianized pagan myths. The older versions of Beauty and the beast has a similar premise to the myth of Eros and Psyque. Meanwhile, outside the western hemisphere, people were free to explore their fetichisms

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>>116321270Do you know where you are?...

>>116326714Oh boy

>>116325227Only if she was alive and not already pregnant

>>116335820>The direct predecessor of monster girls are daemons feeding on men's energy and they're related to Lilith,Dude. 95% of monster girls are literally derived from Greek mythology.

Attached: She looks like she fucks human men reality.png (1024x1024, 80.23K)

>>116336096>uses cats>tiny painful spike dicks>last only a couple seconds

I never understood why Holla Forums thinks women are just men with tits. B&B only works because there’s a natural dimorphism in our behaviors.

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>>116336147And that behavior comes from the fact human women are smaller and weaker than human males. Change that aspect and the behaviors change as well.

>>116336147monsters reflect fears

>>116329387Holy shit you’re retarded. Puberty doesn’t feel monstrous for a girl. It’s like suddenly waking up as a superhero or sorceress but literally EVERYONE wants you for your powers.

Animal grooms reflect a certain power dynamic between the bride and groom. The swan maiden features an animal bride, but she is forcibly kidnapped by a man and has children with him, only for her to leave when the man confesses to her about how he did so. By contrast, Beauty and the Beast is about how a woman consents to living with a large threatening man for the sake of others, serving as a metaphor for how your arranged marriage partner probably isn't so bad if you get to know him and behave. The Disney version made the Beast more expressive and likable, such that he had an actual character arc and made an effort to improve himself for Belle's sake. To invert these traits directly would be improper, as the dynamic isn't supposed to be about the beast's development but rather Beauty learning to accept her role.

>>116320427>that picnice

>>116336199Evolution didn’t stop at the neck m8

>>116336096You don't know me. Let the harlots have the scraps.I'm going after the real prize.

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>>116336096>human womenWhy the fuck would I care?

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>>116336622>>116336664Imagine being such a loser you have to dream of a world where incels are prized

>>116336147R63 Beauty and the Beast probably wouldn't work very effectively, but I think it's possible to construct a story that uses the premise of monster romance. In fact, I think a story that is about a witch, vampire, werewolf, etc would probably be very easy to play with and I'm quite certain it's already been done.

>>116336147>implying normal women can't be just as monstrously gross or vile as a normal man could be>implying a hairy, hulking, ostracized wolf woman with a whole castle to herself couldn't turn into a stinky, unkempt, unfeminine, asocial turbo NEET to rival even the most dedicated male hikikomori R63 Beauty and the Beast would work just fine.

>>116320490>>116332627>>116319865>Implied the prince and princess are small prepubescent childrenHi, we're here to deliver a pizza, is user home?

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>>116337019No it wouldn’t. Men and women are different. Women divide men into “Would fuck” and “Would never fuck in a billion years”.Men divide women into “Would fuck then brag” and “Would fuck with then NEVER tell anyone”. Dicks are cheap, pussies are expensive.

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>>116337161>getting your opinions on gender from an instrumentYeah, you're a real authority on men and women

>>116337019>>116337161>male beast gets to be a cute furry>female beast has to be a DISGUSTING GOBLIN because its more realisticfucking hell, its not like Belle ever complained that he was too ugly for her even in the original story, she was more offended by how uninteresting he was to talk to

>>116336147I will never understand those pretentious enough to believe that men and women are completely unintelligible to each other, rather than the person not being as bright as they thought they were.

a R63 B&B should be like>Beast was a fucking bitch so she got cursed>Beaut is kinda into that>Gaston is a bitch about it>The real monster is inside us or something idk>Beast doesn't turn back human to sate my fetish

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>>116319600That's the general plot of shrek.

>>116337380I'm not trying to make the case that femBeast has to be a disgusting goblin, I was just saying that the idea that a woman could be as off-putting (in looks or in personality) as a man isn't some impossibility. That other user is spouting some Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus nonsense.>male beast gets to be a cute furryI would never call him disgusting, but I think "cute furry" is a bit much.My argument is that femBeast can be just as initially somewhat off-putting but ultimately appealing as regular Beast. She doesn't need to be an ugly goblin, but she doesn't have to be some super cute/hot looking version either.

>>116337779Beasts can be cute and fierce looking. Look at a wolf snarling and then the same wolf with a happy or relaxed look to make my illustrate my point.

>>116328370>no heightreally makes you think

>>116336769You never mentioned what happened to the nonhuman girls. Just human girls going after anthro guys. You completely miss the point, like those people that think white men lose because all the white women want black men when in reality the white guys want cute Asian girls instead.

>>116337779>but I think "cute furry" is a bit much.Then you have no idea what he represented.

>>116337606>Evolution stopped at the neck >There are no meaningful differences between men and women

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>>116337380You’re not getting this

>>116324800There's Penelope but she's more ugly-cute.I swear I've seen some co-related thing with this though, some smurfs tier shit, if not smurfs itself.(pic is Sparrow from Tara Duncan, She's a decedent of The Beast and carries the curse but it only triggers when she's stressed)

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>>116337779Oh. Well, I agree. I just felt like everyone's twisting the point of the story to whether beast is bangable or not, when from Beauty's perspective he was completely inhuman. >>116338097You don't need to look far for men that see women as monsters that can't feel love.

>>116321270>Most guys don't wanna fuck a monster.>>116328086>Nobody likes full blown furry design on a female.Where the fuck do you people think you are?

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>>116329090>>116330335Harpya's pretty neat as

Attached: MV5BNjg0MDM5NzAt[email protected]._V1_.jpg (555x541, 272.26K)

>>116338484I remember reading about this as a kid and thinking it sounded creepy as fuck.I didn't expect it to be as goofy as it was.

>>116338287>everyone's twisting the point of the story to whether beast is bangable or not, when from Beauty's perspective he was completely inhuman.Yeah, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. That's pretty much the direction these kind of discussions tend to go.>but *I* want a big strong furry to kidnap me, marry me, and fuck me, so this story is unrealistic lolLike, sure, I want that too. But the fictional characters within the story are acting more realistically to their circumstances (not thinking about fucking 24/7) than the real people who are discussing them claim they would.

>>116322174She's the dominant one. It's only proper.

The Beast was not very ugly in a traditional sense. Perhaps he might be frightening for young children in the audience, but in reality he looks quite smart and reasonably groomed.

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>>116334684I dunno a red dot can be

>>116338897To be fair, he's literally groomed in that picture.Ultimately Beast is still designed to be a very aesthetically pleasing even if not a generic handsome man as well as emotive.In the end the bridge to make him relatable/likable to the audience is also the doorway that makes him attractive. Using the same mentality, FemBeast would probably end up the same way.

Attached: .png (664x820, 444.18K)

>>116320427Needs an additional panel that also includes Beast's face cuz holy shit even he looks disgusted and its killed me.

>>116338075tbf they're oppressing the shit out of all of us right now

>>116327032>>116325947My brothers.

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>>116336410>everyone wants your powersI don't want their powers why the hell would I wanna piss blood everywhere and be bitchy 24/7?

>>116327188The original beast looked elegant and dignified in a suit. But he never looked GOOD in a suit, like someone you'd wanna fuck if you didn't already have an emotional connection to him.The guy you're replying to is right. This picture is cute, but this "Beast" is too pretty to even remotely work in a genderswapped version on the tale

>>116329387> Nerdy girls love monsters. They self insert easily because their bodies feel weird because of puberty.> All this anger about the Male gaze is really them hating that puberty robbed them of their childhood for tits.Holy shit, you may have a point there

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>>116329387> The adult female form feels like a monster to a 15 year old girl.This is one of the many reasons I worry about the transgender movement. I'm worried about what it's doing to little girls. We need to protect our tomboys.>>116336410Your idea of what it's like to experience puberty as a girl is absurdly idealized. If you're ugly or even mediocre, you fucking hate your body every second of every waking hour. If you're hot, you feel like somebody stuck a "kick me" note on your back and replaced the word "kick" with "rape."I had a sister and female cousins. I saw what they had to deal with. Puberty sucks for everyone

>>116339725Oh yeah then why they sad when they have smol titty? I don know maybe they are just mad people only treat them good when they have big tity? Hmm I wonder.

>>116339820Lmao nigga just be home schooled boom bang problem solve hue hue hue school bullies aren't real cause they all use book face now.

>>116339820Honestly breaking down gender roles and stereotypes is also leading to a decline of true tomboys.If everygirl's a tomboy than no one is.

>>116339934Tomboys are either tryhards or fakers who gives a shit?


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>>116339832Nigga you need to stop getting your ideas about womanhood from anime.Of course they want to develop "well." But the developing process itself still feels weird

>>116339880I have no idea how to respond to this

>>116339655I think ideally they'd be kinda neutral looking, to play on audience expectation.

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>>116337606I hear thatThis is why I hate people who go on about "the limitations of the human language. I wanna strangle those fuckers> Oh no! It's not that I'm bad at EXPLAINING myself!> It's the language... the LANGUAGE... it cannot HOPE to encompass the COMPLEXITY which is MEJust fucking die already

Attached: TFW Your Bangs Don't Rang.png (339x351, 252.21K)

>>116340100Hahahah, that reminds me of Shale from Dragon Age: Origins. Once you find out that she used to be a dwarven female, you can talk to her about it at the party camp and mention that she's suddenly cuter. The exact line is "You're just cuter than before. Weird." (You even get +4 approval points for saying it!)

>>116320727The same? Super hot chick who the whole town loves, but she's a self entitled bitch who also hunts for the thrill.

>>116340100>A COMPLETE 180!heh, simps am I right?

>>116340100Sanzo is a perpetual delightexcept for that gay shit with the dinosaur with a girl's upper body

>>116340542Pretty sure that was forced on her by publisher since there are several images of the dino girls has straight up dinos. Even worse is they killed it prematurely too when going regular dinos would have given it more edge in standing out since its direct competition at the time was monster musume.


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>>116336096An asian incel made this thinly-veiled BLACKEDpost.

Attached: 1506323242715.jpg (768x1024, 264.89K)

For the record, how did all the normal people you know react to this scene?

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>>116319865That game's plot is the little mermaid, not beauty and the beast; Its about a girl trading her singing voice to a witch so she can turn into the guy she has a crush on's is LITERALLY the little mermaid: wolf edition.

>>116340918I don't know any normal people, and the only person I watched this with was my dad.I know he has a "secret" action tough girl fetish, I however don't know if he might have a lowkey monster girl fetish.>Recalling when he got really excited telling Not confirmation but I could see it.>>116341561I think his point is that she's not a pretty little mermaid she's a big scary wolf leading to the dilemma of "could you love someone despite being a big scary beast"


>>116336500Aaah, stfu, ya freaking feminist. Tits or gtfo.

>>116336500The original story, Beast wasn't really bad at all. Just dim and ugly but ultimately kind. There wasn't a rose count down, he just nearly starved to death when Beauty left because he was too depressed to eat and thought she was never going to return from her sisters'. He wasn't even cursed for being a bad person, he just didn't want to fuck his fairy god mother, so she cursed him to be a beast and the curse couldn't be broken unless he fell in love with a woman while pretending to be a retard. Disney made Beast more wraithful to give him a character flaw to overcome because pretending to be a retard all movie probably wouldn't be as fun.

>>116336500It's kind of funny how the Japanese version is the opposite sentiment with the same exact ending.

Attached: .jpg (372x728, 123.41K)

>>116337927>You never mentioned what happened to the nonhuman girls. Just human girls going after anthro guys. You completely miss the point, like those people that think white men lose because all the white women want black men when in reality the white guys want cute Asian girls instead.If you settle you lose automatically

>>116319389Nah, it works Just fine

>>116336664>Why the fuck would I care?Why wouldn't you care that another species attracted to human women would be competition.

>>116320727>? Gaston going out and personally murdering the beast works because he's an exaggeration of traditional male attributes, that's he's a hyper depiction of male characteristicsThey could turn him into the deception of Jealousy and/or Vanity, like the queen from Snow White

>>116339880Did you have a stroke while writing this?

>>116332678Snake wrote and directed it?

>>116341519Is this the opposite of that woman getting freaked out by the people who'd fuck female beast.

>>116319389It kinda did happen already in real life.Look up Julia Pastrana.She joined a circus and some knocked her up in hopes of the baby also having the same condition so he could make more money touring them around the world. She and the baby both died during child birth, so he had her and the baby stuff and he toured the corpse around the world.

Attached: 6-julia-pastrana-ca1850.1400x0.jpg (1400x1954, 509.6K)

>>116336410Put down the red pill and go talk to women. I have never met a woman that was happy about puberty. It takes them years to cope.

>>116336500>To invert these traits directly would be improperNah. Make whatever you enjoy from it.

>>116328086>Nobody likes full blown furry design on a femaleHaha, yeah, I know right? That's totally weird. What person would actually enjoy the thought of sleek and beautiful animal girls. That's so dumb.

Attached: looking.jpg (640x480, 74.67K)

>>116328484Smartest comment in the thread and I enjoy people’s ideas of how to execute this. Aside from Splice I can’t think of many things like this though.

>>116327021This is actually a really nice idea. There could be a variety of ends, many bad ends but a number of which where the prince finds happiness. I think girls would like this. If I ever have the wherewithal to do something with my life I am stealing this idea.

>>116327000You didn’t even get a sex scene with Vetra and we still don’t know what the Turians look like without their armor.

>>116344917Bioware hates animatin nonhumans/nonelves/nonasariAt least Morrigan's a shapeshifter

>>116344606That reminds me, there actually is another live action movie that's pretty close, Wolf Girl.They flipped the story again partway through though so it didn't end well.

>>116328086Imagine being this naive.

>>116319389shakespeare already wrote the taming of the shrew

>>116326505Holy fuck the milf vibes


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>almost 300 replies and this hasn't been posted yet

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>>116328706You just got me thinking of this now.

Attached: BeetleBack2.png (1600x1300, 252.7K)

>>116346559i don't like the top design either but the male version clearly has visually masculine facial features. a proper r63 shouldn't look like a puppy, yes, but i wouldn't consider this ideal either

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A great work of romance is waiting to be made

>>116319889The only liar there is you, who said her monster form isn't fuckable.

>>116334873And depending on the myth, Sekhmet is actually sober Hathor, who may the consort of Ra, Horus, Atum, Amun, or Khonsu, or she's Ra's feminine alter ego.

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>>116329317Have any of those stories saved by chance?


>>116331794Jennifer has a nice ass. He could hit it from the back.......

I feel like a lot of these female Beast designs miss the point. They either make them "generic furry monster" or "cutesy animu girl with a little extra hair," while in reality the original Beast was so much more. Like you'd have to go back to the very conception of his form, pick apart what animals went into his design, and try to find a different combination of traits that'd suit a more female look. Essentially you'd have to find something that'd evoke similar emotions to the original, but with its own feminine flair. They tended towards animals that evoked a more bulky, imposing masculine appearance.>carnivores (bears, wolves)>ungulates (bison/buffalo, bulls?)>primates (mandrills/baboons, gorillas)You'd likely need to find workable gracile substitutes from these three groups so you can have a somewhat firm grasp on what a female Beast would realistically look like.I know I'm rambling but it irks me to see all these lazy attempts to "feminize" his design without understanding what made it work in the first place.

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>>116348937Can even see some other traits that weren't carried over into the final design, like lions, boars and rams. Again, lot of potential combinations that are seldom explored.

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Fuck it, make it bara.

>>116348937>>116349095and maybe just a touch of lizard

Attached: 1505109699414.png (2001x1520, 2.45M)

>>116345421>Wolf GirlOh hey I remember that as a kid

>>116348937>top left mandrill formwhoa, that's pretty awesome

>>116349553Maybe a little saurian, but it'd be more appropriately used to give her a more "warty/lumpy" appearance, especially around the face. Maybe something like the rhinoceros iguana.>>116349654Yeah, seems they did quite a few of him like that. Very eye-catching design to be sure.

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>>116319389>female beast isn't a buff amazon

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>>116349095>>116348937This guy gets it. It's gotta be deconstructed.

>>116337894What did you think 175 meant?

>>116346837He has the right idea in principle but all of his examples are “”””monster”””girl SHIT

>>116321270>most guys don't wanna fuck a monster

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>>116319389The beastess is too small. Make her bigger than the guy and you got the makings for interesting character dynamics.

>>116348937>>116349095Well in stories some female animals people used for metaphors whereLions and Wolves (female) in Classical Greek myth those where used to describe how fiery someone was in battle.>Cats, Snakes and Bats Often related with femininity and witches>Cows, deer, Hens and Birds often related with maternity and thus femininity.

>>116328978I like that movie. I wish it would get an animation upgrade.

>>116339306Yeah, with the help of all the men that worship at their feet.

>>116348937Took a crack at it. Thought of animals men have fantasized most about. Dogs. Vixens. Mares. Then I gave it a more feminine flair by pickin the Blanford's fox for its big ears and bushy tail, and the poodle for its puffy fur in parts. Then I went off a horse and cougar to make her look powerful.

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>>116344673God, i love that fox

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>>116350820Conceptually I like where you were going, but the body is....confusing.But a long slender face is a good way to keep her bestial but avoid the very masculine look that Beast has.I never actually thought of that.

>>116350649Perhaps it could be>head contains a mixture of feline (lioness) and bovine (dairy cow) characteristics molded into a more anthropomorphic shape, punctuated by a few warty protuberances/horns along her snout (nile croc or iguana)>body itself is somewhat canine in character, though with lankier limbs and an overall gaunt appearance (borzoi)>"hands" and hindfeet more resemble the talons of a predatory bird (falcon or owl) than they do a mammal, though the arrangement of the "fingers" are unmistakably human>tail has a healthy amount of hair applied, though it isn't overtly bushy, could be long and sinewy (lizard) or slightly shorter and chubbier with a hint of prehensility (snake)

>>116350820>that first sketch

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>>116350820Extremely promising, user. As the other guy said, the narrow snout really helps keep the bestial aspect there.Feel like the proportions are a bit off though, mainly in the thighs. Just makes her figure a little lopsided, but other than that I think it's a stellar concept.

>>116350887The body's a cross between a horse and a bear, it's thick and powerful, especially in the arms. Of course I indulged and gave her some really wide hips with a huge, firm ass that people can fantasize about burstin outta her breeches if she exerts herself. The head's a cross between a fox, cougar, and a horse.I think she'd stand at around 7' in height and weigh close to 350 lbs.

>>116350978But it doesn't connect very well is the issue.Beast's torso flows very well into his legs, Female beast just seems to be an unrelated torso ontop of a real thick bottom.

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>>116351096Yeah, I gotta keep workin on it, but hey, so long as it's my design, I'm keepin those hips. I want her in some tight white breeches that look painted on, so when she gets real angry and her muscles tense, her ass and thighs will explode out from em and the sound of the fabric tears echo off the walls in whatever gigantic castle she's in.

>>116349756>>116348937Beast as a baboon noble man looks more fuckable and more noble then his normal Disney appearance.

>>116351314Are you kiddin? As soon as he strips and Belle gets a glimpse at his radioactive blue monkey ass she'll laugh until she vomits all the wine she Bogarted at dinner.

>>116350820>>116351142I think there needs to be MORE focus on the lower body, honestly. I mean, beast had strong legs but they were fucking nothing compared to his arms, and his enourmous back and neck are almost integral to his design.

Attached: 635585669194109748-kangaroo.jpg (1600x800, 273.13K)

>>116351476I was tempted to make her lower half kangaroo like, but I thought it'd be too outta place in a European fantasy story.

>>116351511Her tiny feet kinda throw things off. Maybe some big dangerous looking paws.

>>116319600Have sex

>>116351620Is that an offer?

>>116319865Weebshit doesn't count

>>116336127>last only a couple secondsThat's still longer than you

>>116351511then I guess horse-like legs would be the way to go

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>>116350820I'll bump to see what may come of this.


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>>116351511Cloven hooves, maybe?

>>116321270>Most guys don't wanna fuck a monsterOh wow, I don't even know where to start with this

>>116322082>amazoness beastgirlI HAVE A MIGHTY NEED

>>116321270>Most guys don't wanna fuck a monster.Most guys already want to fuck women so it's not too far off

>>116347769>HathorAfter all these years, I still cringe when I hear that name.

>>116322133>does the Beast turn back into human after the kissLet the beastgirl say a beast for PR the people could say it was to show women can be big and strong and still get the guy to calm down the tumblrtards but secretly they kept the beast that way cause its their fetish

>>116327032>and have three sets of tits, the smallest of which are DsI m a g i n e

>>116354418dang his upper body really is absurd


>>116340542T-Rez na Kanojo? I loved that manga.>>116340638Ah, that sucks. Sometimes editors are just fucking retarded. It was actually getting interesting.

how the fuck is this thread still alive

>>116358058>tfw no 8ft furry amazoness gf

>>116351390Why would she be looking at his ass naked is she pegging him or something.

>>116358782you DO know that women find men's asses attractive, right? Its like asking "Why is a dude looking at her boobs, that's not where they have sex!"

>>116347112Intent aside, wings on the lower back are way better-looking than wings coming from the shoulder blades.


>>116359744only if the wing's purpose is to fan farts at people, otherwise its ridiculous.

>>116351511May I recommend centipede or snake lower half?Having mammalian and insect/reptile traits intersect does confuse the brain and gives a worse reaction, snakes do have the whole Christian and Greek connotation of being evil while Centipede works better for the Asian market given that they symbolize impurity.

>>116360005I think it works fine when done right, the Blue Beetle Diaper is just dumb though.Done right it should come out generally at the lowerback around the mid/lower lumbar.

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>>116321270>Most guys don't wanna fuck a monsterThis better be bait

Attached: 1488154827634.png (409x325, 163.63K)

>>116362357You know what the word "Most" means, right?Because people who want to fuck LITERAL monsters are less than 10% of the population, almost certainly less than *5%* even.

>>116350820straight male here, grossed out already but I guess that's the pointlove the expressive profile sketch too, you could make her look more terrifying if you want to one-up Disney

I think one of the biggest difficulties in designing a feminine beast can be seen in >>116354418The skeletal structure of male humans natrually tends more towards bestial, like a protruding brow or jaw that harkens back to a more primitive time. It's easy to exaggerate bits that are already present in both to highlight the similarity.Female forms tend more towards the soft and sleek compared to males, so I think something like a snake would be good to exaggerate that

>>116363003A combination of reptile and bird features would be the way to go. Probably not actual wings though. I just like the head shape here.

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>>116327000Based Trips and Vetra was one of the few 'decent' things about that game>>116344917Don't worry Thanks to BioWare, we never fucking will...>>116321270>most guys don't want to fuck a monsterI know people on this site can get pretty retarded but damn

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>>116326714In a heartbeat

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>>116321270>Most guys don't want to fuck a monsterThat is just incorrect.

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>>116328086think /hmofa/ would like to have a word with you, family member.

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>>116363564>/hmofa/We do we even have /trash/ if you guys are allowed to just wander on in here?

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>>116363625you forget how old the concept is and that /trash/ is is still a baby board compared to Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and /tg/

>>116327032multi tit thing freaks me out, but i do want her happy so I'd bear with it