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>>116293011Pretty good, thanks for asking bro. I finished page 1 of issue 2 of my best comic I hope people like it.

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>>116293026you're a faggot

>>116293085reminded me of the best meme comic ever

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nigger tongs my anus

>>116293109Why did they delete their own post, it was funny :(

A challenger appears!

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>>116293542That looks really cool. Reminds me of ben 10


>>116293085Glad to see more of these.>>116293109This actually takes a while to figure out>>116293115but did he steal your bike?

I have more motivation to draw porn than do pages, and i don't like that. What do.

>>116295858try to like it.

First of a new thing. I'm a horrible artist so I spent ages on this and it still looks bad. I hope at least it's vaguely interesting

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>>116296246You're not a terrible artist, you're just a weird artist. and a weird writer, and that's why we like youi mean you have an old grandma here named daniel and he's using naruto terminology

>>116296246your comic is now about daniel. ditch everything except daniel.

>>116296246I think this is genuinely funny

>>116295858Make a porn comic that's what I'm going to do

>>116295858have you tried not being a coomer?

I'm updating

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>>116293011so just for the record this is #669previous was >>116235206

>>116296575Looks great so far, clean colors and linework. I especially like the worldbuilding. Backgrounds look good too.

Shill bump!

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Been a while since I last posted here, but wanted to share this drawing as today marks the 5th anniversary of my webcomic, Oni x Fox! I'd really like to say thank you to anyone on here who has read and supported my work, I deeply appreciate it!!

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>>116298002i love ittttso was that one guy right, and the fox form is just a projection, not a transformation?

>>116298031Thank you so much!! I'm not sure what someone said, but yes! The Fox form is sort of like a magical projection!

>>116298129ohhh okay, I forgot, so I was confused by that one shot.

Uh, bump?Who are these strapping gentlemen and what are they doing on Cyraokr?

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Look what came in the mail!!

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Heck yeah!!

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>>116300087Cads, obviously. Dangerous cads.

>>116293011Non-Canon pilot for 2 universes my friend and I are creating. It's not perfect, but it's helped me figure out where to begin, and how to improve.

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>>116300699Nothing like starting off with a non-canon pilot... wait what?Word bubbles are a little small for the words, and text is a little small overall but not terrible

>>116293011terrible job on the op but bump

New game footage of Admiral pizza dream team fighters Coronachan crisis. Boss fight with ellie in her bunny battle suit with Admiral, Aideen, and Azu.

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is it really time to just let it die bros

Sharing WIPS.Thread will die.

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>>116303960lots to do here

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>>116303960it doesn't help when there's two of em at once

Almost done with chapter 4 just need to throw the text bubbles and SFX on everything. spent three hours drawing basketballs and womens underwear yesterday

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I'm launching a webtoon at the end of this year. Any tips?

>>116305182update frequently and pay attention to the time when you do

>>116305491What's a good time for an adventure comic aimed at a teen demographic?

>>116305182have a consistent update schedule

other thread got deleted, i guess we just decided this is the true 669might as well have my comic linked

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remember a good artist isn't a good storytellergreat artists can be tools for bad writersgreat writers don't need great artists

>>116306555Or you can be bad at both.

I'm never going to be able to make comics, I can't even enjoy other comics because of that.

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>>116293011gave up

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>>116308125>>116308125“What is life of not suffering? What is suffering if not cruelty? What is cruelty if not an outrage? And what is an outrage if not a call to action.”

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>>116308125to protect earth, at all costs.

>>116308125>>116308545Maestro is an existential revolutionary. Life is cruel, and he can’t accept that. So he’s going to do something about it. He just doesn’t know what, yet.He is an accelerationist. The CI is a stabilizing force.

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>>116308125He has to listen to 1000 demonic voices every day and the only thing keeping his mind in one piece is pure saltiness.He is the ultimate, exaggerated version of the comic idea of "doing evil to others because evil was done to me", which puts him against Rau redemption arc as he is the worst example of what she could had become. However I didn't intend him as a foil, his case is too exaggerated to be serious. Azu is there for that.Actually, Azu is the main antagonist, but she is also a protagonist so...

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>>116308125>Silas Harken>A construct in a world where every living thing, even plants, go to "heaven">Is soo terrified of being shut off and going into eternal nothingness due to lack of a soul that he wants to make everything immortal in the off chance that a soul slips through the cracks and doesn't get to heaven>Determines the only way to do this is to turn everyone into machine/human hybrids

>>116308666>666I won the villain fight.

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Might as well shill postI got a new host if you guys want to try it

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OK. I've been showing up in these threads sporadically or a while now. I've wanted to make a weekly animated series for years now and the reason I post it in this thread is because I feel like the thing I've been trying to make is closer to an ongoing comic than a series of short films or episodes.Anyways, here's the next "page" of my "comic" feel like I'm finally happy with this format. I've been been trying to find a happy balance between quantity and quality for like, 5 years at this point.I was originally going to call this story 'Boomer vs the Internet' but someone in one of these threads rightfully said that title made it sound like clickbait. I want something better.What do you think I should call this story /hyw/?

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>>116309709looks cool

I’m at a loss for who to put in the first panel. Requests, anyone?>>116308125The antags I have planned just want the freedom to kill and pillage of their own volition. They’re grateful to Gary for his help, but he still won’t be spared when the day of the laser comes. They’re kind of weak characters; if they don’t work out, I’m gonna have Weg be Gary’s final boss.

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>>116309801>I’m gonna have Weg be Gary’s final boss.uh oh

>>116308579This dude looks coooooool

>>116310198I think so too. He is the most overt antagonist in this first arc, but he is not malicious. He does, however, attract many malicious people, and he does make use of them, even if he feels more and more alienated from his own followers.

>>116309801Draw the Admiral!! >>116308125The gruelmaster hates the Admiral because his book is successful and everyone likes him. Instead of working on his own book, and improving himself, he goes on a campaign to destroy everything the Admiral loves and ruin snergaville. He craves admiration and power, so he steals it. Gruelmaster is a bully and a coward, always trying to get others to fight for him. He hides in the katterwumpus islands and attacks snergaville whenever he gets a new gang or powerful weapon. The greatest mystery of all, what the hell does his wife SEE in him?!

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>>116305835i mean pay attention to when midnight happens locally for their servers. because of the way the algorithm works if you post at 11:59 pm their time you're going to miss out on traffic the next day

>>116309709>What do you think I should call this story /hyw/?zack explains the internet ...sorta

>>116307892sorry to hear that, small anime girl

>>116308125Man I got everything you needI got evil twins, I got selfish asshole demon lords, I got insecure animal trainers, I got bratty teensInterdimensional immortals who are sick of existence? You bet.*disclaimer: use of pronouns for grammatical purposes only. Only one of each may be included.

Second one of new thing. Don't worry; it's not going to be an "issues" series at all

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>>116308215there's an odd charm to this

>>116309709Oh hey it's youI appreciate the attempt to avoid clickbait talk, but I'm clearly not the target audience. I like your videos, when they started, I was hoping it would be an exploration of the past and maybe how it relates to, or recontextualizes, the present... but the level of modern buzzwording is just getting unbearable. I find myself skipping ones where I pre-cringe purely because it's subject matter I want to avoid. I need to just accept that I'm old and can't enjoy things anymore.

>>116309801Looks pretty good as-is, you're gonna put a bunch of cameos there in front of the bar I assume

>>116313207I assumed you'd just picked random colors for her since they don't resemble anything that appears in real life. she's greyish with orange-brown hair and green eyes, just like Daniel's green and the other one's got fuschia eyes. Didn't see any of those as representing a race


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Notice how this thread is still up but the "real" one isn't.Hmmm


>>116314831whichever thread's up and running, I will bump

Have you ever rebooted a comic of yours? How did that go? Pic related. I hope you’ve never read the comic this character is from.

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>>116317476Aw but I liked that comicbut I like this version too, your art's getting better

>>116317598It was objectively bad. The kind words are much appreciated, though.I gotta say that at least this sequence wasn’t terrible...

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>>116314831other thread was better

>>116317476I like this design. She's way cooler.>dat flask

>>116319122Yay!She wouldn’t be Perpetually Drunk without some booze on hand. I should post the page I’ve drafted so I’m not completely off-topic.

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>>116319271This time I want to make it Tapas-friendly. How’s the composition?

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>>116319271Hmm someone's conspicuously absent here. but my favorite is present, and she has a new adorable vice, so I'm in.

can I get some help in sizing for webcomic. I am currently collecting a nice pile of pages for my webcomic as I want to print it as well but am having trouble understanding the proper size I have to be working on. I do all my work on my tablet and use Autodesk pro but I can only make canvases based on pixels so i have been using the designated size of B4 paper but when I go to Clipstudio to add letters i see that the page is huge! I am worried this will affect printing down the line as well as posting online. Can I get some advice?

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>>116319869This is a fine size. You could go a bit bigger, but you don't need to go MUCH bigger than that. 4000 is a solid upper limitBefore computers, people really did draw on huge sheets of paper, taking up the entire desk. Then it was shrunk down (I forget how that was done before scanners, but I know they had to fucking etch out metal plates for printing. real-ass actual metal plates!), just like you should shrink down your final product to 1000 pixels or so for web display.

Gotta work on a full body ref for when my boy goes on his horny rampages

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>>116319934Appreciated user was scared I had just spent too much time on 10 pages I would need to toss out. Digital is so much more complicated than I thought it would be. I sketch everything on actual paper and stretch it over on the canvas so its hard to tell how it all works out.

>>116320039seems like a decent enough fellow

After looking through some wikipedia pages of extinct birds, all i want to do is draw ultra colorful animals doing random shit, would you look at it anons?

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>>116320039sick design user. keep drawing.

Opinions on white border? Debating on keeping it for every page.

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>>116320069Cute as fuck user I love it. When taking pics have the light behind you so you don't get that shadow or take it in the bathroom for more white light.

>>116320039I really identify with this guy>>116320058oh i thought you said you did everything on the tablet. Starting on paper is great! It's not that complicated once you get a few things down, like if you ever try drawing at display size (1000 px or so) you'll find it looks and feels crummy. The big canvas size helps account for how big pixels are compared to the size of a visible speck on real paper, and of course when you resize it uses bicubic rendering so that it blurs out any other pixel visibility.

>>116313207When the kid gets cut off put the UGH on top of his bubble helps the sudden action of him being cut off. Other than that quality keep at it.

>>116320069I love looking at weird pictures of weird creatures! draw tons of those.

>>116320121do you regularly have blank backgrounds? a border helps those, but it only adds more visual noise to panels with actual linework that will be touching said border.

>>116320203I have spent 6 years trying to learn how to sketch on tablet it just never works. the glass is too smooth or the lack of hand to eye movement gets to me. I gave up and just sketch everything traditionally hence why I use B4 paper since that is what I use in real life.I never know what to do with all the sketches though seems a waste to just toss them.

>>116320172Ah the eternal struggle, you want the light source to be between your face and what you're looking at, but that requires some kind of.. one-sided light source you can see through.

>>116320270when you get big, you can sell 'em!

>>116320243No that was just an introductory page and the MCs are supposed to take focus. Most panels have backgrounds.

>>116320217>>116320172Thanks anons, but i also need some better focus, last non snail drawing i finished was 2 years ago, at least looking at random animal wiki stuff gives some good ideas

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>>116320333yeah I love that stuff. inspiring as hellknife-fish-bot is my hero

>>116320322Thanks for the motivation user I needed that.

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>>116295858how about drawing porn as warm up before starting a page? You get it out of your system and you get your hand ready to draw?

>>116293542Sick silhouette I love it.

Finally we got a plot hook.

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SHREK Asshole in Wonderland - Act 3 Page [email protected]

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>>116320825jeopardize*remember a jeopard is just a leopard with more money.I feel like panel 3 only follows panel 2 if it had been Rex insisting he does good work, little odd that Tad's kinda answering himself.and rex's last line should have a question mark


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>>116321084I tweaked the dialogue a bit.>>116321606Oh dear how'd that get in there?

>>116308125while I have multiple antagonists I'm just gonna post about the one I like the most.Clifford is a political pundit blogger with extremist views, after years of work in his field he's led to believe extreme revolution is what will solve the worlds problems. After being offered a way to destroy/recreate-but-not-actually-recreate the world by the main antagonist he takes up the mantle of the antagonists right hand man. he works to dismantle the ghost hunters and stop their plans of ending the devils moon.he will initially start by pretending to be ally, and work to convince Hilda that the extreme route is best for the world and their world isn't worth saving. To the point where Hilda considers his side to be right, however she concludes she isn't in the position to decide those things for the world and it is simply her job to save the world.Cliffords role in the story is to be the first villain to challenge hildas ambition and attempt to lead her away from her goal, only to strengthen her ambition. the conclusion she reaches is a very childish shounen don't-think-just-do one but I feel it fits her the best.

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>>116321754too bad all of the cool shit I want to draw/write is years away.

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>>116321801hell of an angle you pulled off there.

>>116321873thanks, though I've always hated how much more interesting my concept art is compared to when I actually draw the comic. I think I'm just more excited about things that are going to happen rather than whats happening right now.

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Cursed imageI kinda want to write this fight.

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First new page done! Updates will be sporadic, but I’ll post them all here,

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>>116322465oh man, that makes.. so much sense>>116322600yay! I'll put the old one away then



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>>116324010i dont know what the fuck to do with this

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>>116324025looks to me like you managed

>>116324025Hairiest coochie

night bump

Black guy, woman, get in here. Bump the thread.

post inspiration

>> do it, never give up. Never stop fighting. Don't let your pizza dreams be dreams.

First 3 replies get a sketch of their OC

>>116326966Walking the earth.


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>>116327439oh what the hell

>>116328395On it! >>116328477Post OC!

>>116328051That's a really nice artstyle!


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>>116303967>>116303960Giga-Azu is scary!>Asked to draw Azu kneeling before Percy on her throne.>Draws them locking up and teasing a fightD-Does this mean we're going art of them wrestling again?

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This thread feels kinda weird....Just updated! New page featuring the first couple of waifus! Tell me if they're cute. Mainly the panel 3

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>>116329636Based on a true story

>>116329413>more Azu vs PercyGod I hope so.

>>116329722Ive seen percy in these threads often..who created her and what's she from?!

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>>116329784Otto. She's part of the Capeworld Universe.

>>116329784da powah of stadust, aka The Power of Stardust>>116329722>>116329413I just didnt feel like drawing that and wanted to try body interactionalso no, both Azu and me are traumatized from losing the Percy fights and wont be answering any questions

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>>116329956No reason she can’t beat Percy’s ass outside the vote fights.

>>116329956>I just didn’t feel like drawing thatYou owe us some sort of defeat sketch. Percy standing over Azu while wearing her bracelets and anklets?

>>116330112Or Azu wearing Percy’s bandana thing. Smacky’s catfight entry turned me on to girls stealing their opponents clothes.

>>116329956I just want to see Azu submissively kiss Percy’s foot. We saw the reverse, Azu lost the poll, so it only makes sense that we see it.

>>116330112I'd feel bad. I had a lot of ideas for Azu winning but if she lost it feels like me c o p i n g.i think its enough of them for the moment.>>116330204I drew the tickling one.It's not great, but its a sketch.>>116330374i already made that amazing comic of azu kissing the foot, did you forgot

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>>116330471>I had lots of ideas for Azu winningSo draw them. It's not like Otto's going to mind.

>>116330471>That teasing sketchMORE PLEASE

What the hell, I'll divide the ending of my chapter in two parts.and post the first one tomorrow. I'll know for a fact how bad was my pacing once it's done. It has been ruined already anyway...>>116308125It's a secret. And it's a major threat in-universe, I've been jealously keeping all details of it hidden...Pic related, a small tease 4 you.>>116308666>>116310486>>116311098>>116321754Yes, yes...he's cool and everything, but... can he beat my villan? I think not.>>116319344Easy to follow!>>116329636Is the marriage falling apart?Is Drak drinking his pain away while wearing a sombrero?

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>>116330471>Drew a tickling onePost it?

>>116330471You wound me Ardi. I'm just a simple man with a simple request.

>>116330471It's not coping. Post Azu domming Percy, its hot.

still doing thumbnails for this Shounen Jump contest thing.(read left to right because it has to be.)

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>> lives, I guess.

Draft-posting time? Draft-posting time.>>116330622Hey, nothing wrong with a toilet hug between friends!

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Bad Dad destroys our favorite weeaboo and also his boobies wall scroll in this week's updaterip boobies ∠(´д`)>

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Number 3 of untitled new thing. I'm quite happy with the cartooning here

Attached: comic 003 test.png (4048x1372, 1.46M)

>>116329629Ehhh I can't really get into that "how to train your dragons" art style... the facial feature placement is so strange even if everything else is good

>>116329636Weg is a wonderful squid

>>116333622It really is good stuff. I'm happy to see you working in color more.c-can that happen?

>>116326338>Black guy, woman, get in hereabsolutely not pool's closed

>>116330700sure, in a while>>116330725join my patreon and you can request me stuff;-)

>>116330471>>116335394The ideal defeat pic is Azu kneeling before Percy who stole her throne and her armbands.

>>116335571That's gonna cost you 4 dollars my friend :^)

>>116329636admiral pizza has devolved into the scat comic it was always meant to be

>>116335644...Got a link?

>>116330471>a lot of ideas Tell us about these ideas...

>> if you just want one request, it makes no sense for you to join my monthly subscription patreonmaybe give me a throwaway email and you can send cash via paypalor i can open a kofi and so>>116335775oh like azu pulling her clothes, spanking her upside down, then the clothes break leaving her bottomless ass-upalso others but i dont feel like describing lewd scenarios on threads, sorry

>>116330374>>116330471>>116335394>>116335644Not footanon, but I just think it’s fair Azu gets her just desserts.>Ardi drows Percy licking Azu’s foot>Otto agrees that Percy will lick Azu’s foot if she loses>Percy wins the vote>Ardi chickens outIt just seems fair to me.

>>116335877No need, I’m going to commission Ardi tomorrow once I set up a throw away email.

>>116335877Ardi doesn’t want to draw his girl getting humiliated.

>>116335877Unless paid, I only draw things I feel like drawing. I never agreed to drawing specifically that. Even my only footfag pic was to please footfag user who was desperate, and now I regret it since he keeps asking for more. Endless void of coom.Please redirect all complaints to this email: [email protected]


>>116335890see this is bettersuper cooljust hit me up and ill be drawing anything short of scat probablyno underage either

>>116335877Otto also said he’s cool with whatever Ardi draws.


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>>116335925it is unfortunate that the most deprived are the most needy, and feeding neediness seems unwise. but you're really increasing neediness more by continuing to deprive them. But the satisfaction of being indulged can turn it into an obsession, so you're fucked every possible way.

>>116335948I set up a throwaway.Send an email to [email protected]

>>116336492contacted you>>116336447i mean if it pays...its not something I hate to draw either

>>116336628I got it, contacted you back.

>No Spears update in 6 monthsThese threads are shit.

>>116336768When's the last time Otto's posted?>>116336628Hey Ardi you were kind of close to Otto. Is he doing okay?

>>116336812Oh, I saw no signs of alarm the last time we interacted. Which was literally yesterday during rpg night. Then again what would I know.I'll ask him if he is doing fine.

>>116336882>rpg nightThere's an rpg night?

>>116336882Oh if you talked to him last night then he's alright. I just haven't seen him posting in these threads in awhile.

>>116336902>he wasnt invited to HYW RPG nightanon... this is so awkward... im so sorrykiddig, but yeahotto made a game about a superhero school, we are teachers of superstudents. Pic related is my character, he is the dream projection of a powerful sleeping being. If he wakes up things are fucked since the rest of his dreams spill out.Other players include 4 armed oni babe, a very cute robot, and smacky has an eldritch abomination historian teacher, although he kinda cameos more than anything. Having fun so far since its my first time doing rpg sans some childhood experience.

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>>116336985Sounds fun! You guys should invite Oni X Fox girl.

>>116336985Is it this thing? was wondering what this thing on his site was.

Will Oi Division survive the dark depravity of Banshee Vale? Stay tuned bard fans!

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>>116322600Progress report on next page! Gotta strike while the motivation iron is hot.I’ve never been to a nightclub before.

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>>116336985It’s a game about a super school? What system are you using?

Playing with some colored shadows to see if it looked cool.Tell me what you think.

Attached: Thrax shading practice 2.png (768x1086, 339.14K)

>>116337506the feels are solid hereclubs and bars are awful

>>116338076hmm, green shadows would suggest she's being hit with red light. interesting. in any case, it's really important to choose a consistent light source and stick with it

>>116337163Yeah that thing. I'll draw the students at some point.>>116338023I don't know about game systems, game is Mutants and Masterminds. We just do rolls on discord.Also yep, super school. Probably the only setting on which I'd enjoy being a teacher.>>116338076Dude this is some next level-level up.Word of advice, focus on cleanliness. For example this looks excellent and its not only the shading, the pose and clean lines help a lot. Your last page with Tad and Rex arguing had a lot of unclean excess lines.I think avoiding those like in this drawing on ALL your drawings would already be a huge step.just my opinionthis doesnt count, its a sketch

Attached: tanya.jpg (957x957, 168.76K)

>>116338324I thought i kept the lighting pretty consistent. As for the actual color i didnt put that much thought into it. (I actually had no clue red makes green shadows)I was actually thinking more stylistic to show off character traits. Since she is primarily green.I also used it as an opportunity to try shit like this which might be a thing in the future.

Attached: Thrax shading practice 6.png (768x1086, 348.46K)

>>116338427I will try harder! one thing i learned, which is helping with the shading is the anti overlow tool. Keeps the shading in the lines better.Also here is one with my usual black and white shadows and highlights.

Attached: Thrax shading practice 1.png (768x1086, 334.23K)

>>116338469I discovered antioverflow yesterdayhowever honestly, just using the magic wand to select areas and adjusting it a lot works faster for me

>>116336985>>116338427>>116338436>>116338469>>116338512It’s so cute hyw has a little gaming group. Otto writes random stuff. Tell him to write a summary of the game adventures.

>I'm gonna write a story as a literal chess game, where you can follow the story beats as actual moves on a board>oh shit Pawns are way more fucking important than I thought>Don't want to have 16 main characters with a quarter of them dying immediatelyguys what do I do

>>116339313find a new concept that you're not completely ignorant of?

>>116339313Actually that could work in your favor. Depends on how good your character writing is. I try to make even my throwaways memorable. Thats actually a criticism i've received is that characters are too likable and are never seen again.I think, if you can write good characters that appear briefly and are lost, then that can work to the storiy's over all gravity. The only other way i think you could go about it, is to only focus on a single pawn and make them the only one who survives. Kinda like how Cells at Work slaughters tons of blood cells, but the story focuses on the main one who somehow always lives.I say make the call based on your writing confidence. If you are damned good at characters, go all in and make each one unique. If not, narrow your focus to one of each of the main pieces.

>>116339558fuck you leatherman

>>116339694not sure what that means but it sounds like a homosexual reference which raises a lot of questions about you but back on the topic at hand on second thought just go ahead and write it whatever you write is going to garbage anyway so it may as well be this right

>>116338436Yeah every light makes its opposite color of shadows, so you get blue shadows at sunset and purply blue ones in general (but not very strongly so)the thing is you added rim shading on both sides of the coat, both sides of her legs, and then put highlights right down the middle of each digit regardless of orientation. Overall though it shows promise!

Made a little model sheet for Morgan and her weapon. Will need to ink and color it later, but I'm liking how it's turning out.

Attached: Mace Poses.jpg (5100x3300, 1.44M)

>>116340322And a little bonus animation while I'm at it.

Attached: Mace-Animation.gif (2628x1308, 570.69K)

>>116340011You think you can take me 1 2 3?

>>116335653What goes in has to come out.

>>116340427that sounds like more homosexual stuff i'm going to pray for you tonight user

>>116336163heh thanks


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>>116342827that would happen after a moment, right?

Going to bump this thread with incredibly awesome super badass pictures of Admiral pizza dream team fighters Coronachan crisis for the ps4.

Attached: 20200718_003512.jpg (1920x1080, 211.86K)

Drakk is out of control at tadd dangers junkyard! In this battle you can choose from 7 different fighters to get rid of this eyesore..

Attached: 20200718_003515.jpg (1920x1080, 246.25K)

FaustFall update!

Attached: 15.png (1200x1741, 1.71M)

This is the dream team fighters toughest battle yet!

Attached: 20200718_003545.jpg (1920x1080, 156.96K)

>>116293011Story time: Lemme know what you think of the beginning sketches of chapter 2

Attached: Ch2Pg1.png (2000x3182, 1.1M)

Squid drakks?! = Smackks....?

Attached: IMG_20200718_005048_589.jpg (1082x1080, 161.62K)


Attached: Ch2Pg2.png (2000x3182, 1.96M)

>>116343803Is there too much talking in these pages? I am switching from Krita's premade manga templates to a custom template I made so that there's not a bunch of pixels jarring up the place as well, so sorry for the giant images. Tapas and webtoon will shrink them

Attached: Ch2Pg3.png (2000x3182, 1.07M)

>>116343819BONKED dot com

Attached: Ch2Pg4.png (2000x3182, 1.36M)

>>116343832I'm killing off COMDU

Attached: Ch2Pg5.png (2000x3182, 1.37M)

>>116343669>>116343699>>116343730>>116343796These are all looking bad ass!! Love the Smackks minions too.Tad is probably my favorite character in your game.

Last post for me for the evening (it's 4am and I have to be up at 7)>>116338076Really digging the use of color to shade Thrax. Makes her seem more gross but also adds to the depth of the picture. I also noticed you're really ramping up the perspective and poses with the mecha in your latest chapters! It's looking AWESOME!>>116338427Ardi is our #1 drawer, keeps the pages alive with request bumps>and then says to let it dieOh you

>>116343796ooh maybe we shouldn't have shipped those monsters so hard...

>>116343819Not at all too talky. >>116343832Great action and angles here

>>116343257yes but mostly no. you can put just about anything on the end of a string and see for yourself. the line should still be tout in this moment. that's the point of a flail. it should be and everything else about the image implies that it is except for the last foot and half or so of the line. if the line was slack and you were to pull on it the tension would travel down the line like this until it snaps tout but this would happen in a fraction of a fraction of a second which is so quickly that it's not really perceptible or worthy of representing at the level of detail here. that's not even the worst of it though it's just the most apparent to an untrained eye. if you've ever thrown a punch or a football or baseball or chopped wood this should feel wrong. >you grip the ball>you cock your arm back>you plant your back foot>***IF YOU ARE THROWING WITH YOUR LEFT HAND, YOUR RIGHT FOOT IS FORWARD***>as you do you twist your torso to cock your arm back further>as you twist your torso you also put weight onto your back leg>your front leg twists inward at the knee but that's kind of minor for this purpose>when you release your body moves like a whip>your back leg propels your weight forward onto your front leg which turns>your pelvis and torso twist toward that front leg>your arm follows the rest of your body moving forward >and then as your elbow straightens out your arm snaps like the end of a whip >***YOUR FEET DO NOT LEAVE THE GROUND*** yet anyway>your back toe drags as your body moves forward and weight is shifted to the front leg>***IF YOUR FOOT WAS TO LEAVE THE GROUND, IT WOULD HAPPEN AFTER THE FULL EXTENSION OF YOUR ARM AND FULL SHIFTING OF YOUR BODY WEIGHT FORWARD*** think of a baseball pitcher>just don't think of a baseball pitcher too hard because they do a lot of of little things to maximize their force and momentum that are impractical if not impossible or just stupid in a battle situation like picking up your front foot really high

>>116343796>>116343912I hope for Drak’s sake that they didn’t do this the traditional cephalopod way.

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I'm dropping this storyline for a

Attached: Academy Island 34.png (1880x1880, 1.34M)

Good morning!!!

>>116335836>oh like azu pulling her clothes, spanking her upside down, then the clothes break leaving her bottomless ass-up>bottomless That's hawt

>>116346165>That's hawtThis. Good morning hyw. I am now requesting draw requests. Make a request, and it will be drawn(Provide reference if requesting OCs)

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post your favorite webcomic page you made

>>116346311My favorite page is the one I’m working on right now. These characters have been with me for years; it feels good to finally put them to use. Also, there’s a very special cameo here!>>116346283Good morning! I’d like to see my Haruka in your style. >>116317476

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Good morning everyone! >>116344727>>116344738Its Actually an sick twisted abomination created by the Coronachan

Attached: IMG_20200411_232316.jpg (1920x1080, 189.99K)

>>116346283More Dana catfight stuff. I’d suggest Kyaung but she already got a pretty hot beating from her. Maybe Azu? I don’t think we’ve ever had bad girl vs bad girl in these threads.

pages pages shill

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Attached: 4b.png (918x1263, 1.78M)

>>116346311people thought this was a real product ...should it be?!

Attached: Superincrediblebreakfastgun.png (1290x1950, 1.43M)

>>116343720Yo that art looks fucking rad, definitely going to put this on my to-read list.


>>116346691>>116346791Roger roger

Attached: 004.png (4032x1372, 1.9M)

>>116346283Draw Nightmoose without a mask

Attached: 20200714_152153.png (585x759, 395.55K)

>>116293011Going alright just working on my 27th chapter right now.

Attached: Our King c27p6.jpg (800x1280, 216.87K)

What do you guys think about a western-style manga about a little boy who goes to hell?

Attached: p25.jpg (1746x2328, 1.07M)

>>116351734How is this manga?

>>116351734Tell us more about the characters.


Attached: Screenshot_2.png (357x347, 67.48K)

>>116308215i like it, do not give up user.share a link.

this is all ive gotten done today, im going to take a nap and finish it pizza power

Attached: Admiral pizza issue 6 page 2kolorss.jpg (1290x1950, 527.06K)

>>116352055Manga in the sense that I'm trying to conform to the japanese style of comic story telling>>116352110The protag is a little pervy kid who got rekt thanks to the little pervy she-demon. Tl;dr she feels bad and wants to right it, but she also wants her human form back

Attached: p22.jpg (1746x2328, 1006.76K)

>>116293109I’m so confused

>>116344727That's probably why she likes him. he has TWO little arms.

>>116345344Well I'm interested in knowing where it goes!

>>116349969This is refreshingly different from Space Cunts

>>116351734so Hell is just Mexico?I knew it

>>116352124I thought I* would* never see you again!You were looking for this little one, weren't* you?gotta capitalize the I in generalAlma is adorable. the nekomimi made my heart melt a little.

>>116352759Fascinating. I'm into it.

>>116353425Thanks for the proofreading, gotta change it once i got the font from previous updates.And thanks! Alma is made for cute

>>116340322>>116340342Lookin real clean and professional!

Eerily Lovely update!Fortunata -as told by the one is the final one I promise.Low compression is for the A E S T H E T I C S btw

Attached: horrible.jpg (800x1670, 337.25K)

>>116308545>>116308579Hm.. I'd read just for this guy

>>116353447T-thank you user>>116353604And yo, your archive is impressive. The last update reminds me of the skeleton jelly world and I'm digging it!

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WIP for a character I am creating

Attached: SuperheroConcept.jpg (600x1234, 155.02K)

>>116353843excellent style. proportions need a bit of work and her hairline's super high yet still puffy for that low angle despite being pulled back, but the shapes overall are way better than I can do

>>116353843whats her power tho

>>116354666She can combine with a demon to become a tokusatsu like antihero. By day she's a journalist/photographer.

next one of Untitled New Thing early because I'll be busy all day

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>>116355304please tell me she has eye powers and her superhero name is Flash Gorgon

>>116355358poor daniel. I'd enjoy hearing that, but not while i'm trying to sleep

>>116354039Thanks, updated it, need to work on my anatomy and proportions.

Attached: SuperheroConcept copy.jpg (1500x881, 197.75K)

>>116355685already better. But remember elbows go down to the bottom of the ribcage, hands just barely clear the crotch, and you seem to have the shins too short and one thigh too long still.

>>116353843biggest things>hairline is screwy>ear sits far back there's supposed to be neck back there>nothing between her neck and her right shoulder>deltoid muscles are a little over defined for her frame>hands are out or proportion they look like man hands>metacarpals are long>half of her crotch is missing>those are two different legs>>116355685for the 3/4 portrait>too much cheeck and not enough occipital bone near right eye>double chin>collar bone implied to be floating to the right not center of chest>right shoulder is crippled>that upper lip >iris are different sizesthere's some really good things happening here user but there's a lot of things that still need work. i won't nitpick any further at the risk of being hyper critical. if it seems like i am it's only because i know you can sort all these things out and churn out some awesome art. keep up the good work user.

Don't let it end.

Finished this page!

Attached: page 29 2.png (1250x1650, 3.92M)

Admiral pizza is your NEW favorite pizza powered superhero!! You can read him on TAPAS and WEBTOONS! The Admiral has 2 action packed books and is working on a 3rd, a Videogame is in the works. Edible comic books: "read 'em and eat em" tech will be a thing by 2030. True compassion comes even for your enemies. But for some, Pizza was never an

Attached: AP6PG21.png (1290x1950, 1.89M)

>>116356466Thanks, did some of them now, still need to work on my anatomy. Appreciate all the help I can get, going to start on her alter ego next.

Attached: SuperheroConcept copy.jpg (1500x868, 202.56K)

Finished this page... of 4koma girls!?

Attached: 31.png (940x2000, 243.99K)

>>116358185why did you start using a shadman filter

>>116360362been a little while. Ohhh I see, it's meta.

>>116360474I like the look of old TV's, it's easier on my eyes.

>>116359453definitely better. that leg is still the biggest thing. proportion is there it just needs to be straightened out. don't give up on the anatomy. not because "damn you really need it" but because if you study it you're going be kick ass. don't let that keep you from starting though either. working on a comic will pose challenges and teach things that concept art can't. you have a good eye user and are an intuitive natural talent it looks like. so put it to good use.

>>116360667Thanks will do, does she look attractive at least in a nextdoor neighbor, school friend kind of way?

>>116360667I will say I'd rather have poor proportion skills and this level of fantastic shapes than vice versa. It's easy enough to sketch out good proportions and draw good musculature on top of that, but if you can automatically do good proportions and you can't shape anything right, it's so frustrating.


Attached: RODAN THE BARD.jpg (800x1067, 515.01K)


Attached: 72A8E7CD-6ED9-472B-8B42-EB9D130385EE.png (1000x1707, 2.34M)

>>116361280Crud, I forgot the song.

New page baybee>>116361280Who's the cute couple in the back?

Attached: Tad Danger chapter 6 page 7.png (940x1331, 648K)

Got another cute art from Magical Heroines?! author.Azu snacking on Shaolong. Since she can regenerate, its an infinite lunch.

Attached: Ec8fIz9WsAA9oln.jpg (675x900, 92.61K)

>>116346283WHO HAS SUMMONED ME FROM MY SLUMBERThese drawings please The Alfie, and he will grant Three (3) Birdman-related wishes

>>116346283Draw new haircut Servius in a prisoner outfit.


Attached: 72FC6C70-A3FD-4F99-B351-B4A454F1EE4A.jpg (1000x1000, 261.46K)

>>116361514Draw Birdbat getting a big tip from a customer.

>>116348042>Yo that art looks fucking rad, definitely going to put this on my to-read list.That's very kind of you, user. Thank you!In case you're curious, my inks are mostly made with nib (Zebra G-pen Pro to be exact), since I like the tactile feel of scratching into the paper. It shouldn't come of a surprise that I'm inspired by woodcut prints.

Attached: Ternion.png (996x1080, 859.4K)

>>116361438I want to HEADPAT the giant robot!> Who's the cute couple in the back?Just a pair of NEEEEEERDS.

>>116360829Attractive? Oh.. no. absolutely not. the fullbody has a nice enough face, minus those lips, but the close-up looks like she's taken a lot of blows to the face. I assumed she was supposed to look really tough and stern

>>116361438awww I recognize those two. Adorable.

>>116361438I'm liking this guy, he's a great addition.>>116361514Birdbat being cute.

>>116361627You wanna know what's beautiful? hover over this image when it's not precached, and watch it quickly change from low-res to normal. I think you can accomplish this with an animated mosaic filter or something. Blew my mind just now

>>116361995Well she's supposed to look both.

>>116362030>Ooh hey y’all let’s get another drive through daiquiri and go drinking on the levee!

Attached: 6D5C88AC-0132-4F5D-8C7F-15098F1C9CD6.jpg (1000x1000, 200.51K)

>>116360829she's pretty classically cute and she'll be cuter still when you iron out a couple of anatomy things. not trying to harp on it. the important thing is that you managed to capture that kind of personality. in the portrait especially she very much strikes me as a student of investigative journalism. >>116360831build a kind of internal "rule" set to reference. google stuff like pic related and observe some of the "rules". see how they apply to your drawings and try to apply them in new drawings. some of them aren't really relevant like in the case of your stylized eyes but you should know them anyway and how your eyes relate to those proportions. some of them you're already at least somewhat subconsciously aware of you just need to make them conscious and they'll be more consistent. a couple of things you could take away from this specific image though>bottom of ear lines up roughly with bottom of nose (without considering perspective) but can be lower>top of ear sits somewhere between the top of the eye and eye brow>bend of the jaw near the ear lines up roughly with the line of the mouth start looking for stuff like this and placing and sizing shapes will be lightning fast

Attached: 300xNxproportions-of-the-face-loomis.jpg.pagespeed.ic.uKXNnXzYtw.jpg (600x688, 68.06K)

>>116362514I would make her face a little less chiseled, a bit softer, you don't have to give her huge rounded bright eyes, but they could stand to be a lot shapelier even if they're going to remain stern. Less emphasis on things like the eyelid creases and the nostrils, a less angular mouth. >>116362747I love her so much. and I love that it's a little shitty styrofoam cup too