Harley Quinn Thread - Catwoman Has a New Man

I love it. She never checked on Bruce once during everything, stole everything in sight, went to party on Themyscira, and then got a new dude for the wedding. Oh.... and poor, Kite-Man...

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>>115920141Tim Burton was a handsome man.

>>115920141why is she black

>>115920156Like he'd ever date someone in a cat suit with no stitches. Or Johnny Depp

>>115920141I've never seen a good show fall so hard. Fuck

>>115920188She's afro-cuban.

>>115920188She’s black in the new live action too. She’s a good target to diversify Gotham which is too white under Batman imo. Get used to it.

>>115920188>green eyes>fine hairExplain yourself

>>115920188I know right there's never been a black Catwoman before

>>115920141Catwoman, like every fucking thing on this show, was another big waste. Zero fun banter between her and Bruce, or funny/awkward situations. >No "Selina are you really a bad guy?" when she tries to excuse her constantly hanging out with Batman>No "Bruce tells himself he's not going to sleep with Selina but does it like a bad habit" >No "Harley calls out that Selina may have a problem hording cats"

>>115920248>green eyesAs a representative of the green eyes people"We don't owe you shit! Green eyes Superior race!"

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>>115920269I know you're an idiot and not a Batman fan. What Russian bot is on this thread?


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Does anyone have a clip of Kite Man telling Ivy to go fuck herself?

>>115920188Because she’s a theif.

>>115920436youtube.com/watch?v=LfQQi8sglKE&460,000 views already.

>>115920156>>115920211His name was Gary and he was TB look-alike. Catwoman knows her own limits...unlike, Bruce.

>>115920523that was much less cathartic than it could've been.

>Space Cabbie, Tommy Tomorrow, and Vibe all got keys to the city and not GordonThis is injustice.

I usually have trouble differentiating Killer Frost and Livewire, so I'm glad they are very distinct here.

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Bruce was busy pumping Diana.

I'm impressed with the writers of this show. Kitefags get to pretend their self insert is cool and harlivyfags get to pretend their ship matters, everyone wins.

>>115920689SJWs won, incels on suicide watch. As things have always been.

>>115920141the fucking shelf they gave livewire

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>>115920839Yeah, but like... it's incels that are killing themselves... so... it's fine.

I can't believe I let you assholes trick me into watching this piece of shit.

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>>115920640>I usually have trouble differentiating Killer Frost and LivewireIt's not you, it's just that designers want to try out their best leotard outfits on a blue THOT, and they can't make up their minds. In this case they went with one of the best KF designs, even if this show's style doesn't do her justice like in the movie. And they did was glammed Livewire up with some shoulder pads because she's still wearing a leotard. But that is a good look on her.

>>115920586What do you mean?

This episode at least impressed Tim Burton.

So if you waifu harley does that mean you get ivy too? vice versa?

>>115920689>>115920839You're only half right because, yes the Kiteman thing is sad, and everybody that genuinely thought that character was good and cool is a sad person, but the other shit's been true for a long time now since horny DC writers loved to put horny little hints about it years ago. Harley and Ivy is not new. It's decades old.

>>115920640I really like that Livewire design.

>>115921136Bruce Timm (and Paul Dini) made those horny little hints.

>>115921103>And they did was glammed Livewire up with some shoulder pads because she's still wearing a leotard. But that is a good look on her.It's not actually a new design, but I do agree that it looks good.

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>>115921145That's the best Killer Frost design, too.

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>>115920141TF is bucked-toof'ed?!

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>>115920967that image is a edit right

>>115921100For real, if they didn't try so hard to play catch-up with its viewers with trying to be DC's Venture Bros., they could've had something more with a fun little Elseworlds series. If nothing else, I'm not even mad if this was just proving grounds for the direction they want to take the DCAU. Not even mad, never that invested.I already read a superior version of this when it was called Gotham City Sirens.

HBO MAX is sending e-mails announcing that the show is going there in a near future.

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>>115920141why do killer croc and man-bat look like theyre about to spitroast someone

>>115920648Uh, Diana was pumping him in the Amazon pose. Bruce is a power-bottom/passive top. Get it right.

>>115921103>even if this show's style doesn't do her justice like in the movieUnderstatement of the fucking century. Assault on Arkham Killer Frost was a work of art.But someone in the production team obviously prefers Livewire over Killer Frost to give her a fattie like that >>115920967>>115921201Yeah, that's hardly new and a good solution to stand-out from other leotard outfits.>>115921256lol Nope. It's that fat.

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>>115921279So, is DC getting rid of the streaming service and putting everything on HBO max?

>>115921307Don't make me beat my meat in the afternoon, user.>>115921331No single entity can spawn a solo Disney killer, you have to fight it with numbers.

>>115920188Half black.

>>115921104She calls him Gary when she says that Clayface is giving her the creeps for singing to her date. So, Clayface fucked up per usual.

I hope this show never gets another season.

>>115921331I think they will just share.Those who pay for DC Universe will get the movies and series and the comics, while those who pay for HBO MAX get a lot more, but without the comics.Bizarrely enough, right now DC Universe seems to have better infrastructure. DCU streams in 4k, while HBO max streams in 720p.

>>115921103>It's not you, it's just that designers want to try out their best leotard outfits on a blue THOTyeah no, they're not even pretendingwhat's the age range for the show's crew? is it in the /ourguy/ age range for Holla Forums?

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>>115921492The lead designer of the show is Shane Glines, notable coomer.

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Ivy early design.

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>bigger ass

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>>115921492This is a good comparison and notes for all artistsKILLER FROSTS HAIR HANGS DOWNLIVEWIRES HAIR STICKS UPThere, done.Also the only good thing this show did was Kite Man

>>115921703>Also the only good thing this show did was Kite ManYou Kitefags really need to let it go, man.Such a weird character to be this invested on. Incels never cease to impress.

>>115921751Anon serious question, let's drop the charade; do you get ANY entertainment value over such weak bait? I'm not even mad, I'm just confused. I feel like you're just going through the motions and your hear isn't in it given the repetitiveness of it.

>>115921797>baitbaitbaitMe being amazed by all the Kite-Man projection isn't bait.

>>115921825Come on, user. Talk to me. For real

>>115921841?Do you think that people projecting themselves onto kite-Man is natural? Someone flabbergasted by it ought to be "baiting"?

What did Vibe do to deserve a key to the city?

>>115921863Yes "Haha you project, I get defensive, back and forth yelling etc etc".No FOR REAL, let's talk. Is there something you want to get off your chest. Sure I like to shitpost too now and then, but I feel like there's an underlying issue.

>>115921901>"Kiteman, Kiteman, Kiteman, Kiteman, all I care about is Kite-Man's happiness">"Ow, dude, this is weird. Stop being obsessed with Kite-Man.">"REEEEEEE WHY ARE YOU BAITING?"

>>115921942I never said those things nor do I feel that way. I can do this all night. Cmon user, let's talk

>>115921976>I never said those things nor do I feel that way.But I didn't say you said those things. Though those comments are way too common and that intrigues me.Can I not be intrigued by it? Do you want to decide what can intrigue me and what can't?

>>115921877Bitch at Flash oh wait wrong show, he break dance and help some people with his powers I guess

>>115921991Seems kind of random but okay. Now, how's your day going?

>>115920428So kite man is single now ey... I'd be happy to take him of Ivy's hands. Himbos are a blessing to this world, Hell Yeah!!

>>115921942He flipped it to false-flagging way back, bro. You see how he ends his replies with a specific type of question that's not even related to the thread but to you? Why even reply? It's like he hates a show featuring female characters so much, a mediocre show at that, that of course he'll say that the best thing out of it was a totally not joke-character that's male.

>>115922035Going pretty well. A new yuri ship, a new surprise Harley comic, incels killing themselves because their surrogate didn't get the girl, etc.Couldn't be better.

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>>115921600But they didn't even got that right. I'm not sticking up for the show when I say this but this would've been better if the production team didn't come off so insecure-like with the end result and just resolved to do their own thing from the beginning.The ass thing? They are trying so hard to be BTAS, but I see no ass worthy of comparison in this show. And I just feel like a parrot at this point but yes, also trying real hard to be Venture Bros.

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>Kiteman dumped IvyGood for him.

>>115921942>>115921991If user got too much in his feelings about being called out for weak bait, then that's on him. I was about to do what you did, because of course here on Holla Forums we eat up bait like no other board, and ask what was up with anons putting a below C-Lister of a character in a pedestal even more so when all they did to this nothing C-Lister was make him a goof-character in the most normie way. Ignore and help by posting more of Livewire's fat ass from the episode.

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>>115920141Was I surprised the Human Flame was in the background shots? He's one of about 4 or 5 enemies that J'onn has.

>>115920648So was superman sitting in the corner waiting his turn?

>>115920141>Holla Forums's great white male hopelmao

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>>115921492>>115921524I got you broham.

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>>115922488I was frustrated and had a lot of shit to deal with. I'll cut him some slack.

>>115921218At this point DC should just pay a studio like that to do a 3 hour long porno, cut the sex out, and sell that as their movies. It's how we sort of got a new episode of Seinfeld.

>>115922485Nah, he just likes to watch

>>115921451>Those who pay for DC Universe will get the movies and series and the comics, while those who pay for HBO MAX get a lot more, but without the comics.IMO this is the best option and more streaming should work like this.

>>115920141Could've been something. It wasn't.I honestly like Kaley Cuoco for Harley and hope she's around for future performances in other things with her. Best thing to my ears since Sorkin, because Margot Robbie couldn't hack it and Tara Strong can fuck off the edge of my dick with her shit-attempt.

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>>115922488>ends a dysfunctional relationship as the taller person and doesn't look backI don't see what is wrong with that

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>>115922491Holy fuck. You weren't kidding.Where the fuck was that same ass-heft for Harley, Glines you piece of shit.

>>115922174Yeah I'm excited for Booster Gold hooking up with Harley. It's a fun dynamic

>>115922728yummy yummy

>>115920141Is that fucking Man-Bat?!Get the fuck out Catwoman is seriously dating MAN-BAT?Cause that sounds fucking Hilarious

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>>115922174>incels killing themselves because their surrogate didn't get the girlIs anyone genuinely upset with how they handled it? They didn't make him turn into an asshole, they just pointed out that the relationship didn't make sense and they both deserve a better match. Kiteman isn't really equipped for ecoterrorism missions, Ivy doesn't want to settle down like he does.

>>115922885>Is anyone genuinely upset with how they handled it?Mostly on Youtube, but yes.

>>115920640>>115920967I'd said it once and I'll say it again: it's sexist bullshit they ignored every female supervillain.

>>115922759Shane's got what you need.

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>>115922728the power, the PRESENCE of this man

>NOT MY HECKIN ROASTERINO>OHHH NOOO NOT MY HECKIN CHEATIN YASS QUEEN>....k-kiteman incels b-btfo!This is the face of someone who knows theyre getting hpv from a clown hooker tonight

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>>115922872No. She isn't.


Fucking why?

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>>115922910I literally don't even know what you're on about when you're replying to those posts.It would make sense if you now outright confess that you're a super Killer Frost fan and you're upset they gave Livewire a fat bubble-butt and not Killer Frost.

>>115922986Why is this a thing again?

>>115922934I prefer the original look, and I'm glad she's back to that in the comics. Also by the way where are you getting these? Got one for Killer Frost?

>>115922950>>115922965so good and nutritious

>>115922986>Kite-Man gets fucked but this repulsive fucking dude gets to bang NoraJust tell me why?

>>115922986Wait, hold up, is he fucking shooting lighting? MAXIE ZEUS DOESNT HAVE FUCKING POWERS!

>>115922950The heavy focus on Kiteman leads me to believe there's was a huge split between writers. One side wanted irreverent gag series and the other wanted a character driven narrative so the gag side choose Kiteman to be this loser pickup artist that no woman in her right mind would be interested in amd the narrative side completely missed that and decided he's gonna be Harley's competitor for Ivy's affection. Both sides got what they wanted and just another sign of how shit this show was.

>>115923083But Kite-Man banged Ivy.>>115923089Wake up, grandpa. Arkham Asylum was published in the 80s, and there Maxie had powers.

>>115923097>"Just look at this fanfic I made up about what happened in the writers' room. See? This proves that the show is shit."Weirdo.

>>115923031It's a "clever" "twist" on things. See, her husband literally gave his life to save her, so now she's going to fuck everyone else to show how wrong he was or something.>>115923083>gets to bang the new gotham city bicycleYou're jealous of getting STDs?

>>115923020I'm more of a livewirefag angry that they hold out on us like this. Was Ron Funches as King shark really worth it if we missed out on Big booty livewire?


>>115923115>Arkham Asylum was published in the 80s, and there Maxie had powers.No, he fucking didn't you colossal faggot. He was addicted to electroshock therapy. The entire goddamn point of Maxie is that he's this crazy normal asshole who thinks he's a god

>>115923145Anon's tin-foil hat, and real-people fanfic, aside, the show is shit. It's not a good show, and Kiteman is not a good character.

>>115923145Serious question here but did you actually like this show? 2 seasons just to get a thelma and louise reference as if that not the most dated reference you can make.

This show is still going? I thought the one where they took out Psycho was thhe season finale. How many episodes are left?

>>115922986>>115923031Its a redpill my fellow kings, always put yourself before roasties. Smash thots while doing what you love like Maxi Zeus instead of being a simp and dying like Freeze

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>>115923051>I prefer the original look, and I'm glad she's back to that in the comics.When was the last time she appeared? I'm not exactly following Superman comics or anything else where Livewire might pop up.

>>115923051Shane's twitter and sadly not that I see. Have an Ivy instead.

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>>115923236I get the reference, but it feels like Ivy could immediately put a stop to the chase.>>115923238Zero

>>115923236>Serious question here but did you actually like this show?I am not the type of retard that watches two seasons of a show I don't like.That I leave to people like you.

>>115923020If I was a Killer Frost fan, I too would be salty that it seems like they took all the THICC from this >>115921318 and gave it to this >>115920967 The fact that they drew her in her Arkham Assault outfit without the BEEF would me even more salty.

>>115923239>show says it's progressive>only coherent message is not to go out of your way for women

>>115920351Anon, inability to detect sarcasm is a sign of autism, you should get yourself checked.

>>115921279Young Justice next?

>>115923266But I waned Killer Frost....

>>115923272What are you doing in a thread for a show you didn't watch, making posts replying to shit you don't know about? You seemed invested to counter anons' claim, shitty as it was.plz respond, daddy

>>115923083“Female empowerment”

>>115923257Briefly during Bendis Superman.

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>>115923239Oh my God, please go back to the Braincel subreddit you stubborn man child. We want to talk about the Harley Quinn cartoon here, not how you can’t find a girlfriend because you’re too stubborn to admit the problem is you.

>>115923266>>115923330Same. Give me more PAWG Killer Frost or I'll get mad and take a nap.

>>115923335>What are you doing in a thread for a show you didn't watchI literally just said I watched and loved the two seasons.Can you not read? Were the words I used to hard for you?

>>115923257Like a brief appearance at the start of one of Bendis's shitty Superman comics. I think the saving grace here is Bendis is so disinterested in other Superman villains in favor of his OC creations that he hasn't ruined them

>>115921219I hate how Two-Face looks here. So boring and generic. It's disappointing since Shane Glines did a decent job with him in Justice League Action. Even the unused sketch he did for Beware the Batman is better.

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>>115923330Go complain to life's manager.

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>>115923362>I am not the type of retard that watches two seasons of a show I don't like.lol, daddy

>>115923421>lol, daddyThe implication here is that I liked the show, not that I didn't watch it.English 101


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>>115923031Widows get horny too

>>115923031To show how fickle love is.

>>115921201>Livewire versus BatgirlIsn't that basically a death sentence for Babs? Livewire tangles with Superman on occasion and is in a whole other league.

Why did Gordon rehire Cheryl?Sheryl?

>There ya go, Space Cabbie. Couldn't have done it without ya>Who the fuck are these guys?Goddamn it Christopher Meloni is such a great Gordon.

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>>115921573>>115921600>>115922491>>115922934>>115923266>>115923386Sooooooooo this isn't even a case of "concept art was to high-brow" but more of the nowadays common-place "yeah, you're going to have to simplify all this shit down for animation. we're not made out of money, you know"lol But why did Livewire turned out so good and pretty much a 1:1, fat ass included, and the others didn't? You gotta hand it to these coomers, boy.

One of the stories published in "Harley: Black + White + Red" will be written by the show writer and take place in the universe of the show.

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>>115920188Cause Eartha Kitt (Adam West Batman) was one of the originals to interpret Catwoman. Also it shouldn't matter.

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>>115923539I thought DC, the comics side, wanted to go full-throttle on Harley not being a villain anymore. What with they not wanting Ivy near her because Ivy does get to keep her Bad Guy status.

>>115923649They are. This is a digital only non canon spinoff

>>115923341To be honest I actually liked the other design better.

>>115920141Apart from the anons posting concept art and jerking it to big asses, it's funny how many of you are super invested on this show, even if you say you love it or hate it. I've watched every single episode because it was an entertaining show, but that's about it. These threads are more fun to shitpost in than the show is good, and I haven't even finished the episode itself.

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>>115923514Now I'm obviously pulling this right out of my ass buy I'm going to say because we only see Livewire for a few seconds so the artists can do whatever they want.

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>>115923623My dad and I always argued about if she or Newmar was better. Simpler times.

>>115923694Nah, that logic is sound. Look at how half the time you only saw her from the waist up. Boss can''t call you out for wasting money on good ass-designs if you're only just barley got screen time for them.

>>115923680>I've watched every single episode>I haven't even finished the episode itself.???

>>115923660lol Fucking DC.

>>115923495Not even the first time Livewire's fought against a Batgirl. Also Babs was helped by BatGordon in that story iirc, they outsmarted her.


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>>115920640>>115921492If this is an attempt to subliminally pitch something with these two, them I'm 100% for it.

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>>115923764>prior to the finale>because shitposting on Holla Forums about it is more fun that the whole seriesKeep up, grandad.

>>115923914Wish I was rich so I could commission a Killer Frost doujin from some big time hentai artist.

>>115923978No non-japanese artists does it for you? Actually curious.And anyways, who's the Top Dog for Big Fat Asses in the doujin circle over in Japan nowadays? Because you know you're not getting your money's worth if they can't depict this >>115920967 and >>115921318 on your girls.

>>115922965>This is the face of someone who knows theyre getting hpv from a clown hooker tonightBetter deal than most of us got here.

>>115923031People make mistakes. Zeus Maximus is one of them.

>>115924241>hpvKiteman got out just in time.

>>1159230315 replies too many for an already bad post, when it just comes down to a "lol check this kooky pairing". It's not a cerebral show, Holla Forums.

>>115924335Why? Pretty sure he was using protection.

>grillingWriters kept the best line for him huhbtw ending was good and vaguely salvages the show. It's not about Joker, Batman, nor even Darkseid;it's about women.

>>115924402>Writers kept the best line for him huhlol so mouth-watering and appetizing

>>115924108>No non-japanese artists does it for you? Actually curious.I barely know any. The only one that I know that is truly talented and makes comics regularly is Melkor Mancin.

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So Ivy just married in? Is there a special ceremony for becoming a jew? Isn't Ivy Irish? Will Harley's family oppose their union?

>>115923914I want a 4-issue series with these two that reads like Body Bags. And Killer Frost is most definitely the foil in this Double Act. Just look at them. Louise's all angry and intense, while Leslie is just smiling.Run it in Black Label.

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>>115924473What are you on about, you hillbilly.

I know it's not the time but why is Ivy not using her power at the final chase scene? There were trees literally side by side

>>115924480>that sixth panelMack fingers Panda on the regular, right? Like, from all the shit he does and has done, you're telling me something like "a little bit of incest" with his big tittied 14 year old estranged daughter is going to bother him?I also want this, but now I'm angry at you user for making me want it, and because I'll never get it.Does Jason Pearson still draw like this? Or did he went on to "experiment with styles" and fucked up something good?

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>>115924617Just so they could do a reference. The moment Ivy got outside she could've ended everything there.

>>115924617You're asking this of a show where with less than 2 minutes remaining on their finale, they decided they just had to use funny-voice plant guy doing something that plants wouldn't normally do one more time?

>tfw Harlivyfags had the ending but now they're saying that Kiteman promotes rape cultureAt least this shitshow is over.

>show ended with best boy King Shark severely underutilizedGod dammit.If season 3 is just going to be more Harlivy relationship shit then pass.

>>115924735>season 3

>fucking love HarleyIvy>KitemanIvy was the objectively better developed relationshipThere's so much shit that could have been done to avoid this result. That last episode was terribly done. Even if you find the show bad, compared to season 1, where they kept Ivy and Harley upset and only resolved that conflict (which honestly would have been better served as a romantic climax than what it was) after a few good episodes where they were allowed characterization, including that entire sting in Ivy's head.Meanwhile they packed what was maybe at least two episodes worth of shit into a single episode.I do not understand. The writers almost looked like they had a gun to their heads with the whole Ivy/Harley thing and maybe they did, but all I want is my hot Bruce Timm lesbians without shitty writing goddamn it.

>>115924696i had longer farts, the ones that bubble up if you're sitting, than it probably took you to come up with this bait

>>115924696>>115924735If there is a S3, i sure hope it falls silent here.Like, honestly, when have these threads brought anything of value as of late? It all eventually comes back around to the usual anons whining about pointless bullshit and being asspained about "what Holla Forums thinks".But that's asking too much from the shills and false-flaggers.

>>115924745This show seems popular enough to get one more go before fucking off entirely.


>>115924811I like that Kiteman is even more relevant.

>>115920141>still kissing Burton's ass

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>>115924798>KitemanIvy was the objectively better developed relationshipI think it's vapid and railroaded. Why would Poison Ivy attracted to this guy? It's like the David Spade Netflix movie "the wrong missy" where the intial horrorible first impression cannot be overcome and the idea of a burgeoning attraction becomes unbelievable.

>>115924903I think user meant that they dedicated a lot, A LOT more time on Kiteman/Ivy than Harlivy. I mean, even the shippers are disgruntled.

>>115923514The Two-Face sketch was from Beware, not HQ. Shane worked on HQ, Beware, and JLA, so I was comparing the three designs.

>>115924915But it's not a better developed relationship, it's a forced one. The time dedicated to it didn't make it better is what I'm trying to say.

>>115924846>imagine defining your entire personality around a couple of fictional charactersHarlivyfags and shipfags need some coochie on their *preferred genitals* pronto.>>115924859Lowkey would like an universe where Kiteman's a competent street-level villain. Something like an amateur boxing career, or an extension of his aerodynamic gimmick to weaponry.

>>115924846>it's not bait when i pretend to take bullshit earnestly and post about it on Holla Forumsbubbly ones that come up completely when you shift sides in your seat, user

>>115924996>>115925007You too, bro. So these farts, right? You can't even hide their sound. Like a trumpet they are.

>>115925007Do you feel your ass afterwards to be sure you didn't shit yourself, user?

>>115924903>>115924915>>115924971I'd say it was. The entire point was that Kiteman was a genuinely decent dude and the way the entire thing progressed didn't rush, wasn't forced past the first episode.What I don't understand is if they always planned to split him and Ivy in favor of Harley and Ivy or if this was something that was basically forced because of fan reaction. If it was the latter, it just leaves a bad taste in a pairing I really like. I'm a sucker for the Ivy/Harley dynamic.Also, again, Bruce Timm lesbians, etc.

>>115923386It's pretty much the BTAS two face again

>>115925032Compared to the planning of that wicked epic bait, the time would be eons apart, user. That's how little thought was put into that bait.

>>115923512Gordon moments in this episode were golden as always

>>115925043>The entire point was that Kiteman was a genuinely decent dudeBut he isn't. Why do you think he's a decent guy?

>>115923914hey they brought back the best KF design and came up with a pretty cool Livewire one.

>>115925031>>115925088>just because i think people who base their entire personalities on fictional characters fucking need coochie that means i'm baiting/ am a virgin who needs coochieYou're right about my needs, some coochie in these trying times would be great, but that's besides the point.How do you feel your fart "bubbling" under your seat and not feel moist afterwards? I've never felt a fart bubble?

>>115924859Relevant how? Where? Actual comics? More shows? How? Look at what being bothered by cartoon women being the main character of a show does to your brain >>115924996 Thirsty for Kiteman content.>>115925109I feel like if this wasn't 4chan, these people somehow deluded themselves into wanting a Booster Gold that's way more shit, and as a villain character.

>>115925043First time we see him he poisoned kids thinking that will impressed Ivy and when he takes her to her apartment to get the antidote he stripped naked thinking she wanted to fuck him.

What did Space Cabbie contribute to Gotham during the Parademon invasion?

>>115925133Tell you what, honey. When I feel a big brapper coming up, I'll let you know in this thread, and in that time frame you just see if you can come up with better material. How does that sit with you, baby? Cool? Ok, then.

>>115923089Maybe it's that bracelet he's wearing?

>>115925176Whatever it is, i believe in what space cabbie does

>>115925124Again, it's not really original to the show >>115921201

>>115922681But i prefer to pirate ,that this shit shovelware and shit show of a program. All streaming and garbage sites are for only pandering to Karen's and simps.

>>115925169You got me on the kids, though the stripping naked thing was more for comedic effect than anything else.Most of the main cast aren't actually assholes to each other, and when they are, it's presented as a bad thing.

I can't believe Black Manta is going to cheat on Aquaman with Tommy Tomorrow in terms of nemesis.

>now Holla Forums is side with King SharkCan you please empathize with woman?

>>115925148>being bothered by cartoon women being the main character of a showWild guess, you're gonna make it a brand wars thing when the incel narrative falls through?"if it was a Gwenpool cartoon you marvelfags would eat it up" or whatever.This cartoon rotted the brains of the people here, jesus christ, how predictable.>>115925180I'll give you that, brap user, that was a good pun.Now explain how your non liquid farts bubble.


>>115925264Nobody wants Harlivy to "empathize with women." Lesbians do not actually watch this show. It's for straight men.

>>115922986I hate this for the exact opposite reason a lot of people here seem to. Zeus is a objectifying asshole. He doesn't respect women at all and sees them as conquests, much like the god he pretends to be. It makes me upset that after her husband died, who expressly wanted her to be happy and respected her as a person and sacrificed everything for her, would immediately get into a relationship with a person who is the exact opposite of him.

>>115925235>though the stripping naked thing was more for comedic effect than anything else.But the joke is that he's a sex pest.

I like classic Livewire better

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>>115925290It feels like I'm taking crazy pills how many fucking twitter randos think this show has a delivered on queer feminist representation.

>>115925287>This. I only care about porn and cooming to porn.All white women and men are disgusting mutts and wasps retards.

>>115925363Whores and thots.All women are whores and men are womanizers.Simps and chads

>>115925401I don't really care as long as nobody tries to pretend the show is trying to be progressive instead of a fetish.

>>115920141What a shitshow for millennials.

>>115925290It's a stupid joke.It's basically>Hey know that couple that's literally so in love the guy goes into villainy just to save her>Yeah that characterization that was one of the defining episodes of the original BTAS>lol now she's banging random dudesIt's a dumb joke. And I get the joke, I just don't find it funny. But hey, if the worst thing about this finale was Nora fucking around, I'd take it.

>>115925448That's exactly what they're doing on twitter.

>>115925479but she's not fucking randos. She's only been shown to be fucking Zeus. If she were fucking randos I'd be cool with it. After all, she was told to live her life and be happy. I'm just upset how she chose to do it. I get the joke though, so I'm not too upset by it.

If you're still upset about the /u/ shit you could always read the story time that's up showing how Harley got wet for Joker >>115923617

>>115925528Didn't she get it on with some guys at the bachelorette party too?Or was it just Zeus?

>>115925479It's a total waste of time. Why waste 30 minutes of everyone's time bringing nora into the world just this dud of a joke?It's not even a good dumb joke, it's just there.

>>115925561I do not disagree.

>>115925542Oh i'm keeping up with >Harleen, and the Fantabulous Incarceration of one Harleen Quinzel, or how Harleen got her groove back, lost it, and got it back again.even tho knowing Sejic, it all comes back to /u/ again.

>>115925363I usually prefer old designs, but there's something about the one they used that I just really like.

>>115925658Don't compare it to that BoP bullshit, faggot

>>115925719I'm not comparing, i'm just making a joke about the title, faggot

>>115925739Oh I'm sorry, I assumed you were equating it to Margret Robbie's dumb shit with the name. Apologies. Also I know Sejic is into that /u/ shit but I think his other installments got canceled

>>115923239wedding rings HAVE to be diamond?

What if this show was 26 episodes of Harley abused by Joker?

>>115920372I appreciate the crisis on infinite Earths reference.

Attached: coie7_homage_crisis_7_coloured.jpg (486x750, 116.64K)

>>115925767No problem, user, i'd be mad too if someone compared Harleen to Robbie's mediocre "action-comedy" self-wankery.And it's a shame Isley got canned, i would've liked to see what he had in store for Ivy, /u/ shit aside.

>>115925363new shit is literally more skin with that longer lighting bolt and some nfl pads, brosephlike user pointed out, people drawing her and kf were just doing it in way too similar manner


>>115922072kek he'll die alone just like you

>>115925290I didn't see it that way. Also, like Gordon said: "we don't know the emotional under-pinnings of that relationship."Maybe Zeus changed? They did start with a cheap thrill but maybe now they actually have something that's real and they are both happy.

>>115924480>Run it in Black Label.I'm comics' Big 2 impaired, is DC's Black Label like Marvel's MAX where you show bloody deaths and show the word FUCK?

Attached: BRAIN PROBS.png (600x600, 245.54K)

>>115922986>be frozen by mr incel, a guy you barely know>get defrosted after 10 years>meet muscle man that shoots fire from hands and makes you feel safe makes psychological sense

>>115926331>be frozen by mr incel, a guy you barely knowbut they married

>>115926315>I'm comics' Big 2 impaired, is DC's Black Label like Marvel's MAX where you show bloody deaths and show the word FUCK?Black Label is just a Vertigo rebrand.

>>115924735He's my favorite by far. As stupid as the line was, "Oh my God, it's Beyonce!" Is still one of my favorites. He gets all the best lines though.

>>115926384That sucks. And user is wrong in wanting that.

>>115925465it's for zoomers, which is why everything is so colorful despite being gotham

>>115920523would have been better if ivy was interpreted as being more on cold feat throughout the relationship

>>115926491Now even having colors is a negative point against the show. LMFAO.

>>115926513most of the plot takes place during the day, it's ridiculous. this is not batman

>>115926513Having color isn't a problem. Having everything look like barf does

>>115926205>new shit is literally more skinIt's really not. Original Livewire arguably has more cleavage

Attached: Livewire DCAU.png (400x800, 52.9K)

>>115926545Put your TV on black and white.

>>115926573Then it looks like Oreo upchuck

>>115921100needed full frontal female nudity.

How much of the supervillain guest list is there for Ivy?

>>115926607Have you thought about not watching it, then?I don't think anyone have actually put a gun to your head and forced you to watch a show that started in November.If the show is so bad for your intelligence ("Why is the Legion of Doom allowed to exist? REEEE"), for your emotions ("They cucked my boy Kite-Man! REEEEE") and for your eyes ("This is too colorful! REEEEEEE"), you shouldn't be torturing yourself over the course of 7 months.

>>115923623She was only in 5 episodes in the last season! Newmar was better. And now because of 5 episodes at the tail end of a campy '60s show we are now doomed to never have the real Catwoman again? She is now black in the new movie, DC Super Hero Girls, and Harley Quinn.

Attached: img_2719.jpg (1664x2109, 380.13K)

>>115920227>a black women begging for BWC(Big Wayne Cock)Based

>>115926682>we are now doomed to never have the real Catwoman again?The real Catwoman never existed. Those character are all make-believe.

Gordo deserves his own spinoff

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>>115925833Pearl is actually a terrible idea for a wedding ring, or any ring. It's super soft and gets easily scratched. At least diamond will last.

>>115926654Just everyone on the right. You might be able to argue Bane got put on Kite Man's side because there wasn't enough room on Ivy's but there's no way he'd get the second row if that were the case.

Attached: Harley.Quinn.S02E13.2160p.DCU.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.265-NTb.mkv_snapshot_16.13_[2020.06.26_20.57.00].jpg (3840x2160, 3.97M)

>>115926682The real Catwoman is half Cuban and half Italian so she should be portrayed by a Hispanic or an Italian


>>115926699Wow you really informed me of something I didn't know there.. Fuck off. I just mean in the vast majority of appearances she's been white.

>>115926734>Fuck off. I just mean in the vast majority of appearances she's been white.And now, in one, she is black.Can't you take it, big boy?

>>115926677I'm not that user. I honestly don't care about the story because I know it's not taking itself seriously, nor am I emotionally attached. When he complained about color however, I could understand that which is why I listen to the show more than actually watch it.

>>115926682>>115926734Sorry, user, black Catwoman only makes my dick harder.

>>115926682Darker skinned catwoman was established long ago. This honestly doesn't feel like that big a stretch to me.

>>115926819I mean I know no one wants to remember that this film exists, but it does.

Attached: cat.png (634x1024, 1.18M)

>>115926711gagging at how the amazons attended the wedding

>>115926682Who else are you gonna make black? You can’t have an all white cast. At least catwoman has some history of being black. You can’t just make Batman or Harley black.

>>115926849>You can’t just make Batman or Harley black.hummmmmm

Attached: EG9BNFGUYAASq8U.jpg (1080x1350, 223.14K)

>>115926849>You can’t have an all white cast.Yeah you can. I mean people will bitch and moan about it like they do everything else but there's nothing physically stopping you.

Attached: NOOOOOOO NOT MY LESBIAN PLANT PUSSYRINO.png (720x400, 302.66K)

>>115926896>Wojak textWomen are gay, Men Jack off to batman

>>115926865that's not black, that's latinx


I hope Kitefags start to boycott the show because I don't wanna see their whining asses bitching about Kite-Man's feeling ever again.

Attached: kiteincels.png (687x839, 552.53K)

>>115926711Cute ManBat

Attached: Scree.png (407x365, 275.08K)

>>115926973for one kitefag, there are 10 harley fags

>>115926849and yet

Attached: the blackman.jpg (320x416, 26.55K)

>>115926904Boys jack off to Batman, Men jack off to Bane.

Attached: a0a1d15608280ad239fe21e295e0f15f.jpg (1140x1731, 334.66K)

>>115927027>implying I dont jack off to bane and batman dating where batman is the bottom and Bane becomes a vigilante

>>115927026>I know why you choose to hold your little, ahem, "friendly debates about race realism" in broad daylight. >I know why you're afraid to say the n-word at night. >The Blackman.

Attached: society man strikes again.png (1200x680, 1.38M)

>>115927009still too many because that's a dog-shit character

>>115927118rent freeremainder that kite man is too buzy becoming moth man, vigilante superhero who will train nite owl II to stop ozymandias only to fail

>>115926994>Kite-Man and ManBat go gliding together every weekend

>>115927249If the show REALLY wanted to be progressive, this is what they would do.

>>115926994he also has a JD and several phds in genetic engineering

>>115927057True, i didn't consider that. I'll place it in "Chad wank material" for now.

>>115927529also, I wonder, is it gay to jack off to batman and deathstroke having sex while batman is the bottom and is being trained by slade

>>115925236Wait, the other "unknown" that got a key was Tommy? I recognized Vibe and Cosmic Cabbie but I was like "Whomst the fuck is this?"

>>115926711>bane blocking everyone behind himwhat an absolute unit

>>115927543Nope, Bara is extra manly,

>>115920606Yeah it sucked. Lame AF. It all happened too quick. He gives his tiny speech and then they're sucking face not two minutes later.Whole show was 80% basic bitch shit. How were the men the funniest/most enjoyable part of the show?

>>115921451But what is the "lot more" in terms of DCU related content? Are they going to get exclusive versions, etc.?

Attached: oimNXADVi2.webm (288x198, 209.04K)

Marginally better quality.

Attached: LKEy71hhep.webm (338x242, 419.51K)

>>115925561Same reason they did that shit with kiteman.Normalizing women bring gross whores or full on dykes and demonizing relationdhips.

>>115927894Then there's this asshole who just wants to blame women.

>>115927925I'm sorry.You were hoping to paint me as a misogynist, but it only exposes the fact that you in fact are part of the problem.

>>115927958You paint yourself as a misogynist.

>>115927978In what way. Please explain.

Serious question: Who is this show FOR? You need to be a comic nerd to get the references, but holy shit does it hate comic nerds and they pay the sentiment back with interest.

>>115923623Then let those white women have their voice acting jobs back that they "stepped down" from.

>>115928048I'm not a comic nerd at all, and I basically only watched for King Shark and I give no shits about Harley and Ivy's relationship one way or another and I still liked the show just fine I suppose. I mean I do wish the Harley Quinn show had less Harley Quinn, but it still had some funny jokes and decent writing for everything that wasn't relationship drama.

>>115928089>I do wish the Harley Quinn show had less Harley QuinnNot to be that guy, but that doesn't make much sense. Care to elaborate?

>>115928118It's not that hard to understand.I didn't find her that funny or endearing. I liked the side characters better. What didn't make sense?

>>115923623I always felt bad for Kitt, because she was BARELY in the show, and not in the movie, and you know the problem? DC had no female villains of note, so instead of her being able to make a different character her own, she had to be the lesser-known Catwoman.

>>115928139>I wish the show named after the protagonist had less appearances by the protagonistThat, but i do see your point. The side characters and their interactions are more entertaining than the main characters' ship wankery.

>>115928089>I do wish the Harley Quinn show had less Harley QuinnI wish the Harley Quinn show had less "the Harley Quinn show".

>>115928048That's current year comics and cartoons for you. Reboot after reboot, relaunch after relaunch. They all require the eyes and dollars of nerds, but proceed to lambaste and belittle nerds at every opportunity. In high school the nerd was bullied by the cool kids. They called him weak and a virgin. They forced him toward escapist hobbies to cope. In college and beyond they took his hobbies away from him and called it "inclusion." When the nerd protested, they called him fragile and an incel. The same people using the same arguments, but now pretending to be nerds thenselves because it's the cool thing to do.

I will now watch your show

Attached: 31025480446532173242_thumb.jpg (640x355, 32.44K)

>>115928183It's weird but I still don't see how it was confusing.In any case, if she has to be a central character, I probably would've enjoyed the show more if she was more mentor-like and the episodes were about helping out others with their problems in her own way.

>>115928210Anon...There are no cool kids in college taking hers hobbies. It's the creepy svumbags that nerds didnt invite to their loser gatherings. The kind of people that nerds escaped into comics to forget.But those scum claimed they were nerds coopted their culture ruined it with their hortifying retardation and gross ideals

>>115928239y'know, that actually sounds way more fun, and way more interesting.I'd like to see Harley using her psychiatrist skills and quick thinking more instead of brute forcing her way through everything because she's wacky clown girl with a mallet.

>>115926849>Who else are you gonna make black? You can’t have an all white cast.Why not?

>>115920586>Catwoman knows her own limits...unlike, Bruce.Batman has no limits.

>>115923031>Why is this a thing again?probably knew it would piss people off. Probably hoped they would post about the show online in response.

>>115928048>You need to be a comic nerd to get the references, Or just google.

>>115928463That seems tedious.


1 hour ago.twitter.com/PMSchumacker/status/1276785794221391873https://twitter.com/PMSchumacker/status/1276785960240349184https://twitter.com/PMSchumacker/status/1276752233963458562Also, the "petition" for Kiteman was started by a Harlivyfag. And people are telling this guy to kill off Kiteman because he promotes rape culture and triggers their rape PTSD (scroll if you want to read).