Best Girl

Best Girl

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>>116280259Not a fan of SU, but I did watch the movie, and I do like Spinel. She’s probably the only gem that’s actually cute. All the others are ugly. Like imagine being so desperate you waifu peridot.

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>>116280259Should’ve stayed on earth.

>>116281141Nah she had nothing to gain form staying

>>116281141And deal with that faggot, steven? Fuck no. Living with the diamonds, who are now reformed, was the best, most intelligent and easiest choice to make.

>Inb4 ifunny

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To this day I can't understand what that movie was going for. Spinel is sorta redeemed a little bit but also we'd rather have her banished to the containment planet for giant assholes and never speak of her again ?It's just all over the place

>>116281308To be fair when they became friends repair. They banished her to the containment Barn as well I just think they do that to everybody

>>116281399When they became friends with Peridot my speak to text is screwy

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>>116281308Setting up for the inevitable Steven Universe Infinity where Steven, a 38-year-old man, realizes that he's going to outlive his wife by millenia. Spinel has to be there to pick up the pieces of their shattered relationship.

>>116281141Better on Homeworld where she isn't restricted and has a good excuse of not appearing on the show then being practically and inexcusably ignored like Nephrite and the Off-Colors. Many would've complained of her being under-utilized or not being made part of the main cast like in the opening.

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>>116281733 Stephen isn't immortal

what do?

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>>116282118Ì will now fuse with you

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explain this character to me

>>116283783intelligent, nihilistic and with wicked sense of humor

>>116283783A Looney Tune with abandonment issues and D.I.D.

Oh boy, another thread about the heart gem.Brilliant

>>116284101Ah who am I kidding WE'LL FOREVER WORSHIP H E R

Real best girls.

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>>116280259wrongshortstack beststack

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>>116280259you zoomed in too much

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>>116280259>GirlSir, that is a rock.

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bros how addicting would snorting crystal gem farts be like?


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>>116281141She needed to have a nice relationships with real Diamonds before going back to the Diamond that ruined her life.

>>116281250>inb4 ifunny


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>>116287025does she obsess over user too?

>>116287044Yes she does everyday..

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How is is that, like with Amethyst, Spinel knew how to eat and was comfortable eating food like donuts when no other Homeworld gem ever was?

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>>116284517I want to lie on her belly.

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>>116288653Spinels are programmed to put things in their mouths for comedic effect.

>>116289575>Spinel will never put your penis in her mouth for comedic effectWhy live?

>>116280259Thats like your opinion,Man.But its wrong

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>>116281250literally fixed in mspaint

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>>116281187All we really know about her needs and desires presently are the metaphor for medication and therapy the Diamonds represent. I’d say she needs to have a change of scenery like Jasper and Steven, but that’s pretty much anywhere other than the Garden I suppose.

>>116283783Like a villain toy from Toy Story where the kid knows it was alive, but abandoned it anyway so it sought revenge on all the other toys and the kid’s family after her owner died.

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>>116291789I haven’t seen a bubble like that since I was a child.

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>>116291876Oh god, I read it out loud in the voice involuntarily!

>>116291909Spinel Chuck E. Cheese AU is life.

Post reboot Spinel > Spinel > reboot SpinelI prefer Peridot's high functioning autism to Spinel's ADHD, still better than Lapis' aspergers

>>116292638Peter Lorre characters being forgotten really hurts. Dude survived the Holocaust but his relevance didn’t outlive the 1900’s.

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>>116293014I thought Peridot was Asperger’s. She had no filter to her nastier thoughts and ideas at first.


>>116293244It's all on the spectrum I guess, Lapis is always so withdrawn to everyone except Steven and Peridot is as you say, but very good at creating things, quick at learning patterns in things such as music

>>116293593I guess the point and the reason it feels decent to have is the metaphors aren’t 1:1. I can’t recall if it was Sugar or not but someone said that all the characters have something “wrong” with them including the humans but are all positively functional, aside from the villains who are negatively functional. I saw Peridot as having some kind of social handicap that she learned to work past as well as “grew up in a heavily religious household”-type fucked up views on the world, but I kind of got PTSD as the problem with Lapis and she uses art as therapy. Like how a lot of veterans became actors, writers, or painters, and how kids or spouses who survive abuse are taught to channel their feelings into creative outlets.

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>>116282118i can't, i'm a normal fucking humie.

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>>116294083>Pearls>1 SpinelDouble the Spinearl

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>>116281937I agree. I'd have loved to see Spinel and Nephrite interacting, and more screentime for the Off-Colors.

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>>116281937She always looks the best in a sweater/jacket

What's her appeal?

>>116305046being the fun GF you want to have an obsession over you for fun

>>116292999what is this AU you speak of?

>>116283867She's clearly a silly symphony. She even has mickey ears in her original form.

>>116293230Steve Buscemi was the Peter Lorre of my generation.

>>116280259>Be patient king, a true clown is on the wayWhy does this tug at my heartstrings so hard?

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>>116282118I'm willing to try if you think I can.If I can't, we'll just use whatever brought you to this dimension and go get those earnings from DragonballZ or something, if fusion is what you want.For all realities are my kingdom, and you are my crown jewel.

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>>116285783They don't digest food, so it would just be air that gets trapped inside them, and would smell like whatever they last ate, but a day old, assuming they're not just intentionally swallowing large amounts of air to appeal to your brap fetish.

>>116288653She's not dumb, she's just childish and naturally curious, she probably saw people eating them at the big doughnut and wanted to try it herself.

>>116297018Well that's a lot of my fetishes for one image.

>>116305046>Exuberant>Entertaining>Pink>Affectionate>Predatory>As big an ass as you want at the time

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I kind of moved on from her bros, I found a real girl I like.

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>>116307369>real girlHow pathetic

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>>116307369Congrats man

>>116297018Literally nobody's nipples are this sensitive.

>>116307369>3DPDYuck, but you do you

>>116306247its disturbing how steven and spinel could easily start a family of their own...because their own bad experiences would shape them into becoming good parents and good people.

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>>116308379Yeah as long as she's out of character I guess that works

>>116308409I was thinking of a spinel that never got her memories back and that through steven she would slowly grow as both gem and person.

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>>116308507That could work, just get rid of Steven and put me there instead

>>116308168Yeah....mine sure aren't...Hahahahaha!

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>>116290665I'm sorry, can someone speak moon runes?

>>116310029I can!

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>>116296661stop makeing my dick hard

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>>116310895jingle jangle sharp teeth make me go fanatical

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>>116310535so what's it saying?


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>>116311600>>116310942Why would gems have saliva?

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>>116308168Some women have been reported to be, but you could achieve that effect with a lot of teasing, edging, and sound. The more turned on you are, the broader the area that can be considered erogenous zone.

>>116308168I can't cum from mine, but if Spinel was playing with them it'd be a different story.

>>116300173DEUUEAUGH!Why ruining her like that?

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>>116305157It’s a humanized AU where Spinel works at Chuck E. Cheese’s as the mascot and she’s depressed and constantly fighting the urge to burn the place to the ground.

>>116307369Where did you meet?

>>116314758They got a robot to play a robot?

What if Pink took Spinel to earth?

>>116297397You're in luck because she's a gem so you can fuse anyway.

>>116315038Only the one on stage is a robot.

>>116315188That's not how gems work.

>>116315126Then gemkind would be unite

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>>116315188only the Steven can

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>>116300988If only...


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How do you think would this end up for Spinel?

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>>116318537I already saw an animatic about this.those 2 fight and spinel loses, its kinda

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>had another dream about spinel>didn't even watch the movieSTOP INVADING MY DREAMS YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS

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>>116323429ONE OF US!! ONE OF US!! ONE OF US!!


>>116323429How was the dream?Tell us.

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>>116302436Connie is for Pearl

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>>116323429make a jackie chan tulpa.

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>>116291909someone please explain this

Best ship.

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>>116326128What is this art style and why do I hate it?

>>116327279>What is this art style and why do I hate it?The artist draws mostly pastel horsies from that forbidden show

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>>116311600>>116312604why do gems have boobs

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>>116326128How is that even possible

>>116325387All I remember was spinel slinging around an empty city while fighting something. Spinel also had a yellow heart stitched to her hair for some fucking reason.

>>116330310To suckle on

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>>116330310Why do fangs fetish artists always make fangs bent like that?It's an horrible evolutionary disvantage

>>116332134Maybe it’s a tusk thing

>>116333306tusks aren't fangs.If they were fangs they would stay in the mouth.

>>116284886It can shapeshift a womb.

>>116307369Congrats,have fun, give and take and remember talk clearly to one another,complete each other.

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>>116284886she likes to be called girl like all the SU gems but Obsidian Snowflake (lol the irony)

New Spinel art from Holla Forums drawthread

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I sleep now.Good luck with this thread, but remember you don't have to keep it alive.

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>>116335282Her face reminds me of Ace Ventura

>>116337247Goodnight and I think we should keep it alive for her

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I'm going to sleep keep the thread alive for her!

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Last one for tonight

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*ahem*May I have your attention, everyone. I just want to state thatSpinelXPink Pearl isFucking garbage. Kill yourself yurifaggotThank you.

>>116340024at least is better than stevinel

>>116340024Correct, everyone knows the only one for Spinel is Me.

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I wanna breed with Spinel.

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>>116341714Who doesnt.

>>116342142anyone not suffering from autism and mental illness

>>116342163>Not wanting a cute, stretchy, loving space girlfriend.Gay.


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>>116283783A lot of anyone have a fetish for crazy womenThat's the kind of fetish you have until you actually try to date a crazy woman then you appreciate the beauty in the peaceful solitude of masturbation


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>>116342505Damn that's cute.

>>116341714ANY one got any other fap-tier spinel pics?

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>>116342163>>116342358But I'm gay, autistic and mentally ill and want to breed with Spinel

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>>116342640did u already go to paheal?

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>>116343459I like what this may lead to

>>116282256fucking hate you SU pricksbut this one actually got me

im confinced most SU fans only like the show cause they can self insert as steven and pretend theres a whole race of lesbians to care for that look up to and love them unconditionally



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>>116344647If you’re a lesbian, which is most of the fan base, you’re picking Pearl, not Steven. The amount of Steven x Gem shit is incredibly less than the Steven c Connie stuff. Harem shit is vocal minority

>>116344622>most SU fans only like the show cause they can self insert as stevenThat's only in SUF.Before everyone wanted to be Greg and murdercock an entire race of gems

>>116344622"Most" is probably overshooting it.

>>116344745That is....Objectively true and I have no counter arguments

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>>116344745>Follows his dream of being a rockstar around the country>Meets a magical space queen, with the bodytype he's known for having a thing for, to a degree human girls could never compete with, at one of his rock shows>Actually manages to seduce, marry, and fuck her>Becomes a multi-millionaire>Gets to watch his son grow up to be the man who saved the galaxyHell yes I wanted to be Greg.

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>>116345526>Becomes a multi-millionaire>Stay humble and lives in a van>use the money for your sonThis is the kind if incorruptible life everyone should aspire to

>>116345709Don't forget his work ethic.>Still goes to work every day despite being rich because his car wash is the only one in town.

How many customers does he get a day?His real job might actually just be being Sadie's, Shep's, Jenny's, Sour Cream's, and Buck's manager.

>>116344622absolutely agree.I used to self insert in that horse show until i found steven universe. way too easy to self insert in SU and feel the love from Lesbo rock momsT. ex barneyfag

>>116345956Probably no more than 6 a day, but he's still there to open it 6 mornings a week.

>>116346082Were you a pony or the dragon?

>>116345526Really wish there was an episode where blue diamond fall in love with Greg after her redemption arc

>>116346116they made monster high knockoff. I was into that

>>116346159Fuck yeah, a man of culture.

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>>116346717Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, your opinion, man.


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>>116346714>>116346159And Steven will get 2 brothers

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>>116351631our light in the sky

>>116346714I want it so badImagine rose just screaming NO GREG AHHHH inside stevens gem is funny

>>116352150>Imagine rose just screaming NO GREG AHHHH inside stevens gem is funnyShe would return from Steven's gem only for that. And don't care if Steven is left to die without his gem.

>TFW when we may seriously never see Spinel in official media ever again.Why did (((Sugar))) create such a great character and then just end the series?

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>>116280259>Be me>Driving out of town into the desert around 11:00pm>Spinel's sitting with me in the passenger seat>"I'm not sure why you took us out to the middle of the desert. Ooh! Is this for a new type of game?" >I say nothing >Car eventually stops >Spinel gets out of the car, all giddy and excited >She suddenly hears a "click" behind her >"Umm, friend? I think you accidentally locked me out of the car. It's okay, I forgive you." ^^ >Car starts moving again >"Wait, what are you doing? Where are you going?!" >Spinel starts chasing the car, her rubbery arms stretching and grabbing the back of it >I can see her in my rear-view mirror >Tears are streaming down her face >"Please, don't do this! I don't want to be alone!" >Her fingers start slipping >She loses her grip, and tumbles onto the desert road >The car starts to vanish into the horizon >Spinel is left there, sobbing her eyes out >Her purpose in life, gone. >Her only crime was loving too much.

>>116355211She’s just gonna hunt you down and kill you, dumbass

>>116355211Do you have the *thwak* one?

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>>116354163Zach Caliston wanted to extend Steven's life according to his own problems.

>>116355260I do not. lol

>>116344622I only like the show because of peridot, formerly because of lapis and for spinel. Then they made peridot a midget and lapis got no development outside of being bob. Was hoping spinel would get more air time as she got used to being cared about again but whatever. Show's done and I'm bored.

>>116355648God damnit

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>>116280259Objectively false

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>>116356364post more Penny Ling

>>116280259And now the fusion of the 2 best girls.

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>>116355211(ftfy)>Be me>Driving out of town into the desert around 10:p00pm>Spinel's sitting with me in the passenger seat>She's with my phone lurking 4channel threads about herself and see this post>She starts laughing>"Hahaha look user, this post is joking about how one user abandon his spinel. Can you believe that?">"Y-yeah that's a good joke...">"I'm not sure why you took us out to the middle of the desert. Ooh! Is this for a new type of game? :D>I say nothing>Car eventually stops>Spinel gets out of the car all giddy and excited>She suddenly hears a "click" behind her>"Umm, friend? I think you accidentally locked me out of the car...>Car starts moving again>"Wait what are you doing? Where are you going?>Spinel stars chasing the car, her fingers starts slipping, she loses her grip and stumbles on the road.>She starts sobbing but then>She hears a bunch of people coming out of nowhere screaming "SURPRISE" with a giant cake.>Suddenly she sees user's car is coming back>"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SPINEL">She remembers that this was the place where user and spinel met, 1 year ago.>She has the best party of her life along with user

>>116356188Of course. Pumpkin. I'll be back around three. I'll make sure to bring home a pizza for dinner then we can watch your cartoons together. Be good and remember, my numbers on the fridge if anything happens or you just need to talk. Love ya sweetie, have a good day!

>>116355211Such beautiful misery

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>>116355211Why couldn't she just grab on to the car?


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>>116360924Good, yes, that's when crystal gems are supposed to hurt people.

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