>Imagine being an adult woman>Imagine also still wearing capes and larping as a witch

>Imagine being an adult woman>Imagine also still wearing capes and larping as a witch

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sounds pretty cool

>>115909530based librarian

>>115909530It's a dating strategy to attract nerds.

>>115909530I've known a couple girls like that. They have a lot more weight and acne than that pic.

>>115909753Damn, that’s tragic to hear.

>>115909530>Her voiceI don’t know what it is, but I really like it.

>>115909768Kaisa Hammarlund really did an amazing job voicing the Librarian.


>>115909530sounds based

>>115909530That’s some remarkable self-awareness you have there, OP.

>>115909530Livin’ like Larry? More like livin’ like Librarian.

>>115909530She's pretty good at casting spells to make my pee-pee tingle

Have you not noticed how often witches are put into kids media these days?Turns out a lot of American women actually think magic is real. They're just as insane about that as they are about christianity and atheism.In a show focused on magic, sure whatever self-insert your "wiccan" nonsense if you must. But what's the point in shows like Summer Camp Island?If this keeps up we'll end up having to burn them again.

>>11591020877% of Americans believe in magic :)Non-shitpost aside, how is SCI not a "show focused on magic?" The premise is literally that the island is the last remaining place of magic on Earth.

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>>115909530Imagine femanon giving futa-yotsuba the succ

>>115909530I want to impregnate her.

>>115909530Diez waifufaggot.

>>115909530As a kid in the 90s I remember some girls in their 20s that did that because of magic stuff being popular at the time, and not just overweight acne-ridden girls either. Buffy was huge with a certain crowd for a reason. Haven't seen it in fucking ages though.

>>115909530easier to attract your prey if you act childish

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>>115909530>Y-Yeah, imagine. . .

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>>115912521>The Librarian is the boss of the local marras >Said marras also target little boys like David Really gets the noggin joggin

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>>115909530Well she's an actual witch so.....

>>115909753This. "Witch" girls are more than likely ugly

>>115913553At least she's not an adult, at least not physically

>>115909530God, I wish that was me.

reminds me of that one wicca girl i met at college.

>>115916584How was she?

>>115916594chubby, awkward, barely hidden cringe. Zoomed the fuck out when she started on the Horned God.

>>115909530capes look cool as fuckbut i don't use them because of the autistic implications and self awareness

>>115916856>Zoomed the fuck out when she started on the Horned GodI’m sorry but what do you mean by this? Like she was an avid 2000AD reader or did she actually worshipped a horned god?

>>115916887One of the big G of Wicca. A manifestation of contrasting aspects, light/dark, summer/winter etc. Cause he has two horns, get it? Wicca is basically a distillation occultism, several pagan beliefs and traditions, made for kids. Its easy to see correlations ins fantasy story and settings cause they all took inspiration from the same sources.

>>115917072I never thought a college student would worship and praise a literal horned god, but here we are. Then again, stranger things have been put on the same pedestal.

>>115917255The view of people who go to college are overrated. Half of them don't even know what they enrolled for, me included.

>>115909734That’s so dumb. If you want to attract a guy you like you should just go up to him and talk to him a lot and long enough to plan something for the both you you, or until he asks you himself.

>>115917306I feel you user, most colleges are basically shams that waste both your time and money.

>>115917255Anyone who doesn't worship Jesus is retarded user. The more the stray from god the lower their IQ and the worse their life is. I don't mean that as a Christan or anything I just mean that as a fucking fact. Anyone who participates in shit like witchcraft, voodoo, crystals, their all fucking bonkers and have zero grasp on their life. Worse is that most of them are unronical athiesists but still think that potions and fung shwe are real. They make fun of Catholics for believing in magic Jesus but then think horoscopes are real, fate and destiny is a thing, though a random bird landing on Bernie's podium was a sign that he was going to win and literally put curses on Trump when he actually won.But god isn't real. But if you sleep with the wrong colored crystals deamons will torment your soul.

>>115917446True, but I'd rather go to college than sit on my ass and pretend I'm doing any better.

>>115909530Real talk though, is she gonna get a larger role in season 2, because if not I will be saddened.

>>115917994The trick is going there for something worthwhile and actually being there to do it.

>>115918079Yeah she will, it’s been stated that the 2nd and 3rd episode will revolve around her as the main focus.

>>115917953Based schizo assuming all non-christians eat goat horns and snort amethyst.

>>115918228They don't?

>>115918431Well I do, but I'm sure some don't.


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>>115909753you aint met the right girls

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>>115918813Who mama..

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>>115917953A bit schizoid but you do have a point.

>>115909530But capes are cool, you only need confidence.

>>115911493On art fourms or image sites I see witch art a lot, often it is modren slice of life scenes with magic.


>>115918813Nah, that's at a convention. Convince me she dresses like that when going grocery shopping and then we can talk.

>>115914606>>115912521How many little boys has she molested?

>>115922890countlessi doubt there's a single boy in their country that hasn't had his seed stolen by her

>>115922890How many loaves of bread have you eaten in your life?

>>115922890How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

>>115909530Eh I would fuck her.

>>115909530>capes and cloaks will never be in style

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>>115923432woah who dis semen demon

>>115918431No, we eat at Ram's Horn. You must have misheard.

>>115917953Based. Fuck pagans, fuck all forms of wicca, fuck "atheists," and most of all FUCK "spiritualists." Heretics get the Holy Spirit accepted in their hearts. >If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be accursed, O Lord, come. >Amen.

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>>115922890At least one (David), but most certainly more than once.

>>115909530>Imagine being an adult womanstopped on step 1too busy schlicking my imaginary pussy

>>115910208ugly girls become wiccans so they can blame everything on the patriarchy

>>115917953>pretending to be a christian online so anonymous pedophiles will notice you

>>115909554Nah dude, its fuckin cringe as fuck, Grown ass 18 year olds on my campus walking around the dorms in naruto gear and jake the dog or pikachu full body jammies.And then I ran into this witch chick on Instagram in her 30's single with a kid posting all those shitting Facebook tier image with captions, like "gonna hex a bitch", "Go ahead, keep fuckin with me, yo ass gonna be cursed", "Bruja life" fuckin embrassing shit like that.

Witches have been cool since Salem

>>115917414You don’t understand how to play the long game. Men are narcissistic and want a fuckpet who will validate their interests and feelings. Pretend to care about their nerd shit and they’ll do way more than just hit & quit you.

>>115917994I feel that. I dont know where I'd be if I didn't go. Probably doing the same thing im doing now, but with no friends and still stuck in my shitty nowhere town.

>>115924851It's true you know.I'm way too desperate for literally anybody to validate me and the things I like and do, that im way too willing to settle for just about anyone that does.

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>>115922890>Literally get to gangrape little boys all night>No one will believe the boys since they get dismissed as wet dreams Holy shit, at this rate she might expand to outside the countries borders

>>115917953Lets get drunk and start cursing Pagans, Satanist, Atheists, and heathens. You sound like you have a blast

>>115909530>Imagine being an adult woman>Imagine also believing in zodiac, gem power, incense, palmistry, energy sponge>Imagine women like this exist in the millions and I know one of them

>>115909530>>115924250Your life must be really boring.

>>115927226Nah, we're just not cringe

>>115909530>imagine being and adult>imagine spending your time seeing children cartoon>imagine discussing said cartoon in a forum for autistic adults

I bought this red fluffy bathrobe at Wal-Mart to wear for leisure. Sometimes I like to walk around like I'm Alucard or something.

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>>115917953Anon, the only retard is you and everyone else who believes in a book 2,000+ years old.

>>115924851That’s what I mean... I didn’t have to dress like a nerd to get my bf, I went up to him and talked to him. I acted interested in everything he said, and made him feel wanted. I didn’t need to dress like cheerleader or a sexy maid to get his attention.

>>115909530be nice, autistic people can't help it>>115921766At the wal-mart I work at I once in a while see an actual honest to god fully decked out skinny goth chick with a fairly hot face. Like with the giant platform goth boots and chains everywhere and probably white make-up to make her look even paler unless she's irish or something naturally that pale.She's always with this like 5/10 zero goth stuff dude who I'm assuming is her boyfriend or something.I think she might be one of the students from the nearby collage considering I usually see her when all those kids are around.

>>115927782Life gets funner when you realize the true cringe is worrying too much about cringe.

>>11592425018 year olds aren't grown, they're retarded. That's legit what my cooking teacher in high school told us.

Imagine being the hottest girl in town.

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>>115928935I am in my mind


>>115928935I'd rather imagine being the hottest woman in town.

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>>115909530She just needs to be green.

>>115928846Life gets funnier when you laugh at people who are cringey