Redpill me on Mao Mao. Is it a show worth watching, or just a show to show off cute shit?

Redpill me on Mao Mao. Is it a show worth watching, or just a show to show off cute shit?

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>>115911373Funniest cartoon airing right now, along with the best currently airing CN show right now. It's definitely worth a watch.

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>>115911373Absolutely worth it, though the first episode is a bit lacking on first watch. Hope Parker gets that Emmy for voice acting.

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>>115911373Watch it, just don't binge watch it, or the frantic pace and costant shouting will make you dislike it

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>>115911373It's a really good cartoon, i'd recommend it.

>>115911373It's okay. But Adorabat is so fucking annoying, holy shit

>>115911597That's just what you think, she's pretty much the only character that i remember of that can get away with screaming all the time without it being annoyingLike, usually those types of character are the worst, but i can say that this certainly isn't such a case

It's a pretty fun show

>>115911373This show has something for everyone to enjoy. It has action, family drama, fetish stuff, furry bait, shipping and romance, complexity, good world building, excellent voice acting and writing, fluid animation, fantastical monster design, the list goes on and on and if I continue I'll just sound more like a paid shill than I already do. It is literally the best, funniest, most-watchable thing Cartoon Network has put out in years, but several people in this thread and the dozens of others we've had on here since it debuted have already said as much, and it could really use the support, so please give it a shot.

>>115911597You wouldn’t last a day at skewl friend.

>>115911373The first few episodes were slow but they ramp up fast and when the show hits its stride it's pretty hilarious. Anything with the Sky Pirates is great.

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>>115911373CN is actively trying to kill it, so it must be good

>>115912525What episode is this from?

>>115912577It's at the end of 26, Captured Clops

>>115912525I wonder for long they put off on doing that reference. Their hideout is a vertical ship, it's too perfect.


>>115911373Yeah. Adorabat might be annoying at first but she grows on you.


>>115912637 Now I’m thinking of Adorabat budding off of someone like a tumor

>>115912637Yeah her screaming becomes a good joke. I wonder if it was an accident that that quirk makes sense since she's a bat.

>>115912637She and her Charmy Bee ass are starting to get to me, in a good way.

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I wonder what Parker is working on. Season 2 hopefully.

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>>115911373It's checking out at least, but its really one of those shows that leans heavily into characters bouncing off each other and they fight monsters, so I guess it really just depends on whether you like the characters.

>>115911373best show on CN alongside dcshggive it a watch it's greatalso this >>115911520

>>115911373>I am too afraid to watch episode 1 of 11 minutes, what if I get dISapPoInTeD>I don't have the time to watch an 11 minute episodeKill yourself.

>>115914114he confirmed more episodes in July

>>115914404More episodes could mean more episodes actually available outside of Australian Hulu. CN actually airing the episodes they've had for months.

>> could be, yeah, but the fact that he used "returns" sounds like the next batch to me

>>115914693It's probably just "returns to CN" as in right now it's not on CN. Can't wait for whatever he's working on from home.

>>115911373Don't watch it the creator has a vore fetish

>>115915080Don't listen to this user, he is a pedophile.

>>115914114Oh my god those 2 are the gayest couple of straight guys

>>115911373The action and animation looks great, but there's low or no stakes so it ends up being boring and not meaning anything. Adorabat is cute though.

I think Mao Mao hiself is really a masterpiece of cartoon character design. He's relatively formless like most modern animated characters, but it's still used in a really structured way to show motion and expression, rather than an excuse for laziness like many shows (SU)If only cartoon writing could be this up to par and we could push boundaries, respect the intelligence of the audience even if it is children

the show itself is redpilled. i'd thought it would be saccharine too but it turns that around pretty quick. it's actually a really aggressive show.might sound weird, but it's basically like ATHF with a heart. so if you like that show and don't mind some faggy things like "emotions" and "sincerity" and "good animation" then you'll like it. i might like it better than ATHF because of those faggy things??also >>115911520it's not meant for bingeing. watch an ep or two before or after something else.

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>>115915554You are correct. Still, sometimes you want just that.

>>115915309I think he only said they were straight because he wanted to fend off the gay furry fujos who would help ruin the chances of new seasons due to being associated with porn

>>115915669Bullshit. Everything gets porn. R34 is known, it is not an obscure meme.

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>>115915669they're straight because parker wanted to validate a straight male friendship in a way that he wished he had seen as a kid.also it's more interesting if they're platonic. if it's romantic, it muddles up their motivations, it gives their interactions a different context that feels wrong. making them gay is like making deckard a replicant.i wish having these opinions didn't make people screech about erasure or something. representation is good and people can ship or lewd whatever they want. but canonically i want good characters, and sometimes that means keeping relationships platonic.

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>>115915987Shippers cannot comprehend human interaction that does not involve sex.

>>115911373The backgrounds are amazing, and about halfway through the season the animation is actually really good.

>>115915987The biggest problem people had with the reveal is that it took some mystery out of the show. They often act like they're in an (abusive) relationship, but of course that didn't mean they're gay and he's right that there is a problem in society where we view two men showing compassion for each other as automatically gay, but part of watching a show is trying to figure it out. Him revealing them as a gay couple would lose this as well.Still, I think it's cool that they show a straight guy and a potentially gay guy being close some episodes and at each other's throats in others. Platonic love between them is great.

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Mao Mao Mao

>>115916987you can't just say that

>>115911373It's pretty fun. Basically MaoMao's and Orangusnake's because they often shift focus between heroes and villains.The only character I can say I don't like personally is Badgerclops, because he's an ass of the worst kind. Likely an author self insert. But I don't take it as a negative his personallity clashes with the other characters makes the story fun.

>>115911373>Is it a show worth watching, or just a show to show off cute shit?It's a decent action/comedy show with jokes that can get pretty dark/mean-spirited, the only cute thing about it is the art style.

>>115917193the contrast between the cute visuals and the aggressive tone is part of why i like it. if it was just one or the other it wouldn't be as good.

>>115911373>cartoons>ever worth watchinghealthy lol

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>>115917193They can also be cunning and charming, like when Orangusnake gave us an hint that he has been married before. I like this a lot.

>>115915554There are rumblings of an overarching plot involving the Ruby Pureheart, but mostly it's SOL yeahThat being said, it's had some really good character arcs so far

>>115915618>redpilledSurprisingly, thisThe heroes are often just as thuggish and amoral as the villains, they're just slightly more dedicated to hero work than they are to their own gratification.Also, even the joke villains are outright stated to enjoy hurting people.

>>115917243Cartoons are excellent as source for inspiration for your work. If you like to draw, animate, modelling, etc, you should totally watch cartoons or play videogames every now and then. And you are put to speed on what people like at the moment.

>>115911373It's actually much better than you'd expect it be. Many of the side characters have a surprising amount of personality and screen time (in a good way). There a lot of great gags that just come out of nowhere, and I like how the show actually shows Mao Mao develop as a person. There are also some nice episodes that avoid many tired and frustrating tropes. As much as Mao Mao gets shit on, he's actually in the right far more often than most comedy show's allow their mc to be and it kind of helps since Mao Mao is a pretty cool guy. You're not gonna find much in the way of shipping or LORE, through characters do have well established back stories and motivations that get flushed out.

It's funny as fuck. The episode where Mao and Orangusnake just start shattering all of their bones in an attempt to kill each other had me in stitches.

It's the only "new" cartoon I watch so it must be doing something right.

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>>115917494wheres the japanese one?


>>115918136In Honolulu.

>>115911373Terrible show that Holla Forums pretends is good because furry is better than Steven Universe. Creator is a vore fetishist. Show is trash.

>>115918364>Show is trashElaborate.

>>115918180>hey that's the engli-nevermind.

>>115914209thismao mao and DCSHG are the only two action cartoons that are airing on CN at the momentand they're both pretty great at it

>>115918364With vore fetish you mean when a monster shows up and eats up the protagonists?

>>115918785The creator implied being into vore in a deleted tweet. The guy is kind of autistic, so it's quite probable that he was joking, but Holla Forums turned it into a meme nonetheless. And yes, the protagonists get eaten suspiciously often.

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>>115915669that reminds me of the chameleon and beaver characters in that new AC game. there was a really unnatural affinity I was seeing around art communities where they REALLY wanted them to be a gay couple and there was some really offputting shit getting posted around.Nintendo eventually patched in a bit of dialogue to state that they were merely business partners and close friends and the fujo shit simmered out not too long was an... interesting.. event, ill say that much, but its made me question the whole "representation" people hammer up lately..

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The show has a lot of potential. It's crazy we haven't seen the sisters yet, but it's probably going to be one per episode in the next season.

>>115920104That'd be the best option. Gives each one a chance to breathe and be properly fleshed out.

>>115920104Folks want the sisters but I want to see background episodes for all the Sky Pirates.

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>>115915612>If only cartoon writing could be this up to par and we could push boundaries, respect the intelligence of the audience even if it is childrenSo much this.

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>>115911373I've never seen a single episode of this show but I love everything about this video of

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>>115924842Shut up and kill yourself.

>>115918180this sounds 1000x better in japanese. i guess that's because it was clearly written to sound like a localized japanese OP, along with the engrish-y "i love you mao mao". i mean the english singer is even attempting (and failing at) some kind of genki girl affect, but it comes so naturally to the japper.

>>115922521This has to be my favorite Pinky moment

>>115922521Who's stronger Slim Pigguns or Pinky?

It's a really fucking gay show. Not even the usual case of fags projecting their faggotry onto normal acts of male friendship they probably never experienced, but genuinely two homos who squabble like a married couple over their insecurities and hurt feelings. If the intent was to be straight, it's not straight. And the man who thinks it is needs to do some soul searching. If the intent was to be platonic, they're two platonic fruits with a bat.

>>115922521No one can defeat Final Form Pinky.

>>115925245Pinky cannot be harmed, he relishes punishment

>>115912525>Loyal as fuck to each other and are basically family>Still love being assholes and beating mother fuckers upThey are so great.

>>115915987Mate the bear literally spends a minute long clip sucking a hot dog like it was a dick.It is a very thinly veiled gay couple

>>115926880Badgerclops is a fag, Badgerclops and Mao Mao are not a gay couple. It's not hard to comprehend smoothbrain.

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>>115927326This. He's his gay best friend who sometimes teases him, but they aren't into each other. Though it is hinted that Mao Mao enjoys the gay attention from BC in his little imagining of the gay way he'd say "our hero!" with his girly pose.

>>115927326>>115928083Is you message is "two males can be friends and nit be gay" and one of them is actually yes homo and teases you are ruining the message of your concpet

>>115928400stupid ESL

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>>115911373Depends whether you're 13 or not

>>115925629Meh, I've seen gayer. The dumbest part of that anti Badgermao post was that it lowkey shits on shows like Gumball and Clarence that do a way better job of portraying affectionate male friendships. There are tons of cartoons nowadays that make the male characters act very touchy feely with each other, and it usually feels more natural than in Mao Mao. MM and Badgerclops aren't even that great of friends, and Mao Mao clearly doesn't like to be touched by Badgerclops. The few times they made some affectionate gesture (like the "I cherish you" hug) it came off as awkward and forced, almost like a fujobait.

>>115911373It's hilarious and comfy.

>>115918999>episode in season two where we get to see adorabat's mom get swallowed alive>she struggles in the cave monster's stomach for over a minute, her muffled screaming growing softer and softer