How would you like the new personalities of April, May and June to be if appears in the new series...

How would you like the new personalities of April, May and June to be if appears in the new series. I honestly don't want them to be female versions of the triplets again.I thought!April (older sister): adventurous, reckless and tomboy.May (middle sister): Shy, femiline and always in a good mood.June (younger sister): serious, intelligent and always in a bad mood.

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>>115912248You just made the Chipettes again...

>>115912248just have fun with them and don't lock them into one or two character traits

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"Oh, another set of triplets but they're girls hurr" fuck that

>>115912248Bring back Cabs for season 2

>>115912248May is the closest to being a tomboy in the dutch comic.

>>115914168I don't get the appeal either. I'd rather just have more episodes featuring Webby, Lena and Violet.

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Wake me up when they start kissing each other

>>115914844>Shitty donut steelsI'd rather they not

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>>115912248Impossible to tell since they invented the triplets personalities from the ground up. I imagine it woudl be the same for April, May and June. Who knows what personalities they would have landed on.Standard cookie cutter personalities are sporty, nerdy, and jokey/smartass. But Ducktales decided on Huey being the original DT triplets personality, with some Donald anger thrown in, Jean Ralphio Dewey, and scheming Lex Luthor Louie.

>>115914844At least they were different. They just became too perfect at everything they did. They should be toned down some.Like Violet being the perfect Jr Woodchuck outdoors survivalist just doesn't fit the indoor nerd personality she had before.Lena works best as a scheming shady type that just gets herself into trouble over and over again. Her plans never work out because she never thinks aheadAnd Webby totally dropped her old, never left the mansion, has no idea what normal people are like thing. That personality fits best with Violet.

>>115914895Aren't the nieces the same thing? OCs created by Carl Barks, and hijacked by Dutch pedophiles? I can't see how they appeal to anyone else.>>115915025True, especially with Violet. The character has potential, but the writers have literally no idea what to do with her. I still maintain that Lena should've been the one to join the Woodchucks, with there being no competition to speak of. Just two vastly different characters interacting in the woods.

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>>115914844>>115914895Lene is great, Webby is okay and Violet shouldn't exist and serves to bloat an already bloated cast.

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The current ducktales are giving women a lot of importance in contrast to the past. I do not doubt that Dayse's nieces who are already on the show with a renewing personality would be different. I doubt that they would put her with disguised versions of them, that would go against everything so far.

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>>115915575The Saint returns!

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>>115915743Both Ducktales 17 and Legend of the Three Caballeros having better female representation is a positive both shows do compared to older materialThere are a couple female characters that are misses

>>115912248I wonder how Webby would react to them.>>115913663Would she get jelly? I knew a girl who got jelly anytime a new girl came into my group of friends.

>>115915899Yeah, Xandra and Della are prime examples of well-written female characters. Cabs Daisy, though... oof.

>>115912248So long as they have crushes on the Caballeros.


>>115914614We can dream.

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>>115917333>them big ol' spaced out, down syndrome eyes


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>>115917430Reminds me of a certain artist...

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>>115917840I actually like this design. She looks a lot less like a midget penguin with monster eyebrows.


>>115917430So like every Disney character?

>>115918110Lena's eyes don't look spaced out to me; nor do any of the other DT17 designs. The Cabs designs just suck ass.

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>>115912248If they showed up, they could definitely be with Webby. Webby would definitely treat them better than annoying nephews.

>>115913663Huey, Dewey and Louie with April, May and June Duck>Huey, Dewey and Louie with Webby

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>>115918137Guess this design sucks too

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>In Nu-Ducktales Webby is rip-off AMJ and rip-off Gosalyn Mallard>Lena is rip-off Minima de Spell>Violet is Mary Sue characterCoincidence?!

>>115917840It would be good, though since I know who works at Nu-Ducktales, I’m afraid they’ll ruin it too and make her like a Mary Sue character.

>>115917977you are entitled to your opinion>>115918680....look I love her a lot...but she already kind of is.which is kind of the point, she meant to be the perfect girl.which she is.

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>>115915164>hijacked by Dutch pedophiles?>>115918137>The Cabs designs just suck ass.Excuse me, did you eat beets and that's why you're talking nonsense around?

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This thread has marinara stains all over it

>>115917977I thought her being a midget was cute.

>>115918967it is very cute

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>>115918832>Excuse me, did you eat beets and that's why you're talking nonsense around?Italy has arrived!

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>Everyone who likes what I don't like is a boogeyman

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>>115918644>Lena is rip-off Minima de SpellThis one's not true. Frank said Lena was inspired by Magica's Shadow War episode and thought the idea of a sentient/sapient shadow was cool.

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>>115916053>Yeah, Xandra and Della are prime examples of well-written female characters. Cabs Daisy, though... oof.>Cabs DaisyI don’t understand why many hate Cabs Daisy, when she’s not that bad. It is true that in a couple of episodes, the relationship between her and Donald was not great, but in the end, the two of them reconciled. If you want to know, there are also worse versions of Daisy Duck like in earlier old comics or in Mickey Mouse Works. I don’t hate Daisy in Cabs, I love some things about her, especially how she put together puzzles and said she’s not called a silly Daisy because she’s crazy. Daisy's best moment in Cabs.

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>>115919036>dem big ole Magica boobsSHIEEEEEEET>>115919043I don't care, you doo-wop shitstain.

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>>115912248>I honestly don't want them to be female versions of the triplets again.But you made them exact opposites of the triplets instead.

>>115916053They are pretty evenCabs has Xandra and the NiecesDucktales has Della, Lena and Daisy Both have many secondary characters who are goodBut then they have poorly done characters like Webby, Violet and Cabs Daisy

>>115918609Not at all. Her eyes might be spaced out, but she still has a semblance of beauty. The nieces, however, just look flat-out retarded.

>>115919140>I don't care, you doo-wop shitstain.Will you stop insulting or not? Oh yeah, since you’re in love with Lena, Daisy and Della, do you have anyone else that you’re in love with certain characters in Ducktales? Maybe Magica?

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>>115919232Dumbo's design is bad also i guess

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>>115919241Sure, I dig Magica, Selene, Fenton and older Huey

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>>115919163>Ducktales Daisy>goodShe's a flawless woman, being sold as an undervalued assistant, who while great at her fashion, being held back by insecurity and The Woman. She bends over backwards for her boss, but lacks the guts to do her own thing and instead silently fumes in anger. Rather than take a stand and let her voice be heard, she relies on Donald of all people to speak up for her because she was perfectly willing to be ignored yet again after trouncing a guy twice her size. It's a very pandering vibe on top of her design being that of her earlier look. Cabs Daisy is a much better character and shows a more realistic relationship.

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>>115912248jesus christ, we already have enough characters

>>115919608>Cabs Daisy is a much better character and shows a more realistic relationship.

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>>115912248It's extremely important at least one of them is very sexually aggressivejust full on fifi style serial sexual harasser

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>>115913476I'm a duckfag but honestly the threads have been so autistic recently that I'm actually thankful theyre being nuked, let's just wait for the hiatus to end.

>>115920514Isn't that just going to be Webby in a few years?

>>115921038This one's been alright, so far. We got some new Saint Hubert material, and there's an actual discussion going on, fragmented though it is. Contrast that with the previous three (or so), where it was just Arzziel posting random pics of a comic no one cares about.Moreover, we don't actually know when the hiatus is going to end. The obvious answer would be October, to coincide with the Halloween episode... but they might even wait until next year.

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>>115913476So that's what happened. Why are jannies so autistic? What do they have against duckino?

>>115921038Ironically it's the redditor you're replying to and the underage autist they antagonize that are the cause of duck threads going to shit.

>>115919043I have to disagree greatly though. Cabs Daisy is one of the weakest, if not the weakest, part of the show. She comes off as a materialistic, self-centered asshole with a petty streak. In the first episode alone, she abandoned her boyfriend, Donald Duck, on his birthday after he missed a single date due to an unexpected job shift and didn't even allow him to explain himself. Later on, Daisy repeatedly dumped Donald for him not putting 100% of his effort on impressing her, showed interest in him again (the first time) largely because he flaunted his "wealth", and even went into his shack just to show off to him Dapper, her new boyfriend (a boyfriend she seemingly rejected just because he was a bit of a coward). Even worse, she barely seems to put any effort on her side of things in regards to the relationship, making the Donald-Daisy relationship seem awfully one-sided.The worst part of Daisy though is that none of her personality flaws are ever shown to be treated or even called out on by the yetis during their stay in Shangri-La. The episode puts a lot of focus on Donald's anger issues and the attempts to cure Donald of his anger (by the way, Donald gets over his anger issues way too quickly in the episode) but no focus is ever out on Daisy's obvious personality problems. This, combined with the idiotically invoked "you can't tell your loved ones the truth" trope, makes the romantic tumor the most frustrating plot thread of TLot3C.

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>>115921569did he slide on his ass?

>>115922185Yes, one could say that he (and the poster towards whom this was directed) is suffering from a case of butthurt

>>115921503>muh dapperShe literally spent the whole night worrying about Donald and then ran off alone after her perfect replacement left her to die. The things Daisy does are seen in Donald. It's the whole point and why she sticks with him.

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goslyn was supposed to show up in the first episode of ducktales season 3 as hueys jr woodchucks rival


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Apparently they finally fixed the episode order on

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>>115923878Doesn't make the show any better.

>>115924459Huh. Not sure why they didn't go this route. Would've made a hell of a lot more sense.

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>>115925062probably just wanted gos tied to dw

>>115925812>Violet doesn't know she's walking into Webby's trap

>>115926055She's not used to dealing with a bird of Violet's skin color.

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>>115925062If they wrote her in-character, Gos would just have shit on Huey for being a sperg the entire time.

>>115927045>If they wrote her in-character,Ducktales writers can't do that.


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>>115922284I get that Daisy, on some deep subconscious level, is always at least somewhat supportive of Donald throughout the show (she did give Donald three "last chances" to repair their relationship and she showed some concern over him during the rugged bear incident). I also see how Donald, in some ways, screwed himself out of the relationship by being consistently unable to, in-person, participate in a date with Daisy for the entire duration of the date. However, that doesn't excuse Daisy's own flaws: her seemingly minimal commitment into the relationship, a hair-trigger tendency to immediately break up with Donald if he didn't fully meet her standards, hints of temper issues of her own, and occasionally passive-agressive attitudes.>>115925062I think Goslyn got replaced by Violet either due to higher-up mandates (like how the Rescue Rangers became non-speaking glorified cameos) or because plans for future episodes somehow made her participation in the Woodchuck episode a non-starter. No matter what happens, it seems like the change happened late in the story development phase that the crew rushed in Violet as a replacement for Goslyn without sufficient regards as to how being a Woodchuck didn't fit into Violet's previously established personality.

>>115923878I don't care about his show. Although it will fail and be considered an obsolete series soon.

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>>115927870Just like europeans are an obsolete people.

>>115927802>Violet as a replacement for Goslyn without sufficient regards as to how being a Woodchuck didn't fit into Violet's previously established personality.Why would Gosalyn be a member of Junior Woodchucks? What’s the reason for that, when she herself probably doesn’t like scouts and she likes to be wild?

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>>115927923Cause scouting is gay and she's a lesbian

>>115927921>Just like europeans are an obsolete people.It should not be forgotten that these descendants of Europeans created America and that without these Europeans, America would not exist. Besides, without Europe, there would be no Western civilization. Even as outdated, it will always be in focus, unlike the Nu-Ducktales, who no one will remember after a few years except Della and Daisy Duck and Lena de Spell and Magica de Spell and funny Glomgold and the good Fenton. I'm sure there will be those who will still remember them.

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>>115927997Lol eat shit faggot


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>>115928022>Lol eat shit faggotGooby please.

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>>115927923Honestly, none of the girls would really be good Woodchuck scouts. Webby would be the most likely, but I doubt Beakley would enroll her. If the writers really wanted to give Huey a proper Woodchuck rival, the best option would have been a new character or Doofus.


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Donald Duck as Sun King (Louis XIV).

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>>115928112>If the writers really wanted to give Huey a proper Woodchuck rival, the best option would have been a new character or Doofus.So I definitely agree with either one from Beagle Junior as well, as in the comics. Although as far as I can see, it seems that writers need to focus more on female characters, in order to make “equality” between male and female, and they don’t know what writers would do with Huey, unlike Dewey and Louie, which is a shame, considering that Huey is the best triplet in the Ducktales.

>>115928125Let’s be honest, Gosalyn is for Huey, but certainly not in Nu-Ducktales, but for some other version, given that they both have similar personalities, and Huey somehow loves women.

>>115928125>the beat-up alleyAlso known as the park.

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>>115928285Choke on your next baguette, eurotrash

>>115928125How often has Huey fantasized about Lena calling him her boyfriend’? They don’t get much more lewd than that, however, seeing as he isn’t very good at imagination.

>>115928326Even after taking Huey's virginity, Lena still won't call him her boyfriend.

>>115928300>Choke on your next baguette, eurotrashWhat's the matter, Murican? You're jealous? Oh...

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>>115928488Hahahahaha ... Do you think anyone will pay attention to that? I don't care about that, and you can't challenge someone based on that.

>>115919140>>dem big ole Magica boobswell her VA is STACKED

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>>115928985The triplets lie and sass to their Aunt Daisy quite a bit.

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>>115928125>she just wants to hear how goslayn made huey cry and swap stories

I see that one user is very nervous and hates Italy from the bottom of his soul, what is the reason?

>>115919163Webby and Violet are Mary Sue characters in Nu-Ducktales.

>>115929942Violet's episodes had her as a nerdy outcast and a repeated failure. She's an emotionless occultist who turned her science experiment into a sister.

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>>115930265I really don't understand why they had to add Violet, who appeared out of nowhere? What is the reason for that? For Lena, I can understand why they created and added her, but for Violet, not really. I’m not saying she’s bad, but given that in a few episodes they turned into a character who became the main character, along with Della and Lena, it’s, in my opinion, very bad. And since Lena became Violet's sister, shouldn't she have been adopted by Scrooge, as promised earlier?

>>115917840>No monster eyebrows Almost perfect, but into the trash it goes.

>>115929892I think he's just upset there's people here who don't like a show he's obsessed with

>>115930477>with eyebrows>without eyebrowsdoesn't matter, she'll always be perfect

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