Could they make an animated series of the Chocolate factory work? and would u watch it?

I mean they made a fucking green eggs n ham showYeah that shit was awful but still.

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Aren't they making one now?

>>115919174Maybe if they go off the expanded universe. >there are people who will think that is a joke

>>115919174Why the shitty Tim Burton one?Hell, as much as I love the first one, they don't have to do it based of either film really. It's a god damn book they can do their own thing.

>>115919174>Yeah that shit was awful but still.I thought Holla Forums liked green eggs and ham? I thought Holla Forums liked it, sam I am?

>>115919212It's going to be netflix garbage.

>>115919174First movie is perfect.

>>115919244>either film STFU, books or nothing.

>>115919276It didn't stay true to the source material. That's like trying to suggest that FMA Brotherhood was the worst version.

>Could they?Yes.>Should they?No.

>>115919236I want the full Roald Dahl universe.

>>115919174>inb4 the inflation fags

>>115919294Who cares?

>>115919311No, the last thing we need is to risk crossovers.

>>115919278>books or nothing.Uh yeah, that's what I wrote.Are you illiterate or something?

>>115919318Worse user, the Blueberryfags the more autistic subset of inflation.

>>115919318It's either Inflation, cunny or RLM posters

>>115919294Who gives a shit, it's its own adaptation.Fantastic Mr. Fox was nothing like the book and it's still an amazing film.

>>115919330Yas. Err, I ment yes, I might bee.

>>115919294>That's like trying to suggest that FMA Brotherhood was the worst version.No, that's like trying to say, "Would you watch FMA if it was a live-action show?" and me responding: "The second anime is perfect."

>>115919174I actually have two whole seasons for a Willy Wonka cartoon planned out, as part of a self-imposed creativity project. I don’t have any scripts written mind you, just basic concepts for episodes.

>>115919396so in other words, nothing

>>115919396Mind if you share it here?

>>115919174The perfect pedo show for Holla Forumsomers

>>115919396Will the first season be the first book and the second season be The Glass Elevator or are you not gonna do that one at all?

>>115919322Why? You think Matilda crashes tonally with Wilky Wonka and the Chocolate factory?

thinking they would add the kids from “lost chapters” like the twins who got lost in fudge mountain or the girl who’s dad was a school principal or sumn who was implied to be turned into pixie stick powder

>>115919526The lost what now

>>115919421>>115919445>>115919421>>115919445It follows Charlie Bucket under the apprenticeship of Willy Wonka as they run the factory and invent new candy while dealing with Slugworth trying to steal Wonka’s secrets, while employing the help of Violet, Veruca, Augustus or Mike Teevee. It starts off episodic but gets an overarching plot later down the line. It’s mostly based on the first Dahl novel but it has elements from all Wonka media such as Willy’s dad being a dentist like in the Burton film and the Oopma Loomoas being female like in the musical play.

>>115919174>green eggs and ham was awful

>>115919588Just look up “Vanilla fudge room”I can’t find the pixie stick girl stuff rn

>>115919741One example of the overarching plot was each of the other ticket winners getting their own redemption arcs through episodes that involve them. After they do get redeemed and stop helping Slugworth steal from Wonka it moves on to Slugworth upping his game by enlisting the help of Wonka’s other competors and past enemies, like Prince Pondicherry who wants revenge, blaming Wonka for his chocolate palace melting and such.

>>115919174That Violet is cute.

>>115919174OF COURSE

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>>115919526Found the pixie stick powder girl

>>115919212W8, what? really?


>>115921560>Taika WaititiThis could be really good. He plays a role in a lot of the movies he directs, I kind of hope he ends up voicing wonka.

>>115921603he's gonna play all the pajeet loompas

>>115921666The loompas are going to be purple or some shit, no way in hell are they going to resemble any actual ethnic group given today's political climate.

>>115921743and all the children will be black or asian, wonker will be a woman and... yeah it'll all be pc'd into the ground.Does that mean Violet will be a blackberry?

>>115919253I liked it.

>>115919174Just have Charlie and Wonka going on adventures.

>>115921855Honestly, it always seemed off to me the tickets could have been all over the world but ended up to 2 americans, 2 britbongs, and a german.

>>115921855Nah, all the kids are shitty so they are going to be white. Plus Wonka is a sociopathic weirdo so he has to be male. Charlie will be brown but ambiguously brown. If they include Mr. Slugworth as a sleeper protagonist like the original he will be black or something. The only kid I could see maybe being non-white is Veruca just to break the stereotype that minorities are all poor. The candy man will almost certainly be a minority. If they really wanted to throw in another non-white character but break the pc culture of it they could make Mike Japanese or Korean and feed into the stereotype of video game obsessed Asian, I think that would be funny but I doubt they will do it.

>>115921743no matter their skin color they will still be very obviously be immigrant laborers being paid peanuts for hard labor.

>>115922038>germanWell it was filmed in Germany

>>115922068Well yeah, that's literally what they were in the books. But if you make them an exotic non-human color it gives Netflix plausible deniability when twitter warriors inevitably start spamming how "problematic" the movie was.

>>115919174>Yeah that shit was awful but still.I can tell you never watched it, because it's easily the best cartoon to come out in the last decade or so.

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>>115922149The best looking cartoon at least, the story was not that great but I will concede that the art was amazing.

>>115919174>1 kid dies per episode, then charlie wins5 episodes, or they could stretch each kids episode out for 2 episodes and do 10 episode seasons. season. only the 1 season and the story's fucking over.

>>115922149>”I can tell you never watched it”Oh believe me, I watched it.It was an absolute fucking chore to finish, took me like a month or 2 I wanna say? cause I couldn’t stomach so much in one sitting. And Sam is easily one of my least favorite characters ever next to Glossoryk Greg heffly and Brian Griffin.Only the visuals are ok but u have to be a mongoloid to like a show just for that.

>>115922502>And Sam is easily one of my least favorite characters ever next to Glossoryk Greg heffly and Brian Griffin.How? The dude's literally just Wander for most of the show.

>>115919236What else was there besides Glass Elevator?

>>115922054>Wonka is a sociopathic weirdo so he has to be maleThere's also the possibility of them deciding to rewrite his character.

>>115919253Most of us did, but its not people who like things that are motivated to start threads.

>>115923376Wander isn't a manipulator

>>115919276>First movie is perfect.your childhood nostalgia was actually shit. the first movie was poor adaptation

We'll never get an adaptation of the great glass elevator...That book was terrifying as a kid.

>>115919174It's one event to me. And drawing that out into a series is a bad idea to be frank.At best maybe a 1 or 2 season sequel that takes place after the original story that is Wonka teaching Charlie the ins and outs of the factory before he retires. But that's all I can think of.

>>115923703A movie doesn't need to be 100 perfectly accurate to be good, the original movie was fantastic in it's own right. We already saw what a more faithful adaptation looks like with the Tim Burton movie, and it was absolute garbage.

>>115922038Random patterns usually have clumps. If they didn't they're would be some kind of pattern. The actual math of probability rarely aligns with how the human psyche naturally perceives it.

>>115923918I think a true faithful adaptation need far more time than a movie allows which is why the series could be a really good idea despite there already being two movies. A series would allow for time to explore all the interesting rooms of the factory shown in the book that were passed over in the films. Honestly as much as people try to praise the second movie for being more faithful the only two major changes were the use of songs modeled after the book and Verruca's demise being the same one used in the book.

>>115923918How was the movie bad? I liked it.except when Veruca got her punishment, that scene gave me a phobia of squirrels for a while

>>115923918>implying an accurate adaptation will automatically be garbageburton took as much creative liberties to make it more modern. the best non-print adaptation is still the audiobook

>>115922231>1 kid dies per episode, then charlie winsThis. Danganronpa x CatCF or bust.

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>>115919294>That's like trying to suggest that FMA Brotherhood was the worst version.So all of /a/?

>>115923703Hi Tim Burton.

>>115923703No one said it was a perfect adaptation, only that it was a perfect movie.

>>115924273Its only six people on /a/ who think that,

>>115919174Why do they keep remaking this story? how many movies and adaptations does it need?

>>115924090Personally I found it fundamentally flawed from the get-go by having Tim Burton direct it. Tim Burton's fine when he's working on animated projects, but the fact that he's a cartoonist at heart is what cripples his live action works. He has no sense of nuance, subtlety, or contrast, and it shows by how he handled everything outside the factory.One thing I liked about the original was how mundane the world outside the factory was. The first half of the movie is you watching this comfy British world through the lens of a documentary, and it all feels real. Charlie's house feels like an actual cottage that's lived in. It's only after you enter the factory in the second half where all bets are off and the movie goes off the rails, and it's wacky and fun.The Burton movie is an entirely different beast in this regard. Look at pic related, for example. It shatters mu suspense of disbelief immediately because there's nothing about this that's even remotely plausible. Everything in this movie is exaggerated and cartoonish, which lessens the impact the factory has. It's like having Bone but everyone from Boneville has the same artstyle as everyone in The Valley; it completely misses the point.The Factory itself misses the point harder because of how cold and sterile it is. The first movie was warm and inviting. You WANTED to go to Wonka's magical world, because of how amazing the movie makes it. Wonka's factory is so miserable it makes you wonder how any kid would want to go there. Just compare the opening scenes to both movies, it's like night and day and shows firsthand where the Burton movie went wrong.

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>>115924423>dahl disowns the first movie>burton makes a shitty adaptationno perfect adaptation yet just like dr. seuss books

>>115924463Tim Burton almost pulled of an interesting idea, I think the factory is a place you want to go to at first, but the deeper into it you get the stranger and more unnerving it gets. The Burton chocolate room was fantastic. The boat ride kind of represents that tipping point. I would have been pulled off really well if the exterior of the Burton factory didn't look like a concentration camp.

>>115924090>>115924463Also the characters were just plain bad. In the original, Grandpa Joe was the devil on Charlie's shoulder, and he works because it gives Charlie an actual arc. Charlie's a good kid, but he's easily swayed by authority figures the entire movie. His character growth is learning to push back against Joe's cynical greed and do the right thing on his own terms. He has none of that in the Burton movie. Hell, Granpa Joe isn't even a character here. It's like they listened to all the people who hated Joe in the original movie, and responded by sapping away any relevance he had to the story.Wonka himself doesn't work at all either. Gene Wilder's Wonka was an enigma, you almost never knew what his intentions are until the very end. Hell, that's the entire point of the cane scene in the original movie. He was also thoughtful, with most of his dialogue being references to poems and the like. Burton's Wonka is literally just a crazy person, Johnny Depp himself even admits that.

>>115922502Why did you even watch all of it if it sucked?

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>"the original" now means the movie with gene wilder in it, not the bookfuck this gay earth

>>115923703>the first movie was poor adaptationI never read the book so that's not really my concern.

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>>115919174I've always wanted to cum to bubblegum girlImagine the flexibility>>115919244Creators probably only saw the movie one, assumed it's an originalOr maybe they thought it's the most recognizable to the public

>>115922502>>115923485>Wander wasn't a manipulatorWell, yeah, that's the point. Sam's original persona was kind of a farce, but he eventually becomes the mask because major aspects of his persona were actually genuine the whole time. At the end of the day, Sam wanted actual friends, people who he could connect to. And he's willing to do what it takes to get that, even if it means giving up on his goal and changing as a person.. That isn't comparable to the assholes you mentioned, who are stagnant in their asshole behavior and don't change at all.

>>115922068>peanutsMor like cocoa beans>>115921855The angry boy could be chinkFat guy is americanRich girl is obvioulsy euroMy bet is charlie being the nigger, with him being poor and allGum girl could be latina if only for her mom to have a huge ass

>>115924403There are only 6 people on /a/They are all schizos

>>115919318>Inflation fagsRight character, wrong fetish.

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>>115919174Was I the only one who shipped Veruca with Charlie, or was I alone in my autism?

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>>115925220I shipped Veruca with Violet.

>>115925071>Big ass milfI could live with this

>>115924475>dahl disowns the first movieDahl was an asshat that was mad because Gene Wilder replaced whatever obscure British comedian he wanted to play Wonka.

>>115925397You could have just cut that short to "Dahl was an asshat" and the statement would still be true. I loved the guy's books while growing up but from everything I have heard about the guy he seemed like an asshole.

>>115919256But Taika Waititi is doing it

>>115922181To be fair, it's not cartoons had great stories im recent times anyway, outside of a handful of exceptions. Still, I like how the show was able to balance such a massive cast of characters without it feeling bloated, messy, or unnecessary. That's something cartoons haven't been able to get right since The Simpson's.

>>115925460That seems to be the case with a bunch of creative people out there. Why?

>>115925670It comes with the big ego which you kind of need to have to push your ideas into the mainstream. There are millions of talented artists and writers on Earth, I feel like to make it you have to have a sense of entitlement and self-worth that borders on delusion because that is what drives a person to continue to shove out work until something gets popular.

>>115919174Why would we need another one when we already have an amazing one right here: >>115920212

>>115924950>in the end of the day he wanted actual freinds, people he could connect toOk, and? Same can be said for alot of vile people but that doesn't mean they deserve victims- i mean freinds.The brown squidward had no obligation to forgive that mother fucker for anything.>>115924841I heard it was good n watched it thinking it was somehow gana suprise me but nope. Also felt shitty of me to form such a negative opinion on it and not atleast judge it fully.

>>115919244Creator is Korean and likely was only aware of the remake since the original is pretty obscure outside the Anglosphere

>>115925793That was not a Willy Wonka movie. That was a Tom and Jerry movie with Willy Wonka in the background.

>>115925220I shipped Charlie n Mike, but only the musical versions cause they seemed older n I fucking loved the depiction of Mike in it

>>115925855>The brown squidward had no obligation to forgive that mother fucker for anything.He didn't though, at least not initially. He only went back after seeing that he didn't actually go back on his word and ended up trying to free the bird. Also they were both loners that realized that they wanted friends.

>>115925885>since the original is pretty obscure outside the AnglosphereThat's always been wild to me, especially with how influential it ended up being. I wonder if movies like Wizard of Oz ended up with the same situation.

>>115919318>tfw the blueberry community has been divided recently as a result of political differences

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>>115925855>The brown squidward had no obligation to forgive that mother fucker for anything.Did you miss the entire episode where he told Sam off in the harshest way imaginable?

>>115926548Yeah n it was based as hell, should have ended right then n there.

>>115926523Fetish communities in general have been in an uproar as of late. It's all stupid, pointless drama that people are going to forget about in a month or so.

>>115925855>I heard it was good n watched it thinking it was somehow gana suprise me but nope. Also felt shitty of me to form such a negative opinion on it and not atleast judge it fully.That shit's never worth it. If you watch three episodes and still don't enjoy it watch something else. If it's one of those "It gets better in season five" type shows let someone else make an episode guide.

>>115926523I hope you rot in hell you bastard

>>115926523>>115926577I can't imagine more surreal conversations

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>>115921743>>115922068They're just gonna be minion knockoffs. Screenshot this bitch

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>>115926788I meanThat’s a no brainer

>>115919174No need. The version with Gene Wilder is already king. RedLetterMedia very recently had a video where they talk about the movie and how unpretentious it feels given that it was directed by a guy who only made documentaries before. The behind-the-scenes stuff for the movie's fascinating.

>>115926929Yeah I think Wilder is just too unique to be replicated and without him the magic of the whole thing just isn' there.

>>115926335I can see the appealReminds me of Dippy Fresh

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>>115923395I don't know, but I've wondered why we so rarely get The Great Glass Elevator.

>>115919174If it's based on the book or the original movie, sure.

>>115925220I shipped Violet and Charlie.

>>115924622The Burton version of Wonka reminds me of Michael Jackson, a weird but explosively successful person who is repressed and had a fucked up childhood where they weren't allowed to be a kid.

>>115926665I mean, I found the show the show great from the start, but yeah if you're not enjoying it then there's no need to force yourself to watch the whole thing.

>>115919174is this westaboo art?

>>115924537That's definitely a good idea on paper, but BOY did Burton fuck up the execution. He should've either made the real world cozy and inviting while the factory was a horror show, or vice versa. Having noth be cold and miserable just makes me wonder what's the point.>>115927363Yeah, Depp also said he based his performance on MJ. I see where he was going with it, but again, any sense of nuance the character had was gone. He wasn't the weird enigma with questionable intentions, you could tell who and what he is from a glance.And it's even more baffling because Depp absolutely can do the mysterious enigma character while being true to himself, like he did with Captain Jack Sparrow. He was just woefully misguided on his direction.

>>115927551Got it from OnlyanilovIm pretty sure they’re korean but don’t quote me on that

>>115925220>>115925246>>115926335>>115927211How old would the kids have to be for shipping to seem more appropriate? Like 13?

>>115923395Plans for a third book.

>>115919311Wonka beefs hard with the Witches cause if all the kids become mice he'd lose massive profits from his candy.

>>115919311He's mentioned in a few other Dahl books, like the Giraffe, the Pelly and Me

>>115919311>>115928550Holy shit that sounds like it would be incredibleHow would Matilda fit in?

>>115926523What the fuck does this even mean

>>115930263You really, REALLY don't want to know. It's a rabbit hole of stupid shit.

>>115926523This reminds me when I saw some big breasted Pokemon art blog use their characters to insult Trump. It was like a fever dream.

>>115926493Well it's not EXACTLY obscure outside the Anglosphere. Like The Wizard of Oz, some songs (or at least one song) has/have become enough of a standard that kids sing it without knowing it's origins

>>115929043Matilda would have eventually turned into a witch herself if she hadn't gotten out of her situation; her childhood was bad enough that the mere thought of children would be revolting to her and that would have corrupted her powers.The Girl in Dahl's The Magic Finger has the same risk of winding up that way.