Haha, moms, am I right?

Haha, moms, am I right?

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is that how boobs work

>>115909248>Baby slept through the nightThis baby's gonna be eatin' good in the morning

>>115909248I thought the bottom one had a tentacle growing out of her head

>>115909317>implying there's gonna be any left for that little shit once I'm done with her

>>115909248>it's another "haha so relatable" comicWhy are women like this?

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>>115909356couldn't relate, huh

>>115909248I am quite sure lactating boobies are not that inflatable.

>>115909356Sorry your father didn't love you enough, user

>>115909356>he cant lactate

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>>115909356sad your nipples can't leak milk?

>>115909356Bcause it is common for webcomics?Webcomics are like newspaperstrips.And there are alot of this by men too. All these gamer comicstrip.


>>115909248Haha women are cows

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>>115909566You do know that all mammals can produce milk, right?

boobs good

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>>115909588Haram delete now

>>115909601i want to ha ram her butthole

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>>115909612Wait what?

>>115909612>ha ram her butthole

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>>115909622the metal clasp of her bra is creaking because of the effort of holding back the goat milkers>>115909625i have my moments

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>>115909612Would you be wearing this during?

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>>115909621Lets take some chances


>>115909629either that or something like this

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>>115909631Fuck yeah

>>115909541>And there are alot of this by men too. All these gamer comicstrip.Gaming isnt my penis and balls, even if journalists want to destroy them too


>>115909964one's better than none

>>115909952what about big dick problems

women are disgusting I can't wait until we have vat-grown boobs

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>>115909356Looks more like "author secretly like boobs way too much but she will never tell"


>Dont jerk off for a week and your balls swell up like a basketball with excessive semenHaha, men, am I right?


>>115910076Can anybody link me this bro I can't find it.


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>>115910317Thank's man.




>>115909621I'm gonna get dub zeros i can feel it



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>>115909621dammit, reroll


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>>115910702High capacity!

>>115909248im fine with this


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>>115909356.....if you arent the demographic....dont read it...what, webcomics are all supposed to be abstract concepts that relate to noone?but you probably jackoff to pixel art comics because "ha videogames!"

>>115909952no man has ever made a comic about his balls itching, no sir, we - men, that is - are a superior breed that never stoops down to making jokes about our genitals. we only engage in elevated, intellectual humor, none of this "relatable" garbage that the women - *spit* - like so much

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>>115910080Aww she should come out the closet it's okay nowadays.

>>115909621momma wants a new pair of shoes!

>>115909248my mom breastfed me for a few too many months and now I can remember being a toddler and suckling on her tit, I remember biting on her nipple because I thought that made more milk come out

>>115909585No they can't, I've met plenty of mammals that can't produce milk

>>115910742yeah, man. i hate when i have an itchy sack and my hands are a fire and a drill


>>115910791As a toddler? Goddamn, you were a retarded toddler


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>>1159096211 pls

>>115909285based coomer



>>115910187Oh hey, my sister had this problem. Had a breakdown about it at a family dinner. If the tiddies are too big you risk literally smothering the baby to death, because it block the nose with the sheer bulk.

>>115911558Sends pics of your sister

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>>115911581I tired to take one once and she beat my ass, and not in the Ara ara way. And beside they shrunk back after weaning, so heh. On a side note it's amazing how the human body can go completely overboard for a temporary function, to the point of making that function unusable.

>>115909356>women just want to relate to others and not feel alone and abandoned about confusing and embarrassing issues>why are women like thisBecause, shockingly, they are also people, with all that entail.

>>115910727None of them will be able to go with so many people around.

>>115910702Cant be real? How much milk does she produce?

>>115909588Thats cute>>115909248That is lazy!

>>115911938Probably not all that much. Sometime it's just naturally lopsided, it's not that unusual to have one boob a few cups larger than the other.Nobody's perfectly symmetrical, and some are even less so.

>>115909626Big tiddy bras usually have a rigid metal wire under the cups that hold the shape, and it can kind of get moved around and rub against it's fabric casing.Sometime it break, the two pieces rub together, or just slip through the fabric and stab the wearer because fuck you that's why.

>>115909626Now that's just asking for burns on the tiddies


>>115912118but that isn't portrayed at all in this comiceither you got some kinda booby ESP or you're just making it up based on your experience

>>115909621Let's go

>>115912329I once tried to make a busty character and I went full autismo mode because I actually had no idea how it all worked, so I searched how bras really work.Learned more than I bargained for, but at least it got me some insight for how it was.

>>115912334You could say the glass is half full

Breastfeeding or formula?

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>>115912417Breastfeeding. The milk produced is adapted for the baby as it grow, if the mother have a good diet and no complications, it's always going to be the best

>>115912505>if the mother have a good diet and no complicationsSo basically forbidden for americans

>>115909248Is that it? isn't there more pages?

>>115912363meh I used to wear bras too I know what they're about as well that's hardly my point. I respect your... research... I just dont think the comic has anything to do with that, or at least it's not portrayed well. and I'm saying That as an artist and comic reader, not titty connoisseur. bitch's tits just need their oiling

>>115912726The baby's already fucked from the mother's habits when in gestation, might as well finish it.

>>115912751Lots more, all mom humor.

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>>115912943What's that from? That ring a bell

>>115912964Plush Maria

>>115912919post more

>>115912943Wait is that plush Maria but not plush?

>>115913043I think maria and plush Maria have been established as two distinct characters for a while, now.


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>>115913128Le baguette look like you're holding a dog. And I'm pretty sure a baby doesn't have the neck strength to rise their own head.


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>>115913407Men can lactate actually. It's harder for a man than a woman, but it can be done. There are exemples of men suddenly lactating after recovering from starvation, for some reason

>>115913128This one is good.

>>115913128Pretty cute, not gonna lie. I like it.

>>115912919i hate the animal crossing nose

>>115913128I hate babies.

>>115909629Only if fucking an Italian for not handing over boats.

>>115909356have sex


>2020>bushes are back in style>lactation is getting more popular>everyone needs to have a big assI didn't move and everyone just sort of gravitated towards my standards of beauty

haha tit go squirt

>>115909248>That one time I was stuck on a four hour flight with a crying baby behind meI swear I was swimming in my own milk by the end of it.

>>115913461its the sudden influx of nutrients in their body, same reason sometimes babies both male n female can lactate after getting their first fee feedings after birth. although I dont know much more abt why it happens

>>115913622But you are one

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>>115909427I'm only 6 months pregnant and I've gone up 2 cup sizes already, and a few days after birth they usually go up 1-3 more sizes My poor back once my milk comes in when I have the baby...>>115912417beast feeding gives the baby more benefits and has more nutrition. The risk of sids alone goes down by 60% if you breastfeed for 6 months, and can also help reduce the chances of ear infections.>>115913128They gain neck strength around month 3, you still support it in lifting them up but they can support their head by then which is why you start them on tummy time to help them build muscles for crawling. The baguette is also similar to how you hold them while swaddling, they like being slightly on their side.

>>115914680What, does the size go down after feeding? Is that a real thing?

>>115909285Absolutely based coomer

>>115909248Please don't do another stupid women cry about their breasts thread and post ugly comics about how bad they are.

>>115914706they will swell with milk, and if you don't feed or milk they become painfully hard. Honestly it is the same as if a cow isn't milked. Once you stop breast feeding they will go back down to near original size, usually smaller/saggier if you don't keep up on chest exercises. Not gonna lie I'd be fine going down a cup or two after, was already at the edge of having to get specialty bras before this

>>115909588>>115909612>>115909626No fuck you stop with this cancerous bullshit.

>>115911811Quit overexaggerating for drama's sake you fucking cunt this is why everyone finds it so obnoxious to begin with, it almost comes off as pretentious.

>>115914706Based retard

>>115913622Goddammit Panda, get yourself PawSense.

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>>115914822>wahhhhh this comic isn't for ME, a COMIC READER

>>115915058>isn't for MENo, I couldn't care less about comics not geared to me, the fucking autistic attention whores that post it are the problem. It always leads to women complaining men don't know jack shit about muh trials and tribulations of having knockers and stupid shit like that, and it's always worded in the most godawful fucking way and everyone pretends like they don't see it.

>>115915112have you read this thread? It's pretty obvious that a lot of the guys here don't understand boobs during motherhood.If the thread bugs you so much hide it and move the fuck on to talking about why Korra/SU/Star was trash like the rest of the board.

>>115912045Thats engorgement, not natural asymmetry, illustrating the difference in size with one that is not engorged

>>115915234If I clearly hate that kind of shit why would I talk about those shows? And hiding the thread does nothing, I want these retarded ass women attention threads to stop being made, stop fucking enabling cancerous shit that has ruined this board.

>>115913236Pretty much the first muscles babies use and develop user

>>115914085Should have offered your services ms milky.

>>115915355>Excuse me miss but I'm leaking like a faucet over here, could I borrow your baby to empty myself out?Yeah that'd work great

>>115914706Yeah it builds up and is then released when feeding the kid smart one. Too much built up is uncomfortable to painful

>>115915312There's been women on the board for years you neckbearded shit. Grow the fuck up. Hiding the thread makes you not have to see it.Also if you hate these threads so much why bother posting in them you seething tard?

>>115914085Why does the sound of a baby crying trigger lactation?

>>115915312>And hiding the thread does nothing, I want these retarded ass women attention threads to stop being madeAnd you're trying to achieve this by giving them more attention..?

>tits so big your baby ends up becoming overweight

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>>115913008No that's Rosebuds, where Plush Maria actually originates from>>115913043>>115913078Maria came first and who Plush Maria is based on. I think she's Maria's actual doll, too.

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>>115915392See now thats a funny booby comic. Id read that

>>115915429The sound affects non-lactating women too. It causes temporary BE. Up to a full cup size. The trappings of modernity aside, we are still just animals that have evolved to be

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>>115915422>There's been women on the board for yearsNo shit stop saying retarded shit, the point is the attention whoring needs to stop, and the defending it.

>ha ha by big breasts are such a burden I hate them haha!These kind of comics are always made by seething chestlets.

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new idea: a superhero team of lactating mothers given superpowers by their breast milkit's perfect

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>>115915614says the coomer

>>115915596just for you user I'm posting more comics on Holla Forums

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>>115915596>the point is the attention whoring needs to stopThen stfu.>>115915531>The sound affects non-lactating women too. It causes temporary BE. Up to a full cup size.Source? Sounds like bullshit.

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>>115915561cringe, nothing worse than a breastfeeder crying about shit like this

>>115915658>posting more comics on Holla ForumsYou must be a woman to keep resorting to these kinds of responses that aren't the point.

>>115910187Ana is a big mom that needs love and protection

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>>115915735Any r34 on her and her big tits?

>>115915720the point is a butthurt douche wants to keep crying about related content being posted.

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>>115913591It’s called the Tumblr nose you fucking baboon.

>>115915785no one is upset you're posting comics on a comics board, stop acting like a retard and cherrypicking it

>>115915785Is giving birth face-down actually a thing? I've heard it would hurt the baby, but it could be an old wive's tale

>>115915835It's actually easier, it's more on all fours like an animal. Squatting is also popular because both ways open up your pelvis more than being on your back. Even on your side is easier than being on your back. Most women end up doing laying down on their back because of the drugs that numb you, hospitals don't let you move around after the drugs.

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>>115915748Very rare to find any.

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>>115915785no lie birth is kinda hot

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>>115915622They made this anime without the motherhood thing.

>>115909248KekBottom left in the red shirt is me rn

>>115916069You HAD to remind me about hyena birth.Fuck you.

>>115915891Ah, I see. That explain the things holding up the leg when you're on your back. It's as much to keep the legs out of the way as it is open the pelvis, then?And I thought it didn't just numb you but made you functionality paraplegic until it wears off.

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>>115916069Mrs. Hyena’s pretty cute.

>>115916365cock birthno lie tho yeen girls probably universally opt for c-sections

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>>115909285Based baby

>>115916069>inch-wide birthing canal so most puppies suffocate to deathCrazy that they still have pseudo-penises with all the innate complications.

>>115916294If your tits slosh, that mean there's air in there. And air isn't suposed to be anywhere inside you other than lungs, and maybe fart in your digestive tract. Go see a doctor before you die from an embolism.

>>115916467bigger penises, user

>>115916554Are yous ayung that for expecting Hyena mothers, a penis stretcher is a must-have for medical reasons? What a world.

>>115909285buzzword twitter buzzword

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>>115916625That's not a female hyena.They don't have testicle right?

>>115916294Wait, this comic has a website now? Since when?

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>>115916695mrs obama get down

>>115916679I bet she has a massive bush

>>115916748You cracked the code user.That protruding thing under her boobs isn't her stomach, it's her enormous bush.

>>115916625that feels likeseveral levels of illegal, including a crime against god


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>>115909285Wario likes money

>>115916625I'm just gonna assume that's a solid representation of how hyenas actually give birth minus the anthromorphization and the sensuality

>>115916827I think there was something about how it tear the canal a bit and leave a stretch scar, making it easier for following births. But I'm kot sure and I'm honestly too uncomfortable to check.

>>115916610The Totally Spies girls are older, washed up, and replaced by Ladybug girl?

>>115915465Fun fact. Tit size has nothing to do with the amount of milk produced. Its all about the size of the actual mammary glands. A chick with humungo boobs might actually have small glands and produce barely anything and whjile an almost flat chick could have humungo glands and put out milk like a dairy cow. Everyones different.

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>>115916927What kind of weird-ass manga is this panel from

>>115913128My nephew is like 5 and I still carry him baguette style

>>115913624Fuck around and find out

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>>115916927It's all about the fat/gland ratio

>>115916927>flat chick could have humungo glandsAnd since they don't have the chest fat to "cover" them thy look freaky as fuck when they swell with milk

>>115909285Wario's Lullabies are honestly the funniest things I've ever heard from the Mario series youtu.be/iXzTFIL6tPU


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>>115915622Seikon no Qwaser is kind of like that, user


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>>115909248>those side faces

>>115917134That's really fucked up. He should have lost on principle.

>>115910187I remember this piece of shit artist. I nicknamed her (him?) female Dobson because all you get is strawman from these comics.

>>115909356Found the formula fed user.

>>115917134Based george.

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Breatmilk is so damn cozy to drink. It's not about the taste. It's the experience.

>>115917134She should have ASMR'd and made him jizz his pants.

>>115917134fucking ancient war tactics holy shitthat's beautiful

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>>115917169How the fuck do you come to that kind of conclusion from a simple wholesome comic?

Reminder that whether you give your child breast milk or formula, the only thing that will objectively and substantially improve their quality of life and chance of success is a father.

>>115917156In his defense, I think the person is exaggerating here. Don't know if it really happened.

>>115917492Actually I doubt a grown man can imitate a baby's cries to that extend.

>>115917134Is JA just George irl?

>>115916951Not any particular manga, this is a drawing of an artist called Matsu-sensei. The girl here is called Mattie. He is known for drawing humongous breasts.

>>115917134>Seinfeld episode where George gets fired from his new job because he wants to impress his work friends by winning the friendly poker game they are having, but does so by making the woman whos winning lactate by immitating a baby after learning that shes a new mother


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>>115917115the tittymonsters should be the heroes, not the fuckbois.

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>>115914799Acquire fornication

>>115915636if only someone would coom for you, chestlet

>>115909356sorry this one about having boobs isn't relatable enough for you, how about some bikecuck instead?


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>>115916410>no bulgeMissed opportunity

>>115909612industrial grade bras are heavy-duty and sometimes creak around like armor

>>115917850She's missing a leg actually

>>115917791If she rubs some coom on those mosquito bites maybe her hormones will activate,ask her out on a date user

>>115917134Sounds pretty based to me.

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>>115916069hyenas are what would happen if you had to give birth out your dick

>>115917999Imagine the sexgoing balls deep in her cockgina every nighthaha

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>>115918044jokes' on you, hyper futa docking is already my fetish

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>>115918075As much as women bitch about this, thats really hot.

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>>115918342dried breast milk stains really aren't though. It's like dried semen on clothes.

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Women having problems with their breasts like back pain and muh milk spots on my shirt and teething is only making me find breasts hotter and I won't sympathize with anyone bemoaning titty side effects or wishing people would appreciate "real breasts" like the blue veiney crap.

>>115909356sorry that you couldn't relate

>>115919077Good lad.

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>>115919077What's that I hear against blue veins?

>>115919152The exaggerated examples of imperfections on breasts where it's not just some vein but the tit looks like it's lost circulation and is turning blue and the veins are bulging which women like to post. The same ones who bring in breast cancer crap out of nowhere.

>>115919198That is fair.

>>115909356women don't really have senses of humour -- they just laugh at how relatable things are and loud noises.

there are so many god damn women on this board. sometimes it just sets in how surrounded by women I am on/co/ and I need to sit here and process it.

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>>115919267and the quirky unfunny singing dear god they wouldn't stop playing some ad yesterday where every time a woman bought something from the website she talk-sang i wanted to blow my brains out

>>115919288And that is a problem.... How?

I love boobies both real and drawn but I make posts designed to make Holla Forumscels seethe

>>115919351Because I have to read posts that are worded like this unironically

>>115919300Real people aren't like that. Unless they buy the "I'm not like the other girls" kool-aid and try to be "quirky" because otherwise they'll drown in the sea of anonymity and disappear in the background. At least for some it's just a phase and they understand that having an identity doesn't mean sticking out like a sore thumb and be known by the mass, and then start behaving like actual people instead dof that cringy bullshit.

>>115909356>>115919077What you niggas don't get is that women tend to be just as boob-crazy as men, and I may sound insane but most of these "relatable" comics have second intetions ("I get to make a funny IRL problems comic AND draw massive milkers at the same time"). Truth is (and this comes from a guy that's mostly had to work with women on the past 6 years as a fashion photographer) 90% of them love stuff like cheesecake and pin-ups (And I wouldn't doubt that they are most likely a big chunk of the people that buy those things other than those creepy rich dudes that commission Wonder Bread and BDSM). And before anyone brings the SJW argument: only people that I see making those types of hissyfits tend to be provocateurs or people that have a "holier-than-thou" attitude; since even the tumblrinas I've met had stuff like Bill Ward collections and one transgirl even bought this Mai Shiranui figurine on pic related from amazon

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>>115919351They're not fun to talk to they're just terrible and the worst of the kind to be here and a lot of the shitty threads and posts you'll find on this board stem from them or something they started. The only reason people disagree with this is because well over half the board is female.

>>115909248What if you forget to feed your breasts?

>>115919427Sometimes I'm reminded I'm on 4chan when shit like this pops-up

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>>115919432They bite the baby

>>115919455Yea because nowhere else on the internet would say even the most basic down to earth kind of negative thing about the female gender. Acknowledging that the board has the worst of females (not that all females are 100% terrible, just that the worst of them come here which is saying that there's a worst of their gender) is only something a terrible 4channer sexist would say.


>>115919495Nigger please, this is an anonymous board. You can't even know who's a woman in here just through words.

>>115919524lol you must be new to Holla Forums to even try and pull this shit on this topic on this board

>>115919524Not him but you you can sometimes.

>>115919288Well just remember that many of them are far right wing cunts, barely even human.

>>115919871>many of them are far right wingbaste

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>>115919677No you can't.

>>115919871It's mostly liberals on Holla Forums with the women and I don't give two shits about politics but even I can recognize repetitive actions and arguments.

>>115919963Joke's on you, just by reading those I can tell the posters are women. >>115914680>>115914793

Can we stop calling each others names and throwing political shit around?We were all having a conversation about tiddies, and we actually have people here who know how they work since they have them.I want them to teach us the way of the mammaries.

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>>115911558There are easy solutions to that problem.A) Don't be fat.B) Use two of your disgusting sausage fingers to hpld back the tide of breast lard you acquired by raiding the fridge at night for 12 years straight.C) Use a very tight rubber funnel to elongate your nipples so that your missed abortion can feedD) Ask the dad for help.

>>115919288>/cgl/, Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and /d/ share alot of the same posters. Many of them are femanons.

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>>115920278i thought this was going to be about drinking from the tap

>>115919963Yes I can

Attached: file.png (480x361, 277.92K)

>>115920399Would that leave you more hydrated, or exactly the same amount of hydrated?

Attached: 7f0bcba969b75676dd7665964ec2f205.jpg (580x917, 84.41K)

>>115920399Doesn't breast milk cause diarrhea in adults?

>>115920392>no Holla Forumscgl/d/ gf

Attached: DDC28133-C084-410F-B45B-131E08E0FDA9.png (650x500, 307.94K)

>>115920346Well my sister isn't fat, large breasts aren't always caused by being overweight. And breasts naturally bloat like motherfuckers during pregnancy, it's not really something you can avoid. For some it just goes absolutely overboard to the point where it's debilitating. It's called Gestational breast hypertrophy. (search at your own perils, it's a lot less impressive irl but you know how internet is) And dads are regularly "what in the name of fuck is hapenning" at this stade of things.Also your point C just sound painful.

>>115920447Probably a bit less hydrated, I think.

>>115920346>D) Ask the dad for help.now you're just making a setup for some kinky time

>>115917169Literally nothing you said was true, what the fuck?


>>115920142Teach me the way of the mammaries

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Attached: Why.png (473x404, 183.89K)


Attached: Brilliant.png (1182x914, 690.52K)

>>115919288every single woman i have met through Holla Forums has been a shotaconthis place is great

>>115922499In the thumbnail, her dress make it look like she have an enormous penis

>>115923168no that's just you so desperate for a cock to suck you're hallucinating them

>>115923268Yes? And?


>>115923268Tell me thay this doesn't look like there's something there other than her legs.

Attached: Screenshot_20200627_025407.jpg (465x835, 51.25K)

>>115923334it doesn'tyou can clearly see how fat her leg is and that curved line is caused by the leg, not a third leg

>>115923519I honestly can't, but that's just a me problem probably. I should spend less time around faggots.

>>115923625being around fags does turn you into a fag, it's true

>>115923168>>115923268>>115923334>>115923519>>115923625shut up and post more Ana

Attached: OIP.jpg (474x474, 27.23K)

>>115923679no i'll post more hijabi hotties instead

Attached: 1553955683507.jpg (612x792, 150.52K)

Attached: 1553954423494.jpg (612x792, 103.74K)

>>115909285Holy BASED!

>ctrl + f>"Hathor">0 resultsThis place really is full of reddit transplants, isn't it?

>>115923844I was hoping that evil was dead and buried user. Dont bring it back.

Attached: milk and cookie powers.jpg (597x906, 348.06K)

>>115916467>>inch-wide birthing canal so most puppies suffocate to death>Crazy that they still have pseudo-penises with all the innate complications.don't hyenas also fuck the males and other females sometimes, in the ass, before getting pregnant?Imagine having a futa waifu, you love her pounding you anally, then she gets pregnant and blows her dick out?

>>115909248>ha ha look how gross our bodies areWhy do women find this so funny?

Attached: 1488485959119.png (400x400, 166.34K)

>>115923692>>115923704GIb muslim mommy milkers plz

>>115923924Because while boobs are sexy, they are also at the same time gross and incredibly silly.

Attached: boob shirts.jpg (1060x1522, 942.63K)

>>115923931if i had any they'd be all for me and no one else

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Attached: EHsUCDyW4AA62Ni.jpg (3200x3800, 1001.5K)

>>115923901speaking of hot hyena girls

Attached: EEH5vm9UUAETAoi.jpg (714x550, 139.77K)

Attached: 1582856312049.png (2355x3050, 1.91M)

>>115923945oh yeah well sharing is caring bitch

Attached: 696969.jpg (258x234, 58.3K)

>>115923876You thought wrong.

Attached: blanket1.jpg (404x512, 88.38K)

>>115924125OH YEAH WELL i'm all out of those comics now


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Attached: a0829c_e34e259a832440ba82a0010c8cce0ffd.jpg (668x835, 183.89K)

>>115924172Oops was meant for >>115924152

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>>115924127>>115924194Why is Holla Forums cursed with such awful cows? Get better Holla Forumsws!

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>>115912417Reminder there was an entire second season of Baby Blues produced, voice acting recorded, everything, that has never been aired and no one's seen because the show was cancelled and the network saw no reason to air it.

Attached: 166054588_03784fe61c_o.gif (525x750, 133.46K)

>>115924196>>115924172i have only the 3D ones now but mods will probably get mad if i post them

Attached: 1553894124249.jpg (636x636, 81.96K)

>>115916807Boobs makes money

>>115914680Congratulations on getting jizzed, raise them better than whatever brought us all to this shithole.

>>115911814Officially confirmed for antisocial faggot.


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>>115923924>>ha ha look how gross our bodies are>Why do women find this so funny?women morn the loss of their child body for most of their lives, angry that their simple lives were stolen, and periods and other weird body things thrust upon them.

>>115924456I agree, I want Rosa to dominate me

Attached: EaQL2IGXsAA8tAb.jpg (1449x2048, 259.89K)

>>115917134fucked up if true, but would be good seinfeld episode

>>115924127post the one where she shits on the floor in burger king

>>115911811>they are also peopleI don't believe you

>>115917134That’s really fucking hot



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>>1159247792nd to the last frame is the perfect size.

>>115924496that makes sense

>>115924799No, I demand more. MORE.

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Attached: 1585787303305.webm (1280x720, 562.04K)

Attached: 1585787365692.webm (1280x720, 684.29K)


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>>115923924The last time I was ever in a social climate without it being anonymous on 4chan it was getting into a fucking argument because women were talking openly about their period blood around me and children and I told them to knock it off because it was gross and they got onto me about how it's not different than using the bathroom, conveniently pretending that it's ok to talk about taking a hot steamy dump casually around everyone which anyone with a brain also wouldn't usually do. After I got blasted I just resolved to stick to here but now also they fuck around on Holla Forums anyway.

>>115925136Yea it's not like people enter threads they don't like to specifically say something about it, no it's gotta be this dumb strawman about how they got backsided by doing it. This is the dumbest rebuttal picture that exists.

>>115925310Every MS paint comic is a dumb rebuttal.

>>115918044Female hyena's are some of the most hyper aggressive animals on the planet and male hyena's are straight up terrified of them, so I hope you like hardcore femdom.


Attached: 105584779_3096143053787180_4677200575155989054_n.jpg (1732x994, 154.92K)

>>115915622MUH BOI

Big fat titties.

Attached: skeleton_by_vendant-dbpqvsn.png (1130x1217, 460.95K)


>>115915835>>115915891yeah actually most women in basically all cultures mainly gave birth in a squatting position for all the way from the oldest recorded times to late medieval/renaissance

Attached: cleopatra gives birth.jpg (900x385, 54.42K)

>>115916069All the moms there are focking adorable.


Attached: birthing rope.jpg (469x599, 92.85K)

>>115910814That's a straight lie. Only two mammals cannot lactate because they don't have nipples. And those mammals instead sweat milk out for babies to lick off the hair

>>115920093Wow the posts talking about being pregnant are from a woman, go fuckin figure. Probably took you all day to sleuth that out. Why not try to point out less easy to spot ones?>>115924353lol oh I plan on it. I grew up with free rein of the internet so yeah for sure gonna make sure they're looked after.>>115924496This is for sure true. One minute you're having fun in class/recess, next minute you're in the bathroom having a mental break down cause you're suddenly "a woman".>>115925273it is gross, but it's also natural and something we can't control. Horror stories and what products work well are common topics when chicks talk about periods, though usually it's more "no I don't want to do that/hang out cause I'll be on it"

>>115926352>it is gross, but it's also natural and something we can't controlThat's not the point at all. It being a natural thing is the stupid passing it off thing women do, but that isn't the problem. The problem is just openly talking about it practically waiting for someone to say it's gross just so you can feel personally attacked. I don't think I've ever been more pissed off about female behavior than I have been with the constant ignorance of why people think you shouldn't fucking openly talk about your period.


>>115925398>Female hyena's are some of the most hyper aggressive animals on the planet and male hyena's are straight up terrified of them, so I hope you like hardcore femdom.well, I think they fuck the males in the ass...sooo?

Attached: 13.jpg (1415x2048, 877.52K)

>>115926417Let's put it this way, say you had a daughter and your wife died. Would you rather her try to figure things out on her own and feel ashamed because you deemed a natural function gross, or for her to be able to talk about it with someone to help her understand it better?It's because people want to shame a natural function that it makes teen girls feel like shit for having it. I also blame poor sex education in schools for this one, since kicking the boys out when girls learn about periods just leads to guys laughing when a girl leaks through her pants. If we have to learn about your morning wood and wet dreams you can handle a little blood.We're not openly waiting to feel attacked, again women share stories and experiences to learn from others. I convinced around 7 women now to try the leak proof period panties from Japan now, and every one of them swears by them because they don't have to worry about leaks. This is also have Diva cups became popular, word of mouth.

>>115926894>Let's put it this way, say you had a daughter and your wife died. Would you rather her try to figure things out on her own and feel ashamed because you deemed a natural function gross, or for her to be able to talk about it with someone to help her understand it better?Fuck you you fucking cunt this is literally not even the same thing. Asking and trying to learn about body functions is one thing, but you can do that privately and with people close to you, not openly casually chatting about it around strangers and a general fucking audience of people and expecting people to not say "can you not talk about gross body functions that's disgusting". Don't try to fucking victimize it. This is the exact shit that's so fucking annoying.

Why do women get autistic about periods? Keep that shit to yourselves and stop pretending it's public conversation material.

>>115926555Not sure about that but I know males of the pack are expected to sniff the females mega clit dicks as a sign of submissiveness.

>>115926894Boys don't laugh when a girl bleeds through her pants they fucking vomit.

>>115927019>Why do women get autistic about periods? Keep that shit to yourselves and stop pretending it's public conversation material.dude, here, I don't really mind it so long as its not while I'm eating. Putting the pads in the trash by the toilet and leaving it for days bothers me more than anything. And thats really just a smell thing. If Im dating a girl, Id rather know her cycle so I can plan around it.

>>115927198>If Im dating a girl, Id rather know her cycle so I can plan around it.Again, that doesn't matter because you're close to her. Not sure why this is so hard to understand. Is anyone actually capable of understanding why periods should be a more private matter anymore? Holy fucking hhj

Two women openly talking abotu their periods is like two dudes talking about how big and smelly their shit was last night, or how hard they jerked off.Its not polite, so just dont talk about it in the open in front of random people. With your friends is fine. Have some fucking manners.

>>115927113>Not sure about that but I know males of the pack are expected to sniff the females mega clit dicks as a sign of submissiveness.it is a crime that this has not been worked into a chinese masturbation doodle

Attached: DVN7bFeU0AAZxVr.jpg (844x1200, 351.78K)

>>115927230>>1159272534chan really is dead. Its so conservative now. the fed/fbi/cia really did win by getting you assholes to flock here and destroy teh culture.

>>115927281>conservativeNo I just hate how obnoxious and pretentious women are about their personal things and how they try to pretend they don't understand any possible reason someone might not want to fucking hear about it and then resort to dumbass rebuttals like "what if your little girl couldn't understand why she was bleeding because society shamed her for having periods" because women are too braindead to just understand the basics of manners and have to jump to extremes and strawmen because they're so offended people don't want to hear about their vagina mucus bloody monthlies.

>>115917169I think you're confusing him with someone else, because Dee's the last person I'd ever call a Dobson.

Attached: 65555997_853961804978476_3973437711984885760_o.jpg (1851x2048, 470.99K)

>>115927281How is basic tact of all things conservative? Do you not know what "too much info" means?

>>115927329>>conservative>No I just hate how obnoxious and pretentious women are about their personal thingshmmm

>>115915785Wait, did he have another kid?

>>115927562It's basic human behavior to dislike people being pretentious especially about something that is blatantly obvious as to why people wouldn't like it but they jump through hoops to ignore it.

>>115909588... were these redrawn with the hijab?I cann't help but remember these without the hijab...

>>115927638I've seen that garbage enough times to know it's had the hijab for a long time at least.

>>115909248tfw no wife

>>115927703at this point do you really want one? they don't have love in their hearts anymore, stick to your fantasies of a better world

>>115927752i'm fast approaching 30 and I have nothing else going for my lifei'm not gonna off myself but i'd be lying if I said didn't have a death wish.

>>115927638no it always had themthe artist just has every other comic be a black person or a white person or a muslim etc etc as if they had to have an exact ratio of colour peoples type shiti just only saved the muslim ones because those are the ones i get boners for

>>115918075>not having your husband drink your breast milk when swollen and baby isn't hungry

>>115928160Have you ever thought maybe they don't want their husband sucking on their breasts? Not all women are fond of that, just sayin'

>>115909632i like the way you think

>>115909248No, "haha, women right?" is more accurate.

>>115912919it seems highly unlikely that your dad wouldnt see you shirtless at any point in your childhood

>>115912919This isn't even humor it's just a quirky way of saying "I breastfeed publicly and am proud of it bitch"

>>115912779>I used to wear bras tooholy fuck I hate co

>>115910742>cuckleyhe's no man

>>115919288>womenit's either trannies, fujos or a combination of the two so don't even bother

>>115909248Honestly as a girl, this pic makes me want to make my bf knock me up. I’m wondering if I should wake him up right now to have sex again lol.

Attached: 1563308050569.jpg (1200x860, 107.46K)

>>115909621oh nice

>>115928856hahaha dumb virgin men immirite, why is it us women always have to make things like that tho i wonder

I just like titties bros.

Attached: 1561046886210.jpg (2893x4092, 1.26M)

>>115924033If only large breasts were actually full of milk...

>>115916069Why are hyenas made the way they are.Was god just bored that day?

>>115919027Now that's just silly.

I don't think I've ever seen a mother breastfeed her baby in public.

>>115929307Anon, do not get in the way of milkies. Do NOT.

Attached: 1573587842054.png (1000x900, 205.96K)

>>115926352Hey don't scream at me, I was just making a joke. I'm not the original saying you can tell a woman form a man by text, I just wanted to be witty.

>>115926894I'm gonna need some source on those panties, because that sound useful as fuck

>>115927253Joke's on you, I'm the proud owner of a penis and we talk about our big fat shitlogs with my friends. We regularly joke about how we could use the biggest ones as projectile for a trebuchet.

>>115929326I've seen a bunch, and weirdly enough where I am nobody make a big deal out of it, aside from teenagers.

>>115918044The female should be taller

>>115929173I also make fun of dumb virgin woman who draw upside down dicks.

Are we gonna have this fucking thread every single day?

>>115929800>upside down dicks

Attached: A697BF03-E68B-4D4F-AA88-D7D1317C7B57.jpg (198x255, 17.84K)

>>115930024When a thread lasts for several days, yes, we do have this thread every single day

>>115926214that's a big baby

My mother alas was too brainwashed by Nestle propaganda, she only ever bought powdered cow's milk. to this day she still won't change her opinion and thinks breastfeeding is disgusting.

>>115914680The dad is black, isn't he.

>>115930191It's weird when you sit back and look at the argument for formula. It hinges on convincing people that a function of the body isn't capable of what it's meant to do and naturally does.

Attached: 1593231909344.gif (760x238, 71.78K)

>>115930262Well, they're marketing to women. Women are easy to convince that their bodies are badly designed bullshit.

400th post babyyyyy

Attached: pirating.gif (620x349, 2.36M)

>>115916610ho fuck red aged like wine

>>115930262To be quite honest, I think it's less that than her sharia-tier beliefs about the human body and modesty.

>>115930262>tfw my sister had her kid she didnt breastfeed because "lol thats gross I dont want a baby drinking off me boobs are for sex and stuff not drinking"

Attached: what the fuck am i reading.jpg (750x1000, 367.8K)

>>115930299Even in Iran and Saudi Arabia, nursing women can be seen everywhere and nobody cares.

>>115930301Why not both? I wanna drink some milk while having sex.

>>115930369Lactation fetish shit sounds cool until you try it. Breast milk just tastes like salty goo.

>>115930039A lot of inexperienced female artists are unaware that a penis head doesn't look the same all around and will draw what looks to be an upside down penis.

>>115930377It does not. Your wife just has a shitty diet.

>>115926214swole at birth... i jelly

>>115928580I'm not sure what you found wrong with that statement user

>>115930569What kind of degenerate "used to" wear bras? It's either you do or you don't.

>>115912363I can't draw tits at all. Neither bare nor in a bra/bikini top. It's utterly hopeless.

>>115928856anyone got that one meme>nooooo you cant just draw women like that! its unrealistic! her back! her organs! >haha titty go boing boing

>>115930598I just wanted to not make them look like those bowling-ball hard implants or a stuffed shirt.And if she pull a high-speed manœuvre or movement intensive action how does it work? I don't want to make it look more fetishy than it is or to break the imeruson because that's not how it work at all. In the end I just threw in a bullshit excuse with a special corset/brassiere that work like a hard shell and keep them static, so I don't have to worry about what-goes-where when acrobatics come into play.

>>115930301>boobs are for sex and stuff not drinkingyou fucki g what

Attached: 1590272426533.jpg (334x290, 7.3K)

Also children are meant to be nursed until the age of 5 or 6. When the baby teeth are shed is when they no longer need milk.

>>115930301>ew no I'm not going to use the milk producing glands that evolution gave me, because those milk glands are exclusively for sex and not for making milk for my offspring. What are you, a pervert?Is this what retardation look like

>>115930699That late? I thought it was untill they get a full set of teeth, at which point you'd slowly switch to those baby paste things, and then you transition to solid food.Then again that's just what I learned from relatives experience, and it wouldn't be the first time a health professional talked out their ass.

>>115930699Nigga I got my full set of teeth when I was 12, I doubt my mom would have been delighted to breastfeed me that long.

All mammals have baby teeth, also known as milk teeth and they're shed when milk isn't needed anymore. When children reach 6 or 7, their facial shape also changes and becomes more elongated and not as blocky so they can't easily grab onto a breast anymore.

>>115930594one who doesnt anymore

>>115930792That is incredibly vague

>>115913128i like this way better

Attached: how to deal with children.jpg (600x562, 40.82K)

>>115930686>when acrobats come into playwell I'd were talking realism, most modern day women do wear sports bras that keep em better in place when they work out. and even back In ye olden days, special bras, corsets and stays were worn when doing, say, field or farm work.but if were discussing no bras, boobs mainly move like fat. they drag behind when the body moves forward, they droop, they bounce. first thing you gotta learn is where the titty's base is. how much of it is attached to the body and doesnt move, and how much is free floating find your base of the titty and see how much you can play around w the fat of the actual boob without deattaching the whole thing from her chest

>>115930894Anon, no ! You're wasting meat!

>>115930812anon who made that original comment that caused your confusion am a tranny you can chill now

>>115930905What on earth makes you think he has a model for that?

>>115909629Imagine wearing all that shit on a hot summer day.

>>115930939study art and the human body? find references? pics of naked chicks are free on the internet, both for nude drawing study and for other reasons