Ian JQ posted some stuff on Twitter...

Ian JQ posted some stuff on Twitter. Slightly old news but confirmation about certain SU things>Gems never killed anyone before earth>Gems are robots that don’t die>Steven nor the show forgave the diamonds Do you think this is BS or no?

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ian's cool

>>115924684Uh, everyone knows the show didn’t forgive the Diamonds, literally none of the main cast really want to be around them. Gems never being alive was a little obvious, you can’t really die if you’re a being of light and even shards can possess things

>>115924684That's stupid.Ian I know you lurk Holla Forums, I hope you see this and understand that it's stupid.

>>115924684BS and damage control

>>115924684There's no need for gem civilization to have constructed a rank-based military system if there were never anything beyond non-sapient life anywhere else in the galaxy to destroy.

>>115924684Obviously trying to cover their tracks.

>>115924684>Gems never killed anyone before earth>Steven nor the show forgave the diamonds If the diamonds weren’t mass murderers then why wouldn’t Steven forgive them?

>>115924783The oppression and ripping out his Gem and stuff

Then why did they have armies and ships and stuff?And furthermore, if the gems are like robots— who made them?

BS. We seen Gems go to planets filled with life. It is absurd to think there was no tribal life forms or more advanced beings in their intergalactic conquest. Also the message Steven sent to the Universe declaring peace would have been better described as a cease of operations for Steven made it sound like his message went to life forms worried about gem kind. That also raises some questions if there is no other intelligent species. Why did they need the Cluster? Why have a super weapon if the Universe is mostly dead space and no one can defeat you due to being technologically lower than you?>Gems are robots that don’t dieWe sort of got that idea but they totally can still die technically speaking. Like all machines, they can still be broken.Just damage control for shitty writing.

>>115924815To add, then what was the need for creating The Cluster, a superweapon, if there is no enemies to use it on.

>>115924684Why does everyone who works on this show feels the need to do some damage control of, "N-no! That's not what we meant by forgive Hitler, you just didn't INTERPRET our BAD WRITING correctly!".

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>>115924820There is a reasonable answer to those questions,see when........oh my god fry dude is sad , lets make an episode about him.

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Pink was portrayed a sheltered girl until she got to colonize earth, Even by this line of thought, she never seen any other life besides terran doesn't mean that the gem empire never encountered any, just meant that SHE didn't see any.Besides, why are the diamonds so tired and guilty of empire building during the finale if it came at the cost of no lives whatsoever? This just raises further questions.

>>115924698I like him a lot

>>115924698Shut up, Sucarose.

>>115924684>The Gem Empire dindu nuffin>Apparently colonization isn't bad when space rocks do it>Everybody dislikes the Diamonds solely for personal reasonsYeah, no. Stop trying to make the show worse in hindsight, Ian.

>>115924684This is bullshit. But even if the Diamonds weren’t genocidal before, they literally did try to murder every single gem and human on the entire planet Earth

>>115924684>gems never genocided any planets before earthok sure that makes sense, it was never explicitly stated that they did in-show anyway>steven didn't forgive the diamondsyeah that was pretty evident in SUF>gems are robots that don't die guys!!>the show didn't forgive the diamondsthis is where i call bullshit and damage control. everyone other than steven and the CGs in the show seemed to be completely fucking fine with the diamonds during SUF after they "reformed". the whole "gems don't die" is such horseshit too since shattering was always treated as gems dying throughout the entire fucking show. i know YD has been repairing shattered gems, but to act like shattering gems suddenly wasn't a big deal or something because she's repairing some of them is fucking stupid. what about the gems she can't repair for whatever reason? them getting repaired doesn't fucking negate the fact they essentially died in the first place either. shit writing

>>115924684If Steven never forgave the Diamonds, then why where they a crucial part on his emotional climax on Future? Everyone keeps saying that they where not redeemed and everyone hates them, and yet they are still allowed to live in a palace, their transmissions make the whole universe stop and listen and the gems still depend on them to revive shattered gems and help sad gems. Actions speak louder than words, and the show never shows any hate towards them besides a couple of remarks that lead nowhere.

>>115924684It's all bullshit. If the gems never found any intelligent life before humans then why is the gem empire organized to be a war machine? Why do they have soldiers and instruments of war if they never came across anyone to go to war with? If all the gems had to fight were dumb animals it'd make more sense for them to take after big game hunters. Calling gems "robots" and saying they can't actually die is even more bullshit. Oh damn I guess death is meaningless because they decided in the fifth to last episode of this 180 episode series that it can be reversed. That's just swell and dandy. It's garbage damage control because they wanted to tell a story about an abusive family but weren't prepared for the implications that would come with making that abusive family genocidal space tyrants.

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>>115924684There is nothing in the show disproving that they didn't destroy countless intelligent life, either.

>>115924684If you have to go out of your way to establish/clarify things in a show that have large repercussions to the plot and aren't minute fun trivia outside of the show itself, then you've got a poorly written show. Out of the countless episodes of SU, why wasn't it clearly established that the Gem empire had no enemies and didn't kill anything before reaching Earth? What was the point of building an empire, amassing resources and destroying planets to create giant geo-weapons if they didn't have anything to use them on? What was the point of it all? This is worse kind of retroactive continuity as it ends up making the show WORSE OFF than it was before.

>>115924793I understand the first part, though that was partially Pink's deceptive doing. Second was because White thought he was Pink in disguise. He had no issue forgiving Bismuth and Jasper for thinking he was Rose and trying to kill him.

>>115924684>shattering was never death and it wasn’t a big dealThen why the fuck did they make the fake shattering of Pink Diamond a big thing? If shattering was never going to matter then why state for 5 seasons that it was something horrible? Not to mention how Ian forgets shattering was established as a fate worse than death: multiple pieces trying desperately to form back only to fail. He also forgets that YD isn’t going to be able to find ALL the shattered gems.Besides, undoing shattering destroys the world even more, because since nobody can die, what stakes are left? Jasper could shatter all the crystal gems in some edgy continuation and it wouldn’t matter because someone else will rebuild them. If a bomb exploded on Beach City and killed everyone Steven can just cry on their corpses and they can be brought back. Steven can bring back his dad when he dies of old age. There are no stakes or any reason to care about anything in this show if death means nothing.

>>115924684Does anyone ever mention if any of the Crystal Gems besides Rose actively shattered Homeworld Gems? Pearl tried to shatter Peridot so I feel like both sides were shit except this is never brought up in the show.

>>115925004>What was the point of building an empire, amassing resources and destroying planets to create giant geo-weapons if they didn't have anything to use them on? What was the point of it all?It really bothers me that they never have an answer for this. What's the motivation for the gems constantly expanding the empire. They're practically immortal and don't need to eat. Everything is under absolute control by the Diamonds so it's not like we see that there's any sort of economy. Why do they feel the need to reproduce so much that it destroys planets? They mention that Homeworld has a resource shortage. A shortage of what resources? What do they need them for?

>>115924983Well, you gotta remember a lot of Gems were happy with the system and were created by the Diamonds, it’s like a direct matriarchy/religion

>>115924987It's so bizarre that everyone's like "The Diamonds are still terrible. They were never redeemed and everyone hates them." Meanwhile, apparently the Diamonds are trusted enough to leave the emotionally fragile and traumatized Spinel in their care. And when they show up in Steven Universe Future the show bends over backwards to show that all of them have dedicated their lives to do-goodery, even pulling out brand new powers out of their assholes to drive the point home.

>>115924889>Steven being too forgiving and wanting to help everyone was always a bad thing about him>Yet it’s the very thing that allows him to save the universeRebecca Sugar is so weird she makes a show that lasts for over 5 years that is about how love is the answer and you never give up on others only to say “actually that’s toxic and was always a negative aspect of his character”.So according to her, SU is a story where the main character’s negative attributes is the reason why the universe is saved.

>>115925142>even pulling out brand new powers out of their assholes to drive the point home.This is literally Steven's shit with all his new powers popping up just to fuck with the story and have him solve problems with ease. It's not surprising that the other Diamonds have more powers of their very own. It's not new.

>>115924983>ok sure that makes sense, it was never explicitly stated that they did in-show anywayDid you forget all the world ending injectors every colony had?

>>115925156What’s good for others isn’t always good for yourself

>>115925200they destroyed planets yeah. even though species genocide was definitely implied in the process, they didn't actually ever explicitly say that any life forms were destroyed, so i can let this one slide

Okay, so his stance is both "The Diamonds never killed countless intelligent lifeforms" and "Steven never forgave them anyway"Jesus Christ, I think the writers got a little defensive about the criticism sent their way.

>>115925200Those don’t necessarily kill specifically sentient life, just life. Like flowers

>>115925260Genocide is still genocide, so I don't understand why he thought he got some sort of own there.

>>115925232But in this case, his kindness is what literally saves the entire universe and millions of beings. There's him being helpful in Future where he helps others a little bit but fucks himself up a lot, and then there's saving THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.If his kindness was always a negative factor then why is it the tool that saved the universe? Is Rebecca saying that the diamonds would have been shattered if Steven had dealt with this "problem" in the original series? Would characters like Lapis, Peridot and Spinel be bubbled forever? And is that the "best" scenario? Its stupid. Normal stories have the heroes saving their worlds thanks to their positive attributes, not their negative

>>115925300Define genocide

>>115925260In "Jungle Moon" they established that alien animals exist. So at the very least they drove alien species to extinction, probably numbering in the billions or trillions.

>>115925255>>115925260it's still organic life. Even if it was planets full of animal-like aliens, it doesn't make it ok to destroy them. Keep in mind Earth didnt always had sentient life form. So what, if the diamonds came to earth years before humans where formed would the destruction of Earth be "not that bad"?

Tvtropes is going to eat this shit up. Anything to avoid all those nasty "unfortunate implications."

>>115925313The extermination of a culture or species.

>>115925257if you check the twitter thread, you can see a bunch of people complaining about him about the contradiction of his statement. He isn't replying to any of it.I'm glad SU fans are waking up to the absolute shitfest that was their show.

>>115925086>Why do they feel the need to reproduce so much that it destroys planets? They mention that Homeworld has a resource shortage. A shortage of what resources? What do they need them for?They could have easily address this question in two ways. They could have it be their need to expand stems from the original purpose of gem kind, as a weapon meant to invoke a Grey Goo scenario that got out of control. Like they are an incomplete weapon that has the coding commanding them to expand and invade. The taking of resources is to build transportation and more of their kind to find other worlds to destroy as part of their original programming. Heck, at leats make it be White's central programming and the rest of gem kind are just following her commands without question because she made them to assist in her programming. They could have made gem kind AI gone horribly wrong.The second is that they been fighting against Sneeple, their creators or another race that wants to wipe gem kind out since they are a major threat. The need for respurces would make more sense due to wars being costly. The expansion is to try to overwhelm the enemy as a last desperate attempt to win or at least stretch out to avoid extinction at the hands of their enemy. Machines heavily value self-preservation in media.

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>>115925311It wasn’t the kindness that was and, it was the self sacrificing, not caring about himself so he could help others, and that’s actually pretty common for a lot Heroes in fiction, they do save a lot of people but they end up hurting themselves and making themselves miserable while doing it. You gotta learn to balance it out

Ian, if you're here (because I know you lurk this place sometimes) we don't hate you for this, but you gotta stop pretending your wifes show wasn't a disaster of storytelling. Thank that it connected with a bunch of people and accept the writing was horrible. Just own it

>>115925385That was retroactive bullshit and you know it, Steven bounced off all his adventures like it was nothing and his PTSD only became a thing in SUF, when suddently it has to be a "mature" show.

>>115924997Is this the new Holocaust?

>>115925420No, there were a few episodes about him messed up by this shit. Full Disclosure, Joy Ride, Adventures in Light Distortion, Storm in the Room, Mindful Education,

>>115925385But this "self-sacrificing" comes from a place of kindness, and if it really was that awful, then why make it the center key to save the universe and heal everyone's mental health? If in the original SU stevens attempts at helping others through kindness and self-sacrifice had failed, then the message would be clear. But by making it something that ONLY brings good things, why make it the negative aspect of the main character?Even his fucking trauma isn't treated as deadly as it could be. He fucking shatters Jasper and NOBODY acts like its a big deal. Hell, shattering her is what convinced her to join LH and start her journey of self discovery. This show is such a mess

>>115924793I mean he forgave people who did stuff to him that was worse.

>>115925419Disaster of storytelling is a phenomenal way to put it.

>>115924684>Gems never killed anyone before earthWow, that's stupid>>115924780Holy shit this is stupid

>>115925420What's also retroactive bullshit was Steven's entire identity crisis. The way the first 80% of the show is built, there should be no reason for him to have a crisis of not knowing if he's his own person or if he's Rose. The only reason he has for wrestling with that is that he was called Rose by gems who had no idea that Rose fucked a human, spat out a baby and died. It's all bullshit.

>>115924684‘How convenient‘ the post.Actually there are a lot of conveniences in the show that piss me off more than most combined in an entire series.

>>115925481It was always pretty clear that Steven didn’t really have good coping methods, and SU was about the outer conflict going on, the whole thing with Homeworld and the people damaged by that, just because it leads to positive consequences doesn’t mean the action itself was good, at least for the person who made those choices. Actually covered in Sworn to the Sword, while Connie and Pearl protecting other souls is good, it’s also not healthy for them to disregard themselves in that. There are always going to be plenty of times when you giving o something can help others but is bad for you. And the Gems and his family and friends were concerned for him, they just weren’t afraid of him. >>115925579And Lion 3 was in the first season, where he heard about Rose becoming half of him, and it was followed by him having many of her memories later on

>>115925515Actually, maybe it's appropriate, the horror of what the Diamonds did mainly lies in what they did to their own kind

>The diamonds never killed anyone>but they're still awful and Steven never forgave them>They're also solar powered and immortal and shattering them is no big deal>despite this, a civilization that never encountered another external threat in its entire existence still needs engines of war and a militaristic society>When encountering a shortage of resources, rather than slowing or halting their COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY EXPANSION, they double down and speed it up.I guess I just don't understand what all this was in service of? If they were following programming or fighting an enemy it would make sense, but we don't get that.And why would Steven even hate them if they literally never hurt anyone?

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>>115925616>It was always pretty clear that Steven didn’t really have good coping methods, and SU was about the outer conflict going on, the whole thing with Homeworld and the people damaged by that, just because it leads to positive consequences doesn’t mean the action itself was good, at least for the person who made those choices.Again, that is fine if you showcase that in a negative light. Sworn to the sword did it. Protecting Steven is a good action, but its obvious that Connie would fucking die if she took on Pearls word and actively ruin her own life. If Connie had listened to Pearl and became a slave for 5 seasons and that action led her to be a superhero that saves earth all by herself, THEN it would be the same as what Steven went through.Steven helping some gems in certain activities while hurting himself is a proper portrayal of it as a negative attribute, but when its the deciding factor in the FATE OF THE UNIVERSE, then it ceases to be a negative attribute and becomes a positive. Whats the point of the show if the message about love and kindness is supposedly "toxic"?

While we're on the topic of retroactive bullshit, why the fuck did they turn Rose into History's Greatest Monster?I'm fine with there being moral ambiguity with Rose. She lied to her loved ones, kept secrets and committed political conspiracy which backfired and turned most of the gems into monsters. But she did it because she wanted to save the Earth and free the gems from the Diamonds' oppression. She didn't do everything right but she did all she thought she could. She pleaded with the other Diamonds but they wouldn't listen. In fact, they locked her in solitary confinement for what may have been years at a time. So it's understandable why she thought she was out of options and starting a war was her last chance. That's a morally ambiguous character done in a good way.But then they just kept making her worse and worse and worse. Why was it necessary to make her permanently scar Volleyball? The Diamonds were unambiguously evil but they get the red carpet rolled out for them after two episodes of crying. But Rose just keeps getting shat on until everyone including her own son wants to forget she ever existed.

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I'm actually getting angrier thinking about this. He's pulling shit out of think air to justify garbage story telling.

>>115925689I forgot to mention how they make it so that Rose remorselessly abandons Spinel just because she got bored with her. What the fuck, Sugar? Why did you have to make her that evil?

>They've got warp drives for FTL travel>Kill entire biospheres of planets chock full of sapient animals that have clearly evolved over time by being left alone>Do this for several millenia>Peridot specifically saw the plans to turn the earth into a Space port/Comms Center, saying it's the perfect type of planet for it.>Gems have armies, militaries and ranks, have created and manufactured weapons from giant era 1 cannons, traps and swords to era 2 plasma weaponry and air to surface artillery.>Opulent as fuck magic shit that can do stuff like duplicate objects and travel through time.>Just 2 Lapis Lazulis can tear through mountains and try to steal oceans and shit for preparation>Gems clearly haven't viewed life besides themselves as anything but animals, they were totally ready to glass earth before Pink Diamond turned into a hippie, humans were nothing special.

>>115925758At some she decided that Rose was "toxic" so everything ever associated with her has to be permanently tainted, even though at the beginning she preached minimal force in contrapoint to bismuth "kill em all" atittude back when shattering meant permadeath.

>>115925678Love and kindness are generally good things, but you gotta remember they can come out can in negative ways, Some people will love someone a lot, to the point of letting themselves get hurt more often than not, and justifying it with love. It’s a positive thing expressed negatively and in a self destructive way. Steven did a lot of good but it wasn’t good for him as an individual. While he did get close to a lot of people and built strong relationships, it was doing damage to himself and it eventually came out as he got older. There are sort of different facets to what Steven did, it can be both a positive and negative thing, and was both at the same time>>115925689>>115925758Both Volleyball and Spinel are reflections of who the old Pink was, and are part of what led to her becoming who she was later on. She left Spinel because she wanted to be more mature and what she did to Volleyball is what helped her make a connection with Pearl and helped how she treated people. Sometimes you can do your best and people will still be allowed to be upset with you. The last thing Pink/Rose did definitely did a lot of damage that took years to start healing, and if Steven isn’t comfortable with her yet, that’s his choice, No one is ever gonna really gonna get any closure with Pink, least of all Steven because he has no interactions to draw from to help him find out what to feel. There’s just not much he can do about it and all he can is focus on the relationships he has now.

>>115925988I guess I can see that being what they intended Rose's arc to be but that's not how it ended up in execution. It wasn't showing Rose starting out as a bad person but becoming morally ambiguous in a quest to right her wrongs. First the show treated her like a goddess, then morally ambiguous, and then it starts hammering us with all the awful shit she's ever done. It felt like they decided 3/4 of the way into the story that they had a grudge against the character.

>>115925689Rose was practically Palpatine. She played both sides of the first ever gem war. She literally pitted her rebel gems as Rose against her servant gems as Pink. She manipulate countless gems to shatter each other on Earth over a thousand years and scarred the rest mentally. Pink always chickened out over direct confrontation with the other Diamonds, to actively outright oppose them. I wonder if the other Diamonds would've pussied out confronting her. In the end, it would've completely backfired since she couldn't foresee the consequences to her deceit as Rose but it didn't happen thanks to Steven fuckin Universe.

>>115926078>Rose was practically Palpatine.Fuck off, Sucrose.

>>115924684>bullshit>sure ok>duh idiot, but if they never really did any crime except be neo-fascists and stop gem from having fusion sex, what is there to forgive? to a immortal being where even shattering is only a temporary death what does it even matter.god damn the plot of this show just sucks so bad and it just keeps getting worse even after the show is over

>>115924684>>115924698i miss rpgworld

On top of everything else already mentioned:>an army has a use, they can go and fight a war>a Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it's forWhat war? Why do they need Sapphires to tell them what their 'wars' are for if all they're doing is going to planets and killing local wildlife so they can suck resources out of the planet like they always do? Why did Yellow say 'of course there's organic life on the surface, it's an invasion(...)stick to my orders and destroy them' as if the organics are mounting a resistance to them in Jungle Moon? It's blatant retcon bullshit, but if it wasn't then that would mean that either a) they accidentally wrote the Diamonds and the Gem Empire in a way that made everyone watching the show think that they were genocidal war mongers who slaughtered their way across the galaxy and never noticed how the way they were writing them looked for 5 seasons+ or b) they deliberately tricked everyone into thinking that that was what they were, which would be even stupider. It's like they've dedicated all their time since Change Your Mind aired to retroactively ruining the entire show.

>>115924684>"the show didn't forgive the diamonds">bubbles bismuth for wanting to kill them>constantly shows steven referring to them as family>includes them in the group hug>constantly villainizes pink and focuses on her victims but sweeps all of the other diamond's actions under the rug>never punishes them>never shows other characters who are uncomfortable with them still holding power and living it up on homeworld in the new status quoOkay. Also Yellow Diamond gaining new powers offscreen and reviving shattered gems like it's nothing is retarded and doesn't make up for the fact that they killed millions of their own kind in the first place

>>115926354>We totally didn't exonerate the Diamonds you guys, now please stop bothering us

lmao they basically reversed the show.>Happy-go-Lucky Steven contrasted against dire, serious threats from the ruthless Gem Empire like the corrupted monsters and horrible shard experiments they created>Traumatized, depressed Steven contrasted against the simpering, pathetic Gem Empire who only ever did bad things because they're retarded and just don't know any better

>>115924684Rebecca Sugar loves fascism

>>115924874I might be totally mis-remembering but wasn't the cluster made as a weapon against their own kind? For the war against rose and rebel gems yadda yadda...

>>115924684Yes, we already knew that. Maybe try following along next time. God you guys are retards

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>>115924684"the organic life holocaust never happened"- Ian and Sugar

>>115925988>There are sort of different facets to what Steven did, it can be both a positive and negative thing, and was both at the same timeThats the problem: Sugar stated in that article that it was ALWAYS a bad thing, and didnt understood why people said his kindness was his strength. Thats what im complaining. If she had said it was both then its fine, but she straight up says it was ALWAYS his bad side

youtube.com/watch?v=KV4v-yNR7NU1:09>Yes, I know there's organic life on the surface, it's an invasion. >You will stick to my orders and you will destroy them!

the show's made by artists who don't know how to draw, of course they don't know how to write.


>>115926538The Diamonds believed that they had eliminated them all but still wanted the Cluster.

>>115926631>a show where war is a key part of some main characters background>"lol death wasn't a big deal and nobody died"Does he not understand how absolutely retarded he just made the show look?

>>115926538It never was stated why. It is implied that it was a way to recycle the traitorous gems into something more useful and obedient.

this is like the star wars novels disney churns out to try and explain the plot holes in the movies.

>>115926656It wasn’t exactly death, the shards were said to be kind of alive, like a Lapis situation

>>115925689I just think it's ridiculous that she keeps getting demonized for her diamond acts, when change was one of the most important themes of the show, and she certainly changed for the better, redeeming herself to my eyes.

>>115924684>Gems never killed anyone before earthFucking horseshit, there was an entire planet that the Diamonds destroyed that still had alien life on it. This is a blatant retcon to cover their asses, and a sloppy one at that.

>>115926621People argue that the jungle moon planet's inhabitants weren't intelligent enough to be considered intelligent life, thus the diamonds wiping them out can't be considered "genocide", thus they are redeemable since they can't be labeled as "genocidal" The first problem with this is that destroying planets and wiping out other lifeforms is still fucked, and they're immortal aliens, so colonizing planets and wiping out all life on them isn't a morally grey matter of them needing to do it to survive, they were just doing it to gain more power and expand their empireThe second is that they were still planning on destroying Earth despite knowing about human life which would be genocide, still practiced gem eugenics and killed anyone who disobeyed them, and still corrupted every gem on Earth with the intention of murdering all of them (funny how this was handwaved as a passing joke that was supposed to absolve them of accountability for the thousands of years of suffering they put all the corrupted gems through)

>>115926446Jeez, even MLP has more guts condemning and not exornorating it's villains and thats including a literal child.

>>115924684>Gems are robots that don’t diePearl literally said that Gems do in fact die when they're shattered, in the first damn season.

Gee those years Steven spent in the Gem Empire must have been interesting. Would have loved to see more about an alien culture and how it wor----wait, that would mean less Beach City filler episodes. We can't have that

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>>115925988Why did they suddenly change direction, though.

>>115926744How would she know? That same season had the shattered pieces able to possess outfits. Maybe it’s like a Force Ghost thing

>>115925735Why are no homeworld gems surprised that humans can talk and have formed civilizations if they're the first instance of sapient life they've encountered? Peridot and some of the Rubies especially since they weren't around for the war of Earth.

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Doesn't backtracking on shattering being death just make the cluster even more like a mass torture device in retrospect

>>115926756I wonder which Zircon is going to be the more corrupt?

>>115926822The gems in the Cluster were perfectly content being fused together. Otherwise, they wouldn't have listened to Steven.

>>115926832Zicron, of course. Can stand that liar. We need to vote for Zicron to lead us during these trying times

>>115926817Steven was the only human they met and he was half Gem. Though Peridot later met Greg

>>115926692But he isn't saying "they didn't die, they suffered something WORSE" he's saying "nobody died so chill" as if shattering isnt a big deal

These comments are obviously not well thought out, like most of the show, and also not canon.Nobody was surprised at humans having rudimentary civilization and backtracking now to make the Diamonds seem less horrifying in their actions is really lame.

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>>115926756>Homeworld was so underdeveloped that the only candidates for democracy on it are two lawyers that just appeared in one episodeFuck off, Peridot should have become empress of Homeworld. She has the kind heart and logical mind to lead the empire into greatness, not these two fucks.

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>>115924684If it came from his mouth, you KNOW it's shit.>>115924698Nah.

>>115926857I thought when steven first discovered them they were constantly screaming in pain and confusion

Are the Gems even truly free, I mean Steven is a Diamond so him ordering them to be free would just be another order gemkind is programmed to obey.After he dies all it will take is White going "all right, back to work everyone" and it will all go back to the way it was.

>>115926860But they didn't know he was half gem until after he started talking to them. Did the gems really occupy Earth long enough to see humans learn language and then passed that knowledge on to all their grunt soldiers and technicians?

>>115924684This is the dumbest fucking attempt at a retcon I ever heard in my life, what's up with creators actively trying to ruin their works after they're finished with the dumbest shit possible?

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>>115926739What's even worse is that even if you forget about all the other planets, the Diamonds were still genocidal. What they were doing to the Off-Colors was genocide. The Off-Colors had to live in hiding or face extermination by their authoritarian state because they're considered genetically defective or have "aberrant" romantic/sexual orientations (fusion). I'd be shocked if the plight of the Off-Colors *wasn't* directly inspired by the Holocaust.

>>115926976I forget how long the war lasted actually

>>115926950Yes, but that was after they begun waking up. They can talk to each other now so it's all good. Doesn't explain how pieces of a gem practically have a thought process the exact same as the original gem they were a part of.

>>115926781>How would the Gem who has seen countless Gems die and has a fucking Diamond master would know that Gems die when they are killed?It is a mystery.

>>115924684>Please ignore the fact that we have giant genocide needles on hand, we're completely peaceful.

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>>115927018Regardless of how the war lasted, it ended around 3000 BCE (assuming that the SU timeline is roughly the same as the real world). Humans had already had massive civilizations by then.

>>115926997They already ruined the show by the end of season five, the Diamond's half assed redemptions got a lot of backlash and this is just damage control

>>115927072But they’re still alive, they just can’t form. That’s why they can possess things

>The diamonds are space dictators bent on ruling us all and this super special unique boy has the power to stop them!>Aw but they didn't hurt anybody thoThis is why these alphabet people can't tell good stories.

>>115926712>and she certainly changed for the betterShe didn't though. She was exactly the same person up until Greg met her, and even then she gave birth to Steven solely so that she can run away from her problems. She herself even said that Gems couldn't change who they are.

>>115927080Wasn't that made up of Pink's shit and owned by Pink? What the fuck was she doing making that?

>>115924684I wonder what JQ stands for

>>115926156I'll never forgive how he treated the fanbase.>Stop updating comic regularly.>Say that no one's talking about the comic, so you're shutting down the forum.>Refuse audience's offer to donate to cover server costs as they enjoyed the community.Doesn't matter what he does, he'll always be a massive faggot to me.


>>115924820And well before that, the episode with Frybo or whatever that suit was. Where there were shards used to power-up armor.

>>115927122I guess all that protecting the earth was just a whim, then, and not character development.

>>115927105Reminds me about this one god awful comic about some lesbians in the 1950's, they bring up a racism plot about a black girl not being able to get into a club that lasts like one pages and then the very next page they just go to a "way better" club, making the whole thing seem like an extremely insincere attempt at showing oppression.You can't be afraid of showing bad things happening if you want to write a story about bad things happening.

>>115927105>this super special unique boy has the power to stop them!He actually couldn't. He has writer support to give him all the luck and asspull he needs to convince the antagonists to stop doing bad things.

>>115927092That's like saying frog legs are still alive because they start kicking when you pour salt on them.

>>115927282I was thinking more Iron Giant but without the movement. Aware but can’t do anything about it. Maybe like that Futurama episode

>>115927265You know you've written a terrible conclusion to your story when the only reason the MC wins is because of bullshit events that just happened beyond their control.

>>115926740MLP, She-Ra, the list goes on. This is just more proof that the Crewniverse is full of hacks.

>>115927200I forgot that was even a thing. It never was brought up again.

>>115927522A LOT of stuff was never brought up again.

I'm suddenly starting to realize that Steven Universe was maybe not as good a series as we were led to believe.

>>115927807Gee, ya think? It got to have three endings and all of them sucked.



>>115924684>Gems never killed anyone before earthBut I thought Gems are made from gem-seeds sucking the life out of a given area after being injected into the ground. How does it work on a lifeless planet?

>>115927807It really wasn't. It was a chunk of good ideas tossed together without any development or further thought.

>>115928887We should've known things were going poorly when we went whole seasons without Steven doing something as simple as asking "Hey, what happened to Pink Diamond?"

>>115924684Then why did they have such big armies and militaries and warrior castes? the show makes it out that the crystal gens were the only note worthy rebellion. Why did they feel the need to continually develop weaponry if they didn't have any one to compete with? Weaponry isn't just developed for no reason with out a theoretical opponent. this is dumb and non-sensical and is world building that only serves to make the gems look less shitty.

>>115924989>then why is the gem empire organized to be a war machine?Dark forest Hypothesis. They are the equivalent of a hunter with a rifle shooting anything that makes a twig snap

then what's the point of having a warrior caste in your interstellar empire?

>>115928757ask him if rape is worse than death since that's what the show is implying

>>115928910>>115928957I bet he would answer with some shit like them having to fight off animals on planets.

>>115928757Has he even watched his own fucking show?

>Gems only killed stupid alien animals so they aren't genocidal!>Gems also considered humans as stupid animals, very likely putting us on the chopping black if it wasn't for one of their rulers performing beastiality.FUCK THE ALIEN!They only subscribe to their twisted sense of superiority and curtail their morality around that. Humans for generations have debated and put into action the defense of our ecosystem and many endangered animals. We continue to struggle to this day but these rock fucks just destroy organic life out of convenience on a million worlds. Reports of military personnel risking their lives to save a fucking downed drone in warzones exist. Millions are put into preserving endangered animals. Many scientists have befriended lesser sapient but no less intelligent creatures like primates and our octobros at sea. Despite being the top predator on the planet, human compassion continues to shine despite our faults. These rock fucks have endangered human lives before and even their most "benevolent" have treated humans poorly and damn nearly killed by negligence if sheer luck wasn't a factor.THEY ARE NOT OUR EQUALSTHEY WILL NEVER BE OUR EQUALSTHEY WILL NEVER SEE YOU AS THEIR EQUALSBREAK THEM BEFORE THEIR DEGENERACY BREAKS USIT IS TOO LATE FOR CALIFORNIA AND THE EAST COASTPAWNSHOP THESE WORTHLESS JEWELS AND DEATH TO ROCK COLLECTORSDAY OF THE PICKAXE BEGINS NOW

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>>115924684>fucking up a planet's environment doesnt kill anyoneso environmentalism is a bunch of lies?

>>115929271Based and Humanity-Fuck-Yeah-pilled

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>>115924684Anything that wasn't shown on-screen isn't canon therefore is up to viewer interpretation. I fucking hate it when creators try to micro manage what fandoms think because they couldn't bother to put it in the show.With that being said I think it's dumb that people criticize the show for something that's essentially a headcanon and I have a feeling that's why Ian's saying this because he otherwise seems like a cool dude.

>>115924780Efficient organization

>>115929003I’m just gonna stick to my headcanon that the reason they continue to build up armies and drain worlds to make more gems is leftover programming from their creator race who used them as war machines before they turned on them.

The 'they have armies because wildlife' theory is pretty funny when we see two Lapis Lazulis operating on their own wreck an entire planet effortlessly.

>>115928931The problem with this is when you accidentally shoot something and it doesn't go down.

>>115929323It doesn't really help that the Crewniverse's input has ended up being very very wrong before ("Diamonds can't be poofed", etc), so you can't really take what they say with 100% certainty.

>>115929003Pic related essentially.

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>>115924684don't they repeatedly use the word "conquer" to describe what yellow diamond does?if there's no other civilization to fight, however primitive, it's not a conquest, it's just plain vanilla colonization.

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>>115924684Clearly bullshit.

>>115924889>that Connie defensePretty much everyone agreed that Connie was fucking retarded thinking she could stand toe-to-toe with the gems, especially ones that weren't pulling punches like Pearl was. Even Pearl says that Connie would most likely die if she were to actually take them on seriously. The narration was completely lost when they tried to imply Steven was in the wrong for not letting Connie get captured too.

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>>115927436>She-RaPeople act like it was Steven Universe-tier "forgiving war criminals because uwu they're sad" but She-Ra really did do it way better. They don't do a 180 on Catra the last episode of the series. From episode 1 we see why she does the things she does and why she's worth sympathizing with. They even made us feel bad for Hordak waaay before Prime showed up. And in the end, Catra was the only one who was really full-fledged forgiven. You could infer that Hordak was redeemed/forgiven but they don't dwell on him long enough that you aren't really forced to think about that. You can interpret different ways. Mine is that he isn't forgiven for all his crimes. He just made one friend and is gonna fuck off into the forest and leave everyone alone.

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>>115929528And fusion between two of the same gem isn't a foo pah in the empire. Even if we buy the other two for some unknowable reason don't have the ingenuity or experience with their power that the CG Lapis does: a couple of those fused together might do even more impressive things.

>>115928931>They are the equivalent of a hunter with a rifle shooting anything that makes a twig snapWell then they should have been modeled after hunters instead of soldiers. They totally could have made it work by dressing them up like big game hunters and poachers. And making it clear that giant killer alien animals were a threat to them.

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>>115924684I don't need anyone to lie to my face. Much less because the end they're trying to argue to is towards making the subject less interesting, and limit what potential is left in their own fucking franchise.

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Ian should do one of these for his own show. I'd love to hear why in a world of supervillains with city-destroying laser cannons and planet-devouring dragon women, the skeleton remote is the deadliest weapon imaginable.

>>115930397Skeletons are spooky user. Unless they're certified as real magic skeletons.

>>115924684>Gems never killed anyone before earthYeah right

This is the worst attempt at a cop-out I've ever seen. I like Ian but clearly bs. If they didn't want to address these events that very obviously would have taken place at some time in the shows timeline they shouldn't have said shit, just let fans argue about it. All this info will do is make people take the lore of the show even less seriously than after the finale aired. I guess they don't care at this point.

>>115929062Doubt it, dude bailed after Mr. Greg to work on OK KO.

>>115925191It's not new, sure, but it's still atrocious writing. The fact that they can just bring back shattered Gems like it's nothing not only destroys the stakes the show had, bit also totally contradicts the crux if the show. If they were able to bring back Gems, why couldn't they try that with Pink? Her not coming back from that would've tipped them off that her Gem was fake.