Is she canceled?

Is she canceled?

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I'd fuck the shit out of Dana Terrace

>>115928526Looks like God actually listened to us

>>115928526Fuck I hope so. It's frustrating though that she can say she hates men and wants to kill them all and call for nerve gas attacks on funerals, and it only helps her career, but what might do her in is not prostrating herself enough before the handful of POC in her facebook feminist group a decade ago. We really do live in a society.

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>>115928526Twitter is too female oriented. That webpage needs a good rape to calm down.

>>115928586get in line, we're gonna run a train on her

>>115928526What the fuck did she do to get people pissed at her? I thought she was untouchable

>>115928526Even if she isn't, it feels like an inevitability going by the tweets today and yesterday, plus what happened during metooing Cameron Stewart, plus her near-cancellation last year.

>> kind of give an idea of what's going on.

>>115928723Usual SJW stuff. She had a feminist facebook group for female comic store employees years ago. As there are not many minorities working at comic shops, the vast majority of the group was white, and the handful of colored members complained about not having more of a say. And then, she's pissed other people off, trannies are mad at her, I don't remember what for. Probably something dumb like mentioning periods as something women have, stupid things like that set trannies off. And then also she said something once about how queer people are supposed to be outsiders and weirdos and shouldn't be forced to conform and twitter took that as her defending pedophilia because some artist had been called out around the same time.Honestly if you surround yourself with SJWs it's only a matter of time before you face stuff like this. They would hate her just for being white and "cis" even if she never did anything wrong. I hope they ruin her career over their bullshit, because no one seems to care about the actual things worth complaining about that she does.

>>115928526Make sure to share this. Kath Leth actually deserves to be canceled.

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>>115928836Oh I guess the reason trannies are mad at her because she used the term lady parts to refer to the vulva, which I guess implies that feminine penises are not lady parts. I knew it was something crazy like that.

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>>115928779>>115928836HA!>Press F to spit on grave

>>115928526Who is this and why should I care?

>>115928836>They would hate her just for being white and "cis" even if she never did anything wrongI need to correct myself again; apparently it identifies itself as nonbinary now.

>>115928945How the fuck do you not know who Kate Leth is? She has worked on a ton of cartoons and comic book adaptations of cartoons among other things, in spite of being a hateful and terrible person.

>>115928892>brazenbutchBoy that's a username that screams sanity, sound judgement, and not having a personality that revolves entirely around your gender.

>>115928892>BrazenbutchY I K E SIKES

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Hey isn't it funny how women blame the world for their problems and then think it owes them forever the entitlement to act as shitty as they want to everybody until their natural jealousy toward each other causes them to turn on one another at the mere mention of any kind of criticism? I think that's pretty funny. Well that, and how they all get that retarded pastel army hair cut as if they're trying to warn men like a dart frog's skin. Even the Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli got it.

>>115928892>brazenbutchlol, this person doesn't seem very tough for a butch made of brass.

>>115928673You can't just rape all you problems away. Remember the last time you tried that?

>>115928526You have to be important first to be cancelled.

>>115928969I generally dont give a fuck who makes cartoons. What stuff has she done?

>>115928526Let me get this straight, #metoo has has turned into canceling women for gossiping about each other? It sounds too funny to be true.

>>115928892>Causes me pain every single dayGenderboxes hurts guys.

>>115928779These idiots are even more intolerable than she is. Fuck it, let am cannibalize one another.

>>115929391Gotta keep going further and further into the zone until the people who were seen as saints in their group are now heathens

>>115928892>>115929420Hurt because he wants a box and hates his gender

Wasn't there a story of Leth and her cronies going after Yale Stewart of JL8 after he texted his junk to someone he was in a relationship with? Or was that someone else?

>>115928526Remember all those awful comics she wrote?I don't either, they were that forgettable bad.

>>115928836The bigger your market, Montag, the less you handle controversy, remember that! All the minor minor minorities with their navels to be kept clean. Authors, full of evil thoughts, lock up your typewriters. They did. Magazines became a nice blend of vanilla tapioca. Books, so the damned snobbish critics said, were dishwater. No wonder books stopped selling, the critics said. But the public, knowing what it wanted, spinning happily, let the comic books survive. And the three-dimensional sex-magazines, of course. There you have it, Montag. It didn’t come from the Government down. There was no dictum, no declaration, no censorship, to start with, no! Technology, mass exploitation, and minority pressure carried the trick, thank God. Today, thanks to them, you can stay happy all the time, you are allowed to read comics, the good old confessions, or trade journals.Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

>>115929431This. How do people like that exist? I'd like to think they're just feigning being offended to get at her, but deep down I know that's probably not the case.

>>115929454Are you a schizophrenic because you sure fucking write like one.

>>115929474I'm sitting here enjoying how hard she capes for trannies, only to be called transphobic. You cannot win with those people, so why even fucking try.

>>115929476He's just posting a quote, and it's relevant.

>>115929350Comic versions of Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Edward Scissorhands, Fraggle Rock, Mysticons, Littlest Pet Shop. Hellcat for Marvel. Vampirella for Dynamite. Her own shitty OC comics. She's also written for cartoons like High Guardian Spice (upcoming), Transformers: Cyberverse, small horse show, Craig of the Creek, Bravest Warriors, Littlest Pet Shop, etc.

>>115928526Who ever would have thought that someone known for treating everyone like shit and being an asshole at all times of the day and night might make enemies.It's more annoying how people see her and instantly assume she is just a perfect accepting progressive paragon of virtue. They are literally judging her by appearance alone.

>>115928892>causes me pain every dayReminder that these are the people trying to convince you that they are not mentally ill.

>>115929493For those of you who need TL;DRFarenheit 451 pretty much predicted cancel culture because people were yelling at Ray Bradbury to change his books based on their own sensibilities at the time.The whole moral was that if we let people’s feelings on things they were offended by dictate society at large, we’d self censor into dystopia with no need for a tyrannical government

>>115929546Yeah, Fahrenheit 451 is worth rereading nowadays. I feel like a lot of people just remember it from school as a book about burning books and forget about the other messages.

Why don't leftists and progressives focus on things that actually help minorities? Like... bigger paychecks and stronger social safety nets, instead of seems to be a bizarre neo-segregation based on "feels" and imaginary oppression?

>>115929584Because actually solving problems is harder than inventing new ones to complain about.

>>115929584Because wokeshits are just performative assholes who want ro show everyone how much better they are. Plus, focusing on class issues, you know like the left did once upon a time, might mean interacting with or even helping those icky inbred whites.

>>115929584That would involve effort instead of whining on the internet

>>115929515Never met her and never followed her, but something about her rubbed me the wrong way when I saw anything from Leth over the years. It's become clear what it is from the recent responses, she has this compulsion to act like the victim, even when she's in the wrong or facing criticism, or when it's not even about her like with the grooming thing, she had to insert herself despite the fact she was in her 20s and kept the damn picture framed.

>>115929584The CIA and FBI made sure that the left will never talk about real material change.

>>115928892This kinda shit is why terfs are gonna win eventually.

Twitter isn't real life, getting cancelled on their means nothing. more at 11.>>115929584>imaginary oppressionlol

>>115928526Women scare me

>>115929391Do you expect anything less from people?

>>115929656>getting cancelled on their means nothingIt means everything to the people who lose their jobs.

>>115929454basedI just want to read comics

>>115928645>call for nerve gas attacks on funeralsI - what?Seriously. Fucking. WHAT?

>>115929656>>imaginary oppression>lolExplain to me how a woman using the term "lady parts" is a real and serious act of oppression.

>>115928526Won't happen. Name ONE woman who was successfully cancelled besides Roseanne Barr.

>>115929445Yes, it started with Ulises Farinas (who did Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two and a bunch of indie stuff like GAMMA and Amazing Forest) calling out Yale Stewart the JL8 guy over the Ferguson tribute wallpapers, which he was charging for charity, then it went into an argument. And then Farinas was implying he knew some big scandalous secret about Stewart.Then industry people on Twitter were gossiping about it, talking about what it really was without outright saying what it was. The talk spilled over to here and people here were wondering what the fuck everyone was talking about. Then finally someone outright said what it was on 4chan, that Yale Stewart sent dick pics to women, and posted one of the photos up, which got mentioned on Bleeding Cool. It also had snark from people, as you can see in the second irony is that maybe a few hours to a day after this happened, Kate Leth made a bunch of tweets about a guy she loved and then quickly deleted them, but not before someone made a pic figuring out who it was. And that's not getting into people trying to get Kate Leth canceled today.About four years later, Nick Hanover (who tries to keep track of who the problem people in comics are, to warn vulnerable creators away) reported that Ulises Farinas was harassing, stalking and financially manipulating people: on top of that some of the people snarking about Stewart used to be regulars on the Warren Ellis forum, which made things awkward when Warren Ellis was recently called out for his relationships with women on that forum and elsewhere over the decades.

>>115929685That woman who made an AIDs joke before going on a trip to Africa.

>>115929515>It's more annoying how people see her and instantly assume she is just a perfect accepting progressive paragon of virtue. They are literally judging her by appearance alone.This is interesting since she is WELL known for doing this exact same thing. If she looks at someone and they are not as outwardly dressed as a caricature of a progressive, then she will get to work hating them and wanting them to not work in the same studio as her. Everyone else needs to have a fluorescent colored sidecut too or else she will assume they are a MAGA hat enemy and want them gone.

>>115929584Because ultimately they only want to help themselves, their activism is also just to help themselves. It is all for attention and potentially helping them land a job and gain clout.They are only after things for them, better pay for them, and eradicating shows they personally do not care for.

>>115929686Hanover sounds like a bitch

>>115929656>getting cancelled on their means nothingSay that to Alec Holowka

>>115929656It only affects you if you're from the US, Canada or Australia.

>>115929584they don't want to actually help

>>115929584What the hell would a latte hipster from Orange County know about that stuff? They can only complain about what they know.

Women are never truly canceled.

>>115929584They're retarded

>>115929753Welcome to the year 2020, time traveler from 2015


>>115929685that pedo who created Forever 12

>1,412 patronsHow does this keep happening


>>115929686Thanks, completely forgot about Farinas part in all this, and I definitely remember Leth having a bigger part, what seemed like a personal vendetta against Stewart, making claims she couldn't back-up, it's been years but I'll have to keep an eye out for where I read this


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Daily reminder

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I can imagine Leth isn't very popular even among feminist/woke crowd. She acts like a sociopath and she treats people around her badly.


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>>115929983They're also apparently a janitor here, since every thread about this before they went to sleep was deleted.

>>115930031Leth is a janitor on the infamous alt-right site known as 4chan? We need to cancel her forever now

>>115928526Yeah, she's done. A lot of it centers around her time overseeing a group called the "Valkyries" that was supposed to be about women in comics. We all knew she was a total bitch, but apparently she was a bitch in a way that's much more likely to sink her career.

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>>115929983If you look at the tweets in >>115928779 you're right

>>115929500>Hellcat for MarvelWhat a great piece of work that was..

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>>115930048That's one thing. But anyone who has worked at conventions know what kind of entitled person she is.

>>115929969>make up>dress>shaved armpits>nonbinaryNo wonder the hairy dyke terfs hate these gendershits. At least the lesbian are gender non-conforming.

>>115929686How do you know and remember all this gossip shit are you a 40yo housewife?

Why is this here instead of lolcow farms?

>>115928836good riddance

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>>115929983She has never been popular among other female comic artists, who usually tend to stand up for each other. You never see anyone praising her work or lift her up. I wouldn't even talk about "cancelling" her because people never liked her in the first place.Kind of feel bad for the High Guardian Spice staff since the show is ruined because of her.

>>115929980My favorite bit is where she started whining about how much she missed her dead married boyfriend right after tweeting an attention-seeking photo of herself touching tongues with another woman. Why is getting cancelled for bullshit made up reasons instead of this heinous thing that she actually did?If Kate Leth doesn't have borderline personality disorder, I'll eat my hat.

>>115930126Its a slow night user

>>115929983it's like how dobson isn't popular even among feminist/woke crowdEven they have limits to how much of a piece of shit you can be

>>115928526>>115929686Why did Comicsalliance attract so many unlikable people?

>>115928779>SHE USED A RACIAL SLUR IN A COMICReally? That's what sets off her followers? Not the years of, "I literally hope men die" that was said on her personal Twitter that reflected her opinions, but using a slur in a fictional setting?Oh, right, these people only care about sanitizing the media. To them, that's progress.Christ.

>>115930117I did a search to refresh my memory of it. And honestly, when the scandals involving Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis came up, a lot of the same names from articles kept showing up. It's easy to remember Kate Leth because people on Holla Forums kept complaining about her for various reasons, and you don't forget when something like >>115929980 was happening right after the Yale Stewart scandal.When they were running off the names of males that couldn't be trusted in the comics industry recently, Ulises Farinas' name came up and that was the first I'd heard of him being in a scandal even though it happened two years ago.

>>115928892>REALITY CAUSES ME GREAT PAIN, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?I'll see it when the percentage goes up a point, bucko.

>>115929584Because they're being manipulated with made-up tiny social issues they FEEL they can solve in a few months that'll boost their egos to distract them from the very things you said, which is something that the rich in charge of all these corporations and studios do not want to actually deal with, lest their CEO bonus go down.

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>>115928645Why don’t we add fuel to the fire bros?

>>115929889And she is still in the industry? lol this country is a joke. Can I be allowed in even if I made bomb threats in the past?

>>115929090That poor child. How is this not abuse?

>>115929584White guilt

>>115928946I’m trans and I don’t believe it

>>115929685Megyn kelly

>>115928526Yeah, twitter is like high school now. No one likes a two faced bitch.


>>115929983Can confirm

Is it true that the reason she never refuses to name the multitudes of abusers in the that she keeps saying she's encountered in the industry is because she's willing banged a bunch of them?

>>115928779>whole entire racial sluropposed to half a racial slur?


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>>115929969Pretending to be bisexual without ever dating any women didn't give her high enough rank on the intersectional totem pole so she pretended to be non-binary too.

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>>115930465The song is called "You Make My Dreams". What a stupid cunt


>>115928645Every time a fat ugly lesbian does this haircut they look like a fat ugly man with a bad haircut. I do understand why they even attempt it.

>>115930508They're unconsciously signaling their own toxicity to keep reasonable people away.

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>>115930508They look like fat ugly men anyhow.

>>115929969"coming out" is really starting to lose its meaning

>>115928526We can only hope.

>>115928645But it's actually interesting, she pops up in my twitter feed from time to time. These are clearly older tweets, from when "fuck men" was the in thing to say.Now she's switched and makes a soft comic about being nonbinary and depressed, along with tweeting about intersectionality, black issues, all that kind of stuff.There's really no true coherence of allegiance here, just latching onto the latest relevant thing.

>>115930534Aposematism is meant to keep away predators so it's working as intended.

It's funny that Kate Leth is always complaining about predators when she sort of is one herself. Word on the street is that one of the reasons for her recently getting kicked out of a group of friends is because she kept aggressively throwing herself at people during their get togethers. At least one of her long-term relationships started with her drunkenly shoving her tongue down a guy's throat at a party and then emotionally blackmailing him into a relationship afterwards.Of course, when she cries about falling out with this particular group of friends on Twitter she says that they all just started hating her for absolutely no reason. She never does anything wrong ever.

>>115930222“Gypsy” is a racial slur?

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>>115930222Going by those tweets, I think it was basically the final straw for a bunch of people. The takeaway from these is that a lot of things piled up to the point where I think they people who didn't like Leth wanted to go ahead with the cancellation. You could see it happening during the Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis incident:>Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis get #metoo'd>One of Ellis' accusers is Jamie McKelvie's partner>Jamie McKelvie was also a regular on the Ellis Forum>McKelvie makes a post about believing the women he's close to>Kate Leth comes in and makes an angry tweet about not being on the list>McKelvie apologizes>Steenz (cartoonist on the Heart of the City reboot) gets irritated and calls Kate Leth out, which gets a lot of likes, including Aviva Artzy who I think was the first to make an accusation against Cameron Stewart public) it turned out, Steenz's disdain for Kate Leth went back further.

>>115930908They're the kind of people that turn any name you call them into an insult. I've seen it happen four times in my language.

>>115930577You'd be surprise given how these types always cry about being raped. Yeah, it works but only on normal people.

>>115930573>There's really no true coherence of allegiance here, just latching onto the latest relevant thing.That's progressiveness in a nutshell.None of them actually believe anything whatsoever; they just latch on to whatever the latest insanity gains traction, and instantly go about bullying anyone who hasn't caught up yet into buying it. And then latch on to whatever the next insanity is, etc.I don't know how people can go through life like this.It's one thing to compromise your values, or be a hypocrite, or update what you believe in the face of new evidence, but to never actually believe in anything whatsoever just seems like sociopathy.

>>115930908>write a comic condemning the use of the word gypsy>get canceled because you used the word in the course of you explaining that people shouldn't use itShould she just have said "the G word"?

>>115930915This whole scene seems like a toxic waste dump with people accumulating negativity until they go bust.