Glitch techs

I think some romance would be great

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>>115917832Stop letting your coomery control you user. Their chemistry would be shit as a couple.


>>115917847I disagree I feel like they're perfect fit for each other

>>115917847>coomeryI’m glad people make really obvious when to disregard their stupid shitty opinion.

>>115917832You can tell he's a rapist from the fact that he doesn't have eyes.

>>115917832Nice OOC porn

>>115917832>>115917847I can tell all fans of this show are beta virgins.>asian>gamer>e-girlAppeals to exactly the type of loser you’d expect. Imagine watching a show made for 5yos and genuinely pretending it has more to it because your unwashed dick says so.

>>115917832Or, you could have 2 characters just be friends. Seems like that rarely happens anymore

>wants romance>posts hentai totally void of romanceder coomer....

>>115917832Miko and Five are bros. Don't let romance ruin that. So they just let Miko's sister walk off without mind wiping her?

>>115918471I think that goes for both of her sisters

I see Five and Miko having the kind of romance that just very casually and naturally slides into place. Like one day they just realize "Oh damn have we been dating for the last six months?"

I need to finish watching this show

>>115917832Stop drawing Miko with big breasts. She is not a titty monster!

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>>115917832This somehow made her less thicc than the actual showSon I am disappoint

>>115917832God, her ass.

I would fuck Miko until I'm jizzing dust.

No, Fives deserves someone else to be his boyfriend

>>115917832You say that, until they make Miko gay for some butch dyke, and Four or whatever his name was a mega twink.

>>115918857A very nice opinion you have there! I totally agree.

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>>115917832>Miko with titsFucking disgusting

>>115918857>>115919138I want it to beme :((

>>115919392>ywn have a Five bf

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>>115919392Same my brother, same.

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>>115918725Hormones, user, hormones!

>>115918858Dan said that one of the VAs is openly gay and so is their character. I just have no idea who it is and he wouldn't say. ever posted this? Looks interesting.

I've been doing nothing but commissioning Zahra Porn for 3 months

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>>115924121Does that equate to a lot of stuff or just a few pieces that took a long time to make?

Cartoons about video game/nerd culture aren’t cool anymore

>>115924316In an /aco/ thread I burnt half my stimulus check on Zahra commissions and I only got 9 pics out of it. With 4 more still cooking

>>115924741Jeez dude. What kinda quality are they?

>>115925214beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if you see Zahra porn on like Twitter or Pixiv it's probably because I commissioned it. But IMO it's pretty good

>>115918401Anon I primarily like her for her big fat butt. I love a big, plump ass like nothing else on the planet. All of Miko's other qualities take a back seat to her buttocks.Well, her hair is great, too, I guess. Brightly colored anime hair does things to me, I guess I've been on /a/ too long.

>>115917832Glitch techs? More like bitch keks

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>>115918422This.Stop with the shipping bullshit.

>>115918422>>115925627Friendship is for cucks

>>115925666You know not of what you speak Satan!

>>115925666Lol because you can speak for both.

>>115925666That's it, I'm kicking your ass

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>>115917875It's pretty shit sorry to disappoint. It's also on sadpanda.

OP is a fag.>

>>115925766Anon comes through

>>115925766Good shit8/10

That comic's not bad, the artist knows to focus on the ass

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>>115926096I appreciate the cartoon accuracy.

>>115926096I'm never going to understand how the show creator was uncomfortable with all the porn Miko got. Dude you gave her a great big butt and repeatedly focused on it in a thicc-crazed world. What did you think would happen?

>>115926340Proof?That seems WAY too hard to believe.

>>115926340if the creator has lewd toughts about her, is it technically incest?is it morally wrong if you masturbate to something you created?

>>115926482by that logic nsfw artists would be more inbred than the hapsburgs

>>115926552NSFW guys do drawing of other characters most of the timeunless you mean the few weird ones who make OC's to cater to their fetish

>>115918401>cute as a button>great hair>loves vidyaKawaii.

>>115923645>We coulda had Glitch Techs by the Wakfu guysthat woulda been cool as fuck

>>115917832Miko/Fives is cute!

>>115926482I've fapped to erotic stories that I myself have written. It's pretty degenerate, but I wouldn't say it's incestuous.

>>115917832We all know one of them are going to be gay, my money's on Five.

>Canonically bottom heavyWhat did they mean by this?

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>>115926340Was he really bothered by it? You'd think by now creators would either shrug that revelation off, or even kind of embrace it as some sign of success that they're character has made some lasting impact.

>>115928173At the very least he has multiple tweets where he seems uncomfortable with it. He says that he's happy fans have embraced the show, and especially Miko, but that he's not as fond of the lewds/porn.Then again, maybe he's just being diplomatic.

>>115928311I guess he would get in trouble if he openly accepted it, given twitter's borderline fascist mentality these days

>>115928127They meant "the future is now, the age of ass has begun."

>>115928355Remember the immortal law of sexy girls: a big ass will save a girl with no tits, but no amount of big tits will save a girl with no ass.

>>115928379Well that's just common sense; a balcony is nothing if it has no lower support

>>115926340I don't think the discomfort was real. It could've been an attempt to get artists to draw more fotm stuff and generate more interest in the show. Nothing encourages artists more than telling them they shouldn't do something.

>>115924121please rotate to miko for a couple of commissions user, kthx.

>>115928510Yeah seriously, I feel like we'd know if the creator threw a fit about all the porn.

not yet

>>115918401And what do you kool kidz watch? Cape shit? Tranny Universe? Seems like you ran out of cliff note criticisms of this show and need to stoop to projecting your faults onto a broad portion of its fanbase.

>>115928355Future nothing, our species owes its survival to gigantic asses.

>>115926340the creator should be happy that Miko came off as a really fun character and as fully capable without grrl pwr bullshit.....and then you notice she's hot and it's a fucking multiplier