RIP Carl, Manjula, Apu, Dr. Hibbert, Lou, Bumblebee Man>In a big shift, the producers of The Simpsons say they'll no longer use White actors to play characters of color on the long-running animated series.The article also talks about Mike Henry stepping down from the role of Cleveland on Family Guy, but there's already a thread for that right now.

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>>115920591Ok, you niggas going to pretend to care about modern simpsons now?

Who cares? The Simpsons hasn't been good for years anyway.

>>115920591So how do they legally do this? If you get pulled off a part and they tell you it's because you're the wrong color, do you have a leg to stand on in court? I'd assume not since they announced this so openly.

>Azaria also voices Carl Carlson and Springfield police officer Lou, who are Black, and Latinx character Bumblebee Man.>Latinx

>>115920655The VAs it concerns have said themselves they're willing to step down from the roles in order for them to be recast.


>>115920655Do you really want to risk career suicide by sueing for this? Because yeah sure you might win but no one's going to like you for it

I want to make a show where every character is voiced by a voice actor of a differing ethnicity. Whites played by blacks, blacks by white, Chinese by Mexicans. Hell, I'd even have more male actors voice some female characters and vice versa. I just want to piss everyone off. If people bitching about people of x race playing characters of y race then everyone deserves to have their fucking cornflakes pissed in because we have failed as a society.

>>115920679Imagine letting yourself get bumped out of a stable long term gig in exchange for temporary wokepoints. You know the replacements are all going to be hired for pennies on the dollar.

>>115920773If the entire premise of your show is too just push an agenda/"piss everyone off" you aren't making a good cartoon and you are a reason why this industry is shit

>>115920591Is this some kind of retarded witch hunt or something?

>>115920793>magine letting yourself get bumped out of a stable long term gig in exchange for temporary wokepoints.Hank Azaria has been looking for a way out for years. He really doesn't want to be part of the show anymore, but the paycheck is too good.

They'll all be played by Chinese?

>>115920773Unless your spite show becomes insanely popular nobody's going to give a shit.

Chances are the choice was to step down and gain some "brownie" points or have the characters be killed off and introduce new PoC ones and then "leak" the story that the reason they were killed was because the actors didn't want to make way for colored actors to take take over tanking there reputation

>>115920707boot licker

>>115920773>I'd even have more male actors voice some female characters and vice versaThe vice versa is nearly every male child cartoon character.

At this point we should probably start a fake Twitter campgain to make anime dub companies fire all non-japanese/Asian voice actors from anime since most characters are Japanese and voiced by whites

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>>115920655If the studio pressures their voice actors into "stepping down", then no. They don't have a case because they did it "willingly".

>>115921169Now you're thinking like an accelerationist

>>115921012The males voicing females is fairly common too (though not as common for obvious reasons).

>>115920881I'd imagine he has enough money where he could just leave and not have to worry about a paycheck. Unless he blows all of his money on blow or something. I don't know his financials.

Most black people don't care about animation and consider it beneath them to do VA work.

>>115921382Yet they cry for more representation in animation.

>>115920591I hate this cucked attitude that only blacks can voice black people

>>115920591> Latinx character Bumblebee Man.Wait so Bumblebee Man is trans?

>>115920591I don’t understand? So Missy is going to sound like one of the Real Atlanta Housewives? So is forbidden now that an Asian voices a Black, or a read head voiced an albino?

>>115920673As a real Latino I fucking hate it

>>115921640Cool story, bro.


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>>115921169I can just imagine the debates. People arguing if Edward and Alphonse Elric are asian, sure they were German in the 2003 series and just look how different Ling looks to everyone else in the country. JoJo is another can of worms, with many international characters. Is Dragon Ball's cast Chinese or Japanes?

>>115921574What do you hate exactly? Because as a Latino I hate when a bunch of guilty whites decide how I should feel included. Basically I am forbidden to voice a white character now? If someone make an Animated adaption of Hamlet, my only way to voice Hamlet is if they put him on a Mexican sombrero so people would know I am a Latino voicing a Mexican Hamlet?

>Voice acting, as in acting with just voice alone, being affected by the physical appearance of the actorWe've gone too far.

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>>115920591John DiMaggio did a roundtable discussion/animation where he acted as a black man, and the other people, who were black, said it was great.When will these shitheads be satisfied? When we have to get actual aliens to voice aliens in shows? This is fucking stupid.

>>115922025There is no end to it, it's all contrarians making up things to be mad about. There's no goal outside of trolling everyone.

They are going to need a lot of Japanese immigrants to voice all those animes

>>115921169This actual dancing cat has some quality takes

>>115921824I think he meant Latinx replacing Latino/a. Just go with Latine because it's actually pronouncible in Spanish.

>>115920679>willing to step downYou mean, if they don't step down they'll be fired instead which looks worse.

Will Phil Lamarr be stepping down?

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>>115921169I really don't think that'll happen for dubs of anime. Dubfags would be pissed.

>>115922107I think he addressed this specifically regarding the whataboutism of him playing white roles, saying that it's an unfair comparison as non-white actors don't get chosen to play their own race to begin with.. Didn't address Samurai Jack but hey.I'll give Futurama this; their non-white characters were played by non-white people from the start, Bender notwithstanding.

>>115922187I grew up on Penny from Inspector Gadget being voiced by Cree Summer. This is a stupid fucking double standard.

Like they say in the US:"If having standards is good, then having double standards is twice as good".

>>115920773Just make it so the whole world gets Freaky Friday'd and their souls all switch into a different person's body entirely.

>No more whites in nonwhite voice rolesAlso>Every fucking cartoon these days is about some ambiguously brown girl and her quirky minority friendsThey should just come out and say they're sick of white people having jobs and want them gone.

>>115920591All of them are getting voiced by Asians now?

>>115922339Yeah, hired by Tencent.

>>115921824Hey, you guys asked for it. We've been saying that the whole damn time.

Does this mean blacks are no longer allowed to voice white characters, and white characters will no longer be made black for no reason?And will only Asians be allowed to do anime dubs? Do they have that many Asian voice actors available, and won't it just seem racist if all anime characters now have Asian accents?

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>>115920793>You know the replacements are all going to be hired for pennies on the dollarThis is the real reason, isn't it?

>>115922382>Does this mean blacks are no longer allowed to voice white charactersNo>white characters will no longer be made black for no reason?No

>>115920591And you know what the worst thing about it is?NO ONE WILL PUBLICLY SAY ANYTHING Everyone will just fall in line and accept their master’s orders, out of fear of being “cancelled”The future is bleak

>ummm, THAT'S mr popo? he gotta mr gogo>ror no

>>115922382Nope. It's literally just to take white va's paychecks away and redistribute them to unproven vas of color.

>>115922382I think it's different with anime dubs. Because it's an import, race in voice acting doesn't matter. Unless the anime itself is not taking place in Japan, I don't think you need to worry.

>>115921498No, moronic Anglophones are pretending that Spanish doesn't have gendered words.

>>115920591Manjula's voice actor died years ago.

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>>115922418Reminder that all the simpsons VAs are multi-millionairs. Trust me, Hank Azaria voiceing 6 less characters is not gonna change his paycheck.Speaking of which, does this mean Krusty's gonna be voiced by Hank or Harry from now on? Because Dan's like, the most christian out of the main cast.

If they pull Steve Blum off Sub-Zero...

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>>115920655Retard. The VAs can see the writing on the wall, they aren't being dragged kicking and screaming.

>>115922468It's not just Hank Azaria, though.

>>115922424>>115922418>>115922395Well then if this isn't a two-way street then it really doesn't have anything to do with fairness or equality, now does it?


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>>115922224Cree was also Elmyra, another white girl.

>>115922509>fairness or equalityNigga, they stopped using this talking point like 3 years ago. Everybody else knows they aren't trying for it.

>>115922509It does. It's leveling the playing field. You see, the current status quo is unequal and unfair. It's made fare and equal by pulling the top rung down.

>>115922503I know that, but if we are talking the SImpsons.I think Mike Henry plays other characters, right? Does that gay dude Bruce count as POC or not?And also, this started with Big Mouth, should have not been existent in the first place.

>>115922187Fucking hypocrite.

>>115922562Was anyone even complaining about that or did this white girl with other work decide to very publicly ditch that job for woke points and start the dominoes falling?

>>115920632>you only get to be upset if you enjoy the show>oh you like the show but are upset? Why does it matter, just stop watching it.How about white people don’t need your approval to perform or create?

>>115922526Again, it's more of giving non-white actors actual opportunities to voice act rather than all the white actors stealing their roles/having them just play their race and nothing else. And even then, the voice acting community is lacking on non-white actors in general. Having Lauren Tom play all the Asians in the early 2000's and having Kimiko Glenn play all the Asians now is really teling on VA culture.

>>115922548Removing white actors from "black roles" and not removing black actors from "white roles" is neither fair or equal.It's just racist.

>>115922684Can't be racist towards white.

>>115921169as in, remove dubs all together from the west. At this rate I can see it happening since the United States of California is running on onions and sensitivity now.

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>>115922684I think a lot of the time where king of the hill had that laotian character played by a white guy with a sterotypical asian accent, but took the time and effort in casting john redcorn with a native american actor twice.

>>115922076>Trump imports qt Asian waifus and makes anime real2020 suddenly isn't looking so bad

>>115920591Will they finally end it

>>115922736Where the fuck would you find a laotian VA.It's so specific, and if you use any other type of Asian you'll just get in worse trouble for that.

>>115922509Look at it this way. VAs have a union. Enough of the white one with clout find their money drying up because of this and you'll start seeing more cartoons coming out with more white folk in them, maybe.

>>115922474he's such a leftcuck he'd step down on his own t.b.h.

>>115922826I don't think so, since asian characters were so few to being with. maybe if it was a japanese or chinese actor, sure, but if it was south east in general? probably not.I mean, it doesn't matter since the show's over now.

>>115922826>use any other type of Asian you'll just get in worse trouble for thatNo you won't. Hollywood has been doing it a lot lately, just throwing Philipinos and Malaysians into any Asian role they need, especially the ones that were formerly white characters that need changing for being problematic.

>>115922876>probably notYou fucking KNOW they would spin it as, "All SE asians are the same to the evil white overlords. They cast Thai people as Laotians in a bigoted hate-filled attempt to erase our culture and heritage"

>>115920591I always thought Hank Azaria was a Latino/had latino ancestry for some reason, didn't know he was white Maybe because of the Birds Cage movie

>>115922736>but took the time and effort in casting john redcorn with a native american actor twiceYou idiot both applied through the Texas actors guild

>>115922944He's swarthy

>>115920591In other news, gay actors won't be allowed to play straight roles.just kidding.

>>115922382Woke fags always elegantly omit Asians and hope we will never ask questions.Observe SJW narrative and look how often they talk about Asians, I can quarantee you it's never unless someone killer an Asian or something. They probably hate them because they expect them to successful which is very oppressive by their standards. Some Asians are also white skinned so you will see alot of whining about Westerners liking them because it's;dr wokefags don't give a shit about Asians and hope you won't bring it up

>>115920591In other news, it was decided that only black producers can pay black actors their money.Just kidding.

>>115922983>Smithers being played by Andrew RannallsI don't like that.

>>115922702I swear to god everything is now going to be broadcast or released without even a scratch of dialogue in the coming months

>>115922983>just kidding.I'm not laughing.It'll probably happen within the year, in the wake of this.Remember, if it CAN get worse, it WILL get worse.

>>115920655They don't have to do that, they just have to tell their cronies to cancel them on social media. It's like having their own little kangaroo court.

>>115922104This, they're basically being given a choice: step down willingly or get pulled over the rakes of social justice.>>115922475Writing on the wall the same way the Kulaks saw the writing on the wall.

>>115920591>producersreminder that these same producers banned "Stark Raving Dad" because of a fake documentary

>>115920591At first when I saw this thread I thought the actor died but turns out it was actually the show getting beaten further to death, just put it out of its misery already

Wait does this mean Dan's gonna be playing Luigi from now on? Since he's an Italian stereotype after all. Or is Italy Scholdinger's POC.

>>115922701Racism is racism. Period. Not one race is excluded from this, no matter how much the hypocrisy gets thrown around

>>115921169Good.Subs > Dubs

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>>115920591Why are people upset over a show that hasn't been good in literal decades?If anything we should celebrate that this might be what finally breaks the spell and causes the last people watching the show to stop.

>>115921430 That has nothing to do with black people its just white people pretending to be offended.

>>115921824>Porcolete, Infante de Guadalajara

>>115923481I just find it alarming in precedence, as it suggests it will be wrongthink to write a non white character if you are white.

>>115920773I would watch this show. This is unironically a great idea.The thicker the accents of the VAs the better, picture a mexican with a thick, thick accent trying to play a chinese woman.

>>115920591I thought he actually died you massive fucking faggot

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Apu confirmed dead.Oh and also Dr. Nick. Again. Probably.

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>>115920846lol cry more about it. What he just described was how all old cartoon voice acting was done.

>>115923542He might as well have.

>>115920591What the fuck is happening to this shitty planet

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>>115921788>People arguing if Edward and Alphonse Elric are asianAmestris is based on the US according to Cow-sama herself, so presumably the Elric bros. are white Americans. German heritage though presumably since their dad is Paracelsus.

>>115921788Dragon Ball's cast is Laotian.

>>115923551What a fucking pussy, what the hell is wrong with America?

>>115922140Who gives a fuck about some dubfags?>WAAH, MUH CARTOON VOICES GOT CHANGEDThat's not more important than racial justice and solidarity.Besides, Yuri, Steve, and Laura already get way too much work anyways.

>>115923586It will get so shitty that our collective hate towards humanity will materialize in the form of an alien invasion that finally nukes this planet and takes the chosen angry ones with them.

>>115923668>>115923644What is your obsession with Jewish people.

>>115920591June 2020: White people cancelled.

>>115923651>racial justice and solidarity.You don't care about any of that shit. Eat my ass.

>>115923205It won't happen.Telling straight actors they can't play gay roles can happen.

>>115923728You're right, I don't, but I love the idea of dubfags having their gay little circlejerk broken up by the politics they all worship so much anyways.Besides, most dubfags are annoying white people anyways, so I outrank them regardless thanks to the fact that I'm black.Accelerate faggot, step on the gas pedal.

>>115923651What justice? Punishing white people for just being white? There's no justice in that.And fuck solidarity. We don't need to, and shouldn't have to, stand with people who are willing to screw us over the slightest fuck up.Also, skill and talent override race.

>>115921866Just wait.Next it’ll be Patrick Warburton for voicing a differently abled character while being capable of walking unaided.

So does this mean Nancy Cartwright won't voice Bart anymore?

>>115923760>There's no justice in that.Sure there is, by punishing the descendants of people who may or may not have been racists, you are righting all the world's wrongs.

I'm so tired of it all, man. What is even the point of voice acting anymore if the actors have to look exactly like the character they're voicing. I enjoy it when people can do really convincing accents or voices that do not fit their appearance at all. Why kill talent like this?

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>>115923767But Bullock's only mentally disabled.

>>115920591Oh good I thought the voice actor had died. I'm glad it's just screeching bout nothing.

>>115920591Shouldn't all the Simpsons charcters be replaced with yellow people?

>>115923807Patrick Warburton user, not Patrick Stewart.The former plays Joe on Family Gore.

>>115922675>Again, it's more of giving non-white actors actual opportunities to voice act rather than all the white actors stealing their rolesYou know what would put a stop to that?If somebody besides white people ever ever ever put their money into their own cartoons then they could hire whoever they want.But that will NEVERRRRRRRRRRR happen.

>>115923586Twitter happened.

>>115923760>screw us over the slightest fuck upDoesn't even need to be a fuck up. I'm looking forward all the false claims to start coming out, like you see with sexual abuse. I seriously cannot wait to start seeing completely innocent white folks getting dragged because they cut off a black guy with a cellphone while driving and see the follow up "owning" video where they cancel the white driver. All it takes is for the person with the camera phone to harrass them long enough while just saying they called them the n-word.

>>115923586Social media and white women.

>>115923804I feel like people are acting more and more like some esoteric retards. Of course the body doesn't matter when you only giving a character your voice.

>>115923644it's not the jews' faultit's George Floyd's faulthad he not gone outside, the chain reaction would never happen

>>115923823Fuck I can't read.I mean technically Joe wasn't born parapeligic so. A pass?

>>115922097Latino here, if you actually pronounce or write things using an "e" at the end, people will call you a retard or a feminist, both are the same thing anyways.

>>115920591>Be liberal Male>Lose your job because of your race>bend knee and nods >get #Metoo >Don’t fight backSeriously. Why won’t males in the industry and voice actors defend themselves? Frank miller and Alan Moore would’ve defended themselves at least.( According to Holla Forums Alan Moore conservative now) butch Hartman would’ve defended himself. vic mignogna Won a appeal and actively suing multiple people. Even YouTube e-celebs Angry Joe, Jontron snd Pewdiepie fought against #Metoo and cancel culture.

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>>115923823>>115923807I got really excited for a second that there was some Batman cartoon where Warburton voiced Bullock.

And this is why I prefer anime.Won't ever see Japs bitching because some Jap woman is voicing a woman who's supposed to be Chinese-American, Engrish and all.

>>115923925You'll have white women bitching over it though.As they always do. And people will dance to their tune. As they always do.

>>115923952>You'll have white women bitching over it though.No one cares about white women bitching except white men, and white men have no power in the anime industry.Besides, I'll just come out as a PoC and say white women trying to tell other PoC what they can and can't do is racist as fuck.Thankfully, white women are no longer immune to being cancelled.

As a pretty huge SJW, even I think this might be a bit misguided. Not really for large shows like this, Big Mouth, Family Guy, etc. - for major network productions, this is going to be inconsequential.There are so many voice talents that some recasting and having minorities voice minorities from now on will make very little difference. It's a weird thing to start caring about and virtue signalling that doesn't actually enact meaningful change, but still - it really doesn't matter.The people I'm more concerned for are small content creators. People who work entirely on their own are now in a pretty shitty catch-22, depending on how much twitter decides to make this a hill to die on. If you want to make something diverse but don't have money for voice talents - you're fucked. You either can't have the diversity or you have someone playing character's of other races, so either way, you lose. Even having said all of this, a lot of you need to calm the fuck down. I know most people on here are pretty conservative, but still - take a step back and you'll realize this isn't that consequential. If you are worried about a "slippery slope," there's plenty of way more concerning shit for you to grasp onto. I think this is dumb but ultimately nothing.

>>115921574I do not get why latin isn't fine enough for Latin gender neutral.

>>115923975>I'll just do this and I'll just do thatI'm laughing at you.

>>115924018>She thinks I'm not part of the mobOh femanon, don't worry, you'll learn soon enough.

>>115924000>The people I'm more concerned for are small content creators. People who work entirely on their own are now in a pretty shitty catch-22, depending on how much twitter decides to make this a hill to die on.I was thinking of this too. I mean shows like South Park basically have two people voicing the entire cast. Sure it is an extreme example and radical wokes hate SP anyway but it's pretty typical for smaller content creators to voice their own characters or only pay a few people as VAs that do everything.

>>115924000I always see this as sort of a powerplay by the established big names. They'll always be in-demand. But it's going to undercut a lot of up-and-comers. It's like whenever you see the big two in comics talk about only wanting to get work from new minority talent. They still keep hiring the same old white guys for 80% of their work, but the only new names are these one hit wonder diversity hires.

>>115923551jesus christ americans have seriously adopted capitalising "black" as a language standard now. what the fuck is going on?

>>115924036Best of luck with your fantasy.

>Putting people out of work based on the color of their skin>Making things: Black onlyWe are Reverse Jim-Crow laws now. Modern blacks are no better than past white racists.

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>>115920591this voice actor of color shit is only affecting new productions and they're not going to go as far as redubbing older productions, right?

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>>115923895>Why won’t males in the industry and voice actors defend themselves?It’s calling being in the right side of history Holla Forums. Systematic racism and abuser have to go. #BLM and #MEtoo On the right side of history incel.

Why can't normalfags see that this is just cheap PR? Jenny Slate did it and it got a positive reaction so other people started doing it too to also get positive reactions. Bonus points because there's more racial sensitivity lately because of the whole George Floyd thing, so it's gonna catch on extra hard. It's not a hard puzzle. Why does this keep happening? Why is it so easy and when am I going to cave in and use my own black skin color to exploit all of this to get to where I want to be without any real effort on my part?

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>>115924149>Modern blacks are no better than past white racists.I want Holla Forums to shut the fuck up

>>115920591Fox celebrates being able to get rid of their voice actors.

>>115924170Man I am happy I am always listening to metal outside I wouldn't even get what they want me to do and I don't take off my headphones for sure.

>>115920591Fuck it I'll make a cartoon and I'll have every VA voice someone that's not their gender and race and everyone else can seethe.

>>115924149Whites aren't real, its all an anglo-saxxon psyop to take over the world

>>115924225>listening to metalSounds like something a racist would do.

>>115924204They can't hear you over the sound of them slurping up "hating everyone that isn't me" juice.

>>115920591Apu's been gone for a while now so this only effects Lenny and Bumblebee man

>>115924166It can happen, they redubbeda a character voiced by Louis C.K. from Gravity Falls 2 years after it ended.

>>115924252Sounds like they're slurping the same juice as a lot of black people in that case.And before you bitch and moan like every other white simp, I'm not white.

>>115924236Just make a cartoon where you voice all the characters and none of the characters are your identity.

>>115923895>( According to Holla Forums Alan Moore conservative now)>Defend using rape like candy in his stories>Literally writes porno comics >Thinks abolishing police forces retarded >Called occupy Wall Street misguided and childish >hates superheroes and vigilantes This still gets to me. I can’t believe this is now enough to make someone considered rightwing but here we are. Than again frank miller being called conservative is just as absurd.

>>115924285Frank Miller hates Muslims.

>>115924276No worries. I just think everyone's slurping the same juice then blacked out and accused everyone else of drinking it.

>>115924305>Hating people who are overwhelmingly conservative = being conservativeGod damn white people are fucking stupid.

>>115920591I love it when the left eats itself.You give em' an inch, they'll take a mile and when it fails, they will say it wasn't true communism and still say it was your fault.

>>115924305>Frank Miller hates Muslims.Majority of comic writers openly hate christians. Garth ennis isn’t getting cancelled over preacher.

>>115924329>I love it when the left eats itselfThings that ever happen. How about Holla Forums leaves?

>>115924277>erm, excuse me. why are there no minorities in this cartoon?>erm, the lack of representation here is making me semi-uncomfortable>why no pocs??>your cartoon is hate speech

Do you guys think I can use this to force a woker-than-woke white male d&d player in my group to stop playing black and latina women characters?

>>115924270Louis C.K.'s character was a one-off. Redubbing Apu et al. would take a lot of work since you have 30+ years of content to comb over. You think they have enough money to get George Takai? Well maybe they do, but they don't have the effort.

>>115924270but that was for a totally different reasonLouis C.K. is a fucking pedoo doo man

>>115920591Dude you fucking scared me, I thought he died.


>>115924388What?All he did was ask women if he could jerk off in front of them.It's creepy, but he's not a fucking pedo.


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>>115920793>You know the replacements are all going to be hired for pennies on the dollar.>implying that the showrunners will recast those characters and not simply ignore them.

>>115924411You can't have lenny without carl, user. They're like gay, man.

>>115924374It's going to reach that point next. Makes me sad as I've wanted to write a story with a mixed race character in fantasy, but why should I risk that minefield.

>>115924435>it only makes black characters even rarer since people will get rid of then without VAsSounds like a galaxybrain idea those leftists had.

>>115924374>>115924449>I'll be able to shit on the white women writing retarded stories about PoC characters when they have no idea what it's like to be a PoCMy fucking sides, this is gonna be great.

Why would anyone want to be a liberal at this point? It's just a constant state of misery and egg shell dancing that offers no reward for a life time of virtue signalling. At least the Puritans were having sex every night.

I get Apu and Manjula. It's a very specific stereotype and an accent that white kids used to yell at Indian kids at my school. As for the rest...yeesh.Also the whole "only people of color should play mixed-race characters" thing is stupid. Okay, find lesser-known actors instead of famous ones and give them a chance, but if a character is half-white, I don't understand why they couldn't be played by a white person.

>>115924374You know what they say: what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

>>115924374>>115924466There was already a debate among wokists years ago called "digital blackfacing".It's about the question if white people should be allowed to use reaction gifs and -images of black people.

>>115924380They could probably make a voice robot that does it with all the voice samples they have. I'm sure Disney has considered it before.

>>115924484I'm still center left, I just don't associate with anyone who identifies as anything further left than a centrist, because everyone I've had the pleasure of interacting with who's to the left of me has been an awful human being who I don't want to be friends with.

>>115924445He'll just become a mute.

>>115920591I find it funny how they’re trying to get rid of “white washing” by banning white people from voicing non-white characters yet that kinda makes it just as bad as there definition of “white washing”.

>>115924484Power, being anywhere else on the political spectrum is exactly the same thing; only you don't get the power and benefits of being on the in-group.You think those woke leftists kissing the boots of black men during that protest liked doing it? Fuck no, but they realized they could have been mobbed/ostracized if they didn't.Like Frank Azaria. You think he liked essentially killing Apu? The producers were ready to give the finger to the critics, initially. He caved to pressure because he doesn't want to feel ostracized, either.

They literally need to redub the old Turtles cartoon. They have Uncle Phil a black man voicing the Shredder who is Japanese

Jesus fuck, how do Americans become more and more cucked?

>>115920591so then they will recast bart to be played by a man?logically

Attached: nancycartwright-bartsimpson-2000x1270-1.jpg (2000x1270, 248.54K)

>>115924557>Frank*Hank, why the fuck did I call him 'Frank'?

>>115924559I would rather Shredder be black than lose Uncle Phil's voice.

>>115924351The Left is never going to recover from these riots.

>>115924522Ah. The Jay and Silent Bob approach.

>>115920591so they'll reshoot all the heimdal scenes in MCU then?

Attached: Heimdall1.jpg (700x948, 80.48K)

>>115924351> Things that ever happenIndeed

>>115924605This would actually be hilarious with Lenny and Carl.

>>115924574Frank Grimes.

I’ll say this again. Hollywood needs to do more. You took away roles of persons of color – so now you have to give back in equal measure!Replace major white stars of current series! For at least two to three years. Give the role of GREY to a black actress. Give the role of HOPPER to a black actor.NO MAJOR NEW ROLES for white actors. ONLY for persons for color. A trans person in EVERY series. Show them in a positive light. Don’t show cops in a positive light. Be real. Be honest.Run your scripts by GLAAD. If they don’t give their permission, you are not allowed to shoot. Their revisions are law.DO THAT for a few years and REAL cultural change can happen.But don’t try to maintain your white kingdom by throwing the cotton people out on the field some candy.

Yeah, just like they said Apu would be retired.They're full of shit.

>>115924625I desperately what this to happen because this is the only thing that would make such a massive backlash to kill the monopoly Hollywood has on the entertainment industry. The China gravy train that it's relied on to stay on top wouldn't tolerate that shit and start making their own big budget movies and cartoons. In becoming super woke, it would probably be the final nail that kills Hollywood, and that's a good thing

>>115920591>Now choosing voice actors based on their race.This is the most racist thing they could possibly do. If everyone is equal, than any color can voice any color.

>>115924715Has he shown up recently? I don't watch zombie simpsons.

>>115924509If voice neural network 'fakes' advance in 5-10 years I expect they'll digitize voice acting. >>115924719What did the deleted post say? And I can see that happening. I don't see why the Chinese market is going to like any of this, and it sounds like it's going to be of such an intensity they can't just release a redacted version for the Chinese/Middle Eastern markets.

>>115924599>The Left is never going to recover from these riots.Shut the fuck up. Holla Forums should’ve been deleted years ago! Especially when gamer incel and trump

>>115924715Is a pysops to start a civil war in America by Soros and Hollywood doesn't get hurt during this. By being so good boys right,they are a fucking propaganda machine of the elite behind all this.

>>115924204>Holla ForumsStop being a dumbass. Holla Forums has shit all to do with how irrational, selfish, ignorant black people are being now.

>>115924750No, they're busy recasting him.

>>115924757Your glow is showing


But what about my drunk parties where we sing the language of the Nippon , is that too a racist act?

>>115924623OH SHIT, just noticed that, HAHAHA

Attached: Epic.jpg (1080x1080, 140.28K)

>>115924754>What did the deleted post say?It was >>115924689I think it's pasta because I've seen it in another thread

>>115924757The left and right are garbage,the same as women and men.Everebody is at fault.But thinking with only your feelings,is not thinking with a critical mind.

>>115924775I can't see this going well.>recast apu>immediately complains he's not paid as much as Hank, the most paid VA in the industry Like, does anyone expect this to go well?

>>115924806I cannot believe you said nonbinary centerist rights.

>>115924806>>115924778>>115924768>Be Holla Forums>Incels>virgin >has small dick>Mad that they can’t be racist anymoreCan’t wait until America has hate speech laws

>>115924810No. The show is made for dirt cheap now as it is, no way they're gonna go out of their way to hire new VAs.

>>115924778Everebody is glowing in 4chan,like the rest of the CEO's of social media.Trump 2020-2024 by the way.

>>115924847Be careful what you wish for. You'll say something offensive without even knowing it and you'll end up behind bars too for something stupid!

>115924847I know this won't stop people from replying, but keep in mind this guy is clearly an agitator from Holla Forums. No one would type like this.

>>115924847>You are fooling anybody Mossad.

>>115924881Not.FBI can't touch me and the

>>115924901The CIA are here too.They want all that sweet funding right.

>>115923612So are they Chinese or Japanese

Attached: maxresdefault (2).jpg (1280x720, 67.92K)

>>115921169No white artist can draw Black people now! Only Black People can draw Black People!

>>115920591This will probably be what kills the Simpsons, that they will have to pay consistently for more actors will make the budget no longer feasiblein the end it will be the accountants that kill The Simpsons


Attached: depression.jpg (552x465, 19.35K)

>>115921574Estos negros de mierda empujan con su agenda politica para que el estado los subsidie por los años de esclavismo y toda esa basura. Entonces que carajo tenemos que hacer los latinos que vinieron a hacer mierda toda america desde Europa, eh?Mandriles sin cerebros que son...

>>115925134This is going to reduce many of the old characters showing up. They are going to try and make new characters to sideline the other ones. As a result we would have the most ridiculous new-tokens. “Intellectual black guy with no ‘black accent’”, “single black mother who’s is also a higher rank in Homer’s work”, “new recurrent Homer’s gay friends” (is not like Simpson’s has been trying copying American dad since some years ago).

>>115925113>comics and cartoons without joggersYes, please.

>>115923463>yurifag has shit taste

>>115923554No, old voice acting was done by finding the best VA and hiring them, or just letting one of the animators do it if you go back far enough.

>>115923554So Merrie Melodies, Looney Toons and so are an untalented pieces of shit?

>>115925113Since most comics are made by white men, does it mean that those comics should be ABOUT white men only?

Attached: smug fox.jpg (620x622, 36.32K)

>>115922386Duh, the money is ALWAYS the real reason.Companies don't care about blacks, they care about being in the black.

Attached: I'm Just Disappointed.jpg (500x375, 70.17K)

>>115925362Yes.There can be some women too, but only if they have no clothes on.

>>115925113This.Whites don't understand the actual lived experiences of PoC, so they should NEVER draw PoC or write them as characters in their media.

>>115923551Anyone remember when Hank Azaria appeared on Craig Ferguson? He told Craig he based Apu's voice on the all 7-Eleven employees in Los Angeles and the audience responded with laughter

Attached: treva throneberry.jpg (1600x2129, 542.28K)

>>115920591>Show’s been on for over 20 years>Suddenly this one thing that’s been fine for 20 years is bad because Twitter said itSocial media was a goddamn mistake

>>115920591like I care. haven't watch this show in years. God willing, this'll just be another nail in the coffin.

>>115921574Ain't this kinda shit rather popular in Mexico city? I know Chicanos mostly use it.

so the simpsons family is going to be voiced by the chinese now?and by extension 90% of springfield

>>115920846Hey, it worked for the Simpsons.

>>115922509Where have you been bud?


>>115922474Isn't he canonically a hapa?

>>115925614That be a funny joke if only they didn't have asian characters.And they do, Apu included! But most of them are ironically white. And it just basically boils down to Cookie Kwan (semi appears), Akira (rarely appears) and Kumiko (appears, but never speaks). So unless they can hire Kimiko Glenn to voice all three, it's all over for them.

>>115920655Better question, who do you hire to voice an animal, say a monkey?

>>115925724Frank Welker and/or Dee Bradley Baker, duh.


>>115925113>No more Black PantherOOF

>>115925806Are we finally free from Miles Morales?

>>115920773Their argument is it's putting people of the correct race out of a job so if you're just giving it to them in a different way it wouldn't be as bad.

>>115921169They're finally trying to bring Detective Conan back in the states after like 10 years and you faglords are going to try and prove a point by ruining 90% of terrible-anyway dubs?

>>115921169Was thinking the same thing the second all this shit started


>>115924449I wanted to make a story about a brown-skinned blonde character (they were orignally a fantasy species and were blue-skinned) but Idunno anymore.

>>115921788Dragon Ball was based on Journey to the West, and with names like Oolong, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu, it's fair to say that the first few characters were as Chinese as Toriyama could make them.

Hollywood needs to transfer to entirely minority casts. The White Man has reigned long enough in the Entertainment Industry. #ColoredTV

>>115920591this is the perfect opportunity to replace most of the characters with new cheap young voices actors that are not close to dying of old age

>>115922140>We could make Dubfags fight all this VA shitDO IT

>>115923586George Floyd happenedHe was a Catalyst for all this racial stuff and now EVERYONE has to suffer

>>115920655California is trying to get a bill that that prevents Jobs from hiring based off of race and gender repealed, so soon it will be legal

>>115922462Damn who voiced that drug fox? He was the coolest simpsons character.

>>115926231Johnny Cash.

>>115920655Hank Azaria isn't going to lose his job over this. He has tons of other voices to do.

>>115923551Imagine typing out a white guilt post about voicing colored Simpsons characters and having to say "Bumblebee Man" in the same post as "anti-racism". Can no one see how stupid all of this is? God damn it's like the stupidest fucking shit in the world. I'm going to lick Yotsuba.

>>115926231That would be Johnny Cash, a musical icon.

>>115922468>they already made a bunch of money so it's not discriminatory

>>115923804It's going to be really annoying hearing default black voices coming out of black characters instead of funny ones like Cleveland. Way to destroy everything black people you did it you fucking stopped racism because Cleveland Brown is being recast from Family Guy because some fuckin' white guy voiced him for 20 years. Nothing can be fun or anything because everything is offensive. This is worse than all the other PC crazes in the past.

>>115920743Everyone would like you for it.Everything about this is beyond ridiculous.

>>115920591>RIP [several simpsons characters]>Implying the Simpsons hasn't been dead for decades and needs to be "saved"One step closer to cancellation, thank god.

>>115924190>Why can't normalfags see that this is just cheap PR?That's exactly why this dumb shit never ends dude. They beg corporations for representation and all this autistic shit but then without fail no matter what, will just say "they're only doing this for PR they aren't sincere, they're just using us!" and then ask again. It's a neverending cycle even when those same fucking people are the ones in the industry making the change they still say it's just heartless corporations wanting to profit off their plight. So they ruin everything like a literal god damn cancer, and then say "but that isn't real" and never stop.

>>115926298Oh no, the guys who are still voicing 30 other characters in the show are still getting the same amount of money, they're just not voicing five anymore. How tragic. Truly, they're unemployment check is gonna bounce in the mail.

>>115920591disney wants you to think these voices are replaceable so when the voice actors die you can still have the simpsons

>>115924571No it's literally just about white males. This time for real it's literally only down to that, but white women also want attention during a political environment so they'll get involved and say sorry for brownie points because they're so liberal they're going around in circles up their own ass. The real problem from complaints stems from whites taking roles from other races that get lesser roles, and somehow this is also shared with women even white ones getting secondary casted to men.

>>115924398He should die the fucking cuck deserves it

>>115926243>>115926293Nice, I knew he was a big celebrity but I forgot the name.

>>115920707Do you really think it’s bad for white actors to voice non white people? Do you think the reverse is bad also?

God I fucking hate americans, why are they so retarded?

>>115926547Because they're A*glos.

>>115926547I hate living here my fucking spine is in constant pain because of all the fucking cringing I do.

>>115920591bet they won't have any problems with having koreans voice japanese characters, or mexicans voicing black characters etc. like they already do.

>>115922675>non-white actors actual opportunities to voice actThen why not give more non-white actors a chance to break into the industry instead of deciding that people voicing a character that isn't their race is haram?

>>115926691>Then why not give more non-white actors a chance to break into the industryProbably because they were shit at Voice acting?

>>115924449>>115925971What does this have to do with voice acting?

Will Voice actors stand up against this?

>>115924149>Reverse Jim-CrowI think that these changes are dumb and just pointless virtue signaling but god you are being such a melodramatic little faggot.

"I liked all the roles filled by minority actors.""Why, I didn't even notice"

>>115920655Of course you don't because WHITE PEOPLE BAD and RACISM = POWER + PREJUDICE therefore it's impossible to discriminate against a white person in any way and furthermore I believe white people should be rounded up and killed.>>115922475Maybe they should. Have some fucking self-respect.

>>115922670Ignoring that bitch ass strawman on the greentext, white people can do whatever art they please, you moron. The thing is, if it purposefully refrains from employing black people to play black people it can be seen as racist. But that isnt even the issue, most black people dont give a shit about that. Its all about money. Companies dont want to be seen as racist so they will do pointless virtue signaling like that. And then some retarded fag like yourself will interpret that black people trying to censor white people and get butthurt about a show that hasnt have any value for a 2 fucking decades now. Tell me nigga, aint that about a bitch?

>>115924689>NO MAJOR NEW ROLES for white actors.This. fuck cumskins.

>>115922076>>115921169>Implying this all is about anything other than black good white bad, & even then mostly the latterIf Apu was voiced by a Brazilian they would not care. If Naruto was voiced by a Pakistani they would not care. They only care when the ebil colonizers are involved.

>>115926941Yeah and Meowth and Grandpa Muto were voices by a white intersex trans woman. What's your fucking point?

>>115926979Pokemon is autism incarnate.

>>115926895I am a mildly smarter than average black person and i have to tell you, i see what you are doing here. I will spell it out for the other retards on this board: those obviously are not real black people. No black person would think to make Hopper from Stranger Things black to bring real cultural change as more than a joke. No black person says fucking Cumskin. No black person with that extreme of a view on race relations would be wasting time debating racists on a cartoon board. These a LARPing race baiting cunts who want you really mad at black people so you become a white supremacist yourself.

>>115927048Well considering the creator is autistic, yeah.

>>115921169>4chan prankbro kills dubbingWould be worth it.

>>115921574Don't you mean a real Latinx?

>>115921824>Basically I am forbidden to voice a white character now?No that's fine. This has nothing to do with representation and everything to do with fucking over white people.

>>115927130This is pathetic. So this was never about equality but petty revenge. Give the niggers their 100 years so the next century whites can come back as the new oppressed.

>>115923588>Tell them they are racist for dating or marrying within their raceYou forgot the flipside which is to call them racist and fetishists for dating or marrying outside their race.

>>115927088The creator who said the women were designed for nothing other than eyecandy who was based or a different guy?

>>115926802>Will Voice actors stand up against this?Only the conservatives or centrists. No liberal all defend themselves.

>>115921287Maybe in Bobs Burgers but I can't think of anything else

>>115927217Satoshi Tajiri said that? That is most unbased. Unsupported, even.

>>115925331Those were mostly all voiced by one guy.

>>115927189I think most black people don't even care about this shit. The problem is and always has been the universities as they've always been breeding grounds radical progressive thought and anger. The Weather Underground were far left domestic terrorists in the 70s that started from anti-Vietnam groups at the University of Michigan and what happened to them after all of their bombings? They served some light prison sentences and got teaching jobs in colleges where they remain to this day. One of them was Obama's political mentor and has said to this day that he does not regret his actions in the 70s and claims his group's bombings weren't acts of terrorism but attacks against legitimate targets done only to "spread knowledge".With black people it's largely ones who are up the ass of this sort of university environment and mulattos who have really fucked up racial identities and grow to hate their white half.

>>115920591May all the others soon find their long-delayed rest as well.

>>115927130>>115926941This has nothing to do with none of this. All it has to do with is money. Its pointless virtue signaling by a corporation who wants liberaloids money. The only black people who benefit from this are the ones who are going to get hired to replace this guy. There is no secret anti-white minorities in control of who voices the simpsons. The only conspirators are white supremacists like the ones you can see race baiting in this thread, who want you to think that black people want to take the simpsons away from you. Wake the fuck up. The simpsons are already dead. It has no artistic value. You are only being fucked over and manipulated by either people who want your money or people who want you as spear heads in a pointless racewar architected by people who want your money. Will you fight? Or will you perish like a dog?

Attached: images - 2020-06-27T013658.337.jpg (480x360, 16.9K)

>>115926839I love how you agreed with him and don't even realize it while also hypocritically applying strawman, even though you yourself mocked him for using it.

>>115926319lol no, companies are doing precisely because the mainstream public is extremely touchy about even the slightest hint of "racism" right now, what with the blm riots going on.

>>115920591>no more sneed episodes>simpsons falls apartHeh...

>>115925247Anime dubs are notoriously low quality, user, they have a very small sample of voice actors with abysmally poor voice direction. Same applies to english dubs of japanese games, because they know the industry standards are non-existant and their audience would mostly prefer to turn on japanese voices anyway.

>>115925247>shit tasteHuh?Dubs are fucking dogshit, only white people and retards like that garbage.

>>115927333>All it has to do with is money.Dumbass, they're talking about the outrage mobs on twitter, not the companies.

I feel like a better solution would be to make more black characters for black VA's to voice or just have black VA's voice white characters more.

>>115923849>I seriously cannot wait to start seeing completely innocent white folks getting dragged because they cut off a black guy with a cellphone while driving and see the follow up "owning" video where they cancel the white driver.Lol, that already happened.Some white Karen brake-checked some black guy and he followed her until she got out of his car and started filming her and calling her racist.The funniest part was watching her flip the fuck out and start howling like a literal fucking monkey, shit was great.


>>115924204>I want Holla Forums to shut the fuck up/pol/ incel fucking fucking incel incel Holla Forums fucking Holla Forums

Attached: COtard.png (467x475, 286.21K)

>>115927558black voices arent funny for white characters as often as you get someone like cleveland


>>115927667Based Harry

>>115926547We have it too good, so the idiots have to find ways to make it worse so they can bitch.

>>115921213This, I've seen so much shady shit happen in Hollywood it wouldn't surprise at all if this is what's going on.

>>115926470big mouth white female VA stopped voicing a black character

>>115924190I mean you shouldJust pull a Don Lemon and make a podcast where you bitch about institutionalized racism for an hour.

Why has Hollywood gone into full-on self destruct mode ever since Weinstein/Epsteingate broke? The two events are directly correlated it seems.

>>115928565>white women also want attention during a political environment so they'll get involved and say sorry for brownie points

>>115924252Ironically this change in voice acting is because of blacks hating everyone who isn't them, so you sound incredibly stupid.

>>115924204They're already instituting segregation for certain jobs in society. Isn't that what the past white racists literally did?

>>115928594saying sorry and losing you job are not the same thingyou can say sorry and not lose your job

>>115928608Differences this time is that blacks are supporting segregation and jobs based solely on your race. Martin Luther King Jr. is literally rolling in his grave right now.

>>115927710you're a fucking idiot...

>>115928593It was already past it's golden age, let it die off like the lurching old beast it is. indie companies will get bigger and create a newer more competitive market for film.

>>115920773Nobody would care if you’re actually hiring diverse talent and it isn’t skewed primarily to white VAs doing non-white roles.

>>115928594>Brownie pointsLITERALLY

Attached: Carlos.jpg (600x600, 34.54K)

>>115929462Still seemed reasonably alive and healthy as late as the 2000s. It's just in the last 12 years that...

>>115920591Some one needs to tell Phil Lamar that's he's racist for voicing a japanese man! TELL HIM TO STEP THE FUCK DOWN!

>>115929523>beginning of capeshit in iron man>beginning of rehashes of old series>beginning of real life movies with cg cartoons

>>115924285>According to Holla Forums Alan Moore conservative nowWhat the fuck are you talking about? >Writing porn comics is being “conservative“ The level of idiocy you find on this board these days is astounding.

>>115920591Friendly reminder Disney behind voice acting cancel culture campaign to weaken voicing acting unions. Corporate America supports cancel culture to keep celebrities in line. Diversity keeps unions always.

Attached: 951A69A7-DFEC-4521-82F3-1118A24B5B3F.jpg (913x457, 170.79K)

The music industry began to die too during that time.

>>115920591Wait until they realized dubs in other countries don't cast racially appropriated VAs. Will they go after them?

Attached: 1591395979189.jpg (1920x1080, 155.35K)

>>115920591Not a single person in this thread has watched a new episode of the show in 15 years. Who fucking cares? It's a corpse anyways.

>>115920591Holy shit! Americans are stupid. I swear. It's beyond stupidity.

>>115929585>Corporate America supports cancel culture to keep celebrities in lineIf that were true, then the industry wouldn't have tolerated multiple decades of celebrities committing every act of degeneracy in the book. Why would it magically become an issue now when it wasn't in every decade of Hollywood going back the the silent movie era? They didn't give a shit how much drugs or underage girls you made use of as long as you brought in the box office revenue.

>>115929537There are several people on twitter already calling him out on it. Even an Asian director that worked with Disney and etc. called him out on that

>>115929561/co/ became a tumblr dumping ground for years. Of course there going to be posters on Holla Forums that thinks Alan Moore too conservative for the America comic book industry.>>115929561>The level of idiocy you find on this board these days is astounding.Just drawing attractive female characters problematic nowadays. Sony censorship policy crackdown on anime fan service yet allow graphic transgender anal sex scene.

>>115929600There's a world outside of America...?

>>115923838>Why don’t you just create from scratch an entire animation studio and make your own stuff, you lazy fucks!!!>>115926691Maybe it has something to do with the fact that due to existing structures and rooted practices, by default white VAs already take most of the gigs so non-white new talent has very limited chance to even get work? And that doesn’t even take into account the “could you sound more urban, asian” shit where they literally want stereotypical overacting, so they often think it’s easier to get it from white people. Like when Peter Lorre did a VA gig and the director basically told him no no no do it like how everybody impersonating you does it because him just speaking like he does normally wasn’t “right”

>>115929626>If that were true, then the industry wouldn't have tolerated multiple decades of celebrities committing every act of degeneracy in the book.Hollywood actually done a good job hiding degeneracy from the public eye. Cancel culture is planned B to keep order until Hollywood gets bailed out or China buys Hollywood.

>>115929626You just answered your own question. Hollywood is not making the money they once did and in fact is starting to burst apart at the seams. If they were making the bucks they did 40 years ago, then there would not be anyone getting cancelled.

>>115922025He also passionately spoke about it in his documentary. About how voice acting is special because it allows you to play parts you could never play on stage/screen. Black guys, transsexual robots, etc. I hate this new position the culture is taking to art

Mexican here. Bumblebee Man is 100% an accurate representation of what goes on in Mexican tv shows.

>>115929682Hollywood wouldnt have that problem if they focus more on telling an interesting and interactive story as oppose to stories filled with wokeness and tokenism.

>>115929682>If they were making the bucks they did 40 years ago, then there would not be anyone getting cancelled.Better question what will corporate America plan B once BLM and leftits groups like antifa turn on them? It’s no secret BLM riots happening in far left elected cities.

>>115929719>Bumblebee Man is 100% an accurate representation of what goes on in Mexican tv shows.White liberals in California and New York don’t know that. Yet they still feel need to cancel Speedy Gunsallus Behalf of Hispanic people.

>>115929729The problem is >>115929542. Studios are creatively bankrupt, there's no Millenial Lucas or Spielberg to save them. So's the music industry, it's also dead and creatively exhausted. Why that is is up for speculation.

>>115929769>it's also dead and creatively exhausted.stop listening to top 40 radio.

Attached: Folder.png (1400x1400, 783.55K)

>>115929730Its also no secret that non-black minorities vote republican because they according to them they are less likely to be screw over by the white republican as oppose to the democrats that only cares about black people.>>115929719White savior complex will do that. They will get offended in your place even if you aint offended by it.

>>115929769The video game industry is also dead.

>>115929716Doesn't change the fact that the industry has issues with being fairly small and incestuous that ends up favouring established white VAs.

Is Bart Simpson gonna be recast. Why is a middle aged woman playing a male child.

>>115922187>non-white actors don't get chosen to play their own race to begin withWhen the fuck do VAs get to pick their own character? What?

>>115929716Christine Cavanaugh (RIP) said "In voice acting I can be anything. I can be a toddler one week and an old woman the next."

>>115923616Enough of us vote Democrat to give the lunatics a voice.

>>115921498It’s so retarded> have a non gendered adjective: Latin> Try to look knowledgeable and use the Spanish word: Latino> realize it’s gendered> Has to introduce a non-gendered adjective: LatinxIn Spain it would be [email protected], as we are also retarded

>>115929833I agree with the principle of the idea that the established cabal of voice actors (DiMaggio, LaMarr, Tara, Billy West, Grey, Tress, Cree, etc) have had a monopoly for far too long, but I didn't want this to be the solution to it.

>>115924689Yeah virtue signal harder. Don’t actually improve Black education, nutrition, business opportunities, medicine, or housing opportunities. Just make some rich Hollywood whites give their shot up to rich Hollywood blacks. That will solve everything.

>>115927710Is Holla Forums the Democrat’s personal boogieman?

>>115929971it's starting to change anyway and a bunch of those VAs including Tara aren't even that prominent or active these days

>>115920591Just like how the fascists of today are called anti-facists, the racist of today has won and is now called anti-racistsBravo nolan.

"The worst injustices are nearly always those which are presented as being for the benefit and good of society."-- Montesquieu

>>115928728/co/tard: Holla Forums p...pol incel fucking incel incel incel fucking Holla Forums Holla Forums fucking fucking

>>115920591Are they going to apply the rule equally and only have white characters voiced by white people? (and that excludes Jews)

>tfw americans will have to hire Pablo to voice bumblebee man twice a season because racism>meanwhile european countries that dub live action movies have black people being played by their respective white actors and nobody could give less of a shit

>>115929781Interestingly billion dollar corporation pulling out of Seattle because of all the unrest and Chaz shit. There sighs companies will leave New York for the south. Will Hollywood and Silicon Valley move out of California one day?

>>115920707>lets change a show everytime a twitter mob strongarms a network

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>>115930230I'm sure they wouldn't like moving to the South if they could help it, one of the reasons why the West Coast is so attractive to do business in is the mild year-round climate and ease of doing business with East Asia.

>>115920591Disney/Fox, get your head out of your ass already.

>>115929626Even Amazon's creepy internal anti union videos admit that diversity is good for preventing unions.

>>115930485And Jeff Bezos donated, like, how much to Hillary's campaign? I thought you guys used to be the party of the working man. At least in my grandfather's day you were.

>>115922386That and to see if they can get away with replacing voice actors at all in order to secure a long term future where they eventually have to replace the main characters voices

>>115920773>I just want to piss everyone off.Literally the only thing people might care about are the white guys playing black guys because they're the evil oppressor race taking their jerbs (even then they probably won't, this changing voice actor shit is all self-inflicted and in response to something nobody asked for or cared about).

>>115924847hate speech is free speech

>>115930555>>115925443You'd think so, but media executives are far more clueless and out of touch with reality than you can ever even imagine as Wikileaks proved.

>>115930436>Disney/Fox, get your head out of your ass already.Someone else pointed out here. Disney wants this. It makes voice acting unions weaker and gives them cheaper voice actors.

>>115924149>>115926805>Reverse Jim-CrowLooking at Chaz as an example they were trying to make "black only spaces" and bring back other forms of segregation. So I can see the left wanting Jim-Crow to come back.

>>115930743On that note. The Simpsons cast actually only started making big money in Seasons 10+, during the show's prime they were paid like 1/3rd of what they get now.