Characters Only You Want to Fuck

Post your worse

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>>115918888>Ben 10Pathetic

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>>115918913I'm flattered, but spoken for.

Remember when animators drew boobs? I memeber..

>>115918911Isn't he a super big character in China?


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>>115920238He’s like Reynard the Fox if Reynard the Fox also hung out with saints and met Jesus

>>115918888She's unironically my type, so you ain't the only one


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Even in chubby chaser threads, I'm alone on this one.

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>>115920238Who? The character based off of chinese folklore? Yeah I think so.

My kinda thread.

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>>115920709Would probably turn me on if he wasn't so old.


toot from drawn together

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>>115918888Since we're posting Ben 10

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>>115918942>that filename

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>>115922935I find this creep ass nerd endearing.I'll totally give him a chance to be his girlfriend.

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>>115922666He's cute

>>115922022This but with the latin american voice actress

I want to raw her cloaca and feed her eggs

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>>115918987They still do though, but who ca->Holla Forumsoh right..

>>115918888Unironically this guy

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>>115925461Damn, me too. I'd like to befriend if possible, but I doubt I could get a romance going.

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>>115922908based and mommypilled

I'm surprised if others don't.

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>>115918888I'd smash that

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This is the most man faced tomboy I've ever wanted to fuck

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>>115926035She's a top qt for sure

>>115926289Oh snap the archie sonic dudes, Ian and abt work on this. It was always great seeing abt in the sonic /vg/ threads

Fat Pam is Based

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Dunno what it is but I wanna fug the one in the mohawke.

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>>115926464Plenty of folk wanna fuck pam though.

>>115918888Though for me it's more because no one remembers she exists

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>>115926494Really? I'm surprised.


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>>115926464how does pam have collarbones

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>"Bad boy! Momma spank!"

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>>115918888your mom

>>115926035Just realized after watching close enough she's supposed to be J.G quintel'd wifey I think, that's super cute.

Does this specific version of Daphne count? She was suppose to be considered undesirable in the movie so I figure this counts.

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>enter thread expecting weirdo shit.>it's 95% vanilla shitI'm sure most of Holla Forums would fuck fatties, butterfaces, obscure characters, anthropomorphic animals and pretty much any women with a traditional humanoid body.

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>>115918888Reminds of Lrrrrr's wife, from futurama, who I want to fuck.

>>115928842I'd fuck her and then enjoy it.

This version of Lisa.

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>>115920709I bet this image was supposed to be gross and emphasize how fat and freakish his body is, but it just gives off a weird fetish energy, like it's an obscure form of vore or something

>>115920783>>115920817>>115926267>>115926584>>115926683>>115926801you fabulous lads have a good taste.I have also a good one right here.

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>>115926529bruh literally everyone wanted to bang her

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there's no way I could be the only one, but since I've never seen someone thirst over her:

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>>115929341Yeah I kinda dig it , there's something about the make up and voice that kinda adds something you know.

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You know that Pink Panther cartoons with the blue aardvark?Well, in Germany, they redubbed the character as female, renamed her Blaue Elise and gave her a husky voice. The dialogue was completely changed, giving her a sarcastic personality. She was arguably my first waifu because of the voice, the thiccness and of course, the day, I'm watching Blaue Elise on YouTube for nostalgia and wonder how she sounds in English.The only consolation is that Germany kept her as Elise even in the newer cartoons, which makes the episode with the female aardvark interesting...

The Peg-a-leg

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>>115929788>Germany kept her as Elise even in the newer cartoons, which makes the episode with the female aardvark interestingL-L-L-LESBO

>>115926464I want to marry a woman like this.

>>115929748my man

>>115926584>>115926801Thank ya kindly , mang.

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Ya'll up for a request done?

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