Transformers '84: Secrets & Lies storytime

The launch of the Nemesis hides a secret power struggle in the Decepticon ranks—one with far-reaching consequences for Grimlock and the Dynobots.

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>>116290338RIP Jetfire...Skyfire?


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Thanks to the other user notifying us. Thank you too OP for dumping! Have to catch up first.


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>>116290338>Stuart Moore wanted to do a Jimmy Pink/Counter Punch story for IDW1>Legacy of Rust gets cancelled>Furman comes back to TF>Already finished his Marvel run with Regen 1>Now does a prequel mini with Counter PunchI enjoyed the two stories that Moore did, Spotlight Ramjet and New Avengers/Transformers. Hope he gets more TF work in the future. And I can't really complain about stories about Punch/Counter Punch.


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>>116290658>DivebombThat's a funny mistake by Jake M. Wood

>>116290912-seeing Shockwave fly like that is funny

>>116290930Swoop's original name was suppose to be Divebomb. That's actually a cool callout by Furman


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If its one thing with Furman, no matter what universe, he keeps that grudge between the Dinobots and Shockwave REAL!

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Guidi's retro G1 comic style is always a treat to read.


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>>116291131The end

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>>116291148>>116291131Seems like Furman was really fond of his War Within series and pulling from it was a treat for him.

>>116290930It's not a mistake, zoomer.

>>116290930Read the Transformers UK comics, Furman wrote up a backstory where Swoop used to be called Divebomb, and lost his name to the Predacon in a fight

so you guys gonna read everyone as their G1 voices?

>>116292156I always read Megatron as his G1 voice because Roberts told me so.

>>116292300I usually read IDW1 Megatron pre-Chaos Theory as Frank Welker, post is Corey Burton. The reboot alternates between Marc Thompson and Jason Marnocha. for '84, it's Welker.

>>11629215697% of the time when reading any TF comics. Unless the comic is based on a specific show like Animated, Prime, etc. But I take it to the next level of autism, I play the remastered G1 soundtrack from the kickstarter a few years back. I think the group remastered all four seasons' OST.



Damn, this was good. Helps that it has all my fave characters, though.Good to have Furman back.

I’ve just found this site. Where can I download comics.

>>116294126Buy them you faggot.Or use like the rest of pirates with taste

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>>116294339That Swindle? Those are some nice eyes.

>>116295001Swindle was always a true bishounen.

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>>116292156I almost read everybody in their G1 voice with a very few exceptions, usually for minor characters who could use a good re-casting. (Motormaster is always Clancy Brown in my head for example).It honestly blows my mine that people read TF comics and don't hear Cullen's Prime, Welker's Megatron, Latta's Starscream, etc.


>>116291106Thanks for posting this, it was fun. Hard to believe nobody really did anything with Punch and Counterpunch before.>>116296285Agreed, and don't really have any exceptions, but most comics writers make it very difficult for Soundwave's voice to fit the dialogue they write for him.

>>116296285>>116292156>>116292524>>116292300yeah but which intro plays in your head when you're on your way to pick up a TF comic

>>116297130G1 theme, season 2

I hope Doubledealer shows up. He needs more screentime.Or maybe thats because I just got his toy and I love it.

>>116296285>Motormaster is always Clancy BrownNever thought of that one before, great casting idea.

>>116290752>Referencing Swoops name changeAyy I missed furman Transformers, it's been too long

>>116297688Furman is based. He made Dreamwave.

>>116290408>Blitzwing has two thrustery-cannon things at the front like his TR toyWack

>>116298464Dreamwave reboot idw series when? I hope this one here sells well because I think it's an interesting idea to semi-revive old continuities in form of a new series.

>>116298628Dreamwave is off limits until Pat Lee pays what he owes.

>>116291131Tidbit: Punch shows up ONCE in RG1 when Scorponok tells Grimlock to kill this rando to show his loyalty iirc. Star Saber shows up NONCE and he's supposed to be in a later issue, possibly facing Straxus. Solicits said something about vacancy in Autobot leadership. Is he just fated to die? We can assume or hope that Counterpunch is narrating to us so he's alive, but maybe it's just message tracks revealed post-mortem. Thoughts?

>>116298775Are you taking RG1 into account with this? I wouldn't. Too many errors already.

>>116291108let's see how he fares against the pink equus.

>>116297363>DoubledealerHoping for a crazy spy/The Departed story with all the spy-class characters in the franchise. All the double agents, traitors, etc. All fucking each over for to have some sort of The Thing ending where no one knows who the bad guy is.

>>116298775Yeah, I feel that this is the perfect book to tell stories in the time period before earth for the cybertron-based transformers. I'm all in for Furman pulling characters from the Japanese side of Transformers.

>>116298804If this is apart of the main G1 Marvel Continuity then we probably shouldn’t count RG1 since that’s specifically in a splintered timeline while the actual timeline after G1 is G2 then Alignment

>>116299787Something tells me if it ever comes up this will be its own universe, just one thats extremely similar to GI Marvel.

>>116298804What errors so far? I know that Regen 1 got referenced this issue with the Presidium in >>116290454

>>116299817Wingspan, Flywheels, and Battletrap all died in 84 #0, despite being alive in RG1.

>>116299817Micromasters Erector and Crumble appear as workers building the Ark, when per both UK issue #232 and US issue #54, Micromasters did not yet exist at this point in time.Ultra Magnus's profile in UK issue #81 states that he was built by the Autobot elders on Cybertron in the mid-'80s; thus he had never met Optimus Prime, and couldn't have been present for the Ark launch four million years prior.As indicated by statements from Optimus Prime and the narration in the original story, it was the intent of "Man of Iron" that the Autobot spacecraft beneath Stansham Castle had already been buried there for millions of years, and that the castle had simply been built over the top of it. The story describes how a "great shaking" preceded the coming of the Man of Iron each time he appeared throughout history, which was explained to be an earth tremor caused by an elevator mechanism transporting him from the buried ship to the surface. Transformers '84, on the other hand, claims that the Mantlo only arrived on Earth less than a thousand years ago, and acts as if the initial "great shaking" was the Mantlo crashing into the castle.The Mantlo is noticeably undersized compared to the ship in the original story, which was described as "the size of an ocean-going liner." It's pretty implausible that a ship that size could crash into the castle with enough force to bury itself, yet leave most of the castle intact.In the original story, Godwin's men were clad in armor typical of western Europe, but the ones in Transformers '84 are wearing Scandinavian garb.

>>116299857they were rebuilt after someone dug their sparks out of the trash

>>116300446The revelation of Optimus's willingness to sacrifice shiploads of unwitting Autobots to defeat or even just isolate Megatron is hard to reconcile with the events of US issue #24, in which he orders that he be killed instead of Megatron because he'd brought about the deaths of "innocent" video-game-character bystanders in the process of winning his deathmatch against the Decepticon leader. Maybe he picked the worst time to let his guilty conscience get the better of him?In "Man of Iron", the castle was called Stenshame during this time period, only being called Stansham in the modern era.

>>116298804I went to go eat Bobo but yeah I'm not sure whether to assume this is the G2, Another Time & Place, or RG1 ending timeline. Furman wrote all three of them iirc so uh, anything's possible. Notably he never showed up in the US or UK comic Furman explicitly states, so hm. I know he does love killing characters off though.>>116299751I love Marvel and Furman so I'm really loving this, but I'm curious yet cautious about his take on some Japanese rando. Hopefully he gets a more nobler treatment closer to Victory than Roberts'... Also this reminds me how>>116290836is how Cucklonus defeated Saber>>116299857>>116300451Frick, I guess that's a bit weird. But yeah in Marvel you had Ratchet express that certain guys were more or less dead but could get repaired iirc. Maybe RG1 was too late to mention their failed mission, but the duocons I specifically remember were alive to fight Galvatron or otherwise be in the time war. Wack.

>>116291911>Character was going to be named something else>Is changedOk cool, some nice trivia>Some creator decides to be all meta aboutFuck off, some times things change in the development phase and it's better that it stays there.

>>116299813Yeah probably, just like Wings (but to be fair Wings was pretty shit)

Oh shit Furman is back.


>>116297269I always felt sorry for Blitzwing there. He just gets casually stomped by Omega.


>>116303312Blitzwing keeps getting a crap deal everywhere he goes.

>>116304706>loses his character arc in the original show>>is insane in animated >>>isnt even himself for bumblebeeat least he gets a boss fight in devastation

>>116304775I didnt even know about his fate in idw jesus christ why would they put him through that


>>116301161Deal with it faggot

>>116299813>Something tells me if it ever comes up this will be its own universeBut this is IDW, their ARAH book is a confirmed continuation of the Marvel book. Regen 1 was advertised as final arcs of the Furman's Marvel run. Why would the 3rd instance be any different from the prior two?

>>116304806The triplechangers in IDW1 got shat on a lot. Look at Astrotrain, cut in half around Jupiter then his head got infected by space spores and brought back to life. Springer's crazy ass life. Sandstorm becoming the Cybertronian Punisher and starting killing autobot and decepticon war criminals. Octane's Spotlight got canceled. I think the only G1 cartoon triplechanger that didn't get fucked with was Broadside.

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>>116291148>Furman hints at using more of the Return of Cybertron castHope this means we can get a story with Blaster in this series. Always loved Marvel Blaster. He was basically the main Autobot character when I started reading Marvel TF all those years ago.

>>116306850Blaster sure wasn't as used as some of the other Marvel guys outside of Marvel

>>116306850always liked the rebel fighter with a huge chip on his shoulder. definitely more interesting and unique compared to how Sunbow made Blaster another Jazz.



>>116306596Do we know what Octane's spotlight story would have been?

>>116306596>Octane>cancelled>Rochethat is so unfortunate.

>>116309103Wreckers would have gotten more volumes too if it wasn't for some personal problems, I think someone close to him died at that time or something. Wish he would do more spotlights or short series.

>>116306596Broadside suffers just by existing.

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>>116309157How the hell are you supposed to follow that graph?

>>116309173You got a piece of translucent red plastic to filter out the red lines.


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>>116309263Seems pointless

>>116309085Roche said that some ideas were used in MTMTE. What part in MTMTE no idea, maybe that trader that the Scavangers/Fort Max messed with?

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>>116309275ok, deal with it

>>116309275- it's cool- it fits into the theme of hiding- helps teach kids about how colours and light works- shut up, it's cool


>>116309285Here's Roche's character design he used in the pitch he and James showed to IDW.

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>>116309157Mouse traced over the blue line to make it more visible, but, neato.

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>>116309473Thanks user.

>>116309393>>116309403>tfw coulda asked Roberts the planned arcs for Quickswitch or Octane but instead got answers to things like "does Rodimus vape"

>>116306596Isn't that gun in the right corner Overlord's pink homo cannon or do I mix that up?

>>116310656>>116310764Way I heard it, the Octane Spotlight was suppose to be the 1st appearance of the DJD. With that tweet from Roche saying that stuff got worked into MTMTE, I can see the connection. They were in the second arc of MTMTE.

>>116311021>Way I heard itWhom>1st appearance of the DJDI can see what the other user said about him being the merchant fellow... Wait would Octane just get killed in his own heckin spotlight? Not the first time but still>I can see the connection. They were in the second arc of MTMTE.Huh

>>116311021That would make a lot of sense, and fuck.Now I am depressed because I would pay money to seem them making their entry in a Roche series. It made Overlord great and I can only trying to imagine how fucking cool they would have been if Roche wrote them together with JRo.>>116311035He wouldn't neccessarily die, maybe he would manage to flee and that shit would work well as characterization and development for Octane as well as introduction to the DJD and their modus operandi.

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>>116311035>WhomBy the author himself faggot. Do you really need to be spoon fed this? Its common knowledge and easily searchable.Fulcrum 1st appeared in issue 7 of MTMTE and you know how else appeared in that issue? The full DJD!

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>>116311067>He wouldn't neccessarily dieWhew, but wouldn't that make the DJD less of a threat, kinda? But to be fair, the Scavengers didn't die. Well, mostly.>>116311327Thank you for the tweet, but instead of being mean can you try being nice

>>116311595>but wouldn't that make the DJD less of a threatIf it's written well no (I think). I mean Impactor and others managed to survive Overlord in Last Stand as well but he still came off a dangerous as fuck psychopath and serial killer and in this case here the DJD wouldn't even be defeated like Overlord was (even when it was thanks to his mental instability). Octane would actually and most likely just be lucky as fuck to get away, maybe even wounded too. It would have been a great introduction to the DJD with Roche showing that you should stay the fuck away from these guys as best as you can.Since it's Roche writing I wouldn't be surprised if the guys that are not Tarn would have gotten a bit more characterization.

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>>116311595>but instead of being mean can you try being niceI'll try but you questioned my validity within 1 minute of my post. It can not be that hard to google search: "Spotlight Octane" +"Decepticon Justice Division" because that's how I found that tweet within minutes. But hey, deny everything you read on the internet right?

>>116311738Not him but you come off as paranoid user, he never denied your stuff, he literally just asked about the source.

Is there a collection somewhere where I can download all the TF comics (the original marvel and some of the dreamwave ones)

Beast wars is back

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>>116311688Well yeah, you don't have to have a 100% kill rate to build up your villains, I guess I automatically assumed Octane was relatively a heavy hitter and would get killed to be shown how big and mean the DJD are. Which is weird because neither of his alts are very menacing, so maybe it's just his bulk?>wouldn't be surprised if the guys that are not Tarn would have gotten a bit more characterizationIt woulda been pretty kino, maybe some POV stuff like Spotlight Kup, just comfy times in merchant world before the DJD come knocking>>116311738Thought I scoured/we posted all there was to know about the early/scrapped stuff, sorry friendo>>116311793Here's probably most!Ax4nUCCT!_5vN--HYA1R6ahJUNcx-wQ

>>116312166>Here's probably most frenthank you friend

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>>116312333>MagnuspostingBased and ultrapilled.

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>>116312333>116312381>spelling Utlar and Mgsuna wrongI'm sure CW is fine too but the Siege version is such a gem

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>>116312381In a perfect world the matrix would have opened right there

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>>116312399I love that meme. Bless Rodimus and his bullshit.

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>>116312436>Mgsuna continuing with the ethical tribunal WHILE noting with displeasure the case vandalism and stolen identity Multitasking big cop for me

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This is a UM thread now.

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>When it's time for Mgsunaposting

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>>116312435IDW2 Sentinel prefers Magnus as next Prime, maybe he will deliver. If there is one bot with good taste out there it's Sentinel Prime.

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>>116312464This is where Megatron became what he isScrap the autobot propaganda

>>116312622Unironically this. Mags and Megs seemed to influence each other more than the shit happening around them, save for the DJD for Megs maybe.What I loved the most was how incapable they were of being funny. They gave their best to fit in, they really tried. It's like when the typical user tries to show off his social competence.

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>>116312135Can't wait for the toys. CHUG 10th anniversary Optimus Primal wasn't bad and the Generations season 1 maximals were great. Hope this doesn't get a shitty web series like the Combiner Wars trilogy. Would be better if it can get incorporated in that Netflix TF show if that gets greenlit for more seasons.

>>116312381Hate MTMTE/Lost Light's depiction of Hot Rod/Rodimus. Its completely different to how he was portrayed pre-Chaos event. How can he go from having regret of losing his 1st command and risking everything for a former teammate to "not caring" about his crew on the Lost Light. Like all the stuff he went thru in his Spotlight, Maximum Dinobots and his adventures with Garnak when the Matrix fused into his chest. That was great character development. Then all that BS about the matrix splitting in half and Rodimus' OOC moments since.

>>116312464No it’s not

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>>116313521Well that fag is good too.

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>>116312464>>116313521Why not both?! I wish their beef was portrayed more in western stories.

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>>116313660Me too. I generally always enjoy chemistry or anti-chemistry between non-main characters.

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>>116313318It always seemed to me that the earlier stuff with Hot Rod was setting up a legitimate turn to Rodimus Prime.

>>116313722One day when I have money I will ask for a commission from Milne for one of the denegerates I like. I just do not know the actual motif yet but one day I will come up with something.

>>116312135Not sure if want.

>>116313071>Would be better if it can get incorporated in that Netflix TF show if that gets greenlit for more seasons.Its already confirmed we're getting two more shows based on Earthrise and, apparently, Kingdom.

>>116313746>>116313318I like both Hot Rods/Rodimuses (though the writing for some earlier issues like Autocracy was rather meh) but the main problem about idw1 was how bad different phases of the continuity intermingled with each other.I always felt like that the pre-Wreckers/Mtmte/RID stuff should have been an own continuity with a last series we never got that concludes them. Mtmte/LL/RiD+ should have been an own, shorter contuinity entirely taking place in the post-war setting they had and the whole crossover bullshit should have been an own thing too since everything it did was killing old characters off and making earlier series worse in hindsight, like with the whole Shockwave/13 thing.

>>116313813Do we know anything about Kingdom?

>>116313746Definitely could see that. Around the time Hot Rod change his name to Rodimus, didn't Optimus change his back to Orion Pax? That was also around when Megatron got the B2 bomber body. Then the Chaos event happened in 2011, which lead to Death of Optimus Prime. Personally was a horrible soft-reboot of IDW1. Then to the dark times, don't get me wrong I enjoyed seasons 1 of MTMTE and RiD. Pic was the last showing of Rodimus before twink-Rodimus

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>>116313856They were just poorly written comics. Ending the continuity earlier might have helped, but it shouldn't have been that big of a burden.

>>116313902Technically we don't even know it exists. That leak is a rumor for now. But we've known for like a year that each part of the trilogy is getting its own Netflix show.

>>116313931Well it's only 18 episodes so I won't get my hopes up seeing many cool new ideas happening.

>>116313856>though the writing for some earlier issues like Autocracy was rather mehThat story was one instance of the soft-reboot of Hot Rod post-Death of Optimus Prime (that story was 2011). They made him into a cybertron Robin Hood terrorist...

>>116313971You can do a lot with 18 episodes. But the reality is that WFC looks like a low-effort tie-in and that's almost certainly what it's going to be.

>>116313996The writing was shitty too and Zeta was shit as well, especially compared to the other series he appeared in and basically nothing but some random guy being evil for the sake of it which made all potential conflict boring before it even started, since it was nothing but "fight the evil monster" anyway. Also despite him wreaking havoc with his super weapons the story was surprinsingly boring.

>>116313856>I always felt like that the pre-Wreckers/Mtmte/RID stuff should have been an own continuity with a last series we never got that concludes them.Reminder: IDW tried to soft reboot with All Hail Megatron, got so much backlash that they brought in Furman to do Maximum Dinobot (released after AHM but storywise set before it). Then IDW release Continuum after that to course correct continuity which only fucked up a lot more.TL;DRI agree, Furman's IDW stories should have been self-contained and everything post-Chaos unrelated.

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>>116314033Technincally yeah, I wouldn't doubt it if it was a 18 episode series. But each series being only 6 episodes make me seriously doubt it has much potential. Especially if each of them should even take place somewhere else in another time.

>>116314168What the point of a Head Editor if you fuck it up this much?! I can see why Barber was brought in for the ongoing after this soft-reboot

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>>116314168IDW1 is a fucking mess. At this point I'm not so sure The Last Stand of the Wreckers is the only worthwhile thing in it. The earlier Furman stuff and Megatron Origins are both solid enough but they ultimately hinge on a culmination that goes flaccid so it's hard to recommend them now.

>>116314168>I agree, Furman's IDW stories should have been self-contained and everything post-Chaos unrelated.It doesn't even do any part justice making it all one because mtmte+ Megs is cool as fuck but doesn't match with the former Megs who was just a generic evil fucker. JRo came up with a few interpretations trying to explain why he turned evil after being a radical but relatiable rebel first, but it was still not enough explaining all the former shit away with the personality he had during the second phase.

>>116314033>WFC looks like a low-effort tie-init can not be anymore low-effort than the 3 tie-in miniseries for Combiner Wars/Titans Returns/Power of the Primes. Those were complete garbage animation.

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>>116314276I never even bothered with that. But the dogshit voice acting in the trailer for WFC doesn't give me any hopes. And no, I'm not a Cullen/Welker purist by any stretch.

>>116314226Don't forget that Megs Origin, as well as basically Roberts' Megs in general and maybe functionism as well were either actual story parts of Dreamwave or heavily inspired by it.Without Dreamwave we wouldn't have gotten all that cool stuff either and it's probably why it doesn't fit at all with the rest of early IDW. It's basically another continuity.It was actually Origins that even brought me to IDW to be honest. The other long series with whateverhisname as writer was rather shit in my opinion, and I only read it later for completionism's sake. So for me IDW was kind of doomed from the start despite the fact that I loved a lot of their series.

>>116314306Maybe it helps that I know 0 VAs because it came off as normal to me. I barely care about voices in general though, but the content doesn't really get me hyped so far and I fear it's just another edgy toy commercial with a lot of pewpew and explosions because they look nice.

>>116314306>I never even bothered with that. But the dogshit voice actingFun Fact: Youtuber DashieGames voiced Menasor in the Machinima series. Can it get any more low effort than that? Yeah the dude had funny MK videos from like a decade ago. But VA in a known franchise like TF?!

>>116314472To this day I've never seen a single Machinima video.

>>116314276I unironically prefer their designs over WfC.

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>>116314393>either actual story parts of Dreamwave or heavily inspired by it.Yeah it was suppose to be a 6 issue Dreamwave mini. That's were the idea of a mentor figure to Megatron came from originally, but because the story was shorten it was cut out.

>>116314534Good, don't. Funny thing, Tatsunoko worked on the animation for the trilogy. It was so bad that in most ad material their name is omitted.

>>116314661At least this one will look good.

>>116314437>I fear it's just another edgy toy commercial with a lot of pewpew and explosions because they look nice.You just explained every show iteration to date. No series had any decently written storyline. Do you know how much stock footage for each show there was, especially during the Unicorn Trilogy shows. Even fondly remembered show like Animated'07 was a giant toy commercial. Being a toy commercial ruined the last season of Prime.Don't act like this franchise is not made for kids in mind first and foremost.

>>116314911>No series had any decently written storyline.Beast Wars says hi. Beast Machines in a vacuum.

>>116313789Beast Wars is so disconnected from the original G1 cast that this is a very weird idea for being the third part of the War for Cybertron trilogy. If Siege was the start of the war, and Earthrise was 1984-5 inspired Transformers on Earth, you might reasonably expect the final part to be focused on a post-Movie setting, with Rodimus and Galvatron, more Quintessons, and possibly Nebulos. Instead we get G1 Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron alongside the BW cast, doesn't feel like it fits, probably would have worked better as the sequel to the trilogy.

>>116314883well the bar is pretty low with cgi transformer shows, so I'll give you that one. Not knocking it, but hopefully it looks better than Prime.

>>116314934Post Season 1, yeah it had some great stories. But in season 1 I got sick real quick of "Its a Cheetor is a rookie & fucks everything up" episodes.

>>116314962Agreed. Its a very jarring shift. At least its not ENTIRELY BW, though. So I can still hope and pray for a new Thunderwing.>>116314990Its gonna be animated by Polygon Pictures, the same team that did Prime. And its sequel,

>>116314911The comics never seemed to be aimed at kids since Marvel UK, I agree about the tv show though, sadly.

>>116315096>pray for a new didn't like his 2011 figure? Thought it was well made modern take on the G1 toy, with the United fig being in toy colors unlike the western release which used Marvel Comics coloring.

>>116315274It was fine (I assume, never found one myself) just too small.

>>116314472Don’t forget the fact that MatPat voices a combiner in it

>>116315028Don’t forget the many "Predacons makes weapon that does X and never make one again" episodes

What's your favorite Combiner and is the team it's made of also your favorite combiner team or do you prefer different things? Characterwise I prefer the Combaticons, but my favorite Comboner is Menasor.

Attached: Ec7CBeEU0AA3sM9.jpg (4096x3218, 1.9M)

>>116316031Combaticon as team because all of them are pretty distinct and memorable (rescue friends + psycho isn't as much, but I had fun with their individual Kreons), favourite comboner is hmm... I don't know if I have one.All of the Decepticon comboners are pretty nice-looking, as well as Superion (he's not in the picture? ;_;) but hmm. I own Abominus because I like Decepticons and found him being sold for relatively cheap? For "based on your preference for the team/individuals AND comboner" I'd say the combaticons. I'd love to get my paws on them some day.

Attached: Combaticons crush.jpg (600x295, 75.34K)

>>116316031The Jointrons and Tripledacus because they’re a Mexican robot band that transform into a giant one man Mexican party and you’re invited my amigos

Attached: 19C2B88C-AFEA-4838-8549-911E1F3E67BA.jpg (785x545, 121.71K)

>>116315852Well I wouldn't trust Scorpinok to take a crack at another cyber-bee. Or that thing that had had them stuck in their beast modes and drove them nuts. Pretty sure the maximals learn inner peace or some shit so it wouldn't work on them again. Not him and I am blinded by nostalgia a bit but given how haphazardly the series was written (and tied back to G1) they did more than adequately I think

Attached: unnamed (4).jpg (2321x3241, 1.27M)

>>116316031Piranacon purely for aesthetics. I love bots with lots of pink, teal, and purple so the seacons are right up my alley.

>>116316031Fave combiner is Defensor. Favorite team is Technobots especially after that G1 episode "Money is Everything". Besides giving us Dirk Manus, Gerry Conway fleshed out all five members in a 25 minute episode.

>>116316031In looks, Predaking. In personality Menasor.

>>116316314In a similar vein, Starscreams brigade was one of the few G1 episodes I saw as a kid and it cemented bruticus as THE shit kicker con combiner in my eyes. Helps that his design and colours are totally rad too>>116316364You know what's up Boco, cannae go wrong with super evil bastard car bots that combine into a 5 story retard. With a giant sword and a gun that shoots tornadoes

>>116316404Menasor's getting a lot of love here, but isn't he insane, not retarded? It's a shame IDW1 made him the jobber of all combiners.

Attached: imgbin-devastator-optimus-prime-transformers-stunticons-character-transformers-TGbctUvMYrPshvkCQhKVArStA.jpg (728x698, 120.7K)

>>116316829He's what happens when five mental patients all try to drive a car at the same time.

>>116316829Still mad that they just handwaved away Wildrider, to be never seen again, and just straight up killed Slingshot for toy-synergy. Its almost as bad as movie synergy.

Agree, early Hot Rod is a completely different character than late IDW Rodimus

Attached: HR.png (624x548, 530.13K)

>>116316829I am gay for big horns and dark/grey color schemes.

>>116291013I love the form that CJ and Perceptor are running in the third panel. Damn, this comic is amazing.

>>116317876Late IDW Hot Rod is an unlikeable sociopath. Him and the other characters in LL. I just couldn't continue reading after Dark Cybertron for that reason, and I do not even know how the comic ended.

Hasbro's R&D were something else when Animated was airing. Surprised how cartoon accurate most of the toyline was for the aesthetics it had.>>116314276At least Titans Return had Judd Nelson come back to voice Rodimus, thats probably the only saving grace.


>>116316404>be strong, Bruticus, be strong for Starscream

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>>116321068Scale is a bitch

>>116316031I gotta be the guy who says Devastator. Giant robot made out of smaller construction equipment robots. Loved that fucker when I first saw him on screen at age 5. Continued to love him ever since. Cohesive color scheme, pioneered the "combiner who's components don't get along" thing, combiner team who are actually more useful when not smashing shit, said team having distinct personalities that aren't just consigned to you bios, the Constructicons have a lot going for them.

>>116323165Devastator is both underrated and overrated at the same time.

>>116323165>pioneered the "combiner who's components don't get along"It's really just Long Haul and his whining about being a dump truck. Scavenger might have insecurity issues but that's all internal.

>>116321068Is he wearing sunglasses??

>>116296320>>116290800I kinda like it, it kinda gives an old school Super Robot show feel.


I kinda hope Megatron will get a new form at some point during the idw2 run like the B2 bomber or miner version of idw1.I don't mean lowkey alterations of his default form like Siege- or Autobot Megs, but forms that are actually different or at least giving off different vibes like the tattooed Megatron from late DW.

Attached: tumblr_mh8bbdckak1s03vhmo1_1280.jpg (1000x682, 207.52K)

>>116328010>B2 bomber or miner version of idw1.I know that the design is credited to Don Figueroa and his sketch. But I feel like he got the whole idea from the limited release G2 Megatron bomber.

Attached: Megatron G2 Bomber.png (1211x484, 1.25M)

>>116328252Didn’t the toy get reused for BWII and turned into a completely different character (Starscream was the same though but with more gay)

>>116328463Yeah they did but this Megatron/Starscreem set was actually released on markets in America but in a super limited run.


Up to this day I have never seen a single fanart of Bayformer shit. The fanbase must really consist of 100% normalfags.

>>116329930Has any Bayformers or any plot points from their films made an appearance in the Legends comic by Sakamoto?

>>116330579Not that I know of. It generally seems to be some completely detached parallel world of franchise. Basically all new fans that weren't allured by the comics and their memes themselves were former fans of Prime (mostly) and to a lesser degree Animated.I have never seen anybody ever joining the fandom through the movies.

>>116329930>>116330579>>116330624Truth? I've seen several fanarts.

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Attached: images (7).jpg (500x550, 33.75K)

>>116331140I've also seen people who became fans from movies.

Attached: images (6).jpg (774x396, 39.54K)


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Attached: Screenshot_20200717-151835_Chrome.jpg (720x1280, 294.09K)


Attached: Screenshot_20200717-151912_Chrome.jpg (720x1280, 214.61K)


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>>116331128If you cannot come over a few hundred for it it's nothing. Even rando comic characters with a few panels of screentime have around 100 fanart pieces.


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I wish someone would have used the Apex Armor concept again. I realized I was gay for brute shit like this when I saw WH40k aesthetics as teen.I just want to see more upgraded bots wreaking havoc with their new monster armor and a lot of giant cannons.

Attached: 489d3668fc30bf7157c84d9d24ee0745.jpg (1080x1616, 346.9K)

>>116331140Is this a Christ reference?

>>116331670>Apex Armor concept again.BW Megatron had a type of armor system for his cybertron form a year before the Apex Armor in the BotCon'06 comic.

Attached: Megatronbwsuit.jpg (400x391, 88.98K)

>>116331783i think its a evangelion one which is basically a christ reference, so Yes i guess?

>>116331869Yeah this is the shit I mean. It's hot.

>>116331885Man I miss the times when mecha anime weren't shit and the mechs were actually relevant for the plot.

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>>116331924Then you wold love Ginrai in G1 Masterforce

Attached: CHOJIN GATTAI!.gif (400x300, 2.68M)

>>116332464I wish he would appear again. There are a bunch of jp characters that are just fucking cool.

>>116332733He did appear again in Victory but then was killed by Deathsaurus in a fight but he was pretty much reborn later as a furry

>>116332818I hope the saurus from the comics won't be in a coma for a decade from now on. Especially when it means he will only appear in a whole other series in the future that is written by someone else. You never know which writers they will get.

>>116333150But this is the project related to Marvel Transformers lore, which for long and wide is mostly handled by Furman. He did TF UK, Regen 1 and now this project.

>>116331956Isekai in which the guy/girl becomes the mecha fucking when?

>>116334338Fucking this.I wish JP would finally realize that sentient mechs are way cooler than highschool humans.

>>116334338>guy/girl becomes the mechais that what the Headmaster Juniors were before their Transtectors gained sentience at the end of the series?

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>>116334338I wonder who I would turn into. The only bots I can relate to on a personal level are jaded villains at worst and broken good guys at best.

>>116335160Imagine it like if the sentient Transtectors believed themselves to be the kids.


>>116335368Any favorites?

>>116335515I mean they dude inherit some personality from the original users so maybe

>>116337502I think Cyclonus is the best out of that bunch.

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>>116337952Congratulations, you'll be Cyclonus then.


>>116337508Make a series about that existential crisis

>>116332464If only he didn't look exactly like Optimus Prime.

>>116291225People nowadays don't give Furman the credit he deserves.



>>116341607Half of the robots from the comics have existential crises.


>there is already fanart for equus HeretechI don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Attached: 584949.png (530x502, 559.29K)

>>116346727>equus Heretech???


>Brian_Ruckley 5h>I'm off on a social media summer holiday, so won't be around here much, but there's this next week and (I think?) both 22 and 23 in August. Much comics. In the meantime, stay careful and stay safe, everyone! (Masks are cool).What is he planning? Is he fleeing because something will happen in the next comics and he is precautionally hiding from us and the fit we will throw? Is Orion kill?

>>116349691>Orion killThat would be new. Maybe is Elita's time to shine now.

>>116350315It's a joke and I doubt it would happen but after Rubble I wouldn't put bigger twist past Ruckley.

>>116350344I’m still waiting for the "IDW1 Shockwave created the IDW2 universe"

>>116350395Please no Barber.Maybe someone will excavate Overlord's upper part though.

>>116350395What if that's IDW1 Shockwave and he's freaking out because nothing is working?Would be like hell to him.

>>116350395>>116350460>ShockwaveAnyone else find the IDW2 Shockwave beatdown kinda hard to read? Ten's beatdown and even this panel/page kinda makes me sad, but maybe I'm just overly sentimental

Attached: Optimus owww.jpg (506x404, 61.39K)

>>116350514The "shockwave did it all 4D chess" stuff goes back as far as Dreamwave.

>>116350460>Shockwave slowly descending into dementia because nothing is workingWould read.Now thinking about it it's hilarious how much goes wrong in this series, even for Shockwave. Sentinel keeps fucking things up as well and Orion can't get anything he wants.>>116350514Me too. Doesn't help that Megatron is kind of an asshole here and I am saying this as typical Megsfag that I would want to see someone kick his ass. Hard.

Attached: 77389.png (930x362, 636.95K)


>>116350579>tfw skipped DW because Pat Lee weirdo art and it got cancelled partway, but remembered Furman wrote stuff for it too, and now this revelationFUCK>>116350591I mean, if he deserved it, e.g. as a world-ending antag or w/e then sure, but like, the faction doesn't even exist yet dude ;_;>>116350616Wh-whatHaha, I assume that's a G, either I cropped this or found it saved.>tfw the next panel where he's just absolutely confused and asking Rack'n'Ruin if they're Autobots and explaining how he's one tooContext: Prime was assumed dead but is back on Cybertron; Megatron is also back, and used spies to spread the rumour that a Decepticon Optimus-lookalike is around. The Wreckers subsequently try to hunt him down. Said issue also has a neat appearance by Outback, probably his neatest one ever.

Attached: Optimus ouch.jpg (786x412, 24.93K)

>>116350395If sales get that bad for IDW, I wouldn't mind it. Then we can have one story like Earth 2 JSA/ Earth 1 JLA type. Akin to 2006 Galvatron in the past type craziness, but now its Shockwave.

>>116350689I've been reading DW recently since I only had a few issues as a kid and it's cool seeing the cartoon, US and UK series mashed together into something that really isn't too far off early IDW. Also fuck yeah Prey is a great arc with some prime Geoff Senior art and copious robo-violence

>>116350761Fuck no the "twist" was horseshit and repeating bad twists is double horseshit.

>>116350770Yeah DW is basically proto-IDW while it was also trying to bring back classic plot points. It's better than people give it credit for.

>>116350817I guess the well's still poisoned since a lot of people didn't get paid but it'd be great to see the DW continuity get an actual send-off like with Regen1

>>116350770I had many issues as a kid, but none of them comics ha ha.Think I got mommy to buy me Spotlight Shockwave from the (comic?) bookstore, probably around when Stormbringer or Infiltration was out I think. Kinda neat that I got what was (one of?) the first TF issues ever. Ended up getting a slightly damaged copy of the "ARE ALL DEAD" Marvel issue, a little Shockwave gallery now. S-sorry I went on a tangent uhhhYeah, I assume if Furman was working on it, he'd revisit some popular/favourite stuff from Marvel but also have some new takes, I vaguely recall Sunstorm is some kinda hyper-charged zealot. I love zealots and God so maybe I'll start reading DW soon.>PreyWasn't that the Predacon ar- yeah I guess that ties into this. Prey was popular enough to get a Best of UK print.>tfw only missing issue 4 for Best of UK Target 2006 (cover Bs)Argh>>116350817Could you please tease some more highlights, it always takes too much energy to get into new things

Attached: Shockwave and sempai.png (627x652, 19.81K)

>>116350782I don't know about calling what started with Target: 2006 a twist.

>>116350860>Could you please tease some more highlightsWar Within had some cool ideas. When Megatron and Optimus disappear from a freak accident, both factions splinter off into a bunch of smaller ones. Some examples: Ratbat lead the Predacons and my favorite Grimock leads the Lightning Strike Coalition

Attached: autobot27_transformersFC.png (600x315, 118.22K)

>>116350852Yeah I mean it's not the fault of the writers. Was the cheater guy even involved in anything they did? Aside from creating and managing the publishing agency itself I mean.


Attached: LSC.jpg (631x1023, 280.6K)

>>116350946correction: Ratbat lead the Ultracons

Attached: Ultracon_symbol.png (360x441, 17.98K)

>>116350860>I vaguely recall Sunstorm is some kinda hyper-charged zealotBased. Have to read it now.

Attached: 68363000.png (749x756, 1.59M)

>>116350872Well I didn't know it because I barely know what target is as non-american, but I wish this mindset that tells people "if you didn't see a twist coming it's good on principle" would finally die. More often than not the reason for why people don't see it coming is them not expecting anything as dumb as this.

>>116350993He's a mindfuck'd Starscream clone zealot that hates science.

>>116350946>>116350963I sadly never saw people talking about it back then. They probably did here on Holla Forums, but I never witnessed it and it didn't seem as if there was a hype or anything. How sad.

>>116350860I lucked into most of the titan reprints a year or so ago (since they preserve the larger format of the comic) so I just called it that. Still holding out for colour reprints of the ass end of marvel UK and Earthforce but even over here the definitive G1 collection is a bitch to get hold of.>>116350959I'm not entirely sure, I just know a lot of series got canceled as the company went belly-up. I vaguely remember something about Pat Lee buying a Ferrari, maybe? I just assume the rights are trapped in legal limbo/burnt in some warehouse fire so we'll never really know, but I'm probably talking shite

Attached: Transformers G1 v1 01 - 03.jpg (1200x1863, 624.92K)

>>116351061>He's a mindfuck'd Starscream clone zealot that hates science.Sad. Still better than Starscream though.

>>116350946>both factions splinter off into a bunch of smaller onesI love this! I sorta did it with Kreons, usually comboner teams but sometimes other guys get their own cities because themes. Also it's surprising that Decepticons would stay unified across provinces, so a lot of tribes are independent/nominally Decepticons since I don't want to scratch off the paint. Just gotta figure out what the factions are/what they mean. Place of birth? "Yes/no about the space pope"??>Lightning Strike CoalitionThis sounds familiar>>116350963>literally just your family, your uncle, an earlier version of himself, and someone to help people cool downHaha>>116350991Whom else is there, fren>>116350993Based on what? The Primal Prophecies, I hope.>>116351051It's uhhh... complicated. The movie is an alternate timeline, except we mighta seen different Galvatrons, one of them was probably Straxus-Megatron, etc... Not really a twist, just an interesting bit. Later you get a Galvatron from a timeline where Unicron>>116351098>ass end of marvel UK and EarthforceBased (on the Furmanist Scriptures and Apocrypha) since that's basically what Earthforce is)

>>116351051>what target is as non-americanMarvel UK Transformers story written by Simon Furman to try and explain why Galavatron is in the Marvel Transformers lore because US writer, Bob Budiansky, wasn't going to use any The Movie characters in the US Marvel

>>116351123>Bob Budiansky, wasn't going to use any The Movie characters in the US Marvel lineGay, the movie was great. I consider UK better anyway, I tried to read US Marvel and it was impossible for me.

>>116351123Not to be confused with the other galvatron who showed up later in the US run when Furman took over and was literally plucked from an alternate timeline by Unicron becuse it was cool idk dude

Galvatron and the first type of Cyclonus were cool but I want to see an Autobot getting corrupted by some evil force once. Corruption is way better when it fucks with someone who is either good or trying to maintain order/fight for justice.

>>116351113>m else is there, frenStarscream lead the Predacons; Ultra Magnus the Wreckers; Spike is mad at Cybertronians cause Sparkplug died on the Ark 2 launch ala Challanger Shuttle explosion; Micromasters got their own mini which expanded on their character traits. Just to name a few. Its a quick read, DW didn't put out that much TF books. Maybe a little more than Devil Due Press.

I can't wait seeing Prowl doing nothing wrong again in idw2.Is he even in WfC?

>>116351155I’m pretty sure that Galvatron is the actual Megatron rather then the poor son of a bitch that got forcefully turned into another Megatron by Straxus

>>116351186Didn't Michael Bay do that plot point in the live action films with Optimus already? But look at the Legends comic, G1 Smokescreen got corrupted by his multiple personalities from BTS system from Binaltech/Alternator to become G2 Smokescreen.

Attached: comic01.jpg (2099x2962, 1.32M)

>>116351286Yeah that guy had a hard life. Christ.

>>116351223>Starscream lead the PredaconsNani...??>Mgsuna leads WreckersGood>Spike is mad at Cybertronians cause Sparkplug died on the Ark 2 launch ala Challanger Shuttle explosionI don't like edgy IDW Spike, and angery humans was just depressing in RG1, but this is pretty hecking tragic. Also Sparkplug not showing up in the movie and onwards too...>Micromasters got their own mini which expanded on their character traitsWhhwhhh micromaster characterization? Hopefully the ones I own ha ha>Its a quick read, DW didn't put out that much TF booksFrick

>>116351318>G1 Smokescreen in G2 coloursOh man that would be a sick redeco

>>116351339>G2 Smokescreen is a witness of these events and is in the body that he would have had if his toy had won in the poll that led to Goshooter's new toy getting made instead.Thats why Goshooter is kicking the shit out of him in that panel. Sorry for the bad news user.

>>116351318>G2 Smokescreen has some mental problems from the Binaltech GT System (which enabled one Transformer to operate from multiple bodies simultaneously). G2 Smokescreen keeps hearing the voices of GT Units 01, 02, and 08 in his head, which I guess would make him 07 since one of the voices calls him that (these were all numbers that the four variant releases of Binaltech Smokescreen had). This would mean that G2 Smokescreen is actually G1 Smokescreen after having suffered from multiple personalities and turned bad as a result.

A-are there any characters that you guys absolutely HATE? Idk why I'm asking such a heartbreaking question, but I'm curious.My emotional contrarian ass goes out of my way to try and love underrated/hated or neglected characters, e.g. Wheelie and Beachcomber. I even warmed up to G1 Bee which took surprisingly longer.

Attached: Bumblebamboobee.jpg (300x300, 18.24K)

>>116351871Unironically Starscream and no one else.

>>116352159Wh-why? To clarify, I don't mean "good villains that you love to hate", I mean literal hate. But I'm feeling that you meant that too... But why though?I read a post about how everything makes sense if he was a sleeper agent, which was kinda funny and cute

Attached: Starscream cry.png (333x276, 134.2K)

>>116351871>A-are there any characters that you guys absolutely HATE?-Anode, not because of the gender shit. But for the only reason that Anode caused more problems for the Lost Light than helping the plot move along. Plus having a crew that's like 600+ and you throw more OCs into the book. Will never forgive not utilizing that huge roster then killing a bunch of them off screen when Getaway took over. The crew could have been under 50 and we would still not know the all of them.-Late era IDW1 Rodimus-BM Nightscream-Season 3 Wheelie. He wasn't that bad in TF:TM and his IDW1 portrayal was ok.-G1 Reflector

>>116352360>-G1 ReflectorCan I ask why?

>>116352431he/they had the weakest character portrayal in Season 1 G1, not included the numerous Seeker clones, Rainmakers, Seeker trio from episode 1 (because those were 1 time appearances). Reflector was in a few episodes but really didn't do anything besides spying which Lazerbeak and Ravage displayed better.

>>116352199No I mean actual dislike of the pure essense of this character. I often sympathize with villains because they are usually dedicated to a cause, and even when they aren't there is some particular worldview explaining their actions as you often see it with psychopaths for example. But this guy doesn't have any higher goal or philosophy backing his actions, he literally just carves social approval for the sake of it, even if it is based on positive traits he pretends to have but doesn't. On a more personal note the backstabbing is just an attitude I cannot get behind. I mean even the worst shitvillain would accept other guys if they were worthy, be it as competent underlings or genuine friends. But backstabbers genuinely only care about themselves, so seeing them being nearby anybody you like is an actual threat, since even in the most peaceful utopia these guys would sooner or later betray/kill everybody for fame. You cannot even imagine these types of characters as husbandos/waifus or anything (if you are into that), since they would kill you too and even being friends for 10 years straight wouldn't mean anything to them. It's the Judas problem, though even he felt guilty at the end. Starscream would just buy a new golden watch for the money and enjoy his life.

Attached: starsaber_by_whelp_li_dduu15n-fullview.jpg (1280x1707, 417.47K)

>>116352360>Plus having a crew that's like 600+ and you throw more OCs into the bookIt's not enough to make me hate her but damn do I feel you here. Not only regarding everything you said about her but OC spamming in a series that already has a billion characters with a lack of screentime and loyal fans that already love them for years or even decades.The only OCs I accept in TF are either randos that are only meant to appear once as bystanders and guys whose role is so particular and closely related to the series they are in that the writer prefers to create an OC for their part, instead of shoving in a known character into this mold. Examples here are Tarn, Tyrest, Termagax (why all Ts??) or Jro's Primes.

>>116352553Understood, thanks for the explanation

>>116352360Is there even anybody that likes Anode? More than just liking her as another rando that had a funny scene or something I mean. Not even talking about 4chan, I never saw fans of her on social media either. I actually liked her design when she appeared, especially the colors and wings though that only lasted for a while till I got annoyed with her.

>>116352721For IDW OCs, I did enjoy Ambulon and Rung. Man, the one panel showing that Ambulon's desk hasn't been messed with since his death really hit me in the feels. Rung was also interesting as a person there at crucial moments in TF history but no one can remember him or his name, but then it got blown way out of proportion when he was revealed as Primus. These characters participated in the plots in MTMTE/LL.

>>116352848>I actually liked her design when she appearedI wish there were more propeller TFs

Attached: Prop Plane.png (1341x481, 741.3K)

>>116352970I accept them too, I mean Rung falls into the category of too-specific-for-old-character I was talking about and Ambulon yeah he not so much but I am okay with him. He barely took away time, he worked well as additional medic for that Pharma arc and before and him being an ex-con is an interesting aspect that I hope will get explored upon.Hell even here you can argue about the role, since JRo probably planned him to get killed early from the start. Which would actually make Roberts using an OC for this more reasonable since it would just piss people off if he was and old and loved guy. I wish Milne would stop teasing me so much in idw2.

Attached: 4784.jpg (256x494, 52.11K)

>>116353048This. I love Transformers with wings that aren't fucking Seekers.


>>116354076THANks news user

>>116352553IIRC, Reflector doesn't appear much or do anything due to Hasbro mandate. The toy was going to be one of the original 1984 Decepticons, which led to him being in the cartoon, but when he got dropped from the 1984 toys, the cartoon was ordered to use him as little as possible, and only as a henchman to add to the Decepticons' numbers.How do people feel about the Spectro, Spyglass and Viewfinder trio being separate characters to Reflector/Refraktor, as appears to be the case in the WFC Trilogy?

>>116351113>different Galvatrons, one of them was probably Straxus-Megatron, etc.Not necessarily, as the events of Time Wars don't happen the way Galvatron remembered them happening, he was probably in the wrong timeline.

>>116351098The articles on Dreamwave at the TFWiki probably have the most detail on what happened, but the basics are that only the earlier DW books can be reprinted because nobody seems to have any records of whether everyone had been fully paid for the later issues.

>>116351871Starscream, I can’t stand his character type. And Tailgate because you can’t make a character that insufferable and expect me to love him because he’s part of a gay ship. Not that I’m against gay ships but you get the point.

>>116353136Not him (I'm me!) but>Rung falls into the category of too-specific-for-old-characterI get and like that, but imagine it was some rando G1 bot he picked though, just imagine the possibilities>>116355297Or a similar time war happened in that one? It's been a while but I remember thinking the shifting stuff was like, the timeline and ergo him shifting between versions of himself because he's affecting the timeline, I dunno. I recall viewing the Straxus theory as convincing - o r at the very least just a very neat idea - but it's been a while. Still think Target and non-Target Galvs could be different people. I mean, considering that the movie and Unicron's victory are somehow alt future timelines, anything's possible.>Galvatron angrily kills "Starscream" aka Skywarp>realizes that him still existing means that he's in the wrong PASTWeird

>>116355158>How do people feel about the Spectro, Spyglass and ViewfinderIt took a while for the three individual pieces of Reflector to get personalities, but its welcomed. Too bad that they got merc'd early on in IDW1 and didn't get fleshed out there. But love editorial finding to make time to finish their short story.>only as a henchman to add to the Decepticons' numbers.That's another factor to why I hate them.

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>>116352721Fun fact: Primus is an OC.And Roberts didn't create any Primes.>>116350460Shockwave in the Functionalist Universe must've been freaking out.

>>116356117>I recall viewing the Straxus theory as convincing - o r at the very least just a very neat idea - but it's been a whileEverything about that Megatron not being the real Megatron was a retcon to mesh the British comics with the return of Megatron in the US series, so prefer to think of it as something that only happened after the timeline rewrote itself in the aftermath of Time Wars. It was the real Megatron until it wasn't anymore.>Still think Target and non-Target Galvs could be different peopleThey weren't meant to be, as him using the same time-jump device to return to the 1980s was meant as a callback to his previous story.>Galvatron angrily kills "Starscream" aka SkywarpThey must have been unaware Skywarp was also in the movie briefly. Odd how this was never explained, and he ended up surviving somehow.

>>116356160>Too bad that they got merc'd early on in IDW1 and didn't get fleshed out there. But love editorial finding to make time to finish their short story.IDW editorial not paying attention is how two books written around the same time both used them, with everyone working on All Hail Megatron presumably not being aware that the Wheelie Spotlight was killing them.It's sad that Barber's continuity fix wasn't "here's how they came back from being dead", but was "here's how they went back in time to die in that earlier story". Killing characters cuts off any potential they might have, and underused early Transformers deserve more attention.

>>116356190>And Roberts didn't create any Primes.Different user, but Barber did create The Arisen who was the 13th member of the orignal set of The Thirteen. While the premise of 13th member reincarnating into Optimus, he was always called Optimus as a Thirteen in Aligned works. The name The Arisen is an IDW idea by Barber.

>>116356190Didn't he create Nominus and Zeta?

>>116356190Roberts who created Nominus Prime.

Fuck Barber and fuck James Roberts. Fuck. Skids deserved better. You pretentious English fuck. You are not fucking Alan Moore, or an Ellis. At best you are creatively bankrupt hack like Gillen fuck.Barber is just fucktarded.

>>116356368>Barber's continuity fixHonestly, I prefer Barber being a continuity stickler. Cause bring characters back from the dead willy-nilly is tired and sick of trope in capebooks. But with honestly IDW1 could have done a soft reboot and revived all previous dead characters, if they still have to corpses, with Ore-14. Then it feels like a Last Autobot cop out.

>>116356542Deal with it moron

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>>116356407Zeta Prime was created when he was cited in "Spotlight: Blurr" that was written by Shane McCarthy, then he was cited again in "Bullets" that was written by Roberts, and his first appearance was in "Autocracy" that was written by Chris Metzen and Flint Dille.

>>116356588>t. RobertsRoche can fuck you into submission without even using 20% of his power, you talentless hack. Go seduce some groupies or something, you'll get metoo'd in a couple years.

>>116356682rent free

>>116356652Man, no one really gives a fuck about Zeta.

>>116356549>Honestly, I prefer Barber being a continuity stickler. Cause bring characters back from the dead willy-nilly is tired and sick of trope in capebooks.That's because they need to stop killing characters for shock value or attempts to boost sales, and then being forced to bring them back later when they learn it was a mistake.In the case of Spectro, Spyglass and Viewfinder, they were already back, so would have preferred an explanation for that to restoring them to being dead.All Hail Megatron should have been a reboot, and the Barber/Roberts era should probably have been a reboot as well. A lot of problems and complaints would have been solved that way.

>>116319136Oh! I'll tell you! It ends with Rung being Primus but that doesn't matter because everyone forgets his entire being which makes the scene worthless. Also some wishy washy ending where there's version of the cast, one that gets the """sad""" ending and the other that continue to have adventures. Oh, and it's never stated which version is the true version.

>>116356711>problems could have been solved that wayGive me a break, Roberts just did what he wanted, by LL it was obvious his comics and the rest of IDW might as well been separate universes.

>>116356711>That's because they need to stop killing characters for shock value or attempts to boost sales,But how else are writers going to depict casualties of war from a millions of years conflict? The other option is got back to the Marvel days and kill off wholesame of the old toyline.

>>116356813>Oh, and it's never stated which version is the true version.But it was never stated who were the "original" articles the first time around. We just read adventures from their point of view.

>>116356813>Oh, and it's never stated which version is the true version.Hey dumbdumb this was explained already. Twice, even. It's a quantum duplicate. BOTH are the true version.Be a Nautica, don't be a Riptide.

>>116356954>user is a NauticaSkids reeeee.

>>116356703Not true, I want him. As toy I mean.

>>116357030Everyone should get a toy, a good one, of course. Even Slide.

>>116356486Nomis is weird because he has more porn pics than panels he appeared in.Actually, I am pretty sure we only ever saw once in one or two panels in that Shockwave spotlight and once we saw his face in a flashback for the alt-universe at the end of LL.

>>116356913>But how else are writers going to depict casualties of war from a millions of years conflict?Transformers is a war comic, not a superhero comic, so the rules are different, and it's often toy-driven, so it makes sense not to kill popular characters who are going to get more toys.In general, showing that the war has casualties is what generics and OCs are for. More toy characters in IDW were probably killed in the post-war run than died during the earlier parts when the war was still going, and we didn't really need to use G2 characters in roles where all they do is die, or lose G1 characters just to show us that Whirl or Arcee were murderous.

>>116356703>>116357119Zeta's problem was that he was stuck in a shitty short series with bad writing nobody likes. He was actually interesting when Barber wrote him, but he sadly only ever appeared in a few scenes of OP and in a few other panels in MtmtE.

>>116357197That sounds too sterile, just like the G1 cartoon. Then the abrupt deaths in The Film. Edgy deaths have been apart of the franchise since 1986. Don't forget to add in the Marvel UK/US deaths because old toys need to get rotated out.

>>116357293Sure, back then deaths didn't feel personal because they were just clearing house. Here? There's no need.

>>116357197I partly agree. The war always came off as fucking horrible thing in Mtmte despite that all dead people were randos or OCs we saw dying in flashbacks like Quarks. But the MTOs, grindcore and shit made it clear how heavy the topic was, it never felt harmless because of that.>>116357293JRo had the advantage of making a post-war series. But you still see war movies that are dramatic despite barely killing named characters off. You see tons of dying soldiers, you see some nice town people getting killed that helped MC out just a few in-movie days or weeks ago and there are wounds and tanks and shit I don't think you necessarily need to kill off a good part of the cast to convey to the audience that war is a threat.

>>116356954>QuantumUsing meme science to justify shit writing should be punishable by death.

>>116357427git gud, where's your awards

>>116357427Doesn't matter because you pretended that the comic hadn't answered a question when it actually did, as user said.

>>116357293>>116357368The deaths in the movie or the Marvel comic were at least of characters that had been around several years, most of them had a chance to get some time in the spotlight before then, even if a lot were underused.Every Transformer who had a toy has someone who loves them, and IDW killing some of them as soon as they were introduced was always kind of crappy. Especially the ones who were parts of combiner teams, preventing the combiner from ever appearing.

>>116357579Yeah this.There are tons of characters that still never had the time to shine or get some development and others that were just doomed to be villains for a moment before they got killed and most characters only appear in the comics to begin with.Fight me, but I wouldn't complain if Bee died for once and for real, or Starscream or something. They have a billion series dealing with them and endless screentime and pandering. I would glady take someone else getting some spotlight instead.

>>116357421>But you still see war movies that are dramatic despite barely killing named characters off.Fury; Saving Private Ryan; Band of Brothers; Kelly's Heroes; etc. Then you have war films like Casualties of War with Sean Pean; Michael J. Fox, John C. Reilly, John Leguizamo where 3/4 are charged with war crimes by film's end. Barely killing tho? Those films are few, is this going to spiral out to "What's the definition of 'named characters'"? One of the few recent times I can think of a War setting story where no named character gets killed was CoD:WW2 honestly. >JRo had the advantageBut on a side note, do you critique any other writer besides JRo for edgy killings? Furman should be #1 on your list.

>>116357427Deal with it

>>116357703>But on a side note, do you critique any other writer besides JRo for edgy killings? Furman should be #1 on your list.I am not the other guys user but funny enough, I wanted to ask this very question just ~20 minutes ago. I didn't because I just assume it's subjective bullshit like pissed shippers or fans of a specific character who died, changed or got ignored in that series because as you said, when I think of annoying killings I think of Barber and to a lesser degree Furman, not JRo.It reminds of posts I saw a while ago where a Rodimus fan got so mad at idw2 still not featuring that guy that they created a hateblog on tumblr that does nothing but listing reasons for why everybody should hate idw2.

>Western writers can't competently write characters back to life>Sakamoto does that shit with ease while maintaining continuityAnother reason why Japanese G1 lore is superior

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>>116356813Well fuck that

>>116357846Isn't that a comedy parody series?

>>116357861Aren't (You)?

>>116357127For you which Cybertronian alphabet has the best appearance?

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>>116357901You are you, I am (me).

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>>116357579>the Marvel comic were at least of characters that had been around several years, most of them had a chance to get some time in the spotlight before thenLook at G1 Marvel Finback, Decepticon Pretender. The comic promoted his toy, gave him his "stories", then killed him during Unicron's attack. You know how many issues he had time to shine in? 5 Issues, 24 months from 1st appearance till death. Lets put that in context, that's 24 opportunities to be used and fleshed out. Nah, just kill him.

>>116357939H-how do you know thisWere you a fan of Finback..?

>>116357836I'm the one user bitching about Skids. I agree with what you say, I just don't bitch at everything Barber did wrong because I honestly believe he may not be right in the head. He did so many things wrong by the end, I can just single one to perfectly encapsulate his incompetence: Slide bitching at Optimus while Trypticon is fucking murdered. Fucking fantastic.

>>116357861No, while some strips do comedy bits. The point of the comic is to future explain characters in the G1 lore after the cartoon when the new toys from Takara get release. It connects a lot of different things together. Like Pic related, It cements Megatron's history by confirming that all those past stories are true.

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>>116357972After reading a bunch of TF comics over the years, somethings just stand out more. Like characters that rarely appear, stand out more to me so I play attention to them a little more than the usual name stays.

>>116357919Is the answer related to Nominus porn? Will the answer tell you something about my psyche?My first urge would be choosing the third one on the left, but thinking for a few seconds makes me favor the second or the fourth one, since the other seems too complicted and articifial for a real alien scripture. The others (save for the last one on the right (that is also ugly)) look more like alphabets you would use with digital devices.Maybe the complicated one could be old scripture ancient Cybertronian have used while the others are more recent. I go with the second one. What does that say about my porn preferences?

>>116357982>Slide bitching at Optimus while Trypticon is fucking murdered. Fucking fantastic.Well, you put some blame on that quickness the wrap up plot points. You and I know, that the Trypticon colony would have been expanded on if not for IDW1 ending.

>>116357982>I just don't bitch at everything Barber did wrong because I honestly believe he may not be right in the headFair point.

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>>116357836>when I think of annoying killings I think of Barber and to a lesser degree Furman, not JRo.Exactly! When the autistic fandom names a meme after you. JRo is nowhere near as bad as Furman with edgelord killings.

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>>116358146Miss they little niggas like no idea! Also sad that maybe in a weird way if Spotlight Octane got greenlit, he would be hanging out with these guys.

>>116357982>Slide bitching at Optimus while Trypticon is fucking murdered. Fucking fantastic.This is something I always wondered about. Just as Slide in general and the whole bitching and even Windblade feeling the need to tell everybody about how much of a murderer Optimus was on his won funeral. I get what you want to tell me here but it's not the proper scene. Barber made me hate Camians and I am actually asking myself if it was meant to be objective and we weren't supposed to side with any character here or if it was actual framing I don't get it. I would usually say we were supposed to hate Slide and Magna, but some scenes felt lowkey psychotic like the one you mentioned so maybe he wanted us to sympathize with these assholes, I have no fucking idea to be honest.I generally don't get the point of the Optimus bitching.

>>116358189I didn't even know that term existed this is hilarious.This is what I am thinking of when someone says edgy killings. Sure, it's still bad when it happens to one guy only, but it's just much worse when it happens to ten of them in a single issue out of many other issues with many other kills.>>116358220The dynamic was simply great. It's rare to see such groups that are also as funny and relatable.

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>>116358189I hope people notice and pay attention to that last bullet point.

I know we're all having a good time, but is anybody else still pretty darn bummed that IDW fell apart on the UK volumes?Do I have another source to purchase those? I heard a UK company was reprinting their entire run, including the US portion, in one smooth running set. Did that happen? Anybody have a link?And G2 ever?

>>116357992Man Legends has it allFunny stuffLore stuffDevcon Fan service Acknowledgement of the BayverseCat girlAnd ruining Dark Nova by giving it a shitty backstory

>>116357992You just can't gel every version of Transformers into one single canon and make it work, and I have no idea why they try.I do really wish the new IDW comic had taken TMNT IDW's approach and be a holistic telling, combining the best bits of everything into one logical story. Instead it's just cramming in more, not all that great, ideas.

>>116358189Didn’t the Underbase Saga have more deaths, some even on the same page?

>>116358914Yeah but if I recall, that was all vague laser spam killing groups of bots. Nothing really thought out or detailed.

>>116358903>IDW TMNT So many decisions there puzzle me, I wouldn't call it definitive by any means. I'd rather take the 2003 cartoon continuity.

>>116358914From Tfwiki:

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>>116358975It's not perfect, nothing is, but it's been pulling from multiple versions of TMNT pretty well.

>>116356703I didn't give a fuck about any of the IDW1 Primes because the whole "the PrIMeS arE cORRuPT" shtick got tedious rather fast. I recognize that Cybertron's governance being problematic makes it easier to deliver believable grounds for the Decepticons, but enough already. IDW2 is already wearing me out with that shit, but starting from the beginning of the conflict might make for a more coherent story.

>>116359352Corrupt Cybertronian governments have been a thing since Beast Wars. Get used to it.

>>116359458I'm aware. There's nothing wrong with it as a concept, but IDW1 already wore it out.

>>116358986Truly based

>>116359518Nova ok, made sense, Sentinel I get, everyone else? Yeah they were pushing it.

>>116358783>100 volumes>edited by

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>>116361466Based britbongs. Except you Roberts, you know what you did.