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Does Rob Renzetti care if people sexualize Jenny? I read something that said that he was fine with simple sexy pinups. What do you think?

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>>115921840You make it sound like a bad thing. Creators should be perfectly fine with their characters being sexualized, it just means the viewers just love them that much - be it their appearance, personality, or their character. Its kind like how the creator of Overwatch asked people to stop drawing porn of the charactersIf that character is animal or underage child, I can see why the creator would be uncomfortable with that and ask them to stop despite them being entirely fictional and not real entities.

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>>115921972And I forgot to mention some creators even draw porn of them themselves. like how the creator of Mighty Magiswords drew porn in their free time.

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Do you think the creators of My Life As A Teenage Robot are okay with her being sexualized?

He said he’s okay with sexy pin-up art, but more explicit stuff is a no-no. However, it seems like he mostly tries to ignore a lot of it.

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If someone has a Twitter account, can someone ask Rob Renzetti if he's fine with people sexualizing Jenny?

>>115922152He’s a quote of what he said on Facebook, posted on the MLAATR Tv Tropes Trivia page

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>>115922179Can you confirm if this is true? Like maybe the page where it originated from so I can verify it.

>>115922208sadly I can’t find it, not even sure where to start

>>115922179Also, if he's fine with sexy pin-ups, is her nude fine with him.

>>115922179>Rob's A-ok with pinupsAbsolute tasteful viewpoint

I want to pump her semen collection container to full capacity

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>>115922239Rob did say on his Twitter that he loves the fan art. He loves every bit of

>>115921840Will there be a Netflix revival movie like Zim and Hey Arnold?

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>>115922357except the porn.

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>>115922389If he's okay with the fan art, he's not okay with the sexy art of Jenny posing or naked? What does he mean by porn?

>>115922373I don’t think it’s got a big enough following for that. Most people see it as cute filler content

>>115922426Super explicit stuff: sex or nudity. A pin-up that’s covered is fine. At least that’s what I’m assuming

>>115922273Isn't she technically nude most of the time

>>115922448I'd love to see his reaction to What What In The Robot.

>>115922450yes but it doesn’t look that way because of how she’s built

>>115922448Is there any Jenny fanservice in the actual show?

>>115922467I imagine he’d be disgusted

>>115922493the closest thing might be her Exo Skin outfit or her Swimsuit from Victim of Fashion

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>>115922523Wait?! That is a thing? That's so fanservicey.

>>115921840>>115921972Iirc some creator made a remark saying if your character isn’t getting smut drawn of it, then it’s design or appeal failed. So I think most creators don’t mind if their characters get sexualized.

>>115922495Even if Rob doesn't like the porn, too bad because there's plenty to go around.

>>115922580I think he mostly tries to ignore it

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>>115922389>>115922580rob does't realize how capable of creating absolute foxes he is

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>>115922727Wasn’t really his intention when making the show. More of an accident from how some fans interpreted his work

From the OP:What would Jenny think of Crushed by Eighteen Visions? I thought I could switch it up for you guys and gals and talk about some awesome music.

From the OP:Crushed by Eighteen

>>115922467>>115922495Yeah, even if the porn is well made, I imagine most creators wouldn't be happy seeing their character brutally raped and crying for it to stop.

>>115922829>>115922855...What even?

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>>115922855Why don’t we talk about something relevant to the actual show. Like, What was your favorite episode?

>>115922941I wish we can get a 4th season.

(From the OP)I think Jenny would relate to a song like Whatever It Takes by Letter Kills, or From The Heart by Hoobastank. Because she's trying to fit in with humans, and I can see From The Heart describing her struggle very well since it's a song about having dreams. But then those dreams are torn down because nobody thinks you can achieve them. What do you think?

some art of Brit and Tiff by Teenage Robot Art Director Alex Kirwan

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>>115923342getting both a Midna and Sareena vibe from Tiff there.

Is Jenny's design sexualized in your opinion? She's baring her midriff and is wearing a tanktop and miniskirt.


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>>115923461Not really. She designed in such a way so that she looks like a cute old timey rubber hose cartoon character, with a bit of Astroboy mixed in

>>115923552higher quality version i think

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>>115922820bitch can you read? i said he DOESN'T REALIZE

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What does Rob Renzetti think of people crushing on Jenny? Do you think Sheldon jacks off thinking about her?

Would Sheldon like porn of Jenny on his computer?

I'm trying to practice drawing Jenny. Just curious I'd these look close enough. I'm attempting the more organic famine look for her but I could use pointers.

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>>115922179>Tv Tropes

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Jenny is too cute.


How would Sheldon react if she was in Playboy?

>>115924634what’d you think

>>115924794Huge erection, jacking off, saying Jenny's name over and over. When she finds him looking at porn of her. What happens?

>>115924822She beats him up

>>115923461Don't forget her thigh high boots.

>>115924822Kill him. There are times where he seriously pisses her off with his creepy behavior.

>>115924843What if Sheldon had an erection while they're out on a date?

>>115924907well if Jenny willing went out with himI’d imagine she might tease him a bit but insist on going no further than that

Guys, would Jenny help Sheldon out if they were out on a date and he got horny? But if was honest about it and didn't be a creep.

>>115925146In my headcanon sheldon helps jenny learn about sexuality by making her do lewd things with him

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>>115925146she might just tell him to go to the bathroom to get things sorted out

Whoa Black Jenny, Bamalam

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>>115925146She be disgusted.


>>115925854The worst part about the black jenny is the colors are always garbageA slightly lighter toned brown with yellow/gold as the blue would be so much nicer to look at

>>115925927If you can find a color ill use it and see how it looks. Other wise shes supposed to look like a sheboon.

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>>115923884Someone post the comic about Britt and Tiff groping the new kid in school, feeling his classes case, and thinking he got SUPER hard for them.

>>115921972>ask them to stopThat would be the worst possible thing you could do, let's be real

>>115922897OP has literal autism. This thread already died but he made another one, both with lots of posts that are way to similar to each other which means that OP oftentimes bumps his own head... I mean thread.


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>>115930459>BradxJennyI'm sorry BRAD, but this is REAL LIFE.The NERD gets the GYNOID.

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