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>>115917350I wonder if that artist has a Furaffinity account.

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>>115917388Don't post real cats here, only Holla Forums ones.

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>>115917798It says "merry chrismas and a happy newyear" in norwegian, swedish, danish, icelandic (?) and finnish, if anyone is curious.

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>>115921826or alternatively clown cat

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>>115921665And the earth shall tremble under the tramp of our paws.

>>115921606I kind of guess with the resemblance between English and the norse tongues, and my very limited knowledge of Finnish.

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>>115919061Cat Sigrun a cute!

>>115922244You'd better believe it!

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>>115922714I never knew I needed it.

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>>115922846You're welcome, user

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>>115917153chicken go cluck cluck, cow go moo. piggy go oink oink how about you? wanna be an animal just like you

>>115923833That comic is really funny. Funny as in "died twice, only to come back with an ending written down but Scotty is apparently busy with other stuff again and hellooooo hiatus #3".

>>115917388Does anyone have that Apu Apustaja picture where he rips his head off?


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>>115921826squish that cat

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>>115926931Was that really computer animated, though? It's just ASCII art, which looks like it had been printed onto paper and used as animation frames.

>>115926985It just says it's animation on a computer.Doesn't really claim to be anything more.

Blessed thread.

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>>115920875There is a fetish that this series has not exploited?