What is Holla Forums's opinion on this?>

What is Holla Forums's opinion on this?>legendofgenji.com/

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>this is the first thing you see in the pageMade me chuckle

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>>115914640Seems like a more compelling protag than Korra I guess.

Wow, I never thought they'd do a western adaptation of the Tale of Genji.

>>115914640This is my opinionWhy would you make a whole website, and constant log of updates and even pictures of all characters when there is nothing there yetJust post your shitty webcomic like everyone elseI figured people would eventually get too blue balled and start making their own avatar sequels though, it was inevitable

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>>115914640When does he fuck his daughteru?

>>115914640Why is there a black woman? I though they were all asian in that world.

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>>115914640> The Legend of Genji is a volunteer-based, multimedia fan project to create a new, web-based Avatar series. This is an unofficial project and is not affiliated with the original creators. Through our own story, we aim to bring the original series to a new generation of viewers and create new, exciting content for longtime fans of the original series.> volunteer-basedHoly shit this is pathetic So they wanna make their fan fiction into a comic, but don’t have any skill to do so, so they just gonna beg/trick people to do it for them?

>>115914761Stupid bigot, da real asians are black KANGZ.Just like da egyptian niggas

>>115914761It’s racist to not have black peopleDon’t worry though, there won’t be any whites, that would be racist

>>115914761>>115914820>>115914846Grow up

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>>115914640looks generic

>>115915085Kill yaself Sanquez, I've heard yo dad came bak from da juvie

>>115914640>The Legend of Genji is a volunteer-based, multimedia fan project to create a new, web-based Avatar series. This is an unofficial projectThat I don't care.

>>115914761Usually I don't care but user has a fair point this time since the entire universe made it clear that only Asians make up the world of Avatar.

>>115914744You could always play the games or read tails of the otori

>>115914640Asking for a C&D

>>115915276viacom didn't give a shit about some guy becoming a millionaire off of a an illegal avatar porno game, why would they care about this

>>115914794What if I steal the design and make him gay and make my own webcomic but only with his design?

>>115914640porn when?

>>115914640Genji is such a generic name, also he looks like a crackhead mexican weeb Hey, just like your average ATLA fanboy

>>115915085this xir thinking white genocide isn't a thing

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>>115914761They're going by cosplay rules where light skinned Asians are all white because anime is white worship with an asian veil over it so that means we have to include black people two because those are the only three ethnicities in the world.

I had a dream once about an Avatar fire bender who travelled around with his big brother who was an Earthbender. It turns out his big brother was actually the previous Avatar who died prematurely took a more active role in protecting him.

>>115914640Nami a cute

>>115914640Okay, so not the Tale of Genji. Probably for the best, that would be a massive undertaking full of problematic themes and problematic characters that I doubt any studio would touch.

>>115915759half the corpses the corporations slew in building railroads across the usa are irish, the other half are chineese

>>115914761they are all asian. the blackest are polynesian (swampbenders). this is retarded.

>>115916158>Probably for the best, that would be a massive undertaking full of problematic themes and problematic characters that I doubt any studio would touch.Wait why?

>>115914640Why is the title literally a copy of Legend of Korra? Could they seriously not think of anything?

>>115916460Lefend of Korra was already a ripoff. ATLA was called The Legend of Aang in many countries outside of the US

>>115914761>>115916287We know Indians exist. Why not expand on that? Avatar has many aspects to explore but people do the Star Wars thing and keep repeating the same fucking thing but pallet swapped

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>>115914761>>115916287Wasn't there a black kid in the lake crossing episode? Maybe I'm misremembering it. Also>the blackest are polynesian (swampbenders)Where are you getting them as polynesians? They were clearly based on the American south. Hell the one guy's name was Slim.



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>>115914640>People misnamed the Avatar as someone who isn't the Avatar>Avatar is someone from the lowest rung of societyIsn't this the plot to the Rise of Kyoshi novel?

>>115918160The plot for this was finalized before the rise of kyoshi if I recall correctly.

>>115918174Was it though? When did they start writing RoK vs. this?

>>115914640Genji is kinda cute, not gonna lie

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>>115918160>>115918174Wait just a fucking minute. Genji's airbender friend is named Kalsang. Kyoshi's airbender friend was Kelsang. There's definitely something going on here..

>>115918597I bet money they pull a fast one on us and have some of the story mirror Kyoshi and they patch some of the Avatar stuff up to 'rather than bonding with all the past avatars, you pull knowledge from one or two you learn and empathize with' and for Genji, it's Kyoshi

>>115918639I'm just wondering who has the best case to sue the other. Because RoK is the best avatar story of the three we got imo and I'd hate to see it tainted. >>115916505Foreign translations don't count since they're often shitty. I'm just saying, they used the same format and font for this and it just irks me. Like why not call it The Trials of Genji or something related to the story?

yeah this is gonna get C&D'd hard

>>115914640Nothing about it gives me hopes of it being better than the usual fanfiction. But the attempt at production value worries me because some people might consider it to be some kind of canon.

>>115918893I don't know about that. They make it a big point of saying they aren't affiliated with the networks and draw no profit from the project and that it's just a big collaborative fanwork.

>>115914640>The Legend of Genji is a volunteer-based, multimedia fan project to create a new, web-based Avatar seriesI think it is shit

I immediately thought he was a porn character drawn by MrPotatoParty

>>115919128That happens with big fan fics in every fandom to be fair.

>>115914640its mother 4 all over again

>>115918597That’s definitely fishy.

>>115919206Including Fox in Space.

>>115915574Do it.And it better be hot.

>>115920158>>115915574This. And make him fuck the Airbender. And for added salt, make him be the last of Aang's line, meaning Aang line dies because of a homo. This shit is something Bryke would love.

I really have no idea why people think the next Avatar would be anything but a metalbender. Bryke clearly love metalbending and the continued rise of technology would only make it more relevant. There's much less potential with sandbending by comparison.

It’ll never be as good as the premier Avatar fanwork, “How I Became Yours”


>>115920398Why destroy whence one could create?

>>115918861There is no grounds, Legend of Genji is a collaborative fanwork that probably isn't gonna get money for it's work. It's bad praxis to try sue'ing over this sort of thing. If they wanna rip off Kyoshi and not do something more interesting, that's on them. These collaborative fan projects always tend to fail though, so you probably don't need to worry too hard>>115919206I can't really think of a fanfic in the Avatar fandom right now that people think is so good it can be canon. I have literally, in all my years being a fanfic fag, have ever heard of this phenomenon

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>>115920725Because that's how evil and degenerate homosexuality is.

>>115920740You're not gonna get rid of your love of dicks by shitposting on the internet.

>>115920582It's less about 'how cool is the bending' and more like 'whats interesting for the story and character arcs'.From what these folks are writing, the inciting conflict is Sandbenders getting forced out of the desert because the Earth nation found oil down there and are chomping at the bit to get at it, and are forcing people who've lived there for ages out. On the other hand, the 'official' avatar is an Earth nation guy, who is very much under the influence of the Earth Nation, with them having sent an entourage to look after him as he goes about doing avatar shit (And if the Earth Nation hasn't changed much, most likely he's a puppet being used to further national agendas rather than actually doing an Avatars job).Admittedly, the potential for this idea is pretty high. Having the 'officially' recognized Avatar throwing Earth Nation weight around, and the actual avatar being some rando sandbender with zero clout in the political climate with zero training about his duties is really interesting. The downside is that this is a collaborative fan project, and likely will get hit with 'too many cooks spoil the pot' issue

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>>115920862Then how did you stop being gay?

>>115920899Touching balls with another man.They tell you it's what makes it gay but that's a lie, it's what breaks the spell.

>>115920582Imagine a variation of Sand and Lava bending that makes molten glassSand can be blown hard enough to wear down stone and metal, and strip skin off of folks

>We will never get another good Avatar series, The Last Airbender was a flukeI can't even find a good fanfic that tackles the implications of a new Avatar after all the shit that happened to Korra, there's like, 2, and neither are interesting

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>>115921385Just let it go, anonHarden your heart and let it goAmerican animation shows peaked with AtLA and it never gonna get that good again. Just accept it and enjoy the occasional alright shows for what they are

>>115921385It's okay user I'll write a fanfiction just for you.

>>115921595>>115921385Let go your earthly tetherEnter the voidEmpty and become wind

>>115921663I just want a fanfic with a new avatar that has to deal with the fact he has no spirit guides and is stuck with Korra going 'oops thats my fault' and him starting with pretty much zero

>>115921745My idea was that he has to go around and reconnect with the avatar spirits, who are just wandering around in places that mattered to them in life.

>>115921783Collection of Short Stories might work. Wouldn't have to commit to any single idea for too long

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>>115914761wasn't sokka's master black?

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Where do people even post fanfiction nowadays? Is it still fanfiction.net?

>>115921999Split between Fanfic.net and Archive of Our Own. AO3 used to be trash, but these days the tag wrangling and search system is superior than Fanfic.net these days.Fanfic.net has been used longer, though, so, there's some old gems, but the problem is that good luck finding specific stuff

>>115921385Have you read Kyoshi yet? It's legit the best story. And making it tailored for young adults rather than children really makes it shine. >>115921959Honestly, the entire avatar premise would work great as an anthology series. Instead of multi season arcs, just give a season's worth of episodes to a different avatar each time. They don't even have to be in succession. It gives you the chance to explore a lot of different kinds of characters and themes too.

>>115922138I've been meaning to read Kyoshi. Some asshole spoiled it though, so, dunno if that ruins my enjoyment of it. Also yeah, i'd kill for a series exploring Avatar that had to clean up a previous ones mess - Imagine the sort of confusion that the guy after Wan had to deal with

>>115922232I think it can still be enjoyable. Depends on how much of it was spoiled for you. It's a good read though. Especially the more hardcore bending scenes. >Imagine the sort of confusion that the guy after Wan had to deal withThat would be a fascinating series for sure.

>>115914640Looks like complete and utter shit. All the character designs look bland as fuck.

>>115922385>>115922138>An avatar series where it follows multiple avatars, each in a distinct time period from the bronze age to slightly in the future>Each avatar's story parallel the others >there's a spirit doing time fuckery>all the avatars unite to defeat the spirit, but never actually interact outside of dreams and brief visits in the spirit world>All avatar spirits, past or future, are all interconnected

>>115921385>>115921595>>115922138fuck off

>>115923614Eh, the time fuckery feels too sci-fi. >>115923682What's wrong? You didn't like my idea?

>>115923614You don't need spirit fuckery - Generations are already connected by the actions of the past.Ex: Kyoshi made the Dai Li, which hurt the Earth Kingdom down the line, and likewise the actions of past avatars have influenced their reincarnations down the line, often informing on the struggles they deal with.Kind of like a big fucked up family

>>115914640That's a cute avatar.

>>115921989No big lips or nose, he is just one of those dark skinned asians

>>115916534Indians are asian.

>>115925161This kid was definitely black.

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>>115925560What? Where's that?

>>115925650Not him but I assume that's a scene from Korra's third or fourth season, after the Harmonic Convergence turned a lot of people into airbenders.

>>115925560>canon support for their stupid and still racist ideaCurses!

>>115925560>>115925650>>115925732It's from ATLA Book 2, the Serpent's Pass. When Aang is trying to get a boat ticket into Ba Sing Se and says he's the avatar, and the person selling the ticket points out all the other avatar imposters.

>>115914761>her backstory is that she's dai lireallyi'd bet millions that i don't have that a subplot at least is them fucking up AGAIN, this is ridiculous

>>115925650>>115925732It's from Last Airbender, season 2 - The Serpent's Pass. They're a bunch of dudes pretending to be the avatar to get free passports to get to Ba Sing Se.


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>>115914761>>115925887The plot point I think for this fan series is that the fake avatar is little better than a puppet on the string for the Earth Kingdom, hence the Dai Li following him around, despite the fact this 'avatar' can't firebend or airbend or waterbend yet - and the actual avatar is some sandbender vagabond kid

>>115915544dick brings unity, not webcomics

>>115925957Someone there is aware of Chinese shenanigans and using this to comment on it.


>>115925957It'd be difficult to create a puppet out of thin air, especially in terms of the White Lotus if we're being lore consistent, which this fanfic seems keen on.They probably went with the old fandom meme of watching pregnant women so on the day the avatar dies, they have a database and can crosscheck whoever was born the day the previous avatar died, especially if it's close to the time. Not-chinese guy lined up, so they picked him.

>>115926287Since the White Lotus is a lot more visible in Korra's time, it's very possible that the Earth Kingdom had agents infiltrate the White Lotus to fuck up the process to get their own person in.Or an honest accident happened, and the Earth Kingdom swooped in to go 'let us help you with that, White Lotus'

>>115914640Why are there mexicans and blacks in Avatar fan-fiction? They along with whites don't exist in Avatarverse.

>>115920583>bitch best believe it’s hammer time

>>115926344Why are there Bayeou New Orleans Hicks in the swamp with the bigass tree?

>>115926366Because racism.

>>115914640>world is apparently supposed to be 70s avatar>everyone outside of strict military dress looks like modern teen sluts

>>115914761This is the only instance where I actually agree with this take.

>>115914761They are not Asian at all, the water tribe are based on the Inuit tribes, and they are North American, the water tribe of the swamp is based on the Amazon tribes, South American, it shouldn't be strange that there are black people in the world of avatar, obviously the are not the major population

>>115928427Those are literally just Asians who moved. That aside, you could handwave dark skin as Indian. I think they're saying she's an islander, and I guess some of them are pretty dark and can have very curly hair.

>>115926846I hate the idea that the Avatar setting was dragged into the bland 1920's in the first place. I hope the Spirit bs put a stop to that shit and made sure the tech stagnated to such a degree that they had to return to using bending more appropriately

>>115925348That's the point. They're dark skin but still Asian

>>115914640They're still trying to do this? didn't the project fail or something?


>>115926344What Mexicans?

>>115928982>a projecting failing means the creator(s) stop with their autismboy i hope you don't read up on "the letter"

>>115918322I wanna rub baby oil on his abs.

>>115920897>they literally ripped off the premise of the Kyoshi novel shamelesslyHonestly read that instead, it actually came out, it's official and it's surprisingly good (and brutal)

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>>115914761WE WUZ BENDAZ 'N SHIET!

i never knew the kyoshi novel even existed until nowworth a pirate?

>>115914711Men are just more interesting than women. Not even trying to bait, it just seems truthful.

>>115930419>mega.nz/file/Iw4EgaTADon't make me regret thisthe novel is great, doesn't read like fanfiction but it's still YA, bear that in mind