Cuphead cartoon

Anyone else excited for this? It looks like it could be a gigantic hit.

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>>115928409You can tell the budget is very tight for this project. They only hired the people that they have because they do ok enough work for dirt cheap. It's the same reason comics are in the position they are in as well. Only dog shit talent accept dog shit pay.

>>115928409T H I C C

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that thing didn't even know what the fuck it is or used to be at this point.

that's a man

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>>115928409when you're that big, how do you miss?


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>>115928409Totally. The game is known for putting a ton of content, with heavy emphasis in the animation. I'm sure this will be worth the weight.


>>115928544IT'S MA'AM!

Holla Forums really wants to find a something wrong with this show despite having the industry's best working it.

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>>115929013This. The Annecy preview look promising animation wise, the leaks showed the plots are good Spongebob-esque fun but yeah one animator is a fat girl with colored hair so better reopen the GamerGate Lexicon of Buzzwords and Non-issues

>>115928409Wow, Chrischan finally got a job!

>>115928409The problem with a cuphead cartoon is, that Cuphead is mimicing disproportionately high-budget overanimated retro cartoons and this is probably going to have to work with nowhere near that.

>>115929327CC dreams of looking that good.

>>115928409Clown hairShe has clown eyebrows.Honk honk

>>115928536No, just horribly obese

Honestly concerned people like this are involved in it

>>115928409>want to be a screenwriter for animation >see shit like this constantly>see shit get picked up in while my stuff is overlooked >don't even bother with the Nick fellowship this time because i'm not a black homo womanwhat's the point, guys? is this how Hitler felt when they kept him out of art school?

>>115929735Grow up.

>>115928409>Judging the work because of how someone looksWhat are you, those faggot side stepping voice actors now?

>>115929752>Just accept being discriminated against by the people who say they're anti-discrimination>If you get upset then that means you deserve it to begin with

>>115929735As someone also working to get into the industry I fear my job being taken by somebody less qualified despite all the hard work I have done, I don't provide the image of progressive

>>115929735>>115929850Why a screenwriter for animation specifically vs. a screenwriter? CG effects are getting to a point where your script can be pretty insane if they allow for it. Like, I don't think writing for The Boys or writing for The Incredibles would be a big leap.

>>115929850its all so tiresome. i wish someone made a network that was mote in step with sane people and not aposomatic freaks who would have been stoned to death in any other century

>>115929878i write both but barrier to entry is the same mostly plus i'm passionate about animation in a way that is lacking...still, i've written many screenplays while seeing much worse stuff get optioned in the name of globohomo

>>115929881Letting it get to this point was a mistake. We let it fester and now we're fucked, and nobody's going to stand up for us because if they did they'd immediately get called a racist bigot.

>>115929735>>115929850maybe it isn't the token hire that gets shoved in front of the camera that threatens your future in the industry, but the fact that you aren't as good/ hard working as you think you are.

>>115929801It's not their fault their work is better than yours. Stop being jealous and try to better yourself.

>>115928409What is this thing I’m looking at and what does it have to do with cartoons?

now what? will you ignore this post or are you going to spam a 240p webcam photo for the next 2 years?

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>>115930011I know your just rage farming child.

>>115930028>SuperJail>China, ILBased>>115929735Have you considered you're just not good?

>>115929735Maybe work on your scripts instead of blaming people good enough to get work

>>115930028But user she's a woman and look like the wojak memes i see everywhere on our cool counterculture imageboard.Clearly she's an SJW dangerhair that threaten the western civilization as we know it and we should make as much memes with her face as a wojak basis for the next ten years

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>>115930030so even considering that option and working on bettering yourself isn't on the table for you. you wouldn't get hired even if you where a tranny

>>115930028Hi Zoe Moss. Sorry if we hurt your feelings. Here is a more recent pic of you, hope that helps. Good luck with the cartoon, and God bless.

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Y’all realize half of the people who make the cartoons you jerk off to look like this, right? She’s literally making stuff you like. Stop bullying cuz you’re talentless and butthurt

>>115928409This could have been an trad aryan cutie with good morals and family values if conservatives hadn’t lost the culture war so hard.

>>115930181Also I don't really care what you look like, I just hope your radical ideology doesn't affect the content of the show too

>>115930181That's nice.She still got the job while you curate your wojak folder,Pepe

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>>115930181>>115930181>not afraid to intentionally make herself look unflattering for the sake of a silly joke

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>>115930199No one will fuck you in your wheat field filed fantasies,incel

>>115930205I just said something nice to you; what are you still seething over?


>>115929735>>115929850Oh boo hoo, you're one of a million mediocre white men that get overlooked for someone who might actually bring something different to the table. Try being outstanding and you won't have to worry, otherwise welcome to how non-white and non-male artists have felt in this industry for decades.

>>115929850Adapt or die, child. Meritocracy has never been real.

>>115930264Surely, mediocre women are the way to go.>bring something different to the tablelmao

>>115930264Two wrongs don't make a right, Zoe.

>>115930237You have to stop eating ,user. I love you and want you to stay healthy

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>>115930280>>115930298>the landwhale has >>115930028 as their work experiencewhat would you guys bring to the table? the fact that people here are seething about not getting work thrown after them for beeing average retards is mind boggling.

>>115928409the should change the black voice actor since the character is white

>>1159303624Chan have an infinite experience in creating wojak memes when they're not busy commissioning furry scat porn.That's the entirety of 4chan contribution to the medium: wojak memes

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God bless social media. Conservatives keep inventing new Twitters to seethe in, while liberals are outside making presidents hide in bunkers.

>>115930264See >>115928590A white Chad (literally, his name is Chad) created Cuphead as a love letter to old timey animation. So, I hope you don't fuck up what he created too badly.

>>115930386Zoe, please stop. We want to like you but you are not really earning our respect coming in here and insulting us like this.

>>115929013Given that animation projects have a LOT of cooks in the kitchen, it always makes sense to be skeptical instead of going in with total optimism and blind faith.

>>115930157Because cartoons are known for having such high-caliber writing.

i called it

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>>115930362>some guy points out that two wrongs don't make a right>you guys are just loser retards who want work thrown at you!!!Very open-minded.

>>115930386>I'm too cool for 4chan because they're all stupidsAnd yet here you are.Honestly if 4chan has one defining trait, it's anons who hang around just to bitch about 4chan.

>>115930446>implying people seek the "respect" of channersYou're not special and calling me "Zoe" tell people more things about how you're delusioned enough to think the world evolve around your Mongolian shadow pupperty forum

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>>115929060>>115930161>>115930195>OP shows an animator who exists and says something hopeful about the show>waaaaa yer all a bunch of gamergate bigots, stop bullyingGreat job conforming to the whiny stereotype.I know this thread has some edgelords who are almost as whiny as you, but if you need those people for you to feel special, you should try finding a better source of self-esteem.

>>115928544I'm not sure. They certainly seem concerned about trans issues

>>115930613>conveniently ignoring >>115930588 and still spending your time on 4chan because it's the one place you can feel special

>>115930588>>115930588No,you're thinking of shootingsI'm here because you still think you are the hot shit you were in the 2000s. If that means being the maggot that'll eat away that carcass,i'll happily fulfill that role,you fags have been around the block for too long.Time to move on

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>>115930647I'm not ignoring your post,samefag. Internet contrarians hipsters like you are the past now.The more time will pass,the more people will turn on you

>>115930572keep seething

>>115930211Based Plush Maria

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>>115930389Wut, you mean the libtards who get knocked on the head by police and then go to jail while the right wingers laught at it all?

>>115929735>>115929850>>115929881lmao cope

>>115928409You misspelled "shit", OP

>>115930362Wow, she worked on absolute garbage.She's so creative. Totally not an average retard.