DRAW: Draw and Rate A Waifu

This week’s theme is “Beach style” or “Summer Season”.Anchor posts and requests are largely discouraged, just post your waifu/husbando and let the artists do their thing. As always, draw em’, rate em’, and love em’.Previous thread: >>115770240Vote for next thread’s theme here:strawpoll.me/20440885

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how's it going OP

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Please rate.>>115908852Medieval style sounds dope.

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I've gotten plenty of deliveries but posting anyway

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>>115908852Oh shoot, I didn't even realize these threads had themes, no wonder so many people were drawing girls in their jammies haha. I'll draw something on-topic this time

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>>115908904Too twinkish for my taste but overall, not bad.

>>115908864Pretty busy so far. I have to take care of my father as he was infected with the flu, but he’s getting better tho so that’s a positive.

Beach style = Skinny dipping I hope.Also R8 my taste and tell me which one of my waifus would look the best in a bikini>>115908864Mommy/10. I prefer mid 20s Toph though.>>1159088957/10. Based for Kara though>>115909015Emperor!Shego is just Shego but in her mid 40s though. Good taste

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>>115909114I like Power Girl and Black Cat but it's a bit too tsundere for my taste 8/10 and 20s Toph is still hot but I prefer GILFY Toph

>>115909114It’s okay, a bit too dommy for my taste.

>>115909015Eda is a foxy hottie

good night

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>>115909389I hate this

>>115909389My goodness, I think we have an actual pedophile in this thread.


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>>115909260True that brother.


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page 8

>>115908871I have "accidently" drunk too much soju and am very inebriated now but have a WiP.

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It's winter where I am, warm beach would be nice.

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>>115911536oh yeah it's the Eileen bro


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>>115911591well that's odd



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>>115911565The only reason I don't draw her is she's in m y own chart, maybe if can draw someone else before.

>>115911682well nobody is saying you can't draw a character if they're already on your chart especially if someone else has it not forcing you to just saying if you really wanted to you can draw Eileen

>>115911637How cum I never see you in those IIT draw x character? Is it cause you're a little bitch who hates fun?

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>>115911798I am in those threads, at it’s because I hate to see real threads die and replaced with threads THAT LITERALLY HAVE THEIR OWN BOARD>>>/i/>>>/i/>>>/i/

>>115911637>>115911857i make those threadsi encouraged the creation of these threadsand i will continue to do soall to spite you

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Thread is having a lot of trouble staying afloat tonight tonight. Everyone was too excited and posted their chart at once.

>>115908852Honk honk.

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>>115912628What is it about clowns if you don't mind me asking?I assume its the perkiness and the abundance of make up giving off bimbo qualities but give the juice.

>>115912628Honk honk

updated my chart

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>>115909015Here you go>>115911637Hey man,I sometimes post shit in /i/,and that board is fucking dead,if OP makes this thread there,it would die with 3 response in total

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Ironically, it's fucking hot as hell where I am right now

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>>115912740It's mostly the perkiness and colourful outfits. I just think they're fun.

>>115911637>NSFW boardsYou can keep them for yourself. I've had my quota of disgusting shit filled and rather have comfy threads in blue boards without that.

>>115913014whoah I didn't know we were gonna get so lewd

This thread idea will be perfect for anatomy practice!

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>>115913723>Atticus Finch that's unique

>>11591329410/10 strong woman pilled


>>115908852I think I recognize a good chunk of these posters from previous threads,

>>115914075Honestly, that's one of the reasons I love waifu threads - you get to recognize familiar faces. It's like going into an old bar along a street that you used to love (but has since let some real assholes drag everything down).

>>115908883As promised. Was originally gonna have a certain insignia on her bottoms but figured it would be safer not to advertise that...

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>>115914309not my chart but danke schoen herr user

>>115908904I need to stop being lazy and play Persona 4.>>115913768I'm a sucker for a good looking guy in glasses!>>115913818Thank you!>>115914075I've been here a while, I think this is the 37th drawing I've made in these threads so far.

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>>115914309Looks pretty cool!

>>115914348>37Shit I've made just 5, need to step up.

>>115914309Damn, that's pretty fucking great!

>>115913014Excusae me, sir this is a blue board and you must leave. I love this though. if glados wore plants it would be like this.

>>115908852I need to make a bigger version of my chart when I'm not so busy with workAbout to head out I'll look through the thread when I get out and see who to draw later

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>>115913014ngl, the flower makes it perfect

>>115914541I'm very conflicted on how to feel about this

>>115914348L-Lewd. Thank you for the image!

I only need one waifu

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>>115911486Finish it or else..

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>>115914725Thank you, I will. Probably sunday morning as I'm working Saturday and I'm passing out now.

>>115914770Jokes aside I hope you get enough rest for the night, work can be incredibly draining.

>>115914442I've only done one, and that was before the themes, but in my defence it's pretty damn good.

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>>115915179Nice work.

>>115913014unf, nice work.

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>>115908878It's not adult steven,but I tought it would be fun to draw him this wayAnd it was

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My beautiful, adorable, fuzzywuzzy cutie patootie husbandoI’ll draw some soon but if anyone draws him link your chart so I can return the favor.

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I only have one waifu. She's all i'll ever need. i'll always cherish my lovely Ava Ire

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>>115915695That is adorable thank you


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>>115915494ngl, it was fun to look up 8-bit color palettes.


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>>115908852judge me

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>>115909055Well I hope that your father gets better soon

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>>115916557I don't have this fetish / 10

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If anyone needs ideas for swimsuits, what I do is go to sites like Dress Lily and look under the swimsuit category. There’s a variety of female swimsuits to get ideas from. As for men... I am not sure, probably look undee the Tanks section because I think guys wear tanks and watershorts for that.

>>115908928>Captain AmericaMotherfucking based>>115909015You seem to really like white hair! Not a problem with that of course. I like it>>115910896What do you love so much about her user? I've seen a sudden surge in art of her lately. Are you the one requesting her?>>115911536The mighty magisword chick is a 10/10. Would cuddle all day>>115913723>Joshua Graham>fucking Atticus FinchWeird tastes but i love it. Very cool, user>>115914678Based. Same here. She's so cute by the way!

>>115916917>brown barely clothed beauty constantly showing off her thick thighs>also gave her huge dsl'sHow did they get away with this?

>>115908852I really like the pic in the middle.

>>115913014>GladosI feel like I know you from drawthreads on Holla Forums. There used to be a GLaDoS poster there.


>>115917232Nah man,is my first time drawing herAnd also I still haven't post anything in /v

>>115915775Here you go, I don't know anything about the character, but I saw your social media last thread and I can appreciate your passion lol>>115913014this is cute, thank you! I love that you stuck with the beach theme, it's 2lewd

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>>115918091Oh my god, user, I legit gasped out loud as soon as I saw this! Thank you so much, holy macaroni so freaking adorable holy balogne!! Thank you thank you! Do you have a chart?

>>115918336Glad you like it! And yeah, mine's over here >>115909015

>>115917092 >What do you love so much about her user? I've seen a sudden surge in art of her lately. Are you the one requesting her?I love the design and the project in general. And from the little I seen. Her character is up my alley. Also no. I certainly have requested some bw art but not all nor even the majority. She’s just has a bunch of fans really.

>>115908852what up

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>>115918513>added Princess Iron Fanholy based

>>115918610>Black-haired evil MILF bitch with a beauty markWhat did you expect?

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>>115916557>shota trapsGay.

>>115911591Censored to avoid showing knees.

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>>115919261Damn user, impressive work.

>>115919261Heavens to Betsy! You are a sinner and my friend.

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I'll draw some tomorrow, meanwhile you can assess my chart.

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>>115912628I don’t know any of these people besides Harley.

the best

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>>115920466Ha, furry.

>>115916128Done>>115917018Hey man thanks for the tip!It was really useful

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>>115921114Lovely artwork user.

>>115913014Oof, now ain’t that lewd.

>>115913126There was an attempt

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>>115919261jesus christ on a bike user, this is a blue board

>>115916557hey, as long as you admit to like fucking men, you're fine

Posting now gonna draw stuff later!

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>>115918091kawaii na

Nobody asked but here you go....

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>>115922074Isn't that red-head a "girl?"

>>115922074Okay but why tho?

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>>115908871>noi she is a senpaisexual and a fightsexual though.

>>115922121That's Reggie from 12>>115922127Nobody in particular just felt like sharing

>>115922173Those are my two favorite things about her.

>>115920415Top row:>Molly Mayne aka the Harlequin, a Golden Age villain who later married the Alan Scott Green Lantern.>Marcie Cooper aka the Harlequinn II. Molly's much more villainous successor introduced in DC's Millennium event. Also Obsidian's ex-girlfriend (Before he came out as gay).>Duela Dent aka Joker's Daughter aka Harlequin III aka Card Queen. Allegedly Two-Face's daughter, Duela Dent went by many aliases being both an ally and enemy of the Teen Titans. Eventually it was revealed she came from Earth-3. In this picture she's dressed like she was during the 70s Teen Titans comics.Middle row:>Jewelee, half of the duo Punch & Jewelee. Enemy of Silver Age Captain Atom and Nightshade and members of the Suicide Squad post-crisis. Her and Punch are sort of like a stable version of Joker and Harley>Camilla Ortin aka the Mime. A one-shot Batman villain from the 80s. She hates loud noises and loves mimes. Her master criminal plan was to ruin a rock concert. Kinda lame but also kinda cute and mildly autistic.Bottom row:>Nikki St. Clair aka Tap Dance Killer. I don't know what her deal is either. I found her series one day while browsing Comixology and thought she was cute. Might get around to reading it some day.>Erika Manson aka Marionette. An analogue of Jewelee from the Watchmen universe introduced in Doomsday Clock. She's in love with a mute Hispanic man named Mime. Mime has invisible guns. I think Marionette uses a piano wire to fight, I honestly don't remember.>Joker's Daughter, a background character from Mark Waid & Alex Ross's Kingdom Come. She also appeared in an issue of Multiversity where her name is revealed to be Jill Scott. A reference to both Alan Scott Green Lantern and artist Jill Thompson whom she is visually based on.

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>>115919261>>115918091>>115915695>>115914348There is so much cuteness in this thread. I was expecting the beach to be a lot more lewd.

Beatrice is still my favorite :)

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>>115921749I like this.


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>>115922738Goddamn that’s beautiful.

>>115917018Just gonna share this design real quick... perfect for eyepatched and other lopsided characters.

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>>115923005That looks very nice

>>115923005How does that even work?

>>115923133a plug

>>115923165On what area? Like around the hip or something?

Sorry I will draw soon I feel bad because I suddenly felt very weak today and can’t stay awake so I’m trying to recover but really want to draw so probably will feel good enough by night time

>>115923414However it works I’m imagining my husbando wearing it and it’s making my ears feel a bit hot and heart is starting to work fast

>>115923469Is it your lord and savior Peter Griffin? Because we don’t judge here, we appreciate it.

>>115923414n-no, anonit plugs *in*

>>115923414your innocence is endearing

>>115923492NoI’m sorry but I do not like this imagery

I've already had a few deliveries but I suppose I'll post again anyways. Also I think I saw someone post a WIP in the last thread, but it 404'd before I could say thanks!

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How's my taste in men?

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>>115923502>>115923535I still don’t under..oh, Oh dear god almighty.

>>115923795pretty gay with a side of dickass

Cool theme, this should be interesting

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>>115924289>sees your bulgeOwO whats this?

>>115924289Oh lord, user. Thanks for exposing me to Peter’s meatball slingshot... why are you obsessed with Peter? He your husbando or something because I remember a few threads ago you were pretending to be me in a reply and mentioned Peter back then? No issue if he really is but I just kinda noticed a trend

>>115924289You absolute fucking madman.

>>115923005This one is pretty hot too and damn it I think if I sketch enough pictures, I will have no choice but to draw my husbando in this

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Let's go!

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Here's my picks.

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>>115925074Who is the box guy?

>>115925199He's The Yellow Cube guy from The Heist. He doesn't have a name. youtu.be/54MIOgpKl5A


My waifu isn't a very known one. But i love her all the same

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>>115926043Is there more reference pics of her? I’m currently working on another sketch page and will draw her

>>115926080Gimme a few minutes. It's actually so hard to find actual good reference stuff of her

>>115926080Here. i hope it helps

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>>115926210Thank youYes yes this works well enough

>>115912628Working on this.

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>>115926751Good work so far.

>>115909015Mitch user here. Sorry it’s taking a bit due to myself feeling ill most of today. I’m in the middle of coloring and hopefully will get her done soon!

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>>115927914that looks great

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>>115927914I recognize that nail! Looks forward to seeing it.

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>>115928382Why is it a video?

>>115928382Who are the first two on the top row? Second girl is especially cute. Also, good taste.

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>>115928923wait a second. are you telling me there's a milf in cleopatra in space? I didn't bother to check out the show (mostly because I don't really know how) and I just assumed all the characters were kids. What's her name?

>>115928923Absolute patrician’s taste right here.

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>>115928984Theoda, shes Akilas mom

>>115928984forgot I had this

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>>115922738Very nice!

>>115928939Thanks, Bud

>>115928984Oh boy you're in for a pleasant surprise

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>>115909015Thank you again for drawing that adorable Mitch for me! In return, have a beach Eda.

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>>115929417This certainly belongs on the chart for the next thread because my goodness this is impressive.

>>115929417based and Edapilled

Attached: gilf pilled.png (1000x1000, 349.56K)

>>115929458>>115929463Thank y’allI haven’t watched this show yet, but Eda makes me want to start.I’ll finish a sketch page tomorrow with a handful of husbandos/waifus as well

>>115929526thanks you're doing some good work user

>>115918674I'm just glad somebody else had her on their chart so it could give me an excuse to draw her again. I love moms, and she's so hot>>115929417Hey, thank you! I love the way you tied up her hair>>115929038>>115929235holy FUCK, thank you for informing me of this character, I'm DEFINITELY drawing her and her wife next, I had no idea these characters were in this show, they must not show up very often.

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I only have one waifu and that's all I need

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>>115928382>TCW>Monster High>James and Giant Peach>WebmT-Tour?10/10 in any case.

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>>115908883what comic is that on the bottom right?scott pilgrim?


>>115929644Eww great work user.