Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

>[sighs] I think I like you, user.What do?

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>Pats head"Let's fuck."

>>115922123Go down on her

>>115922123that can't be the actual lines for her nose, can it? Anime/doll eyes are a wild magic trick.

>>115922123I'm not a furry, get out of sight.


I want 20 year old Wolf!!

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>>115922123>sorry i'm gay

>>115922123>no way fag


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>>115922123>mfw I’m bisexualShit is gonna get freaky real quick.

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>>115922571all this picture has its pussy

>>115922123I'm too old for ya pink kitty.

>>115922123>Kipo takes a swing and misses>had no clue that Benson is gay>Benson takes a swing at a random boy and hits>boy coincidentally turns out to be gay too>boy even kisses him on the cheek with no clue that Benson is gayI guess dating is easier for gay people than straight people.

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>>115922123>no way fag!

>>115922839>black>gayahahahahaha lol

>>115922839I don't think showing the struggles of a gay boy trying to find a partner would not fit the tone of the show, romance is not the focus.

>>115922123>Thanks, I really like me too

>>115923018So Benson was revealed as gay and paired off without a hitch for shallow representation?

koot snoot!

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>>115922898I see you are in denial

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>>115923243yes. and than they just put them into the drawer because none gave a shit about them

>>115923375>none gave a shit about themDamn right.

Tell her she should keep herself pure for Wolf.

>>115922123I don't even like me.

Man, Kipo is just the cutest. She's got such cute tiger ears and paws when she transforms too. I just wish her full tiger form was more of a cute cat instead of a detailed kaiju monster.

>>115922123Then, lets call our next adventure, Kipo and the age of WonderBreasts.

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>>115922839>>115923018I definitely feel like Benson's romance is rushed and not given much time or thought process. Ah well, the focus goes where it's most needed, which is Kipo and making her as koot as possible.

>>115925404How dare you. Kipo is a daughteru! You wouldn't fuck your daughter!


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>>115922123She belongs to Marco Diaz now. like every girl isekai protagonists and their girl rivals.

>>115922123I lost interest when I found out this wasn't a boy

>>115923261*sniff* *sniff*

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Who should Kipo be shipped with? Or do you think she should stay pure?

>>115926216>Who should Kipo be shipped with?Me.

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>>115926247NO! Kipo is daughteru material only! We want to see her happy and fulfilled! No tainting her purity!

>Kipo and the End of Wypipo

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>>115926274there are white people in the show though. Just none of the main cast are white.

>>115926216I want gay kataang with her and Wolf.


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>>115922123Damn it I made a kipo thread before seeing this. What did Holla Forums think of S1? Just finished it today

>>115922428Based>>115922571>>115922600>>115922123She’s 13. So no.

>>115927616I definitely prefered S1 over S2, but only because S2 Kipo uses violence a lot more than S1 kipo. I loved Kipo using love and music to make everyone her friend. If everyone in the world was Kipo, that'd be a damn good world.

>>115927632>She’s 13. So no.A little old for my tastes too but I can make an exception.

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>>115927616It's good. Good animation, killer soundtrack, likable characters, etc. Having said that, season 2 is a downgrade in almost every department. Its still good, but not as good.

>>115927678Please provide context

>>115922123Jump out the cart

>>115927632>She’s 13you DO realise its a cartoon character NOT a real person right ?couse if you cant tell the difference , you belong to a mental institue, no offense

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>>115927616s1 had a lot more iconic moments than s2 did, but I still enjoyed s2's storytelling.

>>115928121People still have their preferences user. I like them in the 19-26 range.

>>115928121>lolifag telling anyone else they belong in a mental institute


>>115927678TROLL>>115927702>>115927645>>115928434oh...oh no

Feta, Gouda, Chevre, Fromage

>>115928439>6 range.sure dude /wink

>>115928458butthurt ?sounds like butthurt

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>>115928602What are you even going on about?

>>115928609Isn't /a/ more your pace?

>>115928458Lolifags are the second worst group of fetishists I've come across.

>>115928656Whats your most hated?

This woman has just had her vagina stretched to it's maximum limit.

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>>115928705Not what I expected.

>>115922123"You're way too young, but I think that's sweet and hope you find someone better for you."

>>115928716What you think it was going to be?



>>115928742I'll bite, what makes them so bad?

>>115928753They are like gay lolifags, also I just find them more annoying personally than tomboyfags.


>>115928721This. If you answer anything else, there's something wrong with you.

My headcannon is that they she's actually 18

>>115922123I'd tell her it'll be a cold day in hell before I decide to dilute the pure human race with her disgusting mutant genes.


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>>115922123Would you say Kipo is a mary sue? She doesn't feel like one, but when you think about it - she is super smart, she has super powers, she makes friends with everybody just by talking etc. The whole story is named and centered around her.Despite all this I can't call her a mary sue really, why is it? Is it the good writing?

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>>115930187They don't feel like they are 13 at all, I thought they were anywhere between 16 to 25 before they mentioned their age.