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>Greg Burson, the voice of Yogi Bear from the late 80s through the 90s, was a hardcore alcoholic and a gun collector. One night he got so drunk he took two women hostage at gunpoint and spent all night in a standoff with the cops. He was so drunk he began yelling at the hostage negotiator in his Yogi the Bear voice, which confused the hell out of the cops, who weren't aware of Burson's career.>After the standoff, Burson was blacklisted from the VA industry and died two years later of "complications from diabetes" (he drank himself to death).

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>>115909019Anon that’s the opposite of fun.

>>115909019In the mid-90s Yogi Bear was the only cartoon character appearing on Nick, CN, and Disney Channel

>Judith Barsi, the voice of Ducky from The Land Before Time, was regularly beaten and abused by her father. On July 28, 1998, she and her mother were murdered by her father, who subsequently committed suicide.

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>>115909163The fuck was he doing away from Warner Bros?

>>115909217Nickelodeon had tons of third party shows back in the day before nicktoons were numerous enough to dominate their own animated blocs. They also showed Looney Tunes and what not for ages. Viacom was and is known to be very liberal with what they buy the rights to.Saw this on youtube whilst looking through old commercial breaks for the big 3 kids Channel in the 90s also was pretty liberal with what they showed as Eisner wanted it to be a for-the-whole family multi-genre platform

The voice actress for Trixie from The Fairly Oddparents, Dionne Quan, is legally blind and her acting scripts are written in braille.

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>Don Bluth, the creator of The Secret of NIMH and The Land Before Time, appeared in the Nostalgia Critic... twice.

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>>115909319This one is actually pretty cool and I didn't know it. I guess it is one of the few jobs you don't need eyesight for.

>>115909319Ironic since her most famous line is "Tell me I'm pretty."

Tex Avery was a rampant antisemite and suspected pedophile


>>115909406Oh how the mighty have fallen.

>>115909762Eh, I heard he's making a film adaptation of Dragon's Lair. Even if it is on Netflix.


>>115909774Most of Netflix's animated stuff has been pretty good so far.

>>115909019Why isn't this scene animated?

>>115909971We've all been waiting on you to animate it user.

>>115909019Im pretty sure billy and mandy parodied this in yogi's cameo.

>>115909019Not accurate. The incident you're talking about happened in 2004, after Bunson had already lost voice work. He never did the Yogi voice either, he was just slurring his words heavily.Additionally, he died four years later, not 2.

The original negatives for most of the pre-1951 Tom and Jerry and MGM Tex Avery cartoons, as well as hundreds of archived silent and early sound films, were destroyed in a vault fire in the 60'

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>>115909019>Captain America's shield drew inspiractions from then-current political cartoons that depicted nations as battlemaidens carrying a shield with their flag on it


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>>115909019Did he voice him in the Yo-Yogi fiasco?>>115909216>was regularly beaten and abused by her fatherSexually abused?

>>115909319>>115909526From what I've heard that's the reason they stiopped using Trixie since it was very expensive to gave her Braille scripts

>>115909406The reason that happened is because nobody else bothered to give him the time of day. Even when the dragon's lair kickstarter happened game journalists were trying to shit on him because he's an old straight white man from before 1978, and therefore too racist and or bigoted to be allowed publicity. Meanwhile Doug was like "show up on my YouTube channel and not only do you get to shill your thing but I'll also make you into a meme to gain internet fame". That's why the XTAS showrunners did an interview episode, and why one of the girls who wrote the vacation episode for Tiny Toons did an interview episode, and why the Spielberg cartoons think tank showed up several times. None of the other gay ass e-celebs is making these kind of pulls, and this dude is a washed up hack that had to fall back on his shtick when his career never took off.

>>115909774>>115909881It's confirmed to be live action though.

>>115910363That's dissapointing.Are they at least playing with the interactivity thing they did for Bandersnatch? That seems like a perfect fit for Dragon's Lair.

>>115910250I feel like that's a form of discrimination.

>>115910232>Sexually abused?don't think so

George Jetson shared a name with his voice actor, George O'Hanlon.When they made Jetsons: The Movie, O'Hanlon was blind and confined to a wheelchair following a stroke but could still do a pitch-perfect rendition of the voice. Because of his blindness the person in the booth would read the lines out and he would repeat them back. He had another stroke in the middle of a recording session and died.Supposedly, the other person noticed something was wrong and called out, "George, George, are you okay?" O'Hanlon parroted in his George Jetson voice, "George, George, are you okay?" and promptly expired.Mel Blanc (Mr. Spacely) also died before the movie finished production and both of their remaining lines were done by Jeff Bergman, who was also the first person after Blanc to play Bugs Bunny.

>>115909630Fuck you, Avery was a good boy.

>>115910363Then what’s the point?

>>115910250>From what I've heard that's the reason they stiopped using Trixie since it was very expensive to gave her Braille scriptsBut...change the voice actress.There are a tons of asian girls that sounds like Trixie, I wouldn't even lie if I said all of them sounds like Trixie

>>115911543>Supposedly, the other person noticed something was wrong and called out, "George, George, are you okay?" O'Hanlon parroted in his George Jetson voice, "George, George, are you okay?" and promptly expired.Damn, that would fuck you up for life.

>>115911864I haven't been able to confirm this story so it's probably just an urban legend. Still stuck with me ever since I first read it, though.

>>115910250Has 3D printing made Braille any cheaper? You’d think it would

>>115909630>rampant antisemite and suspected pedophileSo he posted here?

>>115911758At that point it's very clear discrimination. You're firing someone because of their disability. Simply phasing the character has some air of plausable deniability.

>>115909216Poor little concrete angel

Nickelodeon managed to put George Liqour into one of their games despite John K having the full rights to the character.

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The creator of Breadwinners made the show as a joke and uploaded it on YouTube. He received an email from a Nickelodeon executive who saw it and wanted to turn into a full series. He thought it was a troll at first.

>>115909019i-is this why he appeared to be a crackhead/alcoholic when he appeared in billy and mandy?

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They had to censor Milhouse from the Lego Movie video game

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>>115912438>George is somehow the least empathetic character in this picture

>>115912487classic Milhouse

>>115911543No it was right after he finished recording he felt ill and was taken to a hospital where he had another stroke and passed

>>115910192He's r63 Columbia?

>>115909019>fun facts>the facts aren’t fun at all

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>>115912830Yeah but we need her instead

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>>115912487Why didn't they edit out Milhouse instead, censoring like that is so fucking noticable and retarded. Whenever you want people not to see something, you should get rid of it instead of putting a GIANT FUCKING BLUR OR BLACK BOX OVER IT

Had Duckman continued to air any longer, it’s likely that Jason Alexander would’ve lost his voice. Similar case happened with the Simpsons character “Marvin Moneroe” who was retired after season five when Harry Shearer vocal cords were starting to strain. >>115909216Everybody knows this though, We are talking about facts very few people ever even heard of.

>>115912938It’s funnier this way.

>>115912938One is a lot more expensive and time consuming for a cheap movie tie-in game

>>115909019>He was so drunk he began yelling at the hostage negotiator in his Yogi the Bear voice>Heeeeeey you stinking pigs! If you ever wanna see these girlys again, you'll give me 20 unmarked pic-a-nic baskets and a getawaycar.

>>115912949Another VA-related tidbit:Mel Blanc recorded some voices for Who Framed Roger Rabbit as one of his last roles, but he was very old at this point and no longer able to perform some of them adequately. Apparently he did do takes for Yosemite Sam and Daffy Duck's 'woo-hoos' but those got replaced by Joe Alaskey and an animator's voice instead. When Mel saw the final film, he was surprised they were able to fix his takes that well, not realizing they were replaced.This is pretty well known, but the Yosemite Sam voice is notorious for destroying the VA's throat. Maurice LaMarche had to stop doing the voice since he wasn't allowed to record at the end of the week to allow his voice to heal.

>>115909019Greg Weisman was on the writing team of the first Bionicle movie but he was promptly fired because one of his higher-up got pissed at him for yawning on a meeting. He still received a writing credit despite doing nothing for the film.During production, one of the movie's directors also secretly stole some Bionicle toys that belonged to Lego's creative manager.


Seth MacFarlane was going to be on one of the planes hijacked on 9/11 but he missed his flight because he was hungover.

>>115909406Doug also some how got Zukko's voice actor to show up in character

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>>115909019He also voiced Bugs Bunny for a brief time in the 90’s

>>115910845If Nick/Frederator could prove in court that producing braille scripts was unreasonably expensive for their operation, they could have an acceptable defense should they be sued for this.

>>115914192He references that so much in the show, I think everyone knows



>>115909774Wasn't he supposed to be working on something with Disney?

Several footage of the riot scenes used in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver (particularly one where people run away from a theater because of smokebombs) are actual pickets that happened because of Ralph Bakshi's Coonskin.


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>>115910250People always overestimate how much these things cost. Tons of characters were dropped around the same time.

>>115915337I have a book that talks exactly about that (if you're into Blaxploitation I highly recommend it, its called "Reflections on Blaxploitation" by David Walker) in the section where it has Bakshi's interview.>Andrew RAUSCH: Your producer, Albert Ruddy, also produced The Godfather (1972).Since you parody The Godfather in Coonskin, I was wondering what Ruddy’s reaction was to this.>Ralph BAKSHI: Al thought it was funny. Those were the moments the film got laughs. You have to understand that those were the moments I pitched in the room that made it sound like the film was going to be hysterical. Al loved the movie. He stood behind the movie the whole time. But what it sounded like in the meeting and what it was were two completely different things. They thought it was hysterical. Look at how ugly my Godfather was, living in the subway with this pus-filled head, right? That was all part of my initial pitch. My pitch to Al was this: “I got this Godfather like Brando trying to get these black rabbits.” I carefully sold the attitude as funny because I knew they would never buy the other one. I knew exactly what I was doing, and that was why they got so mad at me when they finally caught up to me. I knew I had to con them because I had an opportunity that I would never have again. That’s not heroic, but I really wanted to make these films, and I knew this was my opportunity because of Fritz. If I told them straight what I wanted to make, they would shoot me. [Chuckles.] I knew what I was doing as a young man much better than I do now.(1/3)

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>>115915450>AR: How did the actors react to the material?>RB: Loved it.>AR: No apprehension whatsoever?>RB: Not at all. The actors I hired . . . Look, it’s the same thing as Obama running for president. They keep saying, “First black president.” I keep saying, “That’s an American running for president of the United States.” What is this racist bullshit? Why is it every time some announcer or TV anchor talks about him they have to say “the black Obama”? This is an American running for president of the United States! There is no black issue here. So the people I hired for Coonskin, like Charles Gordone or Barry White, were basically the rappers of their day. They knew what the hell I was saying. I was right. You couldn’t argue with what I was saying. It’s maybe hard to take that black revolutionaries were taking the money and running, but I knew that and the black guys knew that. Everyone knew the Mafia ran Harlem. Everyone knew the cops were racist. What was I saying that was so wrong? Everyone knew the boxers worked for the Mafia. Everyone knew that drugs and prostitution were the big problem in Harlem. There wasn’t anything that I was talking about that your average black man didn’t know about. Now your average black middle class, or your average Jewish middle class, or your average white middle class had no idea what the hell I was talking about. But your question was about the black actors. Charles Gordone, who played Preacher Fox and did all the fox voices, won a Pulitzer for a play! The man was a major writer. This wasn’t some guy off the street—this was a major American writer! And he won a Pulitzer Prize for No Place to Be Somebody, which was a great play. And he was so proud to do my movie! I couldn’t believe it. Barry White said, “Right on, man. Right on.”(2/3)

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>>115915497Fuck I forgot one more part after the "Right on">RB: I didn’t have any problem with any of the black actors or getting any of the work done I had to get done. When the Miss America character was fucking over black guys, you should have heard the roaring in the recordingroom. She was saying, “I should have fucked them when I had the chance.”The whole controversy around the movie was a setup. They wanted to get controversy around a film that Paramount wanted to dump. Thatwasn’t real. I got a letter from the NAACP saying that for a white man, I certainly knew a lot about black people. They said that Coonskin may be tough to take, but it was certainly very honest about the black/white relationship.

>>115915497>>115915513Now the juicy part>AR: Could you tell me a little bit about the screening at the Museum of Modern Art? I understand that was quite interesting. >RB: Right. That was the beginning. That was the setup. I’m screening the picture, and Al Sharpton and about 50 black guys are standing in the back of the screening. The screening starts and they start saying, “No white guys leave this audience at the end.” They started to bang sticks. And this a true story; the museum has a tape of this. So people are freaking out, dying, everyone in the audience is really scared. Help me God, this is a true story. The lights go on, and Sharpton comes walking toward the stage. Of course I’m up there to defend my film. He’s walking and he turns around, and none of the guys are following him. None of the black guys are following him. Sharpton is furious and he says: “Why aren’t you guys following?” And you could see they liked the movie! [Laughs.] >I mean, you could see they got it. So Sharpton starts screaming at them, and then I start screaming at Sharpton. I said, “You fucking nigger middle-class sell-out! You fucking punk!” And I’m screaming at Sharpton, and one of the guys from the back of the room says to Sharpton, “Look, Al, either get up there and kill him or let him go! But we ain’t coming.” So at that point Sharpton stuttered and I ran out the back door. And it was over with. And everyone got up and left. They had sticks, they had bats, some of them had guns, but the black guys at the back of the theater loved that fucking movie. I’d bet on it. I’d bet my life on it. They were all supposed to walk down the three aisles, but they just stayed in the back. Sharpton could not get them to walk down the aisle to say that no one leaves. So I took that to start screaming at Sharpton because I was terrified. And I always learned the best defense is a good offense. You start screaming at black guys [Chuckles again.]

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>>115915619>Bakshi: It’s all on tape because the museum was taping my conversation with the audience. And it was scary. My mother was there, my mother-in-lawwas there! My sister was in the audience!>Rausch: I read that Martin Scorsese caught another incident on film. Is that right?>Ralph Bakshi: That was funny. Thanks for reminding me. You keep bringing back great memories. The film was finished and the controversy had begun. Martin Scorsese was filming Taxi Driver (1976) in New York. He was driving around the city shooting second-unit stuff of crowds and just general insanity in the city that he could intercut into his film. And he shot a roll of the riot in front of the theater in Coonskin. He said, “Ralph, what kindof picture did you make?!” [Laughs.] He sent me footage of people fighting and pushing and screaming. And I’m just sitting there in California saying, “Oh my fucking God.” I had a good time, as you can see! [Laughs again.]

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>>115913774Weisman also talked how he was very close to getting Gargoyles placed in the first Kingdom Hearts game but after the management team at Disney got replaced, the deal fell through

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>>115915619Is the video of this event available online?

>>115915688Tried finding it, there's nothing. But if anything its in the MoMA's archives, so if enough anons and people online spread the word and encourage both Ralph and MoMA to show it, then I'm pretty sure we can get to see it.(Although take in account that there needs to be a conversion process for such a tape to circulate online, since this was recorded in the late 70s)

In 2001, Kellogg’s proposed eight cereals based on CN’s current lineup. Fans could vote on their favorites, with Kellogg’s producing the winner for a limited run.Unfortunately, none of these went into production. Kellogg’s scrapped the promotion for reasons unknown.

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>>115915864That Mike Lu and Og cereal sounds good

>>115914192Similarly Mark Wahlberg was gonna board the plane but he decided to embark on a different flight a week earlier to catch a film at the Toronto International Film Festival. He said he was "pretty sure" he would've stopped the hijackers if he were on the flight.Also, Jackie Chan was originally supposed to record on the World Trade Center at 9/11 but had to cancel his flight to get his son out of jail under charges of marijuana posesssion.

>>115915864They did make a Powerpuff Girls cereal a year after this promotion, but that was only made to tie-in with the movie. Shame this never took off, cause I would've loved to try that Ed, Edd n' Eddy jawbreaker cereal

>>115914240Fun fact: Dante Basco is a huge Homestuck fan, to the point that he has made multiple videos on it on his youtube channel and has joined as a member of the creative team

>>115915864They should have made Ed, Edd, n' Eddy's cereal be Chunky Puffs.Also PPG could have been Lucky Captain Rabbit King Cereal but that shit would be hard to

>>115915864I feel slightly robbed

The Ultimates in Ultimate Marvel were a big ass allegory for the war on terrorism.

>>115909019What a chad

>>115909019>holds women hostage>starts yelling in a cartoon character's voiceI mean, come onWould any of us had done any different in that situation? >pic unrelatedWhat I wouldn't give for audio of that

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>>115915646>>115915619>>115915513>>115915497>>115915450> then I start screaming at Sharpton. I said, “You fucking nigger middle-class sell-out! You fucking punk!Based beyond belief

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>>115909216Every damn thread

>>115909019>Hey Boo-Boo, let's get some whores and go on a fuckin rager!

>>115915685Genuinely curious if he was planning on making sora's visit to the world canon to the series similar to how his visit in toy box is canon to the toy story series. Would have been funny seeing the characters reference other characters and events from the show that don't appear in the game.

>>115911543I thought they both finished recording their lines, they never mention they did not, the movie had terrible CGI but at least they honored the two VAs


>>115918948>his visit in toy box is canon to the toy story seriesNever played Kingdom HeartsExplain

>>115918948People tend to get this wrong, Toy Box isn't canon to the Toy Story franchise. Its just that it respects Pixar's way of handling the series; since a lot of the studio had to show Nomura not do shit like:>Make animu expressions on Woody>Make blinking on the toys less evident>Have it so FFXV is a video game in order to make Sora make sense>Have it so that the toys are stuck in a different reality since it doesn't make sense for Woody and Buzz to have powers

>>115919612Also the canon part is that Pixar didn't want the KH2 aspect of "its the same thing as the movie but with Sora and friends" like with Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean as they felt it was cheap and that it contradicted their franchises (it wouldn't make sense for Sora to simply be a part of the plot for Monsters Inc or Toy Story 1-4); so they had to be interquels or sequels to the respective films

>>115919612>Have it so FFXV is a video game in order to make Sora make senseThat was a good idea, though.

>>115914240Dante Basco will do literally anything, I think. Dude’s basically spent his entire career riding off of Hook, American Dragon and Avatar. Like his voice, though, even if he can only do the one.

>>115909019>(he drank himself to death).that would be cirrhosis or hepatatis or liver cancer, and would be recorded as such; or it would be massive alcohol poisoning, and recorded as suchwhat you're forgetting is that alcohol is a great energy source for the body via the Krebs cycle, and that makes it harder for someone who's diabetic to regulate their blood sugar/insulin balancea standard shot of any 40% abv spirit has just shy of 100 calories (about 5% of a large man's daily calorific needs) in it, just as alcohol; when you add in sugars and other carbohydrates often found in alcoholic beverages, the calorie content goes up fasthis wiki bio also says he died of complications from arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries, a form of cardio-vascular disease); given that he was a heavy drinker and was likely being medicated for high blood pressure as a result of his arterioscleroris, he probably suffered multiple organ failure when the medication and alcohol's effects thinned his blood too much; essentially, suffocation (something like a stroke) as his blood could no longer carry enough oxygen to his fucked organs (the other thing about the pancreas, which diabetes fucks up, being that you're dead without one)"drank himself to death" is something you tearfully say of someone you cared about at their funeral, because you don't want to shit-talk them in front of their loved ones

>>115910756That absolutely would be. There's no way any studio would be that stupid with a performer who could easily sue them, especially in a union shop like Nickelodeon.>>115910250a Braille embosser costs less than $2000, if all you want it to do is printthey're slightly more expensive in running costs (heavier gauge paper and more pages, generally, for the same information), but compared to an enterprise-class laserjet (which you absolutely need for script printing, since they're fast and produce good results) it's not a big expense; it's also deductible from taxwhile I don't know the specifics of Ms Quan's hypoplasia and it is claimed on her wikipedia bio that she's given scripts in Braille, "legally blind" doesn't mean a person cannot see at all, only that they're off the lower (or upper) end of visual acuity in one or both eyesalso looking at her bio she seems to have no particular trouble finding work (she's worked on multiple popular shows, including Rugrats, which has another season in pre-production) and seems to have spent 10 years on FOP; I would therefore suggest that the reason she left is because after 10 years the show wasn't going anywhere and probably wasn't doing as well as it had, but the reason she left could really be anything

>>115919612>>115919666I think it's better to say that the Toy Story movies are canon to KH, and not the other way around.

>>115909019>After the standoff, Burson was blacklisted from the VA industry and died two years later of "complications from diabetes" (he drank himself to death).Looks like his body couldn't BEAR it anymore, amrite?

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>>115909216>Judith BarsiYeah I don't need to read the rest of this post to see where this is going.

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were huge fans of Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes, specifically the Sylvester (first 5 minutes)

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>>115909630Let me guess, he married a 17-19 year old ink and painter girl and he was probably 20-22.In the 1950s. When everyone was getting married around that age group.

>>115909406NC interview with the writers and producers of Animaniacs is actually very informative and professional.

>>115911543Andrea Romano swears he looked her right in the eye just before passing, too.

Clone High was cancelled because of an Indian hunger strike over the show's depiction of Gandhi. >We had finished the first season, and I was on vacation in Costa Rica, in the jungle, with no access to phones or Internet. And I finally make my way to a hotel that has a computer station and I see there’s hundreds of articles about our show. “Oh wow, this is exciting! [Pause.] Oh no, this can’t be good. There’s a … hunger strike … in India.” [The protesters] had never seen the show ’cause it hadn’t aired there, but they’d read on the Internet about it. They were very upet that he wore an earring and ate junk food and went to parties. So 150 politicians and Gandhi’s grandson sat in a hunger strike at the MTV India offices, right when the head of Viacom, Tom Freston, was visiting, and he was trapped in the building. And they basically threatened that they’d revoke MTV’s broadcasting license in India if they didn’t take the show off the air. And then the show went off the air. So I guess not any publicity is good

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>>115923520Gandhi was an incestuous pedophile.

>>115923520Why are Indians so fragile?


>>115921258Go away carlos this is a mung board

>>115923685And a racist.

>>115923685Yeah, but at least he didn't eat JUNK FOOD and GO TO PARTIES. WTF is wrong with America???

>>115923965Why is shitting in the street okay if going to parties isn't?

>>115909824>>115912100>>115922136it seems fake, can't find any info on it.

>>115920391He was in RoosterTeeths second season of Hardcore Monopoly

>>115923736Caste system. There's always the threat of becoming an Untouchable. And they don't really have any other international 'heroes' so they get a bit overprotective of Ghandi.

>>115924631Was Gandhi a defender of the Caste System?

>>115909019Porky Pig's original voice actor, John Dougherty, had a stutter in real life (But the recordings for Porky's dialogue were sped up for comedic affect). Reportedly, his recording sessions were too long and costly because of his stutter so they had Mel Blanc take over as Porky's voice.

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>>115923520Don't fuck with Sanjay, Holla Forums

>>115923520>Call center scammers>Can't into loo>Cancels a good showWhat's wrong with poos?

>>115925309Initially. He realized how fucked up it was later on in life, but he never fully disavowed it.

>>115910250That sounds not true. Braille is not particularly expensive to produce. Particularly for a production of any size.

>>115927190To be fair, he started out pretty high up in it if i remember correctly.

>>115909019>>115909156>>115913267Jesus Christ, my sides.

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>>115927328Kshatriya, just a step below the Brahmin priesthood, which are the highest.

>>115922037This reminds me that Alex Trebek took a moment to say in the middle of a Jeopardy episode that his favorite Looney Tune character is Foghorn Leghorn.

God is the only Simpson's character with 5 fingers on each hand.

>>115927697>that his favorite Looney Tune character is Foghorn Leghorn.He's got some, I say, he's got some good taste.

Shrek was originally going to be voiced by Chris Farley and even had some test audio and storyboards done,unfortunately he died of a broken heart caused by a speedball. Also Shrek is based on a book and that was news to me.

>>115923748A kek-nic basket.

>>115927772Does that imply that Matt is God?

>>115927829>died of a broken heart caused by a speedballI mean, that's one way to put it.

>>115909881Some of them are old 4chan users too.Source: I'm friends with a few of them in LA and they used to be drawfags and basically used it as a way to build a portfolio for about a decade.

>>115927863No, The Simpsons Game makes it clear that they're unrelated. God is above Matt.

>>115927829Chris Farley's body discovery photo has him frothing white stuff from his mouth

>>115928017I always thought that was a fake image.

Dang. All my fun facts aren't Holla Forums related.

>>115928017There's a photo of that?

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>>115928171yes search for Chris Farley's dead body online, you will find it

The Pizza Planet truck in Incredibles 2 resembles a 1956 Chevrolet Task Force because its regular model, the Toyota Hilux, did not exist yet. Coincidentally the truck is still very much outdated for its time period.

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>>115928162Do a non Holla Forums related fun fact

>>115928265>outdated for it time period>nearly everything in the series is designed after the fashions of the fifties and sixtieslol

>>115928329The Galapagos tortoise has formed a relationship with a type of finch on the islands,when the tortoise extends its neck and limbs the finch then feed on parasites located there. The Fun Fact is that sometimes when the finch begins to feed,the tortoise will deliberately drop down on the finch to kill and consume it.

>>115909630What the fuck? I love Avery now.

>>115909971ThisPlease tell me there's a recording.

Stan Lee faked his death

Jim Steranko did concept art for Raiders of the Lost ArkGardner Fox wrote a ton of smut under various pseudonyms

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I'd drink myself to death too, if I starred in Yo Yogi.

Famous Porn artist Jab used to be a Disney animator/artist. That’s why he is so good at drawing. I remember back when I was a kid looking through porn on old cartoon porn sites how fucking disgusted I was by the piss poor porn art and then I saw Jab’s shit and was amazed at how good the draftsmanship was, well this is why.He’s also redpilled as FUCK. No seriously check out his twitter

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>>115911917I guess so since she's coming back for the Rugrats reboot.

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>>115909406Another fun fact: Don Bluth is also US senator Mitt Romney's second cousin

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>>115909019All Holla Forums facts are inherently useless.

>Disney was going to redub all of the Asterix movies in America to make the movies more palatable, including Asterix and the Big Fight>In fact, they were planning on having a big monopoly over owning most of the big name Franco-Belgian series in America. Hence the reason they made that Marsupilami series.>Then Marsu Productions sued them for what they claimed to be empty merchandise promises, but really they hated it>Combine with Disney being sore from the lawsuit and Michael Eisner personally not liking Franco-Belgian comics, all those plans were scrapped.

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>>115929678their loss. the mouse always wins and Asterix could've been more popular in the states.