The Frozen 2 documentary series came out today.Come discuss.Can't watch it...

The Frozen 2 documentary series came out today.Come discuss.Can't watch it?Here are some clips (Still waiting for a rip)>Frozen 2 Research>Sterling K. Brown Records Lieutenant>Frozen 2 Cast Records “Some Things Never Change”>Animating “Lost in the Woods”> Lost in the Woods>Developing "Show Yourself">Idina Menzel Drops>The Magic of

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>>115921125Thanks for linking the clips. I'm one of the anons who can't watch it.

sadly no announcement at the end but I'm still keeping my hopes up for one in the coming days.

>>115921125>Lost in the Woods Storyboard> [Open]This is really cool. I wish they would release something similar for all songs.

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>>115921554Cute but there's absolutely no way she could do that

>>115921584Well, his feet are on the ground if that helps.

>>115921584It's all in Kristoff's mind. It was part of his song >>115921388

>>115921125>Documentary SERIESThe last one was only an hour.They're making a third movie, aren't they?

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I wonder if people are gonna keep kissing Jen's ass or if they're gonna start noticing what shit tier her writing skills are now that Disney has literally released a documentary of "I had six years to come up with something and still couldn't think of anything half as interesting as a random fanfic."

>>115921125>Frozen 2 Research Trip>>we just had this epiphany of how would this make Elsa feel>it would be like coming homewhat???

>>115921669This one made even more money than the last one. They would be idiots if they didn't.

>>115921697Yes, because Elsa clearly didn't feel at home in Arendelle.Weren't you paying any attention?


>>115921685What are the chances she would let someone else write and direct an hypothetical sequel now that she's busy being CCO at WDAS?Was Frozen, like, a personal project for her or something?

>>115921950They let a completely different crew handle OFA so I don't think it's impossible.

>>115921950Anon, Jen has talked in many interviews about how she feels so connected to Elsa and Anna, and it’s like they’re her own daughters. She’s never letting Frozen go.

>>115921697Elsa come home!

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So the Northuldra got invaded by a culture that wanted to conquer them, then their entire race was trapped and tormented by their gods for decades, then a white woman enslaved their gods and rules over them as a goddess.And the land of the invaders lived in prosperity and happiness the entire time

>>115921125>Frozen 2 Cast Records “Some Things Never Change”>, Idina and Kristen have such beautiful voices, it's ridiculous.

>>115922061I know, these movies are based as fuck.

>>115922029She's already at home according to the movie, user. Also, wasn't Show yourself at one point a song about coming home?

>>115922092Maybe it's controversial but I don't like Idina's voice

>>115922061>And the land of the invaders lived in prosperity and happiness the entire timeProsperity? Maybe.Happiness? They lost 2 kings, one queen and also had to cope with Elsa's little tantrum which got the entire land frozen.

>>115922335I don't like her singing live most of the time but still appreciate her voice a lot. I don't think it's a controversial take.

>>115922221Correct, and the Lopezes thought it was a dumb a idea.

>>115921669We can only hope.

>>115922483Because it IS a dumb idea, Elsa was already home.

>>115921166No D+ in my country.I would honestly pay for the series if they'd made it available on digital stores like they did with the F1 documentary.

>>115921669>They're making a third movie, aren't they?Spirits willing, yes.

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>>115921950>>115921987>>115921995I mean, is she even "allowed" to make movies like a filthy commoner now that she's been promoted? I mean, yeah, I'm sure she can if she really wants to, but I assume a CCO, especially one for a company such as Disney that owns half the planet, has a really busy schedule with lots of things to do every day?

>>115922660Honeymarenbros... We were robbed...

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>>115922765She's only Chief creative officer at Walt Disney Animation Studios wich, while I still imagine is a busy job, is just in charge of their animated movies at that one particular studio. John Lasseter was CCO as well but still found time to direct movies from time to time.

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>>115922848Honey managed to convince Elsa to abandon her family and home after sharing just two scenes together, what else do you want?

>>115922967I never noticed that before.

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>>115922967>>115922998>ywn collect Anna's saliva in an airtight vial

>>115922967before bluring out fragments

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>>115922871Ah, yeah, true. Well. Guess it's back to Operation: Jen Touched My No-No Area...

>>115923026original screenshot

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>>115922970I don't know, maybe more details about the Northuldra, maybe her favorite kind of sandwich, anything. Just the idea that there was an intent to give her more character, which was then cut, sucks.

>>115923032What about a petition? What if we lobbied for someone else to write Frozen III? What if somebody stood up and said "I'll take it from here"?

>>115922848FUCK that

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>>115923195If every single person who wrote in put forth their argument and concerns in an eloquent, civilized manner, politely expressing why it is ridiculous for Jen to have taken six years just to shit out a plot that ruined pretty much every character and did nothing to advance the franchise in general, that might work. Unfortunately, we all know roughly half (and that's being nice) the messages would read like "FUCKUING JENN TOOK ELSA AWAY FROM ANA!! HOW CAN I JERK OFF TO ELSANNA NOWW?! #FUCKINGFEMINISM #NOTMYELSA #HONEYMARENMUST DIE" and we'd all get instantly dismissed.

>>115923195what, like a petition that will get 32 signatures? go for it, champ

>>115923244Wait, how was the duke allowed back into Arendelle?

>>115923358It has to be louder. Something even normies can see and understand that Frozen II was bad and it's all because of Jennifer Lee.

>>115923368Sweet, forgiving Anna must have given him a second chance, just so he could sail all the way there and be rejected by Elsa in person.

>>115923430What if we rallied around one person to take over Lee's position? Like a coup but demanded by fans? A revolution?

>Fires up for the first time in over a decade

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>>115922029Sad kek

>>115923547hypeAre you 100% done with the proofreading then?

>>115923547>everything looks exactly the same because it's an archaic site that stubbornly refuses to change

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>>115923630Yeah, it really does, what the fuck? Not even a slightly updated main page or anything. How is it still around and active?

>>115923333Kek. Its funny cause its true. In fact if you give a million plebs a million smartphones this exact message would be posted on Twitter.

>>115923655top cute

>>115923608I think so. I finished one go through of adding stuff that was needed (like the bit I forgot of the mist lifting from the forest, among other things), reworking dialogue so it sounded more natural, etc. I've been debating on whether or not I should do another go through or just kinda do it as I post the fic.Also, I should probably figure out where to make my chapter breaks. And what my screen name on FFN is gonna be.

>>115923655I want to hug_ that bunny.

>>115923686Sheer momentum (having so many fics already) and a really good domain name.I'm surprised AO3 has taken off like it did, because their name blows.

>>115923333It definitely advanced the franchise, but it advanced it off a cliff.

>>115923686>>115923858It's the same reason is still around despite it getting worse and worse

>>115923891It can be fixed though. Just don't let Lee into the building anymore.


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>>115922483I know music is a big part of these movies but it's still funny to see how much power they have over the creative process.>what's this let it go song you came up with?>well damn, we better rewrite the entire movie now. so long, onion.

>>115921125Is Aurora in any episode?


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>>115923993And here my dumb ass was thinking "What does Sleeping Beauty have to do with Frozen II?"

>>115923971>>115923996>>115924015Queen Pushpop

>>115924015this one is very impressive to be honest

>>115923971>>115923996>>115924015I didn't know Constable was making porn these days.

>>115923912>writing.com99% of their traffic comes from the interactives. And 99% of those are fetish smut.

>>115924041>they even added frecklesYeah it is

>>115924030You're not alone. It took me 10 seconds to remember who Aurora was or what she did in the movie.I still like her cover a

Fresh Vago

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>>115924177I love her a lot, I really do.

>>115924177All he had to do was keep it in his pants for three years...

>>115924243And try not to penetrate her sister.

Threadly reminder the stream is tomorrow.Come watch a documentary on the making of Frozen 1, then Frozen 1 in JapaneseSaturday at 8 pm ESTcytu dot be slash r slash frz>cytube script for>>115921125>>115921166Planning to stream this as soon as I can torrent it.

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>>115923835>chapter breaks>screen nameAnd author's notes. And profile bio. And formatting/coding. And...This probably seemed easier to me 10-15 years ago.

Continuing with the translations.Still going through the "Slow daily life of Elsa".I'm reposting the last one I did and here are the previous pics, spread across the last 2 threads:>>115876631>>115883936>>115883950>>115881383>>115882507>>115882552>>115882565>>115883752>>115898174>>115899359>>115902279>>115903221>>115904298>>115904497>>115918931I'll translate only a couple more tonight but leave requests if you have any.

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>>115924994This next set of pics in the collection is an intermission of bonus material before continuing with the comics1/14

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>>115924994I like these comics but I can't not see Elsa as being permanently drunk with the way the artist does her make up.


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>>115925106lol what?>>115925173really like his queen Anna

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>>115924177She deserves better than an image for antsReplace the resolution in the URL with s999999999x999999999 or get a browser add-on which does it for you

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>>115925745Wow, thank you! I used to just swap in a bigger resolution but it stopped working, but somehow that method works. My image hunting skills have been enhanced.

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>>115925745Oh my God I love you.

>>115922871Lasseter did Cars 2 but Lee Unkrich directed Toy Story 3 even though he had directed the previous two so there's precedent for a director change in a franchise at Disney

>>115925106What is this based on?

>>115925909No idea, sorry.



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>>115926141I do not trust that reindeer's eyes

>>115926141Aww (this time without a typo)Also:>You'll catch a coldHoneymaren, you stupid slut.

>>115926196The reindeer knows.

>>115926141>Elsa hugs her sister every time she sees herIf only this were true

Nothing in the documentary about the previous draft "bad end" with Arendelle destroyed and Elsa dead, pretty disappointed

>>115926266Seconds later Elsa tosses Honeymaren down a hill in a canoe.>>115926311HAHA FUCKING COWARDS

>>115926266She needs to warm up

>>115926311maybe the real bad end was the friends we made along the way

>>115926311Even in the Zoom chat before the documentary was released they were saying there were some points where the crew would ask to film something and Peter Del Vecho would be like "no, you guys better sit this one out".

>>115926419Yeah, the most notable omissions were when the crew was explicitly told not to record. We’re left with no explanations.

>>115926419>Please only record things that are happy and make us look awesome.Suck my fucking dick.

>>115926474>notable omissionsSpeaking of which, the Northuldra were barely mentioned either.When I saw the clip of the glacier trip, I figured there would be a whole travel-themed episode that included how they fit the Northuldra into the world, and talking to actual Sami. Nope.

>>115926311>Elsa deadNot surprising, they are locking that up tight in the Disney vault>Arendelle destroyedThis is a little surprising given it has been acknowledged by Disney. Did the documentary show anymore cut songs like the Northuldra/Arendelle guard song?

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>>115926311Wait, they didn't even mention Arendelle getting washed away despite being explained with a deleted storyboarded scene?

>>115926510There’s a tiny bit of “See the Sky” in episode 3, but the main focus of the series is about the crew and their experiences. Everyone is really stressed and the movie itself is almost secondary. I thought the tone was very strange.

>>115926489There was 100+ hours of footage we didn’t see, but yeah.>>115926704The closest they came was talking about a fateful viewing in May 2019 where kids were “confused” and a lot was reworked.

I’m not trusting anything posted here until I see it for myself

>>115926709>Everyone is really stressedThe impression I got is that everyone there really hates making sequels...over and over they say “there was no pressure when we were just creating a world, now everyone loves the characters and expectations are sky-high”

yo! who else /drinking/ tonight?

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>>115926735Really? This is really unusual. They were public enough to release a deleted scene where Arendelle was destroyed but they never brought it up in the entire documentary?This is only further fueling the dead Elsa cover-up theory, isn't it?

>>115926820Too nervous about the future of a children’s franchise to drink

>>115926735>There was 100+ hours of footage we didn’t see, but yeah.Would you watch it all if it were available?

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>>115926856Either they really wanted to cover it up, or they really thought nobody would care. I’m not sure which is more disturbing.>>115927049Yes, in a heartbeat.

>>115926709>the main focus of the series is about the crew and their experiences. Everyone is really stressed and the movie itself is almost secondary....

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>>115926820I'll probably join you in a moment, m8.

>>115924994We've reached the last story1/7

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>>115924994>>115927530sike!Here's a bonus. I'll translate the last pages tomorrow.The comic was structured this way. Gave me a good point to stop.

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>>115927546kek you sonuvabitch!great job as always, anonlooking forward to the rest

>>115927519>Anna withdrawal

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>>115926820Now I'll join you, m8.Gonna have to buy more vodka tomorrow, I'll probably finish my bottle tonight.

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>>115927530Wow, I actually feel bad for Honeymaren. Never thought I'd see the day.

>>115927049>Let it go>Travel outfit>HansIn what order are they watching these?

>>115926820Beer.>>115927546Hey user, thank you for translating these, I had no idea this artist even existed.

>>115927049>Would you watch it all if it were available?Yes. Without question.

>>115928102You're welcome, m8.

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>>115926856F1 had two documentaries, 2 years apart from each other. Perhaps someday we'll get a second one and they'll be more honest about it.

>>115928351>"WHAT WENT WRONG WITH FROZEN II... A Disney+ Exclusive!"

>>115921536>>115921554Good af


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>>115924683hypedWill the documentary start at 8pm or is that the time of the movie? If it's the latter can you tell me at what time will you stream the documentary? an hour earlier?


>>115928861Visuals were spectacular, couldn't ask for better music... it really all comes down to the writing.

>>115928365>Very first lines>Narrator: "Jennifer Michelle Lee was born in October of 1971..."

>>115928903>Born Jennifer Michelle Rebecchi, Lee took on her mother's maiden name after her father Saverio Rebecchi left the family destitute. Lee still likes to honor her father, though she continues to have deep-seated daddy issues that impact her impression of all men.

>>115928571Doc will start at 8, then F1.

>>115921125Why should I watch it, so I can see Jennifer Lee constantly pat herself on the back? Frozen 2 never existed to me

>>115929100cool, thanks

Also, can Disney stop with those retarded "research trips"? What a dumb fucking idea that brings nothing of worth. They just need an excuse for expensive vacations that they disguise as "work". What a joke.


>>115929251When I read that I just wanted to strangle someone.

I mean, doesn't the fact that these dipshits had to "relearn the characters" by taking personality tests or whatever show how fucking bad they are for the job? What the fuck do you need personality tests for? Take two fucking hours out of your day and watch Frozen, Frozen Fever, and Olaf's Frozen Adventure, and then don't be a fucking idiot.

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>>115929513I hated how Anna's only want for Frozen II was for things to not change. Can't she want something more out of life?

Can we post all of these Elsas please? I only saved a few

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>>115929525How about you and your family?Do you want things to change?

>>115929525>I hated how Anna's only want for Frozen II was for things to not change.I hate to break this to you, user, but this is how happy people function. You normally don't want to change your life unless something is wrong with it.>Can't she want something more out of life?...She's royalty. Royalty is usually kinda set for life. Besides, even if she had, it would've become irrelevant the moment Elsa stuck her with the crown.

>>115926820coke and whiskey

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>>115930233killer combo