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Foster's ThreadWhat do you think would happen if someone is high in the world of Foster's? Would all the shit they being seeing in their trip manifest in the real world? What type of shit would appear? Probably some Aqua Teen Hunger Force type of weird shit.Previous Thead:>>116228604

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>>116299241You already posted this thread.

Bloo! How could you tell Frankie I was into cock and ball torture?!

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Wasn't there going to be an episode about kids taking psychedelics and making friends?

>>116299332Nope, I think it was going to be an adult getting high and making a friend but Craig had no way to get it passed censors

Coco looks like a crazy drug hallucination.

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>>116299374Imagine the kind of monstrosity adults would think up of while high

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>>116299752what the hell is that??


>>116299752>>116300185If this type of stuff appeared I the show, they would look exactly like those weird, detailed close ups we see in Spongebob.

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>>116299241>Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends>Brought to you by Seth Rogen

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give me some ideas for eurotrish drawings

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>>116300726Eurotrish trying on some French clothes?

>>116300726Eurotrish washing her shitty ass with a bidet.

>>116300726Her being bothered by Bloo about how to say certain curse words in her native language.

>>116300726after being rejected hard by her creator she goes full merica

>>116300726Trish having a cheese burger for the first time that is way too big with a side of french fries.

i can work with these

>>116299241Question, Anons:Was Berry originally created to mock the concept of shipping or was she just a plot device for the episode?

>>116300726Some suggestions:>Listening to American music>Playing soccer>Eating fish and chips

>>116300726Downing a whole bottle of the finest irish whiskey. Bonus points if behind her is a tv displaying something about Brexit

>>116300726Euro Trish dressing up like an American and doing American things!

>>116301054Plot device. I am pretty sure Craig McCracken is kind of a weeb so he wanted to have a yandere. Powerpuff Girls was loaded with anime references.

Would you go to their concert?>>116300726>>116301011Nice to see ya, draw user.

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>>116301054>>116301173it's likely he was poke fun at the yandere archetype in anime

>>116299658Coco coco Holla Forums. Coco co-co co! Co!

>>116301736Coco, get off of Frankie's computer.

some user last thread asked how did the boy make the Frankie friend if he never saw her

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>>116301918I like to imagine his parents began beating him after this.


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>>116302080 I thought since it pretty slow right now I might as while post the rest. but dose she have a pussy?

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>>116302126Possibly. Imaginary friends seem to have premade functions added, seemingly by a third party that adds what a kid wouldn't pay much thought to like eating and going to the rest room. Some may argue it could be the subconscious adding these traits to make something work to how a kid/teenager knows it.

>>116301918>>116301984>>116302026>>116302042>>116302059>>116302080this comic would have to take place after good wilt hunting and a week after cucko for coco cards

Goo is the strongest being in the foster's universe, she could conjure a friend like it's nothing and create whatever she needs at the moment

>>116302415Good thing she isn't a psychopath making Extremesaurs. Although I find it interesting since wouldn't there be other kids like her with over active imaginations?

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>>116300726 EuroTrish hanging out with her friends which is AmericanJess, AsiaLiz, Australiaalce, South America Sam, and afrocindy

>>116302415World inside his world we don't know if you can alter people if they're inside the toy chest

>>116302721He shrunk the gang, remember?

>>116302026How could Berry even compete

>>116301918>how did the boy make the Frankie friend if he never saw herIt says right there that he visited with Mac's class, and they knew eachother's names

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>>116302746Oh shit I just remembered he has actual Magic. then he is the most powerful Foster characters well there are superhero Imaginary Friends so there might be another more powerful than him.

>>116302771I was answering the question that was posed my that user last thread with the picture

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About to hit the sack for the night then go to bed see you guys tomorrow

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>>116302805There is also the Extremosaur Champion which can be classified as the third strongest being. Eduardo didn't even fight it.

>>116302913Unless Nina was on the line, I’m guessing he wouldn’t. What about that New Guy Bloo was scared of?

>>116302906did frankie have a kid??

>>116302906Good night!

>>116302942The new guy was friendly and is not really different from a common Extremesaur in terms of physical ability. I would not rank him very high.

>>116302957Yes, with Mac iirc

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>>116301918>Mac actually has a human friend his ageHuh.

>>116304332He's just in Mac's class. Does not mean he is a friend of Mac but at least knows who he is.

>>116304353S4’s I Have Only Surprise for You had flashbacks with other kids in them. Can’t imagine them going along with Bloo if they couldn’t care less about Mac.But admittedly when I was 8 or so a classmate that wasn’t a complete dickhead usually ended up being a friend. because it’s not like as an elementary school kid you’d get to travel freely and make them on your own time as opposed to high school and college. Then again I grew up in an area with shit public transport so kids had to make do with other kids but whatever.

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>>116304488Eh, they probably just thought Bloo was cool.

>>116304221that episode where fluffer nutter was worried about jackie was cute

>>116304541Eurotrish (or is it just Trish now?) would totally start using the term freedom fries just to be petty.

>>116304722Trish can be used for short.

Were they supposed to be Calvin and Hobbes?

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>>116299658Coco is that though. She's the creation of someone stranded after a plane crash. Her heads a tree, her mouths a deflated life raft, her bodies a broken airplane, and here feet are bare human feet, like someone who has gone native.

>>116304541Dude, this is fucking AMAZIMG! Great job and thank you, too!

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>>116304541Look great

>>116304541>dresses like she's from the South>doesn't wear a hat with the Confederate flagYou were so, so close and yet still so, so far away.Still, great artwork, by the way.

>>116304944Maybe mixed with Tony the Tiger.

>>116306328fuck the confederate flag it's literally the flag of losers

>>116306577>fuck the confederate flag it's literally the flag of losersNot that user but isn’t Trish canonically a loser so wouldn’t it make even more sense to give her a Confederate flag hat?

>>116306657I don't think she's a loser she's just didn't know why her Family sent her to America



>>116308192Seriously, why couldn’t Mac let Richie be happy?

>>116308192blake superior burped for our sins!

>>116308943nigga signed and Richie was on his ass fuck Richie

>>116304722I only heard freedom fries used in king of the hill, was that actually a thing?

>>116309154It was a big deal in 2003 because France wouldn't support the Iraqi invasion, but most places stopped after 2005.

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>>116309595what has Berry so tense?

>>116310240Worrying that someone might be taking away Bloo from her like Mac or some other girl.

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>>116309959Holy shit they dont even care about public image anymore. They're after blood.

>>116310265She knows a nemesis and bloo had something special

>>116310870Imagine their tweets?

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Attached: Frankie building rage.webm (960x720, 1.76M)

>>116311583>>116311604>>116311622shes gonna shoot up fosters on day.

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>I'm punk rock!well, is she?

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>>116310857>here's the time i almost killed mac, boy was that hilarious right honey?

Pic related is probably what some family photos with imaginary friends would look like in real-life.

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The hobby store / Carnival is the best episode of the series. Bloo is punished for making a selfless decision pretty sure this is the first episode with Jackie hating wilt and the Mac roller coaster mimic scene.

>>116312928Bloo did nothing wrong.

>>116312958>did nothing wrongHe Abandoned Mac so he could get there faster then spastically shook Madame Foster for no reason.

>>116313209Mac is just clingy. Bloo needs space

>>116313227They were doing a buddy system everyone was paired together Mac and bloo decided to be buddies then when blue realized that a lot of people are going to be loading up on the bus and he saw Madame Foster in her car ready to leave he not only abandoned back but gloated about it in his face.

>>116313227Also didn't bloo get a jealous boner because Max was hanging out with imaginary man

>>116313295Classic Mac, would have a sweet old lady be alone for her ego>>116313315That’s because Mac yelled at him for trying to help. Mac a bitch

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>>116313331Berry get off it's not good for your mental health

>>116313358Pretty good

>>116300726Talking really british

Decided to contribute to the thread with a drawing of my own. Pic related depicts Bloo dressed as Saitama from One Punch Man while Berry, Crackers, and Fluffer Nutter are the Powerpuff Girls.Willing to take some suggestions, thigh it likely would be a while.

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>>116313358OR here. Cute! Thanks.

>>116313764Okay fluffernutter and Barry acknowledge that they're both dressed as blossom

>>116313764heh, nice. nemesis could also take role of miss bellum or sedusa

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I love this goofy french squirrel thing

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>>116314854I legitimately have no idea how to make the ball hit the paddle

I hope draw user makes more of these reaction type pics, they're great lol

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>>116314854yakko's chin tho

>>116314988He has the Gigachad chin.

>>116312143you're wearing a powerpuff girls shirt, I don't know what to tell you frankie.

>>116314854What was bloo's obsession with paddle ball all about? Dude nearly let Mac die just for one

>>116315318Maybe he loves a challenge.

Goo would make a good therapist who specializes in imaginary friends. She seems to be able to connect with them and pair them up with good families, so it'd make sense she'd end up working for foster's, or even go the dog whisperer route and travel the world rehabilitating friends.

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>>116315679Has she worked with an Extremosaur?

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>>116315679Goo as the house's counselor sounds hilarious


>>116315940She made one in her debut, but I don't think she ever interacted with one

>>116309140He did nothing wrong. He was completely honest about what Blake Superior could do.

>>116316337>Coco!>Hmm, interesting. Now tell me about your mother.

>>116316505Yet he lost to a blob a sixith his size Richie's clearly compensating for something maybe his imaginary friend isn't up to par

>>116313934>I already wear a bow so shouldn't I be Blossom, Berry?>>116313984Totally. May try to experiment with that. First I will draw some Eurotrish for the thread.Still taking suggestions.

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>>116317064he did snap pretty hard even though Mac said nothing at the beginning...

>>116316337can goo "fix" berry?

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>>116317620Berry made good progress in her counseling with Coco. Goo is likely the next tier in Berry's rehabilitation program. Although, I feel like Goo would be using Bloo himself for a lot of the activities.

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>>116317064>>116317504You can’t exactly burp as easily or quickly as you can hiccup

>>116317732It's because Bloo mastered his hiccups while blake Superior just copied the Act without mastering it.

>>116317620>>116317620>you see mac, you need to show you're an alpha, and she's just a beta>DON'T TREAT ME LIKE I'M SOME KIND OF ANIM->*TSST!*

>>116304944Besides background appearances I'm surprised they didn't do anything else with Blake Superior and Richie the show needed more antagonistic forces besides bloo

>>116317972Oh man,it would be like that South Park episode where the Dog Whisper comes to discipline Cartman

>>116318128Yeah, was that scene were Cartman was changing forms a reference to anything? I feel like I missed something

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>>116317498i wonder if berry is supposed to also be a squirrel like creature. she has animal legs from what we seen in the show

>>116318576Personally, I saw her as bunny-like creature. Would make sense considering how much she wants to fuck Bloo. In all seriousness, I am willing to bet her creator based her off of a plush toy or something. Like how Mac based Bloo on a safety blanket

>>116313315he got to hang out with nemesis though, so it balances out

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>>116319636im finding a goldmine of eurotrish art on bing

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>>116309595>H-Hes with someone else! I know it! Cracker! Let me out of this room! I NEED TO STOP IT.>Its okay Berry, here, have some candy.

>>116309595>What did nemesis mean by I thought we had something special!

>>116319732yeah, "candy"

>>116311027>>116319732>>116319767I feel like Crackers would sometimes walk in on Berry doing something like pic related.

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>>116302189>I was twenty when I dated Frankie>But she'd be two>YesBloo almost got himself arrested lol

>>116320173that episode raised so many questions for me as a kid, because of the prince charming guy. how could they tell if he was an imaginary friend outside of him telling people he was? What if he's just some crazy larper who's going around saying he's is one, does he have organs and other human details? Or is he some kind of homonculi abomination?

Do you think madame foster fucked mr.herriman

>>116320451I doubt he ever seen a women naked in his life

>>116305627>Jack Burton shirt BASED BASED BASED

>>116320083It's nice to see you picking up new hobbies berry, but I think you're taking this one too far

>>116320083> give her a cigarette WiltA black and white wilt in a Gangster outfit pulls out a cigarette and motions it towards crackers> um, barry Wilt's not here.>Of course he is!!! Barry turns around to see where she thought wilt once stood to see that he's vanished.

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>>116321849He's sorry for tapping Nemesis ass

>>116321849So berry? So berry what?

>>116321989As in "sorry" but Bloo ate that part.

>>116321849She's the one that needs to apologize though

>>116321849>Doesn't post the first part for context.I got you user.

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>>116321909>When they go to bed, everyone is going to hear loud bed creaking and Berry shouting "AM I BETTER THAN NEMESIS"


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>>116322157thinking you could compete with nemesis

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Bloo turned down THIS for Mac

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>>116322157I think gif related would be what Berry would do to Bloo, to be honest with you, dude.

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>>116322211the show shown Bloo clearly like humanoid adult women berry fags don't stand a chance.

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>>116322327I mean she is Imaginary Man's sister and bloo doesn't really like him, so I get it

>>116322327bloo puts bros before hoes

>>116322411Also, Imaginary Man might beat his ass if he knows they shagged.

>>116322211he seemed to view her as an annoying little sister more than anything

>>116322411>>116322458>the episode where Imaginary man come back to beat the shit out of Bloo because Nemisis said his cock was bigger.

mfw Cheese is just a failed tulpa.

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>>116322532Wouldn't a failed tulpa just not manifest?

>>116322718im thinking of the tulpa that one user summoned form the horse show.

>>116322739where the face was messed and all it did was scream.

>>116322739>im thinking of the tulpa that one user summoned form the horse show.Wait, WHAT?!

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>>116321355what happened :C


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>>116322773The artist stated in the description of the piece is that Wilt has broken his ankle to save Frankie, which will lead to him having to lose another part of his body. The drawing doesn't capture the whole broken ankle part clearly.

>>116322821poor wilt can't get a break can he

>>116322936What are you talkin about he's clearly gotten one on his ankle


>>116322328>"Wake up, Bloo.">"Berry? Are you crazy?">"Yeah, I'm crazy. I'm Berry crazy. Berry crazy for you!"

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Post episode idea > the bet after an off screen Adventure the gang plus Herriman and Frankie are splitting up the loot. it's evenly split but one piece everybody wants it they decide to bet whoever wins get the piece. The bet is simple all of them must not do one of their signature character traits whoever hold out longest wins.>Mac can't be bossy, wilt can't apologize, Frankie can't get angry, Herman can't enforce the rules, Bloo Can't be a jerk, Eduardo can't get scared, cocoa can't lay eggs.>Bloo is acting nic While tricking people to lose the bet.> wilts not apologizing somehow gets Jackie's attention and he earns has his respect by the end of the episode of taken away.Wilt wins the episode.

>>116323189I would totally prefer this over the episode If There is a Wilt, There is a Way.

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>>116323308Another based drawing. Good one, drawanon!

>>116323308Oh shit. Berry don't look so pleased.

>>116323308I sense a cat fight.

>>116323308Berry is berry cute when she's silently seething with unadulterated, barely contained rage!

>>116323308Must save Bloo from temptation.

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>>116323308Bloo's gonna get it tonight...

>>116324155He won't be sleeping in the bed.

>>116324359Well... a casket is a bed for dead people.Which begs the question: How does one kill and imaginary friend?

>>116323572She really wasn't...

Attached: berrysad.png (1003x832, 153.72K)

>>116324641Her spirit: crushed


Attached: shulp.png (554x866, 72.36K)

>>116324641>I know how hard ze rejection can feel, senorita berry

>>116324641Damn, right in the feels.

>>116324641So couple counseling with Coco?

Attached: fusion_edit_10_by_mixkitty_dc4vx3t-fullview.jpg (1024x512, 53.74K)

>>116326608Their kid :)


>>116324850>"MY EXISTENCE IS MEANINGLESS WITHOUT HIM.">"Oh... uh... biscot? ze help?">"Don't worry, this happens."

>>116323308that face tho

>>116320511He's definitely seen madame foster nude at some point

>>116323972Pink chicks can't get enough of bloo can they

>>116322532>>116322808good Lord that's some black mirror shit right there

>>116328196Nah hes a gentleman rabbit

>>116322157Bloo doesn't respond she asked the question again.> oh im sorry heather, I was just thinking about nemesis.

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>>116327888Based trips


Attached: tumblr_inline_ntkk64ykLe1rql1cz_1280.png (1250x1500, 1.66M)

Attached: cheese_and_crackers_by_supremekhi_dd001an-fullview.jpg (1280x1513, 204.53K)

>>116330105What kind of asshole wouldn't adopt crackers?

>>116323189>Bloo Wins a trip to the paddle ball Factory an obvious Willy Wonka parody all the gangs there including Frankie.> obvious traps are laid out specifically going targeting Mac. None of the traps get him they won by one take out the rest of the gang accept Bloo and Mac, blue doesn't notice it > when Mac keeps bringing up the concerns over his friends and the safty of the traps. The tour guide is deflecting the questions.> near the end of the tour mac sneaks around looking for Clues he finds out the secret of the factory turn out the tour guide is Berry in another disguise >also all his friends are in the giant rubber band ball yada yada yada she ends up back in that ball rolling again

Do you think imaginary friends can reproduce?

>>116330586Maybe if the creator desires for the friend to do so. I feel like it could be presented in quite a few ways like budding. Maybe something like Black Sperm from One Punch Man.

>>116330381who just locks up a sentient being in a closet?

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>>116330779>I've been hewe since CWISTMAS!>Since cwistmas!? -ahem- since christmas?

>>116324641Clearly you need to one up bloo now berry, and get someone else to make him jealous!

>>116330779Mac’s teacher

>>116331130Mac's teacher has The Chokey from Matilda.

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>>116330520Makes me wonder why Berry kept the rubber band ball. Does she keep it around so she and Bloo can add an extra rubber band to beat what Mac did?

>>116332035she wanted mac to die in an ironic way

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Attached: fosterfantasy.png (1024x673, 1.11M)

Attached: d7omxga-38b91944-81a7-412a-a092-9d1600877274.png (576x792, 191.24K)

Attached: nemetrish.png (1800x3600, 75.32K)

Which imaginary friend would you adopt?

>>116333294How is that dress being kept up? Trish is pretty flat...

>>116322071I could see berry using the trophy to get Bloo to say sorry, and train him to get the record himself.

>>116333294Nice to have more Eurotrish.


>>116333450>>116333955I have to go with Crackers. Super bummed out that no one wants her and in the past has been rejected numerous times because people expected literal crackers.

>>116334202>That's what they all say!

>>116300726Getting fucked in the ass by Nigel Farrage or Boris Johnson

>>116300726Draw her as this slag with same dress and hair

Attached: slaggy.jpg (202x702, 128.83K)

Attached: frankie_foster_by_josephwangart_ddr2vsn-fullview.jpg (600x932, 39.06K)

Attached: dbw5ron-d7968012-e2ca-44d7-b7ce-e386fcbc3719.jpg (948x1344, 496.05K)


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>>116334202>The one kid who would've adopted her hates actual crackers and decides not to adopt her.

>>116332035I think the actual Guinness world record committee made a rule that you have to start over from scratch to break the previous record

>>116333797mac might've taken the world record from berry, but she'll take bloo's paddleball virginity

>>116335927I also think it's a rule that people are disqualified if they didn't do any of the work. Mac swooped in and jacked her glory with Bloo.

>>116336048Paddleball Virginity is a good song name if you're in a stoner band

Attached: d93k0m8-1226d224-5a68-42d6-977f-c4272a95a1fd.jpg (754x1013, 452.73K)

Attached: climbing Frankie.webm (1280x720, 967.9K)

Mr.Herriman was a dick for not telling Bloo the whole truth

Attached: dbr1kyx-ae252b31-ede3-4c73-b0e3-b86047e4104d.png (700x2280, 145.74K)

>>116320451Given how close they are and how eccentric madame Foster is, I wouldn't be surprised if she made him do lewd things with her, especially during her youth.

>>116336975This is likely another reason why Frankie's dad hates Mr. Herriman.

>>116337084Imagine having your mom cucking your dad with her own imaginary friend lmao.

>>116337295What if Herriman IS his dad?

>>116336859to be fair bloo, you've always been a dick in the show

>>116324641I have only one word for bloo;RUN

Attached: 1404702571.jpg (1280x960, 212.84K)

>>116337536Fucking kek.Looks like Berry was working out with Rick and

>>116337466Is it even possible for IFs to reproduce? Especially with humans? If yes then it would be a pretty fucking funny plot twist if Frankie and Herriman were biologically related all this time along.

Attached: aQe9QYrG_700w_0.jpg (700x1244, 53.35K)

>>116337536I'M BERRY ANGRY!

>>116337536>>116337782>BERRY SMASH!

>>116332035>>116335927>>116336137She did get the record for furthest traveled on a rubberband ball, so she wasn't completely gipped.

does anyone know where to see this show in high definition


>>116337536Ultimate CBT machine.

>>116338061She's going to make juice out of his blueberries

>>116337958True. I think she can also easily beat other records.

That episode where bloo was gonna fight the new guy.

>>116338778How the weather up there

>>116338778Herriman was going to let him die.

>>116338829Herriman's an asshole so not surprising.

>>116333450Either Wilt or Coco, they seem the coolest to have around

>>116339032To be fair he did just list bunch of horrible shit he did in to get expelled to avoid the fight. Herriman just decided to look the other way

>>116338762she's scarily capable but only cares about getting bloo to herself, imagine if she decided to do something else.

>>116339626Berry likely can cure cancer.

>>116339626>>116339713I think you guys are overestimating Berry's capability

>>116339764I am joking about the curing of cancer but she has shown to be highly capable.>Can bake (likely knows how to cook in general)>Knows arts and craft>Made a huge rubber band ball by herself>Made a perfect, life-like human disguised that was believable>Kept a human family tied and locked up despite her small size.

Attached: 425fed4e0d390871e27aae0f27617618.jpg (447x457, 28.74K)

>>116336859Bloo a dick he always have been.

>>116340117thanks yoda

>>116340341welecome you are

Attached: nemesis_by_sabrib_d784feb-fullview.jpg (1024x1366, 66K)

How would you pitch an adult spinoff of this show? Mine is about a guy who trips on acid during a party, and wakes up only to learn he created two imaginary friends. They have a freudian thing going, with the friends being the Id and Superego, and he's the Ego.

Attached: howto.jpg (474x355, 19.28K)

Attached: eurotrishsad.png (4200x3100, 112.43K)

>>116341134Maybe some crepes would cheer her up.

>>116341134Poor Trish.

>>116341134>ywn adopt trish and have her as your maid

>>116341500Amongst other things

>>116341134>Tfw tried to visit eurodisney after rejected by creator>remember its eurodisneyEurotrish is suffering.

>>116341500Yes, my "maid".


Attached: 1594680822271.png (519x490, 57.86K)

>>116342087>Nah you have the wrong house kid, try next door

Attached: 1594750423703.png (1224x668, 70.78K)

>>116342573>"This bitch put way to much sugar in these. But she's stable when she's baking... hope Bloo likes them sweet... or Mac isnt visiting... oh geez this will end badly..."

>She hasn't gotten up from bed ever since she came back, we have to do something!>Right ahead you! *chugs*>I mean for her!

Attached: depressedtrish.png (1288x780, 92.12K)

>>116342682>trish we made you a crepe! you know, like the kind of stuff you ate back at europe!>*sigh* yah, like back when i was welcomed in europe...>oh crap this isn't working

>>116302906Who's the ginger?

>>116341134>>116342682her smile and optimism: gone

>>116304541>>116342682Goddamn! Why is bunny so T H I C C ?!

Attached: Glasses down.gif (220x123, 350.93K)

>>116337696The imaginary fleas reproduced from one family into a a whole major city with hair skyscrapers.

>>116326608bloo really gets around doesn't he

>>116342573M I X the flour into the bowl

>>116342682Totally see Bloo chugging the syrup. Don't blame him since it's delicious.

>>116342682They likely are going to take her the game room or something to get her mind off of Europe.

>>116318097It’ll always be a mystery to me why they never used Duchess that often after the movie

>>116319549Probably fucked her

>>116342891it's the legs

>>116343959The cast probably didn't like using her.

>>116345808she's also creepy looking and haunted kids iirc

>>116342682I thought it was some weird slice of pizza at first lol, cute drawing yet again!

>>116342087>wilt I didn't know you had it in you!

>>116342914So did they all starve in that closet? Fleas need blood to live, not fur

Attached: 1594401955795.jpg (1188x1752, 121.5K)

Attached: EcG_Hn8XsAIs4hq.jpg (1252x889, 261.1K)

>>116348886cute, i like this redesign

>>116342323Can you imagine Carl living in the world of Foster's? Be hilarious. He would likely try to hit on Frankie.

>>116349433>Carl finally moves away from the ATHF>ends up living next door to Foster's>gets this weird sense of angry deja vu whenever he has to deal with Bloo

>>116349522>Hey, blue blob! What are ya doin' in ma pool!

Attached: 4f34fe693dfd5a6be3356afa1f8de377.jpg (807x454, 83.31K)

Attached: EDvUQZ4U0AABS7K.jpg (928x638, 48.52K)

>>116349522Dealing with Bloo is like dealing with Shake all over again.

>>116350873>tell bloo the next time he nuts on my hair he's dead!

Rewatching the Europe episode and I gotta say it’s kind of Mac’s fault. He kept pushing Bloo, Coco and Wilt to go and wouldn’t allow Eduardo more than one stuffed animal, also picked fucking Herriman

I remember playing the big house party game as a kid, it was like animal crossing but in the FHFIF world instead. Kind of wish it was an actual game on the DS or something.

>>116349522>Carl adopts a friend to make his personal servant>Bloo is mad that Mac doesn't make him also do "cool stuff", like burying dead hookers or stealing catalytic converters.

>>116351003>Madame foster fault They still would have gone to europe if she didnt jack those tickets

>>116349860> ya freaks got ya own pool why do ya keep wanting to use mine!!

>>116351211>It’s a Carl starts banging Mac’s mom episode

>>116351244imagine if bloo met mastershake

>>116351244Kek. I know what I will be reading later.>>116351334>>116351382>>116351211>Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad goes to Foster's to adopt. Carl sees them out his window and runs out.>"Oh God, no. Please God. What are ya freaks doing here too?">"Oh hey, Carl. Didn't think we would see you again. So this where you moved to? Looks nice.">"Was nice, Fryman. So you living across the street now at that Foster's Home?">"No, Meatwad wanted an imaginary friend so we thought to adopt.">"Please adopt the blue one and take him back across the country with ya. Do it for me, Fryman. "

Attached: 1594230616046.jpg (1024x576, 40.47K)

>>116350422i wonder how bloo and berry would look rendered realistically.

>>116351127I think I remember the ads for it but never got to play it. Sucks it's unplayable now.

>>116351402They would get along.

Attached: ddhyzyb-c64cab9f-dcad-4d07-b268-ca5625e73295.png (1650x1780, 311.84K)

I heard the bendy episode was supposed to be a standard 22 minute episode, but they had to cut it down to 11. How different would've it turned out if they had the extra time?

Attached: bendydead.jpg (641x1161, 198.23K)

>>116353003They likely would have had Bloo come out in top, and maybe give more of a notice or something to Bendy. I don't really know. The whole thing ends kind of suddenly.

>>116351676Bloo would just look like a blanket with eyes.

Attached: d9z7ell-30a6662e-2bc5-4c16-b55c-f868aef2febe.jpg (1326x1049, 816.04K)

So I found a Bloo and Berry drawing in the archive but unfortunately it is no longer up to

>>116349522 Imagine cheese breaking into his house> I like chocolet milk > well good for you now get out of my freaking house!!!

>>116354201"I got plenty of that in the toilet from last night, go help yourself ahahaha"

>>116354201>Carl gets his shotgun

>>116354311>Cheese actually chugs it then does a spit take all over Carl


Attached: trish!.png (912x1570, 35.54K)

>>116304541>>116354650>MericaTrish is happyFinally, she no longer needs a license to smile.

>>116354650how did they win over trish to america?

>>116355061Like how she got there in the first place? Her family sent her there.

Attached: dk2lbz-1d1eec9b-49bb-4151-8b62-92e6bd6e2790.jpg (1043x497, 364.3K)

>>116354650I'm glad her friends got her out of the depressive state :)

>>116354614Now I want to see this happen. I mean, it actually can since CN and Adult Swim are one in the same. They could totally do it if they want to.

Attached: 1595011078613.png (652x738, 468.05K)

Berry and Carl would get along in a twisted way lol

>>116356423Nah, I see Carl getting along with Wilt.

>>116353003It'd probably continue off where the original ended, and involves bloo taking his revenge too far

>>116357177no revenge would be too much for what bendy has done

Attached: 1595121088904.jpg (525x700, 132.29K)

>>116357677mac is probably pissed he doesn't get to be on the cover lol

>>116357880He likely would just get blocked like Mike from Monsters Inc.

>>116342891She is more like a squirrel.

>>116358153She's a chipmunk

>>116349522It's a bloo steals Carl's car episode

So I rewatched that cookie episode and it was interesting. Like, it was pretty much Madame Foster's fault since she wasted the money of the place on making the safe to house the money into gold. Also, the whole cookie addiction with Frankie was sort of out of nowhere. Felt like the writers weird fetish.

>>116358422couldn't they just sell the golden safe?

>>116358541Totally but she likely would get less than she paid for.

>Hey listen toots, this is secret treasure we're burying remember? so lets make not make any noise and get the cops called on us->Shut it bub, I've done this tons of times already

Attached: crymetyme.png (894x851, 165.38K)

>>116359490whats in the bag??

>>116359490My sides. Kek!>"Hey, Carl, can I talk to you about your imaginary fri- Woah! What's going on here, Carl?!">"Fryman, you don't see nothin' here. Just go back inside.">"Yeah, french fries!"

>>116359490Berry would likely try to kill Carl. In the end, things never turn out well for him. The Enforcer (AKA Spaghetti) is an example.

So is cheese a reference to autism or downsyndrome? What was wrong with him?Could cheese defeat bendy?

>>116360040Cheese is supposed to the annoying little brother to bloo, but they made him straight up rarted

>>116360040The episode presented Cheese sort of like an autistic younger sibling Bloo must look after. I always thought a kid with autism made Cheese but instead Mac's neighbor Louise made him. Not sure why she wanted him like that.

>>116360040Nah, cheese is a pretty accurate "younger brother" character.

>>116354201>Why does it keep freaking screaming!!>sorry mr Carl you must have frightened him or something> listen here Square head if he doesn't stop Imma give him something to be freaking scared of

>>116360233She messed up the imagination process and now she takes care of them out of pity. she doesn't really care when he gets out probably hope he never returns.

I wonder if some imaginary friends have contempt for their creators for making them flawed, like does bloo get mad at mac for making him a simple blob?

>>116360862he did get a little mad when mac asked if he had toes and said he wasn't given any, but no actual contempt

>>116360862 little pea should be pissed

>>116348886Better design to be honest


>>116355061Encouragement andHaving them stay with another Trish to get her started.Finding SFW /Trish/ is hard as fuck.

Attached: 1560579181486.png (816x417, 141.06K)

>Bloo likes Goo when they first meet>Eight years later, he resents her for taking Mac away from him

Attached: goo-3.jpg (700x525, 52.39K)

>>116360862That would be an interesting thing to explore.

>>116361937>bloo has a midlife crisis after realizing they're dating

>>116342682Huh, so according to one of the games, Eurotrish loves gelato.

Attached: maybe_his_name_had_a_deeper_meaning_by_pupster0071_dab92ve-fullview.jpg (1024x774, 31.35K)

>>116362360>See I told you this would happen Bloo, but you know I'll NEVER never leave you...

Attached: thebloos.png (754x826, 45.06K)

>>116363321i could see bloo trying to go on a double date but ends up making it awkward.

>>116362360It's going to be depressing when Mac inevitably dies. There is the chance he will live on forever.>>116363321There is always the company of fellow Imaginary Friends.