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Prev: >>115875429 >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:pastebin.com/kc7zwd8fNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in>>>/aco/drawthread or >>>/i/611748 # # # #

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Requesting Y5 dual wielding laser pistols.

Attached: Y5.jpg (1275x1005, 265.02K)

Requesting this but replaces with Maney.

Attached: Maney noooooo.png (1011x1094, 555.58K)

Requesting Rogue as a masked, mysterious intruder ravishing men whether they want it or not. Maybe she's just daydreaming about it.

Attached: Rogue the Prowler.png (822x741, 751.03K)

Requesting the bottom image with Rawhide. Acting all cool looking.

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Uqq9yUcoacWohP.jpg (1200x2723, 1.81M)

Requesting Year 100 Batman recreating a famous cover from Frank Miller’s Batman Year One.

Attached: Batman Year 101.jpg (923x1230, 1.2M)

Requesting this but replaces Melissa (as Spongebob), and Mackenzie (as Squidward)

Attached: You like Choco-Rolls don't you Mackenzie.png (1418x1009, 598.03K)

Requesting this milfy Maleficent dressed as Aqua

Attached: 1593035451172.jpg (2098x2408, 699.78K)

Requesting Pidge studying while wearing nylons. Maybe thinking about how she's surprised that she enjoys wearing them.

Attached: Studying Pidge.png (1400x565, 929.86K)

Requesting the Totally Spies girls (Clover, Sam, Alex) as sexy cavegirls in animal skins and loincloth in the style of Tartakovskys PRIMAL. They should be a little scarred and rough around the edges (unkempt hair etc.) from living in the prehistoric era.This is basically if the time travel episode of the show went to the prehistoric age rather than the middle ages.Also anchoring to hope that the guy who did a wip for this finishes. >>115836523

Attached: ABD6E2AA-56DE-4680-B5EC-409701B205D0.jpg (2500x1188, 822.46K)

Requesting this but replaces with Marie.

Attached: Marie opinions.png (1213x759, 478.39K)

Requesting an older version of Amelia, in the same vein as of other tiny angry girls like Mandy or Gaz.

Attached: am.png (448x431, 281.77K)

Requesting Luke Loud (The Loud House) as if he were a Fan of Vancouver Whitecaps FC (Major League Soccer team)en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vancouver_Whitecaps_FC

Attached: Luke Whitecaps.png (2592x2132, 1.93M)

Requesting Gorehound watching a slasher movie marathon.

Attached: Gorehound.jpg (422x407, 58.11K)

Requesting Orange Lantern Steven

Attached: 56187BFB-7955-49E2-9D17-57CA6C1127C7.jpg (1906x1524, 839.1K)

Requesting Mandy drinking her sorrows away.

Attached: Mandy_adult.png (472x350, 365.18K)

Requesting Hand Banana, Spaghetti, and Mr Pickles playing poker while nearby Carl is inside a trunk yelling to be released.

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-8fdSwny1IoW.jpg (3208x3348, 1.76M)

Requesting your rendition of Adult Hilda as a BPRD agent.

Attached: BPRD Adult Hilda.jpg (1063x1559, 1.46M)

Requesting coloring.

Attached: rick pearl take morty and steven on adventure.png (1000x1000, 141.54K)

Requesting IDW Sonic meeting a stranger (or Ken Penders) showing him the sleeping cadavers of Fleetway Sonic and Archie Sonic, a cover parody of Action Comics volume 1 issue 399

Attached: 1593031816774.jpg (600x900, 172.55K)

Requesting a coloring of this delivery from a few threads back. Psylocke needs more love.

Attached: 1592848594472.jpg (914x1200, 300.93K)

requesting tmnts sally pride looking like dominic toretto from fast and the furious.

Attached: the fast and the lioness.jpg (1280x1024, 207.39K)

Requesting Gwen smoking.

Attached: goth gwen 2 alt.png (1436x2174, 974.32K)

Requesting this with Raven and Zatanna, but instead of redheads, it's blondes.

Attached: Raven and Zatanna Bonding Over Blondes.png (702x858, 1.07M)

Requesting Raven winning Miss DC universe

Attached: raven fishbone hair.jpg (788x1102, 100.74K)

Requesting Wendy in a skintight ninja outfift, and a hair tied into a bun with a hair net doing something sneaky.

Attached: Wendy.png (1089x2287, 737.44K)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this

Attached: rugal 6853ab9d40600b8f2e086051605bf66c.png (794x895, 589.36K)

Requesting the wedding image on left side, with Hilda and Johanna.

Attached: HildaJohanna Wed.jpg (1968x920, 327.16K)

Requesting your waifu doing this.

Attached: morty has taste animated crop.gif (121x238, 57.82K)

Requesting April as a science hooker

Attached: april lab coat thing.png (500x726, 167.14K)

Requesting succubat Wilhamena

Attached: Succubat Wilhamena.jpg (1124x450, 127.49K)

Requesting Valeena (SRMTHFG) wearing skull-themed bikini

Attached: daqfb18-44d4d692-a7a3-4c18-9f05-4833d2a3da63.jpg (993x992, 506.28K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: strange fusion.png (842x969, 320.89K)

Requesting Sol Titanion styled Vexus (complete with flaming wings)

Attached: Vextanion.jpg (1295x495, 225.98K)

Requesting lesbians all over Amity

Attached: not gay owl house.jpg (1140x701, 99.92K)

Requesting shannon drawn like pic on the right.

Attached: thiccthighssavelives.png (1920x1080, 1.71M)

Requesting pregnant Minh

Attached: Joseph mackin' on dat Minh.webm (640x480, 2.88M)

Requesting Shredder making people uncomfortable with her sexiness.

Attached: shredder ass.jpg (2324x3840, 849.23K)

Requesting Raven as a Monkey

Attached: raven furboz.jpg (600x800, 55.58K)

Requesting Thor fighting Master Chief.

Attached: Thor and Master Chief.jpg (1051x1226, 307.32K)

Requesting Kamala Khan wearing Sharon Ventura's Ms Marvel outfits

Attached: kamala ventura.jpg (960x800, 380.92K)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this.

Attached: peggy hills best outfit.png (640x480, 147.95K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: skeleton face fusion.png (889x881, 334.51K)

Requesting Tekno drinking wine.

Attached: tekno ddhqwal-47962561-b070-49ba-8c9f-6a555454022b.png (2500x2500, 2.4M)

Requesting the Turtles eating Chicago Style Pizza.

Attached: aussies TMNT.jpg (1192x900, 336.05K)

Requesting Harley Quinn walking in on this.

Attached: poison ivy wants to enslave wonder woman hd.jpg (1987x3056, 2.12M)

Requesting these guys singing faith of the heart.

Attached: lower decks crew star trek.jpg (670x377, 38.35K)

Requesting Gaz and Mandy at a party.

Attached: gaz and mandy nice.jpg (1129x1687, 134.92K)

Requesting Dawn Bellwether be drawn in place of William L. Pierce. Keep the National Alliance symbol on the podium.

Attached: dead_man's_deeds.png (1220x820, 1.21M)

Requesting final fusion: Elemental Edition

Attached: Elemental Chaos 2.jpg (2024x1593, 289.31K)

Requesting Raven's kissing booth.

Attached: so raven BABCF57E-4D18-4604-B2DC-E57C896A5E68.jpg (630x630, 45.61K)

Requesting Jennika fucking off to Dimension X

Attached: poochie ending jennika.jpg (1508x1492, 916.14K)

Requesting a baboon as a Red Lantern.

Requesting this with characters of your choice.

Attached: king-of-the-hill___your_wife_divorced_you.jpg (392x600, 55.28K)

Requesting their fight.

Attached: bending miko and Sari.png (2048x2731, 1.37M)

Requesting a version of Beast Boy based on a cross between his Young Justice and Teen Titans look (basically a humanoid monkey). He in his 20's, has green skin, short spikey green hair with sideburns and a bit of facial hair on his chin, green eyes, a monkey tail, a little bit of hair on his arms, an average muscled body, and wears a purple t-shirt, black pants and no shoes.

Attached: Beast Boy Refference.png (2150x1344, 2.15M)

Requesting Peter and May embracing each other after an intense battle.

Attached: Father and Daughter.png (623x749, 735.92K)

Requesting Raven as a scottish lass.

Attached: Raven.(DC.Comics).full.2840376.jpg (1292x1480, 1.47M)

Requesting Miss Quantum cosplaying as Nina Williams from Tekken. (Because same voice actress and shit)

Attached: 488A3563-580F-46D9-8FD2-52D9809E7C5A.jpg (1200x900, 150.05K)

Requesting Spider-Gwen redesigned in the style of a Pussy Riot protester.

Attached: Pussy Riot Spider Gwen.png (1077x771, 1.17M)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this.

Attached: Leona-KOFXIV.jpg (398x972, 204.1K)

Requesting this with Splinter from TMNT.

Attached: petting rat with thumb.webm (1920x1080, 2.53M)

Requesting Evil Morticia kissing Morty.

Attached: evil morticia.jpg (512x460, 64.86K)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this.

Attached: Hl2proto_alyx1.png (270x727, 152.51K)

>>115920770bill dickey as sid vicious

>>115920770hilda as a black panther.

Requesting Miko and Sari making out.

Attached: miko and sari selfie.png (700x949, 258.12K)

>>115880654>>115919813>what's the meme? i want to draw this big titty girl but i have no clue what you guys are talking aboutBlack Cat is a Spider-Man character noted for being one of the bigger breasted women in Marvel, and her costumes usually show off her cleavage. In Dan Slott's Spider-Man run, she became a villain, and her new costume was fully zipped up to the neck. Literally as soon as she went back to normal her costume was unzipped to show off her cleavage again, and it started a meme that her morality was tied to how much cleavage she displayed. It started as a joke, then an user pointed out that when she wore this 1990s costume, it was also the time when she was the most heroic and selfless she had ever been written as.

Attached: RCO002_1471303053.jpg (988x1500, 1.39M)

>>115862366Back on my shit again with a delivery for a request two threads ago.

Attached: tfw you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER be White Diamonds sex slave and it's a REAL BUMMER man....png (2767x5488, 1.68M)

>>115921878Marvel's Black Panther, a member of the Black Panther Party or a literal jungle cat with black fur?


Requesting this with She-Ra characters.

Attached: it's poop time.gif (480x270, 1.6M)

Requesting for a drawing of Eda and Luz dressed as Michiko and Hatchin

Attached: untitled.png (1294x544, 622K)

>>115921940a member of the black panther party as founded in Oakland,california in 1966 by Huey p newton

>>115921241OR here. Very well done, user, thank you!

Requesting Jetix-tan wearing that outfit on the left reference.

Attached: Jetix_MK2.jpg (2029x903, 386.54K)

>>115920770Fantastic OPThat's crossover should have been done beforeDrawfag if you are still around, bravo!

Requesting Miko Kubota (Glitch Techs) dressed as Min Min (ARMS)

Attached: Min-ko.jpg (2652x1228, 626.57K)

Requesting Tojos falling to him

Attached: redclaring war on japan.gif (480x270, 2.82M)

>>115922145>>115922155/aco/ is thataway, friend ------->>>>

Requesting White Diamond but tiny

Attached: WD.png (939x1571, 200.79K)

>>115922199She looks better huge

>>115921940You don't ask, you just draw the one that makes you laugh the most.

Attached: 1593100697684.jpg (572x424, 59.69K)

Requesting Maggie as DJThinking about Daft Punk or Skrillex

Attached: Maggie-1.jpg (371x510, 29.14K)

Requesting Cleo's gang cosplaying as characters from Star Wars

Attached: 1575506021047.jpg (1920x1080, 384.7K)

>>115920770Rei-questing, the same exact scene but with Hilda's pouncing on Trevor.

Attached: HildaImpact.png (1912x1078, 2.87M)

Requesting Chen eating noodles.

Attached: chen streak.png (780x454, 441.49K)

>>115922304Suggesting Dooku, Grievous and Maul.

Requesting Goth Velma transforming into an amazonian succubus similarly to the image on the right

Attached: Giga Goth.jpg (1736x1263, 648.41K)


requesting ladybug trying to ignore chat noir obviously grabbing her chest

Attached: 159018335290.jpg (1852x1594, 1.48M)

Requesting the left pic with Slappy Squirrel looking at Human Slappy like this.

Attached: Slappy Squirrel.jpg (3178x1301, 537.9K)

Delivery for >>115875617

Attached: Untitled174_20200626202806.png (407x421, 72.68K)

Requesting Livewire flipping through her phone with the charge cord nestled between her boobs charging it

Attached: Livewire DCAU.png (400x800, 52.9K)

Hellboy crossover request.Requesting Hellboy in the heavenly host dimension. Saving a traumatized Naomi Nakashima from Corpse party from Sachiko, the evil ghost girl and main antagonist of the games. I wanna see hellboy giving the little monster what she deserves. Make it as close to Mignolas style as feasibly possible

Attached: Corpse Party Hellboy Heavenly Host 2.png (1698x924, 2.31M)

Requesting Maleficent lying on her back wearing a black version of the lingerie on the left.

Attached: mal babydoll.jpg (1467x992, 175.69K)

where's my black panther hilda fanart

>>115922816Nice. The anatomy and composition could’ve been better but overall, not bad mate. Well done.t. OR

Requesting a DCAU artstyle version of this scene from the Silver Age where Lois lane is time travelled back to the time of Ancient Rome And sold as a slave

Attached: lois lane slave girl.jpg (1088x748, 399.53K)

Requesting DCAU Bruce Wayne introducing himself to Dorothy Wayneright. (With Dorothy either commenting that he reminds her of a certain louse she knows, or Dorothy calling Bruce a louse with his reaction up to the artist.) Thanks for your time, and hopefully this new ref. helps more.

Attached: A2421C06-C8B4-45D5-811D-30DC7CD85CEC.jpg (5375x2048, 1.22M)

Requesting human Sandy in the same outfit and pose as Makoto Nanaya in the right pic.

Attached: Sandy Nanaya.jpg (1240x793, 315.67K)

Second RequestKnives in the outfit (And cool pose) as Genocide Jill/JackIts honestly hoping the last Knives art user delivery does more art. if you see this user, plug your art blog, you did amazing work

Attached: Love at first sight.png (1608x892, 1022.09K)

Requesting Ava Ire out stargazing or having a picnic

Attached: ava_ire_by_silverbullet66_daiczj9-fullview.jpg (1024x1280, 77.97K)

Requesting Sasha from Price for Freedom cutely begging the viewer to eat well and exercise (because she's very concerned for your health!)

Attached: Sasha Verant.png (1877x1877, 2.57M)

Requesting Amethyst giving a tiny user wet gross girl kisses.

Attached: big messy kisses.png (1240x474, 150.86K)

Requesting Adora and He-Man's Prince Adam chatting and laughing - not a redesign or different outfit for him, but maybe closer to her show's style (other dudes provided for style ref).

Attached: AdoraAdam.png (1562x1408, 1.85M)

Requesting Connie having Pearl on a leash

Attached: connie on pearl.png (1024x660, 325.32K)

/r/ a Carl version of the right picture.

Attached: Carl's Butthole.jpg (851x475, 82.85K)

Requesting older Candy Chiu, pulling on her stockings.

Attached: CandyStockings.png (1684x1411, 1.92M)

Requesting Gwen taking Benfire clothing shopping.

Attached: Benfire and Gwen.png (1700x1557, 2.28M)

Requesting April sitting against Donatello's back, like this.

Attached: AprilDonnieCute.png (1439x1439, 2.48M)

>>115923011Alright alright already. Sheeeeeesh!

Attached: 20200626_205858.jpg (1218x1186, 748.39K)

>>115923466that's not what I asked m8. the black panther party.

requesting Holla Forums monsters/beasts/robots/etc wearing thigh high socksdon't change their designs just give em thigh high socks and the more monstrous the better

Attached: 1593217423492.jpg (522x713, 33.45K)

Requesting the top image with Demon Raven and Beast Boy

Attached: Choking hazard feat Raven and Beast Boy.jpg (770x2210, 283.16K)

>>115923521You didn't say that in the post I quoted. Next time either link to a post or be more specific. Lotta anonymous people here.

>>115923700I request hilda as member of the black panther party

Requesting Lake having morning coffee.

Attached: morning coffee lake.png (946x990, 1.08M)

>>115923815lolicon bastard.

>>115923466Ignore the petty user who requested this, because this is legit pretty metal dude. Well bloody done.

>>115921912not OR but you did a pretty nice job herefilename checks out

Requesting Meteora cutely looking over her shoulder as she claws a wall, based on this cat pic.

Attached: MeteoraWall.png (1560x1360, 1.02M)

>>115920770Requesting Scorpion's Revenge Raiden teaching Sailor Jupiter the ways of being the protector of Earthrealm. And give Jupes a Bamboo hat.

Attached: ThunderTakeYou.jpg (3264x1632, 510.81K)

Requesting an image macro of Warlord saying "I came here to fuck bitches and ride dinos"

Attached: And I don't see any dinosaurs...png (760x998, 1.57M)

Requesting a pinup of Astrid readying to swing her axe at the viewer.

Attached: Astrid_Axe_Swing.png (1766x1843, 2.19M)

>>115923774Done.Okay, now I'm done fucking with you.

Attached: 20200626_214537.jpg (1325x1320, 806.94K)

>>115924115Something like this?

Attached: 2F03D30F-FF47-4C76-8B02-E7444364C2B0.jpg (515x485, 91.39K)

>>115924347who the hell is that?

Requesting Superman and Batman playing with their dogs together like on the bottom

Attached: Super Good Boys.jpg (607x1112, 252.33K)


Attached: Scooter_photo.jpg (2400x3000, 3.69M)

>>115922265This request makes no sense at all.

>>115924540why did I ever expect to be happy on 4chan? silly me.

>>115924564He wants Numbuh whoever she is to do that Pose and Facial expression of the catbait

Screw it, I might as well take some requests. Here’s an example if you interested.

Attached: BPRD Hilda and Twig.jpg (1936x2348, 652K)

requesting tmnts irma getting turned into a brontosaur by a tricereton ray.

Attached: bronto irma.jpg (1280x1024, 174.15K)

>>115924635Bill Cipher drawing himself, please.

Attached: Profile_-_Bill_Cipher.png (837x1024, 840.86K)

>>115924349Fuck it, I'll take it. Thanks

Requesting Catra in her space suit sitting on top of a cliff on some unknown moon.

Attached: spacecat.png (938x629, 267.82K)

Requesting for the Steve do to the Cool Jimmy ego's walk

Attached: download.jpg (1589x737, 184.29K)

Requesting Mac dressed as Samurai Jack with Berry wearing a headband that makes her look like Aku, calling Mac a "Foolish samurai"

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-lRD6WufpKf.jpg (5826x1862, 1.13M)

Requesting Gwenpool dressed as animated Harley Quinn but in her own color scheme

Attached: gp hq.jpg (829x685, 286.36K)

>>115924649No problem, I mean I know it’s the original artwork but Grell’s Warlord is fucking sexy as hell so I figured it’d be better than just fan art

>>115924635hilda as a member of the black panther party

>>115924728I mean you got your request already delivered user >>115924347

Requesting Fat Albert, Dr. Robotnik, Owen and Clarence in a hot dog eating contest.

Attached: hot dog eating contest.png (1408x944, 957.38K)

>>115924791but that's a muppet

>>115924819I mean you didn’t specify who Hilda was or gave a reference so it still counts

>>115924855I wanna kill myself so much right now

Requesting the She-Ra Best Friends Squad playing Pictionary.

Attached: sheraguys.png (678x428, 349.26K)

>>115924876Don’t be a drama queen, just know for next time to provide references of what you want but know that in this thread your request was delivered

>>115924876References are important.

>>115924927fine. I,m still disappointed, but fuck it, i'm used to it

Requesting Atrocitus the Therapist either being a really good therapist or an absolutely terrible one artists choice

Attached: 46CD5253-6A87-4760-B840-203061B45360.jpg (440x220, 40.51K)

>>115924728Alright here you go. Yeah I’m also fucking with you.

Attached: A71E57A7-8294-4624-9F22-C96825EC7490.jpg (3024x2794, 1.26M)

Requesting a buff Yuugi Hoshiguma dressed up as Alex from Street Fighter 3. The third image on the right is the pose for reference. Another thing is I'd like to see her have a black sports bra on her.

Attached: can we play ballz 3d already.png (1507x649, 590.76K)

>>115925054somebody shoot me already.

>>115925118Can I do it?

>>115925138I wish.

Requesting Miko and Five like the picture on top left.

Attached: request.png (1932x1772, 2.82M)

Requesting Darkseid in a Slave Leia bikini.Trigon holding the chain leash is optional.

Attached: Oh no.jpg (1729x1700, 697.37K)

Requesting the left pic with sexy Madam Mim, both the outfit and the pose.

Attached: Slutgirl bikini Mim.png (1248x1080, 1.23M)

>>115924470Hilda.From The Muppets Show. Sheesh.>>115924540Close. I thought that might be his mom at one point.>>115925054I fucking love it!

Requesting a Satyr version of Melody

Attached: melody hoof.png (2104x1052, 1.67M)

Requesting Silver Fox Aunt May wearing revealing clothing, or perhaps wearing clothes she's stolen from Mary Jane's closet. Bonus points for an embarrassed Peter Parker

Attached: Aunt May.jpg (360x450, 19.43K)

>>115925371fucking kek you crop it this time

Requesting Frolie wearing a sleeping dress

Attached: fsd.png (1897x844, 1.73M)

Requesting a comic drawing of this.youtube.com/watch?v=3UIPTFOFlecBut with the Drawn Together original source material counterpart version of them, instead.Superman as Captain Hero.Betty Boop as Toot Braunstein.Princess Ariel (with legs) as Princess Clara.Link as Xandir.Oney as Spanky Ham.Spongebob Squarepants as Wooldoor Sockbat.

Attached: CO Standoff.jpg (1532x2120, 836.3K)

Requesting Dominator lewd hand holding

Attached: degenerate hand holding.jpg (2265x1180, 338.01K)

Requesting dragon fusion

Attached: Dragon gang.jpg (2300x1810, 250.62K)

Requesting Outfit swap and/or fusion between Spinel and CW BatWomans Alice Kane

Attached: 615A7C3F-E6A1-49B0-8BDE-708C639D4980.jpg (750x504, 391.05K)

Requesting Lonely Pearl sipping some tea while hanging out with Aubergine Pearl who's drinking coffee.

Attached: LonelyAburgine.png (2835x2710, 127.4K)

Requesting GigaSinanju

Attached: Giga Sinanju.jpg (2073x1035, 573.07K)

>>115921912OR danke schoen that is some great work

requesting a fight between Superboy and Muhammad Ali Jr.

Attached: rematch.png (1051x630, 944.18K)

Requesting the top image but with Sorceress from Wreck It Ralph

Attached: 8EA8A34B-DB22-4433-ABF7-A8A2FFCDE637.jpg (953x1529, 262.26K)

Requesting Jack/Ashi and Johnny/Velma on a double date

Attached: 0095170C-561F-44F4-859E-B0885394EC06.jpg (583x258, 50.49K)

Requesting Shezow as busty adult milf

Attached: 1593194761909.png (1280x1280, 748.24K)

requesting Stinkmeaner fighting Luke Cage

Attached: WHATCHU GONNA DO.png (929x621, 766.94K)

>>115927115How can a boy be “busty”

>>115927171The same way he can have superpowers, ya dingus.

>>115921912>file name stop it it's too painful

Requesting America Chavez wearing the underwear in the bottom picture

Attached: Tacos.jpg (686x1135, 190.21K)

requesting the comic on the left but with Steven and Connie

Attached: universe booth.png (1130x661, 562.83K)

>>115920907Here you go. I never watched Hilda or read Hellboy so I hope this fits one of those properties.I was gonna do full shading but I thought it looked good with only partial and remaining mostly flat. IDK I like it but I'm fine to go back and shade more.>>115923214Also didn't want to take up two message posts, but I'm that user that drew those Knives from the last thread, and thank you for liking my art so much! Here's my twitter if you want more from me, and again glad you liked the deliveries!twitter.com/SlugmanOctavio3

Attached: God I want to fuck the Mothman.png (1984x2921, 950.95K)

requesting Absorbing man posing and dressed as Ronnie Coleman in pic related

Attached: absorbing king.png (870x672, 1.1M)

Requesting Stella grabbing and kissing a surprised Mia

Attached: A99BF81F-6838-4996-81F6-1270BA6CBA65.jpg (1235x472, 133.95K)

>>115927171en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GynecomastiaThere's also easier forms e.g. drag queen and such have hundred of methodsSo technically that won't be so odd after all

Requesting thicc Jetix-tan trying to pull her pants up

Attached: sketch-1592762701884.png (1440x1080, 1.26M)

>>115921912That's actually fucking impressive!Do you have a blog?By the way that filename broke my heartWell done drawfag

>>115927720Trust me user, the filename breaks my heart every day.Also yea I got a blog, Already tagged it in this post! Thanks!>>115927654

Requesting Penny and Lah demanding user to decide which ass is better via smothering his face with their butts to his embarrassment and joy.

Attached: 1592355858650.jpg (1252x651, 298.29K)

>>115927654OR here, absolutely fantastic job dude. From the shading to atmosphere, it’s all wonderfully well done. The only gripes I have is that Hilda should’ve either been either facing the viewer or in an different angle besides the back. Mothman is also fantastically well done, but I feel like it should’ve been an figure from either Nordic or British mythology, like for example a Troll or anything of the sorts. Besides those nitpicks, beautiful work user. Also do yourself a favor and read Hellboy or watch Hilda, preferably both. They’re genuinely fantastic pieces of work.

>>115920975>>115921004>>115921162>>115921500>>115921612>>115921776Requesting Jessica Cruz for these requests

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Hey, taking another Harlinque request, had a lot of fun with the last one and I'd like to see what other ideas you guys have.

Attached: harlinque-eversonitro.png (4000x3500, 477.48K)

>>115928000Harlinque in an absorbtion battle with Upgrade

>>115928000Her as a toddler.

>>115920770Requesting Marvin the Martian asking Sailor Mars where is the Earth Shattering Kaboom.

Attached: Martians.jpg (3264x1632, 676.6K)

>>115928000Her fighting Venom.

requesting a music battle between Steg and Gary

Attached: musical duel.png (780x565, 654.66K)

>>115927171silicone implants, estrogen, etc.

>>115928000How about her oozing out of a vent?

Requesting Lake trying to poledance, kicking up a lot of sparks.

Attached: LakeDance.png (1674x1594, 1.88M)

>>115927973Oh no, you are back...>>115928000Suggesting Harley fusing with Gween Poole to obtain absolute control over the major plotsObviously using their new powe to do silly changes to the classic stories

Requesting Queen La from The Legend of Tarzan sharply dressed in a suit as the CEO of a major company. Optionally with one of her Leopard Men serving as bodyguard.

Attached: queen.jpg (1200x1600, 367.48K)

>>115928000Nice tripsSuggesting Harley Quinn Beyond

Requesting Lapis Lazuli trick-or-treating

Attached: 6CZJcrd.jpg (1523x1200, 969.68K)

Requesting Gogo Tomago rollerblading with wearing outfits in the reference

Attached: gogo roller blade.jpg (480x360, 88.07K)

Please requesting Jackeline and Scotgirl dressed as Utena and Anthy respectively. Doesn't have to be the reference pose, thought that would be nice.

Attached: jackeline.jpg (1880x3144, 1.04M)

>>115927942Yea halfway in I kind of realized that having her face away defeated the point of making a request for a character specifically but at that point I was sort of just in it to do a Mothman drawing lol.Is Hellboy and Hilda more Nordic and British themed? If you have any creatures from those mythologies to recommend I wouldn't mind giving this idea another more proper go.

Requesting Cass and Steph finding out about Barbara's crush on Killer Moth.

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requesting the comic on the left with pink buff Steven and Connie

Attached: ol diamond charm.png (1089x683, 280.77K)

>>115928481Yeah I can understand that lolAs for the question, Hilda is clearly more Nordic and Slavic inspired, with the references to Trolls, Jötunn, Marras and other mythical figures while creating it’s own like Woffs, Vittras, and Thunderbirds. Hellboy is more a mishmash of ideas, taking more inspiration from the works of H.P Lovecraft, Pulp stories, folktales and mythology from Arthurian legends, Scandinavian, Celtic etc. I honestly just recommend reading or watching them, as to get familiar with both IPs. Plus they’re genuinely fucking great, I recommend watching the first 5 episodes of Hilda or read Seed of Destruction, Wake the Devil, or the short stories like the Wolves of Saint August and The Corpse for Hellboy, than after that just go on your own path.

>>115920770Here is a request.Replace Sinbad and Eris with Superman and Silver Banshee like the top left cornerHave Silver Banshee be drawn all smug like the middle left picture of ErisGo nuts with Superman, you can draw him as either angry or even a little scared, but the bottom right image of him can be used as a reference of him in relation to the bigger version of Silver Banshee

Attached: 68A50225-49B6-455D-8510-3602C4379B12.jpg (1455x1061, 1.27M)


Attached: raven copy.png (579x859, 401.41K)

>>115928760Very cute Raven

Requesting Frida getting a tan at the beach

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>>115925371I'm offended by this. I worked hard on that drawing.

Requesting the Kevin & Kell family cos playing as the incredibles

Attached: 2020-06-19.png (1187x619, 757.81K)

Requesting a outfit swap with Suwako Moriya from the bullet hell shoot 'em up video game series The Touhou Project and Anne Boonchuy from the disney animated television series Amphibia.

Attached: frogs.png (652x491, 157.87K)

>>115920907U already got that 2 threads ago

>>115929152Yeah I know, I just wanted someone else’s different interpretation on the idea. Once they’re finished with their deliveries, than I’ll stop and mix up my requests for a change.

Requesting fusion of Witchblades Masane Amaha and Sara Pezzini.

Attached: Perfected Sara and Masane.jpg (3013x4388, 3.21M)

The pic on the left but replace the top chick with Power Girl and the bottom one with Supergirl.

Attached: Untitled2.png (2518x1340, 3.93M)

Requesting Kipo wearing pink jaguar print underwear.

Attached: Kipo panties.png (800x559, 252.91K)

>>115929209kinda cringe but you do you i suppose

Requesting older Tanis the mummy, doing this gag.

Attached: TanisDoesntGetPaidWell.png (1842x1609, 1.57M)

>>115929396Yeah that’s a fair response.

>>115929398the TP is sold out. sorry man

Requesting Barbara Gordon/Batgirl chilling in the pool

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>>115921048The scooby doo chest dude, Mega man and Crazy Bill Nye.

Requesting Peridot wearing green yoga pants and sneakers

Attached: 387.png (500x725, 98.01K)

Requesting Zee as Magical Sempai.

Attached: Zee Magical Sempai.png (800x860, 755.81K)

>>115920770Requesting Mrs. Leading from Flapjack having a Keijo battle with The Tavernkeeper from Over The Garden Wall

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requesting Eda Clawthrone in the yes meme template

Attached: yes the owl lady.png (1091x631, 558.44K)

Requesting wet Jetix-tan wearing red one-piece swimsuit with skirt and splashing in the water of ocean like on the bottom reference

Attached: sketch-1593021465312.png (1080x1544, 1.4M)

Requesting Devil Hulk recreating the poster from Shin Godzilla.

Attached: Shin Hulk.jpg (1072x1373, 1.41M)

Requesting Disney channel-tan making this face.

Attached: Disney channel tan request.png (477x1020, 403.03K)

>>115930227requesting eda as the brainlet instead

>>115921912Great Job!