AND IT ALL STARTED WITH THIS<---->>115893288>>115919472>>115919728

AND IT ALL STARTED WITH THIS>115893288>>115919472>>115919728

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I didn't know this guy kneeled on that guy's neck for 8 minutes

No, it all started 100 years ago with those pesky voting rights allowing the plebs and the menstrually inclined to vote.

Twitter needs to be fucking destroyed. Seriously, the pace at which "change" happens thanks to virtue signaling seems to have rocketed out of control because of the way the platform shares information.


>>115919802WE DIDN'T LISTEN

>>115919802Hey you know Simpsons writers retired Apu three years before that documentary came out, right? It was nothing formal, they just stopped using him. This started long before this, newfag.

>>115919917The only people who watched it are people who already agreed. Everyone else dismissed it because he was white, ironically, judging the skin before the work.

>>115919990No, it's because it's almost an hour of never addressing the point that Apu was the singular Indian representative in media while Italians had multiple characters. The false equivalence of "Italians get called Mario" fails to make any solid point. He makes a good point in that voice acting is acting and all Simpsons characters have funny voices, but the issue isn't just "he's a white guy doing an Indian voice".


>>115920331>was the singular Indian representative in media while Italians had multiple characters."WAS" makes the point irrelevant. You can't change shit what happened in the past and there are NOW a lot more famous fictional Indian characters. There was a point where Aziz as an actor overtook Apu as "the Indian guy" in Hollywood. Meanwhile, the most famous Italian character is still a stereotype.

>>115920331>No, it's because it's almost an hour of never addressing the point that Apu was the singular Indian representative in media while Italians had multiple characters. The idea of an "Indian representative" is simply retarded. He's just a character.>The false equivalence of "Italians get called Mario" fails to make any solid point. Because you're trained by social media to think like an idiot when it comes to race.

>>115920396And that's why after the documentary, the guy who made the documentary said he doesn't give a shit about Apu. The damage is done and it's just a retrospective about why representation matters.

>>115920451What do you mean? Apu is a unique case where a major demographic was had no media presence beyond a funny sounding cartoon character. There's no brainwash needed to see that Italian stereotypes ranged from greasers to mobsters to pizza tossers to iconic and celebrated video game plumbers who carried an industry back from the grave while Indians only had Apu.

>>115920471>said he doesn't give a shit about Apu.He apparently didn't give a shit enough to do some research and talk to writers and find out they already retired Apu three years before he released his documentary. If there's no point to the documentary, not to share a story or reveal information, then it's just him fucking whining because he got called Apu when he was a kid.

>>115920595>And that's why after the documentaryWhy did you skip this part? He obviously cared about him before the documentary. It's by no means an important documentary, but as far as pop culture articles and cultural introspection goes, it just provides a look into a unique case in famous cartoon characters.

>>115919861it wasn't even 100 years ago.

>>115920331Italians had a pizzeria owner and three guys who were all mafioso.

>>115919915I thought we liked freedom of speech here

>>115920396I hope you realize the push back to this is going to turn a whole generation of young Americans who wouldn’t have been racist into just the thing you’ve been allegedly fighting against

every character on the simpsons is a stereotypepeople need to stop listening to cancel culture idiots

>>115920794It's freedom of speech hardwired to be as polarising and badly thought out as possible. Character limit means unless you're sane and just use it to self-publicize you invariably fall into the rote of THOSE FUCKERS and OUR SHIT, with no possibility for nuance or introspection or an actual balanced dialogue. The only winning move is to keep your mouth shut and not play the game.

>>115920668>It's by no means an important documentaryAnd that's what makes it a BAD documentary.>but as far as pop culture articles and cultural introspection goesIt's still fucking bad. It's not an unbiased history of representation of Indians in media, it's specifically dunking on things that this dude and his comedians friends don't like. There are literally segments of them going, "I'd rather be called Kumar than Apu!". It's like having a history of blackface lesson and then shoving in a bunch of black comedians going, "It's bad". It ruins any sense of introspectivism it has by TELLING me I should feel the way these guys do.

>>115920814Did you respond to the wrong post?

>>115920794We do, that's why we hate these big social media websites that push out certain news from people's dashboards because they personally don't agree with it.

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>>115920794At this point, twitter is suppressing all forms of speech and expression that doesn't go accordingly to it's agenda

>>115920794If you should have noticed anything about modern Holla Forums tards is that freedom of speech and being disgusted by censorship only applies to right wing ideals user.

>>115920904If the only reason it's a bad documentary is that it's not important, it's not a bad documentary. There's a documentary about a font and it's considered good.I get what you're saying, but any documentary about this is going to get preachy as it's about similar experiences all tied to one character. It's a unique case, I can't think of any other cartoon character that made an impression like this for a culture. Indians and Apu were the perfect storm.

>>115921637>There's a documentary about a font and it's considered good.The Helvetica documentary is the history on typeface and doesn't inject a bunch of bias of people shitting on Arial or Times New Roman before you even learn what anything is. In this instance, this is not a documentary. It's a guy's video diary and how Apu personally affected him and his friends. It's like calling Egoratpor's Sequelitis a documentary.

>>115919802He showed up in my University onceFairly recently, about a year agoMy teacher who's a massive lefty was really excited about it and gave extra credit to those who saw his speech and wrote a paper on itShe attended and she told me personally that apparently people around him just looked bored and didn't laugh at his jokes

I don't get the big deal since everyone in the Simpsons is a stereotype of one part of American society or another.

>>115921707Sure, it's also not about a funny cartoon representing an entire demographic in the 90s. If you're not into "representation matters" thought pieces it's not for you.


>>115919915I hope at the very least someone sues Twitter for this cancel culture nonsense.

>>115922073How would that work? That's like sueing Crayola for a swastika drawn with one of their products. Makes no sense.

>>115922122With my lack of legal knowledge, I guess you could argue that they facilitate this sort of behaviour despite being against their TOS, acting like editors instead of publishers.

>>115922215That would only work if everyone who posts is a partner or employee of Twitter. You might as well sue 4chan for some heinous shit.

>>115922261Oh people have tried to do that, part of the reason why Moot got sick of all of this shit.Think he still lurks?

>>115920794Based on what? Holla Forums has always been against free speech, given how mods delete any thread they dislike for no reason at all.

>>115922286So right, it doesn't work. Twitter is a platform like 4chan.

>>115920556Oh that's it? Just Apu? I thought India was an entire country with it's own film and television industry but I guess I was wrong

>>115919802Can America start the second Civil War already? I'm tired of waiting

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>Indian with american fragile feelingsTake a fucking joke.

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>>115919802...Let's just let the cops have the policy, "If it ain't white, shoot it right".

>>115922296>>115920794Same shit.Twitter mob doesn't like what you tweet? Cancelled.

>>115922576It's not. Censoring an entire platform because you don't like the free speech reactions to free speech is more wrong.

>>115920331>Apu was the singular Indian representative in mediaA lot of people (even ones defending The Simpsons) don't realize this isn't even true. There are actually a ton of Indian characters in The Simpsons. It's just that almost all of them are either non-characters (Manjula, Apu's mom), clones of Apu (Sanjay, the Kwik-E-Mart clerk from The Summer of 5ft 2) or just another Indian stereotype (Apu's cousin Kavi who works as an outsourced call center operative).The Simpsons really had no excuse for the way they did Apu considering how King of the Hill was out at the same time and had a super diverse and fleshed out cast of Laotian characters. Most of whom were voiced by Asian actors.

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>>115919983Exactly. The writers decided all on their own that they felt weird with how they handled Apu and quietly decided to stop using him. None of the people bitching and moaning about how mean old Indian man forced them at gunpoint to get rid of him even noticed Apu was gone.

>>115919983>Hey you know Simpsons writers retired Apu three years before that documentary came out, right?What point are you trying to make with your autistic trivia here?The documentary still happened, received lots of attention, and resulted in apologies and the voice actor saying he wouldn't do it anymore. The character already being informally discontinued doesn't change any of that, especially not any of what OP's getting at which is the ongoing and ever increasing trend of people complaining about perceived racism in pop culture and content producers apologizing for it.

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>>115922756I'm starting to suspect that KotH was more "woke" than at first glance.

Just segregate ffs

>>115919802OP is a faggot

>>115922813To say "this is where it started" ignores the feelings common enough to soft retire the character three years before the documentary. How can it be blamed for something that was brewing even years before that soft retirement? It just shows that OP is new to all this.

Imagine having such a good life that you need to make up shit to get angry about and start protesting completely inane shit like fictional characters being voiced by people who have a different skin color, just to feel like you have something to fight against.

>>115922835It really was. A lot of the episodes are actually super feminist (in a good way). The second episode of the series was all about how conservative attitudes towards sex made a lot of women ignorant and ashamed of their own bodies and sexuality.

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>>115922878Yeah, send the anglos back to england and take back everything they stole

>>115923021People in this thread are protesting cartoon shit that doesn't matter all the same. OP is a sensationalist faggot.

>>115920794Of course. You're allowed to voice a shitty opinion without fear of being so called 'downvotes' or having your post straight up removed or hidden.With that sad, I am allowed to say how much of an idiot you are for posting said opinion. Smug anime girl included.

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>>115923281>People in this thread are protesting cartoon shit that doesn't matter all the same.Not really, no one ITT is trying to get anyone cancelled or out marching in the streets.Why do you white anons always say the dumbest shit?

>>115920794You're not wrong. It's a tricky one though. Social media appeals to peoples inbuilt narcissism resulting in a bizarre alternate reality. Once you add politics into the mix you end up with something fucking bizarre and terrible. Here everyone is anonymous which really prevents identity politics from taking hold. Sure you get with that contrarianism, somewhat hive-mind behavior and whatever the fuck Holla Forums is but you don't get self-serving narcissism disguised as well-intentioned progressivism. Instead you get what people are actually thinking and feeling. And I can call you a faggot.

>>115923043Honestly that's better than the shit we have now.

>>115919802That dumb Pajeet got rid of Apu, the black twitter mobs got rid of Cleveland Show and what not in this wave

>>115919855Hari Kondabolu would absolutely stand on a white dude's neck if he never got the chance.His entire "comedy act" is "white people bad"

>tumblr was a platform nobody took seriously>was put down and killed, all the tumblrites moved to twitter>twitter is a platform people take seriously and is very public>now there voices can be heard and are affecting everythingThis could've been stopped.

>>115922073As much as I hate twitter and all this nonsense, that's kinda stupid.

>>115924497Porn is the invisible backbone to our society

>>115924497THISPeople don't understand that destroying tumblr is a major reason why twitter and society in general is so fucked up

>>115924639Anon, please. Twitter was making things awful long before Tumblr banned porn.

>>1159207944chan is better at freedom of speech than Twitter. People here generally won't try to look up anything about you and try to get you fired for being a retard.

>>115924681I want to go back ;.;

>>115919802Pretty much every secondary/tertiary character is an overt stereotype, but you know that no one will ever bring up characters like Luigi, Willie, Bumble bee man or Uter as being 'harmful stereotypes' even though they're at the same level of cultural exaggeration as Apu.

>>115924687Well I mean, that's because the concept of anonymous posting is that every post stands on its own merit (or not.)And anonymous posting is generally strongly encouraged. Mostly for the reasons we've seen on Reddit and Twitter.

I want the Republic to collapse and the Empire to begin already

>>115919802To be honest, the Simpsons did this to themselves. They could have made an episode to counter this anti-Apu documentary by making the it about "It's okay to have an accent" or "Don't let bullies dictate your interests". But instead they handled the response so AWFULLY that it made the documentary look like it was 100% correct about everything it said.

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>>115919915The worst part is that Twitter isn't even an accurate representation of ANY community, aside from Twitter itself. And even THAT isn't entirely true, because an extreme minority of users are also the most vocal ones. And yet that tiny subset of people can force sweeping changes in the entertainment

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>>115925013Fox didn't want to have a war over a minor character since that would cut into profits so they let them have their way and saved money

>>115919915I honestly don't know why Twitter is the place everyone seems to go to, that place is usually where people end up fighting and filled with toxic fandoms, clearly this was a recipe for disaster because many of these companies don't realize these people make up a very vocal minority and not what people are actually speaking out for, I'd say Facebook would be a better option though not by that big of a margin. Social media in general has many great positives for us but also no doubt about its negatives as well, this is one of those negatives and I think more people should learn about this in order to prevent stuff like this from happening more.

Fuck that brown piece of shit.

>>115925013At the time the documentary released, Apu hadn't had a speaking role in 2 years. Right or wrong, the complaints were based on a character that had not been speaking (or appearing much at all) for some time.

>>115925060>I honestly don't know why Twitter is the place everyone seems to go toMost adults do not have a twitter.Even those that do, the majority do not actively tweet.

>>115925075>>115925058You know what this reminds me of? How the Prime Minister of China outlawed Winnie the Pooh because of some kids saying he looked like him.>Waaaah, I want Apu banned because a bully said I sound like him!!>Waaaah, I want Pooh Bear outlawed because some kid said I looked like him!!

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>>115925098Then Why is its effects on the entertainment industry so drastic? the fuckin movie Holla Forumsthis guy is awesome and his movie is pretty good

>>115925147That's kind of dipping it a bit, he wasn't aware of it, it was the government who did because well it's China, and let's not forget China bans everything.

>>115919802Apu was a chad business owner who made this faggot beta hipster pajeet feel insecure about his own failure.

>>115925181This. Hari did not want Apu gone from the show, but he did want the simpsons crew to understand that the handling of Apu, in a time where Indian representation was just in the Simpsons, was well meaning but ultimately a product its time. And since it's still running, they can still make some form of positive change to recast non-white characters since nonwhite actors barely get to play themselves, let alone other races.But I guess it's also a bigger picture problem, since voice actors are kind of an elitist thing and like the same 15 people get all the roles, without factoring race.

>>115925164The vast majority of tweets are made by a very small minority of the community. They see a volume of tweets and conflate that with a volume of people, when by the numbers, it's a small tiny percentage of the population.

>>115925305wow just like voting

>>115925305Does that mean people will stop being fucking retarded and backtrack on this voice acting crap?

>>115925373Anon, voting is like 50-60% of the population, not like 5-10% like it is with Twitter.

>>115925278>Indian representationThe less of that, the better.There's already billions of them, they make tons of movies every week that feature ONLY INDIANS. They don't need "representation".

>>115925278>they can still make some form of positive change to recast non-white characters since nonwhite actors barely get to play themselves, let alone other races.Why would they? Why is it The Simpson's responsibility to do so? What's stopping these people from making their own content and doing whatever they want without affecting a property that isn't theirs?

>>115925373I mean. Kinda. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner while the rest of the flock is asleep.>>115925378Hell no. It's going to get worse. It's bleeding into real life now with violent rioting and looting of buildings by a small minority and people wanting to change out of fear of being targeted for violence next. Basically capitulating to people whining had validated the tactic to the point where outrage is reinforced as the first recourse.

>>115925477Then we need to outrage about how fucking stupid it is to be this overly cautious.

>>115919915How is Twitter going to be destroyed exactly?

>>115925396What about Indian Americans?

>>115925540We need to find a way.

>>115925393voting has never been 50%, at least in amerilard

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>>115919802Not really no, that guy was just surfing on an already existing trend.

>>115925547What about them? They're one of the most privileged people in the country!

>>115919802this "comedian" rapes kids.there's no punchline here.

>>115925540Burn all their servers to the ground. Destroy the coding and the backups. SheezyArt the motherfucker.

115925069there, you happy now?

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>>115925181>like/dislike bar and comments not availablei WoUnDeR wHy

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>>115925520Fight outrage with outrage? Isn't that what's going on? It's just escalating their outrage and feeds into the validity of their anger. They're incensed, and it seems validated when people push back. Worse, I feel like if larger companies and corporate twitters begin to say, "No," then they appear intransigent in front of the public. And a company like that is going to alienate a larger consumer base than if they just go along and nod at everything everyone demands of them. Which, from a business perspective is smart; appeal to the largest consumer base possible. The people who are against their cow-towing to every whim and desire of a large enough mob are not going to care enough to put a dent in their profits. Like if this was Wendy's, or McDonalds or Subway or Domino's Pizza. Consider this somewhat simple hypothetical:If a large group of people started demanding gender neutral restrooms, or additional restrooms for transgender or non-binary restrooms IN ADDITION to the existing restrooms? I honestly believe that most would comply and begin rolling out with updating their restaurants with additional restroom facilities. It wouldn't inconvenience people who either didn't care or were opposed to the idea enough to get them to stop coming because of how ubiquitous large fast food chains have become. They'd shrug and take it on the chin. Whereas if they refused in this hypothetical, what would be the result? A huge black eye in publicity and image and maybe even hurt their brand which could drive down sales.The reality is, there's very few demands that can be made here that a company won't capitulate to for more customers or to keep their base strong.Of course, this hypothetical is largely irrelevant with the way COVID is right now but in a year or two, who knows?

>>115925595He's talking about total voter turnout, rather than the amount of the popular vote a president has won with.

>>115919802that part where his parents say they don't care, and mock him for looking like appu is great. Based boomer Indians have businesses and shit to worry about.

>>115925446>affecting a property that isn't theirsThe Simpsons are Disney's property (and FOX before that). Corporations aren't people and they certainly don't have an ethnic group. The Simpsons are not any more yours than they are that failed comedian's.

>>115924077A lack of ratings killed Cleveland show

>>115925780And nothing of value was lost.

he won, bros......

>>115925747That is what that graph is, when counting people who aren't elligible to vote as part of the

>>115925780That's only because Bob's Burgers stole it's glory, it did well before that.

>>115919855Because one asshole kneeling on someone’s neck is the natural and organic lead-in to not allowing white actors to voice anyone who’s not white. Sure.

>>115919915Twitter had people praising the French Revolution to own Trump

>>115925795Kill yourself mid 30s virgin tripfag, Cleveland was my Childhood.


>>115919915Even if gets destroyed, they'll move somewhere else. Just like tumblrinas moved to twitter and SJWs from NeoGAF left to create ResetERA.


>>115925837lol thats not badthey have countless people praising the Bolshevik revolution to get back at trump and capitalism

>>115919915No, the people on Twitter with these opinions must be held accountable

>>115920331Why is that the Simpsons’ fault? Why do their characters have to be judged by other shows not having proper representation? What fucked up scale is that?

>>115920814>whole generation of young Americans who wouldn’t have been racist into just the thing you’ve been allegedly fighting againstYou are snorting crack or something. Holla Forums feed everyone the lie that zoomers were reactionaries. Can you tell me again which generation screwed over Trump in Tulsa?

>>115925820According to the data presented in the wiki article, the total VAP (voting age population) turnout in 2012 was 54.9%. The graph lists less than 50%. The graph is listing a different figure from the total VAP turnout, which was what I was referring to. If I didn't clarify that, that's my bad though.

>>115920794It’s killing freedom of speech though, by falsely convincing people that a minority voice is a majority voice and censoring anything that doesn’t fit what those voices say. It’s not about speech anymore, it’s weaponized censorship.

>>115920794No, these people need to be deplatformed, >>115919915 is right

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>>115919915Twitter is such shit. 70% of it is ran by bots and only less then 2% of the USA uses it, Yet it's these faggot that the media and government listen to

>>115925764That right there shows the generational gap between minorities that lived in the 60s and 70s and minorities today: Their parents and grandparents don’t give a fuck because they dealt with actual racism and discrimination. To them all this “offensive” shit is weak.

>>115925847But, unless they create a Twitter clone, at least the information will spread slower. It's not like now where your feed and tags and WHAT'S HOT are bombarded by the same opinions, often times controlled by curators to select what is and is not seen by the public. You wouldn't have this same level of cancel culture if the platform ran like LiveJournal for example, where you had to go out of your way to see someone's opinions.

>>115925595>Total PopulationThis ignores how much of the population weren't allowed to vote. Like, hell, women didn't get the vote until 1920, and they're roughly 50% of the population at any given time.

>>115919915When is this shit going to end? Seriously i want someone to shoot up a place and blame cancel culture for his motive to do so so this fad can finally die off

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>>115926045the VAP (voting age population) turnout in 2012 was roughly 55%. That means that of the people who were old enough to vote (not taking into account felons and what not who can't vote) did so.

>>115926085Join the club.


>>115926085>When is this shit going to end?When it stops being profitable to give in to it by the people demanding concessions.

>>115925060Twitter is on paper really great for interactions with your customers as a company.Thats why so many use it. You can instantly hijack peoples timelines and feed them with whatever you want to push onto them. Most will even be thankful for it because they chose to follow you. Its a great system for that.Also if you show that you are active when it comes to customer demands it reflects very positively on your brand.The problem with that is that these culture warriors hijacked the process and misuse it. Now they weaponize the company-customer interactions by forcing things, potentially flooding feeds with negativity, so the companies cave in.As a CEO you dont want to see a tweet from your company and then thousands of accusations of being racist/homophobic/whatever right under it.>>115925847a classic forum does not compare to twitter.resetera is WAY smaller than neogaf was and their reach is way more limited.

>>115926085You could be the one. You could shoot up Twitter HQ. Just a thought.

>>115922835The whole premise of the show (in the early seasons at least) was that Hank was an old fashioned "common sense" conservative being confronted with the idea that some of these new-fangled ideas were more common sense than the old fashioned way of thinking.

>>115922756>Most of whom were voiced by Asian actors.Yes, but the main one was voiced by a white guy doing the most stereotypical Asian accent on the planet and got away with it.

Those of us who have been using the internet since the 90s learned our lesson long ago to not take things said on the internet seriously. But the vast majority of people online nowadays are relative net newbies who have yet to learn that lesson. I think that's why things are the way they are now.

>>115920396>NOW a lot more famous fictional Indian charactersLiterally fucking who?

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>>1159246874chan cause mass shootings

>>115926111Succinctly put.

>>115925810>he won, bros......He really didn't since the entire point was to get more varied Indian reps, not get Apu pulled from the show.

>>115926258Big Bang TheoryParks and Rec + Master of NoneI'll count Jungle Book since it got a live-action remakeOffice + Mindy Kaling Show

>>115926192But at least it shows that they put in a lot more effort than The Simpsons. Having a stereotypical character isn't necessarily all that bad in itself if it's balanced out by other characters of the same demographic who are different. In The Simpsons, every Indian character speaks exactly like Apu until they got an Indian actor to play Apu's nephew Jamshed in season 27. In King of the Hill, every Laotian character doesn't sound exactly like Kahn. Kahn, Connie, Tid Pao, the Wassonasong family and Laoma *all* sound different from each other. And they're not all workaholic tiger parents like Kahn and Minh. They all have different personalities, jobs and subcultures.

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California is trying to repeal a bill that prevents Jobs from hiring based off of race and gender

>>115926372I don't see how that's related to the topic of the thread but ok. You have any kind of proof to this assertion?

>>115926314You literally didn't name a character. And bringing up Mowgli in a discussion of racial sensitivity is an unfathomably dumbass thing to do.Kipling literally fucking wrote "The White Man's Burden" you fucking absolute fucking mindless dullard.

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>>115926475>YOU DIDN'T NAME A CHARACTER!I named their shows because I don't remember all their characters names off the top of my head except for Tom from Parks and Rec and Kelly from Office.Don't be this fucking disingenuous you goalpost moving faggot.

>>115926369You know what, I agree. Even though Kahn's voice was a little bit of a misstep, not only did they flesh him out to be a complex character, but they made him different from the other Laotians. Because, spoiler, not everyone from a specific race acts the same way.It's not like the Simpsons can't make characters just stereotypes. Like, the black characters in the Simpsons are all different from each other, with different personalities and aspirations. But when they deal with Indian characters, they're all tangentially related to Apu, be they familiar or as a doppelganger. If you remove, say, Carl from the show, that would only affect Lenny, and even then only slightly. If you remove Apu, you remove all the other Indian characters since they are all somewhat related to Apu. It's like if all the Jewish characters were related to Old Jewish Man.

>>115926452Look up Proposition 209.

>>115926475In orderRajTom Haverford and Dev ShajI'm assuming MowgliKelly Kapoor and Mindy LahiriI'm also gonna add to the mix Devi from NEver Have I Ever and Tahani from The Good Place. I'm very inclined to add Connie from Steven Universe. And Brit Crust I think?

>>115926563Wow. When you're right, you're right.

>>115925540Hopefully with a briefcase nuke.

>>115925181only this faggot niglet

>>115926085Anon I have a bad feeling that even if someone does that, the Twitter drones will label that person a 'right wing terrorist" and it'll turn into 'nogunz' argument again and nothing will change.

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>>115925890It's not. He doesn't say they're terrible people and it's all their fault, just that their representation was the only representation for over a decade. And Indian people became defined by that.

>>115925940I think it's killing creativity, too. Why try and create something if you get torn down for the slightest mistake and given the equivalent of a scarlet letter? In general I feel like it's a collective air of high-school but one you can never escape. I'd think you need a business to have the temerity to go "Nah, get bent" and for everyone to see they do not suffer financially for it, or even profit for it. But there's a ruthless knife-fighting element to it where other corporations will then gang up on one that does. See how facebook is getting boycotted by other corporations for not being woke enough. So if you have a cartoon producer that goes "It's not problematic, shut up and don't watch it" it doesn't matter if it's popular - streamers will refuse to carry it, people in the community will blacklist anyone who still cooperates with it.>>115926736Looking at prior moral panics, like the red scare, satanic panic, Cultural revolution and others could offer a sense of what causes them to stop. I used to think when it would cannibalize their own is when it'd stop, but there's a far greater willingness of late to tolerate naked hypocrisy and weaponization of the moral mob. Such that at this point they can just find their spine when it is their own being targeted but not when it is an opponent being targeted.

>>115926543>I named their shows because I don't remember all their characters names off the top of my headLike I said>Literally whoNone of those characters except Mowgli is arguably even in the same tier of fame as Apu. And Mowgli is in the same problematic boat as Apu.Arguing Apu has been eclipsed by characters you have to look up the name of doesn't fucking work.

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>>115926905Up until the documentary, who the fuck was talking about Apu? Nobody cares about zombie Simpsons except South America.

>>115925940>>115926830I don't worry about this shit because South Park has a huge tumblr following. No one has to change anything, it's all about what people want. Turning shows and creatives into the helpless victims of almighty twitter randos is hilarious and can only be thought up by culture warriors looking to project some epic strife into the mainstream geek culture.

>>115926776Removing Apu or changing his voice actor wouldn't change that, and isn't it Indian people's fault for not pushing for more representation?


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>>115927010Right and that's why after the documentary he says he doesn't care about Apu, the damage has been done and there's just an introspective series if interviews about representation. What do you mean by push for representation? Social media didn't become big until after the "damage" was done.

Eventually the Western World will become so coddled and weak that China and Russia will conquer it uncontested.

>>115927106>oh shit I can't criticize this in a meaningful way!>better bring up the collapse of the westIt's telling that this is the line for you. Of all the threads about minor shit, someone talking about the cultural impact of an iconic character is suddenly too much for the west to survive.

The complaint that we don't allow enough black voice actors in the door is valid, albeit several of my all time favorite voice actors who have voiced a shitload of characters of all races are black, (greg eagles, phil lamarr, keith david, kevin michael richardson) and I'd like to hear what they think on the issue. But I can't help but feel like this ever-widening idea that people shouldn't touch characters outside of their race is really, really counterintuitive. Like you're not fostering a mutual understanding between racial experiences, you're only widening the gap by being all "hey, you'll never understand this person's life experience, so you're not even allowed to touch it."I just don't really believe that that's going to make anyone more accepting or inclusive. It's divisive by nature.

>>115926776You’re still punishing their show by taking away their characters based on something they have no control over when their version fits perfectly in line with the rest of the series. That’s bullshit.

>>115927063That's not really a hot take at all, Cleveland show is awful. I don't really care about Cleveland personally, he's an awful character and I've been given reason to believe that his show is genuinely fairly racist, but the thought that characters shouldn't be able to write or act outside of their race- that I have an issue with.

>>115927106We're working more hours for less pay, how is that coddled?

>>115927106Joke's on you, Putin is sexy

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>>115927010>Removing Apu or changing his voice actor wouldn't change that, and isn't it Indian people's fault for not pushing for more representation?That was exactly what he was pushing for, more fucking representation. Simpson decided to no listen to him and just remove Apu cause that was fucking easier.

>>115927219I'm not pushing for anything and they had removed Apu three years before the documentary came out. This standard of "talking negatively of something is controlling free speech" is so selectively applied. To be consistent and fair with this logic, people hating this movie are just guilty of being censors.

>>115926942Then why are you buttmad?

>>115919915Twitter is like the bizarro 4chan.

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>>115925659Damn, that’s crazy

>>115927248>more representationThey've already got an entire Indian family, they should be pushing other shows for more representation.And guess what? Those characters are going to have thick accents and have jokes made at the expense of their ethnicity, that's how it works.

>>115921542The fuck are you talking about. Holla Forums loves free speech.You are more than welcome to go there and post your dumbass opinion and I promise no one is going to ban you.

>>115927346>Those characters are going to have thick accents and have jokes made at the expense of their ethnicity, that's how it works.Yes. That is their point. Things need to change.

>>115920794>Twitter>Free speechNigga, are you REALLY this retarded.

>>115927359Not that guy, but if Holla Forums is to be seen as stereotypically fascist, then no they do not believe in free speech.

>>115927379How is replacing a white actor with an accent with an indian actor with an accent make me laugh less because of the accent?

>>115927386Actions speak louder than words.See who is actually suppressing speech from the other.

>>115927386>but if Holla Forums is to be seen as stereotypically fascistSo what you're saying is you've never been to Holla Forums and are basing everything off your outside impression of it

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>>115925013and all for nothing because they STILL cave in, oh and they trew Michael Jackson under the bus in the name of GIMME SAFEC.UC.K and his shitcommentary that keeps getting edited out every time someone points some bullshit moment!FUCK MATT GROENING AND FUCK FOX AND FUCK THE MOUSE AND FUCK ZOMBIEMSIMPS!

>>115927402not either of those guys, but does Holla Forums have any actions?I mean if they could destroy the career of anybody, they'd do itHell, they spent all that time going after Dan Harmon after that anti-Nazi rant which he was totally right about come fight me. They certainly TRIED to destroy him, it just didn't take

>>115927446>I mean if they could destroy the career of anybody, they'd do itI'm going to say it again.Who is ACTUALLY destroying people's livelihood and careers?

>>115927446>but does Holla Forums have any actions?Pizza party meetups where we discover nobody's white

>>115927402The board that frequently has threads deleted? Holla Forums has the same censoring other boards have. And you didn't refute the point that if they're stereotypically fascist then they are against freedom of speech. What happened with Apu is a reason why they don't even like capitalism; the invisible hand of the free market wasn't going to be anything they had control over, so the free market has to go.

>>115925147mmmmmmmmmmmh....................Yeah pretty much, its all about that sweet sweet SIMPING >>115925013>>115919802

>>115927379Every character defined by their ethnicity is going to have their ethnicity challenged. And if you make a Indian person not act or speak with an Indian accent, not only will people probably not know that they're Indian, but you could probably get a better and cheaper non-Indian actor to fit the role.

>>115927485>The board that frequently has threads deleted?Oh, which threads would those be?

>>115927474The ones in power. Same as alwaysDoesn't mean the alt-right wouldn't if they could

>>115927420I've been to Holla Forums and seen the Ron Paul crowd turn to fascism. Freedom is literally for faggots. Freedom is destroying my chances of getting a tradwife who walks around wheat fields in a dress.

>>115927482> Holla Forums pizza party meetupSounds like a disaster

>>115927485>The board that frequently has threads deleted?Which threads?You mean the ones that don't follow simple board rules like "Read the catalog before posting" and "Don't dump porn"?If you want that kind of free speech, you can go to Holla Forums.

>>115927504So why are people pretending that progressives haven't been in power for the last decade?

>>115927504>Doesn't mean the alt-right wouldn't if they couldSo you're saying BLM does because they CAN

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>>115927507Turns out, Holla Forums meet-ups tend to be a lot more friendly and less cringe than other board meetups.I still don't understand the math on that one.

>>115927501Threads criticizing Superman has been mysteriously deleted before. Holla Forums mod is a seething superfag.

>>115920886>Character limit meansMeans nothing, you can do multiple posts, which people always do. Not to mention you can post links anyway.

>>115927540>I still don't understand the math on that one.Turns out minorities are the ones who hate each other the most

>>115927520Because they couldn't even shut down gitmo and Disney didn't have a canon gay character until 2016 while Trump won the presidency that same year. What exactly does power mean to you?

>>115921847Your professor is literally mentally ill.

>>115927540You go to a Holla Forums meetup expecting vehement disagreement, then being pleasantly surprised when most people who'd attend one tend to have the same beliefs.A Holla Forums meetup would likely have expectations of having similar interests, with the surprise being how disparate they actually are. It's essentially the difference between being pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised, and the ensuing conversations made on that presumption.

>>115927544What does a deleted Holla Forums thread have to do with Holla Forums?

>>115921454Untrue, there's thousands of people angry at this virtue signalling on the simpsons hashtag right now. The majority, even.

>>115927540>>115927556>the less white a meet-up is the more friendly and less cringe it isPlease don't. Whites are oppressed enough already.

>>115927567Trump sure as fuck doesn't, nearly everything he attempts to do gets shut down.

>>115927520Those "progressives" spent that whole decade not raising the minimum wage a single cent.

>>115927567>What exactly does power mean to you?The power to enact and carry out policy. >Disney didn't have a canon gay character until 2016Your metric for "power" is whether the children's media producer is promoting sodomy?You're fucked in the head.

>>115925013> the Simpsons handled it awfulyNo they fucking did notThey had the exact correct rational reaction to the outrage, which was a shrug. Because the outrage was fucking stupidOf course people were going to double down, but they should have stood their ground. But instead, they fucking cavedFuck them and fuck their show and fuck everybody in general. And the animation hasn't been good for years

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>>115927580Failing to admit the faults of Superman and placing the blame for his decline in popularity onto other is a very superfag thing to do.

>>115927573Having opinions different from yours doesn't make someone mentally ill.


>>115927592No, I'm merely stating that the crusader LARPer is probably a Korean

>>115927596Doesn't what? The guy talked about how great it is when teachers fuck their underaged students and he became president. Whatever progressive power exists doesn't bother to cancel him on shit like that and just forgets about it.

>>115924687because we're anonymous to other users here, dumbass. didn't stop 4chan users from doxxing people here anyway.

>>115927617But what does a deleted Holla Forums thread have to do with Holla Forums?

>>115925940>censoring anythingNo it isn't, the majority of posts are angry about this.

>>115924687>People here generally won't try to look up anything about you and try to get you fired for being a retard.Forgot Gamergate already?

>>115919915How the tables have turned.

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>>115925396ThisIt boggles the mind that the country with the SECOND LARGEST FILM INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD has the balls to complain about representation

>>115927631>Whatever progressive power exists doesn't bother to cancel him on shit likeHave you been deaf to the russia bullshit for 3 years straight?How far deep is your head in the sand?

>>115924687>People unironically think they have free speech on 4chan Lax moderation is not the same thing as free speech.

>>115927631>Doesn't what?Have power.> and he became president.Did you not read the post you're replying to at all? What does that matter if you can't do anything anyways? Being elected != power.

>>115927657>Forgot Gamergate already?Yes, I seem to remember some whore who posed for nudes and fucked people for ratings on her not-a-game game then cried about it for years in front of the UN while girls were getting their labias cut off and eventually she got hired by dying comic labels for comics cancelled after 6 issues but my memory might be failing me

>>115927683That's political clique fighting. Same as the Obama birth certificate shit.

>>115927526Unfortunately, yesBut the movement does raise some legitimate points>>115927520Are they?

>>115927683You aren't making any sense. Nobody talks about him saying that teachers having sex with their child students is good because it builds confidence. No one talks about that shit because this pearl clutching about pearl clutchers is a selective game. Could you imagine what kind of pedogate pizza conspiracy would be derived from that sound bite had he been a liberal democrats? You want to see progressives as all powerful when it's just capitalistic marketing. One of the reasons why fascists hate capitalism.

>>115927657Gamergate really was your holocaust, wasn't it? Six years later and it's still rent-free in your head.

>>115925060>I honestly don't know why Twitter is the place everyone seems to go toSomeone did the math and estimated that we may only be seeing opinions from less than 5% of the population on twitter based on its userbase size alone. That's not even including all the bots.

>>115927753>Unfortunately, yes>But the movement does raise some legitimate pointsHey as long as you agree might makes right, soldier

>>115927724Obama was someone a godking tyrant despite being cockblocked himself. I'm not sure why we're supposed to believe progressive are a powerful threat.

>>115925373But there's 1 vote for 1 person.

>>115919915The only times twitter has achieved anything is if a celebrity posted some racist or non-pc thing in it in the past (see: james gunn). Hashtags don't change the world on their own because they're always done by a minority, one that's always arguing among themselves anyhow.This happened because of the actress from the other show being afraid of the recent BLM riots and how they've affected the american perception and sensitivities of even the pettiest and insignificant forms of alleged racism.This is the equivalent of deleting 4chan because of a Holla Forums thread.

>>115927730>for ratingsEternal proof that it wasn't about ethics in games journalism.

>>115925540Simple: ban federal use of twitter as an information service as it's not a public information platform like many agencies use it as. FBI, CIA, the President, the White House, these organizations don't need a twitter account. Nor should they have one.

>>115927805I was there for it and it was much more about sticking it to polygon than anything else. It was about ethics as much as everyone knew these sites are unethical.

>>115926369I dont think Kahn's voice is necessarily a misstep but it can certainly appear that way. I feel like the character (and voice) was moreso meant to represent a man who knew what was right for his family in a different country and nobody else's opinion mattered. His voice reflects his willful ignorance, rather than serve as a cheap "hee hee asians sure do talk funny" gag.I dont really think Kahns voice is (supposed to be) funny in the first place.

>>115927784>says trump being elected is a display of a lack of progressive power>is countered by pointing out how he can't do fuck all meaning being elected doesn't mean anything>changes the goalpost to obamaAnd don't even pretend that Obama is as cockblocked as Trump. Trump might as well not have been elected for all the shit he has failed to do, that's how useless his election has been. What has Trump done that is even comparable to Obamacare, the republican side's big boogeyman that they've hated for years?

>>115927774I don't agree with thatI think the movement has some legitimate points, and am terrified that the crazies are gonna fuck it all up

>>115927845>Trump is somehow both the "promises kept" president who can't stop winning and the most ineffective bitch boy president everWhat the fuck is going on?

>>115919915Just emp silicone valley. Everything gets fixed overnight.

>>115927842If people aren't going to even read the articles and go after the journalists who slept with her, it's just fighting feminists and laughing at a woman.

>>115927875That's destruction of private property.

>>115927753>But the movement does raise some legitimate pointsIt raises no legitimate points. All arguments it presents are bullshit based on bullshit.

>>115922756>Most of whom were voiced by Asian actors.Keyword “most” Khan himself was still voiced by a White guy doing “yellowvoice”

>>115925373>wow just like votingIt's NOTHING like voting.

>>115926905>And Mowgli is in the same problematic boat as Apu.The fuck are you talking about?

>>115927890Which they wouldn't have to deal with if they weren't asking for it.

>>115925393>>115927789>>115927918They're likely talking about how the electoral college gives 5 million people living in cities the same voting power as a hundred thousand people living in rural areas.

>>115926098But who will cancel the people cancelling the cancellers?

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>>115926098>>115927981>If you cancel a canceller, the number of cancellers in the world remains the same

>>115927275Yes. Beacuse at least here, if you don't agree with someone you can have a discussion. (Even if its just calling the other person a faggot for 20 minutes)Instead of just blocking them or looking for incriminating old tweets to try to get them fired.

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>>115928077Which is an obvious truth people trying to make this a free speech issue miss.

>>115927573She's really nice and we got along very well despite our contrasting opinions and personalities I think it had to do with how I was engaged and participating in the class and the discussion

>>115928097>Instead of just blocking them or looking for incriminating old tweets to try to get them fired.I feel like Twitter combined the worst of Something Awful and livejournal/tumblr

>>115927671The problem is that India movies from India don't actually represent Hari Kondabolu, who was born in the US and is essentially your standard stoner slacker, but BROWN. He's pissed off because a convince store shlub like Apu didn't mean with his middle class son-of-two-doctors-who interned-at-Hillary-Clinton's-Senate-office ass.Hari Kondabolu had a comfortable childhood, marred with kids being kids and doing the thing kids always do, which is to figure out what makes you different and using it to bully you.

>>115928152This. Tumblr controversies ussually didn´t leave the site. But any fucking little gripe that someone has on twitter seems like the world is going to end.

>>115927506Bit unfair assessment. Holla Forums is either some kind of Nazi black sun paganism or Christfag Zionist Republican boomers depending on whatever is needed for the shitpost.

>>115920794>someone has an opinion on Twitter >NO YOU CANNOT HAVE AN OPINION DIFFERENT THAN MY OWN

>>115919861>menstrually inclinedA good kek to end the week

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>>115919802>oh noez, now Kevin Michael Richardson will have voice MORE black guys!I look forward to this.

>>115926554>Like, the black characters in the Simpsons are all different from each other, with different personalities and aspirationsYep, all two of them. Carl and Dr. Hibbert.

>>115928794You forgot Lou, which makes three.

technically also Janey, but only two of those four are actually semi-developed and not background characters

>>115928551Either way the board of Ron Paul turning into either of those shows that the value of freedom has diminished. "Freedom of speech" is just code for the ability to spread their based propaganda without consequence. Most would be in favor of helicopter rides as a punishment for wrongthink.

>waah why are mods deleting my shitpostslol free speech warriors playing in private property

>>115919802how long until he is cancelled for bob and vagene

>>115923331>Of course. You're allowed to voice a shitty opinion without fear of being so called 'downvotes' or having your post straight up removed or hidden.Try post a homestuck thread and see what happens

>>115927762>Pl-please everyone forget about the Great Channer Chimpout of 2016. There's a risk that can make us look bad or look like fragile snowflake. This episode doesnt fit into our masturbatory narrative conveniently portraying ourselves as stoic Internet warriors facing hysteric hags

>>115927482ChristchurchFTFY. Look at the manifesto, full of your shitty memes

>>115927668I can't be laughing this loud so late.

>>115924633Maserati XXX 2024

>>115926098>Who cancels the cancellers?

>>115928152Because it is. Twitter has gotten people cancelled, fired, and attacked just for thinking/saying something that is different from what the majority agree on. Some of those degenerates still side with Amber Heard and thinks Johnny Depp is an abuser despite all the evidences against Heard.

>>115924063Exactly. KotH had multiple ways of enjoying almost any given episode and the B-plots tended to be entertaining enough to offset a boring A-plot.

>>115926227>Those of us who have been using the internet since the 90s learned our lesson long ago to not take things said on the internet seriously.I think half the problem is that we're using the net constantly now so it can't help but bleed into real life. I still remember having to ask my Mum if i could use it, unplug the phone and reel out that annoying as fuck dial up cord. It was treat, and all that annoying shit i had to do to set it up was actually a good way to keep your feet on the ground in retrospect.


>>115926277So does irl social interaction and Twitter.

>>115927671That's because despite what all hyphenated american think, they are american first and foremost. For an indian-american bollywood movie are as strange to them than to any white guy despite them claiming they are Indian.

>>115923043>>115924063There's a definite difference between legitimate social justice issues in history (for example opposing monopoly capitalism, fighting for workers' rights, fighting against Jim Crow, etc) and what passes for social justice today which is just destroying anyone who has a different opinion than oneself.

>>115923043You can define feminism as almost anything you want so the term becomes meaningless. In Iran the women say a burka is a feminist symbol since it says they're ensuring they won't be viewed as just eye candy.

>>115929113>Try post a homestuck thread and see what happensThat's not because it's bad (although it is). It's because this is the board for actual cartoons and comics, not internet celebrity fan shit.Why can't zoomers understand the difference between real works coming out of production studios vs. internet amateurs? You need to be on TV or in films to be famous. Anyone can post drawings on a website.

>>115927520Because Republicans have spent the last ten years controlling two-three branches of federal government and have gained thousands of governorship, state legislatures and federal judge seats from the Democrats?

>>115927520Obama was really the worst thing that could have happened because the left became a dog that finally caught the car bumper it was chasing after and now doesn't know what to do.

>>115920794Yes we do. Hence why we hate Twitter.

>>115925899What exactly are you going to do when Trump wins in November when the media narrative collapses AGAIN post election.

>>115927980If they didn't, then there would never be a Democrat in the White House ever again because the Electoral College negates the huge Republican leaning voting blocs that, while smaller than the Dems, still exist in California, Illinois, etc.

>>115927889You weren't around for it and you've only read artciles written on it years after the fact, fuck off.

>>115927874He never said that. You're not responding to him, you're responding to an image in your head.

>>115929192Gamergate wasn't in 2016, it was 2014.

>>115929192Wut? People called out video games journalism of being both completely nepotistic and of several gaming journalists and larger media companies having shared online groups and organisations which they used to create narratives by organising mass publications of articles on the same topic across practically all publications/platforms. And lo and behold, that's exactly what happened in response. And it was 2014, not 2016, so thanks for showing you don't know shit.

>>115930220So where's the repeal of the NFA? Where's the big American revival? Where's the mass reform, where's the cultural shift? Oh, what's that? The establishment isn't just which party is in power with a D or an R on their name? Who'da thunk it.

>>115919915I wholeheartedly agree that Twitter needs to go. It went down the fucking pit right after 2013 and got worst after gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states.>>115920794Freedom of speech huh? If I say something that might hurt the fee fees of SJWs on twatter, i'll either have my post removed of my account suspended in a heartbeat. If you have an opinion that may be "offensive" to the sensitive adult-babies on twitter, then you will get bombarded by so many retards. I really want them to get a taste of their own medicine one day.

>>115930732And if you insult your boss, he'll probably fire you. That's the real world. Deal with it.

Wouldn't be the first time Hollywood bowed to a couple of cranks. Fuck, the Hayes Code was like two Catholic priests who managed to censor the entire film industry for 30 years. They didn't want to do it but gave into the 1930s version of Twitter outrage.

>>115930847It does make sense though considering a lot more people attended regular church services back then and they did probably reckon the Catholic lobby was powerful enough that they didn't want to fuck with them and have them boycott movies.