Why is Sari so fondly remembered in comparison to other companions the Autobots have had over the years?

Why is Sari so fondly remembered in comparison to other companions the Autobots have had over the years?

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>>115911482She's hot

>>115911482Not a clue.

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>>115911482>Actually does stuff>Friendship and interactions with the autobots feels genuine, is often the emotional backbone of the team>Has a fucking cool cybertronian form and weapons>Looks like motherfucking Metabee in said formAlso degenerate coomers, but I'm sure you knew that one.

She’s cute

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>>115911666Also, she looks like a Wind Waker character, and what kind of scum doesn't like that cute shit?

>>115911677People with taste.

>>115911696Never seen such intense denial radiating from one post.

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>>115911482>Why is Sari so fondly remembered in comparison to other companions the Autobots have had over the years?Who the fuck is Sari?

>>115911769No idea.

>>115911482Shes a robot girl with a cool transformation Her voice actress was great too

>>115911482She had some great dynamics with the whole Autobot crew, which isn't easy. Sure, she was kind of annoying, but it was great that she hanged along with all the Autobots, which made the show more fun and made her character more memorable.

>>115911739Anon were you alive when wind Waker was released? The internet bitched so hard at "Celda" (get it because cel shading) that Aounuma had to backtrack and try to make OoT 2

>>115911845I thought this was something people long got over.

>>115911845People also still bitch about Animated. No TF series is more greatly treasured over another really save for G1 and Beast Wars having the lions share of sycophants, the rest pretty much just depends on what part of the internet you end up on and which fans you end up engaging with.

>>115911482Because she's a girl.The real question is if she would be fondly remembered at all if she stayed a little girl and not given tits.

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>>115911482To add what has been said, unlike most humans sidekicks she has actual agency. There's character development and self-discovery throughout the show as she becomes more independent from her father. A lot of TF humans can have a good relationship with the bots but very rarely do they take action vs reacting to the plot of the day and doing their team role.

>>115911845Wind Waker is already OoT 2.

>>115911482I think because she wasn't nearly insufferable as some of the other companions the autobots. But to be fair back in the day people preferred teenage Sari to her younger self and only in recent time have people turned around on that opinion. In regards to the other good companions I think the trio from Transformers Cybertron were also good.

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>>115911947What about Carly from the G1 cartoon?


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>>115912404She was plenty insufferable, but everyone dismisses that because they want to put their dick in her.

>>115912541This. Everyone shits on Miko while praising Sari despite doing the same shit.


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>>115913543Both are brats for different reasons, but Sari developes and grows as a character, mentally and physically. Miko becomes more annoying.

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>>115911482She’s a Transformer. The Godzilla franchise would similarly be improved if the exposition-delivering character was some kind of human/kaiju hybrid.

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>>115913785So... Biollante but she can change back into a human at will?

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>>115913921Sure. I’m mostly just saying you don’t watch movies or cartoons about monsters or aliens to see American and Japanese soldiers talk. If you have to do it for plot or budget reasons, you improve things by at least making one of them part of the creatures you are watching for.

>>115911482Brown loli with a reason to hang around who eventually became a transformer herself. It's a better premise than "kids who inexplicably hang out with the transformers and add nothing to their fight."Most humans who hang out with them are such blank slates that you feel nothing for them because they have no reason to be there.

>>115914005Nah, part of the appeal of Transformers is the fish out of water element. Making the human they interact with most ALSO a transformer is just retarded.

>>115911482Because she's not a goddamn Witwicky, which unfortunately means she'll never be seen again in the franchise.

>>115914077That was appealing? Maybe its because I grew up on Beast Wars then went into G1 and it is ‘t a factor in either one, but that’s actually highly unappealing to me. Its one of the main things aside from Bayshit faces that decides if I actually want to watch it or not.

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>>115911845I remember, they were wrong then and wrong now. Fresh off OoT I thought it looked cool, and it was.

>>115914264Everything but topdown looks wrong to me, honestly. Same with Castlevanias and Megamans that aren’t sidescrollers. Metroid may be the only exception.

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>>115914264Cel shading finally has the technology to look good, but the art style Wind Waker uses, shaded or not, is hideous.

>>115911845And they were right, WW is fucking garbage and easily the worst of the 3D Zeldas.

>>115914068I think the only human that got that level of team support was Kicker and he is as insufferable as Miko is annoying.

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>>115914077I agree with you as I enjoy the fish out of water interactions the bots have but for all intents and purposes she's basically human anyway. In fact I think of all human sidekicks she's the who tried the most to help the autobots understand human culture. In fact I think making her a transformer was a good idea as the situation reversed and now a human would have to learn an alien culture. Still mad the Cybertron school stories were canned like S3

>>115914800>Season 4 is no more

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Bumblebee was the most obnoxious character in the show so Sari ended up not looking like the typical annoying human companion by comparison.And then by seasons 2 and 3 she gained deeper reasons for why she needed to hang out with the robots and developed a bit, which was nice.

>>115914888Remember when she kicked 2 grown up constructicon skidplates?

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>>115915353Wow, a picture with the three worst things in Animated in it.

>>115915370>Hating hockeyFrom Tim Horton’s, I curse thee.

>>115914800She taught Bulkhead the meaning of visual arts.

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>>115911482>Why is Sari so fondly remembered in comparison to other companions the Autobots have had over the years?Because everyone loves cute brown girls.

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>>115917266And robot girls too.

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>Dick Flattening with Black Arachnia and Waspinator

>>115911482So, is she Southern Asian or what?

>>115917496>Black Waspinator

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>>115917595half Indian, half robot

>>115914800Did they ever release anything else on what season four could have been? The leaks said it was going to be cybertron centric, with Sari's origins evenually coming to light but that's about the extent of it.

>>115917680As official media goes, they released "the Stunti Con Job", "the Return of Blurr" and the short chbi comic "The Reburn of Blurr" and the Allspark Almanacs.

>>115917739Thanks, man. Had no idea.


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>>115911482What is there to remember about the other companions? They were bland as all hell.Sari isn't even a great character, but she sure stands out compared to the alternatives.


>>115911822>Her voice actress was great tooThis. People talk about her design and writing, but her VA deserves a lot of credit.

>>115911947>The real question is if she would be fondly remembered at all if she stayed a little girl and not given tits.>He doesn't know about the lolisWe must protect this last pure user.

>>115918260People give her shit for being overused, but Tara Strong is as prolific as she is for a reason.

>why do people like the cute brown girl


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>>115918260>>115918347Tara is great.

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>>115911482Agent Fowler is cooler though

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>>115911769Ligma balls

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You can trust this face, can't you?

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Any kind user got a link to a torrent or mega for the Animated series?

>>115911482Because i want to fuck her tight curry cunny

>>115918277Most people would say that little Sari was annoying brat.

Spike is cool

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>>115920270 I was of that one

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>>115919453Seconded, Fowler was the kind of patriot any man can look up to.

>>115920459Russell too, but they are boys so everyone doesn't care about them

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>>115920571Why should people focus on them anyway? you got Strongarm.

>>115911545She aint no Shia but i would hit it


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>>115920571>Too young to get to take Strongarm for a ride>Primary female bot isn't as bangable as Arcee, so no jealousy fans>Not a cute nerdy son type like RaphEverything is working against Russell, sadly.

>>115918259The chick that got her robofetish fucked out of her by Spike

>>115911947People weren't really too hot on Miko either, largely because of her instigating personality. The simple truth is Sari was just one of the best handled human side characters all around.

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>>115920571man, imagine getting ara ara'd by Strongarm

>>115920033Is available on TubiTV for free (US and Canada)

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>>115921240Miko had her fans. Not as much as Sari, but there was a decent chunk of people that liked her.

>>115911482I like Jack from Prime as well as Sari.It also doesn't hurt that he and Arcee had great chemistry

>>115922103 But how many times Jack got ara ara'd by Arcee >>115921298

>>115911482because Holla Forums cooms for robot girls

Because she doesn't wear panties.

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Minerva a cute too.

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Rescue Bots has some hot chicks for a kids show.

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>>115923293The youger kids get to see the hottest grown up chicks, Rescue bots is glorious.Also, Dani got a little figure, but Sari didn't!

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`Sup Bitches.

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>>115925851o-oh my

>>115911947Most anons here wouldve probably prefered that.

>>115911482She's cute and funny.

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We need to talk.

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>>115915370non of the human bad guys are in that pic anonbar nanosec and meltdown

>>115922657Lori as well.

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I want to lick her armpits,navel, and the mall of her back.

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>>115927910What a mouse~

>>115928415>mall of her back.I'd rather lick the plaza of her inner thighs

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>>115929442What did you say?

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