Which design is better?

Which design is better?

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goth evolution easilythat big 80s hair is so shitty looking

Can't they just hug it out until their differences are forgotten?

>>115919958real goth > mall goth

80s hair needs to make a comeback, goddamn.

>>115919958>that big 80s hair is so shitty looking

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>>115919958Nigger that IS the kind of hair goths had, just typically black. Get the fuck out with your poser hot topic shit.

>>115920119What is that supposed to mean? Everyone likes 90s Rogue, so it wouldn't it be MORE NPC to prefer her?


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>>115919924i prefer big fluffy hair, but both designs are great.

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>>115919924I like left's hair more, but I prefer right's more overall.

>>115919924God don't make me choose. They're both fantastic for different reasons. Left is fun and tough, while the right is sweet and you just want to hug her

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>>115919924At least post her super suit so it's fair.

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>>115920246>off model gatbage


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>>11591992490's Southern Sex Goddess Rogue is hot as hell. That goth abortion doesn't fucking deserve the name.

>>115919924gothic rogue gave me my fetish

>>11591998080s hair is the worst hair of any decade, only retards and boomers like it.

>>115919924Both are good in their own way. But original X-men series had bad animation a lot of times and her design was hard to appreciate

>>115919924Goth Rogue appealed to young teenager me but 90s Rogue hits me much harder as an adult.

>>115919924Rogue is Lee's crown jewel of female designs.

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What personality is better? Shy or sexy southern?

>>115919924 The one who looks like a superhero and not a depressed teenager

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>>115920826There is something about that jacket over her skin tight costume that just does it for me.

>>115920926It completes her. She looks naked otherwise.

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Speaking of which, is there any truth that Teenage Negaton Warhead was supposed to be a replacement Rogue that Morrison wanted to put on the team after killing OG Rogue off? In Morrison's X-Men pitch, he stated he wanted to kill Rogue off because he hated the "extrovert southern belle" type and wanted to replace her with an explicitly goth introvert type. I've heard that Morrison end up having Quitely recycle the character design for TNW when it was vetoed, as far as having it used for a one-off character.

>>115919924Sexy Southern belle or angsty goth teenager?

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>>115921506That design only worked when Silvestri drew it.

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>>115919958Actual goths did have big hair though.

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>>115919924Both work. 90's TAS is supposed to be a confident fighter and the design reflects that. Evolution Rogue is supposed to be full of doubt and self loathing. She looks like your average emo/mall goth girl from the early 00's.

goth is boring and generic now

Left has fatter tits. So, left.

>>115920593Savage Land Rogue only lasted about 2 issues yet it became one of her most iconic looks.

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>>115922230It's kinda what the 90s series lacked was finding any down sides to being a mutant other than you're just better than everyone and they hate you for it. 00s actually showed problems to cope with having powers. Personally I liked the 00s more. Though the writers did favorite her a good bit and wrote a good chunk of story for it. Also they gave some downsides to her using her power in the 00s as it caused her to have great mental fatigue from experiencing others memories. 90s Rouge was a southern marry sue. She absorbed Captain Marvels powers permanently which is why she could fly and had super strength all the time. It would be like merging Superman with Parasite. You're taking two powerful characters making them more powerful and putting them on a team with other characters that have to still look like they bring something to the team. Hell even with series that Use superman or Captain Marvel on teams they have a reason why they can't be around because they're too powerful. Now think of that but with the power to absorb other powers ontop of it. As for looks again going goth. I did like 90s rougue as a kid and there are episodes that can be cherry picked that would make me consider her the best, but on average Goth Rouge is better.

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Rogue is just a classic beauty. We'll never get new characters that are this striking, this lovely.

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>>115919924soul vs soulless

>>115919924I like both. Rogue is the ultimate "look but don't touch" girl. Every version is great, in my book.

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>>115922774that hair looks like a cunt to draw.

>>115922849And THAT is what makes it ART!!!

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>>115922805Left, of course. I bought dozens of genosha's collars just for her.

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>>115922992Jubilee is 1 of just 2 more X-Girls that I like better than Rogue. I love every version of Jubes.

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>>115923081even vampy jubilee?

>>115923138Vamp single mom Jubes is still the best.

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>>115919924as always the answer is

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>>115923271Hello, based department?

>>115919924They both have their charms, but I'm going to have to go with 90s. That 80s fitness model body and mane, bro.>>115919958How can one man be so fucking wrong?

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>>115922167>>115922190Look at what we lost bros. Look at what they took from us.

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>>115919924sabertooth rogue

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>>115923300>>115923322Artists back then knew exactly what men liked a woman to look like. Big breasts, long legs, and long, voluminous hair. Everything went horribly wrong in the last decade as the artists or their editors were afraid of offending Twitter, or the artists designing costumes were gay and just couldn't understand what works.

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Why did Goth Evolution Rogue want to fuck Cyclops with soft impact cuddling?

>>115919924I want goth Rogue with 90's Rogue's hair.


>>115920423>>115923856It's like they tried to combine 90s and Evo Rogue, but the end result is worse than both. Hard to believe this was also designed by the guy responsible for the Evolution designs in the first place, Steven Gordon.>>115923962Because he was nice to her and showed some backbone against people trying to bully her.

I'd take right with the big hair of left

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>>115919924Rouge on the left.

>>115919924left, southern fun rogue is undeniably better than gloomy goth bitch rogue

>>115919958You're thinking of emos. Check some actual goth rock and witness how much of a fucking poser you are.

>>115922671Nobody cares about your shitty paragraph, shut up.

Would you?

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>>115919924Left. She had a personality beyond the trauma. She didn't wear her issues on her sleeve, had backbone and was useful, you had to dig through some layers of badass extroverted Southern Belle to get at the girl saddened by her plight inside. The movie fucked up Rogue by taking her strength away. Since then they all mimicked that, the comics copied the move and Rogue has been wandering aimlessly since then. 20 fucking years now. She has Wonder Man's powers now, that is as strong as classic Thor and Hercules, give her back her strength across all media and watch all other wannabe female superheroes we've had since then in movies crumble into dust.

>>115922671>casual doesn't know that is comic accurate originAlso you are not remembering the 90s cartoon well. Lots of problems with being a mutant, hell the Morlocks showed up regularly.

>>115925340Just a kid romanticizing their childhood show and talking shit about things they didn't actually see... like when a kid compares a modern sitcom to Seinfeld.

>>115925276What? Rogue was the only X-men character well written during the whole dark era of 5 years previous to Hickman.

>>115921506>>115922620>>115922705oh my

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>>115919924The better question is which one does Sonic fuck?

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>>115925182That’s a guy, isn’t it?

I don't care for Rogue.

>>115926466Cared enough to reply.

>>115919924Goth one is generic and forgettable.90s one stands out and was voiced by the most attractive man-faced hag of all time.

>>115921506The evolution outfit itself is just a modernization of this and its great.

>>115919958>the man with no taste80's southern belle is better in every way.Body is better.Voice is better.Costume is better.Attitude is better.Only people with a goth girl fetish, think the shitty Evo version is better.

>>115927044I have a goth fetish and I still think the old version is better

>>115925418I'm 31 was born in 1989, would have been 4 when this show came out. Last time I watched it I was probably 8. Things considering Im lucky to have remembered as much of 90s xmen as I do. 00s xmen I would have been around 11 when that started and around 14 when it ended. >>115925340So Rouge couldn't fly or had super strength and steal peoples powers or speak in a southern accent. Because like I said that is about all I remember of her character depth. I forgot entirely what those clowns looked like in the cartoon until I looked it up. They deserved to be outcast look at them! As for looks though I think I can have my opinion on which one I think is hotter. Her origin also is very Mary sue looking back. I wouldn't have thought that as a kid but looking back that is a poor way to write a character. It's like if they made prof X some super powered telekinetic and 98% of the time he tires to enter someones mind he starts screaming and gets knocked out. That would just be silly.

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>>115919924Anyone who says goth is a lezbian or loser who never grew out oi f highscool aged angst.

>>115919924How about if right gradually develops the same personality and appeal as left.

>>115928221Ugly chick with a nice personality.Eh...

80s and 90s Rogue is best.

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>>115919924The goth design is better from a character design purpose. The goth look visually fits a lot with Rouge's personality of being an emotional loner/outsider. The 90's series design, while thicc as fuck, doesn't have much going for it. Why does she wear such a form-fitting outfit? Why the rocker hair if she's a southern belle? It doesn't make as much narrative sense. In conclusion, the goth design is better in a visual storytelling way but I still coom to both.

>>115919958Hyper faggotry.

>>115919924Left has a cute face and a 11/10 body. Right looks like a tranny.

>>115919924Left by a country fucking mile. Fun flying brick southern belle Rogue destroys hot topic teen drama queen 10 times outta 10.There is a reason the bodysuit/jacket combo is still talked about to this day, even over all her other designs. It's Rogue's best look.

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>>115923920I asked myself after so many goddamn years why did no porn/34 of this exist in any way.

>>115928441>Why the rocker hair if she's a southern belle?Because she's not a Southern belle. Rogue's pure white trash.

Left is the hottest woman to ever be imagined

In a similar vein.I am the only one prefers X-men Evolution X-23 over Goth Prostitute X-23?

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>>115919924I'd lean more towards the Jim Lee suit because nostalgia and it's more eyecatching than generic goth. problem is, it's a reminder of how Rogue was a literally who before that costume. just like 2003 Raven nobody cared who she was until she put on the skintight costume.I still think Evo Rogue is the better version since she doesn't have the asterisk of being important because she stole Carol's powers and by the looks of it, her figure.

>>115922556can't imagine why.


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>>115929466The state of Marvel

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>>115919924The right, but with the left's accent.

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>>115919924Left, but right is very cute too

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>>115929466I like the pale skin and black hair better, but otherwise, I agree.

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>>115929707Did they base Belladonna, Zelda, and Gabby off this image?

>>115923935Twatter was a fucking mistake.

>>115922167>>115922190Fuck me, her outfit is pretty much just body paint.

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>>115923183>Vamp single mom Jubes is still the best.>posts a pic of New Warriors Jubilee/Wondra aka Boobilee

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>>115919924Right for me.

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>>115919924Both are cool but I like the depressed goth more.Evo Kitty is best though.