Craig of the Creek S03E02-05

>Craig of the Creek S03E02 - The Ground Is Lava!

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>>115910477>Craig of the Creek S03E03 - Council of the Creek: Operation

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>>115910486>Craig of the Creek S03E04 - The Bike

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>>115910501>Craig of the Creek S03E05 - Craig of the

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>>115910477Jesus 3 eps. Bump barely going watch lava


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>>115910533Well, gotta fap


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That moth queen is kinda hot...

>>115911985Lot of hand holding this ep

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>>115910477You know they made a game show about this on netflix

>>115910533>beach episode fuck yeah! Craig is mean to his Dad and Bernard is stuck at work very relatable and I think I'll cry myself to sleep now.

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>>115912439Yeah Craig was a little shit. Kelsey seemed happy the whole episode. Also nice to see JP mom again.

When did JP become such a chad

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>>115912530I know right?

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>>115910477Honestly does anyone really care about this show?

>>115912579Also look at Marie hands. Slowly she's losing the fight

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>>115912599Boris is strong like ox!

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Good batch of episodes. The Bike-Thief was my favorite.

Absolute madman

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which should I watch first before hitting my quota?

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>>115912788SameImo Bike > Bees > Beach > Lava, but all were pretty good

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>>115913028The lava will cleanse all

Extra Tall Paul was fine until the modding community got ahold of it.


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>>115913168>Craig hates the indoor kids aka PC gamersCraig is a true consolechad

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Goodnight, sweet prince.

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>>115910477Thanks user, This one was AMAZING

>>115913174She's scared they'll find out where she hid the body

what did they say here?

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>hAvE FuN @ WeRk!!!1 xDhe's gonna fuck his thicc gf and spunk on your bed, Craig.

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>>115913270Personal blogI use to like going over to friends houses and playing videogames. I remember when playing online cake out, I thought it was weird. Then around 369 and ps2 whenever I went over we played online. I think that's when I subconsciously moved to first person games. Something has always bothered me about playing online that I never got into.

>>115910533Still need Craig in his undies

Rose's dead body must be near

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>>115910477Lava thing episode?! So unoriginal.

Damn, brutal

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>>115913709has he been seen since In The Key of the Creek?

>>115913495>This is the last dab of my life!>Nobody dabs anymore.and>I hate you, Charmaine!

RIP beach guy

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>>115913830the tide was going to take him sooner or later. Craig just figured why not sooner

>all around me are familiar faces..

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Dangit, Bobby! This ain't one a your japanese animes!

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this should've aired on father's day. it's more in tune with appreciating your father than the lore-heavy The Tournament

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>>115911999Grasping at straws. Kelsey is gay as shit

new waifu

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>>115914081I really feel for him. He sees Bernard growing up and doing his own thing, so you could tell he's trying to treasure everything Craig and his daughter do before the grow up

>MCU reference in a WB cartoonuh oh Matt & Ben did a wrongthink

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>>115914141Well if she gets married and wants kid, I know he she's going to call.

>>115914081I stopped wondering why they do what they do a long time ago.

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I'm still a bee sting virgin.

>>115914274How is that ninja kid eating ice cream without taking off his mask

>>115913557>t. bernard

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>>115914326I'm told my first be sting was when I was a kid, and I stepped on a bee running around the pool.The one I remember the most was in highschool, walking along the bridge. My hand was on the guardrail, unknown to my my hand swiped a hornet's nest. My hand got stung, and I went to a taco bell ordered a water and filled it full of ice and walked around with my hand in the cup the rest of the day

>>115910501That was fun episode

Anybody know who the girl on the left is?

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>lesbian sees 10" dick

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>>115914472a lot of the background kids are crewmembers. pretty cool idea

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>>115914495Her first instinct would be to challenge such a mighty lance to a duel

there goes the chinabuxs

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>>115914472Charmaine, apparently.

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>>115914593THey'll just cut it. Before the end Bobby will become the supreme leader of the People's Republic of the Creek.

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I hate Cuntenessa but I admire the writer's efforts to keep her cuntsistent

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>>115914702She and Craig should just hate-handhold already to get rid of the tension.

>>115911999Mmmmm . Interesting

>>115914636It's good to see goblin kid again, I'm glad the more specific kids aren't one offs and that they always try to find ways to write them into the show

>>115914772She'll only relent when Craig uses his dog caring skills to look after Cheesesticks when no one else can.

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Was this scene a reference to a specific scene in a detective show/movie? Feels so familiar

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Creek Souls

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>>115914795>Look, I know you've got melanin to fight the suns rays, but you should use sunscreen to help

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I don't want this show to end bros..

I've been hearing KND levels of progression of lore coming from this show. How is Xavier as a villain?

>>115915178does somebody says Xavier?

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>>115915178He's cookie-cutter tier. Nothing outstanding about him in personality and he's a threat by plot requirement. But he did pull an Ozymandias by taking a picture of Craig's map instead of holding onto it like a macguffin


>>115914994And? Melanin really does help protect you from the sun. Technically everyone has melanin, whites just have a lot less.

Craig of the creek won't become serious like KND.The other side of the creek are just kids playing and pretend to be from a kingdom.

>>115916368I'm just amused that they said it outright.

>>115914994Man American beaches are depressing as fuck. Also they got there really fast, does this mean they live in an ocean-adjacent state? Virginia or North Carolina maybe?

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>>115916663It’s been stated in-show that they live in Maryland

>>115916706Oh neat, I must've missed that


>>115912530>>115912579He was always a chad (he didn't know about Maney's crush on him)

>>115916706>Summer Camp IslandConnecticut>CoTC/OK K.O.Maryland>Steven Universevaguely east coast/ an amalgamation, but also inspired by Maryland>Infinity Train/Twelve ForeverMinnesota>ClarenceArizona>We Bare BearsSan Fransisco, CA>Gravity FallsOregon>Mike Tyson MysteriesLos Vegas, Nevada>Rick and Mortysuburbs of Seattle, WA>BoJack HorsemanHollywoo>Welcome to the WayneNYC>Bob's Burgersnorth New Jersey shore>Bless the HartsNorth Carolina>DuncanvilleOakdale, CA>Big City Greenscould be literally anywhere, but they get snow so probably not CAHonestly feel like there's a lot of states that could use some love in modern cartoons. Little representation for the south or the actual midwest for one (with Minnesota really being diet Canada)

>>115917267>Duncanville>Oakdale, CAFor a minute I thought I read Oakland, and I was "no fucking way the show takes place in Oakland. Apparently it's next to Modesto, I've never heard of it.

>>115917267Pickle and Peanut takes place in Nevada.

redpill me on this show

>>115917267Any info for Apple and Onion

>>115917267>Little representation for the south or the actual midwest for oneThat's because most current year animation writers don't have a very high opinion of those places>>115917386It's more leftist/degenerate that Steven Universe

>>115917400sounds great! i'll start watching it soon

How is he so suave

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>>115917365The town's name is said to be Oakdale in-show, and the episode where they accidentally get in a cabbage truck to Mexico (and end up getting a flight back) takes place within the span of one day, which definitely puts it within a few hours of the boarder and the western half of the country.The 7 hours from the real Oakdale to Tijuana is pushing it, but I'm willing to excuse it as cartoon logic, although I don't think there's any actual inspiration from the real place and California is really just a guess

>>115917267Regular Show takes place in Californa as well, it's shown on Mordecai's license plate.

>Bobby's skin color/eyes greatly implies that he's East Asian>Voiced by a white manWill they die by the sword?

>>115918130They only care about black cartoons

>>115917421Mutant genes

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he will betray us

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yay cops are depicted as bumbling morons again!

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>>115918887>Not Kit>Not Eliza>Not Scooter Girl>Not Pic Related

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>>115919136Love it

>finally get Handlebarb in your stump>her dumbass crew comes along>your dumbass crew is stayingwhy

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>>115918972>all whiteI really like the show but these bad faith decisions sour it for me sometimes. There isn't a single role model white boy in the show, and the ones that are in are various levels of retarded and incompetent, while you have literal black scientist children. JP's a sweetheart but he's hardly a role model.

>>115919324J.P>Antics keep the kids watching>Has qt hgfCraig>Boring>No gf (yet)

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>>115919210Trying to cuck warpspeedShame on youShame!

>>115919210>>115919433>thinking Handlebarb knows non-bike-related loveFools

>>115919324fuck em. there's no good white male role models

>>115919411>no gf (yet)Soon...

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>>115919493Isn't her bike a girl, like she calls it a "she"

>>115919592>They fight, therefore they like each other

>>115919136Xavier controls all toy and candy supplies in his kingdom, and Kit would never betray the free market. The others are likely turncoats though.

>>115914206If TTG! can reference Marvel, why not them?>>115919726Unless she opens a black market, her only choice is to trade with the invaders

>>115919706When a girl singles you out to bully, it means she likes you.

>>115919706>Expecting anything less from a crew filled with weeaboos

>>115919554In reality, 95% of all worthy role models are whites males

>>115919324I fail to understand what you consider "role model". Your post suggests that while the boy scouts are not "role model", there are other children in the show who are role models. The wacky science kids are not what I consider role models, but maybe you have other examples. Personally, I think all the kids are varying levels of silly chaos, and it's all in good fun.

>>115913689What's the name?

>>115919898>cops>militaryCaptain America doesn't count because he's fictional

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>>115920035I'm not saying 95% of all white males are role models, the opposite actually. I don't see what cops and military have to do with it.

>>115914866>Geez Craig, that's a human, not a dog. I know you're clueless about nature, but this just scares me.

>>115919683She's obviously a dyke

>>115920243Okay, you win this round

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Craig's cheeks > Dipper's cheeks

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>>115910477I enjoyed it but I wish that cartoons would teach lessons about the positives of self-improvement and having higher standards rather than usually going with the "anything you do is good" mindset. I don't think that's a good lesson. It should have ended with Craig teaching Jessica about how to design characters better not just saying anything she draws will be good. I'm sure that there are some examples where cartoons teach the other lessons but this one is still the most prominent and that bothers me.

>>115921115Craig is more concerned about not being angry with her sister than something trivial like what her kindergarten-going ass likes to draw.

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>>115921115>It should have ended with Craig teaching Jessica about how to design characters better not just saying anything she draws will be good.She's a six year old contributing to a playground chalk drawing. Kelsey was even pointing out that the drawing was already weird, so her contributing more weirdness shouldn't have been an issue. Craig was just being a jackass because of his superiority complex.

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>>115921249Exactly same shit with Bernard and playing cards when Craig was young.

>>115921115>>115921328Also he didn't say anything she'll draw will be good, he told her that she can draw whatever she wants. Because she should be able to.

>>115921249>>115921328My point about the lesson was more from the perspective of the writer rather than the characters. Yes altering the ending in the way I mentioned while keeping the rest of the episode the same wouldn't have made sense, but I meant it more as they should write episodes with the lessons I mentioned in mind.I also don't doubt that the lesson of this episode was secondary to the rest of the adventure and I meant it more as an issue with cartoons in general rather than an issue with this episode specifically.

Never gets old.

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>>115922682Will kids get the reference?

>>115922861Only the cool ones.

>>115923015This but unironically

Love that wonky Slide the Ferret icecream treat.

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>>115924433Yup, you eat the ice cream and save the eye balls bubblegum for last.

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>>115919850Only a weeb would say something so fucking wrong and retarded.

>>115919706When this admitted pedo here >>115919869 is right about something, that's when you know you're wrong.

>>115914081Now that I've seen it, I can agree with this, user.

>>115914994Fuck. I'm seeing this and I'm still waiting on some good R34 of Nicole and/or Aunt Kimmy. I mean, /aco/ or /trash/ are right there to request this by now, too.

I could go for a sandwich like that.

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>>115925888Never ever, user. The show's too black.>>115926550I literally just need pickles and I'm set. I got everything else.

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>>115912439>>115912463>very relatableCringed a bit at those parts because I know I've been like that myself on a few occasions but I've seen it happen with my friends back then way more times.>>115912788>Bike-Thief was my favorite.Same. And it's weird because with all these recent batch releases, it's always been that each episode was better the last, but The Bike Thief was clearly the champ.Ask Scooter Girl her actual name, you dumb jerks. Her earnestly making those videos was really cute.


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>>115913495>>115913689>>115913760>Nobody dabs anymoreThis is good and it should be said more.

>>115924433Not disfigured enough

>>115913689Dabbing is Absolutely Haram

>>115913557You know they've been fucking

>>115929808Racemixing is a sin