_dcu&utm_content=young justice_5 queer ships_img_1080x1080_learn moreWell Holla Forums...

dcuniverse.com/news/so-crash-top-5-queer-young-justice-ships/?utm_source=variety&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=acq_service_1p_sf_none_na _dcu&utm_content=young justice_5 queer ships_img_1080x1080_learn moreWell Holla Forums, which queer relationship do you ship in DC?

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>>115922051Why is the left winning so big Holla Forums?

>>115922084Simple. They have become the establishment

>>115922084If by "the left" you mean like 3 people and by "winning" you mean jerk off on the internet then it's because the left wins better than anyone else because all it does is stay in its room winning all day

>two of the ships are BartThey are going to crucify Greg if he ever makes Bart straight, aren't they?

>>115922084Half of Holla Forums is gay user, also fujos

>>115922331They'll probably have him with Eduardo, which is a good move. It avoids giving deranged shippers what they want and it helps distinguish who genuinely wanted representation and who just wanted to have their ship validated.


>>115922084They're on the right side of history and good is prevailing over evil.


>>115922084>>115922366But none of the gay male ships please anyone.

>>115923662Pretty sure a good portion of Holla Forums that wants Bart gay is cool with him banging Eduardo.

>>115922084It's not "the left", it's progressives vs. regressives.The fact that such simple things like this are considered a political issue says a lot, and the left aligning themselves with progressives is what's going to help them massively in the long run. Say what you will about how they're going about it and how commoditized it all is, the basic idea is clearly morally right, and the fact that it's being monetized shows that it's not going to go away.Look at every Civil Rights and social justice movement for the last hundred years and tell me how the people who fought against them are viewed by history. The strategy is to make right leaning stances look shitty by their own willing association with literal racists, misogynists and homophobes, and make left leaning stances look better by being aligned with what's clearly the morally right side, and the right is playing right into their hands.

>>115923074This. There's a really annoying faggot in the fandom that likes to remind everyone he won't watch S3 because he got queerbaited with Bluepulse. Bitch you brought that on yourself, there was no bait. Now enjoy watching some other brown boy creampie Bart.

>>115922051I dropped the show after this

Ahh, white people.Apparently shipping very young/underaged characters in sexual relationships is a-okay as long as it's gay shit.Gotta love it.

They can make everything else be gay but they can't make ME be gay.

>>115924114No it depends on the audience of the show. Kids don't watch this, so no one complains about the porn of the underage characters. However, you have kids who are into shit like BnHA, JoJo, and Percy Jackson and once you start doing porn of underage characters from those series, the moral tumblrina 16 year olds come for you.

>>115924161>the moral tumblrina 16 year oldsAKA white women.

>>115924114I don't watch but isn't the core cast of the show in their 20-30s now? I know Dick's Nightwing, for example.

>>115924175Pretty much. But don't call them "women" because many of them don't use female pronouns.>>115924206People still draw porn of Dick when he was 13. And for many of these losers 18 is also underage for some reason. So unless you draw Dick as he is in S3, then it's child porn to them.

O_O Bart gets the spotlight... not once but twice. There's no turning back now. This will bleed into the comics.

>>115922084the left is retarded and incompetent but the right is plain evil

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Sick of this shit. Why can't faggots just fuck off to Gay Island?

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>>115924963Please no, my sono is STRAIGHT STRAIGHT DAMN YOU ALL


>check out Twitter >this is fucking real>DC is planning to make Impulse a faggot It's Bobby 2.0 all over again.Miss Martian did this.

>>115925093Based. The autism of black manta truly has no bounds.

>>115923842What exactly are you faggots progressing towards that makes forcing the government to make religious bakers bake a fag wedding cake a moral perogative?

>>115922051>one of them always has to be an ugly black guywhy? and why is it never an attractive one?

>>115922051Am I the only one who finds it cathartic when women are cucked by men?

>>115922051Shipping Beast Boy's mom with the woman who mind controlled and murdered her...uhhh....

>>115922051They really asked Twitter "who do they ship"......(attempts to look through the comments, but stopped after the first one, because I already knew what the picks are going to be) fuck this. It's only a matter of time.


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>>115925168why do you think bluepulse is so fucking popularbluedorado is better though, especially for the butthurt

>>115922084It sells.Also these media companies are based in NYC and California

>>115922113Pretty much. They like to pretend they are rebels, they are actually The Man... well, The Ma'am now.


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>>115925498Holy Shit...

>>115925463Let me guess, TimKon, JonDami, and Superbat?

>>115925611I thought it was Bartuardo?

>>11592584690% of it was JonDami. Not even joking. Though some madlads put down JayDick and BruDick.

>>115926306>don't believe you>look it upOh my God. Don't deage Jon, it's the only thing keeping him straight. BENDIS STAY ON SUPERMAN FOREVER.

>>115922051Connor and Tim

Bring them back!

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Dear DC,Please don't listen to the assholes in the Tweets, Jondami is a sin against God. Don't make it canon.

>>115922084Why tf is the existence and representation of gay people a political thing And why does it have to be a "left" thing? Can't I support the free market and merit based success without being lumped with a bunch of social regressives, religious nuts and nazi wheat field fetishists?

>>115922113Don't be stupid user. You think corporations worth billions of dollars are leftist or that they would benefit from left leaning politics?

>>115926306It's crazy. If Jon didn't exist. They would've continued to ship Damian with Collin and Chris. CW Jon, Tomasi Jon, Graphic novel Jon are straight. So is Damian. But everytime they are shipped with a chick by the actual writers, the fujos scream.


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>>115927070Let it be known you are bitching about normalfags, it is afterall, the shotaversion of SuperBat, so a slightly less bland flavor of the blandest tasting ship to ever exist.Said main "bonus" being they're actively paired together from the "start" instead of generally being squished together afterwards, so there's a cheap veneer of an "organic" buildup compared to the supebats shipping of their older sisters.

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>>115925170She is a red-headed psychic that did mess with Kaldur's head.

>>115925089You were warned about slippery slope, but you did not listen.

>>115922084Tumblr stopped showing porn a while back and they all came here. They made it slightly worse but this place has always been awful

Jon and DamianBruce and Dick

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>>115922113>he thinks that media stunts are synonymous with political changehaha no

>>115922084Wait till trump wins again, should put the LGBTQ under the radar once more.

>>115928436Trump doesn't have any qualms with fags though. His mentor was a gay jew. He also passed crime reform laws. I will never understand why the left thinks he's a white supremecis.

>>115928535he has done more for fags and nigs than White people

>>115925498I mean if the dude is getting better emotional fulfillment from the guy ramming his ass with a 10 inch dick you only have yourself to blame.

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>>115927237>Bar TorDisgusting.

>>115928949A fellow Bar Torr hater. I hate him too, but the image is nice.

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>>115923842This is too well worded a post for /co

>>115924114based animechads we won

>>115922084Because focusing on identity politics and the "progressive victory" in that field (irrelevant shit which affects 0.05% of the population) distracts people from focusing on the real problems of class inequality (which affects 99% of the population).

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>>115924114You do know Twitter just canceled the unofficial approved by the author redesigner for the Percy Jackson characters because she drew softcore porn of the characters like a decade ago?Gay shit is no longer untouchable.

>>115925093Why does TV never give us Based Murder Autist Manta?

>>115929283Antis are only as powerful as the company allows them to be.

>>115929418Because tv doesn't allow infants to die to autistic black men anymore.

>>115928358>he thinks his side wants anything more than media stuntsenjoy being raped by woke corporations, your 120 IQ HR manager tranny friends will love it.

>>115922084It can't really be called "winning" if a single man's Twitter profile can send the entire propaganda arm of your party into a spiral in an afternoon.

>>115925324No, it was shipping her with Rita Farr. They only had the Queen Bee pic to show Marie’s interest in women.


>>115929782I hope you're not pretending the right hasn't spent the past few years in a state of continuous meltdown over the tiniest whiffs of non-reactionary thought.

>>115922051Why are they counting non-canon?

>>115929839I never said that the right wasn't getting annihilated by a real state tycoon shitposting online either, both of them have spent the last four years making utter buffoons of themselves at best. Personally I haven't seen any political party act respectable in 30 years.

>>115929849So they can have enough to fill a list.

>>115929860>only 30imagine getting pissy over black reagan but letting the original off scot freeburgers are pathetic

>>115922051>having to resort to non-canon ships>just to get to 5 entriesPathetic.

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>>115929912>the smug hot Lesbian Chadra vs the pathetic ugly faggot Wyyirgin

>>115929907Anon I'm only 30 years old. I was saying I've never seen it in my lifetime.

>>115930118Ah, that's fair then. My mistake.Just getting tired of pretend boomers playing up a man who is objectively the beginning of the modern era, like it or not.

>>115929849First reply got it.It's funny that not only they needed to include "non-canon ships", the replies near immediately stopped referencing in-show canon characters.

>>115925089how are you on here if simple non canon gay shit triggers you this badly